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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 2, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now at 10, the washington wizards hitting the hard wood the first time since a gun probe made national headlines. getting new reaction to reports of star gilbert arenas packing heat in the locker room
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amount live report is minutes away. we begin with the storm force. tents so low, it's downright dangerous before you factor in the windchill. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simons in for maureen. if you stepped outside today, you felt it. temperatures are hovering in the teens and the wind makes it feel worse out there. gwen tolbert has more. >> reporter: we're talking dangerous cold and do take this heat. it's not going anywhere any time soon at all. let's look at the maps and begin with the wind advisory in place and the areas shaded in brown, this is until 4:00 a.m. until sunday, strong winds gusting from 45 to 50 miles an hour. there is a windchill advisory in place until 10:00 a.m. on sunday, that isn the area shaded in pink and some of that hidden by the brown to the far west, including allegheny, mineral, grant, hardy, highland
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and pendleton and temperatures are in the teens and windchill values from 10 to 15 degrees below 0. you request just imagine. 22 miles an hougusts at national airport; 33, dulles; 38,baltimore; 31 at frederick. temperaturewise, 22 in the district; 20, dulles; 19, frederick. the same in hagerstown and 21 at baltimore. we have windchills to talk about and when you factor in the winds and the temperatures, this is what it feels like if youe stepping outside. for a good invitation, 8 degrees in national, five at dulles and minus 1 at hagerstown and 3 at frederick. dealing with participation in the form of snow and as a result of that, there is a winter storm warning in effect. that is for allegheny, grant and mineral county, six to 12 inches of snowfall and a winter weather advise or for highland,
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pendleton and, there we're talking about three to five inches of snowfall. just ahead, we'll look at the five-day and what to expect in the week ahead. >> thank you, gwen. new tonight at 10, near fit -- firefighters battle the heavy winds trying to knock down the flames. it started in a house on gloria drive at 4:00 this afternoon. no one was home when the fire started and the cause hasn't been determined yet. the firefighter -- firefighters find the wind to be an added challenge. the wind for us, once we got on the scene, was a factor to our extinguishing the fire itself. with heavy winds, obviously, moved. >> a lot of damage to the back of the house. the first floor and basement. one firefighter may have suffered heat exhaust run but is expect -- exhaustion but is expected to be okay. the heat is a challenge for local agencies who protect the homeless. one man has died from the cold and just the last week. and as d.c. prepares for
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whatever comes our way next, fox 5s karen gray houston found some folks trying to hide from the cold and others embracing it. >> reporter: the wind whipping through the trees had a chill to it that forced just about everybody to bundle up. federal law requires d.c. to shelter anyone who needs a bed during the hypothermia season, but officials often have trouble steerng the homeless out of the cold. last month's snowstorm is a fading memory, but these workers at the southeast -- were look forward. >> how's this for the new year? out with the old and getting -- as they prepare for the next big snowstorm. >> drive right out and let you know. -- the truck when you leave. >> reporter: the cold weather
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brings out die-hard fans. check this out. >> play new year's day, sort of a new year's day, you know, recuperating from dunkenness. few people were recuperating and it was great. >> reporter: it's not too and knee highs. guy, the one in >> the hard part is the fingers. >> reporter: nobody at the sculpture garden wreaked and they seemed too concerned. [ indiscernible ] >> a little. >> were on you . [ indiscernible ] sure. >> if she can do it y can't i? [ laughter ] >> why am i doing this? >> good learning experience. >> i was on precarious footing to the amusement of others and with the assistance ojosh ortiz from port royal. he's only 12 but a lot bit or the ice and didn't mind the cold one little bit. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> a lighter side and one that
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is serious. you can take action if you see someone on the street who is suffering in the cold. call the d.c. shelter hotline at 1-800-535-7252. 1-800-535-7252 and they will send a van for pickup to one of the shelters. two star players for the washington wizards. they accused of pulling guns on each other in the locker room. the poland family issued a stern statement. john henrehan is live with the reaction to that. john? >> reporter: there is disappointment in all directions from the fans and from the poland family, disappointment here at the verizon cter because the wizard's lost their first game after the scandal broke to the spurs losing by 11 points. we should from belgium coming up in sports. you know -- should from belgium coming up in sports.
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tonight, the poland family issued an extremely stearn statement it's aimed at him even though they didn't use arenas' name. both players involved were at the game. the team's leading scorers remain on the sidelines because of a foot injury. they drew guns at each other in the locker rooms. some fans urged everyone to refrain from a rush t judgment. >> it was not a lot you can say until all the facts come out. but, i hope the media doesn't pile on before we get that. >> reporter: an nba source confirmed to "the associated press" that the league had already been looking into the locker room incident, which the source said involved the heated discussion over card playing and gambling debts.
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the nba was unaware of the gun involvement until the new york newspaper broke that. most fans we spoke with are concerned. >> the gun -- you have a lot of young people looking at these stars and look up to them. you don't want to give the impression that this type of, you know, gun violence is appropriate or acceptable. >> that almost mirrors the statement from the poland family. the fact that the guns were brought into the verizon center is dangerous and disappointing and showed extremely poor judgment. the guns have no place in a workplace environment and we, the poland family, will take further steps to ensure this never happens again. again, they don't meg gilbert arenas by name but he admitted he brought guns into the verizon center. the investigation as to whether or not they were drawn by anger. as almost everyone knows, d.c.
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has among the strictest handgun laws in the country and this could lead to a criminal violation. sar? still a lot of question as to why that went down. thank you so much. following new velopments in the terror investigation. president obama and his homeland security team are learning more about the suspect accused of trying to bomb a detroit-bound plane on christmas day. and the administration said it's coming up with new ways to stop future attacks. jennifer davis is live in the newsroom with the latest. jen? >> reporter: a top counterterrorism official said the christmas day terror plot is a clear example of the fact that al qaeda and other extremists are refining their message as they continue to attack th-- on the american soil. also, it's officially zeroed in on al qaeda as the driving force behind the bomb attempt. president barack obama in his weekly radio and internet
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address, announces it's clear an al qaeda affiliate in yemen ordered the christmas day plot against a u.s. airliner and trained and remembered the 23- year-old gijeerian man -- nigerian man accused in the bombing attempt. >> our nation is at war against a far-reaching network of the violence of hatred. >> reporter: the president said the preliminary review of the incident is revealing more about the nigerian suspect. >> it appears he joined an affiliate of al qaeda and this group, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trained him and equipped him with the explosives and directed him to attack the plane headed for america. >> reporter: these are the most direct public comments the president made, tieing the suspect with the al qaeda group. the republicans continue to accuse the president of mishandling the incident and not doing enough to prevent another one. in the republican weekly radio and internet response, the top gop senator said with terror threats, war and a prolonged recession, these are difficult days for our session. -- nation. >> what defined america is the ability to overcome even the
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most daunting difficulties. in this new clear, we can be filled with new hope and optimism our greater challenges will be met. >> reporter: the president called for an end to partisanship and political sniping on the issue and repeated anyone involved in the christmas day attack will be held accountable. president obama has scheduled a meeting with his intelligence chief on tuesday to discuss how to prevent another major security breach and lawmakers are calling for hearing on the incident and intelligence shortcomings. thank you. as for the christmas day bomb plot investigation, president obama said the u.s. is stepping up the cooperation with yemen to go after terror groups there. they have sent several hundred extra troops to two eastern provinces where al qaeda is said to be strong. a security checkpoint left unattended for 90 minutes. you heard right. officials say it happened at
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the dallas-fort worth international airport last month. nobody within through the checkpoint but wants three agents to be disciplined for the incident that was discovered as the airport was shutting down for the night. new details in the bombing that killed 96 people in pakistan yesterday. the tribal elders there are vowing to keep fighting the taliban. the attack was aimed at a group of taliban tribesmen that were meeting in the area but went off in the volleyball court instead. hillary clinton condemned the attack and said the u.s. continues to support pakistan's people and the struggle for democracy. to denmark now where a 23- year-old somali man stands accused of trying to kill a danish cartoonist n. 2005, he created an image of the profit mohamad wearing a bomb-shaped turbin. the image outraged radical muslims. the artist managed to get into the panic room and call police.
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the authorities believe the spect is connected to al qaeda and the somali terrorist group. courtroom moving from the streets to the information superhighway. next, at rare behind-the-scenes look of how uncle sam is protecting us against cybercrime, a threat becoming all too common. and from celebration to chaos. -- on new year's eve. wait until you hear how a refrigerator kept everyone inside this home from getting hurt. first, the final farewell to a kidnapped girl found dead on christmas day. a life clearly cut way too short. those stories and much more straight ahead in the second segment starting in three minutes.  delicious pillsbury cinnamon rolls
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>> hundreds of people gathered today in a salisbury church to remember 11-year-old sarah foxwell. she's the little girl whose body turned up in a wooded area christmas day. the police say registered sex
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offender who dated her aunt took sara from her bedroom. the attorney said last week his client denies any involvement in the crime. the loved ones can't make sense of all of this. >> how can this happen in the del marva area. i never saw it happen before. people are going to probably cry and a lot of people have already. i know i did. >> family members say she was a bright girl that loved to joke around. there are currently three bills working through congress called sarah's law beefing up laws against sex offenders. a prince georges county family needs your help to find a pair of sisters who vanished. the 14-year-old roxanne and 11- year-old deja owen didn't come home after visiting a relative's home on tuesday. the family is gathered at their home in capitol heights making phone calls, putting up flyers, anything they can do. they live with their aunt who hopes they can see this message
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right now. >> reporter: wanted ton we love and you miss you so much. we need you home. if anyone has them, please, please, send them home. we love them. this is where they need to be. >> the last time anyone saw the girls was wednesday near the shoppers food warehouse on old marlborough pike. to a bizarre crime in ennessee, where police busted a man they say was cooking a batch of methamphetamine in the back seat of his car. a gas station attendant is the one who called police because the car was sitting at the pump for almost an hour. investigators claim the driver was passed out while the drug was cooking in the back. the police say the situation could have been worse since meth can be explosive. a houston familyis alive thanks to their refrigerator. new year's eve, someone decided to celebrate by firing their gun in a houston neighborhood. a bullet came flying through
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jeanefa where they were sitting with their -- geneva where they were sitting with their four children. the family was watching tv in the living room at the time. >> scared to -- i was going to get shot with a bullet and i was going to be bleeding -- bleeding everywhere. y that come through the wall. >> an officer came out the next day to remove the 45-caliber bullet from the reframe rater. >> lucky family. >> absolutely. in the age of internet, crime is moving from the streets to cyberspace. president obama appointed a cybersecurity czar working to protect us all against hackers, adam housley got a rare look at how agents tackle and prevent cybercrimes. >> reporter: the fbi, secret service and other law enforcement continue to step up efforts to combat cybertheft and cyberterrorism that
10:20 pm
threaten the agencies and infrastructure with thousands of attempted attacks each day. president obama has called cybercrime, quote, one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face. >> it's a serious threat. we're attacking it as a serious threat, using state, local and federal assets. >> they say one country can do that to another and shut down the power grid, shut down, you name it. that is a very effective weapon and more effective than conventional weapons. >> reporter: hacker attacks have he believed government and business websites in the u.s. and in south korea just in the last few months. >> we believe there is a cyberarms going on. we have five countries in the world arming themselves. >> hackers supported in russia, china and north korea, for example, many times launched their attacks at home by using a worldwide web of personal
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computers they have infected with viruses without the knowledge of the computer's owner. >> they will infiltrate someone's computer to use that as a launch point to get into another computer to make it more difficult for law enforcement to track them back. >> reporter: even when u.s. authorities are successful in following the trail and finding the cyberterrorists, pushing them is another obstacle. fewer than 30 countries criminalized cybercrime, leaving the u.s. agents on their own to do batt in cyberspace. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. from tackling cybercrime to tackling the new year's resolutions. >> we have the strategies to help you shed the holiday pounds and keep them off for good. later, we'll introduce you to the twins born in different years and oh, so close together. stay with us. 
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three people started 2010 a million dollars richer. they had the winning numbers in
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the virginia looter's millionaire raffle. one ticket was sold in bert. six people won a $25,000 prize and 300 won a $500 prize. they not collected in six months, the money will be pil putt into virginia's literacy fund. in case haven't checked your ticket yet, these are the winning numbers for you. 034241 -- 0, 3, 4, 2, 4, 1, the third one, 270023. >> a lot of people checking the numbers. you have to collect them. if you are thinking about a new year's resolution, this is one for you. start out with maybe a small body. snout time to hit the gym to get your workout on. >> reporter: new year's pties are over. now, is getting in shape one of your resolutions? men's and women's health big
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book of exercises recommend committing to five weeks of exercise. shows the amount of time to make exercise aham habit. stick with your plan until mid- february, you know, after five weeks, you will feel better and look better and going to make you stick to your plan all year long. >> reporter: accomplish your fitness goals at home with inexpensive equipment. >> you can buy a swiss ball for $25 at target or men's and bench is going cost you 10 times that amount. the truth is, you can do almost any exercise on a bench, you can do it on a swiss ball. >> reporter: add dozens of exercises to your at-home regime with one set of dumb bells that will cost $20. >> a woman starting out may do arm exercises or lunges. a big strong guy might do upper back or shoulders. >> reporter: state committed to the plan by writing it down. >> commit to doing three to four days of week of exercise. any activity but do it for three to four days a week. that is the real secret.
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the beach body starts now. you have to start now to look great in may and you will feel great all summer and keep the momentum. once you get it going, you will stick with it all year long. >> reporter: in new york, brenda butner, fox news. >> the key sticking with it. the. and having the right music in your ears. >> gives you extra bost. aside from fitness resolutions, a lot of people are looking to make a move in their careers the next year. >> next up, what industries are hiring, yes, some are and where the jobs are in 2010.  (announcer) pillsbury grands! biscuits,
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>> well, you know it's been a tough year for a lot of americans with the jobless rate at a 20-year high. many are hoping for a brighter future in 2010. >> and appears some of the dark storm clouds are beginning to clear. good news there.
10:31 pm
manyexperts forecast a sunnier outlook for job seekers. julie banderas has more. >> reporter: while the recession may not be in the rearview mirror quite yet, some states are chugging right along whn it comes to adding jobs during tough economic times, thanks in part to good fiscal policies. >> last month, texas created the most jobs of any state followed by ohio and georgia. >> reporter: health was one of the leading -- healthcare was one of the leading industries to create jobs, since hit in 2007. i guess you can't go wrong looking at demographics. we're an aging population and need healthcare. >> reporter: other industries, temporary employment, retail, education, government jobs and the experts say if you're a computer whiz or have a knack for selling, there could be a job for in the new year. >> we're going to see jobs created in the sales area,
10:32 pm
technology area, you're going to see, right now you're seeing education. >> reporter: jobseekers should have a strong resume ready to go when opportunity knocks. >> get your resume out there and get it to a headhunter that covers a nation. you'll start finding jobs. >> reporter: according to career builder's 2010 job forecast, 20% of employers plan to increase the number of full- time employees. that is up from 14% in 2009. when broken down by region, the forecast found that employers in the western u.s. plan to increase their head counts more in 2010 than the other regions of the country. trippings are going to get much, much bit -- things are going to get better. >> the latest numbers show 15.4 million americans are ur-- currently unemployed and looking for work. julie banderas, fox news. >> and tourism in new york city is taking a hit, too, during theocky economic times. the official numbers aren't in
10:33 pm
just yet. the city officials say there were fewer people in times square this w year an usual. throughout the city, indications are that fewer people flew into the airport and fewer came through penn station. not as many people bought tickets to broadway shows either and hotel his more empty rooms. the city leaders believe that people are cutting the trips out altogether. >> actually my brother is -- brother s. he's going to wait a few months. >> we're here visiting family. i would never be on the fence of coming to new york. a beautiful city and there is lots to do. you can make it economical if you need to. >> reporter: the city estimates 45 million people travelled to the big apple this year. most of hawaii's economy depends on tourism. president obama and the first family grabbed shaved ice during a holiday vacation. and as steve senat -- sentani reports, hawaii hopes the president's visit will
10:34 pm
rejuvenate their tourism. >> reporter: the islands of hawaii have long been a popular vacation spot. >> this year, we went to cuba and italy. but united states, hawaii is one of the best places on earth. >> reporter: the promise of sunshine year round has not been enough to save the state's once-booming tourism industry and now state officials look to president obama's hawaiian vacation to bring in much- needed revenue. >> we depend on tourism for an economy, and when the tourism went down, it affected everyone. >> reporter: marcia winard, said tourism accounts for 25% of hawaii's overall economy and declined the last two years for a loss of nearly $3 billion. now, with an unemployment rate of 7% and a budget shortfall expected to reach 1.2 billion by the end of 2010, state officials are looking for ways to cut. one proposal is to mandate
10:35 pm
furlough days for teachers and to cut the number of school days. with you he said tour simpd key to rebuilding the state's economy and welcomes the free publicity coming along with a presidential visit. >> all of the images that have been shown throught the world because of his visit here is going to help hawaii immensely as we move forward to put that desire in people's minds. >> reporter: but not all hawaiians are welcoming the president enthusiastically. pat mcgee, the owner of island sea plane tours, said flight restrictions will cost him and others greatly. >> we're estimating from 20 to $30,000, which, after this past year, with the economy is really bad. we just barely scrape by for the year. >> reporter: in spite of short- term impacts that might curtail some businesses in hawaii, he anticipates obama's visit will bring benefits in the long-run. >> we're happy to see what is coming out of hawaii right now,
10:36 pm
and we do believe it will have positive results. >> hawaii, doesn't that look good on a cold day like this? >> it does with the wind blowing. >> i know. >> wish i could be there. >> even the shaved ice looked good. last night, we introduced to you the first baby of the new year. >> and we found the first baby 2010 in the whole country and didn't have to travel far either. we're going to meet the bundle of joy coming up. >> and couch popateo -- potatoes, this is a contest for you. details on the search of the laziest man around coming up. and lindsay muffy with sports for us -- lindsay murphy. more on that after this. 
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>> the washington wizards try to take the focus off the star player and put it back on the court. >> could they corral the spurs? lindsay murphy has me. >> reporter: the wizards are surrounded with gilbert arenas' drama. an investigation into guns me kept in his locker and an
10:40 pm
alleged gambling dispute. the quizards were hoping for 48 minutes, the focus could be on basketball. how and will the drama affect the wizards' leading scorer on the court? the final seconds off the spurs miss. he launches it from half-court and banks it at the buzzer. gilbert, 23 points, the game tied at 50 at the half. apparently, not dazed, right? the second half, will theya -- drains the jumper and 97-86. the capitols with the kings. mike green slap shot, the 10th goal of the season. the game is tied up 1-1. to the third period, ovechkin with the hit behind the net on richardson and he is left alone and centers to michael handzus
10:41 pm
who beats him with the game winner. the capitals fall to the kings. george mason hosting old dominion, spins and throws a wild shot in the lane. on the fast break, white to ryan pearson. finishes it off with authority and had a team high 17 points. george mason off a 27-point loss. old dominion, 71-55. elsewhere, carl hobs andw hosting howard and foggy bottom. in the blue jerseys, mike phillips, drives and extends for the lay-in and the foul. he would miss the free-throw, the bison down, 38-34 and hollas into the lane, banks on two of his game high, 18 points. george washington defeats howard, 81-63 to improve to 10- 3. the baseon, 1-13 and
10:42 pm
american beats brown brown. >> more coming up on geico sports extra at 11:15, including a word from dave ross who is nice and warm with the skins in california. we're jealous, right? >> oh, yes. >> thank you, lindsay. taking it to the storm force for more on the top story amount live look outside on a blistery cold and windy night. a wind advisory in effect right now. gwen is coming back with a look at the next five days and the tumbling temps after the break.  ( sighs )
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>> meet meet olivia rose. the baltimore newborn is the first 2010 baby in awful america. >> yeah. >> the past six years, the greater baltimore medical center has had three of the first new year's babies. pretty cool. olivia's parents welcomed her into the world four seconds after midnight and the new year's baby weighed in at 7 pounds, 13.8-ounces and 20 inches long. sounds like a healthy one. a couple of minutes later,
10:46 pm
joseph elliott came into the world. the son of james and erin taylor was born at 12:03 friday morning in inova hospital in alexandrea, little joseph had the title of first baby born. although he came 19 days early, he's a healthy bundle of joy. congratulations to both families if you're watching. and talk about a team effort. a set of twin boys made history in tampa, the first of a set of twins. well, the first of a set of twins. marcello was born before new year's in 2009. and minutes later, stefano was born in 2010. they were born premature and they'll spend the next few weeks in the neonatal unit. the boys and the mother are doing well say the doctor. >> i turned to her and her husband. i said do you want the same birthday or different?
10:47 pm
>> doctors say one of the babies was not getting enough nutrition. >> i say they share the same birthday. >> i think so. the belgium tradition is not for the faint of heart. get ready for this. thousands welcomed in the new year with a plunge into the icy sea. some decided -- the speedos, got to love it. this is one beach party you would agree that is not going to run out of ice. after stacking themselves up, more than 6,000 brave souls lined up and ran in. >> that was nice. was nice. >> very good. [ indiscernible ] >> very good. >> going to get ice cream on the beach. >> very cold. you can understand that line and pretty much any language, right? the temperatures were just above freezing but not by much. the air forecast for the day was 33 degrees and the water temperature of 39. >> nice skirt. >> looks good there. it seems like the polar
10:48 pm
plunge is theup vogue way to celebrate the new year's some revelers took an icy dip. 200 folks plunged into the freezing river. the swim is an event to raise money for charity. this is a party in and of itself. after the swim, most ran indoors to drink a hot cup of coffee or something. >> more than coffee. >> yeah. >> and these are the kind of people that would enjoy our weather. >> reporter: know. >> hats off to them. >> yeah. >> and it's bone-chilling cold. >> there are people who decided to get outside and enjoy it. the skaters in reston, it's funny how the kids seem to ignore what the temperature is and they don't care, just having fun. they're going for it, regardless. not paying attention to the
10:49 pm
temperature. down we go, get back up and at it again. there are many aspects to this weather and one are the winds. very, very strong winds out there and we do have a win advisory in effect. winds gusting in many of our neighborhoods and there is a windchill advisory in effect for areas to the west and north of us. the winds strong and causing significant windchill throughout our area. this is a look at the winds, 14 miles an hour hour sustained winds at national; 30, dulles; 18, baltimore; 21 miles an hour winds at hagerstown. they are gusting stronger than that. 33 miles an hour wind gusts at national; 37, dulles and 35 at baltimore. you can see how strong the winds are and this is a look at the peak wind gusts today. national airport, 46 miles per hour; 43, baltimore; 44, maker -- haguerstown; gaithersburg,
10:50 pm
46; roslyn, virginia, 48 miles an hour and 43 in martinsburg. the temperatures are really dropping. into the low 20s and types, 21 degrees at national; 18, gaithersburg and frederick. look at the mid-atlantic to seaboard. the temperatures on the cool side and we're looking at the windchills, you factor in the temperature and the wind this is what it feels like. 8 degrees in the district. one in hagerstown, dulles and baltimore. that is what we're talking about. the weather is dangerous in terms of the temperature and windchill. hypothermia a reality. he temperatures in the teens and with the winds again, continue to see the windchills in single digits. struggling to make the 30 degrees mark at national airport and didn't make it at dulles or baltimore either. we're not alone. look at the country. you can psycho where the cold airportic air is.
10:51 pm
and the northeast. the snow we talked about with the winter weather warnings to the west, pushing in from areas from ohio and to the north of us los angeles and that is when we're going see a chance of flurries through into the extended period. so far totals from 6 to 10 inches of snowfall. the coldest air sticking around this season so far, a ridge of high pressure from the west. the low pressure to the northeast and that is creating the strong winds we're seeing and it's making itself right at home. the wind advisory until 4:00 a.m., partly cloudy and cold, blustery winds and windchills for tonight. tomorrow, another cold day and looking at 29 degrees for a daytime high. again, the strong, gusty winds and a look at temperatures tomorrow. expect them to be in the 20s. the five-day forecast, showing you not much of a warm-up, fbis and staying below seasonal.
10:52 pm
through the later part of the week, there is something in the model that could develop. that is too far off to call right now. we're going keep our eye to the skies as well. in the meantime, do your best to stay warm and do not leave your pets outside in the weather. it's dangerous for them as it is for. >>you. thank you, gwen. thank you. green is much more than the team color for the eagles n. 2003, the team's owners launched go green. from cups and napkins and signs and bins. the team said the efforts are paying off. >> we have actually tranlated our electricity and gas consumption over a million dollars over the course of four years. >> the team has its own forest where it plants trees to offset the carbon it emitted from the road travel. a lot of us around the holidays eating more, laying around watching the tube with
10:53 pm
the family. don't be too hard on yourself, right? what appears to be a lazy day in front of the tv is a battle for a much coveted title. >> and we're not talking about your husband's channel surfing either. this is a serious competition here to see who is the ultimate couch potato. fox's dane placco takes a closer look. >> the boy's got it green, huh? >> this is like running a marathon. >> reporter: they see themselves as athletes, four recompany bent competitors, each eager to win the coveted trophy as the ultimate couch potato. >> this is -- other people and that is what we like to do. watch ports. >> -- sports. >> i'll be doing this anyway. >> why do you want to do this? >> i'm going to turn 40 this year, you know, some people have goals and this is mine. >> reporter: if there were a hall of fame, jet miller would be in it. he's won the last two competitions by staying awake in his comfy chair for 40 straight hours. the other passion? sky diving. >> how you can be a
10:54 pm
professional couch potato and sky diver? >> i think the big misconception of the competition is it's about being lazy and it's not about that at all. it takes a descent amount of determination and stability to get through. >> honestly, i think it's mind over matter. >> mind over bladder, really. >> yeah. >> and that is because the heavyweights are allowed to only visit this room once every eight hours. >> how do you train for something like this? >> bladder toughness. >> reporter: and, they say, america's going soft. dane placco, fox news. >> i can relate. coming up next at 10, the recession is fueling some creative energy. >> see how the tough economic times are leading to new inventions. we're coming back at you. 
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>> one woman is making big bucks off of your trash with millions of americans out of work, some of the unemployed are taking matters into their own hands and as karina sun reports, they're finding a niche in the market. >> reporter: other people's trash could be treasure for tawanda mobley. she invented the glam cam, a portable glass container that can be posted. she thought about the invention for awhile but getting laid off from her job at the bank was the incentive she needed to make it a reality. i said to myself, you know, i have this great idea and i have been working on it, so let me move forward on it. >> reporter: experts say tough economic times often lead to new inventions. as people out of work have more time available and are more willing to take risks. >> the numbers probably have gone up fourfold the last
10:59 pm
month. i think that stems from people that are either out of work or have been displaced, laid off. the companies have closed and they trying to set themselves up long hef term for a better financial position. >> reporter: it can be costly, as much as $100,000 to pay for the patent design, testing and engineering, money that might not be able -- available to people out of work and still the invisions keep coming. >> a dog bit massager, remote control with charging station, the flexible usb, golf cart mountable gps-locating device. >> and the lock-in device invented by tim griff to keep electrical chords locked into wall outlets. >> the adapter and you plying it in. any power chord locks on to it permanently. when you plug it into an outlet, it stays locked in. >> reporter: he's talking to stores and shopping networks to get his invention to consumers and hopes he will be able to ma


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