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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  January 2, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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one day. he's sold 300 glam cams and wants to expand her product. >> different colors, different material. >> reporter: any plans to look for another job in the bank have gone to the trash. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11 starts right now. we kick off the news edge with a bitter blast of cold air. the d.c. metro roarea under a wind advisory. >> you can tell by looking at the camera, the wind is making the miserable cold harder to handle. we're talking tents -- in the teens, too. >> reporter: we' talking an arctic blast of air and most of the east coast and central portion of the country. let's look at this wind advisory and we'll tell what you is happening.
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gusts expected from 45 to 50 miles an hour and some of our neighborhoods, you felt that impact and this is in effect until 4:00 a.m. on sunday morning and well is a windchill advisory for areas to the west. that is in effect until 1 a.m. as we look at the winds right now, gusting at 33 miles per hour at national airport, 37 at dulles, 35 at baltimore, and those winds are creating some windchills. current temperatures right now, into the teens and the 20s. what does it feel like? take a look at this. 8 degrees in the district, one at dulles and hagerstown. bundle up, will? >> did you hear that? 8 degrees. >> yeah. and we're lerping more about the suspectin at masses come day terror plot. president obama announcing today an al qaeda affiliate in yemen ordered a christmas day plot against a u.s. airliner. the president said the terror group trained and armed the 23- year-old nigerian accused in the bombing. yemeni officials, meanwhile, said they sent several hundred
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extra troops to two eastern police officerinses where al qaeda is said to be strong. after the tempted terror attack, the airline security has been a big concern for all of us and the major issue talked about by lawmakers and aviation officials. laura ingalls has more. >> we will do what it takes to defend them and feed our country. >> reporter: on vacation with his mind on counterterrorism. president obama viewed to protect the country while fighting those who want to attack it. >> our nation is at war against the far-reaching network of violence and hatred. >> reporter: the president blames an arm of al qaeda and yem fen are the failed plot against a -- plot against a u.s.-bound airplane on christmas day. the would-be attacker, a 23- year-old nigerian man who appeared on an international security list of people considered suspicious. and despite warnings from his own father to u.s. officials, the suspect was permitted to board the flight. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trained him and
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equipped him with the explosives and directed them on hit the plane heading for america. >> reporter: he's holding his security teams responsible and will meet with them on tuesday. >> this includes making sure the communities crash -- are held accountable at every elf. >> reporter: the president of delta airlines is a waiting answers. in the statement, the ceo said that you can be certain wewill make our points very clearly and in washington. the transportation safety administration has plans to send high-level on to the airports and discuss security procedures including a controversial full-body security scanner. in new york, laura ingalls, fox news. american airlines in the hot seat and an illness spread us through a local senior living center. we're everywhere at 11. the faa is watching american airlines closely after three dangerous landings last
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month. this is video from december 22nd when a plane overshot the runway in jamaica during a george and two other landings, the jet's wing tips touched the ground. the faa officials say they're looking to see if there is a larger problem here. the airline said it's cooperating with the investigation. and an assisted living center shutting the doors due to a strange illness. some in woodbridge have come down with flu-likeitism soms. no visitors are allowed for the time being. the health department said that one, once residents start to feel better, they will lift the quarantine. > the search is on for survivors after massive mud slides in brazil. 26 people are dead at the luxury beach resort of ella grande. another in d.c. reos killed at least 13. they were triggered by 10 inches of rain that fell in the area in three days. the areas are popular vacation
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spots. the family of abe poland is speaking out about players packing heat. gilbert arenas and critten don are accused of pulling guns on each other inside the locker room. poland's family said, quote, the fact that guns were brought to the verizon center is dangerous and disappointing and showed extremely por judgment. john henrehan has more reaction from fans at -- fans at the verizon center. >> reporter: a few of the fans here told us that people shouldn't rush to jump, neither the media nor public. let the invtition, one fan told us, play itself out and find out what happened. the others who were aware that gil weather -- gilbert arenas has admitted bringing guns into the locker room, he said he did it because he didn't want them at home with his young children, they were appalled. >> i think it's sad, you know, they have a lot of fans looking up to -- fans looking up to them. when you have guns, you going to use them. it night good to have them.
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that is really, really sad and up fortunate for the fans if he gets fined and can't play anymore for awhile. >> reporter: the poland family, apparently s appalled also issuing a statement saying the fact that guns were brought into the verizon center is dangerous and disappointing and showed extremely pore judgment. the guns have no place inwork a place environment and we, meaning the poland family, will take further steps to ensure that this never happens again. keep in mind abe poland, the family patriarch who died recently, the longest-owning owner of a major sports franchise in america, changed the nam of this team from the washington bullets to the washington wizards because of the sensitivity of the issue over the gun violence. the family is apparently extremely upset. the police and u.s. attorney's office are conducting an
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investigation to see whether deceases strict gun control rules were violated. >> after the game, he spoke with reporters saying he used bad judgment taking the guns into the locker room and denies about gambling saying there is a misconception about him and crittendon and he said he would deal with police on monday. next at 11, elton john and eminem teamed up in 2001. they getting together, this time for a series on a personal matter. we have the news edge on. that get ready for cold. 
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>> cold arctic air settling in. we have a wind advisory in effect, until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. i would not be surprised if it's extended. the gusts from 45 to 50 miles an hour and also, windchill advisory in effect for areas to our west and to our north. that is through until about 7:00 tomorrow morning. current wind gusts, 32 miles an hour at national airport; 37 at dulles a 35 miles an hour wind gusts at baltimore this hour and they're strong and cold. the temperatures in then toes and 20s. 21, d.c.; 18, gaithersburg and 16 at martinsburg and you factor in the winds and the temperatures, these are the
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windchill factors. this is what it feels like, 5 national; 1, dulles and baltimore and 9 at frederick and this is not weather to be taking seriously. to the north and west of us, six to 12 inches there, highland, pendleton county, hardy affected. tonight, we'll see temperatures continue to drop into the teens, the windchills, once again, will be single digits and that ridge of high pressure to the central portion of the country, interacting with to the east and causing the tight pressure gradient, what is causings the strong winds and the cold arctic air, pushing in from the north as the jet stream stays to the south of us. that is going to stick around all week. we're not going to get a break. warming up to again degrees tomorrow. monday, a chance of a few flurries north of the district and not a lot of accumulation. other than that, sunshine and
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temperatures below seasonal, 10 to 13 degrees cooler than it should be and at the end of the week, keeping an eye on a system that could move up the coast. that is a possibility. lille, sarah? elton john to the rescue. the british icon said he's helping eminem get clean. he said the wrapper turned himself in to john for help battling substance abuse. he said he's happy to help others overcome addiction. they performed together at the 2001-grammy awards. wish them well. yeah. >> the end is near for the redskins and the future is uncertain for coaches and players. >> lindsay murphy is back with a preview of geico sports extra. tomorrow's game is a final interview for many redskins players with a new contract. who will show up and who will remain standing after a tumultuous season. dave ross joins with us a report from san diego before tomorrow's season an follow --
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finale. we're talking redskins and plenty of bowl games to go around. >> thank you, lindsay. that is it for us. want news and information 24/7, fox 5 news is always on. >> talking about, of course, as we squeeze back on to the home page. thank you for spending part of your weekend -- your weekend with us. stay warm if you can. we're back tomorrow. 
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>> good evening, everyone. thanks for sharing


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