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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  January 3, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. right now the d.c. region under a bitter last. swirlg winds making matters worse. when we can expect a reprieve. the washington wizards hit the hardwood for the first time since a gun probe made headlines. we hear from one of the stars accused of packing heat in the locker room. the burgundy and gold wind down what has been a tumultuous season in san diego. the soap opera far from over. we hear from some of the impending free agent.
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good morning. i'm melanie alnwick. 8:00 straight up on your sunday morning. wind advisory has been extended for the d.c. region. gwen tolbart is tracking the bitter blast. i thought we were gng to get past this wind. >> no, and it is arctic cold that's settling in with it. definitely bundle up. we have to talk about also the dangerous cold weather, because it is definitely a danger out there. you have to be so careful with hypothermia and that sort. we're going to show you the wind advisory in effect until 6:00 p.m. tonight. winds gusting anywhere from 45 to 50 miles per hour. and last night we did have winds within that range across the area. and it doesn't change today. you can see the entire region that is affected. now, currently winds are
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gusting at 32 miles per hour at national april, 30 at dulles, 26 at baltimore, 30 at frederick. here's a look at current temperatures. only in the teens thi morning. very, very chilly. 16 degrees at national airport officially. 15 at dulles, 14 at gaithersburg. here's a look at what it actually feels like when you step outside, because we factor in the winds and the temperature to get you the windchill factor. feels like it's only 0 at national, 0 at baltimore, minus 3 at dulles. now, we've also got is a winter weather advisory for the west starting tonight at 6:00 until 6:00 a.m. monday, anywhere from four to six inches of snowfall there. a windchill advisory in the area shaded in wider blue until 6:00 a.m. monday. bundle up, and please bring the pets inside. firefighters battled heavy winds trying to knock down flames at a home in suitland. it started in a hose on gloria
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drive about 4:00 yesterday. the cause hasn't been determined, but firefighters found the wind to be an added challenge. >> the wind for us, once we got on the scene, was a contributing factor to our extinguishing the fire itself. heavy winds obviously move fire. >> there's a lot of damage to the back of the house, the first floor, and the basement. one firefighter may have suffered heat exhaustion, but he is expected to be okay. that wind just one of the elements of the conditions this weekend. as d.c. prepares, fox 5's karen gray houston found some folks hiding from the cold, others embracing it. >> reporter: the wind whipping through trees had a chill to the that forced just about everybody to bundle up. federal law requires d.c. to shelter anyone who needs a bed
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during the hypothermia season, but officials often hae trouble steering the homeless out of the cold. last month's snowstorm is a fading memory, but these dpw workers were looking forward. how's this for a met a for? out with the o.d they're getting rid of the old salt in these trucks as they prepare for the new year. >> we're getting rid of the old salt in the trucks so it won't dry-rot the trucks. >> reporter: check out this game volt mutt frisbee down on the mall. >> actually played new year's day sort of as a new year's day recuperating from drunkness, and we had very few people. today, it's insane. >> reporter: not too insane for this guy, the one in the shorts. >> the hard part is the fingers. >> reporter: nobody at the
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sculpture garden rink at the national gallery seemed too concerned about cold fingers. >> reporter: can you skate? >> a little. >> reporter: will you show news. >> sure. hope i don't fall. >> reporter: okay, if she can do it, why can't i? >> reporter: why am i doing this? >> good learning experience. >> reporter: he yeah! >> reporter: i was on precarious footing to the amusement of others and with the assistance of josh ortiz from front royal. he's only 12, but a lot better on the ice, and didn't mind the cold one bit. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> a lighthearted look there. on a serious note you can take action if you see someone on the street he who is suffering in the cold. call the d.c. shelter hotline at 1-800-535-7252. they will send a van for pickup to one of the shelters. new this morning, what appears to be the first homicide in the district in the new year. a man was stabbed in the upper
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chest in the 1700 block of mississippi avenue. he later died at a local hospital. so far no word on what led to the stack or if police have any suspects. as soon as we get more information we'll pass it along to you. and we are following new developments in the christmas day terror investigation. the u.s. and britain announced they are closing their embassies in yemen because of ongoing threats by the group linked to the foiled attack. plus, the obama administration says it is cogging up with new ways to stop future attacks. jennifer davis has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter:rack obama in his weekly radio and internet address announces it is now clear an al-qaida affiliate in yemen ordered the christmas day plot against the u.s. airliner and trained and armed the 23-year-old nigerian man accused in the failed bombing attempt. >> our nation is at war against the far reaching network of violence and hatred. >> reporter: the president, on vacation in hawaii, says a
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preliminary administration review of the incident is also revealing more about the nigerian suspect. >> it appears that he joined an al fill i can't tell of al- qaeda and that this group, al- qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trained him, equipped him with explosives, and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: these are the most direct comments the president has made to date tieing the suspect with the al-qaeda group. republicans continue to accuse the president of mishandling the incident and not doing enough to prevent another one. the top gop senator said with terror threats, war, and a prolonged recession these are difficult days for our nation. >> what's always defined america is its ability to overcome even the most daunting difficulties. so in this new year we can be filled with new hope that our greatest challenges will be met. >> reporter: the president repeated that anyone involved in the christmas day attack will be held accountable.
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jennifer davis, fox 5 news. >> the president has scheduled a meeting with his intelligence chief tuesday at the white house to discuss how to prevent another major security breach, and lawmakers are calling for congressional hearings on the incident and intelligence shortcomings. more disturbing allegations surrounding the airline industry. a security check point left untended for 90 minutes. officials say it happened at the dallas/fort worth airport last month. does it want three agent to be disciplined for the incident which was discovered as the airport was shutting down poor the night. new details on the bombing that killed 96 people in pakistan friday. tribal elders are vowing to keep fighting the taliban. the attack was aimed at a group of anti-taliban tribes men who were meeting in the area but it went off at a volleyball court instead. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has condemned the attack and says the u.s. continues to support pakistan's
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people and their struggle for democracy. turning to the gun probe surrounding two star players for the washington wizards, gilbert arenas and javarris crittenden are involved. >> reporter: both players involved in the alleged incident were at the game. the team's leading scorer, gilbert arenas, and guard javarris crittenden remains on the sidelines. the two teammates drew guns on each other in the locker room of the wizards. d.c. police have opened an investigation. some fans urged everyone to refrain from a rush to judgment. >> there's not a lot you can say until all facts come out, but i just hope that the media doesn't pile on before we get all those facts. >> reporter: an nba source confirms to the associated press that the league had
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already been looking into the locker room incident whicthe source says involved the heated discussion over hard playing and gambling debts. the nba was apparently unaware of the gun involvement until the new york newspaper broke that detail. most fans we spoke with are quite concerned. >> a gup is something serious. you have a lot of young people looking at these stars and looking up to them. you don't want to give the impression this type of gun violence is appropriate or acceptable any time. >> reporter: that sentiment was echoed in a statement released by the poland family tonight. they own the wizards. here's what they said. the fact that guns were brought into the verizon center is dangerous and disappointing and owed extremely poor judgment. guns have noplace in a workplace environment, and we, meaning the poland familyl take further steps to ensure this never happens again. the investigation is now in the hands of d.c.'s metropolitan police department and the u.s.
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attorney's office because d.c. has among the strictest anti- handgun laws in the country. at the verizon center, fox 5 news. the wiz tried to make it all about the game last night against san antonio. the spurs ended up beating washington for the 9th straight time. after the game gilbert arenas answered questions about bringing guns to the arena. >> i agree, you know, that's bad judgment on my part, storing them here. i take responsility for that. >> the okay corral, was that just a joke? >> yeah, i'm a joke story. nothing in my life is actually serious. >> how do you take responsibility for it in the. >> i have to deal with the police investigation, d.a.'s, that's what i have to deal with. >> have you spoken to them yet? >> no, not yet. i deal with that on onday. >> krill moving from the streets to the information super highway. a rare behind the scenes look at how uncle sam is protecting
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against cyber crimes. a threat that's becoming all too common. and a final farewell to a kidnapped maryland girl found dead on christmas day. those stories and more when we return. and now i know without enough,
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making headlines, a major airliner in the hot seat. the faa is watching american airlines closely after three dangerous landings just last month. now, this is video from december 22nd when a plane overshot the runway in jamaica during a rainstorm. in two other landings the jet's wing tips touched the ground. faa officials say they're looking to see if there is a larger issue. american says it is cooperating with the investigation. a local assisted living center shutting its door due to a strange illness. several residents have come down with flu-like symptoms. no visitors are allowed for the time being. the health department says once
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residents start to feel betr they will lift the quarantine. hundreds gathered in a church to remember an 11-year- old girl whose body was found recently. an attorney says his client db's any involvement in the crime. her loved ones can't make sense of the killing. >> how could this ever happen in the delmarva area? people are going to cry, and a lot of people have already. i know i did. >> loved ones say sarah was a bright girl that loved to joke around. there's currently three bills working their way through maryland's legislature that would beef up laws against sex offenders. a prince george's county family needs help to find a pair of sisters who vanished. >> the 14-year-old and 11 years old didn't come home after visiting a relative's house on
8:17 am
tuesday. their family gathered at their home last night making phone calls and putting up flyers. the girls live with their aunt who hopes they can see this message right now. >> i just want you to know we love you, we miss you so much, and we just need you home, and if anybody has them, please, please just send them home. we love them, and this is where they need to be. >> she says the last time anyone saw the girls was wednesday near the shoppers food warehouse. fox 5 is surfing the net this morning. crime is moving from the streets to cyberspace. last week president obama appointed a cyber security czar who is working to protect against hackers targeting military and financial secrets. fox's adam housely got a rare look at how agents tackle and prevent cyber crime. >> reporter: the fbi, secret service, and other law enforcement continue to step up
8:18 am
efforts to combat cyber theft and cyber terrorism which threaten america's companies and infrastructure with thousands of attacks each day. president obama has called cyber attacks one of the most serious challenges we face. >> it is definitely a serious threat. through our collaborative efforts we're attack it as a serious threat using state, local, and federal assets. >> if the can be done on myself discal where one country can do that to another country and shut down their power grid, you name it, that's a very effective weapon. it's more effective than conventional weapons. >> reporter: hacker attacks have hobbled government and business websites here in the u.s. and in south corey what just in the last few months. >> we believe that there's a cyber arms race going on. we have five leading countries in the world that are arming themselves for cyber warfare. >> reporter: hackers supported
8:19 am
by governments in russia and north korea many times launch their attacks at home by using a worldwide web at home without the knowledge of the computer's owner. >> they will use that as a launch point to get into another computer to make it more difficult for law enforcement to track them back. >> reporter: even when u.s. authorities are successful in following the trail and finding cyber terrorists, punishing them is yet another obstacle. fewer than 30 countries have actually criminalized cyber crime, leaving u.s. as pretty much on their own to do battle in cyberspace. in los angeles, adam housely, fox news. >> here are some of the stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. welcome home mr. president. the obamas return from their hole day in hawaii tomorrow. first up on the agenda, terrorism and healthcare. google gadget. the search engine giant is set
8:20 am
to unveil nexus1 on tuesday. tech analysts say the mobile set rivals the iphone. 3-d thursday. directv will officially announce plans for the nation's first 3-d channel. the satellite provider will broadcast movies and sports in hi-def quality, so get your glasses ready. the channel will reportedly launch this march. a lot of people are looking to make a misseen their careers over the next year. next up, we'll break down what industries are hiring and where the jobs are in 2010. >> in your spot, given your circumstances. >> not the words would you expect to hear from one of the most influential names in rock. the lead singer of tool balloon lighting as wine maker out west. later, a look at his mission to get arizona recognized as wine country. 
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and we're back with an eye on the economy. one of the latest victims of budget cuts in many places,
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libraries. it's he is special true in places hard hit by the bad housing mark. lower property tax revenue means less funding for the libraries, and that leads to either reduced ours or closed altogether. that can have an impact on people looking for work. >> people use the library incredibly to look for jobs. we have all sorts of resources for them to use. a lot of families don't have computer access at home or internet access. >> in addition to that, libraries employ a fair number of people in communities. it's been a tough past year for a lot of americans with the jobless rate at a 20-year high many are hoping for a brighter future in 2010. many experts do forecast a sunnier outlook. julie banderas has a look. >> reporter: some states are chugging right along when it comes to adding jobs in tough
8:25 am
economic times thanks in part to some good fiscal policy. >> last month texas created the most jobs of any state, followed by ohio and georgia. >> reporter: healthcare was one of the leading industries to create jobs. some 600,000 since the recession hit in decemb 2007. >> i guess you can't go wrong looking at demographics, where an aging population and we need healthcare. >> reporter: other industries moving full steam ahead, temporary employment, retail, education, and government jobs. and the experts say if you're a computer wiz or after knack for selling, there could be a job for you in the new year. >> next year we're going to see jobs created in the sales area, in technology area. you are going to see right now you're seeing education. >> reporter: job seekers should have a strong resume ready to go when opportunity knocks. >> get your resume out there. get to the a headhunter who covers the nation.
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>> reporter: according to career builder, 20% of employers plan to increase the number of full-time employees. that's up from 14% in 2009 when broken down by region, the forecast found that employers in the western u.s. plan to increase their headcounts more in 2010 than the other regions of the country. >> jobs are going to be created. and we are going to start seeing people getting back to work and things are going to get much, much better in 2010. >> reporter: 15.4 million americans are currently unemployed and looking for work. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. >> three people started 2010 a million dollars richer. each had the winning numbers in the virginia lottery's new year's millionaire rfle. one of the winning tickets was sold at a gas station in burke. six people won a $25,000 prize. and 300 won a $500 prize. if the prizes are not collect within six months the money will be put into virginia's
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literacy fund. in case you happen to have a ticket that you haven't checked, here are the winning numbers. at the present time unveiled more details about suspected would be bomber. now the obama administration is looking to put new security measures in place. fox news sunday is all over the investigation. what he get a preview. plus, gwen is back with a account lieu at today's weather and a work week preview. fox 5 morning news will be right back. (announcer) the one you love could be carrying flu viruses.
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we're learning more about the suspect in that christmas day terror plot. president obama says an al- qaida affiliate in yemen trained and armed the 23-year- old nigerian man accused in the failed bombing.
8:31 am
officials say they've sent several hundred extra troops to areas where al-qaida is said to be strong. the united states and britain are closing their embassies in yemen because of the attack. the president is holding a meeting to discuss how to prevent another security breach. fox news sunday sits down with the white hoe's top counterterrorism advisor. chris wallace joins with us a preview. >> reporter: good morning, melanie. >> chris, these extremist threats from yemen aren't really a surprise. there's been this history going back to the u.s.s. cole bombing. should we have known this was coming? >> reporter: well, that's exactly the question that people are asking. and it's one thing to say that there was an al-qaida presence in yemen. it's another thing to say that they had the training and the capability to launch this christmas day would-be bombing of a u.s. airliner. at the top of the hour, we are going to be talking to john
8:32 am
brennan who is the president's top white house advisor on homeland security and counterterrorism. i will tell you we pre taped it, and it is a chilling interview. it's about the significance, the strength of al-qaeda in yemen, the fact that they closed the u.s. embassy because he said there was a very credible threat that al-qaida was going to try to attack our embassy there. he also talks about the very credible possibility there may be more abdul mutalab's, more of these young would-be terrorists who are going to try to attack the u.s. and the west. people ought to stick around. it is a very chilling interview. >> chris, we're also hearing that mr. brennan himself was actually briefed in october that the yemeni operative tried to use the same underwear bombing technique to kill a saudi prince. there are also reports of high level briefings about possible
8:33 am
holiday threats. if these things come to be more clear is there going to be a political fall-out to this? >> reporter: it is one of the questions we asked. that's really the bottom line issue, looking forward is how do we connect the dots, because, you know, there were all kinds of individual pieces of information, none of them may have been the flashing red alarm, but there was a national security agency electronic intercept of a conversation of al-qaeda in yemen in august where they talked about a nigerian who was part of a terror conspiracy, terror plot. we know, of course that abdul mutalla's father went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria in nomber and warned that his son was in yemen, and that he thought he was -- had fall in in with extremists. we know this young man bought a ticket with cash, that he didn't have have checked luggage. you talk about some of the other warnings. each one of them by itself may not have been enough to say, don't put that guy on that
8:34 am
plane, but you would hope that you would have a computerized system wheref you took all of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and put them all together that somebody would say, we've got to make sure this guy doesn't g on this plane. obviously the system didn't work. it's one of the big issues. we taunt with john brennan, how due make the system work more effectively so all of those dots get connected. >> certainly lots more questions to come, i'm sure. chris wallace, thank you for your time. >> reporter: you bet, thank you. >> chris will be talk with the assistant to the president on homeland security and intelligence. hawaii is banking on the president. the first family grabbed some shaved ice. businesses and leaders hope the visit can rejuvenate the state's ailing bank account. fox has the story. >> reporter: with luxury hotels lining white sandy beaches, the
8:35 am
islands of hawaii have long been a popular vacation spot. > this year we were in cuba, we were in italy, but hawaii is one of the best places on earth. >> reporter: with the promise of sunshine year-round, it has not been enough to save the state's once booming tourism industry. now state officials look to president obama's hawaiian vacation to bring in much needed revenue. >> we depend on tourism. when the tourism went down, it affected everyone. >> reporter: tourism accounts for 25% of hawaii'sover all economy and has declined in the last two years for a loss of nearly $3 billion. now with unemployment rate of 7% and a budget shortfall expected to reach 1.2 billion by the end of 20 10, state ficials are looking for ways to country. one proposal is to mandate furlough days for teachers and
8:36 am
to cut the number of school days. but winert says tourism is the key. >> all of the images that have been shown throughout the world because of his visit here is going to help hawaii mensely as we move forward, to put that desire in people's minds. >> reporter: but not all hawaiians are welcoming the president enthusiastic hely. pat mcgee, owner of island seaplane tour, says flight restrictions due to obama's visit will cost him. >> we're estimating $20 to 30,000, which after this past year with the economy ireally bad. we just barely scraped by. >> reporter: but in spite of short-term impacts that might curtail some businesses in hawaii, winert anticipates the visit will bring benefits in the long run. >> we are happy to see the coverage that's coming out of hawaii right now, and we do believe that it will have
8:37 am
positive results. >> a lot of people probably wishing they could fly off to hawaii right now and get away from some of this weather, right, gwen? >> i'm one of them. bone chilling cold outside. dress in layers. mittens are better than gloves to keep your hands warm. please bring your pets inside. bitter arctic cold. let's begin with a look at our wind advisory. that has been extended. this is our windchill advisory and our winter weather advisory for areas to the west. the windchill advisory until 6:00 a.m. monday. the winter weather advisory from sunday 6:00 until 6:00 a.m. monday. this includes allegheny, grant, mineral, highland, and pendleton counties to the west. they have already received more than four inches of snowfall. our wind advisory has been extended until 6:00. that encompasses pretty much all of our area. wind gusts right now at 40 miles per hour in the d.c. area. 38 at dulles, 30 at frederick,
8:38 am
26 at baltimore. here's a look at the current temperatures across the area. it is cold out there. 16 degrees only in the district, and 19 in new york city if you look at the mid atlantic. here's the windchills. it feels like it's only minus one in d.c. if you get ready to step outside. bundle up. cold conditions. our high today only 27. i'll have a look at the five day coming up. >> he is the front man for one of the most influential heavy rock groups since the early '90s. >> i enjoy making music, and i enjoy some travel, but i don't think my body can take that much more. >> tool has sold millions of records but now the band's singer venturing off with a new gig. his unusual transformation to wine maker out west when we return. plus, elton john and emenemteamed up in 2001. now they're getting together again, only this time to take on a serious personal matter. delicious pillsbury cinnamon rolls
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elton john to the rescue. the leming endairy singer says he is helping eminem get clean. as recovered drug abuser john says he's happy to help others overcome addiction. eminem and elton john performed together at the 2001 grammy awards. [ music ] they are one of the most influential rock bands since the early '90s. tool has made its mark by delivering its heavy sound with an artsy flare. the band's front man is ouobeyo eggs part of a growing movement to put northern arizona on the map as a wine country. that's right, from rock star to wine maker, fox's john hook picks up the story from out
8:43 am
west. >> reporter: for fans of the rock band ol this is the familiar voice. but there's another side that's 180 degrees apart from his rock 'n' roll persona. can you say gentleman farmer? >> we have several micro climates that we've picked out for grapes in the northern arizona area. this one happens to be about two and a half acres, half cabernet. >> reporter: he's on a mission to have northern arizona recognized as wine country. in the high des vert the verkz rde valley, not too far from jerome, he's growing grapes in an attempt to make fine wine. >> it's more a matter of trying to determine what grows in your region. grapes will grow almost anywhere. you just have to figure out what grows best in your spot, given your circumstances. >> reporter: he started his
8:44 am
cellars and vineyards within the past few years. he's just one of several wine makers giving it a go in the area. it's not that crazy an idea if you know your arizona history. >> from what i understand there were vineyards all over arizona prior to prohibition. they actually had vineyards and wine makers. >> reporter: a few months ago he opened a tasting room in jerome to showcase his wines. after growing up in small towns in ohio and michigan, keenan says it just felt right. >> i've traveled around the world. i'm from a small town and just ended up in a small town. i lived in l.a. for awhile. that wasn't really my cup of tea. >> reporter: he is not just using his fame to market his winds. he's very hands on. >> this is a cold fermentation
8:45 am
of cabernet. >> bubbles coming up there, so it's still converting its sugars into alcohol. this is a really nice wine last year. this is named after my great grandfather. >> reporter: keenan doesn't see himself getting into he mass production of wine. instead is he's content with building an impressive boutique winery. >> we want to get to a point where we're sustaining based on our mailing list and tasting room, then supply some special bottles around the country, restaurants and wine lists. >> reporter: just as important as making a fine wine is getting back to basics. he tries to follow organic guidelines. after some initial resistance, neighbors are starting to come around. >> people will start seeing this is a preservation of open land. not a lot of refuse. >> i think it geese we need.
8:46 am
in general the town needs it, the valley needs it. just in general, arizona needs it. something more sustainable, something greener. >> for lovers of the grape, keenan's venture into wine making can only be viewed as a positive move. but for fans of tool, it could mean something else entirely. >> i enjoy making music, and i enjoy some travel, but i don't think my body can take that much more. this is where my focus is going to be. >> reporter: john hook, fox news. >> well, it is come down to. this the skins' long dreadful season finally winds down today in san diego. with just four wins, the burgundy and gold look to end on a high note. many jobs are said to be on the line come tomorrow. we will talk with some of the upcoming free agent. plus, gwen is here with a look at our very chilly weather. boy, layers are your friend today. >> definitely layers are your friend. it is builter cold out there. melanie, we're talking that bone-chilling cold. >> look it at the wind. >> the camera is definitely
8:47 am
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so of the big stories that we are following this morning, d.c. police investigating what appears to be the city's first homicide of the year. a man was stabbed in the upper chest at an apartment complex in the 1700 block of mississippi avenue in southeast. he later died at a local hospital. so far no word on a suspect or a motive. and it's the story affecting all of us. this weekend's bitter blast of weather. an overnight wind advisory didn't help things. down right frigid across the region. i've got to say, of all the different sorts of weather we can get, i think cold and windy has got to be one of the worst. >> i know, it gets so uncomfortable. but what gets me is the kids don't seem to mind it. >> . >> they don't en feel it. they get out there and have a great time in it. but it is very, very cold, and it's actually dangerous cold
8:51 am
weather. we can see our camera and the flag just blowing away there in the breeze. pretty good indication of those winds and just how strong they are out there. and, you know, you cannot take this lightly at all, because we've got windchills to talk about. so, let's begin with a look at our wind advisory. this extended into 6:00 p.m. this evening. winds gusting anywhere from 45 to even 50 miles an hour. yesterday we had reports of those winds up to 47 and 48 miles per hour in our neighborhood. so definitely that is a factor. you are going to feel with it the car, so do be careful driving, because that's something that you have to really be cognizant of, because the wind can have a really big effect on cars driving on the highways out there. so do be careful. also anything that could be blowing down anywhere. trees, power lines, the whole bit. keep an eye out. wind speeds right now 20 miles per hour sustained at national, 30 at dulles, 18 at baltimore, 21 at frederick. but gusts are a big story.
8:52 am
gusting now at 40 at national officially, 38 at dulles, and 30 at frederick. and you factor all in that, and we have windchills to talk about as well. temperatures right now are only in the teens, and very, very much on the cold side definely. 16 at national, 16 at gaithersburg, 16 degrees at baltimore. mid-atlantic, same story. 19 in new york, only 1 did he grienz boston. when you factor the wind in with the temperatures this is what it actually feels like when you step outside. minus 1 in the nation's capital. minus 5 at dulles, and only 0 in baltimore. so you have to bcareful, as i mentioned. hypothermia another issue to be dealt with with this kind of condition. yesterday we struggled to get to 30 at national. didn't make it at dulles or baltimore. temperatures some 13 to 14 degrees below seasonal. a bit of up-slope snow showers across areas of our west. that left anywhere from four to six inches of snowfall.
8:53 am
a winter weather advisory in effect from tonight at 6:00 until 6:00 a.m. on monday. andhat's the areas here in the brighter blue. elsewhere, it's a windchill advisory until 6:00 a.m. on monday. they're still talk another two to six inches of snowfall possible. we're not alone. take a look at temperatures across the country from the midsection all the way down the mid-atlantic. those temperatures very much on the cool side. a ridge of high pressure building in. combination of those causing winds and that arctic cold weather just settle over us as a result of the jet stream being well to the south. temperatures today only into the upper 20s, and a few low 30s if we're lucky. so for today mostly sunny, cold, blustery winds, 29 degrees. overnight low tonight 1. the winds will start to die down after midnight, but monday night into tuesday a chance of a few flurries, especially to the north of us. and then as we take a look on thursday we've got a chance of
8:54 am
seeing some snow showers. >> all right, thanks, gwen. i don't know what else to say but it is cold. another ugly loss for the redskins last week. they were shut out in their final home game of the season, losing to the cowboys 17-0. they never even crossed the cowboys' 25-yard line. the skins fell to four wins and 11 losses and failed to win a game in their division for the first time since 1994. big changes are virtually inevitable for the redskins, and they will happen any time after today's season finale in san diego. jim zorn may be out, jason campbell, rock cartwright and carlos rogers are all free agent. this time next year the team could look a whole lot different. >> reporter: we are here in san diego. does it get any better? the beautiful pacific ocean, which san diego is known for. beautiful beaches, but for me it's all about anchorman. in the movie you might remember that bob dillon was famously saying, times, they are a
8:55 am
changing. while ron burgundy had never heard that song, it certainly rings true for the redskins. >> you can't control it. if the's meant for me to be here, i'll be her if the's not, i won't. and that's for any guy in this locker room. all you can do, like i say, you're in an interview on sunday, so you want to put the good stuff out there. >> a lot of guys are really just trying to be like, okay, let'set to san diego, let's play as hard as we can, then wherever the chips fall after that prettysure to be a lot of quick decisions probably coming up soon. >> ron burgundy also famously said, san day go, i am completely miserable. it's hard to be miserable in southern california, but at 4- 11, the redskins have had their share of misery. in san diego, dave ross, fox 5 sports. >> we're all jealous. here tees sunday lineup ahead on fox 5. we'll start off with rskins game day at 11:00 a.m., followed by geico
8:56 am
redskins at 11:30. followed by the skins and chargers at 4:15 from san day go. it's fast becoming a new year's tradition, a maryland newborn is the first 2010 baby in america. how many times has this happened in recent years and a look at the first baby born in the d.c. region.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
isn't she cute. meet olivia rose, the baltimore newborn that is the first 2010 baby in america. the greater baltimore medical center has actually had three of the first new year's babies in the past six years. olivia's parents welcomed her into the world just four second after midnight. the new year's baby weighs in at 7 pounds 13.8 ounces, 20eu6r7b8gs long. a couple minutes later, joseph elliott came into the world. the son of james and aaron taylor was born at 12:03 in alexandria. little joseph has the title of first baby born in the washington region. and we give our congratulations to both families. >> yeah, that's nice for new year's. >> it is. >> they're coming into cold weather, however. take a look at the wind out there. we've got a wind advisory until 6:00 p.m., winds 45


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