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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 3, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. here you go, mr. noran. thanks. [ female announcer ] trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help of honey nut cheerios' sweet taste, lowering your cholesterol is a non-challenge. get $2 in coupons at this is really good! right now at 10:00 the washington redskins ending their losing season with another loss. coach zorn could be packing his bags as early as tomorrow. we beginning gin with a
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story affecting every single one of us, the publicitiering cold. i'm will thomas. >> i'm laura evans in for maureen. the temperatures are dangerously low. we have team coverage on the bitter blast. gwen tolbart is live in the weather center to get us started. >> reporter: bitter, bitter cold conditions a cross the area. we've had gusty wind all day. no longer under a wivend advisory. take a look at this map. there is a windchill advisory for the areas to the west. it's going to feel like minus 5 to minus 10 degrees below zero and even in the higher elevatio up to minus 15. single digit temperatures and in the teens. allegheny, mineral, hardy, grant and pendleton. winds gustg hour. also across the west a winter weather advisory. they've already received more than 4 inch of snowfall and in this area we are talking an additional 1 to 3 inches of snowfall tonight through into
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monday. this ends by 6:00 monday evening. so a lot going on. we still have the wind. fairly strong across the area. 26 miles per hour gusts at national. 30 atulles and 31 at baltimore. 26 at hagerstown. here's the windchill factor w feels like its only 12 degrees in the district right now. 5 at disilvestro and only 6 at hagerstown. 11 at baltimore. satellite radar composite showing you cloudy conditions. could see a few snow showers pushing in from the north. our overnight lows only in the teen many i'll have the full forecast to let you know if and wn it will warm-up when i show you my five-day. >> enough to take your breath away. we'll see you soon. jennifer davis had a tough signment to brave the cold at reagan international airport. what's the situation now? >> reporter: it is still pretty windy at reagan national airport and has been all day.
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it's caused delays not only here but at dulles, even two or three hours. it's one of the waves that the frigid temperatures and strong winds have been affecting our region today. >> this is my bed right here. >> reporter: 41-year-old charlie haskins knows what it's like to sleep on the street. that make him all are more grateful for a nice bed and something warm to eat on this bitterly cold night. >> i slept outside for a month before i came here. it's lovely to have a warm bed when it's cold outside. >> reporter: this arlington county emergency winter shelter filled up fast this evening. it's just 10 shy of capacity at 6:30. >> it's exceptionally cold. the chance to get a sufficient amount of sleep is helpful. >> reporter: it was a hard day for the homels to brave the weather. the winds were so strong they spent newspaper boxes into the streets and people running inside for cover. the period
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petersburg family had old town to thems. >> at home it's the same so we suspect people are sitting inside. >> reporter: the busiest place we found wasikram's yoga college of i -- india. 20 more people than normal packed the room and many more were turned away for lack of space. >> heat is helpful on a day like today. it feels like you're on a beach. >> reporter: anyone outside knows it feels a long way from 105 out here right now. strong winds should be around still tomorrow up and down the east coast. if you or anyone you know is gong to be flying, probably best to call ahead. i'm jennifer davis, back to you. >>because of the weather there are a few school delays to pass along. jefferson and morgan counties in west virginia,
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allegany county in maryland and middletown lane child care will open two hours late tomorrow t frederick and clark counties in virginia will open one hour late. another big story we're working. a car ended up in the icy waters of rock creek. flipped over. a man inside. it started out as a difficult search for the car. the rescuers then moved in trying to save the life of the young driver. the scene of the accident, rock creek parkway south of p street overpass. matt ackland has this one tonight. >> reporter: the call came in close to 11:00 sunday morning. a person passing by saw something that didn't look right. a car upside-down in the icy creek. >> the complainant stated that the vehicle was going to be really hard to find because there wasonly one wheel that was sticking up out of the water. >> reporter: in fact it was. so difficult to find park police officers had to line up along this section of the parkway. one about every 100 yards. finally after ten minutes of searching, one of them spotted the submerged
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vehicle. then d.c. fire and ems sprung into action. their first mission was finding out if someone was inside the car. when firefighters arrived, it wasn't as easy as just jumping in the water and making the rescue. ice had formed around the car. so firefighters had to chip away at those ice chunks for 10 to 15 minutes before they could get inside. >> only one victim was found in the car and that person an adult mail has been transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: at first there was hope the man found inside could be svmentd firefighters had no idea how long he had been there. but tell us sometimes in cold water rescues victims have a better chance at survival. >> this is a cold water rescue. people can survive. of course, his vitals were -- he was in grave condition certainly but again he was transported to the hospital. >> reporter: several hours later officials announce muched the man had died. it took over an hour for
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official to remove the car from the icy creek. authorities still aren't sure how it ended up there in the first place. in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 news. this evening police identified the victim as 22-year-old joshua coleman of arlington. another investigation getting fast results in the district, d.c. police made an arrest in the city's first murder of the year. it happened at an apartment complex here on mississippi avenue in southeast last night when police got there they found zachary funky stabbed in the chest. he died at the hospital. 44-year-old terrence brooks was arrested and charged. dfk recorded s lowt murder rate in 45 years in 2009. the redskins take to the field one last time. this season and the burgundy and gold almost went out with a win but the chargers just wouldn't let it happen. appropriately ending the season as it's gone all along. dave feldman is here with more on the skins' season if
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final. jim zorn had something to play for but not his job. that ship had sailed. he was playing not to be last. with a loss in san diego his two year record would be 12-20 tieing steve spurrier for the worst redskins coaching record a distinction he didn't want. zorn coaching the burgundy and gold poibly for the last time picked this one up in the second quarter. trailing 13-7. they come up with the biggest play of the season. jason campbell to malcolm kelly buckle i was stopped on the 4 yard line. the longest completion of jason campbell's career. three plays later campbell hits mike sellers for the touchdown. redskins led 14-13. of the final minute of the game, leading 20-16 but chargers are charging. second string quarterback billy volek. two yards, tolbert,
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redskins falling 23-20. they finish the season 4-12 and after the game jim zorn was asked to comment on reports that he would be fired as early as tomorrow. >> i have had no indication of that, and i would not be even comment on that in many you know -- there are a lot of thing i'm sure out there as far as stories. there already has been. i get that, but i'm working on our team meeting. i'm working on our off season schedule. and until i'm -- till i'm told on any other effort, i'm getting ready. >> reporter: once again according to multiple reports including one from an nfl official to the associated press jim zorn and his staff will be fired tomorrow. lindsay murphy will be live at the park for the fox 5 morning news. ed redskins finish 4-12 the worst record since 1994 when they were 3-13.
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for the fans, it is finally over. we actually didn't findmany watching today's game. some even admittedly jumping on the cowboys band wagon. at the espn zone, the game was ban issued to the small screen. there are still those who bleed burgundy and gold. >> i really wanted this win. i am still a number one fan. next year maybe we'll have a new quarterback, new o line, new owner, and we might make it to the playoffs. >> that's the hope across he board. the fans reacting to coach zorn's impending doom. we'll have that story coming up on the "news edge" at 11:00. new details in a christmas day terror investigation. u.s. and britain responding to the threat by closing the doors on embassies in yemen. plus the incident is leading to new tsa guidelines going into effect tomorrow. we'll break them down. also at 10:00 the manhunt is finally over. how america's most wanted helped catch this man
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fox 5 following a developing story out of new jersey. a lockdown at one of the nation's busiest airports following a security scare. terminal c was on lockdown earlier tonight after a man managed to walk past security. the airport cleared the terminal. all passengers were rescreened. continental airlines operates out of terminal c. president obama dispatches his top counter terrorism advisor to the sunday talk show circuit. >> scombroen an is leading the -- john brennan is leading the review of the christmas day attack.
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brennan is very concerned about future attempts. >> reporter: the u.s. and british embassies in yemen were shuttered on sunday, a direct response to a threat there. >> there are indications that al-qaeda has planned an attack on the capital in yemen. >> reporter: he defended the u.s. intelligence community against criticism that information about mudallad should have been clear. >> there was no smoking gun or that this guy is a terrorist and is gwen to get on a plane. >> reporter: on "meet the press" he admitted to a failure to connect the bits and pieces of information. >> we need to make sure this never happens again. >> reporter: if there are more plots being planned there is much concern about the administration's decision not to charge abdulmutallab as an enemy combattant. that allows the suspect to refuse cooperation for months. >> this is war and it's time that we reacted to the war attacks that are coming at us. >> reporter: the senate
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intelligence committee of which bond is a member will begin hearings on the matter january 21st. as for those full body scanners that weren't used in amsterdam, former homeland security secretary michael chernoff predicted security will trump privacy concerns very soon. >> at the end of the day no one has come up with a better solution. keeping your fingers crossed that the enemy won't figure out this vulnerability is a very foolish way to manage security. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. despite criticisms, brennan said the white house will press ahead with the closure of gitmo and continue releasing detainees to yes, yemen on a case-by-case basis. last week, six were released under the bush administration. few detainees let out in 2006 and 2007 say their branch of al-qaeda based in yemen is behind the christmas day bombing attempt. >> i am very disturbed by
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that. everybody ought to admit the bush administration made a big mistake in transferring tse detainees, these errorists, back to other countries. >> nearly 100 yemenis are being housed. the plan is to house some of them in northern illinois. an intense manhunt after a thanksgiving day massacre is over. authorities captured paul morigue after motel owners recognized him from a preview in america's most wanted. he is accused of gunning down his twin sisters, his aunt and 6-year-old cousin. he was held without bond. a man eating breakfast in california was killed when a car plowed into the building. police say the 66-year-old man was sitting in a front corner booth in the carl's, jr. he car slammed into the building going 40 to 50 miles per hour. it hit the man straight on,
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killing him. the driver of the car was injured and taken to the hospital. no word if drug and/or alcohol were involved. a georgia couple used household items to create a makeshift tattoo machine and used it on their kids. six ofthem. they're facing charges for putting their children in danger. as fox's george franco reports they don't see any harm in what they did. >> reporter: this plastic pen body with a needle made of a guitar string connect today an electric motor was used to tattoo six children. >> it's a painful procedure with a crude instrument. >> reporter: five children got across-like tattoo on their hands. the oldest boy a tattoo of mom and dad on his arm. >> what are the ages of the children? >> seven years old to 17. the 7-year-old is the only one that didn't receive a tattoo. they determined he was too young. >> i'm not breaking the skin. it's right there. it's going to fade away. it's a pin mark or something.
10:19 pm
>> reporter: patty joe marsh admitted she and her husband tattooed their six children after inching themselves. investigators came here after they got a call from the biological mother of two the children, complaining about the tattoos it. >> you're an adult and you've got your own choices to make. these are children. they don't have that choice. you put the tattoos on the children. >> i know. they wanted it. they asked me. it wasn't like i tattooed them against their will. >> reporter: patty joe marsh and her hurricane husband are charged th illegal tattooing and reckless conduct. the sheriff is concerned that the guitar string is used in each one. >> we changed it out each time. >> you're saying it was clean. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: they're preparing to go to court. >> we didn't do anything wrong. i still don't believe we did anything wrong. >> reporter: i'm george franco, fox 5 news.
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next at 10:00, daycare in a downturn. >> how parents are using the internet to form babysitting co-ops and save money in the process. chaos when an elephant breaks loose into a crowd. the story and the incredible video still ahead. 
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student run basic sales are a thing of the past in the new york city public school system. it's meant to crack down on childhood obesity but it is hurting fund-raising activities for extracurricular activities. >> i don't see how a twinkie a month is going to make my child fat. if i know my child is overweight i'm not going to give him a dollar. >> it can bring in 300 to $500 a day. >> hungry for cash. did you like that one? the policy allows for pta
10:24 pm
run bake sales but only once a month after school hours. now some parents are forming babysitting co-ops. as fox's casey steeg he will reports it is a way to trade your time in exchange for free child care. >> reporter: how about paying your babysitter with time instead of cash? >> high quality child care, 24/7 completely free should be an incentive for somebody to start them. >> reporter: it's called a babysitting co-op and relies on on a system of trading. >> who do you want to push you? >> reporter: parents can earn points by sitting for others in the group and exchange them for a night on the town without ever opening a wallet. >> it's great. you go out to the movies and not have to write that check for $100 for a babysitter. particularly if the movie is no good. >> reporter: the best part is not feeling guilty about leaving your little ones with a sitter.
10:25 pm
>> you're never dumping your kid or you never run up against a time limit whereby you have to feel bad because you're actually paying. you're just paying in time. >> reporter: typically made up of about 25 families co-ops like this one in los angeles have found new popularity in a struggling economy. >> the people whoenerally really need a co-op the most are young parents with young babies. and they're overwhelmed anyway. there is a little bit of inertia that has to be overcome. it takes momentum to get one started. >> reporter: when it comes to safety... a strict vetting process is in place to make sure no criminals are slip through. >> i didn't think i would feel so safe about it and i really do. i feel like my kids are going to their friends' houses, it's my friends and i know they're going to protect my kids. >> no children in no problem. there are some websites that offer dog sitters, house sitters, even
10:26 pm
transportation on a co-op basis. all you have to do is log onto the internet to find out if any have been set up in your neck of the woods. in los angeles, casey stegall, fox news. new tsa rules go into effect. >> new at 10:30 we are breaking down what it could mean for your next flight. energy star appliances are supposed to be eco friendly. can you trust the sticker every time? we'll reveal what a government audit recovered. new warnings that could be coming to cell phones. the news at 10:00 is back in 3.  delicious pillsbury cinnamon rolls give off the warmth and aroma that will delight your family with freshly baked goodness. it's never been easier to bake at home with pillsbury's baked goods. so warm, flaky; it might be the last time chips and dip are invited back.
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a warning tonight for air travelers. new rules aimed at keeping you safe and it all takes effect tomorrow. they come in the wake of the failed christmas day terror plot. >> the tsa announced passengers flying into the u.s. from certain countries will be subject to enhanced
10:30 pm
screening. julie banderas looks at the effort to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. >> reporter: new rules i the wake of a failed terrorist bombing. the transportation safety administration has announced new security measures for international flight bound for the united states. starting monday, travelers flying from or going through nations regarded as state sponsors of terrorism as well as other countries of interest will be required to go through enhanced screening. those could include full body scans, body pat downs and carry on searches. the state department lists cuba, iran, sudan and syria as state sponsors of terrorism. passengers from nigeria, yemen and pakistan will face enhanced screening as well. passengers travelling from any other foreign country will alsoing checked at random. the new safety measures come as the obama administration probes a breach which allowed an attempted attack on a u.s. flieft christmas day. president obama's top counter terrorism aid says
10:31 pm
intelligence agencies ultimately failed to connect the dots >> there was is no smoking gun, no piece of intelligence that said this guy is a terrorist and is going to get on a plane. not whatsoever. it was the failure to integrate and piece together the bits of information. >> reporter: one former army intelligence officer says the u.s. faces a major challenge following up on hundreds of threats each week. >> we need to act on those very aggressively. it's all about taking risks, and we need to take more. >> reporter: both u.s. and british officials decide to close embassies in yemen after security threats were made there. >> al-qaeda is determined to carry out these attacks. we're determined to thwart those attacks. >> reporter: president obama plans a meeting with homeland security and counter terror officials on tuesday. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. a new cell phone warning could be out soon. labels warning about radiation levels. in san francisco, leaders have proposed legislation that would require labels to be as visible as prices and other features, indicating a
10:32 pm
cell phone's radiation emissions. retailers would also have to explain what the radiation levels mean. while the information is available online there is no reason it shouldn't be available at the stores. >> this is not about us saying don't use cell phones. i love my stone. i'm not giving it up any time soon. this is really about being cautious. >> panic may be overstating it somewhat but it certainly raises anxieties that on the basis of current science that's accepted, are just simply not necessary. >> to date there is no scientific consensus that cell phones pose any health risks and the fcc which has adopted limits to save exposure to radiation says any phone sold legally in the u.s. is safe. interest rates could be on the way up. ben bernanke says the reserve must be open to raise rates to pop a set bubbles in the future.
10:33 pm
the chair says all efforts should be made to strengthen the regulatory system. critics suggest the feds kept interest rates too low in early 2,000, that helped to fuel the housing bubble at the route of the crisis. the fed stimulus bill includes incentives for customers who buy energy starappliances. a recent audit found the appliances may not be as eco friendly as advertised. >> reporter: this high-end washing machine promises to do a lot more than your laundry. e government and appliance makers claim it will save you money and help the environment. >> the washer is up to 70% more efficient than the machine it's replacing. >> reporter: it has the energy star label. a familiar seal of the 17-year-old government program that rates appliances on their energy efficiency. these products typically cost more but the program claims consume ers can save money -- consumers
10:34 pm
can save money through rebates and lower energy bills. >> the tests are out of date. the manufacturers supply the information fought government. the government isn't checking it or having an independent third party certify that what the manufacturers are giving them is rrect. >> reporter: maria vargas with the epa says it's track record speaks for itself. >> it has been an incredibly effective program in reducing emissions. americans saved $19 billion on their energy bills. >> reporter: retailers say they trust the appliance makers. >> we don't think that any of the suppliers would try to deceive the consumers by not living to the standards that are set by the energy star. >> reporter: still, an internal government audit says the government must do a better job with over sight. >> a couple things we're looking to do at the department much energy are to enhance some of the
10:35 pm
testing and verification we do for products. >> reporter: consumer reports applauds the idea of changes, but... >> it's my understanding those will not be implemented in the year 2014. >> reporter: until that time th folk who run the energy star program are saying take us at our word. given there are no other agencies that are currently measuring products' energy efficiency, consumers have no other choice. in new york, rick fulbaum, fox news reality shows. like them or hate them. why some say hi profile incidents like the party crashers at the white house could be the beginning of the end for the genre. plus from troops to teachers. the program helping service members make the switch. watch what happens when an ephant runs into a crowd. stay with us. we have this story and the video coming up.
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blap bort bort
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10:38 pm
caught on camera. an out of control elephant on the loose. panic in india as the elephant runs into the crowd.
10:39 pm
two people hurt. the 6-year-old elephant took off into a large gathering of pilgrims. the incident happened just before the young elephant was about to take part in a religious e event. handlers managed to bring the elephant back under control. i imagine handling an elephant who is having a bad day is not easy. another sad day for the skins but a bghte one for college hoops. dave feldman has sports. >> reporter: there are other sports. thank goodness. the georgetown hoyas have had only one blip this season so far. no such worries today with due paul. the team the hoyas had eaten eight straight tumz. 6'10 greg monroe plays point guard running the floor, finding austin freeman. hoyas up 4. jason clark to freeman. a roll reversal, freeman inside to monroe.
10:40 pm
lay in and foul. made the 3-point play. georgetown led 35-25 at the half. second half, to rogers. austin freeman no chris wright. georgetown defeats dupaul 65-50. >> it's a road win. a road win in conference is important. it's the first road game, conference game of the year. to come in here and get a road win i thought was very important. we gave them a few too many looks to keep possessions but you get a win on the road that's what you want. >> reporter: maryland on the road facing north carolina, greensboro. early going, the cross court pass stolen by vasquez who difz it to landon mill bourne. the first bacteria of the game and maryland is off and running. bowie with another steal. shawn moseley, ahead to mill bourne for another dunk. landon with 22. terps led by 6. later in the first half,
10:41 pm
adrian bowie with another steal. vasquez drives in for two of his game high 24. maryland hammers greensboro 97-64. they begin acc play next sunday against florida at the same time. coming up, more on jim zorn, his dicey future and what the redskins they lost to san diego and finished the season 4-12. laura? >> thanks very much. and to the fox 5 storm force. think the weather was miserable today? a negative 11 degree reading in fargo, north dakota. the national weather picture and what you can expect at home. gwen's five-day forecast up next. 
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a storm moving through the northeast, setting its sights on massachusetts, boston harbor. this is the boardwalk.
10:45 pm
the sand is now covered by snow. high winds creating strong waves there. 10 inches of snow is expected. they are not alone. a chilly first week of the new year from the rockies to new england. old man winter serving up a big helping of deep snow and freezing temperatures. fox's laura engle shows us how many people are coping. >> reporter: you know it's cold when the car engine won't start. a bone chilling negative 11 degrees in fargo, north dakota, tells the story across much of the country. temperatures there are expected to dip as low as negative 33 before it's all over. they may be used to frigid air in the twin cities... >> i can handle it. i'm cold but i've been around the block. i was shoveling snow last week in a t-shirt. >> reporter: doctors and nurses in minnesota say freezing temperatures can be dangerous and cause frostbite. they warn residents to bundle up. >> there is no magic temperature that says you're going to get
10:46 pm
frostbite or not. it's the amount, it's the temperature outside and length of time and length of exposure. >> reporter: travelers in michigan and indiana are battling the wind and snow. state troopers along the highways urging drivers to use caution. >> you have to have both hands on the wheel, certainly. >> white knucks and all. >> a little bit. >> reporter: snow continues falling in parts of northern new england where forecasters crawling for up to 14 inches in some areas. massachusetts, vermont and main are battling winds near 30 mile an hour. mother nature doesn't spare the south. farmers in louisiana bracing for a hard freeze, which could cause damage to strawberry crops. >> a lot of covering and keeping the berries covered. >> reporter: the national weather service is warning florida orange growers the temperatures could dip below freezing. and in orlando, a new low of 27 is expected. the record there, 31 degrees. in new york, laura ingle, fox
10:47 pm
news. >> misery loves company if you were outside getting lunch, coffee, it's like an ice cream headache. the cold air is just so bone-chilling. >> that's the description. bone-chilling cold. nobody is escaping it at all. unfortunately it's not leaving any time soon. look at the camera. you can see the capitol. the camera moving quite a bit in the wind. the winds have been extremely strong and brisk into the course of today. we had a wind advisory but that was dropped as of the 6:00 hour. the arctic air is still sticking around. so be prepared to bundle up if you're heading out tomorrow or tonight. the cold winds continuing. temperatures will stay below seasonal. they've been on average 1 to 14 degrees below what they should be. we'll talk about that as well. we have a windchill advisory. this was updated to be
10:48 pm
expanded. instead of until 6:00, it's going to actually end at 10:00 on monday. that's going to feel like minus 5 to minus 10 degrees. pendleton, hardy, ham shire, mineral county. all under the windchill advisory. in the higher elevations it could feel up to minus 15 below. look at the peak winds. 46 miles per hour winds at national airport, 47 at dulles. 47 at baltimore and hagerstown. 44. and chevy chase. 49 miles per hour wind gusts. chantilly, 46 and martinsburg, #45u6 miles -- -- 54 miles per hour wind gusts. the gusts are still strong. 23 at national. 36 at dulles. factor in the winds and temperatures and that's what we get. the windchill popping up. the current temperatures showing you are very much on the low side. only into the 20s and teens
10:49 pm
pretty much across the area. what does it feel like outside? only 12 degrees in the district because of the winds and 5 at dulles. 15 degrees at frederick. a really chilly night. please don't leave the pets outside. we struggled with our highs only getting into the mid- to upper 20s. not very warm at all. as far as the sky conditions are concerned, a few clouds, increasing clouds tonight and take a look to the north of us. you can see a few snow showers sneaking through. areas to the west we've been dealing with snow. as a result of that there is a winter weather advisory to the f west. this until 6:00 p.m. monday. 1 to 4 inches of snowfall on top of the 4 to 6 they've already gotten. tonight's lows on the very cold side. into the teens everywhere. we've got the windchills to take into consideration as well. ridge of high pressure to the west. low pressure system off to the northeast. combination of those two causing very tight pressure gradient. that's where the winds are coming from by mid-week
10:50 pm
another arctic high is going to build in. we'll get another reinforcing shot of colder air and the other things we're keeping an eye on is the system that could form along the coast as we move into the later part of the week. mostly cloudy and cold. blustery winds and windchills. 18 for the overnight low. tomorrow, sunshine to cloudy skies. a chance of light snow showers to the north of the d.c. area. here's your five-day forecast. once again, could see some snow thursday night into friday. that's a chance. temperatures all week, well below seasonal. once again, bitter cold conditions. dress warm. bundle up. especially the young ones. and bring the pets inside. >> dress in layers so you can take it off when you get in the heat. >> thanks, gwen. topping tonight's buzz, director james cameron's
10:51 pm
"avatar" shoots past $1 billion worldwide. stays at number one, earning 6 million in the u.s. -- 68 million in the u.s. coming in second, robert downey jrp's sherlock holmes and alvin and the chipmunk's, the squeakel. and it's complicated. >> you saw it on date night. >> definitely worth seeing. reality tv producers are shining a brighter spotlight on potential cast members. >> hollywood is looking for better characters after a year of embarrassing even tragic incidents. fox's anita vogel has the story. >> reporter: in 2009 reality tv soared to new heights and sunk to new lows. ryan jenkins ended up committing suicide after he was accused of mutilating and killing his former wife,
10:52 pm
swimsuit model jasmine fiori. they had no idea jenkins had a criminal record with two assault charges. >> many times we find things in people's background but they still go on the show because it makes them more interesting and their history is more interesting. i don't know anybody that would put someone on who had clearly violent tendencies and had done physical harm to people before and would put them on the air. >> reporter: the jenkins incident? particular has sparked a 25% increase in requests for background checks from hollywood reality shows. by serious security firms. >> in some cases there have been contestants that might have had a mild drug record or dui's, but obviously murder is just one that goes way, way too far. >> reporter: in a yr that saw two poe technicality reality -- potential reality scars crashing security measures
10:53 pm
to get into a white house appointments and a bizarre balloon stunt that landed them in jail, reality show disasters a costly in the financial sense and have a negative impact on fans. >> we're already a cynical enough society. the whole world is watching because they're worried about a little kid. then we find out it's a sham. that makes everyone feel silly for caring. >> reporter: while thorough background checks are costly for reality programs with small bulge et cetera, hollywood experts hope these shows vet people a little more thoroughly. for all the criticism leveled at them, unscripted programming is cheap to produce and extremely popular with audiences. expect to see more reality tv in 2010. in los angeles, i'm anita vogel, fox news. from troops to teachers. >> we are going behind the scenes of a program helping them make the life changing transition. skins fans sounding off. what they are saying about
10:54 pm
the fate of coach zorn. news edge at 11:00 just minutes away.
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some of our nation's men and women in uniform are standpointing into their military skills for the classroom. a federal program offers them opportunities for students. >> this is something that's smooths and round. i would say teaching is just as challenging. >> reporter: special cubics teacher dave olsen is on his second career. >> i spen20 years in the navy. >> reporter: after retiring, olsen became a teacher with the help of the federal troops to teacher program. >> seeing the kids make progress, you know, to see the glow that they have is just incredible. sgoo good job. >> reporter: senators michael bennett, former superintendent of denver public schools and navy veteran john mccain are co
10:58 pm
sponsors of ability to expand the program. >> we have more returning veterans coming back. this is an opportunity to put them to work in our neighborhoods and our communities, educating our kids. it's a real renaldo wynn for everybody. >> reporter: the bill -- win/win for everybody. >> reporter: the big would increase funding from 30 to 50 million over a five-year period and reduce the years of required military service veterans need to be eligible from six to four. >> he's also one of my favorite teachers too. >> you got the 400... >> reporter: roosevelt dickerson worried 30 years in the military would make teaching tougher. >> when i worked in the mill trif, when i spoke, they moved. >> reporter: when it was suggested he work in special education... >> you're crazy. they're they have definitely not going to list to me. >> reporter: his background turned out to be an asset. >> i feel more comfortable with him. >> he knows how we feel. >> we in the military reflect
10:59 pm
the face of the nation. >> reporter: the diverse ty that exists in the military is one a set that veterans bring to the classroom. >> when we speak of geography we can say we walked this ground. i've been in those countries. >> i really wanted to do something where i could make a difference for some kids. >> reporter: in the expansion bill pass even more veterans will have the opptunity to continue serving their country. through chukt ing educating its children. the "news1:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 "news edge" at 11:00. off the top the season of disappointment after disappointment ends with another loss. the skibz falling a part in the very end of the. it is expected to be jim zorn's last game as head coach of the redskins. i'm will thomas. >> i'm laura evans in


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