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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  January 3, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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maureen. zorn is expected to be fired tomorrow. roby chavez caught up with some of the fans. >> reporter: when the last seconds of the last redskins game this season ticked down, there was finally something to cheer about. it's over. >> it's pitiful. >> i'm really disappointed. >> it's the worst season i've ever seen. >> reporter: very few fans were around to watch however. by now, most are on the cowboys band wagon or wearing philadelphia green. . >> he fumbled the snap. come on. >> reporter: marcus cooper and his dad sat it out in a corner alone. >> it's sad. you know? i come down here expecting to see everyone rooting hard for the final game of the season and see everyone caring about the cowboys and the eagles. i thought we were in d.c. here. what's going on? >> we're like the only skins fans here. and the season has been kind of dismal, but towards
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the end things are starting to look up a little bit for next season. it gives us a little hope for next year. >> go cowboys! >> repo at the espn zone, the game was ban issued to the small screen. for die-hards, change can't come soon enough, starting with the coach. >> i expect tomorrow. it's been a long season. we have to make a change. >> i'm still the number oe fan. maybe next year we'll have a new quarterback, new o line, new owner and might make it to the playoffs. >> i think the redskins are horrible. they need to start from the front office and just clean everything out. >> reporter: until then fans sulk in the last minute losses. a win slipped away again. this season has embarrassed fans away. where have all the burgundy and gold jerseys gone? >> everybody took their offs. i left mine at home because i didn't want to get laughed at. i never seen anything like it.
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i've been watching the redskins since 1964. >> at the espn zone in northwest, roby chavez, fox 5 news. keep it here. the fox 5 sports team will have more on zorn's future coming on up geico sports xtra. an extended edition at 11:10. in light of the christmas day attempted terror attack, john brennan defended the u.s. intelligence community against criticism that information about the suspect should have been clear. but did admit there was a failure to connect the bits and pieces of information. also the u.s. and british embassies in yemen were closed in response to a threat from al-qaeda. >> there are indications that al-qaeda has planned to carry out an attack in the capital of yemen. i spoke with our ambassador. the british and u.s. embassies have been closed. >> reporter: the tsa
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announced passengers flying into the u.s. from certain countries will be subject to enhanced screening. the countries are cuba, iran, sudan, syria, yemen, nigeria and pakistan. the u.s. secret service investigating an effigy of barack obama. it was found hanging by a noose in plains, georgia, the hometown of former president jimmy carter. volunteer firefighters were called to cut it down a car drove into an icy rock creek. a driver inside died. the victim identified as 22-year-old joshua coleman of arlington. rescuers tried to get to him but it was too late. it happen in the creek south of the p street overpass. prepare for some longer trips on metro. l this month, because of maintenance work on the red, blew and orange lines. the work starts around 8:00 p.m. sunday to thursday nights throughout the month of january. plan on add aing 20 to 30 minutes to your trip when
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the work is underway. those are the stories we're following everywhere at 11:00. . hear that? a chilly start to the new year. a bitter blast of cold air affecting all of us. the winds are strong and temps are dangerously low. homeless shelters have filled up fast as the icy weather set n the arlington county emergency shelter filled up very fast. by 6:30 it was just ten people shy of capacity. >> i slept outside for like a month before i came here. it's lovely to have a warm bed when it's cold outside. >> it's exceptionally cold out there right now. the chance to get a sufficient amount of sleep is really helpful. >> it's weather related. another place packed with people. yoga college of india in alexandria. people ditched park a and boots for shorts, sweatpants and a hot yoga session. the 10005 degree temperature inside -- 105
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degree temperature inside not bad if you can get it. temperatures continue to drop. windchill advisory until 10:00 a.m. monday. including mineral, pendleton, minus 5 to minus 10 feel or even minus 15 in the higher elevations. wind is a major factor out there. here's a look at the current wind gusts. 23 miles per hour wind guss at national airport, 36 at dulles, 24 at baltimore. and 26 at hagerstown. we've got windchills to be concerned about. we factor in the temperatures and winds that's what we're going to get. temperatures into the low 20s and into the teens across our area. but if you step outside, this is what it actually feels like. only 10 degrees officially at national. 6t dulles. 8 at frederick and 10 degrees at baltimore. bundle up. the challenge definitely is to stay warm. we've got some clouds moving into the course of tonight. we've had snow over areas of the far northwest.
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that has also prompted a winter weather advisory. 1 to 4 inches of additional know tonight into tomorrow. this in effect until:00 p.m. monday. they've received anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snowfall in the last 24 hours. a ridge of high pressure to the west. a low pressure system to the northeast responsible for all this as the cold arctic air settles in. another reinforcing shot of cold air by wednesday. prepare yourself for that. keeping our eyes on an upper level disturbance. a chance of snow for thaurndz friday and a slight chance to the north of the d.c. area of snow showers by the time we hit through into monday. temperatures all week below seasonal. bundle up and stay warm. will, laura? >> thanks very much. did you see this? the record-breaking pastry in mexico. this massive pastry measured more than 2300 feet long. the sweet bread took 2100
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hours to make. used more than 6,000 pounds of sugar. as you can see it was a crowd pleaser. hundreds of people standing in line just to get a piece. >> wow. >> there was the pay off in the end. >> you said 21,000 hours collectively? >> two-1/2 years. >> that would be some really day old bread. >> yeah, i would say so. for those civil war enthusiast hard tack. want news and information, noxious 5 news always on. we're talking geico sports xtra is coming your way next. jay jay is coming into -- dave feldman is coming into the studio right now. (announcer) school mornings are busy mornings.
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this is geico sports xtra. james arthur zorn leaving qualcomm stadium in san diego almost certainly the last time you will ever see the z man wearing the redskins coaching paraphernalia. hi everybody, i'm dave feldman. happy new year. at this time tomorrow jim zorn will be out as redskins head coach. there are multiple reports his entire staff will be shown the door in the morning. it will be the final dagger in the season that saw zorn lose his play calling privileges and one that saw his own assistant jerry gray reportedly interview for zorn's job while zorn still had it. before blackmon there was one more game to play in san diego. philip rivers pass. hits fred smoot. that's got to be a pick. fred didn't hold on. the chargers kick a field
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goal. next possession. 4th and 1 at the redskins 19. rirs shot puts it to malcolm floyd. a wounded duck that somehow works. three plays later, he finds antonio gates 12 yards for the touchdown. chargers out to a 10-0 lead. more chargers. billy volek to malcolm floyd. a 50 yard gain sets up another field goal. chargers up 13-0. second quarter redskins offense comes alive, jason campbell up the left side. santana moss, bobble, catches it. 16 yard gain. campbell, play action, todd yoder. all he does is catch touchdowns. redskins trail 13-7. late second, campbell to malcolm kelly. look out this would turn out into the longest completion of campbell's career. kelly would be taken down at the 4 yard line after an 84-yard gain. three plays later campbell to mike sellers for the
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score culminated an 88 yard drive. led 14-13. volek intercepted by rocky macintosh. coughs up the bol but core lows rogers scoops it -- ball but carlos rogers scoops it up. volek to tolbert, two yards, game over. redskins beaten by the chargers, 23-20. jim zorn finishes 4-12. jason campbell, 281 passing. fourth highest of the season. two t ds give him 20 for the year. malcolm kelly registered his first 100 yard receiving game but skins have the worst season in 15 years. dave feldman has more from san diego. >> reporter: the season for the washington red redskins ends the way it began with a painful loss on the road. now that the season is officially over many people are left to wonder was jim
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zorn's post-game press conference officially his last. >> i have had no indication of that and i would not even comment on that until you know -- there are a lot of things i'm sure out there as far as stories. there already has been. i get that. but i'm working on our team meeting. i'm working on our off season schedule. and until i'm -- until it's told on any other effort, i'm getting ready. >> after the game, you know, guys hugging each other, because we know the tea is probably going to be broken up in a lot of different ways. just commending each other for the fight and being in it together, continuing to keep fighting through all the adverse ty and overcoming a lot of it even though we didn't get a chance to win most of our games in the column at least we didn't give up. younow hearing coach zorn give his speech at the end, he don't know what's going to happen, so it's bitter sweet. >> reporter: as we speak the redskins are headed back to
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d.c., expected to touch down around 3:00 a.m. many changes expected for the coaching staff and the players. in san diego, dave ross, fox sports. redskins have scheduled a 12:25 jim zorn press conference for tomorrow which is peculiar because normally a fired coach would not get to talk. stay tuned to see if that happens or becomes a bruce allen press conference. coming up, the redskins found the end zone twice but it still wasn't enough. what some of the players said what wrong as we continue on geico on sports extra. 


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