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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  January 3, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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the chargers are who we thought they were. their second string ain't bad either. or maybe they just looked bad because they were playing the skins. bill volek finds mike tolbert for the game winning touchdown. 23-20 is the final. after the game, dave ross caught up with roth cartwright and fred davis. >> [ inaudible ] >> what about the possible coaching change? how do you feel with that as a player. >> you can't even think about it. i'm sure there are player changes too. >> i know it's not easy. these things are never easy. the season isn't easy. summarize what happened at the a big penalty and was running the play to try to go up by two possessions and weren't able to finish. that's been our story all season. if you don't finish, you don'
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win football games. >> what about the coaching change? >> i can't even think abo. >> always a stand up guy. where does that leave jason campbell, restricted free agent. who was not even the third choice of the front office. he threw for 20 touchdowns but called it the most physically grueling season he's ever had at any level. he was asked if he thought he would be back next season. >> i have no idea what's going to happen. me, i have to be open-minded for all situations. it's a privilege to be an nfl quarterback. a blegs. gout to take this thing one day at a time. i have to focus on what i need to do to become an elite quarterback. >> everybody wants to know is he a franchise quarterback. he didn't prove that. at this particular point in his career.
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you know, with what he was doing. but he certainly is a starter in this league, and improving starter and plays in a courageous fashion. >> well said. tonight's geico 15 minutes much fame takes us to winter wonderland in buffalo. the bills hosting the colts. near whiteout conditions did not seem to phase ryan fitzpatrick who threw three touchdown passes including this one to terrell owens. the victory earns tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame. t.o. in the snow. when we return the cowboys and eagles battle for the nfc east title. the battle might be a stretch with that word. some nfc east highlights coming up next. 
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this is geico sports xtra. last year the philadelphia eagles dismantled the dallas cowboys in the final game of the season to eliminate dallas from the playoffs. today the cowboys exacted revenge. cowboys head coach wade phillips on the hot seat but that seat gets cooler today. third quarter, cowboys lead 17-0. tony romo to felix jones who goes 49 yards for the touchdown. dallas wins the nfc east defeating the eagles 24-0.
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deja vu next weekend, the cowboys will see each other one more time. brett favre and vikings looking to take advantage of the eagles lost. cruising 24-0. favre throws it up to sidney rise. favre passes for four touchdowns. they crush the giants. 44-7 and secure the second seed in the nfc playoffs and get a buy. the ravens need a win over the raiders to clinch a playoff spot. willis mcgahey tries to shake nudeen. he has just enough gas to take it 77 yards for the touchdown. one of three to go with a career high 167 yards rushing. ravens beat the raiders 21-13 to punch their ticket to the playoffs. they will travel to new england to face the patriots in the wild card game. uno on burgundy and gold trivia question. who olds the redskins
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record for most sacks in the season, ken hvey, dexter manually or charles mann. we'll be right back. ley or charles mann. we'll be right back.  ( sighs )
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this is sprint can't miss play of the game. get your iphones oust. it's time for the redskins can't miss play of the game presented by sprint. text 57447 for a chance to win a redskins home game. he makes a juggling catch. text 1 for the moss juggle. later, jason campbell hits malcolm kelly in stride. the end zone in his sights but he's taken down at the 4 yard line. 84 yard gain. the longest completion of campbell's career led to a mike sellers touchdown.
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text wash 2. antoine randle el skip ahead of the seam. set up a field goal. text wash 3 if you like that one. text wash 1 to 57447, moss juggling catch. play 2, kelly catch. and 3, randle el punt return. one person will randomly be selected for tickets for a home game for next season. the final word goes to jim zorn, the outgoing coach of the washington redskins who was asked given everything he endured this season he thought he had been treated fairly. >> you got to understand, in my world, nothing has to be fair. you see what i mean?
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it's not up to me. it's not about fairness. i don't ever think about -- because i could whine about, you know, just whine about how uncomfortable everything is. that is not productive. >> reporter: jim zorn is scheduled to speak at a press conference tomorrow at 12:25. you have to wonder what's going to go on there because normally if a coach is fired he does not get a chance to speak at his normal press conference. that 12:25 press conference could turn into a bruce all press conference. stay tuned. lindsay murphy will be out at the park live, dave ross will be live in san diego and i'll be at the park on the fox 5 news at 5:00. have a great night. we'll see you for a jam packed monday tomorrow. this has been geico sports xtra.


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