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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  January 4, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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will join us live at 7:00. and holly will get some hockey lessons. there are some new tax laws and changes that you need to know about. an expert will join us live to explain those. at 9:00, improving your diet and health in 2010. we'll get five healthy tips from a licensed dietitian. >> fox 5 morning news is just getting started. good monday morning. it is january 4th. see that camera shaking there this morning at 5:00. that is because the wind are still pretty strong out there today after really stiff winds over the weekend and pretty cold to start the day too. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. back to school after the christmas break but the bitter cold weather forcing some school system to hope a bit later. algainy and garrett county public schools on a two-hour delay. clark county and frederick
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county schools in virginia are delayed one hour. -- allegheny and garrett county public schools on a two-hour delay. >> you can check out for all the school delay updates. >> still some ice out there on the roads. >> they've got wind chill advisories out there. they've got snow on the ground in places. they have a pretty good amount of snow over the weekend and still seeing some snow out there as well. for us, if we see any snow, it ill be snow showers during the course of the day. but another cold one on tap. take a look at the current temperatures right now. we have a temperature, steve said, of 24 degrees. 22 in baltimore. patuxent naval air station, 23 degrees. frederick, maryland, 23 degrees. so that is where we are and it will be another cold one today again with temperatures well below normal. you see some of the snow showers in extreme western maryland, portions of west virginia, western pennsylvania, upstate new york and we've got a few clouds building in now.
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after some morning sun, we'll see more clouds work their way in here later on today. the forecast for today, yeah, it will be cold and still breezy. high temperatures still about 10 deagd be-- 10 degrees below normal. >> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her. >> we're all bundled up this morning. no accidents to report right now. the lanes are open. but we are keeping an eye out for icy patches out there. that black ice will sneak up on you just like that. slow down. proceed with caution. remember, those bridges, ramps and overpasses freeze before anything else. for traffic traveling westbound 495, lanes are open continuing through silver spring and around towards 270. here is the ride coming northbound in the hovs as well
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as the main line. everything is open for you guys continuing up towards the capital beltway and beyond. no incidents to report 66 eastbound as you travel in from nutley street past the gallows road everpass headed for the beltway. but we are back to work and back to school so a change in our traffic patterns. keep an eye out for the yellow buses. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. breaking news this morning out of prince george's county where a fire chased several families out of their homes this morning and some had to be rescued. the flames spread just before 4:00 this morning on dodge park road in landover. sarah simmons has more for us this morning. >> reporter: the fire is now out. the last of the fire trucks just pulled away a moment ago. this is here in landover at the king square apartments. it is a little difficult to tell from back here but it is the second building on the right here, building 3401 where the fire broke out here earlier this morning. it is up clear exactly how the fire tarted. firefighters are still
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investigating at this point but we do know that two apartments are uninhabitable at this point, that two people total have been displaced from this fire. there was a 56-year-old woman that was taken to the hospital. she is in stable condition. unclear if it was smoke inhalation or she suffered any burns. firefighters are still looking into that at this point. but six people as you mentioned think there were some rescues here. firefighters were telling us that six people did have to be rescued from the apartment but they were all fine. there was just the one woman that was taken to the hospital. the two people that have been displaced, one woman being in the hospital, of course, the others have been taken care of here by the apartment community and do have a nice warm place to stay right now. we understand that the folks that live in that building have been allowed back in but, of course, the nature of the fire,
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investigators are still looking into it. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> thank you. making headlines, things are back to normal at newark airport in new jersey following a security scare. terminal c, which is home to continental airlines, went on lockdown last night of a man managed to walk past security. the airport cleared the terminal and all passengers were rescreened before being let on their flights. autrities looked at surveillance tape to try to identify the man but no one was found. passenge on flights headed into the united states from abroad face tougher security screening and people from 14 countries will undergo pull body patdowns and also be asked to walk through full body scanners. the goal is to keep potential terrorists off planes. the failed bombing plot he on
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christmas day sparked the changes. a person passing by around 11:00 sunday morning spotted a car upside down in a creek just south of the p street overpass. rescue crews chiped away at the ice and found2 #-year-old joshua coleman inside. it was too late. -- 22-year-old joshua coleman inside. it was too late. fire officials are not sure how long he had been there. the expected firing of redskins coach jim zorn. according to an official with the nfl, he will be fired sometime today. the redskins wrapped up the disain't position season yesterday falling to the chargers 23-20. following the game, zorn was asked about reports that he is out. >> i have had no indication of that and i would not even comment on that until -- there re a lot of things out there
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as far as stories. i get that. but i'm working on our team meeting. i'm working on our off-season schedule and until i'm -- until it's told on any other effort, i'm getting ready. >> dave ross and lindsey murphy will join us live in just a little bit with more on the expected firing of jim zorn and all looking at possible replacements. five d.c. area men suspected in a terror plot are in court today. also, the latest on a threat against the u.s. embassy. the tallest new building in the world is set to open with a little mystery. you're watching fox 5 morning news. morning kim.
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checking headlines this morning. five men from the d.c. area suspected of plot ago attacks in pakistan are due to appear in an antiterrorism court today. police in pakistan say they will seek life sentences against the five young muslim men. the suspects were all arrested in eastern pakistan early next month. t u.s. embassy in yemen is locked up tight this morning. the united states closed its
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embassy along with fresh threats from al-qaeda. the president's top counterterrorism advisor, john brennan, hit the talk show circuit on sunday to talk more about the situation in yemen. >> our indications are that al- qaeda plans to carry on an attack. both the u.s. and the british embassies have been closed to give the government an opportunity to thwart that threat. >> yes, ma'am antiis the ancestral home of osama bin laden. as for whether u.s. troops might be sent there, the administration's top counter- terrorism advisor says that is not under discussion. the world's tallet building is opening in dubai today. the actual height remain as you closely guarded secret but it is believed to be nearly 2700 feet tall which isnearly a thousand feet taller than the world's tallest building in taiwan and it is almost two empire state buildings.
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it will house luxury apartments, offices and a hotel. there is a consumer alert this morning. cell phones could soon come with a new warning label in the name of safety. but up next, culd the new proposal cause some unnecessary panic. we'll explain. think it is cold here in the district. how about 11 below in parts of can the country and even worse. >> it is cold almost everywhere across the u.s. this morning. we have more cold on the way. i know folks are talking about snow. we'll answer that question as well. julie wright is here with a look at this morning's rush hour traffic. do stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ♪ ♪ doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. here you go, mr. noran. thanks.
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thanks. you're so funny. i like you. i... sshh.... [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. welcome back. take a look at. this the folks up in the boston area are digging out from this weekend's winter storm. nearly 10 inches of snow fell across southeastern massachusetts. high winds created -- fuel the ocean waves which create icy
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condition as cross the state. the snow and cold temperatures also plaguing the midwest. the frigid temperatures can be dangerous and easily cause frostbite. >> there is no magic temperature that says you will get frostbite or not, you know? it is the amount. it is the temperature outside and the length of time and the length of exposure. >> mother nature does notspare the south either. farmers in louisiana bracing for a hard freeze that could damage some of the crops down there. >> it has been really cold. >> everybody is getting a little. >> i think so. i think colder than it should be this time of year for us. >> for us and for much of the country. a brety brutal winter and we are not that far into it. we have more problems out there including continuing cold temperatures across our region for most of this week. let's take a look. show you how things are shaping up now. all weekend long, our highs never made it out of the 20s.
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yesterday, reagan national only made it up to 28 degrees. the average high 43 degrees. dulles international, 26. bwi marshall, 29 degrees. that did it for the high temperature yesterday. similar temperatures on saturday so a very cold weekend. currently, well, we're still in the 20s. 4 here in the district. 23 in baltimore. quantico, virginia, 22 degrees. out at dulles, it is 23 degrees. in annapolis, it is 24 degrees. wind are still rather blustery. 10 to 15 miles per hour generally speaking coming out of the west-northwest. that is giving us wind chills in the low teens. 14 in baltimore. 12 in d.c. feels like 10 at dulles airport this morning. you got to bundle up today. turn on the seat warmers in your car if you've got those and the like. here is what is happening right now. there is your snow from up in the boston area and parts of new england. continue to see some spin in the atmosphere. snow across maine. snow in western portions of pennsylvania and in portions of
5:18 am
western maryland and west virginia, hence the school delays out there. again, that is well out to the west, western maryland and west virginia. ut for us, nothing like that. we could see a couple of snow showers work their way into here during the course of the day but they would be intermittent snow flurries for today. lots of clouds around. i think more clouds in the latter part of the day and the early part. still windy at times. winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour. high only about 32 degrees. your five-day forecast, now, again, still below normal temperatures with a gradual warm-up for thursday near 40 degrees but then thursday night into friday, we have indications that there will be a coastal storm forming. we believe most of that energy will stay to our uth but we have to watch it during the course of the week. right now, i would put the chance of snow thursday into friday at 50%. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. welcome back, julie and happy new year. >> thank you. i thought about you when i was
5:19 am
at home. >> did you? >> i went out and caught up with friends from high school and came in a little late and the front door to the house was locked. >> just like old times with mom, wasn't it? >> the problem was back in the old days, i could shimmy through the garage door window. these days, not happening. you're knocking on the door. >> that's funny. >> we are keeping an eye out for black ice. we do have some patches of it here and there on the neighborhood streets. sidewalks, you guys be careful headed out to the metro stops and bus sps. the little ones are back in cool stud so watch out for the yellow buses. southbound 270 out of hyattstown being already starting to see some delays here. lanes are open in virginia. easy ride northbound 395 across the 14th street bridge. southbound 5 at earnshaw road, they were busy clearing ice from the left side of the
5:20 am
roadways. some icy patches out there. kind of a hit and miss situation. leave early and proceed with caution. >> your commute will take you a little bit longer on metro this morning because of maintenance on the red, blue and orange line. but work begins about 8:00 -- began 8:00 sunday. on thursday nights throughout january, you should add 20 to 30 minutes to your trip when the work is under way. a new cell phone warning could be hitting store shelves soon. more on proposed legislation that is taking aim at possible dangers of radiation. >> reporter: they would be akin to calorie charts for food. radiation labels for cell phones. customers would walk into a store and see radiation emission list ad long with the phone's price, fee and other features. retailers would have to explain what the radiation levels mean. renee sharp, whose worse is helping shape the proposed legislation, says, while the information can be found on- line, there is no reason it
5:21 am
shouldn't be available at the point of sale. this is not about us saying don't use cell phones. i love my cell phone. i'm not giving it up any time soon. this is about being cautious. >> reporter: because there is growing concern over whether cell phones can cause brain tumors and cancer. to date, there is no scientific consensus cell phones pose any health risk and the fcc says any phone sold legally in the u.s. is safe. industry advocates say san francisco is sounding alarm bells unnecessarily. >> panic may be overstating it somewhat but it certainly raises anxietys that on the basis of current sence that is accepted are just simply not necessary. >> reporter: he says the rules could make cell phones with higher emigs appear dangerous when according to the standards, they are safe. at this best buy, most
5:22 am
customers liked the label idea. >> i think it is something that -- you know, cigarettes have warnings. i imagine if it is like a concern, maybe it should be a imthing. >> now i'm wondering why they didn't always have it. know all the other times i bought my phones from the beginning. >> reporter: the state of maine and country of france are also considering adding raid nation labels to cell phones. if the legislation passes here, san francisco would be the first city in the nation to make that controversial call n san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. getting a that tews a pretty big decision and should be performed by a professional. >> coming up next, one ma'am and dad learned the hard way. they are facing charges. we'll explain coming up. >> you have ahe got your own choices to make. these are children. they don't have that choice. you put the tattoos on the children. >> i know. they wanted it. they asked me.
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a georgia couple charged with putting their children in danger for making a makeshift tattoo machine and giving their children tattoos. >> investigators say this plastic pen body with a needle made of a guitar strange connected to an electric motor was used to tattoo six children. >> it is a painful procedure with i crude instrument. >> the sheriff says five
5:26 am
children got a cross-like tattoo on their hands. the oldest boy a tattoo of mom and dad on his arm. >> what are the ages of the children. >> sen years old to 17. the 7-year-old is the only one that didn't receive a tattoo. they determined he was too young. >> i'm he not breaking the skin. it was just right there. it is going to fade away. it is like a pen mark or something. >> reporter: patty. >> marsh admitted she and her husband tattooed their six children after inking themselves. the sheriff says investigators came here after they got a cll from the biological mother of two of the children complaining about the tattoos. you're an adult and you have your ona own choices to make. these are children. they don't have that choice. you put the tattoos on the children. >> i know. they wanted it. they asked me. it wasn't like i tattooed them for life. i would never do that. >> reporter: the couple is charged with counts of illegal tattooing, second degree child
5:27 am
cruelty and reckless conduct. the sheriff says he is concerned if the same guitar string was used every time. >> we changed it out every time. >> you are saying it was clean. >> we didn't do anything wrong. i still don't believe we did anything wrong. >> i'm george franco, fox 5 news. >> all right. our top story this morning, jim zorn is apparently out as coach of the redskins. >> coming up next, the latest on his expected firing and we will hear from coach zorn. ramatic rescue an early morning apartment fire. i'm sarah simmons. i'm have the late from here in landover when fox 5 morning news returns.
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because of the weather, there are a few school delays out there this morning as we look at traffic heading into town on the 14th street bridge. very cold. 24degrees here. in western maryland, even colder. albegany and garrett county public schools on a two-hour delay. berkeley, grant, hamhire, jefferson, mineral and morgan countied schools are all opening two hours late. you can check out our website,, for school delay updates. let's find out what is happening out there. >> i do think it will be a tad warmer than it was over the weekend but by that, i mean low
5:31 am
30s for your high, still well below normal. getting off to a cold start right now. currently at reagan national airport, 24 degrees. that is the best we can do at this hour. dulles international and bwi marshall are both at 23 degrees and i assure you it feels colder than that with those winds blowing roughly about 15 miles per hour across the region at this point. here is a look at the satellite- radar. we've got clouds making their way in here. i think we'll see a pretty decent sunrise in morning but then more clouds will build in later on today and by this afternoon, we'll see mostly cloudy skies. could see a snow flurry or two during the course of the day. i would not rule that out. it would be nonaccumulating snow. forecast for d.c. for today look like this. some morning sun but plenty of clouds developing during the course of the day. still windy. those winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour at times and a few flurries possible here and there. high only about 32 degrees but again, that is warmer than it was over the weekend. warmer being a relative term.
5:32 am
>> we still have january and february to go. >> yes, we do. >> a long wasn'ter. let's check in with julie wright and find out what is happening on the roads. >> i don't know about you, steve chenevey, but i've had enough. >> i would not disagree with you. >> you've had enough and you missed part it was. >> i'm telling you though. i'll give you guys halfway. how about 07 and sunny. can you gift just give me that? >> that is not quite halfway. >> all right. here we go. out on the roads this morning, keeping an eye out for the black ice and they were clearing that off of route 5 over at earnshaw road, outbound direction. live shot, southbound 270, kind. getting whipped around with that wind out there. so again, you want to bundle those kids up nice and tight this morning. make sure they got the scarves and hats on. southbound 270, no incidents to report as you southbound out to rockville. the stalled car has been pushed over to the shoulder. if you are traveling 395 across the 14th street bridge, nice,
5:33 am
easy ride coming across the potomac river. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffi a big story we are keeping an eye often the expected firing of redskin head coach jim zorn. zorn will be fired today according to an official with the nfl. the redskins fell to the chargers 23-20 yesterday. the redskins finished the regular season 4-12. after the game, he was asked about reports that's out. >> i have had no indication of that and i would not even comment on that until -- there are a lot of things out there as far as stories. there already has been. i get that. but i'm working on our team meeting. i'm working on our off-season schedule. and until it is told on any other effort, i'm getting
5:34 am
ready. >> da ross and lindy murphy will check in with us later this morning. they'll have more on the expected firing of jim zorn and look at possible replacements. gilbert arenassings skeet to meet with law enforcement offials about allegedly bringing a gun to the verizon center locker room. he acknowledged bad judgment for bringing gunsto the locker room. he and his teammate reportedly drew guns on each other in an argument over gambling. a fast-moving fire sent several people out into the bitter cold this morning. crews had to rescue some who couldn't make it out. sarah simmons picks up the story now. >> reporter: the fire department is pretty much gone from the scene at this point. the fire is out we are here at the king square apartments here in landover. folks who lived in 3401, the building where the fire broke out, those folks have been allowed back into the building this morning. there was one woman taken to
5:35 am
the hospital, a 56-year-old woman. she is in able condition from what we understand. firefighters are telling us that she was the woman who actually lived in the apartment where the fire broke out. they are still trying to figure out exactly what caused the fire, what started it. we know at the tight of this that firefighters rescued about six people from their apartments. i was talking to one gentleman who said he could not even leave, go out into thhallway because there was so much smoke that filled the building that they had to be rescued from their windows. at this point, two people have been displaced from their apartments but we understand some are staying with relatives. others are being -- are in other apartments here at the apartment community. but luckily nobody was seriously injured here. the one woman that was taken to the hospital, firefighters could not tell us at this point if it was smoke inhalation or burns that she was suffering from but they say she is in stable condition. sarah simmons, fox 5 news.
5:36 am
back to you. >> thank you. other stoes making headlines, things are running smoothly once again at newark airport in new jersey after a security scare there. terminal c went on lockdown last night after a man managed to walk past security. the airport cheered the terminal and -- cleared the terminal and all passengers were reserenad before being led onto their flights. authoriti did not find the man. the tsa says no dangerous objects were found in the terminal. this morning, passengers hoping to enter the u.s. face tougher security screenings including random full body patdowns. but all passenger 14 countries considered threats will undergo mandatory enhanced screenings. a failed terrorist attack on christmas day sparked the changes. police are trying to figure out how a car ended up in rock creek park trapping the driver in an icy tomb. a person passing by around 11:00 sunday morning spotted the car turned upside down in
5:37 am
the reek. rescue crews chip wade at the ice and found 2-year-old joshua coleman of arlington inside. it was too late to save him. fire officials are not sure how long he had been there. d.c. police have made an arrest in the city's first murder of the new year. it happened in southeast saturday night. police found zachary funke stabbed in the chest. he died at the hospital. 44-year-old terrance brooks was arrested and charged. d.c. recorded its lowest murder rate in 45 years in 2009. if you are in the market for household appliances, we all know to look for that energy star label. can you trust everything on the big yellow sticker? >> we'll let you know what a recent government audit found about some green appliances. and then caught on camera, an out of control elephant on the loose. we'll let you know what happened next here on fox 5 morning news.
5:38 am
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five weeks on the run comes to an fond a man accused of a thanksgiving day massacre. thanks for an alert ho tell workers, police arrested fall marriage in a hotel on saturday. he is accused of gunning down his twin sister, 79-year-old aunt and six-year-old cousin. a plan was killed when a car plowed into a restaurant where he was eating in
5:41 am
california. witnesses say the car came crashing through hitting him head-o the car was going 40 to 50 miles per hour at the time. the driver of cart was taken to the hospital. no word on if drugs or alcohol was involved. out of control elephant caught on camera. panic in india as the elephant ran 199crowd headed right up the stairs. at least two people hurt. the six-year-old elephant took off into the large gathering of pilgrims. the incident happened just before the young elephant was about to take part in a religious event. handlers did manage to bring the elephant back under control. growing green when it comes to your hours hold appliances is supposed to protect the environment and save you cash. >> the we'll tell what you one recent government audit found. we'll check your morning commute and your forecast.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
it. hundreds of people stood in line to get a piece and share. -- it cost about $128,000 to create as well. the wind have been blowing. are we going to get a break today? >> not so much. the winds will continue to gust. they could gust up to 25 to 30 miles per hour at times. still some problems out there. there are wind chill advisories in effect well out to the west. let's take a look. we'll show you how things are shaping up as you get the kids ready for school this morning. school is back -- there are some school delays in western maryland and west virginia but not around the washington area. we'll see partly sunny skies for your bus stop forecast. really cold out there with the temperature in the low and mid- 20s. sunrise this morning is at 7:27. current temperatures around the region, yeah, read it and weep.
5:46 am
we are still in the 20s. 23 at dulles. 22 in winchester. 4degrees in annapolis. 23 in baltimore and here in the district, we are at 24 degrees. another cold day although i think our high today will be a couple of degrees hietder than what we have seen -- higher than what wave seen recently. the current sustained winds, 13 miles per hour in washington. 16 at dulles. eight in baltimore. three in fredericksburg. that is giving us wind chills generally in the 10 to 15- degree range early this morning so a very cold start to the day. satellite-radar composite for the region, now, we said partly sunny skies this morning and we'll hold true to that. there are some clouds working their way in here but the bulk of the cloud cover will come in later today. out in extreme weern maryland, just the tip there, you are see something snow, portions of west virginia, a lot of snow across portions of western pennsylvania. that is the lake effect snow. we could see a couple of snow flurries during the course of the day today but no significant snow for us today.
5:47 am
your forecast for the washington area for today, plenty of clouds. still windy at times actually few flurries possible. high 32 degrees. that is 11 degrees below normal and as i said, those winds could gust up to 30 miles per hour at times today. five-day forecast, more cold weather on tap. tomorrow, 34. wednesday, 37. thursday, maybe 39. maybe if we're luck you, 40 degrees. there is a chance of snow as a coastal storm will likely develop thursday night into friday. don't know how much snow at this point. frankly, that storm could stay to our south and we could see no snow p there is a 40 to 50 prirt chance of that torrey pines in our area -- we could see no snow. there is a 40 to 50% chance of that in our area. we have the lane open
5:48 am
around the capital beltway. no incidents between college park and bethesda. the live shot of 270 out of germantown headed south. the lane are open all the out to the split. we've seen a big change in our traffic pat everyones. the kids are back to school. we've seen a big change -- we've seen a big change in our traffic patterns. incident-free up to the beltway. no incidents to report on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are not alone with this bad weather. from the rockies to new england, old man winter is serving up a big helping the deep snow and freezing temperatures. we have a report. >> reporter: you know it is cold when the car engine won't start. a bone-chilling negative 11 degrees in fargo, north dakota tells the story across much of the country. temperatures there are expected to dip as low as negative 33
5:49 am
before it is all over. they may be used to frigid air in the twin cities. >> i can handle it. i'm cold. but of a been around the block. doctors and nurses say freezing temperatures can be dangerous and cause frostbite. >> there is no magic temperature that says you are going to get frostbite or not, you know? it is the amount. it is the temperature outside and the henges of time and the length of exposure. >> reporter: travelers in michigan and indiana are battling the wind a snow. state troopers along the highways urging drivers to use caution. >> you have to have both hand on the wheel certainly. >> white knuckles and all? >> a little bit. >> reporter: snow continues to fall in parts of new england where forecasters are calling for up to 14 inches in some areas. massachusetts, vermont and maine are also battling winds near 30 miles per hour. and mother nature doesn't spare the south. farmers in louisiana bracing
5:50 am
for a hard freeze which could cause damage to strawberry crops. >> a lot of covering, lot of keeping the berries covered. >> reporter: the national weather service is also warning florida orange growers the temperatures could dip below freezing. in orlando, home to disney's magic kingdom, a new low of 27 is expected. the record there, 31 degrees. the federal stimulus bill includes incentives for customer whose buy energy star appliances but a recent audit found these product may not be as ecofriendly as advertised. we have a report. >> reporter: this high-end washing machine promises to dew a lot more than your laundry. government and appliance makers claim it will save you money and help the environment. >> the washers up to 70% more efficient than the man it is replacing. >> reporter: it has the energy star label, a familiar seal of the 17-year-old government program that rates appliances on their energy efficiency.
5:51 am
these products typically cost more but the program claims consumers can save money through rebates and lower energy bills. but not everyone thinks it is so easy being green. >> the tests are out of date. the manufacturer ares themselves supply the information to the government. the government isn't checking it or having an independent third party certify that what the manufacturers are giving to them is correct. >> reporter: maria vargas with the environmental protection agency which along with the department of energy runs the program says its track record speaks for itself. >> it has been an incredibly effective program in reducing green house gas emigs and saving both consumers and businesses dollars on their energy bill. last year alone, americans saved $19 billion on their energy bills. >> reporter: retail ares say they trust the appliance makers. >> we don't think that any of the suppliers would try to deceive the consumers by not living to the standards that are set by the energy star. >> still, an internal government audit says the
5:52 am
government must do a better job with oversight. >> couple of the things we are being looking to do at the department of energy are to enhance some of the testing and verification we do for products. >> consumer reports applauds the idea of changes but -- swroots my understanding that those will not be implemented until the year 014. >> until that time, the folk who run the energy star program are saying take us at our word and given that there are no other agencies that are currently measuring products' energy efficiency, consumers have no other choice. >> thank you. the long, painful disapointing season finally over now for the redskins. up next, coach zorn will reportedly be fired today. >> so what are some other changes the skins fans would like to see? we'll hear from fans coming up next. this is a live look at redskins park in ashburn. you are watching fox 5 morning news.
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hydrates better and longer than 32 of the world's most expensive creams. fantastic. phenomenal. olay regenerist. love the skin you're in. for hundreds and hundreds less. welcome bck. the disappointing season has come to an end for jim zorn and the washington redskins with another loss. it looks like the zorn err -- era has come to an end. >> fox 5's roby chavez caught up with some of the fans. >> reporter: when the last second of the last redskins game this season tickedown,
5:56 am
there was finally something to cheer about. it's over. >> i'm really disappointed. >> it is the worst season i've ever seen. >> very few fans were around to watch, however. by now, most are admittedly on the cowboys bandwagon or wearing philadelphia green. marcus cooper and his dad sat it out in a corner alone. juvenile diabetes a sad. i come down here expecting to see everyone rooting hard for the final game of the season and see everyone caring about the cowboys and the eagles. i thought he were in d.c. here. what's going on? >> we're like the only skins fans here and the season has been kind of dismal but towards the end, things are starting to look up a little bit for next season so it still gives us a little hope for next year. >> go cowboys! >> reporter: at the espn zone, redskins fans were clearly outnumbered, the game ban underred to the small screen. even fordie-hards, change
5:57 am
can't come soon enough starting with the coach. >> i'm expecting tomorrow. yeah, it has been a long season and we got to make a change. >> i really wanted this win. i am still a number one fan. next year, maybe we'll have a new quarterback, new o line, new owner and we might make it to the playoffs. >> i think the redskins are horrible. they need to start from the front office and just clean everything out over there. >> until then, fans sulk in the last-minute losses, a win sliped away again. this season has embarrassed fans away. where have all the burgundy and gold jerseys gone? >> i left mine at home. i didn't want to get laughed at. >> i never seen anything like it. i've been watching the redskins since 1964. >> reporter: roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> a whole lot more on the skins coming up. straight ahead at 6:00, the first few days of trading in the stock market this year could set the tone for the rest
5:58 am
of 2010. >> it is called the january effect. we'll break it down and tell you how can you take advantage of it. fox 5 morning news is coming back in just two minutes. 
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