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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  January 4, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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flights grounded for hours after a security scare at an airport in new jersey. here in our area today could bring the end of a short- lived era for redskins coach jim zorn making room for the seventh head coach under owner dan snyder. we have live team coverage as fox 5 morning news continues right now. live look this more
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thanking from redskins park where changes are expected to be made shortly. we'll check in with our lindy murphy who is out there this morning. it is monday morning, january 4th. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. it is back to school after the christmas break but the bitter cold weather is forcing some school systems to open late this morning. in western maryland, allegheny and garrett county public schools are operating on a two- hour delay. you can check on our web site,, for school delay updates. the winds of change blowing rough redskins park and everywhere else. that wind is stl with us this morning. >> they will continue blowing through the day today. we aren't going to have the strongest wind wave had but we'll see fairly brisk winds and they could gust high at
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times during the course of the day. the current conditions at reagan national airport, temperature, 4 degrees. there are your winds out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour. last reported gust was 17 miles per hour. barometric pressure, 29.88. a look at the satellite-radar shows you we've got clouds building in but i still think we'll see a fairly decent sunrise this morning and then more clouds working that you a re -- their way in later today. can't rule out a flurry or two here later today. here is your day planner for today. cold again, breezy again. chance some of snow showers here and there. wouldn't be accumulating snow but it would be blowing around here and there. high only about 32 degrees. we'll have more coming up. let's check in with julie wright to look at traffic on this monday morning. >> we are off to a pretty good start with no accidents to
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report if you are traveling south on 95 and 295 out of laurel. traveling over in virginia, lanes are open along 66 as you merge on from 50 fair oaks. as you continue east, continuing out towards 123-rbgs picking up the usual suspects but the lanes are open continuing out towards nutley street and headed over towards the capital beltway. the beltway in virginia runs with ease between annandale an merrifield. a change in our traffic patterns as we are back to work and the kids are back to school. keep an eye out for black ice. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the rumors have been rampant this morning. more talk that jim zorn will be out as head coach of the redskins. an official within the nfl telling the associated press that he will be fired today.
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the skins lost to the san diego chargers yesterday 23-20. former denver head coach mike shanahan considered the favorite to replace coach zorn. we'll get the latest with late -- we'll get the latest coming up. full body scans and body scans are man trifor those coming from 14 countries -- mandatory for those coming from 14 countries. this comes in response to the failed attempt on christmas day. there was a security scare at newark international. terminal c went on lockdown around 5:30 yesterday afternoon and did not reopen until 11:45
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last night after a man walked down an exit lane. authorities cleared the terminal while they looked at surveillance video but didn't find the man. also new this morning, here in our area, a fire sends a number of people scrambling for safety. the flames started to spread at the king square apartments in landover just before 4:00 this morning. fire crews had to rescue six people. one woman ended up in th hospital. nobody else was hurt. also in the district, police have made an arrest in the city's first murder of the year. that happened at an apartment complex on mississippi avenue in southeast on saturday night. police found zachary funke stabbed in the chest. he later died at the hospital. 44-year-old terrance brooks was arrested and charged. d.c. recorded its lowest murder rate in 45 years in 2009. police are trying to figure out how a car ended up in crock creek park trapping the driver in an icy tomb. a person passing by about 11:00 sunday morning spotted the car turned upside down in the
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creek. rescue crews chipped way at the ice and found 23-year-old joshua coleman of arlington. it was too late to save him. coming up in the business beat, the january effect. first few days of trading in the stock market this year could set the tone for the rest of 2010. we'll see how it is looking. coming up next, abig break in a thanksgiving day shooting case that made national headlines. it is all thanks to america's most wanted. we'll be back right after the break.
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awkward. kids love totino's party pizzas. making headlines this morning, five american men from the d.c. area are due to appear at a pakistani anti-terrorism court today. the muslim men were arrested last month for plotting attacks in pakistan. the case spurred fears that westerners are traveling to pakistan to join militant groups.
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police have said they will seek life sentences. there is no word on when the u.s. and british embassies in yemen will reopen. they locked up sunday after fresh threats from al-qaeda. the white house says that al- qaeda has sevel hundred members in yemen and is actively planning attacks against the united states. the president's top counter- terrorism advisor made the sunday talk show rounds to talk more about the potential attacks. >> there are indications that al-qaeda is planning to carry out an attack in the capital of yemen. i spoke with our ambassador down there. both the u.s. and the british embassies have been closed. >> yemen is the ancestral home of osama bin laden. as for whether u.s. troops might be sent there, the administration's top counter- terrorism advisor says that is not under discussion.
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police arrested paul marriage in florida in a hotel. the motel's owner recognizes him from america's most wanted. he is being held without bond on four counts of murder and other charges. there is an alert for metro riders. coleing up income here on fox 5, why you may be facing new delays this morning. also, governor mart uno'malley could be facing a challenge from his own party. all of that is coming up after the break. we'll get an update on the weather forecast on this chilly monday morning. we'll also check the roads with julie. stay with us. rainbow, why so blue?
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i can't taste the fiber in this chocolate. they have 35% of your daily value. hmm. oh, samples. hmm. autobahn. wackenschdol. fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. welcome back a i shaky shot of our nation's capitol from tower cam. the wind are really blowing out there. temperature in the 20s. we are in for a pretty cold day. >> certainly a chilly first bay
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diamondback to work and school. the arctic blast left the midwe, east coast and parts of the south even in a deep freeze. the cold air keeping temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below normal. the cold blast has a grip on kin ken, tennessee all the way down to florida -- the cold blast has a grip on kentucky, tennessee, all the way down to florida. >> there are concerns that the hard freeze they could get could disrupt some crops across portions of the south. >> we'll be paying more for all that stuff? >> probably. more cold air in for us again. another day of below normal temperatures. i thk we'll see that all week long to be honest. let's take a look at yesterday's high temperatures. if you are outside for any length of time, you know this it was cold yesterday and saturday. we never made it out of the 20s either day. reagan national, 28 degrees for your high yesterday. dulles international, 26 was the high. bwi marshall, 29 degrees and that was the best that we could
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do. i do think today we'll do a few degrees better than that. here is a look at the current temperature. similar to yesterday's highs. right now, 24 here in washington. 24 in baltimore. dulles airport at 23 degrees. frederick, maryland, 25 there and you out to the west at winchester, we are at 22 this morning. also, wind chills in effect. it feels like it is in the teens across most of the area. here is a look at the satellite- radar. now, couple of things. yeah, there is snow. what precipitation you are seeing in the east, it is cold everywhere. it is snow in western portions of pennsylvania, ohio, central portions of west virginia as well and they had some pretty good snows over the weekend in western maryland and west virginia. hence the school delays out there. for us, before a few clouds building in. we'll see more cloud cover work its way in here latwhat is goin well, take a look. the jet stream is part of the problem. it has sunken far down to the
6:17 am
south. that is why it is not just cold and windy here but cold into the southern states as well where they have those concerns about frost and freeze advisories. we are between two systems, high pressure, low pressure, that gives us the win and that is keeping that reinforcing arctic cold air in on top of us so we will continue to have below normal temperatures. your forecast for today, lofts clouds, still windy at times actually few snow flurries possible today but not accumulatg snow. 32 for your high. five-day forecast, again, rest of this week is cold. thursday night into friday, i've already had people asking me about this. thursday night into friday, we have a chance of snow. it could be a coastal storm. a lot of the models are keeping it suppressed to the south but if it works in here, we could see some accumulating snow. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> you already have people ask you about friday night. >> about thursday night into friday night. >> no one has asked me about
6:18 am
friday night in many years, julie. sorry to say. >> i was going to say, that social calendar has picked up. >> no. >> somebody had a good new year. all right. he we go. we are on the roads. we're kind of busy now. a couple of problems southbound along 207 as you work your w down towards the exit for the interloop. just underneath our sign there, we have the crash. it is tying up the right side of the road. it will affect your commute headed around to old georgetown road and in the main line. we've already got the main line slowing from montrose road headed out towards that split. the main line slows again on the spur continuing down towards outer loop but again, accident activity, southbound 270 right at the lane divide. if you are continuing around towards old georgetown road, you will want to stay to the left in order to get through. trouble in virginia. this is a live hot of northbound i-95. for those traveling out of woodbridge, the accident occurs before you commit to the exit after the occoquan. you will find the activity
6:19 am
along the right side of the roadway. delays are building through wobridge already. we are keeping an eye out for black ice. it will pop up on you where you may not expect t so we are encouraging to you leave early and slow down. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. you can expect a longer ride on metro's red, blue and orange line this is month because of maintenance work. that work is going to be done sunday to thursday night starting at 8:00 in the evening throughout the entire month. you can plan on adding about 20 to 30 minutes to your trip when the work under way. in maryland, the race for governor is starting to heat up as two former cabinet members of former governor bob ehrlich could soon be in the runing to challenge martin o'malley. george w. owings will make his candidacy at a news conference on wednesday. the "washington post" reports that early you can himself is considering another run and that former secretary larry hogan would take his place on the gop ticket if he decides against t. the tallest building in the
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world opens today. we'll take a closer look after the break. business beat coming up. what can we expect for the stock mark net 2010. will we see the unemployment number start to go down? fox 5 morning news continues after the break. what's our fat of honey bunches of oats?
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investors will be watching for the january effect during the first few days of trading this year. chris cotter joins us from new york. tell us about the january effect. >> we have a lot of sayings on wall street, don't we, like the santa claus rally, the juno effect, sell in may, go away. the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain. it seems like we have ten million sayings. the january effect is those who sold at the end of last year for tax purposes tend to buy those stocks back at the early part of january he is personally if they remain bullish. we may get that little bounce back because people are buying the stock they sold fof tax purposes. if we get that, it usually sets the tone for the rest of the year. january sort of her times than not, as a matter of fact, almost every year except for a handful of years, as january goes, so goes the s&p for the year. we'll keep an eye on that.
6:25 am
we are in positive trading territory. trading positively in europe. oil is above $81 a barrel. gold arc i nice little rebound. it looks like we are set up for a positive open if nothing else. >> let's talk about the unemployment rate as well. we talked so much about this in 2009. we'll have the first nonfarms payroll come out for 2010. >> it will be very interesting. it conditions out on friday. we'll all be looking forward to that all week. last time around, we only had 11,000 job losses. that sets the stage for a better number. it might be hard to duplicate that. unemployment rate came down to 10% last month. there ia little bit of a catch-22 here f -- if we start to see significant job growth, then the if he has a decision and that is to remove some of the stimulus that they've got out here, raise interest rates maybe, which may curtail the economic growth because there is a thought process out there that the economy can't continue
6:26 am
to improve witut the fed being involved and sort of artificially propping it up. you want to add jobs. do y want to add them too quickly? it is a real tightrope that we are all walking over the next into months. >> we'll keep a close eye on t thank you. enjoy your monday today. we'll check in with you again tomorrow. in the meantime, the cold weather not just in new york, not just here, all over the place forcing some problems including some school delays here in the d.c. area. a jogger spots an alarming scene in rock creek park that sets off a missive rescue attempt. we'll have the full story. more talk if skins coach jim zorn will be out by the end of the day today. stay with us. at soyjoy, we believe the best foods grow from the earth.
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the redskins lot of another heartbreaker against the chargers. just word now that coach zorn will be fired today. we'll check in with dave ross in a few minutes. in the meantime, gets a -- let's get out to lindsey murphy. >> reporter: one of the sewers, dan snyder's own radio station says jim zorn has already been fired. the redskins have not been confirmed any of that information. these these sources, what they are saying is that the redskins team plane landed about 2:30 a.m. this morning and that by 4:45 a.m., jim zor was being escorted out of the building. jim zorn and the redskins dropped their season finale last night. in just two seasons with the skin, zorn went 12-2789 the speculation about his job security started after the
6:31 am
skins barely beat the rams in game one. the whispers gained some volume in week six and he lost his play calling duties. when bruce allen came in, it was inevitable that changes were coming to redskins park. when asked if he had heard he would be fired last night, here is his reply. >> i have had no indication of that. i would not even comment on that until, you know, there is a lot of things i'm sure out there as far as stories. there already has been. i get that. but i'm working on our team meeting. i'm working on our off-season schedule. until i'm -- until it's told on any other effort, i'm he getting ready. >> reporter: we'll take a look at interesting stats here with the redskins. worst redskin coaching record during the super bowl era and you have h. to have coached a minimum of two seasons, jim zorn and steve spurrier, the two with the words record.
6:32 am
if you look down this list, joe gibbs and george allen, only two guys that actually had a winning record. the worst points per game for redskin coaches, a minute numb of -- a minimum of two seasons. jim zorn and the redskins have scheduled a press conference at 12:30. that won't be going down. we are assuming that maybe bruce allen will be speaking during that time. since the redskins haven't addressed the jim dorn situation, we haven't heard anything about coaches coming in. lots of talk that it may be mike shanahan. >> what about other coaches leaving. we've heard reports that the whole staff might be blown out as well. >> i haven't heard anything more on that. there are reports that joe bugle may be retiring. because there is no confirmation from the redskins about this, there is no talk about the other coaches. >> thank you. we'll check in with you later
6:33 am
as well. >> wow! >> a little crazy this morning i guess out there. we'll find out more throughout the morning and again, dave ross is out in san diego. so we'll be checking in with him in a few minutes as well. >> very good. >> the weather is cold and we have had a few school delays out there. we want to show you those before we get to you. >> sure. a lot of those places, i guess the ice just -- the temperature has not warmed up enough to really melt. >> snow on the ground in many of those place. they have snow on the ground, cold temperatures, winds blowing snow around. >> here are dealing with the cold temperatures and the winds. the snow left over from just
6:34 am
over two week ago now. we've still got that. let's take a look at the current temperatures at the area airports. i think the most significant thing, cold temperatures and bitter wind chills. our wind chills are between roughl10 and 15 degrees is what feels like out there. satellite-radar, no snow for us this morning but i would not rule out some snow flurries during the course of the day today. no significant accumulation, nothing like that but some snow flurries popping up here and there. there will be a little bit of energy moving across our region today. as you can see, more clouds will be building in as the day progresses. so forecast for today looks like this. we'll see an increase in clouds. still windy at times with those winds gutting up to 0 miles per hour. a few flurries possible. high today only about 32 degrees. that is a look at the weather coming up in about 10, 11 minutes. we've got today's edition of ask the weather guy. >> thank you.
6:35 am
let's check in with julie wright speaking of back on track, she is back with us. >> we are going to tart off with the crew in sky fox. for them up there with all the winds kicking around. they have had made their way towards 270. traveling southbound, the accident occurred right here at the lane divide. it has been moved into that striped safety zone. now, we have all lanes open. for those continuing on the right side of your screen, that is the exit ramp if you will that will continue around towards the innerloop making your way over towards rock ledge and old georgetown road. the accident was tying up the right side of that roadway. lanes are open and for those continuing southbound along 270 this morning continuing out of rockville, you will be in bumper-to-bumper traffic as you work your way southbound from at least falls road headed on out towards the lane divide. let me take you back into virginia. we'll show you what is happening here along northbound i-95. for those continuing up towards the prince william parkway and out towards the occoquan, accident activity been moved over to the shoulder. the lane are open once again. traffic still heavy and slow out of dale city headed north.
6:36 am
295 northbound before you reach the naval research lab. we are receiving word of a stalled car in the left lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. ate warning for travelers this morning -- a warning for travel he's this morning. new rules for air travel are now in effect. the tsa says passengers flying into the united states from certain countries will be subject to enhanced screening. the new regulations comes in the wake of the failed christmas day terror plot. we have a report. >> reporter: new rules in the wake of a failed terrorist bombing. the transportation safety administration has announced new security measures for international flights bound for the united states. starting monday, travelers flying from or going through nations regarded as state sponsors of terrorism as well as other countries of interest will be required to go through enhanced screening including full body scans, body patdowns
6:37 am
and carry-on searches. its the state department lists cuba, iran, sudan as state sponsors of terrorism. passengers from yemen and pakistan will face enhanced screening as well. this comes as there was an attempted attack on a u.s. flight on christmas day. president obama's top counter- terrorism aide say intelligence agencies ultimately failed to connect the dots. >> there was no smoking gun. there was no piece of information that said this guy is a terrorist. it was the failure to incident great and piece together those bits and pieces of information. one former army intelligence officer says the u.s. face as a major challenge for himming occupy hundreds of threats each week. >> we need to act on those very aggressively. it is all about taking risks and we need to take more. >> reporter: meanwhile, both u.s. and british officials decide to close embsies in
6:38 am
yemen after security threats are made there. al-qaeda is determined to carry out these attacks. >> reporter: president obama plans a meeting with homeland security and counter-terror officials on tuesday. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. there was a security scare at newark airport in new jersey. terminal c went on lockdown and did not reopen until 11:45 last night after a machine managed to walk past security. authorities cleared the terminal while they looked at surveillance video bt didn't find the man. no dangerous objects were found either ad passengers were eventually let onto their flights. new this morning, a fire sends several people scrambling for safety and shelter. the flame started to spread at kings square apartments in landover just before 4:00 this morning. fire crews had to rescue six people. one woman ended up in the hospital. that was the only injury. in word on what started the fire. d.c. police are investigating a tragic incident that happened in rock creek park where a car was found upside down in the icy waters over the weekend. >> rescuers moved in quickly
6:39 am
but they were unable to save the driver. matt ackland has the story. >> the call came in close to 11:00 sunday morning. a person passing by saw something that didn't look right. a car upside down in the icy creek. >> the complainant stated that the vehicle would be really hearted to find because there was only one wheel sticking up out of the water. >> reporter: in fact, it was. so difficult to find, park police officers had to line up along this section of the parkway. one about every 100 yards. finally, after 10 minutes of searching, one of them spotted the submerged vehicle. then d.c. fire and ems sprung into action. their first mission was finding out if someone was inside the car. when firefighters arrived, it wawptd as easy as just jumping in the water -- it wasn't as easy as just jumping in the water and making the rescue. ice had form around the car. firefighters had to chip away at the ice chunks for 10 to 15 minutes before they could get
6:40 am
inside. >> one patient was found in the car and that person, an adult male, has been trance forted to a local hospital. >> at first, there was hope the man found inside could be saved. firefighters had no idea how long he had been there but tell us sometimes, in cold water rescues, victims have a better chance of survival. >> this is a cold water, what we call a cold water rescue. people can survive. his vitals -- he was in grave condition certainly but he was transported to the hospital. >> several hours later, officials announced the man had died. t took over an hour for officials to remove the car from the icy creek. authorities still aren't sure how it ended up there in the first place. in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 news. police identified the victim as 2 #-year-old joshua coleman from arlington -- 22- year-old joshua coleman from arlington. a big day for the two
6:41 am
players involved in a controversial over guns. two men are accused of pulling guns in the locker room right before christmas. reportedly over a card game and gambling debt. the nba is also conducting its own investigation. we'll continue to follow today's stopper toy. more talk that redskin coach jim zorn has been fired. we'll check in with dave ross after the break. how avatar may help james cameron break one. his own records. en cualquier e
6:42 am
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6:45 am
what is the latest from san diego. >> reporter: you know, it is always interesting with this team. there is never a dull moment. 4-12 notwithstanding, it is always interesting to watch the redskins. yesterday, no exception whatsoever. jim zorn having his, what we now think would be his last official press conference as the head coach of the washington redskins. steve, it was very interesting. you knew last night and you and i have talked about it for weeks, that we knew this day was coming. the
6:46 am
d . c . in my world, nothing has to be fair. it is noup to me. so it is not about fairness. i don't ever think -- because i think that i could whine about how uncomfortable everything is. that is not productive. >> that is jim zorn right there in a nutshell. he won't seen say yeah. the guy gave me a stacked deck against me which is exactly what the redskins did. i wouldn't say that he was set up to fail but it just seemed like there were a lot of situations that were in place
6:47 am
that were obstacles for jim zorn that had not been obstacles for other head coaches in the past. does he deserve to be fired? if you look at the record, cleay 12-20 does not get it done. it is the same record that steve spurrier had and he was out after two years. so historically speaking, no, 12-20 is not going to get it done. i just don't know that he was given the same opportunities that some of those other coaches were given back in the day. it is kind ache sad day because he is a refreshing head coach. he says what he thinks. but he is always aboveboard. he always take the high road. never take shots, not at the organization, not at the players and not at his own coaching staff. i tip my cap to jim zorn. i respect the guy gentleman somebody made the comment he is a great guy that you want to have a cup of coffee with and maybe not coach your nfl team. >> he might not have been the most qualified guy to be the head coach when he was given
6:48 am
the job as we know two years ago. brought in to the offensive coordinator when he had never done up to that point. i think there are a lot of things against him. they said we'll give this guy a shot and if it doesn't work out, we cut him loose after two years. >> we'll talk more about the game yesterday next hour. >> okay. >> somebody said i would like to get paid $3 million not to work. >> ic a lot of people would like to get paid $3 million to keep their job as well. >> we'll see what happens with the redskins. mike shan man maybe? >> we'll find out soon. >> we've got cold conditions across the area this morning. temperatures only in the 20s. it feels even colder than that. currently, 4 degrees in washington, d.c. gaithersburg at 21 degrees. quantico, 22. cambridge, maryland at 28 degrees. you factor in the winds and it feels like it is 13 degrees
6:49 am
here in the district. 15 in baltimore. 10 at dulles. so you got to bundle up this morning. don't forget kids are going back to school today. very cold conditions across the region. satellite-radar composite for the mid-atlantic. there is snow falling in western and central pennsylvania. extreme western maryland will see a little more snow during the course of the day and muh of that area got snow yesterday. hence the school delays out there. for us, for today, here is what we're looking at. i won't rule out snow for us today. a few flurries. nothing accumulating but a few flurries here and there. still windy at times. that will be your main story. cold with localities of clouds around. high only about 32 degrees. then, for your five-day forecast, here is what we're looki at. again, below normal temperatures for the next several days. we're going to see highs only in the 30s this week. thursday night into friday, the models are suggesting a coastal storm will form. some of the models are keeping that storm to our south so it
6:50 am
would not impact us very much. but there is always a possibility that might not be the case and we could see accumulating snow. right now, the chance of that, 50-50 thursday night into friday. we'll keep you update on that. time once again for ask the weather guy. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big weather heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. we are happy to be back. today's question comes from patty in middleburg. she writes, it's january. when can we expect the january thaw this year? ps, i'm ready for it. it could have been from julie in silver spring this morning. julie wright. patty, there is no official january thaw. i'm not sure what you speak of. most years, we get a period where we get a break. it is january. we see cold temperatures in january. although, we are seeing unusually cold temperatures.
6:51 am
we've had an unusual a snow, not for january but for december. and it likes we'll stay on track -- it looks like we'll stay on track for the cold air. tuckers a climatologist by trade and you've been looking at the long-term friends trends. >> the climate prediction center has put out the 30-day outlook which calls for below normal temperatures right down towards florida. i don't see any trend here over the next two to four weeks that will take us out of this rather cold, rather wintry pattern which has been featuring on again, off again storms. it doesn't mean we won't have a day or two where we have temperatures at or above the normal. already, we are on the heels of our snowy of the december in history. this might be a winter to remember. i juswanted to talk very briefly about -- go look this up in the internet. the nao, the north atlantic oscillation. that is what we call in the
6:52 am
weather world -- what are you guys laughing? >> i'm not laughing. >> there are people at home that are going to appreciate it and they'll look it up and be fascinated by it. the nao has gone negative. when that happens, we have extremely cold winters in the mid-atlantic and europe typically has very cold winter. this whole month, wave been very negative with the nao index. >> let's start treating it better. >> the north atlantic oscillation. >> i'm looking that up on the internet. >> google, let's see. >> tucker, thank you. >> what is normal temperatures this time of year? >> 43 degrees. >> that would be really mild. >> tucker, thank you. >> our average low is never below, i think, 40 or 39 degrees. hard to believe. >> if you have question question you would like to submit, go on our web site,
6:53 am and click on the weather tab. can you also review a ole bunch of earlier ask the weather guys. >> i know a patty in middleburg. wonder if it is the same one. i'll have to edmonton mail her and ask her if she sent in a question -- i'll have to her and ask her if she sent in a question. >> now, let's get to julie wright. >> if you are traveling around town, it has been busy with everyone getting back to work and back to school this morning. we started off with a crash at 270. right there at that split to continue on with the inner loop and head around toward old georgetown road, traffic now slowing in separate stretches as you leave frederick headed down toward the truck scales and shady grove road headed out towards the split here.
6:54 am
traveling northbound 395, we have delays leaving edsall road up towards duke street. an accident reported 295 as you make your way north of the suitland parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. holly morris is hitting the ice this morning. >> later today, she will get some hockey lesson a d.c. propro and even talk with the capitals head coach, bruce boudreau. we'll check in with her after the break ♪
6:55 am
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6:58 am
slide right now. we'll ask him what is going o there is talk about who is going to be the new captain, what is latest trade and he also has a new book out. we'll ask him about that. we have the head equipment manager coming to show us this morning. we'll go in the locker room, maybe get suited up. the word is a player or two might hit the ice. that is not the capitalsnot that you can't figure that out. the real capitals will show up by the time we're done. we'll give you all the information you need to know to come out and see the capitals in action and rock the red yourself. >> thank you so much. we'll see you a little bit later on. director james cameron is on track to break his own box office record. his high five flick avatar shot past the $1 billion mark over the weekend. >> every living thing that crawls, flieor uats in the mud wants to kill you. >> only five films have ever
6:59 am
earned $1 billion worldwide including cameron's own movie titanic. it grossed $1.8 billion worldwide. allison is back. she and steve are back together again. >> it is happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> coming up, it's day we all knew was coming for much of the the season but today, there are reports that jim zorn has been fired by the redskins. we're live at redskins park and in san diego where jim zorn apparently coached his last game with the skins. in the wake of a thwarted terror attempt on a plane, new security screenings go into effect for air passengers headed into the united states. we have more on the changes international flyers will soon see. the search for the man accused of killing four of his family members on thanksgiving day is over now all because of a opportunity from someone watching america's most wanted. we are live in miami with the details.


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