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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 4, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. it is back to school after the christmas break but the bitter cold weather is forcing some school systems to open late. you can check out our web site, for these school delays and updates and all that good stuff, >> you can also find the weather on-line but we have tony perkins here with our forecast today. another cold and windy one. >> absolutely right. cold and windy. those are the key words today. welcome back. let's take a look at what is going on outside. we do have cold air in place still. temperatures in the 20s.
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we never made it out of the 20s yesterday. currently, 24-degree at reagan national airport. >> humidity, 43% and your wind are oust northwest at 12 miles per hour. it is giving us wind chills in the low teens across the area. here is a look at the satellite- radar. some clouds are building in but a decent sunrise for this morning. more clouds will build in as the day progresses. there is snow well off to the north and west and when i say that, i mean in pennsylvania and in west virginia. but we could see few snow flurries move through our region as a little energy system moves across our region later on today. so the forecast to today look like this. some sunshine, some partial sunshine this morning. mostly cloudy later today. our high, well below normal look fig high today of only about 32 degrees. i would not rule out a snow flurry or two. they will be isolated snow flurries with no significant accumulation. more details on the forecast coming up in a little bit. >> it is busy out there as everyone is back to work today.
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we have ahad a couple of accidents pop up on us. the latest on the outer loop of the beltway as you approach the northwest branch. so after new hampshire avenue but before university boulevard, three-car pile-up reported along the right side of the road. the trip south on 270, the eyesore has to be the crash here at the lane divide. it has been moved to that striped safety zone so all six lanes of travel remain open but the flashing lights are contributing to the delay. the delay south on 270 now beginning in gaithersburg at 370 headed out towards the split. don't be fooled. 270 on the top side already slow leaving frederick headed southbound to the truck scales south of 109, you are on and off the brakes there. traveling northbound 95, we slow in woodbridge because of an earlier accident on the shoulder but we have delays in newington headed up towards the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. remember, can you always get the latest weather and traffic updates in real time on
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our web site at so the big story that everybody has been talking about most of the weekend and this morning, it appears to be a matter of when, not if, with jim zorn being fired as redskin coach. >> the ax expected to go down sometime toy. lindy murphy is live at redskins park. what are you hearing? >> reporter: i'm hearing that the ax has already fallen according to multiple sources including espn 98 0rbgs a radio station owned by dan snyder himself. there is no official word coming from the redskins. all sources are reporting that the redskins team plane landed here this morning and by 4:45 this more than, jim zorn was leaving the building. jim zorn has hired as the redskins offensive coordinator in january of 2008 and then upgraded to head coach. he had never been a coordinator
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in the nfl l before the redskins hired him. the redskins have given no fill word of his firing but multiple sources are reporting it and those same sources seem to think that mike shanahan, the former broncos coach, will be the next in line after his press conference last night in san diego. it am seemed jim zorn knew what was going to happen. >> since this is our last game, i just wanted to thank everybody for all the efforts, especially our local media who follows us around who is dealing with the likes of me every week and i really appreciate . it has been a very difficult season for you as well as us as a football team. but that is just the way it is. it is the nature of the nfl. i want to thank all of our players publicly even in this last effort because they do play hard. they did play hard toy.
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and our coaches work hard to put them in the best possible position. there was nothing that kept us from losing that football game except ourselves. >> looking ate couple of interesting stats about jim zorn's time here, two years with the washington redskins, going 1-20 during those two years. he has tied with steve spurrier for thworst redskin coaching record. that was a minimum of two years. one other thing we want you guys to see, worst pots per game by a redskin coach, that also belongs to jim zorn. the next head coach to come in here with the redskins will be the seventh since dan snyder bought the team in 1999 so consistency has been a big issue here at redskins park. players are expected to be here around 11:00 a.m. hopefully, we'll get reaction
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from them and a press conference scheduled at 12:30. >> the only thing consistent is the inconsistency. >> that is pretty much it. much more ahead on that big stopper toy. dave ross joins us live in about a half hour. gilbert arenas set to meet with law enforcement officials today about allegedly bring a gun to verizon center. he asked in, quote, batted judgment for bringing guns to the locker room. he and a teammate reportedly drew the guns on each other in a argument over gambling. federal and d.c. authorities continue to investigate. another big storthis morning. here in the u.s. and armed the world, airport security is under the microscope this morning. >> it is all part of the fall- out from the christmas day bomb plot. as caroline shively reports from here, the tiny republic of yemen is getting a lot of attention suddenly. >> reporter: the american and british embassies in yemen remain closed this morning with the u.s. warning its citizens
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there they could be terror targets. the president's count are- terror chief says they locked up the american embassy in yemen after receiving intelligence that al-qaeda was targeting the building and personnel. >> laid clade has been trying to carry out such attacks over past many months. >> reporter: at the tame time, brennan tells fox that the u.s. will still consider on a case- by-case basis releasing more detainees from guantanamo bay and sending them home to yemen. that is even though two past detainees are now consider members the al-qaeda branch in yemen that claims responsibility for training umar farouk abdulmutallab, the nigerian accused in the attempted bombing on christmas day. >> if we don't stop the practice of releasing gitmo detainees to yemen or to other countries and some of them came through yemen through saudi arabia, we are asking for even more trouble. >> reporter: another sent are to wants a complete overhaul of security on flights headed to the u.s. >> if you want to fly to the
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united states, you have to play by our security rules, no questions asked. >> reporter: but those security rules were breached sunday ate u.s. airport. flights were grounded for hours at newark's airport after a man bypassed security by walking down the terminal's exit lane. they never found the person but everyone in the terminal had to be rescreened starting today, all passengers on flights to the u.s. from nigeria, yes, ma'am antiand other untries of interest will undergo va screening like body scans and patdowns. other foreign flights will face random screening. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. five american men from the district area are due to appear in a pakistani anti-terrorism court today. the muslim men were arrested last month for plotting attacks in pakistan. the case spurred fears that westerners are traveling to pakistan to join militant groups. police have said they will seek live sentences. a fire in prince george's county sent a woman to the hospital early this morning and started just before 4:00 this
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morning. at kings square apartments in landover. fire crews had to rescue sick people. nobody else was hurt. the apartment manager will help the two people displaced found a new place to live. police are trying to figure out how a car ended up in rock creek trapping the driver inside. a person passing by sunday morning spotted the car turned upside down in the creek. rescue crews chip wade at the ice and found 22-year-old joshua coleman of arlington inside. it was too late to save him. fire officials aren't sure how long he had been in the creek. we talked about the school delays. before our first closing. fairette county schools are now closed for the day -- garrett county schools are now closed for the day. can you find a full list on a thanksgiving day rampage claimed four members of the same family including a 6-year- old girl. over the weekend, the suspect is captured thanks to america's most wanted. we're live with that story next. also straight ahead, why the new year is bringing a lot of new delays for metro riders. we'll share the details of how your commute might be impacted.
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still more to come on our top story, the reported firing of redskins coach jim zorn. our coverage continues whether we check in with dave ross who is in san diego for the final game of the skins' season. does your phone surf the web ?
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temperatures in the low 20s and just another reminder that we are seeing some school delays because of the bit are cold including one closing. garrett county public schools are closed in western maryland. also, allegheny county schools on a two-hour delay. in virginia, clark county and frederick county schools are on a one-hour delay. you can check out our web site,
7:14 am for school delays and updates including that one closing now. we've been watching our official temperature at reagan national airport stay at 24 for most of the morning so far, tony. >> yeah, so far. cold. we never made it out of the 20s over the weekend. i think today we'll do a little bit better but just a little bit better. let's take a look at the temperatures across the area airports and indeed, it does remain 24 -- hay, -- hey, it is 24 everywhere. not all across the country. detroit, 20 degrees. raleigh, north carolina, 17 degrees. some very cold air in place in the mid-atlantic and down to the south. holy moley, omaha is 14 degrees below. normens, 37 degrees. little rock at 25. wichita, 12. this is certainly the coldest air of the season in parts of
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the country. and we will continue. look at how much of the nation is cold. crazy. dallas, 27 degrees. it is warmer in dallas by only three degree right now. currently, here a look at the satellite-radar. a lot of clouds across the central and southern plains. a lot of clouds across much of the eastern u.s. across the mountain states, things look good but in the northwest, it is cloudy. today, 32 degrees is the hi. all of these temperatures below normal. thursday night, folk are talking about -- or ask me about snow, snow, are we going to see snow? there is about a 50%chance right now. what i can't tell you is how much snow and frankly, there is a chance that most of that snow would not impact us. so we have to do a lot of fine tuning with that one but yes, a threat of snow thursday night into friday. >> did you call me frankly?
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>> no, i didn't. >> surely, you jest. >> don't call me shirley. >> jul, happy new year to you. >> happy new year. >> what is going on out there? >> a lot. we are back to school and work and dealing with icy spots out there. we have a vehicle fire at route 4 at brick house road. you need water to put out the fire. that has been completed. we are waiting for the sand trucks to arrive so they can hope to avoid a icy conditions out there along route 4. this incident occurred at brickhouse road. a crash on the outer loop of the beltway between new hampshire and university boulevard. that was a three-car pile-up along the right side of the road. southbound 29, you guys coming out of ellicott city, be careful. icy conditions reported near the intersection with route 40. southbound 270 getting there is not going to be easy for you this morning. delays off of 15 leaving rosemont head out towards 40 with an accident on the shoulder. we have delays now in virginia as you travel northbound 395.
7:17 am
we are now in bumper-to-bumper traffic as you travel northbound from the pentagon across the 14th street bridge to the exit for the third street tunnel. of we have a stalled car tying up the late side of the roadway there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- the left side of the roadway there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. can you expect a longer ride on metro's red, blue and orange lines this month because of maintenance work. it will be done sunday to thursday nights starting 8:00 p.m. through the entire month. moon on adding 20 to 30 minutes to your trip when the work is under way. just ahead on fox 5 morning news, fed chair ben bernanke speaking of a possible hike of interest rates. the world's tallest building is set to open up today in due bay but we still don't know exactly w tall it is. >> really tall. the capitals really good. this more than, holly is with the team at the washington capitals ice-plex in arlington. we'll check back with holly in
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an accused killer who police say gunned down four members of his own family back at thanksgiving is captured over the new year's holiday weekend. >> authorities say it is due in part to the fox show america's most wanted. renee marsh has more on the story now from miami. >> reporter: sunday morning, accused cold blooded killer 35- year-old paul marriage stood in a palm beach county court surrounded by deputies. his game of hide and seek over after 38 days. >> this is a case where the defendant has been charged with first degree murder. >> reporter: u.s. marshals took him into custody at a motel in the florida keys. key evidence, his blew toyota covered outside. he has been on the run since anksgiving day gaining notoriety as south florida's
7:22 am
most want the fugitive profiled on america's most wanted several times. surveillance video and pictures of him broadcasted nationwide actually $100,000 reward for his capture. after police say he shot and killed fo of his own family member. among the victims, his twin sisters, carla and lisa. and a 6-year-old. >> i thought he was going to come back and try to finish what he started. so the first thing i thought was i'll be able to sleep. >> the fact that this criminal was caught cannot heal or wound. we will always suffer from the trauma and terror that he excuse caused. >> is a vur viver. said he was shot in the arm by his own cousin. u.s. marshals say they got a tip just before saturday night's america's most wanted featuring him. >> we were able dispatch that tip immediately and we were able to almost immediately
7:23 am
verify that it was a good tip. we dispatched officers from as far away as palm beach county. so we had palm beach, broward, miami-dade county head to that location. >> we are getting world of the first american combat death of the year in afghanistan. four service members died when a roadside bomb exploded. 304 u.s. military members died in afghanistan last year. today, a huge cache of marijuana was discovered. a warning from ben bernanke. interest rates could soon be going up. the chairman said all efforts should be made to strengthen the regulatory system to avoid a repeat of our current financial crisis. some critics suggest the fed kept interest rates too low in the aftermath of the 2001 recession which helped fuel a housing bubble at the route of the recent financial crisis solve the its world's tallest building opens today in dubai.
7:24 am
actual height is still a secret but it is believed to be nearly 2700 feet tall. how tall is that? about two empire state buildings and a thousand feet taller than the current tallest building in the world which is in taiwan. it will house luxury apartments, offices and a hotel. it is just about 7:24 on this monday morning. straight ahead, more on today's big story, jim zorn reportedly out as redskins head coach. dave ross is in san diego this morning where zorn appears to have coached his final game with the skins. he will join us. another bitterly cold day across d.c. we have latest weather information for you plus we'll tell you why folks are having a little trouble crossing the 14th street bridge this morning. we'll check in with julie wright as well. ady, axel?
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7:28 am
we'll go live out there late they are hour. >> how do you feel about it? >> it was expected since i think the third week of the season. >> we've been talking about it. >> we'll talk to dave in a minute. the bitter cold weather is forcing one school system to close and others to open late this morning. >> garrett county schools are closed. allegheny county schools are on a two-hour delay. you can check our website, from, for school delays and updats. >> the reason for that in many places, the cold temperatures. the winds that arout there. the ice that is still out there in some places. it looks beautiful when you look at the skies but u better bundle up this morning. >> better bundle up, put your hat o your gloves on. >> put everything on. it is cold. we've got windy conditions. earlier irk said we never made
7:29 am
it out of the 20s this weekend. actually, officially on saturday, we hit 30 degrees for a half hour. >> i was like ooh, 30 degrees. >> yeah, baby. let's take a look at what is going on with the current temperatures at the area airports. these are yesterday's high temperatures. i'm sorry. 28degrees at reagan national yesterday. never made it out of the 20s. dulles international, 26 degrees yesterday. bwi marshall, 29 was your high yesterday. these are the current temperatures. again, we remain stuck at 24 degrees. 24 at dulles. 25 in manassas. leonardtown, you are at 23 degrees. annapolis, 25 degrees. frederick, maryland is also at 25 degrees. those winds are blowing at per hour. here is what it makes it feel like. the wind chills, 14 in baltimore, 13 in d.c. 10 at dulles. so very cold, frigid air in place. it remains in place and
7:30 am
frankly, all week long, we'll see our temperatures below normal yet again. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for the easrn united states. now, storm system that brought significant snow to portions of new england over the course of the weekend is exiting. there is some lingering snow some maine. that is about it. we've got the clouds building in here. no snow. but we could see a snow flurry or two or three during the course of the day today. it will be nothing serious or significant but some scattered snow flurries are possible. forecast for washington for today looks like this. we are dealing with a couple of different things. number one, a lot of clouds around today. number two, the winds, i think that will be your most significant weather factor because you team that up with the low temperatures or the high temperatures in the low 30s. that will give you wind chills in the 20s. that will feel pretty rough today. winds gusting to 30. again, those flurries here and there during the course of the day. five-day forecast, below normal all week long. thursday night, a chance of snow into friday. we could see some accumulations with that. but there are a left question marks about that storm system. we'll let you know more later
7:31 am
in the week. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. back to you now. >> all right. thank you so much, tony. with the new year comes a new year in politics as well and looming on the horizon is health care. we want to get the latest on this right now. happy new year, emily. >> happy new year. >> it seems like the last time we talked, what is going to lap with these two bills. what is the latest now? utah senate passed its version on christmas eve and now we have two bills, one if the house and senate. what congress is going to do now that they are coming back from the holiday recess, they will stick both of these bills any blender, blentd opportunity, slice and dice it and come up with one single bill that has to go back and pass both chambers. they will form some sort of committee, some sort of working group that will be northing the can i have renss between these
7:32 am
two bills -- the differences between these two bills. i would imane that the final product will end up looking a little more like the senate bill than the house bill because remember, that septa bill just barely squeaked by. the majority leader harry reid just got 60 votes which is the bare minimum that he needed to get that through. so i think that the final bill will probably end up hewing more to the senate version. it will be a long process. we are not exactly sure how this will play out. i think the built being of the negotiations are going to happen behind closed doors and people are really going to be working out the did i have reps between these two bills. they are quite different. >> we have a democrat in the white house. we have a democrat you canally run congress. any vices expected? >> well, true, we do have -- there are democrats in the congress and in the white house but the decembers themselves are not united on this. liberals wanted to see a very different bill than many of the conservatives and the mod rad
7:33 am
-- and the moderates do in the septa. it ill with be mostly among democrats as they find a bill that can thread that needle. that will be the hardest in the senate where you do have a lot of moderates that are pushing for a bill that looks quite like the senate bill that passed through that chamber. >> we are still talking about the public option and federally funded abortion? >> now those are the same ones we were talking about all along are going to be the same ticking point. the house bill has a public option and the septa doesn't. both bills have different language on that abortion measure. those will have to be worked out. i have a feeling that the senate bill will prevail on the public option and perhaps the house will because they have the stricter language on abortion. that still needs to be worked out. we are not sure how that will go. >> when this might actually reach the president's desk? >> that is the big question. democrats would love to have this on the pre's desk before he makes his big state of the union address. it happens in late january or
7:34 am
early february that. would make a very nice symbolic moment for decembers to show up and welcome the president having signed his bill. -- with him having signed their bill. but that remains to be seen. it depends. we haven't seen how the negotiations are going to go. once they get started, perhaps we'll have a better sense of the time being but we don't right now. >> so that is health care and it is kind of up in the air. let's talk about the bigger issue because we saw in new jersey and virginia some upset upset wins with some elections. how bill of an impact will this have? >> they are in a mid-election year and that makes it hard to
7:35 am
get bipartisan work done. that will play a big factor in the work that congress does this year. those elects will be looming large. you mentioned some democratic losses and that will continue. i think that most people agree, even optimistic democrats say they are going to lose more seats in these mid-term elects. but the work that happens in congress will be pinched by that. there is no way around that. >> we saw the big historic election of the first african- american president and we see the historic legislation with health care and all these big headlines. now that we are going into a new year, i guess what is the general opinion now. >> i think coming off of health care, there will be bad feelings left and leading up to this election. there will be some tough decisions that have to be made and people who aren't necessarily willing to work together to make them happen. i think coming back into congress with this thwarted
7:36 am
attack that we had over the holidays, that is going to be a big focus of congress the counter terrorism, airline security, and of course that will get politicized right away as we head into an election year. >> not to mention our two wars. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll be seeing you then. >> you bet. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. we want to check back in with julie wright to get another look at our commute on this monday morning. >> it has been very busy out there. we have delays form ago long sohbound 15 from rosemont headed past route 40. the wreck there has been moved to the shoulder. southbound # 70 the brakes beginning here at 118. we checked oud the cameras heading soutound. you are in the thick of it south of father hurley boulevard. -- southbound 270 on the brakes beginning here at 118.
7:37 am
we checked out the cameras heading southbound. the lanes are open at brickhouse road. if you are traveling inbound pennsylvania avenue. slow going right now from minute member avenue headed in towards the sousa bridge. on the bridge itself, we have an accident that is tying up the center of the roadway. 295 slows leaving the suitland parkway to the inbound 11th street bridge. traveling northbound on 395, you slow from the pentagon over to the exit for the third street tunnel. the stalled car has been moved to the shoulder. back to you. >> thank you. it is now 7:37 on this monday morning. coming up next, we have more on today's big story which is jim zorn out as the redskins head coach. we'll get the latest from dave ross who is still in san diego where zorn coached his final game yesterday. as the college football bowl season moves into its final week. tonight, texas christian takes on boise state in the tostitos fiesta bowl. should be a got one. coverage starts at 7:30 here on fox 5.
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multiple sewers are saying that jim zorn has officially been red as head coach of the washington redskins. numerous media outlets say the word came down earlier this morning when the team came back from san diego. still? san diego this morning is our man, dave ross who joins us now via skype to talk about this and the redskins. dave, it is good to see you once again. there are so many changes that we are expecting not just with jim zorn but some people saying that all of the assistant coaches may be gone as well. we will see changes for sure on the playing field next year as well. season came to an end yesterday. they base you canally lost to the san diego back-ups. what do you see is the big changes as we look forward to 2010? >> i think you hit the nail right on the head. there will be multiple changes
7:42 am
obviously to the front office. jim zorn is gone today officially. jason campbell, i think that is the big one. i talked to jace son, steve, after the game and i sacked him, first and foremost, do you want to be back here as a member of the washington redskins? not ?esly, do you want to be back? there is a chance he couldbe a restricted free agent, an unrestricted free agent. he said look, it's privilege and honor to be a quarterback in this league. so he didn't exactly answer the question saying yes, want to be back in washington. he kept reiterating to me that he had to keep all of his option -- all his options open. we all expect that mike shanahan will more than likely be the new head coach at some point this week. that will be up to mike shanahan and bruce allen to bring in a new quarterback if they don't think that jason
7:43 am
campbell is good night to lead this team i taxed to danny smith on the field yesterday, he was so overcome with emotion, he did not want to talk to me on camera. with jim zorn being out, most of his assistants if not all of his assistants will be gone as well. guys like danny smith, the special teams coach. so not an easy day here in san diego yesterday and certainly dud as the cleansing process begins out at redskins park. it is not just jason campbell. these are major decisions that the front office and whoever the head coach is, that these guys are going to have to com up with and come up with it quick. as you know, you've got to prepare for the nfl draft and you can't prepare for the draft and decide on a guy like sam bradford out of oklahoma unless you know or you think that you already have a quarterback in place. i think the qb position is the number one position that they have to identify in the off
7:44 am
season. >> if you finout anything good out of yesterday, they moved up another slot in the draft. maybe that will help them if they are looking for the quarterback. you know, dave, when you look back at the season. it has been a season of turmoil. might just the fact that now, as we're starting to put the east aves new puzzle together, just the fact there may be some stability, might that at least be a jump start to next year? >> it is so hard, steve to find positives and i'm trying to find positives today for this season. something we can say you can look at that group and say that is a group can you go to battle with. maybe the defense to a degree but a guy like albert haynesworth, is he a leader of this defense? you are paying him $100 million, $41 guaranteed and he played basically half the game and that includes the ones he played in because he took himself out of a number of ball
7:45 am
games. is deangelo hall worth the $50 million plus that you paid him a year ago. there are so many changes. are they going to play a new defense? it is so hard to me to say yeah, this is the building block for this team. you really don't see a whole lot. the guys that vinny cerrato drafted a year ago, still in question. is malcolm kelly, you saw him make a big play yesterday, i have not even enough from a critical standpoint to say that this team is the team that is on the rise in 2010. >> a lot of work cut out for him. there has been so much instability. >> you wanted a crack at the trivia question i threw out earlier. northwest last 60 years, three head coaches for the redskins have had winning records.
7:46 am
can you name them? >> norv turner. >> no. >> with the redskins. >> joe gibbs. >> yes. >> can i have another one to narrow in on this? >> how about george allen and you got to go way back but vip lombardi. >> very good stuff. i'm tired. okay? >> it's been a long morning and a long season for you, my friend. >> absolutely. >> thank you. kind of sad. >> and lots twork on during the overnight hours unusually. >> that is one thing we've learned from this team this year. it is not just what happens on the field hat there is to talk about. just as much off the field keeping everybody busy. hopefully, some stability to come here in the future. >> we hope. let's take a quick look at what is happen with the weather conditions. it is cold, folks. you know that much. 24degrees still here in d.c. look up to the north. pittsburgh, 16 degrees.
7:47 am
new york city, 20. 10degrees in binghamton, new york so some very cold air in place and even down to the south, raleigh is at 17. jet stream, there is your culprit. part of the culprit at least. it is allowing very cold air it filter its way down to the south. temperatures in the teens and 20s this morning p even miami is in the 40s this morning. a lot of cold air in place. it will be hanging out fay while. windy conditions as well will continue today. partly to mostly cloudy, 34 with cold temperatures in place for wednesday, thursday, clouds build in. chance of snow thursday night into friday morning. and again, friday looks like a high temperature of 32 degrees yet again just at the freezing mark. there you go. that is latest. >> right now, before we get to julie, wave been waiting for the official world of jim zorn being relieved of his tiewties. the washington redskins just making that announcement posting it on their web site zorn has now st few minutes
7:48 am
officially been fired as head coach of the washington redskins. >> all right. julie, that is big news. >> i'm sorry to see him go. we all wish him the best of luck and hope for the team, a rebuilding of the team in the off season. >> that's right. >> what we're trying to do is get to work on time. we've had our hands full. all of the activity cleared. delays from college park. lower 14th at constitution is where we have a crash that is tying up the right lane lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the redskins are done and steve just told you the news. jim zorn is out. the wizards in the basement. the caps are proving to be d.c.'s big winners. >> year after year. we'll check in with holly morris coming up in just a little bit. she is with the capitals this morning. stay tuned for that. nnouncer) school mornings are busy mornings.
7:49 am
7:50 am
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7:51 am
south the big story this more than, jim zorn officially being fired as head coach of the
7:52 am
washington redskins. that word coming down just a few minutes ago from the redskins home office. >> he do have a winning team. >> we have one winning team in the nation's capital. maybe not one winning team but they are the hottest team in town right now. they are sitting atop their division right now. the wash capitals certainly putting on a show for folkand holly is with them this morning. >> she is celebrating the winning trend. she is there and after he got quite a guest too. good morning. happy new year. >> good morning. >> reporter: a. starting off the new year just right way very special guest, none other than the head coach of the capitals bruce boudreau with me. happy new year to you. >> thank you. i'm hoping for the happiness to start. >> we had a little bit of a slump here. still head of the division. dropped three in the eastern conference. you lost the last three games. i know you probably can't attribute it to one thing but what do you think is kind of going on right now? >> not to make excuses. every team goes through awe little bit of something. this is ours. hopefully, it is where it is
7:53 am
right now and it will end soon. i think 1 of our last 5 games have been on the road. so i think the energy has not been there. you throw in the whole christmas thing but we're a good team and we'll get back to track really soon y it looks like you are having a hard time capitalizing on the power plays. this has been a couple of swayings where you had the chance to maybe change the momentum but it didn't happen. >> you know, if you look at the l.a. game, for example, i mean you can't -- whether it is coach or when brooks miss is an open net in front of the net, that is just something that has to happen. it is a tie game. the puck with six minute to go, the goalie make an incredible save and those things happen. usually, when you're going good, those things go in.
7:54 am
when you're going bad, they never go in. this this case, it didn't go in. but our power play which is our focal point of strength has been struggling in the last three or four games. >> you don't ray designated captain right now either -- you don't have a designated captain right now either. is that announcement coming soon? is it a foregone conclusion that it would possibly be ovechkin. >> no scoops on that. i know you came out early. >> does it hurt you not to have a designated captain. >> we went whole year and the year before. chris clark was injured for almost two years. i mean the guys just take it upon themselves and they have good leadership in the room. that is what they do. i don't think as far as the players are concerned that it is any earth shattering
7:55 am
situation. i mean it is a great situation or news media thing because everybody wants to know. but i think we'll take our time here and we'll do it right. >> so you can make the right decision. can you give us an idea on back strom, how he is doing? >> i'm waiting for him to com here. he was feeling an awful lot better yesterday. i want it see how he is this mornin >> can we talk about the 2011 winter classic and chances of the capitals maybe being a part of that? >> you know what is funny is, as envious as we were and you have to be envy us when you are watching the game and you are seeing everything, i'm walking into work this morning. i'm going if it's this cold here, i don't want to play in it. >> maybe not so bad playing indoors. >> we're like every team. we hope we're in it. i think we have avenue got the most exciting player in the world and i think -- >> i'll show my jersey while you say that. >> we should be able to
7:56 am
showcase them to the national audience on nbc. so i mean it is something that they will think very hard about and hopefully, they choose us as the team. >> as you have heard here, as coach boudreau has given us so much of his time of course that he like to answer his questions in a lengthy manner. so it is not enough time because i have a lot more things i want to ask you. i to want to talk about gabby, confessions of a hockey lifer. gabby i guess is you. tell me about your book. >> at the just asked me to do it. i had nothing to do one summer and after i first got the job and i said sure and we spent 60 hours together and it just reskinnedeled stories of -- rekindled stories on how i got to the playoffs and things. people have told me it is fairly teresting. >> i look forward to reading
7:57 am
it. thank you very much. it inspires me. i might call my book gabby, confessions of a tv reporter. some people say i le to talk to too. they do have home games tomorrow and thursday. tick rts are hard to come by these days because they are the best team washingt. back to you. and i'm talking all sports. >> i would not disagree with you on any of those. we'll he soo you down there soon. >> thank you. we are following breaking news regarding another team in town, the washington redskins. we have now con furthermored jim -- confirmed jim zorn has been fired. >> the white house party crashers and the balloon boy could forever change reality tv. why? coming up in our next hour. stay with us for that.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
jim zorn looking for a new job ithe new year. the redskins have fired their head coach. that happened a few hours ago. we are live at redskins park with the fallout. the star of the washington wizards set to talk to the washington wizards about why he brought a gun into the
8:01 am
almosterroomer -- into a the lockerroom and allegedly pulled it on a teammate. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm steve shanape. >> and i'm allison seymore. we begin in maryland where garrett county schools are closed. allegheny on the two-hour delay. in virginia, clark county and fed rick county, one hour delays. brooke, grant, haver -- hampshire on the two-our delay. >> temperatures not moving too much today. >> they have not moved too much. they will move but it will not be a revelation in terms of the heat we will get. in the west, they are dealing with the afteraffects of the snow they got this weekend. frigid cold temperatures and blowing the snow around.
8:02 am
that's what is going on to the west. right now here, temperatures 24 degrees at regan international. dallas international, and vwi marshall. at's the latest report, 24- degree ace cross the region. satellite radar for the mid- atlantic. you see the radar with skies. we will see a fairly cloud yo day today. particularly in the ladder ha of the day. as far as precipitation depose, maybe snow flurries during the course of the day today. your forecast with plenty of clouds around. still windy at times. a few flurries are possible. a high of 32 degrees. perot normal as the average high for te state would be 43 degrees. the cold air continues. i do want to mention again, the winds could be gusting up to 30 miles an hour today. >> that could kill that.
8:03 am
>> thank you, tony. checking in with julie wright. >> cap a -- a couple of trouble spots, julie. >> the latest crash before georgia avenue. they just moved back with a backup from college park. southbound 270. getting whipped around by the wind. delays from gaitherersburg all the way out to the split. if you're traveling inbound pennsylvania avenue under the bridge, accident activity gone. look for branch avenue headed in. 395 at the 14th street bridge. delays from the beltway all the way across the patomic. it's in the process of being cleared. and then virginia, route 1 from the first accident. that's where we had he crash. the outer loop of the beltway, at the split, for the incident, following police direction to get by. that's the check of your fox 5
8:04 am
on time traffic. >> the writing has been on the wall for awhile now. now it's official. jim zorn has been fired as the head coach of the washington redskins. the ax falling after the disappointing season. now we have official reaction from the team, lindsey. what are you hearing? >> reporter: we have been waiting all morning to get confirmation. it just came down saying jim zorn was informed of the decision aft the team landed this morning. bruce allen said his three-week game and preparations made the decision very clear saying quote the status quo is not acceptable. i felt it was necessary not to waste a moment of time to begin building this team into a winner. jim zorn was originally hired as the skins offensive coordinator but lasted just two seasons after being promoted to head coach. 12-20, the worst coaching along with steve spur your of --
8:05 am
spurior of a head coach with two year for the skins. he finished out his two years 6- 18. he spoke last night after the game. >> i want to thank all the players publicly. even in the last effort, you know because they do play hard. they did play hard today. and our coaches work hard to put them in the best possible position. there was nothing that kept us from losing that football game, except ourselves. >> now what you seeing here s the beginning of an overall of the redskins organization. bang on december 17th is when vinny resigned and bruce was brought in as the gm. now today jim zorn being fired. this organization has only gone to the playoffs twice in the past ten years. something had to be done. we will talk to players at
8:06 am
eleven or 11:30. much more on the story as it develops throughout the day. >> we will actually put bruce allen's press conference here on fox 5. you can watch that at 12:30. gilbert arenas and javaris chrisenton going to talk to the u.s. tore's -- u.s. attorney's office for the first time today after the incident of the two pulling guns on each other. gilbert arenas said there's misconceptions about the dispute. the nba also has it own investigation. airport security is under the micro scope here in this country and around the world. yemen is suddenly getting a lot of attention. many from dallas airport on this. sarah, good morning.
8:07 am
>> reporter: the president's counter terror chief said they locked up the american embassy after they founthat al qaeda has been planning to attack the personnel. he says the u.s. will still consider on a case by case basis releasing more detainees from guantanamo guantanamo bay. that's even after two who have been released are leaders in the al qaeda group in yemen. a top republican in the senate.s the practice to stop, and stop now the. >> if with don't stop e practice of releasing the guantanamo bay detains to yemen or other countries, we are asking for trouble.
8:08 am
>> if you want to fly to the united states, you have to play by our security rolls, no questions asked. >> reporter: the security rules were breeched sunday at a u.s. airport. the flights were grounded for hours by newark. they never found the perp but everyone in the terminal had to be rescreened. now all passengers who are on flights to the u.s. from countries such as nigeria and yemen, they will be subjected to extra screening, things like the pat downs and full body scans, and entire carryon luggage will be searched as well. anyone from other foreign countries will be subjected to random screenings. >> live for us at dallas, thank you sarah. five men are due to appear in the indiana terrorism court
8:09 am
today. they were arrested last month for planning attacks in pakistan. it increased the fears in the americans traveling to join the militant groups. police said they will likely seek life sentences. new this morning a fire in prince george county sent a woman to the moment. starting just before 4:00 this morning in landover. fire crews had to rescue six people. no one else was injured. fortunately. the apartment manager said they will help the people displaced fine a place to live. a2-year-old boy is hospitalized with what firefighters are calling possible life threatening injuries. and two other girls are hospitalized. the fire started in a pot on the stove. in this week's monday money segment, what you need to know before filing your taxes. how long the cold, windy
8:10 am
weather will continue. more coming up, and checking in with julie. that's 10 minutes past 8 on this monday morning. (announcer) pillsbury grands! biscuits, so warm and fluffy. make the most out of the most important meal of the day. so warm, flaky; it might be the last time chips and dip are invited back.
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8:13 am
at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. all right, we are dealing with really cold temperatures, but check it out. burlington, vermont, report breaking snow. more than 33 inches falling there saturday and sunday. the previous record for burlington was back from 1969 with close to 30 inches over a three-day period. look at that. >> wow. >> that's just going nowhere snow. >> that's what we thought we had here a couple of weeks ago. >> it all went away though. >> that rain, we thought -- tony would you like to see -- >> there's snow in the parking
8:14 am
lottings and what have you. i was saying to tucker that was the snowen the saturday before christmas. it's amazing some of it is still here. but it's so cold. snow? vermont, like the snow we got that day. two days in a row, just crazy. >> if you're over the snow, you're tired of it. maybe snow later in the week. the question, the answer to that question emains vague. we will get you some information. before we get to all of that, it's time for the my first 5 photo of the day. oh. >> first of the year. >> this is 3-year-old marqell at the dentist. his dentist makes it so fun, he can't wait to return. >> there's good pediatric dentists out there today. >> he's having a good time. >> his head is so little, it's
8:15 am
not in the head part. >> that's very cute. >> good doing. thank you for sending us the photo. send us your child's photo. temperatures going up to 25- degrees. yeah. relative humidity, 45%. out of the east at 8 miles an hour. across the country, let's look and see, can you believe the temperatures drop in omaha? now 17 below. the actual air temperature. 9 below in minneapolis, 12 in wichita. as far south as new orleans, temperatures below freezing. temperature near 21. very cold air in place across the country. satellite radar for the nation looking like this, a lot of clouds, pardon me, in the midsection. clouds across the northwest.
8:16 am
southwest looking cloud free. forecast for today, and the next five days, high today, 32 degrees. that's more than 10 degrees below normal. tomorrow more of same. wednesday, warmer, thursday, still in the 30s. chance of snow to friday. some could be accumulating. we will update you on that as soon as we know more. >> now to julie wright and the update. >> maybe if i did the traffic with his sunglasses on, i would feel warmer. >> i'm sure you would. >> do they sell those on the sun glass hut? >> i'm sure you have some. >> but they are not that cool. unfortunately you're not moving anywhere. bumper to bumper traffic extending into silver springs.
8:17 am
southbound i95 out to the slip. if you're headed over over to georgia mason, that's where we have the crash in order to get through. there they go. 395, northbound. i think that's as you go minnesota from the -- as you go from the pentagon, out to constitution avenue. 66, not a bad ride this morning. heavy and slow to the beltway. a check of the fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you so very much. now that it's 2010, you should start to get your 2009 taxes in order. before you file your return, there's new law changes you want to know about to make the most of it. hi, everyone morning. highway new year to you. a dot people don't want to think about it, but we will start getting tax items in the
8:18 am
nail. always be the bestest in the deductions and highlights that people should be aware of. >> the american recovery tax act passed this past year. there's so many significant tax changes that will aelect most people. he biggest is the first time home buyers credit. >> reporter: uh-uh. >> this is a notable first-time credit. it was so notable, it was expended last november -- extended last november. it's for the home buyers who purchase a home in 2009 and now must purchase by april 10, 2010 and close by june 30th, 2010 . the income guidelines have been
8:19 am
extended. for more parents single, if your income is up to $125,000 you're eligible for the credit, and you're married, filing joints, you can be up to $150,000 for the credit. >> it's joust not just housing. >> there's deductions for the new vehicle purchases. the sales tax from february 162009 to january 1 of 2010. that now is alwable. new education credits. the american opportunity tax credit. it's new, it was formally called the hopcredit. but it has now been exfended -- extended for four years. ment maximum credit up to $2,500. >> also workers eligible for additional tax credit. mention these quickly, and then
8:20 am
more about the things coming to worker with unemployment. >> the earned income tax credit now has new amounts and has been extended for up to three children for eligible taxpayers, and the additional child tax credit. the threshold has opinion ower to $3,000. i think more taxpayers will be eligible for this credit and need it in the economic hard times. >> reporter: speaking of that. so many people this year were out of a job or deeting with collecting unemployment, and there were probably things they need to know when it comes to making sure we handle that correctly. some of this un, nontaxable, right? when comes to unemployment? >> right. there was a tax law. the workers ohm ownership and disassistance act of 2009 and
8:21 am
additional 14 weeks of uneloyment benefits for workers on unemployment. for the workers were the states were 8.5% or higher. now the first 24 hours dollars will not be taxable for 2009. >> okay, that's important to know. we were talking about existing ohm owners you can here save here, right? >> you sure. can the original energy credit f you purchased new air conditioner or extooer your doors or windows, things like that for your home, you're eligible for a special credit now. it has been reinstated for 2009. >> there's a lot of absorb right now. more on
8:22 am
thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> dc's biggest nightclub is closed. that live on the washingtonals' practice field this morning. stay with us. it's just about 8:22. we will be right back. (announcer) fact: life today calls for more than an ordinary wipe.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
after five weeks on the run, the man accud of killing four of his own family members is now behind bars. police arrested paul saturday night at a hotel in the florida keys. he's accused of killing his twin sisters and elderly aunt and a 6-year-old cousin. how the little girl's father feels like he can rest. >> you know obviously sleeping. >> police credit america's most wanted with his arrest. a hotel owner recognized had emand called police to say he
8:26 am
was renting a room there. the first murder of the year in dc. there's already been an arrest. when police got there. zachary funk was stabbed in the chest. the lowest murder rate in 45 years was recorded in 2009. we ould know when dc's biggest nightclub will reopen. determining the fate of club love after a men was stabbed in the stairwell of the venue. the injuries were not life threatening. police chief bill or castny are going to say they are responsible for the adequate security. up next, head's up for metro riders. plus an economic outlook for 2010 . if you are looking for a job, job of the day at andrews
8:27 am
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honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. it's 8:30 on this monday morning as we look another some of the stories making headlines this morning. prince george police are looking for two sisters who vanished. a 14-year-old and 11-year-old did not come home after visiting a friend's house on tuesday. anyone with information should call prince george's county police. a deadly accident remaining under investigation. rescue crews trying frankically to save a man whose car was discovered upaidside down yesterday. it took them 10 minutes to chip away at the icy vehicle. they were unable to revive
8:31 am
joshua coleman. >> this commute will take you longer if you use the red, blue, or orange line. they are undergoing work at line. that means an extra 20 or 30 minute. be aware it will continue for the rest of the month. chilly 25 degrees. i dare ask what it feels like. does it feel cooler? >> absolutely. low teens teens with the winds. it will feel better than it did this weekend. how can it feel worse? >> chris: out on saturday afternoon and i was like i like -- i like the cool weather, but i don't like. this at least today, we will start to lose the wind. that will make it feel a bit better out there. regan national, 24 an hour ago. 23 in gaithersburg. 23 in quanico this morning. and you get the idea as you look across the area. temperatures generally low to
8:32 am
mid-20s. all right, allison asking about the winds, north and west. here's what it looks like. the bus stop feeling like things are worse. 16 out there for us. again, we will be another gust believe it or not out of the northwest at 25 to 30 miles an hour. great improvement from yesterday. gusting at ha to 50. high temperatures warmer than yesterday. not where we want to be this time of the year. there's the satellite radar. clouds from the north and west. upper devil disturbance working its way through. there's the possibility that during the course of the afternoon, you may see a few snow flurries. it won't amount to much, but it's a wintery theme to the day today along with the cloud cover. sunshine for the someday yesterday. here's the forecast. clouds out there by this amp.
8:33 am
still breezy if not windy by times. i mentioned a few flurries. high temperature warmer than yesterday. 32 degrees. 34 tomorrow. we are going to warm up near 40 by the end of the week, and then a chance for stormy i know thursday night into friday. jury is out on that one. we will have to watch it carefully. it could bring us snow into rush hour on friday morning. that's the forecast. allison, back to you at the desk. >> ank you, tucker, very much. will the new year bring hope for the unemployment? >> michael crittenton is joining us now. good morning. >> you too. >> happy new year. >> are we looking any better? >> we will see slightly continued improvements, but it will be around for aa bit. we dug ourselves a huge hole.
8:34 am
holily left from the stimulus last year helped. the response of the financial crisis obviously, but it will take awhile and people will feel the pain for some time. >> the interest rates were kept low to help us. now the feds may have to raise the rates to perhaps what it should have been, but maybe it helped. what's the bottom line? >> i think with rates, the interest rates will stay low at least for the next several months. they can't start to raise them yet. they are signaling it will not be near 0 forever. for those of with us savings accounts, that's a good thing since right now you're not getting any return. i think eventually they are going to have to start to push those up. even before the economic recovery completely takes hold. you will see there's rough months there. i think unemployment is still going to be a problem for some time. >> that's the main thing.
8:35 am
they said the economic index usually lags behind in some sort of recovery, and by the way we are looking now, that's the case. >> one of the big problems we have now are state and local governments. and then the federal governments too. you're seeing the state and local governments facing budget problems, services or cutbacks it will take time it took a long time to create an awful mess. . >> i have been out on vacation but before it was like four days, how are we looking now with the story on wall street? >> they are sort of back to some of the same behaviors they were before. that's not a good thing. >> no. >> i think there is optimism in the rkets. that's i guess good for all of us for our 401ks certainly and other things, but it is going to take time for consumers to
8:36 am
come back, and our investment will be different. people will be weary for awhile as they should be. >> for to me -- to me, that's the good side effect. the last big component in all of this seems to be the housing market. for awhile we heard the numbers are looking better. and how are we looking as far as housing costs. the federal government tried to prop up policy. we will see the foreclosures at high levels. we are not been able to figure out ooze a nation how to deal with people being underwater on their loans, what to do, and how to help the penal transition. it will continue not in areas like washington, that can sort of deal with the economic wows -- woes but around the country,
8:37 am
there's housing problems. >> we are not out yet? >> no, i'm not an optimist. >> i would rather hear that. thank you for being here. >> happy new year? >> happy new year. might as well. the time now 8:36. on this monday morning, the as a results of a new study about autism and digestic problems. the bahamas ma are hoping their hawaii vacation will have you planning one there soon.  it's monday,
8:38 am
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8:40 am
contrary perhaps to what celebrities and vaccine nay sayers say, there's no proof that digestive problems are more important with autism or special diets work. chirp with the painful digestive treatments should be doctors for it, but there was no input given from the autism society. save, alson, -- steve, allison, thank you. all over the big news this morning, jim zorn fired as the
8:41 am
redskins head coach. we have complete team coverage from redskins park, and san diego. also a new year is upon us. many of you will use this year to try to eat better. how do you do ha? we will talk to the the woman called the best nutritionist in washington, dc. getting a tattoo is a big decision, it should be left to a professional. they are accused of developing their own scene, and then leaving town. >> 18 minutes. >> coming up still on this monday morning, the white house party crashers and balloon boy can forever change realty tv.
8:42 am
holly at the home for the washington capitals. >> allison, you're right we are live at the home of the capitals, and then you know who will be hear with me. julie wright, control yourself, slap shot is here. and we are hanging out in one of lockerrooms to talk to the gear leader to find what it takes to put it together. blood
8:43 am
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long live your buddy. long live your dog. purina fit & trim. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. this just in, erbinwood middle school in rockville has to close town because there's no heat. >> good call. >> a number of schools are closed or delayed. go to for the latest. the washington capitals are
8:46 am
still number one their league. the good news, they are still on top. the team does practice on the ice plex in arlington. it's on the 8th level of the parking garage at the boston common mall. i didn't know that fact. >> that's strange. >> that's where holly is this morning. you can do the shopping. >> reporter: that's my favorite way to be a part of the event. this could be their locker room. this just hit me. this could be slap shot's locker room. is this yours? i don't know. slap shot, if this is your lockerroom, i think i need to negotiate your next contract. i think you can get a better one. who has got you baby, the head equipment manager making sure they get suited up fine, their equipment is working food. i feel strong we this arm because it's always got my
8:47 am
elbow pad on when you're gearing up. walk me through what they need to wear,. >> -- wear and why. >> that need to protect themselves because there's hitting and ice involved and falling. >> reporter: here's the challenge, can we put it all on in three minutes. he said i don't know. >> first the socks on. hoey socks. longer than normal sobs of course. just put one on. through your boot. >> reporter: all right, that's on. >> okay, all the way up. we will slide this down your sock. it will fit it will slide down underneath. >> reporter: this is my knee?
8:48 am
? >> this is your skin. it goes down here. sock up here. >> reporter: uh-uh. looks like i have been working out. >> your other sob, fit it in. >> reporter: as head equipment manager, what all does your job entail? >> i'm in charge of the purchasing, ordering, and maintenance of the equipment the players weather, and we do skate sharpening, equipment repair, and how much beating does it take in a game? >> mostly it's just sweat. it's just sweat yo -- sweaty. >> reporter: was this washingtoned? -- washed. >> was it clean? >> i promise it was clean. >> reporter: you can only wash it so much. >> you just be a hockey player, right foot like the right sock. we will pull these up. nice. >> reporter: so figure
8:49 am
flattering i must add. >> the next step, shoulder pads. to protect your shoulder 234 case you -- shoulders in case you get hit on the boards. i'm sure slap shot will take it easy on you. >> reporter: i may be throwing him up against the boards. what what are you talking in and about. >> have you ever had funny requests from players? >> players don't like their equipment washed or clean and we say you must because we transport to hang it up. >> reporter: less than a minute. i need one more elbow pad, don't i? >> yeah, and then we will try on he jersey. we will just get the slip. >> the play before the game. >> they go through the routine three hours before and it takes
8:50 am
them five minutes to get dressed. >> reporter: that's impressive. this looks so graceful. can you get it? i need help. >> taking care. it's going to be a little tight, but we will manage. >> reporter: let me suck it in. like that will matter at this point. >> the next most important thing is the helmet. put it on nice and tight, and the gloves. >> reporter: i think we did it. brock, i think we did it. >> looking like a capital. >> reporter: are you rooting for the ice. >> now rocking the red guys. the capitals have a home game on thursday and friday. coming up in the next hour, you ready? we are take together ice here at the ice plex. we'll see if we can do a real slap shot.
8:51 am
back to you holly. >> looking good, thank you. we will see holly again in the next hour. the new year issuingerring in a new -- ushering in a new season. hollywood looking for better characters. in 2009 reality tv soared to new heights and dunk to new low. the consider ryan jenkins from two vh1 reality shows. he ended up committing suicide after he was accused of mutilating and his former wife. and producer had no idea he had a checkered past. >> many times we find things in people's background but they go on the show because it makes them more interesting and their history is more we having. i don't know anybody would put
8:52 am
someone on who had violent tendencies to put them on the air. >> it's sparked a 25% interest in request from the background requests from serious reality firms g. some con itest at that particular times -- some of the contestants may have had something like a drug charge or somhing, but murder goes away, way two far. >> reporter: crashing the ultimate security measures to get into a white house party, and a family'ses who bizarre balloon stunt ended them in yale. reality show disasters are costly in the negative sense. >> the whole world is watching because we are worried about a little kid, and then it's a
8:53 am
sham. that makes everyone file silly for casework. >> reporter: the background check are costly but hollywood shows shows are hoping people spend the money to vent people more thoroughly. uncrypted is as a matter of are cheap to -- the shows are cheap to produce, and loved by audiences. >> thank you. we will be back right after. this ouncer) school mornings are busy mornings. so i make them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm, flaky pastry with delicious, sweet filling my kids will love.
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and the luscious taste of plump, juicy raisins and crunchy whole grain flakes. ... ... guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. how are you getting 100%? visit and get a coupon. the obamas are head i did tobacco to dc. now the state tourism industry is hoping their vacation may help to turn the industry around in hawaii. >> reporter: with luxury hotels lining white sandy beaches, the islands of hawaii have long ban
8:57 am
popular vacation spot. >> this year we went to coup b italy, -- cuba, italy, but the united states' hawaii is one of the best plays on earth. >> reporter: but it's not been enough to save the once booming tourism industry and now they look to president obama to bring in the needed revenue. >> we depend on tourism for the economy, and when the tourism went down, it affected everyone. >> reporter: marsha wineyard says tourism accounteds for 25 percent of their overall economy and has delined in the last two years for the loss of $3 billion. now with the unemployment rate of 7% and a budget shot fall expected to reach 1.2 billion by the end of 2010, state officials are looking for a way to cut. one proposal mandate the
8:58 am
furlough proposals but tourism is said to be the key to helping the economy and welcomes the free publicity from the president's visit. >> all of the imagines shown throughout the world as he was here will help hawaii out menace i will. -- e measuring e -- emensley. it will cost some greatly as they say. >> we estimating $20,000 to $30,000 which after the past year, it's really bad. we have just barely scraped by for the year. >> reporter: in spite of the short-term impacts it's estimated it will bring benefits in the long run. >> we are happy to see the coverage coming out of hawaii right now, and we do believe it will have positive results. >> reporter: some say the
8:59 am
president didn't help the big companies anything when he had out of town seminaries. 100 big corporations canceled their plans for hawaii. but officials looking for 2010 and beyond hoping things will turn around. time to turn around to tony and allison we will take the show down to hawaii for a few days and test it out. >> i'm on board. thank you, steve. all right, steve. we have much more ahead on the next hour of fox 5 morning news. stop story. jim zorn has been fired as the head coach of the washington red skins. happening earlier this morning. will we hear there zorn? there's going to be a press conference later today. also, we all make the resolution right we will lose weight and get fit in the new year? guess what, it's the new year. time to make the promises to


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