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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  January 9, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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fashion. a 72-5 conquest led by trevor booker's 19 points. and the tigers even their acc record as the first weekend of acc play moves on. 
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>> steve: our next acc matchup, maryland terrapins tuesday night with raymond vazquez taking on the demon deacons. and a meeting there, good inside strength for the deacons. maryland and wake forest tuesday night right here on raycom sports. trevor booker shook up the boston college eagles and shook them off the floor in little john today. 72-56. a final word after this.
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>> steve: big day for trevor booker. he surpasses marlin into the 11th spot. that's what it took to beat the bc eagles. next tuesday night, of course, it's maryland at wake forest. you'll see it on many of the ray come stations beginning at 8:00. you'll see it on many of the ray come stations beginning at 8:00. acc basketball is produced by -- -- captions by vitac --
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. it's a bitter blast of winter that just won't quit. wind and cold with temperatures below freezing. >> it's what everyone is talking about. we all nt to know how long will the bone chilling temperatures last. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm will thomas. i'm maureen umeh. how is this for a visual. the potomac frozen over for several feet beyond the shoreline. it's one ever the sure -- of the sure signs d.c. is in the middle of a deep freeze that will not let up. >> the question on everyone's mind? when is the warm-up? we'll take just a few degrees warmer. gwen, we're not trying to be greedy. we just need a little warmth. >> everybody is saying get the mercury to climb and we'll be happy. the deep freezing is heading all the way to the deep south as well. we were some 4 to 5 degrees
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below where we should be today which is actually the low 40s. didn't make that today. but just above the freezing mark as far as baltimore is concerned. look at where we stand right now with our temperatures. 32 degrees at national airport. 32 annapolis. 27 at gaithersburg. 31 degrees at dulles. but there's wind chills so here's what it actually feels like outside. only 24 degrees in the nation's capital. 22 at dulles. 17 at martinsburg. well, to the far west there is a wind chill advisory where tonight about sunday morning it's going to feel like it's at least minus 5 degrees. winds there gusting up to 25 miles an hour. now, i do have a bit of a warm- up in my five-day forecast. i'm going to give you those details when i come upstairs but here's a hint. don't think you're going to need any sun stan lotion. it's not -- suntan lotion. it's not going to be that warm atall. >> thanks for that. as you know, this arctic blast is hitting the entire region. this woman and her dogs behind me are lucky to be alive after
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they were rescued. they fell into the frigid waters of lake michigan. then over in alaska the windchill is a staggering 58 degrees below zero. that is the coldest windchill in the country which might not surprise you unless you consider that the actual temperature in north dakota was 33 below yesterday. and the cold does not end in our state. in europe ice is causing major problems at airports. airports in germany have had to close and the charles de gaulle airport in paris, 25% of the flights that were supposed to leave today were canceled. we know the weather affects a lot of your plans so we have what you need to know right at your fingertips. for the latest forecast, closing, delays, or anything else related to weather, log on to there's always a danger that someone will fall into the ice. a situation like this could turn ddly within minutes. so d.c. fire and ems trained on ice today. the main message they want to send? it doesn't matter how cooled it's -- how cold it's been,
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frozen rivers and streams aren't safe so stay away. the budget ax could soon fall on several departments in montgomery county including fire and ems recruits. also a current proposal would cause many jobs to go away. the school system would have to scratch $22 million off its books and even libraries would take a hit. hundreds of people will have to find a new way to get to work because their bus lines are being cut too. karen gray houston checked out the impact this all will he. >> reporter: montgomery county's ride on buses currently make about 30 million trips a year. the proposed cuts would eliminate about one million trips affecting about 3% of bus ridership. >> this is my job. there goes my job. >> reporter: riders didn't like the news at dozens of route -- as dozens of routes will be affected. what are you going to do? >> i'll have to start taking the bike or walk. >> reporter: some weekend routes will be discontinued all
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together. some evening weekday trips will be shortened. montgomery county operates a bus on the weekends. it's one of the routeses they're talk -- routes they're talking about eliminating on saturdays and sundays. >> it's going to be a big problem because i have to go to work. if there's no bus, i can't go to work. >> reporter: county officials say they have no choice. >> it's not something we like to do. we're very supportive of mass transit and want to increase transportation opportunities. >> reporter: but what are displaced commuters supposed to do? >> in many case there is may be other routes that are available to them that are nearby. in other cases people just have to make other arrangements. >> reporter: the county says it's cutting service on routes with the least impact affecting the fewest number of riders. some people will lose their county jobs under the proposed budget cuts. 32 of them ride on bus riders. in rockville, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. the changes aren't yet set in stone. commuters who want to complain
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can attend a public forum that is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on february 1 at the executive office building. the war on terror left 28- year-old grad student facing charges after he crossed a security check point at newark liberty airport last week. he says he wanted to walk with his girlfriend and slipped past security to do it but his move shut down the entire terminal at the airport for hours and caused ripple effects all over the world. he will be charged with defiant trespassing t. comes with a fine up to 500 bucks. in the wake of the attempted christmas day airline bombing in detroit, the national intelligence director wants answers. is he ordering an independent assessment of the challenges involved in gathering terrorist intel. he put former c.i.a. director john mclaughlin in charge of a team to examine the attempt at the fort hood shooting as well. we're getting new insight into the man who killed seven c.i.a. employees on an afghan base. tonight there's videotape taken just moments before he set off
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a suicide bomb. the bomber said american intelligence officials tried to get him to spy for them. >> reporter: in a just released videotaped before his death, a jordanian doctor says revenge is why he killed the c.i.a. operatives in afghanistan because they had killed a pakistani taliban leader with a missile strike in august. he also says he turned down millions of dollars from the u.s. and jordan who wanted tom spy on militants. the father says it is his son. he taped the video shortly before he went on a u.s. base and blew up seven c.i.a. employees and himself in afghanistan. he says on the tame, we will never forget the blood of our ramir, referring to the dead taliban leader. he tells other jihaddists it's their duty to go after other american targets. >> this attack will be the first -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: "the washington
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post" reports that just before the blast, his vehicle sped through check points on base and when he stepped out to be checked by a security guard, he quickly detonated the bomb sending steel pellets ripping through him and more than a dozen people near him. the paper quotes an anonymous former official who says it's bad trade craft. but c.i.a. director leon panetta lashed out at critics who say those who gave their lives somehow brought it bottom then selves -- it upon themselves. he said the man was about to be searched when he detonated the explosives unlike what was reported earlier. in washington, fox news. one of the victims of the bombing was 37-year-old harold brown, jr., of fairfax station. he worked or the state department and had three children. the senate majority leader is apologizing tonight for a controversial comments he made about president obama during the campaign n. a private
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consideration senator senator reid commented that president obama was a light skinned african-american with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. senator reid said he's sincerely responding for offending any and all americans, especially african- americans for my improper comment. the. has accepted the apology. what's the best way to give an underprivileged child an edge? i'm going to introduce you to a young man who comes from nearly nothing and show you how he's making something of his life. plus, the trouble with traffic lights, energy saving bulbs causing problems in the winter weather. what you need to know to stay safe. and what's up with the big -- [ indiscernible ] stick around. we're coming back in just 90 seconds. 
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every year thousands of at risk buys and girls get some much needed hem from strangers who care. those strangers are often mentors who give their time and energy to help make a difference. >> i was fortunate to meet one young man who was on the road to success with the help of his mentor. >> reporter: he is what many would call a good kid. an excellent student at archbishop carol high school in northeast d.c. he's involved in sports, the school band and evefilm. >> i also try new things.
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>> reporter: by most accounts the outgoing 15-year-old is beating the odds. he was just 6 when he came to the country with his mother. she was single, disabled, unemployed and spoke no english. the two lived in the church-run communal home. as he became a teenager, he knew -- the mother knew he needed someone to help him in ways she clearly couldn't. so she suggested a mentorship program run by capital partners for education or cpe. >> my mom first told me about the program. it was student mentoring and i was very interested about it. and i was like, yeah, mom. i would like to have a mentor. >> reporter: it offers low income support and help them prepare for college. he was paired with a model marshal. >> you don't have to have all of the answers. >> reporter: a soft spoken education consultant who never mentored before but thought he could make a difference. >> at first i was like, you know, who is this guy but then after i found out about him, i was like, you know, he's pretty
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cool. >> you have to be able to listen well and to not be so full of yourself as a person. >> reporter: a motto -- their friendship has grown over the year and a half they've been together. their bond strengthened thrugh their similar likes, dislikes and personalits. he's a ph.d. candidate and challenges to be the best, to always reach for the stars. >> i think that he's a very humble person. he's a person who actually reaches out and he's a person who wants to know more. >> i like a lot of things he's doing. for example, he does community service. he cares about other people. >> reporter: the two see each other every week, spending time not just forging a friendship but helping one another. they are working to get his school work and grades up to speed for college later on.
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>> when you put forth effort, it can be very rewarding. >> reporter: he is thinking aboucolleges and thinking about his future. he's also looking forward to becoming a mentor himself. >> i would love to help someone else or just in general. >> reporter: showing all it takes is one person who cares to help make a difference in someone's life. mentoring monday starts here on fox 5 on january 11. we'll have a phone bank open with information on volunteer opportunities. give us a call between 6:00 and 11:00 a.m. we'll also have more information for you on as many of you know, anacostia is an area that has struggled under the weight of crime and reputation for years now. but tonight hope for a turn around may be coming by the cuff. we'll explain that one. plus, gwen is coming back with her full forecast. did you hear gwen earlier? a warm-up may be coming our way soon. we're going to find out all about that coming up in 90
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advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. we had a great day, grandpa! we sure did. ask your doctor how advair helps improve lung function for better breathing. (announcer) find out how to get your first full prescription free at it's probably a strange time to start a business but an ethiopian family is banking on coffee beans. >> did you say coffee? you know i love my coffee. >> i should have known. you always have a cup handy. >> the family is opening their first ever coffee shop in one of d.c.'s poorest neighborhoods, anacostia.
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john henrehan takes us inside big chair coffee. >> reporter: the big chair has been part of anacostia since 1959 when a local furniture company put it on display as an attention get get getter. over the decades the neighborhood has languished. the furniture company is gone and many other businesses in anacostia have failed. but right across the street from the big chair a new business is being born. it's so new, there isn't even a sign up yet. welcome to big chair coffee, the first full service coffee shop in anacostia. staff members have been training, practicing their coffee brewing skills in anticipation of opening day on monday. fami, friends and passersby have wandersample the brews and the ambience of a cafe where people can buy a small latte for about two bucks. the owners of the big chair coffee shop are an ethiopian family. the mate jack wants -- the
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matriarch wants everyone to know coffee originated in her country. her cafe will feature ethiopian blends. now, big chair coffee is literally right around the corner from the sizable union temple baptist church and just a couple of blocks away from several other churches here in anacostia. >> on sunday is our church day. we're actually planning to have some traditional coffee on sundays, you know, ethiopian style with ethiopian pots and cups. we'll have traditional -- somebody pouring the coffee on sundays for the people that are the church group. >> reporter: a temporary sign is in the works but if you need directions, just tell people it's acrouse the street from the big chair in anacostia. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> easy to find. you could put a blindfold on me and i would smell it out. >> it's going to be a while before anyone is sitting outside and enjoying coffee at that place. it just feels like it's never
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going to get warm. >> you did mention warmth ut i think we have to get through some more cold before we get there. >> my warmth is relatively speaking. >> we just heard that word earlier. yes. >> let me tell you something. let me tell you how cold it's been. >> how cold has it been? >> no, in comparison. are you planning a trip to florida? cancel. it's just as cold in florida. actually temperatures have been really chilly there as well because the jet stream is well to the south of us. take a look outside. you can see the skies. fairly clear. it's cold outside. the arctic air is going to continue to be over us. it's going to be bring us in a big temperature dip so be prepared for that we have plenty of sunshine for the weekend but the winds are actually going to improve. it's been kind of windy out today so we've had major wind chills. possible flurries in my forecast for the early part of the week. temperatures rise late week. do you hear that? temperatures rise late week relatively speaking though i want to say. don't get too excited. i'm not talking any suntan lotion weather here.
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36 degrees for the high today at national airport. the same at dulles. 33 degrees at baltimore. just making it above the freezing mark. to the west we have a windchill making it feel like it's minus 5 degrees. pendleton, highland, mineral counties as well as allegany will be feeling the wind chills. temperatures will be into the low digits and we have the windchills kicking in so dangerous weather as far as that's concerned. for us 29 at baltimore. 27 at gaithersburg. at dulles. 27 degrees at martinsburg. the winds right now anywhere from 7 to 12 miles per hour but we still have windchills. feels like it's only in the low 20s to the teens as we take a look out to the west and even more west of that is where we're talking about having that windchill advisory in effect till tomorrow. now, tonight if you're going out, take heed. dress very warmly. take a look at the overnight lows. we are talking anywhere from about 13 to 16 degrees only.
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as far as our overnight lows are concerned so dangerous weather. hypotrmia very possible and please do not leave your pets outside. they cannot even survive in this kind of weather. nationally i'm telling you how cold it is. take a look at the south. 28 degrees in atlanta. as we move through to the next 24 hours, florida's overnight lows are going to be into the low 20s as well. they actually had a little bit of a wintry mix this morning in parts of the deep south. definitely the big chill being felt everywhere. minus 1 at bismarck right now. a little bit of snowfall to the west of us. along the highlands they could see a snow shower as women. we're also keeping an eye on a clipper that will head trough monday night into tuesday. that could possibly bring us a chance of a snow shower in the overnight hours. right now looks like a 20% chance, more for the west. the jet stream dipping well to the south. it's going to rise a little bit more to the north as we move through into the next 24 hours but it doesn't give us a break. we're still going to be entrapped in this cold arctic
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air mass so no break for us at all. mostly clear. a bitter cold night at only 17 degrees. tomorrow sunny ies. a very cold day at 29. here's a look at the five-day forecast. drum roll for the warmup. guess what? it's only going to be seasonal. 43 degrees by wednesday. and 45 by thursday. but, you know, as i said it's all relative. we should really only be about 41 to 42 degrees give or take a degree or so. >> i'll take it. >> 13 or 16 overnight, wow. >> very dangerous. once again please bring your pets in. >> thank you, gwen. those energy-saving led traffic lights are causing safety problems in cold weather. the lights don't get hot enough to melt snow so they wind up covered. there are heating devices that can attach to the lights to melt the snow but municipalities would have to buy them. some future scientists descended on the city today.
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they participated in science and technology competition. the goal is to inspire young people to seek a career in the science and tech field. i had trouble with algebra. >> you and me both. hence a career in tv. a huge comeback this afternoon at the verizon center. >> lindsay murphy has all the details as the hoyas took on one of their big east rivals from connecticut. stay tuned.


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