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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 9, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. right now at 10:00 a bitter blast. temperatures so chilling, the potomac is glazed over with ice. we begin with the cold. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm will thomas. i'm maureen umeh. this time of year the temperatures should be in the 40s but tomorrow another blast of arctic air could keep us below freezing. gwen tolbart is in the weather center to start us off at 10:00. >> the arctic air is going to be in place. we'll feel it starting tonight across our area. we had a windy day today. but as we move into tomorrow, we'll be talking some windchills to be definitely concerned w. let's take a look at temperatures across the area. 28 degrees officially at national airport this hour. we've got 30 degrees in annapolis. 23 in gaithersburg. 26 degrees at baltimore.
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but these are the windchills. this is what it actually feels like if you're getting ready to step outside. only 17 degrees in the district. we've got only 18 degrees at baltimore. 14 degrees at dulles. 15 at manassas. to the far west, we have a windchill advisory in effect till 10:00 a.m. on sunday. their winds will be gusting up to 25 miles per hour. it's going to feel like it's minus 5 degrees. that includes allegany, highland, and mineral counties. for tonight a chilled boning night. we speak about the windchills, take a look at this. by midnight our temperature at 22 degrees. it's going to feel like it's only 11. and by 7:00 a.m., 19 degrees will be our air temperature but it will only feel like it's 8. we do have a bit of a warm-up on the way. i'll have the details on that with a look at our five-day forecast when i come upstairs. back to you. >> thank you for that. the bitter blast also taking a toll on the area's homeless population. there are 12,000 estimated homeless in our region. fairfax county has developed a
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system to deal with the influx of people seeking warmer shelter. fox 5's jessica weinstein reports. >> reporter: there is a need for homeless shelters on nights like this one in the district but there's also a substantial need for people in the suburbs. here in fairfax county there's a whole network of churches that supplement of the work of shelters here so people don't have to sleep outside in the cold. the hypothermia prevention program means all of these people who can't fit into the shelter in falls church can sleep for a night in a local church. they also get a hot dinner, shower, breakfast in the morning and a bagged lunch. the director tells me -- [ inaudible ] those who need it are incredibly grateful. this man asked not to be identified and spoke to us through a translator. >> he's here due to the weather and lack of job. >> we're seeing different -- seeing a difference in terms of people who come into the homeless system for the first timdue to the bad economy,
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foreclosures, some that have become victims of landlords who no longer own the houses but still renting to them. >> reporter: some 2,000 volunteers around the county make the services possible for the hypothermia prevention program. if you know someone who can use the services, you can call the county at 703-691-2131. in falls church, jessica weinstein, fox 5 news. if you're worried about the homeless in the district, here's the number to call. 1-800-535-7252. we've posted it on fox 5 following two developing stories tonight. the first in vermt where three people have died in a snowmobile accident. state police say three snowmobiles carrying six people all together went through ice on lake donemore about noontime. the operator of the third pushed her passenger 4-year-old to safety before going in.
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to the west coast another story unfolding. an earthquake has struck off the coast of northern california. the u.s. geological survey says the quake registered a 6.5 magnitude. it happened this afternoon outside of eureka. the bay area and state pretty used to quakes but a 6.5 is enough to cause damage and there are multiple reports of property damage and broken gas lines in several communities near the especial center. a memorial service held today in massachusetts for 37- year-old harold brown, jr. brown and his family lived in fairfax station. he was one of sevevictims of a suicide bombing in afghanistan on a c.i.a. base. his wife and three children stood together at the service along with massachusetts governor duval patrick. brown was killed in an attack carried out by suicide bomber. tonight there is new video of the bomber just moments before he struck. the man said american intelligence officials tried to get them to spy for him.
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>> reporter: a jordanian doctor says revenge is why he killed the c.i.a. operatives in afghanistan because the c.i.a. had killed a pakistani taliban lead we are a missile strike in us a. he also said he turned down millions of dollars from the u.s. and jordan who wanted him to spy on militants. the father of the bomber said it is his son. he stated the video shortly before he went on base. he says on the tape, we will never forget the blood of our ramir referring to the dead taliban leader. he tells other jihaddists it's their duty to go after other american targets. >> this attack will be the first -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: "the washington post" reports that just before the blast, his vehicle sped through check points on base and when he stepped out to be checked by a security guard, he quickly detonated the bomb
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sending steel pellets ripping through him and more than a dozen people near him. the paper quotes an anonymous formeofficial who says meeting an asset like that a bad trade craft. leon panetta lashed out at critics who say those who gave their lives somehow brought is on themselves. the bomber was about to be searched when he detonated his explosives unlike earlier reports. the father says he blames america for turning the bomber's wife into a widow and his sons into orphans. dane perisi was remembered in washington state. he took action to save other lives during the attack. a 25-year-old queens college grad is facing charges of conspiring to commit murder and receiving training from al qaeda. the indictment unsealed todayages he went to pakistan
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back in 2008 with the denver airport shuttle bus driver identified as najibullah zazi. investigators believe they plotted an attack in new york city. he pleaded not guilty. meanwhile a 28-year-old student will be charged with trespassing for touching off a security scare that shut down an entire terminal at newark liberty airport last week. he crossed over a secure point so he could walk with his girlfriend to the gate. that is what he's telling police. but the seemingly innocent move forced flight delays that had a ripple effect all over the world. the charge carries a fine of up to 500 bucks. new tonight, a parking meter change in the district. starting tonight the city started making you pay for a spot. places like adams morgan, georgetown's historic district, the national mall just to name a few. roz plater is live with what you need to know before you park. >> reporter: maureen, not only is it going to cost you more but these meters you can expect more enforcement of the two- hour parking limit, even at the
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parking meters. all this new parking system is designed to generate more revenue for the district but businesses fear it will drive away customers at the worst possible time. grab a handful of quarters. i'm need a buncof them for the $2 an hour meters. gone is the free parking on saturdays and you'll need to feed that meter until 10:00 at night. >> wow. that's a lot. that's ridiculous. >> well, they're going up on everything else. they're finding -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: like it or not ddot says change is on its way to the city's so-called premium demand zones. adams more gone, georgetown, penn quarter, the u street quarter, the central city business district, the national mall, and part of wisconsin avenue from van ness to western. the rollout began this weekend in the southwest waterfront area home to the seafood wharf
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where workers are plenty outraged. thanks to the sluggish economy, business here is already slow. >> our regular customer, they don't come in like they used to. they can't afford t. actually they don't need extra parking with it. >> reporter: the no free parking on saturday, they say that will definitely hurt. >> people from out of town, why do they want to come into the city anymore? they have to pay a parking fee. you've got to have a drawing card for the customers. >> reporter: ddot says the changes are are not just about money. they hope it will free up some parking spots, even encourage folks to take public transportation but some businesses say the trickle down effect will definitely hurt them. >> we're just struggling to survive here at the wharf. we're totally against it. >> reporter: this may not make you feel a whole lot better, but even at $2 an hour, these meters are a lot less than some other major cities. i was just in san francisco where the downtown meters are $3.50 an hour. maureen, i'm told it's $4 an hour in los angeles.
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>> wow. something to certainly get used to. roz plater reporting for us tonight. thank you. drivers are being urged to watch for the new signs and enforcement begins once they go up. they should all be in place by the 19th. $3.350 an hour in -- $3.50 an hour in san francco, we can't complaint. the public may get to decide whether to vote on gay marriage in the district. the d.c. board of elections and ethics will hold a public hearing on whether there should be a referendum on gay marriage. the hearing is february 16. the d.c. council already voted to legalize gay marriage making the nation's capital the sixth jurisdiction to allow such unions and the first below the mason-dixon line. it doesn't become law until congress wraps up a 30-day review later this month. the former president of howard university has died. james chi was sprpt for '69 to 1989 in that time the school underwent major expansion including the law school and divinity school. president cheek increased
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enrollment adds the budget grew -- and the budget grew nearly ten times since he took the job. he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. he's dead at the age of 77 after a long illness. senator harry reid apologizes to president obama but you might be surprised to hear why. newly released 911 calls shedding light on the death of socialite casey johnson. led lights are good for the environment but we'll explain why they're causing problems on the roads, especially in bad weather. stay with us. we're just getting started. wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes. it's delicious. delicious. i know.
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senate majority leader harry reid is apologizing tonight for comments he made about president obama during the campaign. reid said mr. obama could win the race because he was, quote, a light skinned african- american with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. the comments were published in a new book about the campaign
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called game change. now the senator says, i sincerely apologize for offending any and all americans especially african-americans for my improper comments. president obama says haccepts the apology and considers the matter to be over. something not over? health care reform. senator reid helped push through the health care bill, a bill that received no votes from republicans. but tonight a big name clinic is being held up as an example of what could go wrong. fox 5's melini wilx reports on why the clinic has this people worried. >> costs will finally come down for families, businesses, and our government. >> reporter: president obama wants lawmakers to push through a health care bill when they return from recess. he says once the law takes hold, patients and doctors will have more control over their medical decisions. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: a mayon clinic in arizona could be the vision of the future.
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one branch has stopped treating medicare patients. it lost $484 million because reimbursements didn't cover costs. >> raise taxes on small businesses, raises taxes on middle-income americans. it raises taxes on medical dices. it increases medicare premiums for our seniors by $50 billion. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi acknowledged mayon's -- mayo as losses -- mayo's losses. >> we salute their work and their right to point out the disparity in reimbursements would be shortsighted not to pass the bill because of one piece of the bill which we will correct. >> reporter: in his annual budget review, california governor arnold schwarzenegger said washington owes the golden state billions. >> my budget includes $1 billion for medicare costs. >> reporter: house and senate democrats are struggling to merge their versions of health
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care reform into one bill. they and the president hope to have it signed into law before the state of the union address next month. in washington, fox news. the house and senate versions of the bill now need to be merged into one before it can eventually be signed by the president. new details about the sudden death of socialite casey johnson. according to the woman who called 911, johnson was already dead by the time an ambulance arrived. the heiress to the johnson&johnson fortune died earlier this week. >> i have somebody who i believe has just died in my guest house. i'm pretty sure. she's ice cold and her hands are turning blue. very often, you know, her medication gets all screwed up so it's probably because of that. >> you heard the woman refer to
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johnson's medication. johnson was diabetic and had to take insulin but it's not yet clear whether that contributed to her death. johnson was just 30 years old. the husband of the woman who disappeared from the family home last month is moving out of state. josh powell is taking his two sons to washington state where they have relatives. family and friends helped them pack up their utah home today. powell's wife, susan, vanished december 7 after he says he ok his 2 and 4-year-old sons camping in the snowy mountains overnight. powell is a person of interest in the case but has not been named a suspect. virginia governor tim kaine has met for the final time with the families of the victims at virginia tech. the governor called it more of the social meeting at the governor's mansion in richmond today. this meeting was part of a legal settlement in which the families agreed not to sue after the massacre april 16,2007 that killed 33 people, including the gunman. governor-elect bob mcdonald's chief of staff also attended today's gathering. a virginia man is charged
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with stealing a jar full of donations meant for a family's funeral expenses but bill packard says it's all a big misunderstanding. he said he was trying to give the jar to the family. in fact, he said he was worried someone would steal the jar so he was trying to do the family a favor. the family ever got the money. >> i thought i was doing the right thing. i signed my name at the store. i didn't steal anything. i said i can get a check or you give me 20 minutes and i get the can with the money in it. either way. they didn't want to hear that. and they locked me up without bond over $39. that's all that was in there. >> that's right. $39. packard is charged with petty larceny. >> he sounds believable. >> he does. >> maybe they had their reasons. next at 10:00, the budget ax set to fall in montgomery county. >> job, schools, libraries, they all take a hit. plus, we've got new details on how it could lead mass transit riders out in the cold. a new business is brewing.
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get it? brewing. it has not so much to do with a chair as your morning cup of joe. it's in a neighborhood often overlooked. we're going toax plain. the news -- going to explain. the news at 10:00 is coming right back. wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes.
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in maryland it may soon cost you a little more to have a cocktail. some lawmakers are proposing a tax increase on alcohol that would amount to about a dime a drink. proponents say the money would go to shore up state revenues including public health need bus some liquor store and restaurant owners don't like the idea. they say the lower sales in maryland brings in business from out of state. montgomery county leaders are trying to find tens of millions of dollars to save valuable county resources. among the things on the chopping block, jobs, funding for schools, bus routes. as karen gray houston explains, that would leave a lot of people stranded. >> reporter: montgomery county's ride on buses currently make about 30 million
10:24 pm
trips a year. the proposed cuts would eliminate about one million trips affecting about 3% of bus ridersship. >> there goes my job. there goes my job. >> reporter: at the rkville owe rockville bus station, riders didn't like the news as dozens of routes will be affected. what are you going to do? >> i guess we'll have to start taking the bike or walking. >> reporter: some weekend routes will be discontinued completely as will some weekend routes. a few weekday rush hour trips will be reduced and some evening weekday trips will be shortened. the t2 is a metro bus during the week. montgomery county operates it on the weekend. it's one of the routes they're talking about eliminating on saturdays and sundays. >> it's going to be a big problem because i've got to go to work. if there's no bus, then i can't go to work. >> reporter: county officials say they have no choice. >> it's not something that we like to do. we're very supportive of mass transit and want to increase transportation opportunities. >> reporter: but what are displaced commuters supposed to
10:25 pm
do? >> in many cases there may be other routes that are available to them that are nearby. in other cases people will just have to make other arrangements. >> reporter: the county says it's cutting service on routes with the least impact affecting the fewest number of riders. some people will lose their county jobs under the proposed budget cuts. 32 of them ride on bus riders n. rockville, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> the changes aren't yet set in stone. commuters who want to complain can attend a public forum. it's scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on february 1 at executive office building. from saving money to saving energy, those energy efficient led lights have a dangerous downside in cold weather. why they are causing some serious wrecks. plus, fists go flying and it's all caught on tape. find out what set of the new mexico mayor. the dog that's still in the hearts of thousands and maybe
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the energy saving led traffic lights are causing safety problems in cold weather. they don't get hot enough to actually melt the snow. >> so they wind up covered making it hard for the drivers to see the color of the signal and ceating major traffic trouble. >> reporter: red means stop. green means go but what if the light is white? >> you don't know if it's go or stop. >> reporter: in an effort to cut energy costs communities across america are turning to leds to illuminate their traffic signals. >> there's a cost savings. the city saves approximately 75% electrical consumption at an intersection that has led
10:30 pm
lights. >> reporter: 90% of the signals the state of wisconsin controls are now led for an annual savings of $750,000 off their energy bill. the leds also provide a brighter green, yellow and red but there's a problem. they don't get hot enough to meltnow. so in a big blizzard? >> it restricts the visibility for the driver. for instance, if the red happens to be covered over, and they don't -- somebody driving dowthe street doesn't see that it's red, they may go through the intersection and could cause an accident. >> reporter: not long ago an accident happened at this intersection because the driver couldn't see the traffic signals covered with snow. now cash-strapped towns must decide if the potential energy and maintenance savings is worth the risk to drivers. tom twigg supports the leds saying when the high-tech signals are lighted out, there's a quick low tech fix. > it's nothing sophisticated. basically brushing it off is all it is. it's not a permanent bond on there. we can take a glove or just
10:31 pm
wipe it right off. >> reporter: there are also special heating devices that can be attached to the lights to melt the snow but the cost of the heaters or the extra manpower needed to make sure the lights are wiped clean in blustery weather could make the energy savings less substantial. in wisconsin, fox news. nothing melting any time soon. frozen lights might end up being a persistent problem. a wicked blast of cold air has teeth chattering, mine too. probably maureen's from oklahoma to northern new england, even the d.c. area. the arctic air couldn't stop this group of workers in fargo, north dakota. some even stripped down to their shorts for a jog in 5 below temps. ever heard of ostbite? it's bismarck that is winning the prize for the coldest. it is 33 below zero the. a chicago woman is counting her blessings. in fact, rescuers saved her and her dogs after they fell through the ice into lake
10:32 pm
michigan. >> they did a great job. this ended up really well but it could have been otherwise if they hadn't gotten there in time. >> even florida isn't so warm and while animals in other parts of the country can handle the cold, this sarasota animal shelter is preparing for winter conditions. switching gears a little bit, no doubt mentoring changes lives. the mentoring for young mothers program provides special opportunities to pair an experienced mom with a young expecting or new mother. fox 5's beth parker sat down with a pair that started as mentor and student who say it's a bond that will last a lifetime. >> that's a good idea. look at that. >> reporter: julia is spending her afternoon with priscilla and her two boys, something they do at least once a week. the two mothers are joined by the mental health association's mentors for young mothers program. >> i got into this because my kids all grew up and went away.
10:33 pm
so i had this burning need to nurture. >> she takes us out, sometimes to the libraries. >> reporter: other days they go to the park. julia is around for an extra set of hands for a mom trying to get her life going. the program pairs experienced moms with new or expectant mothers to provide support, advice and encouragement. >> i always tell her she's like a born leader and she has a lot of strength bause look, she's working at mcdonald's and they recognize her. she's a shift manager. she's continuously recognized. i always tell her you have a lot of good things in your life. you're doing the best you can. i think it's great. >> reporter: since the to were joined together, priscilla moved out of her mother's house, got her own place and pays her bills each month. now the to are working on getting -- the two are working on getting priscilla's ged and driver's license. she says it's great to have another person help her take care of her kids and herself. >> it's amazing because i enjoy having her around.
10:34 pm
it's like having another good friend around. just like my mom. >> reporter: disbl mentoring monday starts here on fox 5 january 11. we'll open up our phone bank with information on volunteer opportunities. give us a call between 6:00 and 11:00 a.m. the number right there 202-895- 3307. we'll also have information on his name is bandit and if you're for the careful, he's going to steal your heart like he did ours. he is the four-legged friend of a maureen unit that served in afghanistan. bandit became a part of the unit during a patrol mission. he encountered the marines who ignored him at first but he followed the unit all the way back to base. so bandit joined the brigade accepting belly rubs in exchange for unconditional love. sadly an improvised bomb killed bandit and several americans. >> they had a memorial a day or so later. bandit was honored along with the other marines. everybody hates you out on
10:35 pm
patrol and you see this happy face come up to you and you're -- and your blood pressure just drops. >> the tale does not end there. bandit's inspirational story has helped raise money for a new animal shelter. so at least his story doesn't die in some shallow grave. >> he sure was adorable. let's hope he inspires other people to get pets too and brighten their lives. >> it was one story i hope wood have a happy ending. sorry it didn't work out. still at 10:00, the web movement urging you to switch banks. the new shop that's hoping to give you a jolt and it's giving one to an underserved community. we're hoping you keep your resolution with workouts you can do at home. we're back at 3:00.
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a a grass roots movement is aied at corporate banks where it hurts. readers were asked to remove
10:39 pm
their money from bailed out banks. blogs creators believe the effort has potential to shift power in the financial system away from wall street and to main street. there's a new business brewing in one of d.c.'s poorest neighborhoods. it has a family banking on coffee beans. they're opening the first ever coffee shop in anacostia. fox 5's john henrehan takes us inside big chair coffee. >> reporter: the big chair has been part of anacostia since 1959 when a local furniture company put it on display as an attention getter. over the decades the neighborhood has languished. the furniture company is gone and many other businesses in anacostia have failed. right across the street from the big chair a new business is being born. it's so new, there isn't even a sign up yet. welcome to big chair coffee, the first full service coffee shop in anacostia. staff members have been training, practicing their coffee brewing skills in anticipation of opening day on
10:40 pm
monday. family, friends and passersby have wandered in to sample the brews and the ambience of a cafe where people cabuy a small latte for about two bucks. the owners of the big chair coffee shop are an ethiopian family. the matriarch wants everyone to know coffee originated in her homeland. >> even the name coffee -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: thus the word coffee. her cafe will feature ethiopian blends. now big chair coffee is literally right around the corner from the sizable union temple baptist church, just a couple blocks away from several other churches here in anacostia. >> sunday is church day. we're actually planning to have some traditional coffee on sundays, ethiopian style with ethiopian pots and cups. we'll have traditional clothes, somebody pouring the coffee on sundays for the people that are the church group.
10:41 pm
>> reporter: a temporary sign is in the works but if you need directions, just tell people it's across the street from the big chair in anacostia. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> i kind of want a cup of coffee now but i'll never go to sleep. >> give it to me. i'm take it. with all the cold it may be hard to motivate yourself to get the gym. >> next we're showing you workouts you can do right from your home. plus, gwen's frigid five- day forecast. stay with us.  so, now with fios, you have facebook and twitter on your tv.
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?? ♪ doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol here you go, mr. noran. thanks. [ female announcer ] trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help of honey nut cheerios' sweet taste, lowering your cholesterol is a non-challenge. get $2 in coupons at this is really good! fox 5 on call with ways you and your family can trim down this new year. a computerized scale that shows your kids ow quickly they eat. it's been proven the faster you eat, the more you eat. that's because your stomach doesn't have time to tell your brain when you're full. it shows kids their eating rate and compare it is to the ideal rate. for a lot of us 2010
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resolution is a slimmer self by summer we hope. hope. it's not always that easy, is it? fox's mike woods hit the gym to get some easy workout moves you can really do anywhere. >> it's 2010. a lot of folks ready to get back to the gym and get the workout on. maybe you need a little bit of extra help. we have jennifer from crunch. i tell you what, some folks, they just need first of all a few great tips to get them going. >> easy tips are don't overcommit yourself. instead of going seven day as week, commit to three or four. put iin your schedule. >> reporter: sounds like something you can manage. don't kill yourself. what else? >> the second one is don't overdo it. if you think you have to be there six days a week and you can't make it the first day, then you talk yourself out of going at all. >> reporter: we don't nt to put ourself in a defeated mode. let's get down to business and do some of the workouts. i would like somtips. i don't necessarily get to the
10:46 pm
swrim so what i -- gym so what can i do? >> a reverse lung with a twist. have your right foot forward, chest up, shoulders back. big step back and twist toward the right leg. >> reporter: my coordination is anything but good. but i got the idea. >> last one. perfect. >> reporter: so this is good for the core and the legs. >> good for the core, strengthening the hips and toning the legs. >> reporter: what's next? >> pushups with a walk. you'll get in a pushup position. e pushup. step together with your hands. this works shoulder stability. triceps and core. >> reporter: okay and some chest. i can feel it at the same time. very good. i like these exercises. they're doing more than one thing at a time. >> if you can't always make it, total body is more effective. >> reporter: what's a third and final tip. >> third one is the side plank. you prop yourself up on your
10:47 pm
elbow, wide stance with your hands one foot in front. you're going to rotate under and then twist up toward the ceiling. this gets obliques and shoulder and a little bit of chest when you twist down. >> reporter: how many times on this? >> 15 on this side and 15 on the other. >> reporter: all right. very good. jennifer cassidy, thank you very much from crunch gym. we're getting started in 2010. thank you very much. >> good job. >> reporter: back to you. >> it looks like that reporter really needs to pay attention and get some tips. >> he can really -- i can do every one of those moves right in here. i'm all over it. i'm tired just watching it. >> the funny thing is that guy is like the morning weather guy in new york city for a fox station. i think he actually gives tips. i was like, what's he talking to her for. he's a gym expert i think. you are the weather expert telling us do not get -- well, no, you're telling us we might
10:48 pm
have a slight warm-up but not too much. don't get excited by that? >> don't get too excited. >> maureen just confused me. what? >> let me break it down. it's cold but it's going to warm up a little bit. >> any temperature rise we're going to like. take a look outside. it is a cold night out there tonight. not too much moving onthe camera. the winds haven't been too bad tonight. they were a little brisk into the course of the day but overall not too bad tonight at all. but it is going to be a very cold night. we've got lots to talk about. let's look at our weather headlines for you. the arctic air, that's the main story bringing temperatures down quite a bit. we have a big temperature dip to talk about. plenty of forecast in -- plenty of sunshine in the forecast. a chance of some passing flurries in the forecast once we enter the early parts of the week. and then temperatures are finally going to rise by late week. that's the warm-up we're talking about but don't get too excited. it's going to be pretty close
10:49 pm
to seasonal. here's where we reached today. nowhere near where we should be. we should be in the 40s. it's cold out tre right now. 28 degrees in the district. we've got 27 at manassas. dulles at 27. look at martinsburg at 24 degrees. and 26 degrees in baltimore. now, take a look at winds. very light to breezy in some areas. anywhere from about 8 to 17 mile per hour winds. we don't have anything gusting out here right now. but you factor in the winds with the temperatures and this is what it feels like when you step outside. the windchill factor, major thing going on here for tonight and for tomorrow. feels like it's only 17 in the district. 14 at dulles. only 13 degrees at hagerstown. and to the far west this is where we have a wind chill aisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. on sunday where it's going to feel like it's about minus 5 degrees. winds over here expected to pick up anywhere from about 20 to 25 mile per hour wind gusts. so pendleton, highland, grant county as well as mineral and
10:50 pm
allegany all affected with that advisory. so tonight a bitter cold night outside. temperatures only in the teens. we've already talked about those windchills. layers is what you definitely need if you are heading anywhere tonight. we're not alone. take a look at the rest of the country. look at these temperatures. single digits in many areas all the way down to florida. temperatures into the 20s as well as for atlanta. so the big chill in the arctic air definitely on. to the west a few flurries as you can see. along the highlands we can see some of those lingering into the course of tomorrow. by monday and tuesday period we have a system that's going to push its way through. that could possibly bring us a few flurries in the overnight hours. in the meantime the arctic air situating itself right across our area. windchills to deal with. no shortage of sunshine for your sunday as we end the weekend but a high of only 29 degrees. you factor in the winds and once again it's the windchills. here's a look at your midday forecast and morning forecast. temperatures in the low 20s. we hit the upper 20s by about
10:51 pm
midday. by 5:00 the same story. that mercury doesn't budge very much at all. so tonight mostly clear, bitter cold. and as we take a look at tomorrow, once again don't be fooled by the sun, folks because those temperatures are dipping. five-day forecast shows the warm-up only by wednesday. thursday we're at 45 degrees. i want to say that the models are now kind of hinting at maybe a little bit of a storm system once we get into next weekend, too. so we're watching that closely but in the meantime dress in layers. bring the pets inside and beware of hypothermia. >> when you see 18 degrees overnight, you know you have to check on your elderly neighbors as well. thank you. check it out. caught on camera. a brawl between a mayor and a newspaper publisher. now the two men could both face charges. the fight happened wednesday between new mexico mayor harry mendoza in the dark jacket and a newspaper man. the 78-year-old mayor isup set over a story linking him to a
10:52 pm
19 1948 gang rape. both men suffered minor injuries and bystanders had to break the whole thing up. the next day the newspaper guy ran the story in the paper. the caps try to win big on the road. fox 5's lindsay murphy is here with those stories. >> a big night for bruce boudreau. it's his 55th birthday so the capitals had some winning to do. they're also on a three-game road trip. they headed into the game with 58 points as they attempt to become the fast esteem in franchise history to reach 60 points. lucky for them that would happen in the first period. no score the capitals in the thrashers zone. they get to face off. it 11-0 capitals. that would be more enough for goaltender. 39 saves in all. the capitals would add on seven more goals. they go on the road. they get a key division win 8- 1. big east rivalries are so strong on the basketball court. case in point tonight's matchup
10:53 pm
between 12th ranked george towfn and 13th ranked connecticut. uconn has dominated this matchup for many years but recently the wins have gone in georgetown's favor. the hoyas having won the last three meetings. we start in the first half, it was all uconn, the hurvegies running early -- huskies running early and often. the hoyas down 15 at the half. second half, here come the hoyas thanks to austin freeman who went off. he scored 28 of his carr high 33 points in the second half. they're knocking down the long ball. freeman would dig the hoyas out of a 19-point deficit. georgetown make it is four wins in a row against u. con. they go on to -- uconn. they go on to win. >> our offense made the defense better. we were getting better shots so we were able to set up our defense. then the guys just, you know, they just -- they worked. they did a better job in the second half communicating with each other. >> a good team win. georgetown improves to 12-2 including a 3-1 record in the big east.
10:54 pm
coming up on geico sports xtra, a look at the n.f.l. playoff action. the jets and bengals game already in the books. the cowboys and ekeles in action as we -- eagles in action as we speak. >> happy birthday to coach boudreau. coming up next, charlie sheen returned to the set of the tv show for the first time since being arrested on domestic violence charges. details ahead. forget about cash for clunkers. we're talking about cash for clutter. how you can get money for using your old stuff coming up on the news edge. so, now with fios, you have facebook and twitter on your tv.
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than comcast. this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizonth disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. it is back to work fo actor charlie sheen. that is tonight's top story in buzz bin. he filmed his first show since being arrested arrest christmas day. he stars in the comedy "two and a half men." sheen's wife apparently told police he put a knife to her throat.
10:58 pm
the actor denies the accusation. we're -- [ indiscernible ] you know them by their first names but why wouldn't you? at 20 years and counting the simpsons is television's longest running cartoon. jamie colby takes a look at what's to come on the show's 450th anniversary special. >> reporter: paint the town yellow as the simpsons celebrate 20 years and 450 episodes with a special tv extravaganza. >> there will be ice skating. there could potentially be something 3-d-esque. >> reporter: the folks behind the world famous animated family have theories on the secret to their longevity. >> we dealt with serious issues in a way that were really funny and could talk about them in a prime time program that a scripted show couldn't or live action show couldn't. >> that was the weird point. it was right away people liked it and responded but that never to this day has for the ebbed. it's only seem to have grown.
10:59 pm
that i don't understand but i'm grateful for it. >> three children is enough, thank you. >> they take no prisoners so we go to church every week but we have plenty to say about going to church every week. not all of it good. so you just -- you sort of don't want to mess with us because we'll take you down. we'll take you down. >> reporter: but they added it's also because the simpsons are all about family. >> no matter what they go through, they actually hang in there as a family and they figure things out. >> ten years later eight an intact family -- it's an intact family doing their best for eachther, who love each other and a good marriage. come on. >> reporter: the special occasion got smith thinking back on how she actually almost voiced bart before finding her place as lisa. >> i sound too much like a girl so that was a bust. they showed me a picture of lisa and she -- they told me she was 8. i thought okay, she must be a little bit higher th


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