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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  January 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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made. >> reporter: luckily it's given her costar years of cool party tricks. >> you see kind of like the twinkle in their eye that they're wanting me to talk like bart but don't want to cross over lines. don't you want my autograph, man? >> reporter: practice your best simpsons impression as they celebrate 20 years with you this sunday night on fox. in new york, jamee colby, fox news. >> i heard those actors are rich. don't you wish cue manipulate your voice like that? >> if you could do bart like that for 20 years, i home you have some money. the news far from over. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. off the top bone chilling cold that just will not let up. we're talking dangerous lows tonight. i'm maureen umeh. i'm will thomas. your forecast which includes temps in the teens, at least
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for one night in just a minute. we begin by taking it outside to see how people are coping with this bitter blast. fox 5's jessica weinstein kicks off the news edge. >> reporter: another cold winter weather weekend for us with the temperatures not even going above freezing and those breezes making it feel more like the teens. it's certainly not comfortable to be out in it tonight. with ice now solidly crossing the potomac beneath the key bridge, it's the kind of day only a canada goose or kid can love. >> when we were playing on the playground, we were sliding on the ice like ice skaters. >> reporter: even runners need eyes on the back of their shoes. >> we can't go on the sidewalks a lot of times because they're still compacted ice. people didn't shovel their walks because it wasn't that much snow. basically you end up running in the street. >> reporter: just don't run or skate on this ice. d.c. firefighters practiced ice rescue just in case. >> there's no such thing as safe ice. you can't guarantee it's safe beyond going to your local rink. >> reporter: in falls church dozens of additional takers for
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fairfax county's hypothermia prevention program which adds as many as 80 extra beds to the normal capacity of 50 at this shelter alone. >> we in addition to our regular shelter population, we had probably maybe 25 to 30 hypothermia guests who stayed in out of the elements. >> reporter: this man who asked not to be identified and spoke through a translator is among them and wants to help others to find the same shelter he has. >> sometimes i invite them to come but sometimes some of them haven't come in-- have come in but some don't come. > reporter: some 200 volunteers make it possible in fairfax county. if you know someone who can use the sfers you can call the county -- services, you can call the county. in the district, fox 5 news. the temperatures are falling dangerously low again tonight. >> they are. maureen, we're going to have a look at those temperatures right now because it is going
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to abbitter cold night outside. take a look. 27 degrees right now in d.c. 25 at dulles. 25 at manssas and 29 at baltimore. but take a look at the windchill factor. it actually feels like it's only 17 degrees right now in d.c. 13 at dulles. 13 at martinsburg and 19 in baltimore. now, we do have a windchill advisory for the far west until 10:00 a.m. sunday morning. winds there are going to be gusting at 25 miles per hour. it's going to feel like it's nye news 5. here's an -- it's minus 5. here's an example of what we can expect. wait till i give you the full forecast. we have lots more to deal w. ail have that coming up. >> thanks, gwen. a local victim killed in the terror attack on a c.i.a. base is being remembered. family, friends, colleagues gathered in massachusetts to honor 37-year-old harrell brown, jr. -- harold brown, jr. he lived in fairfax station with his beautiful family here. he was one of seven victims killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. his wife and three children stood together at the service along with asrick.
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>> the kids will miss him. but i think in the years they had him, they did more than manpeople ever do in their whole lives. >> the attack is considered one ever the worst attacks on u.s. intelligence per knell in more than 20 years. the coast of northern california rattled by an earthquake. we're everywhere at 11:00 tonight. the u.s. geological survey says a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit 27 miles from the coastal city of eureka this evening shaking buildings and knocking out power. four after shocks followed within minutes, the biggest registering 3.8. officials say there is no threat of the quake generating a tsunami. the san francisco bay area was struck by two light earthquakes on thursday and friday. parking in d.c. is going to cost you more. the city is extending nighttime hours for pay parking to 10:00 p.m. and enforcing saturday meter parking. it's also converting most of its meters to a new maximum
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ra of $2 an hour. the conversion of signs and meters has already begun and is expected to be complete by january 19. a plan to install speed cameras in prince george's county school zones is getting the red light. the county executive jack johnson has lobbied hard for them like these in montgomery county but he now says he'll have police use mobile cameras as needed. he says speed cameras are the way -- [ indiscernible ] drivers were caught by the devoices will be mailed a $40 ticket but get no points added to their driver's license. you've heard of cash for clunkers. well, how about cash for clutter. that's right. there is now big incentive for you to clear the clutter from your life. brenda butner explains. >> reporter: the new year brings new goals. how about clearing out some of that clutter you've been avoiding. start with unwanted gifts from your holiday haul. >> according to a survey that was done which is e-bay's
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family friendly classified site, one in ten gifts is unwanted. and 60% of people hold on to those unwanted gifts so i'm a big fan of clearing those things out, like as soon as possible. >> reporter: those unwanted gifts can be turned into cash. >> if you sell those unwanted items on a site, you can make extra cash at the same time. it does take a couple of clicks. you can upload photos. get your kids involved in selling their unwanted toys as ell. >> reporter: move on to the closet. you can't tack it will if it's jammed with clothes so move everything out. >> once you do that, spread it out on the bed. don't be afraid. you'll find things. you'll discover things you forgot you had. but it's a great way to get rid of the things you don't want and don't use. >> reporter: not sure what to get rid of or sell online? plan a pretend move. >> if you were going to be moving, is this an item you would want to have in your new home or if this is a new item, would i buy it again. >> reporter: taking care of the items you choose to keep will
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save you money in the long run. >> especially right now, it's all about saving money. and believe it or not, it's a no brainer but taking better care of your stuff will save you money. >> reporter: for your shoppers market in new york, i'm brenda butner, fox news. did you see it? the times square billboard featuring president obama. why it's -- why its days are numbered coming up next. 
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temperatures taking a significant dip as we get arctic air that's settling in across our region. take a look 27 degrees right now officiay at national airport. 23 at gaithersburg. we've got 25 degrees at dulles and 25 at frederick. but the windchills making it feel a lot colder than the temperatures. feels like it's 17 at d.c. gaithersburg only 13 degrees at dulles and 12 degrees at
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manassas. in the far west we do have a windchill advisory in effect. that until sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. winds will be gusting anywhere from 20 to 25 miles per hour. it's going to feel like it's minus 5 degrees. that affects, grant, mineral, peneton and highland and allegany counties. make sure that you dress warm if you're heading anywhere. for tonight our overnight lows are going to stick around in the teens. we'll see plenty of sunshine as we move through into tomorrow. but it's still going to be a cold day. we're not alone. take a look at national temperatures. some areas, st. louis only at 7 degrees. that cold arctic air is settling in as the jet stream continues its way to the south. so bitter cold arctic air across the area. windchills to deal w. don't be fooled by tomorrow's sunshine. it's going to be a very, very cold day. here's a look at your five-day forecast. we are expecting a warm-up as we move through into the end ever the week but we'll be at
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seasonal temperatures by then. monday night into tuesday we're going to see a very weak clipper system push its way through. that could leave us with a passing flurry or a few snow showers in the overnight hours but nothing is going to accumulate. we're keeping an eye on that. in the meantime the challenge is definitely going to be to stay warm as the cold air sticks around through into the beginning of the week before we start to warm up. will, maureen? >> thanks, gwen. it's a times square billboard that's outrained the white house. it's not a racy lingerie ad. it's president owe bam mark that's all -- obama. that's all. or is it? the president is wearing the company's jacket in china. it turned the photo into a giant billboard. the company says it will cooperate with the white house and remove the ad by january 22. i think i just said -- [ indiscernible ] >> i've got to say, is this the first time that a president's likeness has been used in an ad like that? i wonder. >> typically presidents are somewhat controversial so maybe this is the first president we've had in a while where they thought they could move some
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merch as they say. >> he did appear in "sports illustrated" on the beach and the first lady too appearing in the ad. i guess it's tough being handsome. you should know, right? that does it for you. want news and information 24/7, fox 5 news always on. >> are you gagging? i'm about to. we're talking about thanks for spending part of your weekend with us, letting us get silly at the end. lindsay is standing by with geico sports xtra two minutes away. bye, guys. 
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