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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  January 9, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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good evening. welcome to another saturday night of geico sports xtra. you just got a taste of what we have in store on cap. the capitals trying to get coach bruce grow a win for his -- boudreau a win for his 55th birthday. first georgetown and uconn get after it. they trailed by as many as 19 points and went nearly ten minutes without scoring a bucket but georgetown stayed composed and put on a show before 25 scouts from nba teams. first half it was all uconn, the huskierunning early and often. stanley robinson finish be the alley-oop dunk there. later a three ball from jamal mcdaniel and the hurvegies were rolling -- hurvegies were roll -- huskies were rolling. you though who was not happy? john thompson iii.
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we go to the second half. here come the hoyas and austin freeman went off getting himself set here. he whipped some distance from the top of the key. nothing but net. he was far from being done. he had 28 points in the second half alone. wee tally a career high 33 in all. driving a baseline for another two and the hoyas would rally making the uconn coach speechless as you just saw. the hoyas clinging to a one- point lead but onn has the ball. i'm not sure you can follow this. try to see chris wright. he comes up with the loose ball and would find greg monroe on the other end of the floor. he gets the easy lay-in giving georgetown a three-point lead. the huskies would get one more chance to tie but the three- pointer is off the mark. 72-69 georgetown. >> our offense made our defense better. you know, we were getting better shots and so we were able to set up our defense. and then the guys just, you
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know, they just circled the wagons around each other. they did a better job in the second half communicating with each other. >> being aggressive, taking what the defense gave me. my teammates got me open and i -- they left me open so i took the shot. >> we're not going to die down. we're going to come to fight and play as hard as we can, staying focused if we're down. coming out and just playing hard. >> george mason hosting unc wiington. first half, defense to offense kim long steps in the passing lane and takes it the other way. the dunk of his choice right there. the patriots up 16-8. on the very next possession the same formula works again. mike morrison has his back, two of his 15 points. george mason led 30-18 at the break. second half it's the freshman corn kneel just -- cornelius strong. a couple other scores uva wins at nc state 70-62. howard loses to morgan state 90-
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58. this week the capitals have a prime opportunity to pad their lead in the southeast division. they currently hold a 14-point lead and have the thrashers on tap tonight followed by tampa bay and florida. the capitals entered tonight's road game at 8-1 against southeast division teams. we start in the first period. no score. the caps in the thrashers zone. they win the faceoff. 1-0 capitals early on. still in the first, the thrashers on a power play but the caps are attacking shorthanded. alexander semi ne is denied but he sticks with t. lenot be denied a second time. that is the first of two goals for semin. he now has 18 for the season. that would be more enough for the goaltender. 39 saves in all, including this beautiful stab in mid air. from there the capitals would just pour it on. nicholas backstrom adds one. 8-1 making a big winner for head coach bruce boudreau on
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his 55 55th birthday. it's time for your first break in the show. the n.f.l. playoffs are underway. that and more when geico sports xtra returns. 
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welcome back to the show. the cowboys and eagles are playing as we speak in the nfc wild card matchup. right now it's all dallas. 34-14 late in the 4th quarter. in the afc wild card matchup, bengals hosting the jets. things started off pretty well for the bengals. in the first quarter, an 11- year-old touchdown. 7-0 cincinnati early on but the jets would take over from there. on the misdirection, watch sean green. goes 39 yards basically untouched for the score. this game is tied up at 7. then the rookie quarterback mark sanchez ould go to work on the bootleg play here, he looks deep, finds dustin keller deep down the rightide line. he tiptoes his way to six more points. 45 yards for that score and the jets taking ta a 14-7 lead into the half. third quarter thomas jones goes up the middle for 9 yards and
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the touchdown. the jets beat the bengals 24-14 to advance to the semifinal round and the head coach is loving the maturity of his rookie quarterback mark sanchez. >> he really was tremendous today. you could tell he had the eye of the tiger. he was ready to get out there and have at it. i tell you, i see him getting better and better each day on the practice field. his command of the offense i think is much better. >> in other n.f.l. news pete carol has reportedly reached an agreement in principle with the seattle seahawks to be their next head coach. he is expected to be introduced as the coach as early as morning morning. tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame goes to colts
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quarterback peyton manning who is this year's n.f.l. mvp. manny is the first player to be awarded the honor four times in his career. he also won mvp in 2003, 2004, and in '08. this season peyton led the colts to a 14-2 record. he threw for 4500 yards and 33 touchdowns. the quarterback has started every game in his career, 192 in the regular season, 15 in the playoffs. he's making me tired. peyton's mvp status has earned us his geico 15 minutes of fame. when we come back, a look back at antawn jamison's heartfelt address to wizards fans last night at the vezon center. geico sports xtra will be right back. 
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welcome back. the former face of the franchise no longer has a banner at the verizon center. his jersey and merchandise no longer on sale at the arena and his highlights are gone from all pre-game videos. although the wizards say they're not phasing gilbert arenas out, they're definitely making an effort to move on. it started with this speech from team captain antawn jamison at a sold out crowd at the verizon center. >> there's been a picture of
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some of us taking events very lightly. this is a serious situation. it's something that we take to heart. we never meant to make light of the situation and we're going to do everything in our power as long as i'm your captain and as long as these guys right here are my teammates to make this one of the most respectable organizations in the league. >> well said by antawn jamison. one other quick note, the dallas cowboys did beat the philadelphia eagles in the nfc wild card game. that's all the time we have on -- we have tonight. thanks for spending your night with us. a big thanks to


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