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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  January 10, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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right now the bitter blast is hanging around. temperatures are so bone chilling the potomac is glazed over with ice. is a reprieve on the horizon. controversy surrounding the senate majority leader about comments made about then candidate obama. and we have your winners and losers and a look ahead coming up. good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. i'm sarah simmons. >> and i'm melanie alnwick. the frigid temperatures have been down right dangerous. it doesn't look all that bad as
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we look at the lincoln memorial. i'm sorry that's the jefferson. but looks can be deceiving. it's another cold one out there. >> we begin our coverage with gwen tolbert down in the weather center. hi. you're right. looks can be deceiving, especially today where we have plenty of sunshine and people assume it's a nice, comfortable day. it is not. let's begin with a look at temperatures. because they are on the cold side. 20 degrees in the nation's capital. 60 degrees at gaithersburg. 19 at dulles. 17 at baltimore. and 16 to the west in martinsberg. but we have some winds. not very strong winds right now. but still breezy out there. anywhere from 6-8 mile-per-hour sustained winds. you factor in the wind and the temperature and here is where we get into the dangerous part, the windchill. and this is what it feels like if you're stepping outside.
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only 7 degrees at d.c. this hour is what it feels like. 7 at dulles, 10 at baltimore. to the west, only 4 degrees in martinsberg. so our windchills will continue to be single-digit throughout the course of the day and then gradually climb a little bit. but i'm lling you, to the west we have a windchill advisory until 10:00 or it will feel like minus 5-10. gusting winds up to 20 miles per hour. including pendleton, highland and grant and mineral counties and allegany. so dress in layers. here is a good example of what we're expecting, windchills at 16-degrees by 9:00 and 18 after that. we are not going to warm up very much at all. 33 is our daytime high. do not leave your pets out and be aware of the signs of hypothermia. back to you. >thank you, gwen. and you heard her say it will not let up. so how are people coping with
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the bitter blast. let's check in with jessica weinstein as she makes rounds across the d.c. region. >> reporter: with e solidly crossg the potomac beneath the key bridge, it's the kind of day only a canada goose or a kid can love. >> when we tell our friends we were playing on the playground and sliding on the ground. >> reporter: even runners are falling. >> people didn't shovel their walks so you end up running in the street. >> reporter: but don't run or skate on this ice. today d.c. firefighters practice an ice rescue just in case. >> there is no such thing as safe ice. you can't guarantee it's safe. beyond going to your local rink, you shouldn't e on the ice. >> reporter: and dozens of takers for the hypothermia prevention program which as 80 extra beds to the normal capacity of 50 at this shelter alone. >> in addition to our regular
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shelter population, we had probably 25-30 hypothermia guests who stayed in out of the elements. >> reporter: this man who asked not to be identified and spoke through a translator wants others to find the shelter he has. >> sometimes i invite them to come, but sometimes some of them have come but some of them, they don't come. >> reporter: in the district i'm jessica weinstein, fox 5 news. >> and if you're worried about someone homeless in the district who may need help, here is the number to call. it is 800-535-7252. it's there on the screen. we've also postd it on we are learning more about the damage from a powerful earthquake off the coast of california. the 6.5 magnitude wait hit 27 miles -- wait hit 27 miles north of eureka. there have been 9 aftershocks
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since. several buildings have been deemed unsafe. power is out for thousands in the area and a slew of gas lines are still out of commission. the good news is no major injuries were reported. a developing story out of maryland. a freight train crashes into a car. it happened just after 6:00 this morning near annandale road and route 1 in beltsville. a man inside the car was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. so far the man don't know why the man's car was in the tracks. one of the big talkers this weekend, senate majority leader harry reid is trying to do damage control about comments he made during the campaign for obama. senator reed said obama could win the race because he was a quote, life skin fram with no
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negro dialect. herued a -- he issued a formal apology. he said i apologize for my improper comments. president obama accepted the apology and considers the matter over. and senator reid helped push through the health care bill. and now a big named clinic is being touted as an example of what could go wrong with the health care plan. melanie wilkes reports on why the mayo clinic in arizona has some people pretty worried. >> costs will finally come down for families, businesses and our government. >> reporter: president obama wants lawmakers to push through a health care bill when they return from recess. he says once the law takes hold, patients and doctors will have more control over medical decisions. >> the worst practice in the insurance industry will be forever banned. >> reporter: but critics say mayo clinic could be a future.
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they have stopped treated medicare patients because reimbursements doesn't cover costs. the republicans say the president is backing a plan that doesn't address the high cost of care. >> raise taxes on small businesses, raises taxes on middle income americans and raises taxes on medical devices and in creases medicare premiums for seniors by $50 billion. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi promised to address the shortfall in reimbursements. >> we salute their work and their right to point out the disparity in reimbuements would be short sided not to pass the bill because of one piece of the bill which we will correct. >> reporter: california governor arnold schwarzenegger says washington owes the state billions. >> my budget includes billions of dollars for medicare. >> reporter: the president
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hopes to have the bill signed into law before the state of the union address next month. melanie wilkes, fox news. >> and the bills need to be merged into one before it can move on to the president's desk. a memorial service was held in massachusetts for 37-year- old harold brown, jr. brown and his family lived in fairfax station. he was one of 7 victims of a suicide bombing in afghanistan on a c.i.a. base. his wife and three children stood together at the service along with massachusetts governor deval patrick. brown was killed in a patrick carried out by a suicide bomber. there is new video of the bomber moments before he struck. as caroline shively reports, the man said american intelligence officials tried to get him to spy for them. >> reporter: in a just-released videotape before his death, a doctor says revenge is why he killed the c.i.a.
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operatives in afghanistan because the c.i.a. had killed a pakistani leader with a missile strike in august. he said he turned down millions of dollars for the u.s. and jordan who wanted him to spy. he taped the video shortly before he went on a u.s. base and blew up 7 c.i.a. employees and himself in afghanistan. he says on the tape, we will never forget the blood of our appear, referring to the dead taliban leader. they said it is they're duty to go after other targets. >> this will be the first of the other operations against another attempts. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the washington post reports thajust before the blast, his vehicle sped through check points on base and when he stepped out to be checked by a security guard, he quickly detonated the bomb, sending pellets ripping through
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him and others near him. an anonymous former official said meeting someone like that was bad. and leon pinetta said those who gave their lives brought it upon themself. he was about to be searched when he detonated the bomb. his father blames the u.s. for turning his wife and children into orphans. >> ben perosi was remembered in washington state. the c.i.a. deputy director says he took action to save other lives during the attack. a 25-year-old queens college grad is facing some charg of conspiring to commit murder and receiving training from al-qaeda. the indictment alleges the suspect went to pakistan back in 2008 with the denver airport
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shuttle bus driver. investigators believe they plotted an attack in new york. he pled not guilty. a 28-year-old student will be charged with trespassing for causing a security scare at newark airport. he crossed over a secure point to walk with his girlfriend to her gate. that's what he's telling police. but the seemingly innocent move forced flight delays all over the world. the charge carries a fine of up to $500. it's not a public vote but residents may get to decide on whether to vote on gay marriage. there will be a hearing on whether to hold a referendum. the d.c. council voted to legalize the union and the
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first below the mason-dixon line. that doesn't become law until congress votes later this month. the former president of howard university has died. james cheek was president of the school for 20 years from 1969 to 1989. during that time the school expanded, adding the law school and the divinity school. president cheek increased student enrollment and the budget grew to ten times the size. he was awarded the presidential metal offreedom. he was 77 years old. here is a new one. a jar full of donations for one family swiped by a man in virginia, police say. now he said it was all a misunderstanding. plus the failed christmas day bombing attempt. the president takes percent of the blame but how will that play out in the coming weeks? chris wallace will tackle that and more on fox news sunday. we'll get a preview after the break. 
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ultimately the buck stops with me. as president i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people and when the system fails it is my responsibility. >> president obama takes at least part of the blame for the failed christmas day terror plot. two democratic senators announce they are not running for re-election and former powerlaying playing defense on gun charges. it's a big week on fox news sunday. chris wallace joins us with a preview of today's program. >> good morning melanie. >> and some believe that democrats dropping out are a sign of republican resurgence. what is the landscape looking like. >> it's going to be a tough year for democrats. when the party that holds the white house, they lose seats in the first bye election because no president lives up to all of the promises he's going to make. but in adig -- addition, i
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think the democrats bear the numbers of the economy. unemployment staying at 10% and economists say it could be in double-digits through the next year. it will just be a tough year for democrats overall. >> and we've been talking about the controversial comments that harry reid made. are those going to hurt his chances? >> he was in trouble already. a poll came out just this weekend and who would have thought that would have been the good news for him. the poll showed that among nevada voters, 30% view him favorably, 50% view him unfavorably. now you have this controversy where he makes racial remarks even though the president has for -- forgiven him and civil rights rally around him. >> thursday the president told the nation that the system did fail and how is this admission played and are those measures being called on now going to be enough? >> we don't know.
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it's a bureaucratic solution to a bureaucratic problem. you didn't get the dramatic call to fire somebody. maybe that was a good decision or maybe it wasn't. in the end there is only one way to now whether or not the system is working and that's whether there is another attack or not. but national security has always been a vulnerability. generally voters think on issues like the economy and social issues, they think the democrats handle them better. national security thinks republicans do. and to the degree there is any perception this party is weak on protecting the country, that's a problem for the democrats. >> and i know you'll be discussing those topics on show today. and i want to ask you about gilbert arenas. i know you spent time before when you did your power player story and described him as being a sweet and entertaining guy. what do you make of the gun charges. >> he's going to be our power player of the week. we look back to that interview. we interviewed him 3 and a half years ago before the knee injuries and the $100 million contract and wait until you
8:19 am
hear what he has to stay about spoiled athletes and thugs in sports and the kinds of things that he used to do to give back to the fans. and it's really a little sad because it makes you realize that a good guy, and i think he is a good guy, can go so wrong. i'm not sure it's out of being a thug. i think he's just a knucklehead, but it certainly went wrong. >> something very interesting to go back and look at and see in retrospect. thank you for your time. >> you bet. >> and you can catch fox news sunday at 9:00 right after our show. we'll speak with tim kaine and michael steel about politics in 2010. senators jon kyl and jack reed will ring in as well. now here is a look at other stories making headlines. we begin in vermont where three people have died in a snowmobile accident. three snowmobiles carrying six people went through the ice on
8:20 am
lake dunnmore. five of them went into the water. a 4-year-old was saved before the snowmobile he was riding fell in. the victims are a 50-year-old man, his 24-year-old daughter and 3-year-old granddaughter. the husband of a utah woman who disappeared from their home last month is moving out of the state. josh powell is take his two sons to washington state where they have relatives. his wife susan vanished more than four weeks ago after he says he took his two young sons camping in the snowy mountains overnight. powell is a person of interest in the case but not been named a suspect. virginia governor tim kaine met with the family of the victims at virginia tech. he called it a social meeting at the governor's mansion. it is part of a legal settlement in which the families agreed to the no s after the 2007 massacre. governor elect also attending the meeting into a virginia man is charged with stealing a jar
8:21 am
full of donation meant for a family funeral expense but bill packard said it's a misunderstanding. he says he was trying to give the jar to the family. and he said he was worried someone would steal the jar so he was trying to do the family a favor but the family never got the money. >> i thought i was doing the right thing. i signed my name at this store. didn't steal anything. i told them i can go up the road and get a check or i can go get the can with the moy in it and they didn't want to hear that. and they locked me up without bond over $39. >> that's right, $39. but he's charged with petty larceny. get ready to dig deeper in your pockets to try to park in d.c. the price for metered parking going up and you'll need a whole lot of quarters to avoid a ticket. new speed camera tickets
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fox 5 on call with another push to get the flu shots. secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius will be at the 19th street baptist church for the kickoff to flu vaccine week. they are trying to get the message out that americans still need to get the h1n1 vaccine. flu season is expected to continue for several more months. just since august the h1n1 virus hospitalized almost 38,000 americans and killed 1700. that number includes 188 children. well here are some stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. tomorrow hillary clinton begins a week long trip with stops in new zealand and new guinea. international development will be the topic. on wednesday the supreme
8:26 am
court will hear oral arguments from the nfl. they want to be exempt from antitrust laws and it will also likely impact the nba and the nhl. a star studded lineup for the tasty awarded. it cited food on the web. special awards for anthony bore dane and meryl streep and you tube. the rock group romantics will kick off a charity preview for a gala to raise money for children's organizations throughout detroit. a parking meter change is now in affect. the city raised the price for hourly meters in places like adams morgan and the national mall to name a few. and that's not all. ros plater has what you need to know before you park. >> reporter: grab a handful of quarters because you'll ned them for the $2 -- need them
8:27 am
for the $2 an hour meter. and you'll need to feet it until 10:00 at night. >> that's a lot. that's ridiculous. >> well they're going up on everything else. they're finding a way to dig in our pockets whenthey don't put anything in there. >> reporter: like it or not, d- dot says change is on the way to the city's so-called premium demand zones. adams morgan, georgetown, the pin quarter, the u street corridor, the city business district, main avenue and water street southwest and the national mall a part of wisconsin avenue from van ness to western. the began rollout was in the water front area home to the seafood wharf where many are outraged. thanks to the sluggish economy, business here is already slow. >> our regular customers don't come in like they used to. they can't afford it. and they don't need extra parking to pay for it. >> reporter: and the free
8:28 am
parking on saturday will definitely hurt. >> people from out of town, why do they want to come to city any more. they have to pay a parking fee. you have to have a draw in for the customers. >> reporter: d-dot says the changers are not just about money, but encourage folks to take public transportation but some businesses say the trickle down affect will hurt them. >> here at the wharf, year just struggling to survive. we're totally against it. >> reporter: now this may not make you feel a whole lot better, but even at $2 an hour it's less than other cities. $3.50 downtown in san francisco and $4 i'm told in los angeles. in southwest d.c., i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. well now a plan to in stall speed cameras in prince george's county school zones has been scrapped. instead police will use mobile cameras when needed. county executive jack johnson
8:29 am
lobbied hard for the speed cameras like these in montgomery county. he is now against them. he wants to ensure public safety. you can be mailed a $40 ticket. pocket books have taken a hit and so have credit scores. coming up, how to boost the very important number. >> and gwen is back with a look at today's weather and a workweek preview. stay with us everyone, fox 5 morning news will be right back. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season, but it's melting fast. this is your last chance to get $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months when you switch to verizon fios tv, internet and phone fojust $99.99 a month with a one-year agreement. with fios tv, you get an amazing hd picture along wi internet service that's fiber-optic fast. both were ranked highest in customer satisfaction
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move your money. that's the push of a grassroots movement but the puffington post log. the movement is to hurt banks in the pocket book. some were asked to open local accounts at local banks and say it will shift power away from wall street and back to mn street. a recession is taking a
8:33 am
toll on the bottom line and for some it's gone farther. credit scores have taken a hit. you need great credit to get any kind of loan. we look at how to boost your credit score. >> reporter: what is the highest possible fico credit score you can get? >> um, i don't know. 500? >> i don't know. you might want to ask my husband? >> 820. >> reporter: the answer is 850. so what is your credit score? >> what is the number? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: felipe oscar didn't know her score either so we looked it up for free on credit it wasn't good. >> there is your credit score, 509. what do you think? >> that's really bad. >> reporter: 509 out of 850. she is trying to boost her scar because she has a dream for herself and her two daughters. >> because i want to get my own home. >> reporter: so she asked for help from a consumer advocate. >> so we come up with a plan of
8:34 am
who you have to pay off in order to boost your credit score so you'll qualify for one of our special below market race mortgages. >> reporter: if you want a house, a car or bank loan, you need to boost your score. we'll show you how to boost your score. but here is how to find it. the web is crammed with offers and you could end up with three or more different credit scores because each agency has a different formula. at my, scores range from 300 to 850. >> i would say shoot for 700 or 720. i know the thresholds that changed. >> reporter: to boost your score try these tips. >> cardinal rule is pay on time. >> reporter: avoid retail score charge cards. every time they check your credit report your score takes a hit. next pay down credit card debt
8:35 am
to about 20% of your credit limits. for a car with $1,000 limit you should owe no more than $200. check equifax, transunion and others. >> do not communicate with the people you owe money to. >> reporter: felipe found two blemishes on her credit report that she has to pay off first. >> i'm going to get there. some lawmakers are proposing a tax increase on alcohol that would amount to about a dime a drink. proponents say the money would shore up state revenues, including public health needs. the d.c. region isn't the only part of the country getting hit with the frig temperatures. a wicked blast of cold air has teeth chattered from oklahoma to new england. this group of workers couldn't
8:36 am
be stopped in fargo, north dakota. some striped down to their shorts in a jog in 5 below temperatures. a chicago woman is counting her blessings. rescuers saved her and her dog as they fell through the ice in lake michigan. even florida is seeing freezing temperatures as well. not a fear of global warming at least not right now any way. >> but my sister texted me yesterday and she lives near orlando, that ice was falling. ice is falling in orlando. it's crazy. >> and it's gotten cold here too. and gwen tolbert is keeping an eye on things down in the weather center. we do have a warm-up, but relatively speaking. nothing you want to put your shorts on and be running outside in, that's for sure. let's look at current temperatures. very chilly start to the morning outside, folks. 20 degrees officially in the district. 16 at gaithersburg and 17
8:37 am
degrees at baltimore. and here is a look at mid- atlantic. temperatures, look at boston at 12 degrees and 15 in new york. 4 in pittsburgh. now the winds are light to breezy. anywhere fm 7-13 miles per hour, even 16. but the windchills are single- digits in many locations including 7 at national airport. and to the far west, a windchill advisory in affect. there it's going to feel like it's minus 5 to minus 10. this ends at 10:00 on sunday, today. the winds there are very strong. more details on the warmup in my five-day forecast. back to you. >> gwen, thank you. coming up next in the buzz bin. a first for charlie sheen since his domestic violence arrest. details are minutes away. a 911 call and shedding new light on the death of eric casey johnson. 
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topping the buzz bin this morning, iis back to work for
8:41 am
actor charlie sheen. he filmed his first show since being arrested. he stars in the comedy two and a half men. his wife told police he put a knife to her throat but the actor denies that accusation. new details about the sudden death of casey johnson. according to the woman who called 911, johnson was already dead by the time the ambulance arrived. the heiress died in los angeles. she was staying in a guest home. the owner who is the one who called 911. a recording of the call was posted on >> are the emergencies -- i have somebody who i believe has just died in my guest house. i'm pretty sure. she's ice cold and her hands are turning blue. very often her medication gets all screwed up, so it's probably because of that. >> well you heard the woman
8:42 am
refer to johnson's medication. johnson was diabetic but it's not clear whether that contributed to her death. johnson was 30 years old. well homer, marg, bart, lisa and maggie. you know them by their first names. at 20 years and countying, the simpsons is the longest running cartoon. jamie colby looks at what is to come on the 450th episode special. >> paint the town yellow as the simpsons celebrate 20 years and 450 episodes with a special tv extravaganza hosted by morgan spurlock. >> there will be ice skating. there could potentially be something 3-d. >> reporter: the folks behind the animated family have theories on the secrets to their longevity. >> dealing with issues in a way that were funny and talk about them in a prime time program that a scripted or live action show can't. >> it was right away that
8:43 am
people liked it and responded but to this day, that has notened. it's only have notebb ed. it's only grown. >> we take no prisoners. so we go to church every week but we have plenty to say about oing to church every week. not all of it good. so you just sort of don't want to mess with us, because we'll take you down. we'll take you down. >> reporter: but they say it's also because the simpsons are all about family. >> no matter what they go there, they actually hang if there as a family. >> 20 years later, it's an intact family doing their best for each other, who love each other and a good marriage. i mean, come on. >> reporter: the special occasion got beetedly smidgeon how she almost voiced bart. >> i sound too much like a girl so that was a girl. and then they showed me a picture of lisa and said she
8:44 am
was 8 and i thought, well then she must be a little bit higher than what i am and history was made. >> reporter: luckily it's given her years of cool party tricks. >> you see a twinkle in their eye that they want me to talk like bart and i say, don't you want my autograph, man. >> reporter: they celebrate 20 years with you this sunday night on fox. in new york jamie colby, fox news. well the budgetct set to fall in montgomery county. jobs, schools and librairies would all take a hit. plus we have details on how it could leave mass transit riders out in the cold. and speaking of cold. i'll let you know how long the frigid arctic air will stick around. there is a warmup on the way relatively speaking, after the break.
8:45 am
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some of the big stories we're following. a freight train crashed into a car. you can see it right there. it was stopped on the tracks in beltsville. we are told there were no hazmat concerns. man inside the car was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. so far police don't know why his car was stuck on the tracks. parking in d.c. is going to cost you more. the city expended nighttime hours for pay parking to 10:00 p.m. and enforcing saturday metered parking. it's also converting most of the meters to the new maximum rate of $2 an hour. they have started changing the meters and should be finished by january 19th. montgomery county leaders are trying to find tens of millions of dollars to save county resources. among the things on the chopping blocks are jobs.
8:49 am
$22million for schools, libraries and bus routes. an estimate of bus routes will be ridden off. >> reporter: the ride-on buses make 30,0 trips a year and 3% of bus ridership will be affected. >> there goes my job. there goes my job. >> reporter: at the waxville bus station, riders didn't like the news that dozens of routes will be acted. >> what will you do? >> i guess i'll have to start taking a bike or walk. >> reporter: some week day routes will be discontinued completely as will some weekend routes. a few week day rush hour trips will be reduced and some evening week day trips will be shortened. the t 2 is a metro bus during the week and montgomery county operates it on the weekend. it is one of the routes tear talking about eliminating on saturdays and sundays. >> it's going to be a big problem because i have to go to work. and if there is no bus, then i can't go to work. >> reporter: county officials say they have no choice. >> it's not something that we
8:50 am
like to do. we're very supportive of mass transit and in creased transportation opportunities. >> reporter: but what are misplaced commuters suppose to do. >> there may be other routes available to them that are nearby. in other cases, people will just have to make other arrangements. >> reporter: the county says it's cutting service on routes with the leasimpact affecting the fewest number of riders. some people will lose their county jobs under the proposed budget cuts. 32 of them ride-on bus drivers. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> now the changes aren't set in stone yet. commutersant to put in their 2 cents can append a public meeting coming up at 6:30 p.m. on february 1st at the executive office building. a know a lot of people standing out at the bus stops these days in the upper metro platform certainly feeling the chill. but i like what you're saying about what is coming. >> tell us more, please. >> let's not get too excited
8:51 am
folks. don't turn off the heat just yet. we have a little bit of a warmup coming our way. so we'll talk about that in just a minute. but let's have a look outside where it is very cold. the jefferson memorial there. you can see the cameras shaking a little bit. not as windy today as it was yesterday. except for areas to the far west. but still, we have windchills. and that's a very important component of what is going on today in terms of weather. as well as for tonight. so we're going to begin with the fact that the arctic air is deinitely on our doorstep and taking a big dip as far as temperatures are concerned. plenty of sunshine as well. so we ave windchills to talk about and a chance of passing flurries into the early part of the week. this is advanced on me so we'll just move on. here is a look at the temperatures yesterday. we struggled at baltimore to get just barely above the freezing mark at 33 degrees. 36 in other area ports. we should really be into the low 40s. that didn't happen. and a cold, chilly start to the
8:52 am
morning. look at the temperatures. 20 degrees at d.c., 19 at manassas. the same at dulles. martinsberg only at 16 and 17 at baltimore. and we're talking about the windchills today. a big factor. so you take the temperature, factor in the winds and that's how you get your windchills. so the winds now anywhere from 7-16 mile-per-hour sustained winds. but here is what it feels like when you step outside. and this is important if you're outdoors in how you dress and prepare, it feels like it's only 7 in d.c., 8 at gaithersburg, look at martinsberg at 4 degrees is the windchillactor. so we have to be very aware of hypothermia and it's very real under these kinds of conditions and please bring pets inside. they cannot stand or survive in this kind of weather. it's very, very important. to the far west, a windchill advisory. this will expire at 10:00 a.m. here it actually feels like it's anywhere from minus 5 to minus 10. winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour and it includes
8:53 am
allegany, pendleton, highland, grant and min counties-- to the far west. and tonight the same story if you're going out. temperatures only in the teens. skies will be mostly cloudy. now the rest of the country, still feeling it as well. take a look at these temperatures. we've got temperatures in the single-digits. look at this. 0 degrees. 3 in st. louis. and melanie was talking about florida, and they did see a mix of winter -- wintry weather as well. so they have winter chill down there. and we have a clipper system, a very weak one, that will move through monday night into tuesday. that will leave us a chance of see something flurries. nothing that will accumulate. just a snow shower or so. but windchills for today as we warm up to only 33 degrees in the course of the day. do not be fooled by that sunshine. it's very real. so for today, temperatures into
8:54 am
the low 30s. upper 20s in some areas. but once again the windchills will be a major factor and still feeling like it's only in the teens. and so for today, sunny skies and very cold with windchills at 33. overght low into the teens. five-day forecast, drum rol close to seasonal, we should be 42, 43, 44 and that's what we'll get by the time wednesday rolls around, and thursday. >> that's not bad. >> it's all relative, right. >> that's true. >> it's been so cold. that will feel wonderful. >> can't give you 60s or 70s. >> all right, thanks, gwen. the redskins may have made their off season splash by hiring a former superbowl coach but that's just the start. the eagles and the cowboys in the big d. no score, and romo for the score. dallas up 7-0. but the eagles
8:55 am
respondo trickery. michael vick first play at quarterback. he finds jeremy maclin for a 76- yard touchdown to tie things up. but it is all dallas from there. the cowboys do go on to beat the eagles 34-17. they play the -- the vikings next week. and the matchup between the bengals and the jets. carson palmer find laverneous coles for the touchdown. cinci up by 7. but the jets would take over from there. sean green runs in a 39-yard score to tie things up there. as you can see rookie weekend mark sanchez sanchez finds them tip toeing to another touchdown and a 24-14 win to advance. the head coaches loves what he
8:56 am
saw from his quarterback too. >> he really was tremendous today. and you could tell he had the eye of the tiger. he was ready to get out there and have at it. and i tell you, i see him getting better and better each day on the practice field. his command of the offense i think is much better. >> two more wild card playoff games today. ravens are in frigid new england to face the patriots with kickoff at 1:00. and green bay goes to arizona to take on the cardinals and that's at 4:40 p.m. and you can catch it right here on fox 5. we'll have another check of weather when we come back. stay with us. (announcer) the one you love could be carrying flu viruses.
8:57 am
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welcome back, everyone. live look over the jefferson memorial. it's sunny but don't let it fool you. it is cold. >> and a little bit of wind. >> absolutely. and to the west we have a windchill advisory that will expire at 10:00. it feels like minus 5 to minus 10. do be careful. highland, peppedle ton and mineral and grant county and allegany. and the warmup is coming but it's coming on wednesday. a chance of a flurry monday night into thursday with a weak clipper system. bundle up. very cold out there. bring th


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