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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  January 14, 2010 5:00am-5:53am EST

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we'll have the latest on the growing relief effort in haiti. the. construction on the new martin luther king, jr. memorial on the national mall is under way. we'll get an update on that project. coming up at 9:00, we'll check in with a local man who is traveling from the district to antarctica by bus. where is andrew evans this morning? we'll it would you. this is our live picture that we just showed you a moment ago. this is montrose road where it come in contact with # 70. this is a fuel fire. apparently a tanker tck there. but that truck may have spilled fuel along the road. that is now up in flames. -- this is montreal rose road where it comes in contact with 270 -- this is montrose road here it comes in contact with 270. >> let's get to julie wright
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with the traffic. >> yes, the call came in at about 4:40 this morning because of the huge truck fire. we believe the driver is the one who made the 911 call. montrose road shut down in each direction east and westbound as it crosses over 270. i notice on my trip in, there was a lot of response headed in this direction and again, the fire, as you can clearly see, flames continue to shoot up in the air. they very well may have to close down 270. that hasn't happened yet but they may. we will keep you posted. but in the meantime, if you normally use montrose road to shuttle yourself back and forth between the montrose parkway and 355. that won't work for you this morning. montrose road shut down in each direction until further notice. it is just this overpass that
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remains closed. you do not want to commit. if you are continuing northbound from the lanes combined, you do not want to commit to montrose road until this situation can be resolved. quick peek in virginia, 14th street bridge wide open for business headed out towards the potomac river. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. let's check in with tony perkins with a look at our forecast today. back down into the cold weather region so far this morning. >> so far. but today, it will feel quite nice. we'll dthat again today and add on a couple of degree on top of that. let's take a look at the current temperatures being reported around the region. here in d.c., 28 degrees at this hour. frederick, maryland is at 25 degrees. patuxent naval air station, 26 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the region. and you can see we are under clear skies. you want to find some clouds, you have to travel well to the
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north up into new york state. for us, clear skies. going it see some bright sunshine this morning. forecast for today, sunny, a mild afternoon, nice to be able to say that. a high of about 48 degrees. yes, that is above normal. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. our top story this morning continues to be the situation in haiti. the search continues for thousands of survivors who may still be buried in the rube there. the death toll does now appear to be in the hundreds of thousands. meantime, emergency from around the world and from the district is pouring in into country. the rush is on to prevent people from starving to death or dying from disease. >> it just can't get there fast enough. our coverage continues with sarah simmons. >> reporter: the haitian
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embassy is open around the clock coordinating relief efforts and trying to get information out to the local community. in the meantime, president obama is set to speak at 10:00 this morning about u.s. relief efforts. a u.s. aircraft carrier is set to arrive today. also, a u.s. navy ship is set to arrive as soon as possible wth 2,000 members of the marine corps on board ready to help out as the people of haiti struggle to help themselves. a rescued man giving the thumbs up but his story is rare. many thousands are still trapped and even more feared dead. u.s. coast guard aerials show streets filled with people trying to figure out their next move. do they leave their family members and begin a trek to safer ground with no real destination. although relief workers are starting to arrive, getting medical supplies into the neighborhoods is nearly impossible. there is a run on what gas
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remains which means there aren't enough vehicles with gas to retrieve first aid materials from the airport. the haiti ambassador to the u.s. says the situation is desperate. >> the hospital ship is a must for us now because some of our hospitals have been affected. >> reporter: the massive quake has left health care in the impoverished nation in even worse shape than before. doctors without borders has set up in parking lots able to offer first aid only. even the presidential pal has has partially collapsed. the government here unable to respond. the aircraft carrier u.s.s. carl vinson is now on the way. >> i have directed my administering to respond with a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. >> people are really holding out hope they point. experts say there is a window of 36 hours before finding survivors becomes unrealist being and we have now just hit
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that 36-hour mark. live at the embassy of haiti, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. photos of what is happening in haiti right now only give a glimpse into the am of death and destruction. >> the national palace in port- au-prince was among the thousands of structures that crumbled. here is an injured child sitting on the sidewalk. she and many others desperate for medical attention. >> friends and loved ones are concerned for a priest would works closely with the people here in d.c. father jasmine is a native of haiti and has been assigned to the shrine of the sacred heart for the last three years. the haitian embassy is open around the clock now. they have been able to contact some people through skype, facebook and twitter and state
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department technicians are working to put up a special communications system. the island nation certainly desperately needs help. the american red cross has already run out of medical supplies to the ground. to help, you can send a text. text word haiti to 90999 and you will donate $10 to the american red cross. that will be charged to your cell phone bill. you can also donate to unicef and doctors without borders as well. you are also there going to find the latest details on we have a linky to brand-new charity web page which was launched by facebook. the death of music legend teddy pendergrass who died yesterday at the age of 59. he had colon cancer surgery eight months ago and his son said the recovery had been
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difficult. before going solo, he was a member of harold melvin and the blue notes. there are possible new developments in the gilbert arenas gun case. coming up next, is a plea deal in the work? we have details on the possible court hearing. we now know the likely date that same-sex couples in the district could begin applying for marrge licenses. another look at this massive fire burning on montrose road on the 270 overpass. it is a tanker truck that is on fire. fuel running down street. they are trying to contain this but you can see the flame are still pouring out of that truck right now as rescue vehicles continue to arrive on te scene. we'll get a closer look at this. coming up as fox 5 morning news continues. 
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welcome back. we are keeping an eye on this truckfire, tanker truck fire. this is at montrose road where i-270 passes under. this is a tanker truck on fire. the fuel has spilled out on the road. there are rescue crews on the scene. not quite sure whether # 70 will be impacted. montrose road is shut down in both directions. wizards star gilbert arenas
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could be in court on gun charges as soon as today. the "washington post" reports he is in negotiations for a plea agreement that would ensure he would not go to jail f grand jury were to charge arenas, he would likely be accused of carrying a handgun without a license and that is a felony. d.c. police were dispatched out to three did i have september shooting scenes, the latest one on blaine street. main was found unconscious and taken to the hospital where he later died. another shootings happened in southeast. police are still looking for suspects in all three of those cases. same-sex couples in the district hoping to marry should start planning now. on march 2nd, they can apply for marriage licenses. the city lists that day as the day when the bill would take effect. there is a waiting period. the couples getting licenses would not be able to marry for
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a little bit longer, until march 8th. we are continuing to follow the devastation in haiti where tens of thousands, maybe more, may be dead in that massive earthquake. coming up next, we have the latest. maryland's general assembly is back in session and some state lawmakers are talking tax increases. we have the details on what is going on in annapolis. >> also coming up, we'll let you know what is happening with our weather. i can tell you what is coming up being our temperatures. that is good news. we'll have more on what is happening around the area's roadways with julie wright including more on the big fire at montrose road. we'll tell you all about that in just a few moments. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. guys remember, we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am.
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breaking news in montgomery county right now. we have much better pictures of the tasker truck fire on montrose road. there you can see the big picture, how strong those flames are that are pouring out of that tanker truck right now
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on montrose road. this is right where montrose goes over 270. can you see montgomery county fire vehicles there on the scene. at this point, they can't do much except let some of that fuel burn off before they could try to extinguish th fire because apparently the truck crashed at some point. the driver may have been the one that placed the 911 call and then erything went up in flames. apparently, there was fuel running down the road that was at risk of burning as well. montgomery county fire officials have been on the scene foot short time now. this all happening within the hour. still a very fluid, developing situation along montrose road. montrose road is closed in both lanes. question is will they close # 70 underneath which would be just a commuting nightmare if they do that. let's check in with julie wright to get a better idea as to what may happen. we had heard at this point no changes on 270 but you have to wonder at some point in the heat from those flames could cause enough structural damage or at least the threat it was to shut down 207.
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>> you got to think about it. 4 thing has been burning onfire. i witnessed myself big huge flames like we're seeing here. it has been on fire for about 40 to 45 minutes. we do know the local lanes are now closed northbound on 207. so if you are coming from democracy boulevard, from old georgetown road, you are denied access in those local lanes to exit at montrose road. if you are coming southbound through rockville and that is a common ramp, that is a ramp that continues to have traffic exit at falls road and montrose road, i can tell you that you can exit at falls road at this time but, of course, the ramp to exit at montrose remains closed becausehat is the eastbound ramp. that would take you right into the heart of what is going on right now. if you are trying to get over towards 355, you need to bail out early if you are coming off the 270. you will want to use 28, shady grove road. you are coming northbound, you want to use old georgetown road, the combination of tucker
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man lane to get over to 355. this is a huge fire burning since about 4:40 this morning. we are concerned with fuel leaking and continuing to remain on fire so we're not quite sure how they're going to be able to extinguish there so what i can tell you is that traffic on # 70 in the local lane will be denied access to responsibility rose road. the main line remains open as you travel between democracy boulevard and falls road. these flames are gushing up in the sky. can you see it. that is causing rub are nexting delays on 270 early this morning for those leaving falls road headed out towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we'll continue to follow that story through the morning. tony is back with another check on our weather. when i stepped outside this morning, i thought man, it's cold again. going to be one of those days when you need a coat in the early-morning hours and you can ditch it later y yeah, later on, it will be nice as we get
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that warm-up going. let's take a look at yesterday's high temperatures across the region. got up higher at reagan national than we anticipated but this is a good thing. made it up to 44 degrees at reagan national airport. dulles international, 44 was the hig our forecast high was 40 and that is what we made it to at b wait a minute marshall. take a look at the current temperatures and yes, gurvir is right. it is another cold start to the day just like we've had for all the rest of this week. 29degrees currently in the district. 25 up in gaithersburg. annapolis at 26. quantico, # 2. manassas 18. our friend at fredericksburg see 23 degrees. our friend in hagerstown or at 28 degrees at this early hour. satellite-radar, some days i show this to you, there is not much to see. today is certainly one of those days. there is a big ridge of high pressure that is really controlling our weather. mentioned this yesterday keeping things calm. wind have diminished for today. there is cloud cover up to the north. cloud cover to the south. i'm talking well to the north,
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well to the south. we are protected from that, quote, unquote, by high pressure. so things will be quiet today and we'll see the temperature picup. now, as far as the next storm system goes, this is our futurecast. this morning, things are fine. tonight, a couple of clouds may stream through. friday looks to be a decent day. there is a weak little frontal boundary that will come through here during the day on friday but that won't do anything for us. there is our next storm system. it is to the south. it will move up and bring rain into our area by sunday but depending on the time that it starts, it could start as a little frozen mix, maybe some sleet or freezing rain. i tell you what. if the air were cold enough, i know this is odd to ay because it has been so cold but we'll have this little warm spell of temperatures in the 40s, if it were cold enough, well be talking about another pretty good snowstorm system but it won't for us. that will track up to the north. the forecast for today looks like this. sunny size, a mild afternoon.
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when was the last time i used that word? 48degrees for your high. for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, 50 degrees. saturday, upper 40s, near 50. sunday, like i said, mostly rain. could start as some frozen precipitation. high only about 40 degrees. monday, mid-40s. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. back to you. >> thank you. maryland's general assembly is back in session and some state lawmaker are talking tax increases. we'll have the details coming up. we'll have the latest on this raging fire in montgomery county. more on this as fox 5 continues.
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[ male announcer ] staples has low prices on everything you need for your office. staples. that was easy. another look at that massive fire burning right now on montreal rose road where 270 passes right underneath. apts tanker truck that is on fire. if you can look through where it says tanker fire there, you can see the extent of the flames. over 45 minutes now that the truck and its fuel has been burning. south you may need to stash away more cash to send your children to college in maryland. governor o'malley says state colleges will likely see an increase in tuition to help out. john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: governor martin o'malley tried to put the best spin on things. >> we have been able to weather this recession so far, better
5:26 am
than most every other state in the union but in order to come out of it stronger than we were before it began, we've got to create jobs, jobs, jobs. >> new african-americans from the state legislature will be a tough sell given the roughly $2 billion deficit facing maryland. county executive all around the state came to annapolis to plead for continued funding. >> we've already had two rounds this year. a third round would add more to the burden. >> reporter: a meg county delegate has proposed hiking taxes on beer, wine and bar drinks. >> we have the 48th lowest alcohol tax in the nation and ublic opinion is very strongly behind this effort to raise it by a dime a drink. >> reporter: republicans in the maryland legislature say they don't want to hear bay tax increase of any kind. >> they always want to raise taxes and then they want to say wear going to give it to the children or we'll help certain communities that need help.
5:27 am
the problem is there no, sir guarantee that money is going to go there. >> democratic senator mike miller is all disinclined to raise taxes. he is willing to give school districts the freedom to spend less during this recession. >> we have a law that says you can't reduce the amount you put in the year before. we might allow them to relax that a little bit so they could put less in than they did the year before in order to make their budgetary obligation. >> reporter: college students in maryland, brace yourselves. after a four-year tuition freez governor o'malley says he now supports a 3% hike. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> thank you. we have still much more ahead on fox 5 morning news. complete devastation actually craig bosswell. the latest on the massive earthquake in haiti is coming up. >> reporter: the latest relief efforts for the country of haiti and how the u.s.
5:28 am
government is helping out. i'm sarah simmons. i'm have a live report when fox 5 morning news returns. announcer: when it comes to fighting flu viruses,
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victory starts now. with the special k challenge™, you can lose up to 6 pounds... in 2 weeks. now with so many delicious ways to be victorious. lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. join us at welcome back. want to take you back out to montrose road and 270 where this tanker truck has been on fire since about 4:40 this morning. we are now being told that 270 in that area, all lanes are shut down. that is in addition to montrose
5:31 am
road being shut down as well. this is where montrose road passes over 270. that tanker truck on fire since about 4:40. fuel has spilled out on the road. rescue crews or the scene. julie wright has more information on how folks can get around this mess. >> okay. what we're finding out is that they have closed 270 basically between 28th and the lanes combined. if you are traveling southbound on 270, whether you are in the local lanes or the main line, can you go no further south than 28 in rockville and from there, you can head over to 355 and continue down towards the capital beltway if you know your way throh the surrounding neighborhoods, can you use the combination of falls road, river road, head back out to the beltway and down to the american legion bridge. what you need to know, for our independent bound commute this morning which is typically slow through rockville at this hour, it is already backed up and already closed at 28. southbound 270 shut down at 28. if you are coming northbound, y from old georgetown road and northbound off the northbound spur from democracy
5:32 am
boulevard, at this time, traffic is being turned around. you are not allowed to continued northbound up towards montrose road. it is just not going to happen for you. 355 will feel the heat of this, excuse the pun. but a lot of folks will be bailing out over there to use that as the workaround until further notice. this will impact the drive on 270 which as he said is typically throw at this hour through rockville and the delays continue to grow as our morning drive does as well. this will be a hard workaround for you guys. 355 will be your best workaround at this time. we are looking at live pictures from the scene. we are told this tanker truck flipped over, caught fire around 4:40 this morning and clearly it is still on fire. we are concerned with the integrity of the bridge. this is montrose road which is shut down in each direction as it crosses over 2. that also means that traffic coming southbound on 355 through the construction south of the friday's, you will not be allowed it make that right turn onto montrose and continue over towards the scene. that access is going to be
5:33 am
denied as well. so again, plan your trip early this morning. 355 with all of the traffic lights, it is going to be difficult for you to get where you need to be on time so you will need to leave earlier than usual and if you know some of the back roads on the secondary streets of the neighborhood, that can save you some time as bell so avoid 270. 270 southbound shut down at 28 in rockville until this situation can be resolved. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. let's leave these live pictures up right now and check in with assistant fire chief scott graham with montgomery county fire chief. are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> do you know what is inside that truck and how do you even begin to attack this. >> good morning. the fire has been burning for approximately 40 minutes now in the montrose area road of 270. we are about to open southbound 270. so that should aleve wait the backup. it started at about 28 southbound but we are been b. to open it up. so that is going to help outs
5:34 am
traffic-wise. back to your question about how dyou extinguish t on a tanker fire like this, we have opted the best tactic is to go ahead and contain the rolling fuel fire, the fuel that is leaking from the tanker and burning actually on the ground. we're going to extinguish that. we'll let the tanker itself burn off. we have uns on the east and west side of the tanker and we're going to go ahead and bring in a crash rescue truck from dulles airport. the crash rescue truck should be on the scene momentarily. the fire if yu're picturing it is on the east side of montrose road over top of 270. our concern at his point after extinguishment will be the integrity of the road, montrose road, the bridge integrity, et cetera. but the crash truck is on the scene now. should be applying copious or
5:35 am
heavy amounts of foam appear cant to the fire helping us suppress it at this time. >> did you have an idea how much fuel was in that truck and how long it might take to get that burned off. >> i don't have the exact tanker specks for you but we should hear within the next 20 minutes or so. what i will say is that, a tractor-trailer carrying anywhere from 500 to 7,000- gallons of burnoff time depending whether it was diesel fuel, gasoline, the exact contents i don't have for you either at this point, it could take an hour, hour and a half. at some incident for, incident commander may determine that the volatility of it has burned off and they will go ahead and extinguish it with the foam material. >>we'll let you get back to work. we do appreciate the details this morning. thank you, chief. appreciate your time this morning. >> we'll keep a close eye on this obviously and the headlines of what he had to say there is they are getting ready resoap the southbound lanes
5:36 am
of 270 which should help a little bit with the backups that have already formed quickly. >> if it takes another hour, hour and a half to get this thing out, you know it will impact that commute today. we'll continue to check in on this throughout the morning. tony is in now and itvery cold out this morning but i guess we have some hope as the the weather. we'll see warmer conditions later on today. till within nice. right now though, 29 degrees. most of the area is in the 20s early this morning. your relative humidity is at 70%. good news as far as the weather goes and as far as fighting the fire goes, the winds are calm. so that is good. here is a look at the satellite- radar. we've got nothing going on here. wave got clear skies, cold temperature and we'll see bright sunshine and that will help us warm up a little bit as high pressure keeps things quiet for us today and tomorrow. looking for the forecast for today, lots of sunshine, highs will range from the mid-40s to around 50 degrees.
5:37 am
48 in washington. we'll split the difference. 50 in fredericksburg. 45 in frederick. more details on the forecast oming up in just a little bit. >> very good. thank you. we've got much more ahead on the latest situation in haiti and also we're continuing to watch that massive fire that s now burning right there at montrose road and 270. much more on this when fox 5 morning news returns. everywhere you look it's happening a return to saving choosing less over more solid is making a comeback for solid savings, come to suntrust.
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back now to the devastation in haiti as the search continues for survivors who may still be buriedin the rubble following tuesday's massive earthquake. >> the death toll is feared to be in the hundreds of thousands. emergency aid om around the world and here in the district is pouring into the country but it is a race against the clock. survivors are still buried in the rubble. right now, food and medical aid pouring in from everywhere. fox's craig boswell with the latest. >> report: from shacks to palaces, tuesday's earthquake did not discriminate. the 7. 0 magnitude uake seems to take down everything in its way. survivors are wandering the streets as rescuers desperately search the rubble for any sciences of life. >> what we need now is food, water, supplies for first aid and shelter. we have got it find out who is alive. we have to care for the people would are dead and to try to preserve them so their loved ones can identify them.
5:41 am
>> reporter: hospitals and schools have been destroyed. countless victims including children likely below. >> 46% of haiti's nearly 10 million people are under the age of 18. the special needs of children for food, shelter and protection must be factored in. >> reporter: the head of the u.n. peacekeeping mission was missing in the ruins of the organization's multi-story headquarters. >> many continue to be trapped inside u.n. headquarters and other buildings including special representative eddy anabe and his deputy. >> reporter: washington is in the process of laying out a massive military response. ship being choppers, transport planes and even marines are expected to be on hand to assist. >> i have directed my administration to respond way swift coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of hatey will have
5:42 am
the full support of the united states. >> reporter: the international red cross believes about a third of haiti's nine million people are likely in need of emergency aid. craig boswell, fox news. >> as earthquake survivors haiti remain stunned, they are still searching for loved ones and getting help from the d.c. area. more on a charity headed to haiti and more on how you can help. we are continuing to watch is raging tanker truck fire. this is at montrose road and 270. it has been burning now for about an hour. the good news here is that they're about to reopen 270 southbound so that should help the commute a little bit. we'll have much more on this when fox 5 morning news returns. it's not fun. my dry skin
5:43 am
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he belted out love balance loads in his forceful mischin voice and it made women swoon. that voice has been silenced. teddy pendergrass died yesterday at the age of 59 after a battle of colon cancer. he became a sex symbol in the
5:46 am
1970s and '80s. according to the "washington post," gilbert arenas have been in plea negotiations with prosecutors. the goal is reported thedly for arenas to avoid jail time. but fay grand jury were to charge arenas, he would likely be accused of carrying a handgun without a license and that is a felony punishable by up to five years behind bars. we want to take you out to montreal rose road where the massive fire is still burning now on montrose rooted where 270 passes under both lanes of montrose road there. they arehut down on montrose road. we are being told they are about to reopen 270 southbound. that should help out a little bit with the commute anyway. what firefighters are doing is letting the fuel that spilled from the tanker. they are trying to contain that fuel. they will let the tanker itself burn off. that is why the fire is still burning right now. it has been going for about an hour. let's check in with julie wright. >> let's start off by putting it on montrose road just east
5:47 am
of 270. it is still at the very end of bridge there. if you were traveling south on 270, they have just released the traffic. southbound 270, the main line is open as you continue from germantown, gaithersburg through rockville. however, this is a sight to see. can you see these flames shooting up in the sky and that is going to cause rubbernecking delays. we had the road shut down for a good 10 to 15 minutes or so. now the lanes are open but traffic on 270 is already jammed up badly as you try to make the trip out of gaithersburg headed south. the main line s slowing out of gaithersburg. the local lanes are open southbound. however, you cannot exit at montrose road. for those that typically travel through this area in rockville, you typically exit at montrose. that take you eastbound over to 355. that is where this fire is burning at this time. so obviously, that ramp remains closed. if you are coming in the local lanes, you can exit at falls road but you are denied access at montrose. instead, you will be forced to continue southbound. that will dump you into the six-
5:48 am
lane stretch right before the lane divide. if you are coming northbound on 270 from democracy boulevard and from old georgetown road, the the main line is open continuing into gaithersburg. however, those local lanes remain closed at montrose road until further notice. you just heard from gurvir, you will continue to let the actual fire inside of the truck burn. the tanker itself burn down. however, there is a crash and rescue team on the scene from bull des. we heard that from scott graham from the fire department. they are on the scene there at this time. now, a new problem has come up on the inner loop of the beltway just before 270. we are now being told there is a crash there involving an overturned vehicle. this will be a nasty ride if a lot of folk early this morning. already delays oust gaithersburg. 355 really going to take the brunt of. this a lot of folk are going to bail out using that as the alternative route to head southbound towards the capital beltway. expect the traffic light delays and that road just not big enough to handle all of that traffic that will be bailing out tryingo use that as the alternate route. a lot of folk are using the combination of great seneca
5:49 am
highway, 118, 28 to avoid the main line delays. maybe even the combination of falls road and river road just to get you down towards the beltway and exit towards the american legion bridge. a lot of back roads are going to be in use this morning. plan your trip accordingly and leave early. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thk yu. let's get to tony now with a look at our forecast today. >> we'll take a quick look at what is going on. current temperature around the region in the 0s and on in some spots so another cold start to the day. 29degrees in washington. 21 in gaithersburg. quantico is at 22 degrees. a look at the satellite-radar will show you we've got clear skies across the region. quiet conditions for us today as high pressure really controls our weather. so the clouds won't make their way in here. we'll see mostly sunny skies and it will be a calm day with warmer temperatures. here is a look at the forecast map for today. another cold start to the day to be sure. partly because of the clear skies that we've got. the heat and we had a little more warmth yesterday. it just radiates out overtight. high pressure is continuing to
5:50 am
build in. barometric pressure on the rise. quiet, lots of sunshine and a mild day for a change. so, sunny skies, mild, high about 48 degrees, above normal for the first time -- well, actually we were above normal yesterday too. five-day forecast tomorrow around 50. saturday, upper 40s to near 50. sunday being looks like rain could make its way in here although that precipitation could start as frozen precipitation. the earthquake in haiti has brought out the best in millions of people willing to help out but there are warnings this morning about scammers who want to take advantage of that. a few relief efforts ak for to you text your donations and your phone bill will be charged. consumer advocates warn that some of those may be phonies. here are two legitimate numbers can use.
5:51 am
in sports news, another night in florida for the caps. this time, could they leave with the win? we'll have highlights. the end of an era for boss hogg as joe bugle hangs it up. which is fantastic. we'll have them over for a friday night pizza. it's just our way of entertaining without going out. this is where all the magic happens. this is where i knead the dough, make the pizza. by using my card, i get the specials, the real deals, and it saves me money. the win-win is that we get to visit with our friends, the kids get to visit with their friends, and it's great food. more savings, more rewards. every time you shop. only with youriant card. we save money, and that works for me.
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