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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  January 24, 2010 11:45pm-12:00am EST

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gary williams has a milestone win and a ball handler you have to see to believe. maureen, a little kid that can really handle the rock. that's coming up on geico sports xtra. >> thanks, dave. coming up on fox 5, make money in your pjs, we've all seen the work from home ads in the newspaper and online. what exactly is the catch? the money team breaking it down. don't miss gwen's full forecast, the flash flood watch that could make a mess of the morning commute. s break of the 
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wal-mart announces big layoffs. the world's largest retailer says it will cut 11,000 clubs, about 10% of the staff at 600 sam's clubs stores. employees got the news at mandatory meetings this morning. >> there was lots of hugs and lots of sears. we were really, really -- tears. we were really, really cut off guard. we were a close family so it
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was hard. >> the laid off workers conducted demos at the stores. a marketing company will take over the product sampling department. work from home and make thousands of dollars a week. you see the ads just about every time you log on to the net. but you've probably figured out some of these job posting, even allowing you to work in your pjs, in bed even aren't always what they seem. melanie alnwick has the truth behind those tempting claims. >> reporter: one look at this face and you'll see why new mom kelly wants to work from home. >> basically i was laid off a week before i was about to return from maternity leave and i was heart broken. i can't just stay at home, though, and not work. i need some type of an income. >> reporter: there's an endless supply of work from home jobs on the web but she's skeptical. >> you can type in anything you want to type in, work at home mom, dad, work at home scams, legitimate work at home, you still get scams. >> several of the larger ones
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of these have generated hundreds and hundreds of complaints if not thousands of complaints. >> reporter: the better business bureau warns about work at home schemes targeted at stay at home moms and jobs that use big names to lure you in. the bbb logged more than 1500 complaints about jobs promising easy cash through google. >> google does not stand behind or get behind any of these things. >> reporter: if the ads look like this, beware. get paid to read e-mails, work at home, easy money assembling crafts, $500 weekly, no experience necessary. then there are the jobs that ask for money upfront. >> most of them will charge you an admission. normally youl keep paying and paying in but you'll never see money coming out. >> reporter: here's the truth behind two of the most common schemes according to the bbb. claim? assembly work at home. truth? invest hundreds in supplies, produce crafts like booties or toy clowns and then refuses to substandard work. or this claim, earn $350
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stuffing envelopes. you pay for instructions on how to start your own envelope stuffing scheme. the postal inspection service notes that most businesses use highly automated mailing machines and warn the inspection service knows of no work at home promeetings that ever produces income as alleged. are there any legitimate work at home jobs out there. >> the legitimate ones would be the ones you're really starting sort of a home based business or you're being hired by a company to perform your job from home. >> reporter: as a landscape designer, kelly may look for other work. >> it's definitely my passion but -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: if she can do it and stay at home, all the better. there are really part-time jobs that you can do from home but be skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true. make sure you use the web not just to look for work but to check into any of those companies that are offering it to you. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. we've been talking about all of these flood concerns,
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emily with the morning commute -- especially with the morning commute. >> the rain, you know, some of you may see just a little bit of light rainfall right now. i checked outside. there's just a bit of light rainfall outside of the station, but there is heavier rainfall to come. some of you are already in the thick of that, especially to the areas to the west and southwest. we've got plenty, plenty of rainfall. we're going to -- here's a look at the streets outside. definitely ev coming down there in northwest d.c. from our camera there, you can see where the rain is definitely hitting the roads. so definitely making it a little slick out there. so do be careful. do not take this for granted at all. visibility another problem because there's some fog out there. some of the areas where it is coming down heavier, visibility is reduced to less than a mile. so this is the s.w.a.t. of rain pushing -- swath of rain pushing all the way from the gulf right up to the great lakes. this wide area of rainfall still has to make its way to the east and the northeast. this is what we're going to be dealing w. let's take a closer look at radar for you and show
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you exactly where everything is. the heavier pockets of rainfall to the south and down to areas of our northwest, pendleton county, augusta, they already have a flood warning in effect there. we are expecting to see overall with all of this rainfall two to three inches of rainfall, three inches locally in some areas. some of it is moderate to very heavy as you can see. the system is pretty strong. this is all going to continue to push its way through across our region. let's go to our maps and get started on what's going on. we have a flood watch in effect right through until monday morning for just about all of our viewing area here as you can see. and that also means that stay away from low-lying areas and be very careful when you're driving because you're going to have some spots that will be unexpected. we also have a coastal flood warning in effect for the tidal potomac and parts of the chesapeake and as well tides expected to be at least some three feet above normal as we push into the times of high tide for all of these various areas. as i mentioned to the northwest
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augusta and pendleton county already under a flash flood watch warning in that area to the west. so today's highs were a little bit above seasonal to close to seasonal but we've got a warm throw of air in front of the system that's pushing our way. so we're going to see the temperatures even rise as we head into the overnig hours and as well for tomorrow. look at the temperatures right now. 56 degrees this hour of the night. and d.c. 54 gaithersburg. we have 54 in manassas and 57 degrees at dulles. but there's a little colder air to the west. 39 degrees at martins brg. now, -- martinsburg. now, tonight heavy rainfall is going to continue. the winds will pick up. we'll have gusty winds up to 35 mile per hour gusts in the overnight hours. that's going to stick around for tomorrow as well. that frontal system will move its way through into the course of later into the tomorrow. the first part of the day we're looking at rain showers and an isolated storm is possible. futurecast showing you at 2:00 a.m. we're still getting some heavier pockets of rainfall here. by the time we hit 4:00 a.m.,
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the heaviest rain to the west of us but look where it hits us. right in the 7:00 to 8:00 hour for the morning commute when the rain is going to be heaviest. so definitely for the morning commute, you do have to take your time and be careful. cooler air behind the frontal system. that's going to gradually move our way. and by the time we move into the later part of the week with that cooler air and another system bringing some moisture, we're set up to possibly see a little bit of snow. you'll see that in the five- day. so thunderstorms in the morning hours and plenty of rainfall as we move through into tomorrow. for tonight still the flood watch in effect through tomorrow. the isolated thunderstorms sill very possible. and then for tomorrow morning rainfall. we'll end up seeing a clearing by the afternoon urs. here's a look at your day planner. still by midday expect to see lingering wet weather before it's all said and done. the five-day forecast as you can see giving us a clearing trend was we get to tuesday, wednesday with the ridge of high pressure building in. but that also ushers in cooler air. so temperatures dropping into the 20s into mid-week and then
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the end of the week another system comes our way and it's thursday night into friday where we have a chance of seeing a little bit of snow. so we'll have to watch it because there's another system due on the weekend against next week as well. >> thanks, gwen. >> a lot going on. have you seen this one? residents in oregon paying to spend a night in prison. officials at the springfield municipal jail are looking for feedback on jail operations before inmates move in. they're charging $20 to cover meals, a t-shirt and souvenir mug. >> we usually don't spend time with each other and this was a chance to spend time with each other. >> reporter: in jail? >> yeah. >> it was worth it because you don't really know what it feels like till that door shuts. >> residents are saying that the jail -- are staying at the jail every night until wednesday. it will open to inmates in the next month or two. >> i think it would be pretty cool. don't you? >> no. >> not at all?
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>> not even close. >> i think it would be cool, especially if they let you bunk with who you want to. right? no? next on fox 5, a power couple may be splitting up. >> rumor watch. are brad and angelina about to break it off? details three minutes away. a check of the weekend box office. "avatar" continues its reign at the top. check out the rest of the top five as we go to break. i think the prison idea is cool. that's all i've got to say. 
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