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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  February 2, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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fox 5 is on snow patrol tonight. hundreds of plows hitting the snow covered streefts and this one is packing a punch. that will make a mess of your morning commute. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. school closings scrolling at the top of your screen. you can see them. fox 5 covering the latest storm from every angle. our team coverage takes you from maryland to virginia. we'll start with sue palka kicking off the winter weather alert. >> reporter: the flake are falling fast and furious. it's almost hypothetical know advertising to be watching the flakes fall. in the grass which was out here at 6:00 we did not have any snow on the grass. i've got about 2 inches on the grass. here on the sidewalk we don't even have an inch in
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northwest because the pavement has been so warm today. the streets on wisconsin avenue are still bare despite the fact that it's been snowing for four hours and snowing hard. the reason, the temperature today, 41 degrees, also helped out quite a lot by the ct that these road have been pretreated and the pavement retains a lot of heat during the day. but we've had 2 inches and a lot of areas are under a winter storm warning for the possibility of 2 to 4 inches, all in the purple areas that you're looking at on our weather map, including the district and most of the metro area under that winter storm warning. this is a pretty decent snow,ive specially considering it's a weekday. we haven't had too many of those. they're are more winter weather advisories for 1 to 3 inches. temperatures are not terribly cold. some places still close to the freezing mark where it's been colder to the north and west, we've had a little bit more snow. it's obviously going to be enough to cause problems in the morning, delays and cancellations. in re: car-- radar we've been
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watching general bands of 2 to 3 inches of snow. we're still seeing a couple heavier bands. while we're saying 2 to 4 inches a few spots might get more than that. >> the bands are showing up nicely. we're going to go to truview and show you what we're talking about. we're talking about the bands of the heavier regions of snowfall. we've been watching a couple tracking along as well. one is coming up right along eastern sections of i-95. i'm going to get tighter. this is just south of the district. notice the deeper blue colors that are scaling up just to the west of frederickburg and then up towards dale city. coming out of stafford county into prince william county. this may evenually clip parts of eastern sections of fairfax county with the heavier snowfall totals. over to maxhd radar because we color eyes the snow again and you can see that the areas of the red
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and pink, that's the heaviest snowfall we're getting right now. that continues really nicely right along i-95 from fredericksburg up into manassas and you'll be getting heavier snow there. eventually this will come into the district. that's j sue has been talking about 2 to 4 but there could be pockets along that banding where we could get up to 5 inches of snow. we have to talk about more what's coming up saturday as well. because it does look like another substantial snow system is coming our way and guys we're hearing a lot of rumors out there. sue and i will tell you what we know right now. more importantly, shawn, what we don't know about saturday's storm. >> breakdown the fact from the fix. gary mcgrady, thank you very much. snow patrol keeping an eye on the roads. crews are out across the region making sure your morning commute is a safe
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one. matt ackland. >> reporter: v-d.o.t. started preparing for this snowfall on saturday night when the snow stopped falling then. currently they have 1100 trucks and plows crisscrossing northern virginia. they're going to continue to do that through rush hour tomorrow. we spotted the first flurries just before 5:00. but because the temperature was in the upper 30s, it took another 2 hours for the snow to give the ground a thin coating. it was just enough for this guy to break out and dance. >> tell me this ain't good weather. woo! >> reporter: john hampton was all smiles, enjoying another snowstorm. he says it feels like home. >> i'm from the midwest, st. louis so i love this kind of weather. this is nothing to me. >> reporter: others are downright sick of the snow. >> i'm kind of freaking out a little bit. >> reporter: kristin domingo moved from southern california. this is her first winter on the east coast. >> everybody told me winter
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here were pretty mild but i don't believe them. >> reporter: meanwhile earlier today v-d.o.t. trucks were loaded up and dispatched all over northern virginia. hours before the snow fell. although this has been a busy and expensive winter season, they're not pulling back coverage this time around. >> technically we have gone over-budget but removing snow is one of the most important thing we do. >> reporter: kristin is getting plenty of practice driving in the snow. >> you have to go slow. >> reporter: our dancing friend jonathan says bring it on. he hopes to be dancing this weekend. >> this ain't nothing. we get two, three feet of snow in st. louis. this is nothing. this is playground mess mere. >> reporter: you got to love jonathan's attitude. you're looking live in tyson's corner. that is leesburg pike. road crews have been doing
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a good job of keeping the snow off major roadway. once again, shawn and brian they're going to be continuing to do that throughout the evening. they say there is going to be a major push right before rush hour so it's safe for people to drive to work. back to you guys in the studio. >> that is good news. i wish i had jonathan's attitude about the snow >> he was dancing and having a good time. i'm not so happy about it but jonathan was. >> matt ackland reporting live. to maryland fox 5's bob barr incarcerated is on snow patrolin -- barnard is on snow patrol in rockford. >> reporter: they are passable in northwest washington. in rockville we have 2 to 2-1/2 inches of snow already. some is sticking on the roadway. you see a lady crossing the street not at the light so people still do what they want to do. you can see the road surface is covered. so far no major problems. people are driving at speed. we haven't seen anybody
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spinning at all. of course the night is young. at rockville town center tonight, they're trying to stay ahead of the latest snowfall. some may find this annoying but not everybody. >> i feel like a 10-year-old kid waiting to see the cancellations. i feel like i'm in middle school again. >> reporter: this wasn't supposed to be a troublesome storm. now we're not sure. >> i have to travel to potomac so i hope tomorrow is good. >> kindergartener kevin lee is out with his mother. >> i'm thinking somebody may be off school tomorrow so this is about a 50/50 chance. so i'm not anning anything big. >> reporter: montgomery county school officials say they will make the decision early tomorrow based not only on road conditions but school parking lots and bus stops. they want to keep school open. they've already had three snow days, but will keep
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safety first. >> i thought it was a bad decision to have school on onday. at least a two-hour day they should have given us. >> reporter: the city of rockville is treating road surfaces but other local governments are not going to bother considering their roadway is already treated from the weekend snow. prince georges officials say the entire snow budget was depleted in december but not to worry. >> the salt is not going to run out. the crews are not going to run away. the truck will be on the road. we have maintenance crews to work throughout every event. >> reporter: at the salt dome in gaithersburg the mound is halfway gone just from last weekend's snow. the state is stockpiling sand to stretch the soup so to speak. sand is cheaper than salt. live along rockville pike in the city of rockville, in prince georges county they tell us they don't have a designated snow team so that literally everyone from the department of public work and transportation pitches in
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we're told even administrative assistants will drive the plows. coming up at 11:00, brian, we'll show you an incident from earlier tonight along the pike that may have been a factor of the snow. >> bob barnard, we'll see you then. d.c. spent all day preparing for the storm. d d.o.t. lined up at the salt dome to head out to treat the roads. they're reminding everyone to clear the sidewalk once the snow stops falling. fox 5 morning news coming on the era half hour early starting at 4:30 a.m. you'll get the latest on traffic and the weather conditions. you can get a look at live max hd radar on the roads any time of the day on you have more than 450 live traffic cameras for you to check out. another big story we're following tonight. a tragic death of two maryland men hit and killed on the side of the road. police say the woman driving the car that hit them was drunk, well beyond the
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legal limit. tonight two families are grieving trying to make sense of this tragedy. will thomas has tonight's fox 5 focus. >> reporter: good evening. about this time last night in adelphi there was a minor accident. as the drivers stood next to their cars exchanging insurance information another car came barreling right toward them. what police say happened next is why law enforcement victims family members and organizations like madd continue to say don't drive drunk. two men who didn't know each other died together. they were heading home and got into a fender bender. police believe the men were standing in between their cars exchanging information when a drunk driver careened them. they died instantly. >> i just wish she didn't get behind the wheel of a car drunk. she took out some innocent people. >> reporter: christie not only losses her husband alex, she loses the father of their three children. the oldest is celebrating her third birthday on the same day the family is
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preparing to bury alex. >> she knows something is up. she knows i'm sad and she says daddy, mama? but she doesn't know what happened. >> reporter: alex was playing pool with friends just before the deadly collision. justo row sierra yoe was returning a -- rosario was returning a computer to a client. the suspected drunk driver took their lives on the shoulder of the road. >> he tried to help others who needed it more than he did. he was always there when you needed him. we're going to miss him so much. >> reporter: the woman behind the wheel of the luxury suv who struck the men is 30 years old from beltsville. police arrested her after performing a field sobriety test and one other more definitive test. law enforcement sources say her blood alcohol level was a 1.7, more than double the legal limit of.08.
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if that's not bad enough our sources also tell us the woman already has multiple dui convictions and was driving on a suspended license. >> she just murdered two people and made three kids that i know of fatherless and a widow at 30 years old. >> reporter: the 30-year-old woman behind the wheel of the striking suv may be charged tomorrow. law enforcement sources want to give the accident reconstruction team ample time to put their report together. they don't want to rush that but the suspect isn't driving anywhere. she remains in custody tonight. live inhe news room i'm will thomas. brian, back to you. the intelligence community is sounding the alarm this evening. you have to hear how and when they say al-qaeda will launch another attack on the united states. metro investigating yet another accident on the tracks, but it's what happened after the crash that has some people furious. got a gift card for a store you never shop at? a way you can turn it into
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the country's top terrorism experts with chilling comments on capital hill revealing a timeline on when the u.s. may see another attempt by al-qaeda to a tack. fox 5's laura evans is following the latest developments in the news room. >> reporter: the head of national intelligence told the senate intelligence committee today al-qaeda will continue to target the united states until osama bin laden and his lieutenants are dead. a bottom line uestion right out of the gate from senator diane feinstein. >> what is the likelihood of another terrorist attempted attack on the u.s. homeland in the next three to six months, high r low, director blair? >> an attempted attack the priority is certain i would say. >> mr. panetta. >> i would agree with that. >> reporter: the rest of the panel agreed. the senior leaders outlined
10:17 pm
potential threats that al-qaeda is evolving and militants are harding to stop before they strike >> the biggest threat is not so much that we face another attack similar to 9/11. i think the greatest threat is that al-qaeda is adapting their methods in ways that oftentimes make it difficult to detect. >> identifying individual terrorists, small groups with short histories using new attack methods is a new technology. we did not identify mr. abdulmutallab and we should have. we are working to improve so we can. >> reporter: changes since that at ack will allow intelligence official to identify and stop someone like abdulmutallab but blair warned a more skilled terrorist might not be detected. intelligence official also warned of crippling cyber attacks. they say al-qaeda is deploying operatives to the
10:18 pm
u.s. to carry out attack from inside the country and the terror group is also inspiring home grown extremists to trigger violence on their own, like major nadal hasan a accused of single handedly attacking soldier at a ft. hood. the fbi has been able to get intelligence from abdulmutallab after his family persuaded him to cooperate with u.s. investigators. >> laura evans tonight. a show of force at union station during this morning's rush. about 50 officers from the metro transit police department responded to major antiterrorism drill more trouble for metro following yet another accident on the rail. no one was hurt or killed this time but people are still asking what's going on. six metro workers have been killed on the job since last june and the transit agency is taking flack for
10:19 pm
not reporting this latest crash sooner. john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: metro's latest mishap occurred on a section of the red line in montgomery county in a tunnel between the grovener and medical center stations. saturday evening the outbound track was shut down so work crews could replace rails and rail fasteners. as a shift change began a slow moving maintenance vehicle called a prime mover was bringing a team of 20 workers into the tunnel on that outbound track. four pickup truck like rail maintenance vehicle were stationed inside the opportunity even though the prime mover was driving at about 5 miles per hour, it hit ice. >> the prime mover was still moving. he then communicated to all the personnel on the prime mover to brace for a possible impact. >> the engineer driving the prime mover sounded the horn but couldn't stop his
10:20 pm
engine from hitting the first of the four maintenance vehicles. the impact was so strong each of the maintenance trucks them rolled into the next one in line. metro says because of the low speed of the impact, no injuries resulted and damages from the accident were relatively light. regular ril service which remember was single tracking on the rails closest to me, tt was not interfered with in the incident so most passengers on saturday night probably noticed nothing out of the ordinary. but the tri-state oversight committee has complained that it was not notified within the required two hours of a rail accident. federal regulations appear somewhat ambiguous on this point but metro's new board chairman peter benjamin has told us a separate agreement between metro and the safety panel does require prompt notice of accidents. and effective immediately, that policy will be enforced. john henrehan, fox 5 news.
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the military's top brass pushing for something that has never been done before in our country's a history. it's the report that sparked a firestorm. new vaccines cause autism. tonight a major reversal you have to hear. toyota slammed. hear what the government says finally forced the automaker to issue a massive safety recall. first let's take it back outside live and you can see the snow is coming down. it is sticking. the storm force pouring over the latest models. sue will have an update on how long this will last and what's coming down the pike in 20 minutes. boss: hey, those gecko ringtones you put on our website are wonderful.
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10:25 pm
allowed to openly serve in the military. >> i cannot escape being troubled by the fact that we have in place a policy which forces young men and womento lie about who they are in order to defend their fellow citizens. >> reporter: less than a week after president obama called on congress to repeal the don't ask don't tell policy the defense secretary also says he supports a change. but only after a panel spends a year studying the potential impact on u.s. troops. >> the question before us is not whether the military prepares to make this change but how we best prepare for it. >> reporter: that statement irritated senator john mccain who reminded secretary gates that congress will ultimately decide the fate of the law. >> at this moment, immense hardship for our armed services we should not be seeking to overturn the don't ask don't tell policy. >> reporter: however michigan senator carl lesson has 13,000 voopz been have been discharged since the act
10:26 pm
was enacted. >> i don't find the arguments convincing and less so now. >> reporter: the tense hearing came minutes after both witnesses testified for three hours about the defense department's budget. the 700 billion dollars buvenlt defense including 159 billion for president wars in iraq and afghanistan. senators will resume hearing again next week. craig boswell, fox news. a major retraction about the link between the mmr vaccine and autism. the your honor the lancet says a 1997 study it published is false. the journal says it discovered several elements of the paper redskin correct. the number of kids getting the mmr vaccine plummeted after the vach first came out. new studies say the mea mumps and rubella vaccine is safe. a mother and her young son were found dead in
10:27 pm
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a familiar tragedy in prince william county. a father found his wife and little boy murdered. he found their bodies in hanover court in dale city. claudia coffey has the story. >> reporter: 8-year-old paul wilson was found dead inside this hanover court home with his mother monday night. the woman's husband discovered the bodies and called 911. many residents along this quiet cul-de-sac just learned the tragic news this morning. >> i'm just shocked to hear something like that. this neighborhood has always been nice and calm and to hear something like
10:31 pm
that hits me. >> reporter: other residents say they heard gunshots but the prince william county police would not confirm that rept. they are not releasing any details of how they died or where they were found inside the house. the spokesperson said only there were no signs of forced entry. >> it is unusual in the sense that we just -- we don't want to cause any fear in the community. >> reporter: neighbor francisco tercio left next door for several years and said the family seemed friendly. >> nice guy. nice people. i never have a problem. they all the time talking very nice >> reporter at porter traditional school where 8-year-old wilson went to second grade, the school was notified about the news. police are interviewing anyone who knew the family. no one has been arrested. in dale city, virginia, claudia coffey, fox 5 news.
10:32 pm
a fairfax county teacher accused of sexual assaulting a student is out on bond. shawn lannigan is accused of touching a 12-year-old girl inappropriately. the man accused in a deadly drag race crash, tavon taylor, is charged with eight counts of vehicular manslaughter. the driver of the car he was allegedly racing pled guilty to plowing into the crowd watching another race killing eight of them. jurors listened to 911 calls of witnesses begging for ambulances. the nation's top transportation official is not impressed with toyota's response to its gas pedal problems. transportation secretary ray lahood says toyota was slow to realize the safety issues calling them a little safety death. he says federal officials need to wake toyota up to the seriousness of t problems. toyota recalled more than 2 million vehicles because gas pedals can stick when
10:33 pm
drivers try to accelerate. federal regulators have opened on an investigation into more than 1100 complaints that power steering systems in the chevy cobalt can fail. 11 accidents and one injury have been reported. the review covers about #00,000 co battles made from -- 11,000 cobalts. did you get a gift card that you didn't want? still hanging around the house? steve chenevey has the solution. sell your unwanted card for cash. right present are, wrong recipient. while they're regularly regarded as a great gift sometimes the greatest gift cards... >> let them get what they want as opposed to playing the return game >> reporter: can end up in the wrong hands. before you think it means no
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somebody built a little snowman. it's the wet sticky kind we hear. this, folks, may only be round one or if you start your weeks on saturday which no one does, it would be round two. sue has more on a more powerful round two or round three coming up.
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delivered. with my subaru forester and its all-wheel drive... ... handling even the toughest conditions... is just another day at the beach. a new zealand teenager survived a shark attack by using her boogie board as a weapon. she said she had no idea it was there until it grabbed her hip. >> i had no idea what it was but i looked to my brother
10:40 pm
and saw it was a shark. i knew it was like right beside me but didn't actually feel it biting me so i just hit it like with one short shot of the boogie board. >> the shark's teeth went through her wet suit and pierced her skin but she didn't need stches. a new jersey boy is alive thanks to his younger brother. tristan held onto his brother sage's hand to keep him from going on. a neighbor and his dog heard the commotion and called 911 for help. >> he sounded the alarm. >> isaw a little red at and there was movement to the at. just hold on, hold on. help is coming. >> i never let go, so i would never let go of him. >> sage was taken to the hospital to be checked out but didn't have any serious injuries. what a way to start a marriage. a couple's honeymoon was ruined after a thief broke
10:41 pm
into their car and stole all their belongings. they were only gone 15 minutes. they stole their passports, credit cards and visas. >> i can go to the dmv and get an id. neelay because she came here on a fiance visa, she can't. she has no id. >> reporter: investigators hope surveillance video will help catch the thief. in 30 minutes he racked up $1800 on the couple's credit cards at target and starbucks. the oscar nominations are out. who got the nod and who got snubbed. plus... >> look out guys, women are gaining on you. it could affect your wallets and your workplace. and the snow is gaining on us. it continues to snow pretty moderately and really big flakes including moderate to heavy burst of snow. how much longer is this going to go on and what do
10:42 pm
we have to look forward to or not look forward to tend of the week? we'll start addressing that storm too and be back with your full forecast. no longer fit into our budget.
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no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. good news for some automakers in january. ford reported a whopping 25% increase in sales. gm up 14%. nissan up 16% p chrysler and honda saw single digit drops. toyota is down 16% after it was forced to halt sales of the most popular models. aig apparently ready to hand out $100 million in bonuses. the washington post says employees in the financial products division who agreed to a 10 to 20% cut will get their checks tomorrow a month ahead of schedule. that's the same branch of the insurance giant that came close to destroying aig. the company says the
10:46 pm
bonuses are contractually required. one thing going up after the recession, the number of women in the workforce and they're exerting more influence on their workplace. melanie alnwick explains. >> reporter: they're calling it the cheeconomy. more women are taking charge of their financial health and working to make the most of their new found power. we've come a long way from the rare woman who worked outside the home. today women are on the verge of out numbering men in the workforce. >> with a lot of people that are being laid off women are going back into working, or they're being the entire breadwinner in those situations. >> reporter: with that comes more responsibility. for spendingand for saving. >> my mother and i didn't really talk about money. it wasn't part of the family discussion. >> reporter: now it is. a study done by women and company a division of city bank found more women are taking charge not just of the checkbook but of their family's long-term financial
10:47 pm
security. certified financial planner lisa toscano says there isa good reason behind it. >> women's financial lives are different mens in three key ways. women typically live longer. women are more likely to require long-term care as they age. women take more time out of the workforce on average to care for children and other family members. >> reporter: that has translated into an economic disadvantage, argues the business and professional women's foundation. it advocates for changes in the workplace that will help women and their families thrive. >> women are getting paid equally for the jobs that they're doing just like men. family medical leave act, making sure people can take paid sick leave, that it's a right, it's not a perk. >> reporter: automatic ira's, another policy change they're pushing for. equally important to bring in the paycheck is knowing what to do with it. >> start saving early. to save more as they earn more. to plan carefully for the
10:48 pm
time out periods and to resist cashing in their retirement savings when they change jobs. >> reporter: how to play the money game is one of life's most important lessons. women who are financially secure are less of a burden on government and a boost to their company and their families. now, your financial strategy changes in each phase of your life. we have tips from your 20s to your 60s on our website. just look on the money page. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. president obama talked about the economy at a town hall meeting in nashua, new hampshire. he's working to sell his economic agenda with many families still struggling, trying to gain support for a $30 billion infusion to local bank to lend to small businesses for job creation. >> if you combine it with my proposal in december to continue waving fees and increasing guarantees tore sba backed loans it will help small banks do more what our economy needs. that's insure small
10:49 pm
businesses are once again the engne of job growth in america. >> reporter: the president is working to shore up the democrats' standing with voters after the stunning loss in the massachusetts senate race. as the sky shines bright above me my shadow i see beside me. six more weeks of winter it will be. >> you heard it right there. not what anyone wanted to see or hear from punxsatawny, phil in punxsatawny, pennsylvania. we are in for six more weeks of winter. think we can all a test to that. >> i'm on board with the rodent. >> we need a new phil. >> get a southern groundhog to change it up a little bit. >> what a crazy winter. this is an el nino that's why we're seeing so many storms in the southern branch of the jetstream. when west cold air in place
10:50 pm
that's why we have seen so many of these storms. at least two more in the pipeline, guys. don't get too deresponsible dent, and snow lovers are delirious with joy, of course, but some of the rumors we're hearing about the weekend storm, you are really going to have to wait until thursday before a real accurate picture comes in. this is a real pretty snow. a lot wetter than what we had on saturday and it's really sticking and covering the trees. luckily for us temperatures did crack the 40-degree mark in a lot of areas today so it's not sticking as fast to the pavement or in the metro area but now that temperatures are dropping that's about to change. first up tonight is going to be truview. i want you to see that the back edge is just about to interstate 81. as this continues moving in our direction this snow is going to be shutting off here around 3:00 in the morning so we'll say 2 to 4, somewhere in that time frame. probably gone by sunrise. but within this we're also seeing a few brighter colors here and there. see some of these brighter
10:51 pm
blues is where we're getting more intense bands of snow. they've tended to be coming up 95. fewer under one of these you may pick up another inch in halfour, 45 minutes. in fact one of the things our radar can do is show you within our general snowfall area where some of the bands are and we color code them in red and pink and down to our south around the dale city area and manassas and waldorf to la plata, and even charlottesville we are picking up 1 inch per hour rates which is heavier than what other areas have. these snowflurries don't fall that perfect blanket of even snow. we can get bands in here. it's generally going to be 2 to 4 but some may get 5 and some may get 6 but most places will see more in the 2 to 4 inch range. this is so far. and of course these may go up. damascus, maryland has had
10:52 pm
2-1/2. dulles at 2. reagan just under an inch. so we'll officially have 26 for the season at reagan. new market, maryland, 3 inches. centerville 1, and columbia, maryland, 1-1/2. this is shutting off probably 3:00 in the morning in general for most places but the winter storm warning in effect in the purple. most of the metro area for that accumulating snow to be a little heavier. maybe less to the south and east where there's been mixing. some spots where we have advisories have also seen pretty decent snow out of t i know you're used to it and may get a little bit more before this week is over. here's what has helped us a lot for this not to have a major impact on the area. reagan was 41 degrees today. dulles 40. bwi, 36. and the pavement and sidewalks retain a lot of that heat. for the first several hours a lot of it melted in the metro area. to the north and west, the side streets are covered and there will probably problems in the morning. at 10:00 we've gotten to the freezing mark in the district
10:53 pm
and many points to the south and east are warmer. i want to talk very quickly about accumulations. we're thinking about 2 to 4 in the metro area and lighter amounts, 1 or 2 spots, if you get under one of the heavy band you're going to get more. max hd shows the storm out of here but begins to show the next storm which arrives friday night. this will be another challenging forecast. quick headlines, if i may. the weekend storm the rain/snow line will be closer and there will be mixing in there. five-day forecast time. don't believe any forecasts until about thursday, folks, because there are crazy rumors around but i do think it could potentially have a major impact and once again it will mostly on the weekend because it doesn't get going until friday night. two good days of melting. give us until thursday to nail down the specific and don't believe some of the craves i things. i mean, a -- craves i things, i
10:54 pm
mean, a pollen count lips type -- >> don't believe anything you read on the blogs. >> it's so easy to write because you don't get the hate e-mails. >> be smart about the forecast. >> be patient and stay tuned. if you have travel plans on 95 this weekend it will get farther nornth the last two. fox 5 morning news will be on early tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. we'll have all the overnight weather development cancellations and road conditions to help you get ready for the morning. coming up next on the "news edge" at 11:00 a woman accused of stalking a d.c. judge, even hiding in her -- attic there is a verdict in the case. i'm wisdom martin. that story is coming up. . wisdom i'm dave feldman in the news room where coming up the caps are going tore 11 straight.
10:55 pm
it would be a new franchise record. of course if you're going to do that you've got to get some help between the pipes and jose theodore was up to the task. did the streak hold up? find out next on the "news edge" at 11:00.
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10:58 pm
the academy awards made history announcing ten nominations instead of five for best picture. >> reporter: right out of the gate a strong showing for science fiction film avatar and the hurt locker. >> james camp ran for after a tar. >> among -- avatar. >> among the big winners,
10:59 pm
james cameron and the hurt locker. quentin tarantino got a nod for best screenplay and best director. >> precious and up in the air score nominations for best film as well as acting. gabbie sidibay and monique got nominated for best actress and best supporting actress. jeff bridges and maggie jill en hal got nods for their roles in crazy heart. and sandra bullock who has never before been nominated for an academy award receivedher first election for her role in the blind side. also up for best picture. this is the first time since 1943 more than 5 movies are up


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