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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 3, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> and apparently someone wants to change his reputation. even though he can sense when people are about to die. >> and there are dogs that can sense illness. and the animal kingdom is bizarre. and the story everybody is talking about, the snow. >> it covered most of the area this morning. on the left of your screen, a look at the scene in oak hill virginia this morning. d.c. is in the center. it was very pretty. it did cause some problems and a view from maryland is on the right as people prepare to go to work this morning. many schools were closed and there were delays. >> and just as folks are dealing out, get ready for another round. i think this is round three, tucker. >> we're way past three. >> because if it started the blizzard of '09. >> we started in early december. this is round six or seven with ice storms and the like. good morning, everybody. accumulation is between 2-6 inches in a couple of spots out there this morning. snow generally easy to move so that's good news if you go out and shovel and we should have some sunshine.
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a caller out to the west said they are reporting sunshine. so expect sunshine during the early morning hours. snow is out of here but you'll see on the radar that moving through briskly during the overnight and the accumulation ranges from 2 inches at reagan national to about 6 inches well out to the west. a few leftover snow flurries this morning, mixing in with the clouds. but that is the worst of it as the sunshine starts to win out during the course of the afternoon. so our temperatures will eventually top out in the low 40s. we'll get to melt off a lot of our overnight ow. current temperatures are still hanging out in the upper 20s and low 30s. bwi marshall currently 29. here in washington we are now 33. and you can expect highs with the sunshine later on todaof about 40. so the forecast is getting better from here temporarily. high temperature about 41 degrees and winds out of the north and west at about 5-10 miles per hour. allison alluded to it, we have another storm system on the way. i'll have more details on that oming up. let's get to julie wright.
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she's in for a very special look at traffic. julie. >> reporter: it's special. we're looking and all we're seeing is the white stuff, tucker barnes. >> you have a lot of it. >> and crews have worked hard to clear a bathor you, but now the path is congested request a bunch of traffic because it's bumper-to-bumper down to the dulles toll road. two left lanes tied up at the scene and delays giving before river road out of montgomery down toward tysons corner. this is a commute coming off of canal road and toward the chain bridge. lanes are open and the pace is improving. but secondary roads still questionable. we've been clearing up from the storm over the weekend and you're likely to finice so proceed with caution. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. now to breaking news in southeast where a fire broke out in an apartment early this morning. >> three children are now in the hospital and in critical condition.
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sarah simons is live on the scene with new information. sarah. >> reporter: well the fire department has since clears the scene but i was just speaking with fire officials who say that the three children taken from here in that apartment where the fire broke out, they are in critical but stable condition. they are very hopeful that the three children will be okay. they are a 5-year-old boy, a 2- year-old girl and i 5-6-month- old girl. the fire broke out on naylor road. it was in one apartment that fire broke out. when firefighters arrived and when they were doing their investigation, they found three children unconscious in a back bedroom of the apartment and a neighbor in the apartment above says she saw smoke and called 911 immediately. >> during the fire they located three small children in a bedroom. those children were removed, initially we were performing cpr on one of the children.
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we have received word that at this time all of the children are now -- due have a pulse and that is good news. >> reporter: that good news. and obviously that was the assistant fire chief you saw there. but i did speak with the woman who called 911 who lived in the apartment above. she said she saw the three ildren pulled from the apartment and someone that seemed very distraught. we're not sure if was the children or their mother. and we're not sure. investigators are trying to figure out whether the children were in the apartment alone. that's an investigation that will continue on later here today. but the good news is the children have stabilized and are in the hospital. we're told by investigators that their father with there with them now and of course the investigation is going to continue. we will bring you more as it becomes available. back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. a woman is set to be in course within the hour, charged
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in a double murder in prince william county. 8-year-old paul wilson and his mother were found dead inside their dale city home on monday night. 47-year-old nalalia wilson of arlington was arrested last night. she's been held without bond. her relationship to the victims is still unclear. police say there is no sign of forced entry at the home. some disturbing news from capitol hill this morning. another attempted terror attack in the us could be monthed away. there has been b plotter is talking to investigators, but
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their concerns go well beyond just the one attempted attack. at a senate hearing the question was relatively simple and the answers were disturbing. >> the question is what is the likelihood of another terrorist attempted attack on the u.s. homeland in the next 3-6 months? high or low? director blair? >> an attempted attack, the priority is certain i would say. >> mr. pinetta? >> i would agree with that. >> reporter: that assessment comes from both the director of fashional intelligence and the head of the c.i.a. at the same time, the fbi says that umar farouk abduhl mattal ab, the man accused of trying to blow up an airline over christmas, is talking again. >> i think the balance struck in the mattal ebb case was understandable. >> reporter: fbi agents were able to get him to talk again by flying in his family from nigeria. it's not clear what he's saying, but the white house will try to fend off critics who say he should have been
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treated as an enemy combatant, not a criminal suspect with legal rights. but republicans and even some democrats say the white house has no business trying terror suspects in criminal courts. and in the case of accused 9/11 planner khalid sheikh mohammed, they're willing to cut off funding to prevent it.lone wolf attack similar to what we saw in the christmas day bomb plot. a single actor is very difficult to stob. >> doug luzader from capitol hill. we appreciate it. to virginia, weeks after her body was found, a girl who disappeared from a concert in
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charlottesville last october. a man found her remains on his farm. morgan haring ton was 20 years old. accused of being drunk and hitting two men with her car and now the driver has a history of driving under the influence. she slammed into alex lackeyo and gusto rosario in adelphi on monday night and killed them instancely. the men didn't know each other but were on the side of riggs road ex changing information after a fender-bender. one man leaves behind a wife and three kids and hi daughter will turn 3 years old on the day he's buried. >> she knows something is up. she's knows i'm sad and she sad, is it daddy, momma? but she doesn't know what happened. >> fox 5 has learned the woman behind the wheel is 30 years old from beltsville and had multiple dui convictions and driving on a suspended license. a jury convicted a woman in a bizarre stalking case in the
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district. the victim was d.c. judge jeanette albert. her stalker was ex-girlfriend taylor new vel. prosecutors say taylor was furious with the judge for ending their remans. new vel claims the e-mails, texts and phone calls were abut getting her property back. she now faces 15 years in prison at her sentences in april. crews have cleared the scene of a tanker truck accident from rockville last night. police say the 2,000 fuel tank truck was traveling when it spun out of control and flipped on its side. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. at one point the tanker was leaking fuel. hazmat crews were called in to clear everything out. the winter weather is likely to blame. american hikers continue to be jailed in iran. now the leader is suggesting a trade for their release. what he wants in return. and he grew up in the white house during a very rough time. we are talking to the oldest grandson of franklin roosevelt next about his memories of his grand parents and time in the
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white house. and he'll talk about the comparisons to today's administration. he has a new book out. we'll have much more ahead this morning. we're back in a moment. 
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welcome back. it's 91:00 now. more details about a deadly bombing in pakistan. three u.s. soldiers were among six people killed when a bomb hit a security convey in northwest pakistan near the afghan border. it happened near a girl's school. the soldiers were training local security forces. meantime nato forces say two u.s. service members were killed in a bomb strike in southern afghanistan. officials have not yet released any other details. iran's president wants to strike a deal that cou free u.s. hikers being held captive in his country. during a television interview, ahmadinejad suggested a prison exchange of iranians in
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american for the jailed u.s. hikers. they doctor capt -- they were captured from iran after crossing over and would be tried for espionage. and the west believes iran's nuclear program is geared toward acquiring ato thetic weapons and they deny that claim. a fate for possible child trafficking for those behind bars in haiti. the men will be questioned today. the women were questioned yesterday. police arrested all ten on friday for trying to take a bus load of children across the haitian border. they haven't been charged with anything yet and maintain they were only trying to help. we're just talking here becau when you have the eldest grandson of franklin and eleanor roosevelt in the studio you want to have as much talk time as you k. he's the most powerful man in the world.
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he's fighting an economy, economic downturn and contain bitter wars being fought on several fronts and two little kids living with him and soang up the history of a turbulent time and we're not talking about the obamas, we're talking about the roosevelts and that little kid who agree up, curtis roosevelt, the grandson, the eldest grandson of fdr back in the days of the great depression, world war ii and his book is called too close to the son and details what it's like to be a young witness to a tumultuous time in our history. and the book is great. good morning to you. this is curtis roosevelt. >> good morning. >> i could listen to you talk and when you threw your head a while ago and laughed, you looked just like your grandfather. >> i don't think so. but you're nice to say. after all, he didn't live to be nearly 80, which is just my position. so my sister and i were the --
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not only the oldest grandchildren but the only people alive today who actually lived with franklin roosevelt and eleanor roosevelt and knew them from that point of view. so part of my book, the latter half, is as a teenager and participanting in the adult life. so i can say, to put it briefly, my education is from the dining table, listening to the conversations. >> we just saw a great picture f. we could put it back up of a young curtis with his grandfather at what looks leek a dining table there. and your grand father is the most powerful man in the world at this point. what in the world is that like? how do you separate granddad -- what do you call him by the way? >> we called him poppa. which is sort of the european
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expression. and he called my grandmother grandmie, because we called my great grandmother grandma. and in coping with the great depression, he had very little to do with foreign affairs. unlike president obama, he did not herit two wars and a lot of other hot spots, north korea, et cetera. no, he had the great depression. quite enough. obama has a great recession. but not to the breadths and depths that the depression hit this country. so we were witness to that. he was a great grandfather, particularly when we re small. and as a teenager, i was a navy buff and we would ex change views about the navy and ships and so rth. it was great fun. and he fed me with books and so
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forth. but i -- i sat at the table and absorbed it. i attended the cocktail hour which was fun, great fun. harry hopkins, felix banqueter and a host of interesting people. >> and you lived at the house from 3-15. >> not every year. we moved out to salem for a little bit but we were back and forth. i lived in the white house during the formative years until i was 7 and then as a teenager. >> and your mother is a roosevelt. >> how did you come about with that -- >> it's my middle name. my father was made an object of hostility, that i can cut through without any details and i was more or less forced to use my stepfather's name which i was 9 or 10 years old and used that until i was 18. my mother and stepfather were divorced, my grandmother looked at me and said, i guess, dear, you better just use your middle
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name. that's the family you've grown up with. and that was formally set in place when i was 21. >> and what grand m ire says, you d and this book seems to do a great account from the lessons learned, but hard lessons and hard to grow up with the entire world knowing your name, i would suppose. >> well you know the title too close to the son is not just appropriate for me and my sister andmy uncles, fdr's sons and my mother. no, it relates to everyone around the white house and the president. but they are particularly related to someone like franklin and eleanor roosevelt to boot. i was too close to the sun. and it did pose a distortion in my life that took me years to get over. >> before we let you go, we're
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seeing a picture of the big three. roosevelt, churchhill and stalin and then the grandsons of the big three later in the book too. so it is such uninteresting read. again it's too close to the sun. and the final word, we're seeing the president go through rough times and we're seeing your grandfather emerge as one of the great presidents. >> he went through the hard times also which i include in my talks around the country now. fdr did have a very serious problem and then the second deal came out about the end of '35 and. we have to end it there. what a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you very much. >> fascinating. thank you very much. and today is the last day to visit the national zoo's rock star. tai shan is heading to china tomorrow. gurvir is live at zoo with the
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final hours at -- in d.c. it sounds s final and in deed it is. we won't see tai shan again, gurvir. >> reporter: i know. and you called him a rock star and i've never considered myself a groupy. but can i say this on television, he's so cute. he's inside. we had to move our truck because they are clearing the snow but we have beauful pictures to show you. and he was folicking in the snow today. a i was thinking, what a nice sendoff. the weather couldn't be any better. he's been eating his bamboo and watching the snowfall on his head and there are a few visitors already that were here taking pictures and just sort of reminiscing about what they will remember about him the most from his time here in d.c. we have to consider ourselves really lucky because he was already supposed to be gone and we got that two-year extension
9:22 am
and so he is headed out tomorrow, leaving on the jet plane out of dulles. and my lan is flying up here from d.c. and so when he goes touchup -- he goes to china, we'll have a companion. do we have the video of him playing in the snow. when he was born we teasingly said he was the size of a stick butter and he's now 200 pounds and no less adorable. and the people here watching him this morning feel the same way. take a listen to what they had to say. >> it's sad and exciting at the same time. we're sad to see him go and maybe we'll see one of his kids back here some day. >> you want him to be part of
9:23 am
something big, but he's ours, our own panda, and it's sad to see him go. >> reporter: so mixed emotions from the people here. we're certainly hoping that the other giant panda will become pregnant. so we're hoping. so we may have another panda down the road. but right now he's headed to china. you can come out today and check him out. and we'll put the video that we shot on tony, back over to you. >> i suspect there will be a lot of people heading out there today to see him. gurvir, thnk you so much. and more troubles for toyota. first it was sticking pedals, forcing dealers to stop making vehicles. and another a problem with another model of toyota. why some are concerned about the prous. >> and holly is covering our
9:24 am
black history month with a trip to the american history museum. >> reporter: and you can see or experience history thanks to their living history programs and they do have some special programs going on because of black history month because it is the 50th anniversary of the greensboro north carolina lunch counter sit-in. we'll be back with more. [ singing ]
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9:27 now. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. >> and man, we're getting like a one, two, three-four punch. >> and everyody is used to it. >> unless you have plans, then it becomes a nuisance. >> the best thing you can do is make your plans, be aware of what might happen as we get
9:28 am
closer to any potential event and listen and then act accordingly. >> because it's not worth it, whatever it is. >> that's true. and our next one looks like it will occur on the weekend and that puts us at quieter times. some people can do it or do some shoveling. we'll start with the my weather photo. this is a very special photographer, allison. >> i would agree. this is phil met lynn who is somebody that we're all very familiar with here at fox 5. >> let's be honest, he's our boss. and i was going to component on the composure of the picture. >> a little out of focus. >> i think it's brilliant. and pulitzer prize. >> that's enough. let's go to the snow totals. we do encourage you to send in your photos as we'll have more snow into the weekend. 2.8 inches in crofton. and column but 3 inches,
9:29 am
chantilly virginia, 4.5 and it maxed out to the west and some spots to the south and east had an inch or two down towards hollywood, maryland and down toward the bay is even west. sunshine reports to the west. so i think the sunshine will win out into the late morning here and early afternoon and we'll have a quieter day. thursday should be quiet too and our high temperatures later this afternoon will top out in the low 40s. so we'll get a chance to melt off some of that snow. still below freezing off to the north and west. in gaithersburg you're 30. in manassas you're 30. a cool tart to the day but temperatures will be above freezing so we'll get a chance to melt off a little bit of what we picked up during the overnight hours. let's talk about our next storm system and it's amazing how busy things have been here during the last couple of eks. this one looks for impressive and more significant than we dealt with overnight last night. it looks look a two-parter and getting it's act together in texas and pushing across the
9:30 am
gulf of mexico and starting to emerge in the tennessee valley. but it will traps fer the energy to a coastal storm. this will take shape on friday night and does and all indications are this will be a major storm system, packing a lot of energy and you know what, the potential for a lot of snow back into the washington area as we get into the day on saturday. still a lot to be determined. it could mix out and we could be dealing with the possibility of of a mixed event friday night and into saturday. but when all is said and done i think this one will be much different. and morning clouds and afternoon sun today and high temperature of about 41 degrees. allison, back to you. we'll fine tune the details for you as we get closer. >> tucker, thank you so much. another automaker under the microscope. the feds opened up an investigation into more than
9:31 am
1100 complaints that power steering systems in the chevy cobalt can fail. 11 accidents and one injury has been reported thus far. review covers about 900,000 cobalts made from 2005 to 2009. some drivers say they couldn't keep the car in the lanes when steering became difficult into and toyota is facing more quality problems. this time we're talking about the prius. toyota is investigating por than -- more than 100 complaints about brake problems. two involved crashes that resulted in injuries. so far no word on any recall. toyota sales are taking a big hit after refusing to fix gas pedals that stick in the depressed position. and th aig is about to hand out $1 million in bonuses. the employees who agreed to a 10-25% cut will get their checks today, a month ahead of schedule. that's the same branch of the
9:32 am
insurance giant that came close to destroying aig. the company says the bonuses are contractually required. >> we know now what topped last year's deadly plane crash in buffalo, new york. >> where the national transportation safety board is placing the blame. we'll be back in just a moment. ooh...
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welcome back. the pentagon is launching a year-long study on how to transition away from the don't ask, don't tell policy, but as the old saying goes, change does not come easy. john hon hunt has reaction as washington weighs in. >> reporter: the highest ranking officer in the military says the don't ask don't tell policy deserves a closer look. >> we have in place a policy which forces young men and women to lie about who they are in order to defend their fellow citizens. >> reporter: this is one week after president obama called for a repeal of the rule,
9:36 am
preventing openly gay people from serving in america's armed forces. >> the question before us is not weather the military prepared to make the change but how we best prepare it. >> reporter: don't ask, don't tell, became law in 1993 under president clinton. while restricting openly homosexual people from military service, john mccain says washington should concentrate on america's two wars. >> this would be a substantial and controversial change to a policy that has been successful for two decades. >> reporter: still some lawmakers disagree with the former p.o.w. >> i believe it will reflect our commitment to equal opportunity. >> secretary gates will report back to the president in 45 days with suggestions on how to move forward. in new york, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> militariedot ask, don't tell policy under the microscope on capitol hill.
9:37 am
and the president is calling on congress to repeal the policy that bans uniformed gays from serving openly. the military supports a change but only after a panel spends a year studying the potential impact on u.s. troops. former u.s. air force staff sergeant david hall who as discharged from the service after being outed joined us earlier this morning. >> this is an integrity issue. gays will continue to serve in the military and during two wars it makes no sense to kick anybody out. >> senators will resume hearings on the issue next week. the feds are blaming pilot air for the crash of continental flight 3407 into a house in buffalo. the finding is casting doubt on whether major airlines and regional carriers are held to the same standards. the ntsb says inappropriate response by the captain to a key piece of safety equipment and inadequate training and procedures by the flight's first officer led to the crash
9:38 am
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a little off the top can get you a lot off your lunch bill at one restaurant, depending on how bald you are. you can get up to 30% off your bill at a mexican restaurant. but it's in arizona. they have been offering the deal for about a year. >> gentlemen come in and sometimes they wear their hats and everything, and they come to pay and they're wearing the hat and they take their cap off and they say what do you think, is this worth 30%?
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>> if you're vacationing in arizona, the discounts are only available on tuesdays. >> okay. listen, you have heard the saying that cats have nine lives. well one apparently has a sixth sense too. >> some people dubbed oscar the grim reaper after he predicted not one, two, three, or four, but 50 deaths. he curls up with patients at a nursing home if rhode island and that's usually the signal. >> this is amazing. the doctor who spotted oscar's abilities hopes his new book will portray him in a favorable light instead of as the four- legged angel of death. >> doctors think oscar is responding to a fer imon humans don't realize. >> but after a while you would think we have to get him out. patients can't be thrilled to see him walking around.
9:43 am
>> he doesn't do much for morale, i don't think. he's a therapy cat but nobody wants him in the room. >> and for the cat it's got to be rather upsetting. i found a new friend. oh, well. >> it's not funny. >> many people will indulge this weekend during the big game but you have thought about how much excise it will take to work that feast off. what may have you putting down your plate at the superbowl party. and holly is previewing some upcoming events for black history month. it's all coming up in a moment. [ male announcer ] mark your calendar.
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the american history museum is honoring black history month all of february and holly morris is there this morning to find out about the educational events in the programs that recognize this important month. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is an important month and
9:47 am
there is a very special date and time frame that is celebrating the 50th anniversary. it was february 1st, 1960, when four young black men sat down at a counter in woolworths in greensboro. and they were asked to leave and they didn't. after that sit-in, that protest, it proved successful. it sparked a wave of young people to protest against civil rights or for civil rights and woolworths was desegregated. and here a portion of the counter sits in the american history museum they are having special events. a lot of reasons for you to come down here and be a part of the history. chris wilson is the director of african-american programs. it's good to see you again. this is a big month for you. you have a lot going on.
9:48 am
>> we do. we have programs related to the lunch counter. and we have brought that strategy and planning that folks have had to do to get the lunch counter sit-ins going, we bring that to live. we'll take visitors through a tranning session on how to do a sit-in. >> reporter: when you are bringing history to life, we read the history books and see how it happened but now it's 2010 and you have to try to find a way to connect with young people, attention spans are shorter, we live in a world where everything is coming at us in order to keep us entertained. how do you go about making that transforation? >> one of the great things we're doing this month, we have a new show called sing for freedom. and the smithsonian has led the way in research on the music of the civil rights movement. and we took some of that -- some of those songs that were invented by people during the time to become freedom songs and we brought that to life with a show you can see every day here at the lunch counter called sing for freedom where
9:49 am
we show some of the songs that people use to protest. >> reporter: do you find when people are here they're looking at the counter and then all of a sudden something happens around them that you see something in their eyes, like something where they understand or it promotes a dialogue with the people they are with. >> oh, it exactly does. we want to promote conversation about history and we've done that with more than 80,000 people since we reopened last year. those who have participated in the join the students program and it is a nonviolent workshop, very similar to what was done in the 60s. a different take on it for a large museum audience, but still it came directly from outlines of training manual outlines from the 1960s. >> reporter: when is the best time for people to see these living history moments? >> well every day, if you check our website, american
9:50 am
but through february you can see it. we have other programs in the evenings. programs related to lincoln and so forth. [ singing ] >> reporter: and you can see one right now. [ singing ] ♪ i'm going to sing at the welcome table. i'm going to sit at the welcome table. ♪ one of these days, one of these days. ♪ i'm going to eat at the woolworth's lunch counter. ♪ i'm going to eat at that lunch counter one of these days. ♪ halleluiah. ♪ i'm going to eat at the woolworth's lunch counter. i'm going to eat at that lunch counter. ♪ one of these days, one of these days. ♪ i'm going to get my civil rights. >> reporter: of course the american history museum is open every day from 10:00 until 5:30. go to their website because sometimes on holidays they have
9:51 am
extended hours or through the summer they have extended hours. but as you can see, there is a lot going on here. a lot of very memorable and special things that are important for all of us to learn or maybe come back and reflect about. tony. >> holly, thank you very much. very moving scene. thank you. the big game is coming up this weekend. and before you eat that fried chicken wing, you may want to think about what you would have to do to burn it off. doctor sharon allison otty is author of is that fried chicken wing worth it? she joins us to offer tips about helping you make healter choices. thank you. i love the title and there is a story behind it. do you mind telling it. >> well my personal trainer at time were working out and i said i have a meeting we have to go. and she's like no you're not. i havto check your calories. and what she said is what did
9:52 am
you eat last night. and i lied and i said i ate a chicken wing. and i lied, because nobody eats one. and she said no, you need to keep going. and when i got home i looked it up. two tied chicken wings are 280 calories. you would have to do two hours of situps to burn it off. >> and you take fast foods and popular foods and figure out how you -- what you would have to do to work tt off and you have all kinds of categories. before we get into the charts, tell me what this is. i'm guessing this is fat? >> that's fat. and that's muscle. and the question is which weighs more, 5 pounds of fat or muscle? >> well that's a trick question. >> that's a trick question. >> what do you want on your body, this or this? >> i would rather have that. >> all over the country, audiences say 5 pounds of fat
9:53 am
so you're good. and so you're good. it's how we burn the fat. that's how we burn it. >> so take us through some of the foods. you have two chicken wings and you talk about the 150 pounds and you do it by different categories, 170 and 190 pounds. so two chicken wings, cleaning house, 78 minutes of cleaning house that is close to me. >> that's the question you have to ask, is it worth it to me? or did that nice crispy chicken wing -- will i do what it necessary to burn it off. >> 31 minutes of sit ups. i don't know if we can -- sexual activity, 145 minutes. >> and usually men are like yes, 145 minutes is worth it. but that's not 1.5 minutes, that's 145 minutes. >> oh. ! andd oh.
9:54 am
>> and jelly beans. >> and how many people eat jelly beans on their desk. >> and 25 are 140 calories. half of the calories in two fried chicken wings so you have to work that offment and are you really going to count it. and is it worth it to you. >> sfor example we were showing one activity that you might have, vacuuming the house, you have to do that for 35 minutes, washing dishing 45 minutes. because there is not a lot of activity when you do that. and we were mentioning it earlier, macchiato, this used to be my favorite. carmel macchiato. it's a little over two of the fried chicken wings. if you have that -- but if you make a small choice, because i don't want to have the issue without telling you how to make changes. just go skim, get rid of the extra foam and you cut down to
9:55 am
340 calories. i do have rule that says be care of the drinks. if you're drinking your calories -- i like to chew. so if you drink calories, they are calories. but three of these a day is all you need for the whole day. >> so if you did that food shopping, shoveling snow is 75 minutes. with the book, it's not a diet but giving people information to think about. >> it's a mindset. >> is it worth spending your time to do something else. >> it's calories in and calories out. and whether you do jenny craig or weight watchers or bypass, it's still calories in and calories out. >> and the book is that fried chicken wing worth it and there are great things in this book including what doctors want to tell their patients but never do. it's a great read. tnk you very much. >> thank you very much. it's worth it. >> yes, it is. and back to allison in the studio. and -- do we have wendy. a look at what is coming up on
9:56 am
her show today. hi, wendy. >> hi, d.c. how you doing? wendy here. on today's show it's going to be really g. the one and only jerry springer. and i love jerry. i've interviewed with him twice before when i used to do radio is it's like two old friends chatting it up here on the couch and he's a good talker. plus i want to shout out to the moms in the strug. i have a son and he's 9 years old but i identify with this precarious age when it comes to our girls. our girls who are tween-agers. they have their own fashion personality and sometimes it's too provocative. have no fear, the wendy show is here with fashion designer say miller. we'll have a tween fashion show just for tween-age girls. we'll show you the hippest trends for spring. so you be here okay. see you soon. - hi. - hi. okay if we look around?
9:57 am
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