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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  February 5, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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is job. and scleroderma hit and cost him his hands. and then the wall street crash hit and cost them their life savings. still, they struggle on just to get by, to keep food on the table and to heat their home. mary: the wood stove helps us save on oil, but it's getting harder and harder. at citizens energy, we know the hurt you must feel. we know it's hard for proud people to ask for help. i just want to let you know how happy we are that we can lend a helping hand. wayne: we never thought we would be cold in our own home. mary: thanks to citgo and the people of venezuela. hi, i'm joe kennedy from citizens energy, your nonprofit oil company. if you need help staying warm this winter, give me a call at 1-877-joe-4-oil, because no one should be left out in the cold.
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welcome back. we continue to keep you up to date on the dangerous winter storm hitting the washington, d.c. area as we speak. >> let's take a live look outside at the weather pictures coming in from all over the region. we have a team of reporters over the d.c. region trying to keep you updated on the latest snow totals, road conditions and what is going on in your neighborhood. >> right now we want to send it to sue palka live in the weather center with an update. how is it looking for your end. >> i think the temperatures are hanging in at 33 degrees as we begin the 5:00 hour which is amazing that we are able to
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hang on to that that keeps us in good shape for a while. we expect things to go downhill quickly. i'm glad you used the word dangerous. things will go quickly downhill later tonight. i will do that in a moment. we are getting great reports into the live chat room on fairfax 2 1/2 inches. lovetteville the streets are getting covered. we have a report from someone traveling there are two accidents around i-66, mile marker 18 causing big backups. an inch and a half mostly on grass in woodbridge. 4 inches in winchester and upper partly, 2 -- upper marlboro 2 to 4 inches. bowie 2 to 3. this will be the second historic storm. our blizzard in december was the 7th biggest snow ever. i think this may surpass it. it may challenge the blizzard of '96 that produced 17 inches
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of snow in the district and 25 to 28 in the suburbs. as the temperature drops and the heart of this storm gets closer to us, our snow rates will draw mat if i cannily increase, on the order of 1 t 2 inches per hour. we have seen 1/2 inch per hour unless you were under one of the two to hree heavier snow bands that gary will show you in a moment. wind will pick up. that may reduce visibility. you should not be in your car later tonight because it will get dangerous quickly. the worst of this probably between 9:00 and sunrise tomorrow. that's when we expect to get most of the accumulation. that will be by dawn. a quick check of temperatures and we will send it up for a radar check with gary. 33 in the district. dulles at 33. gaithersburg 30. big difference when you get to t freezing mark and lob. you combine that with snow rates that will be intensifying. we are talk rag dare and a long pull with this not wrapping up
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until 6:00 to 8:00 tonight. >> it came in -- not really early. we talked about it getting here around noontime or so. i think most people started seeing light snow by 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. it don't come in quick but it may linger longer. that is a big question mark in terms of what may happen tomorrow afternoon. when it begins to redevelop offshore overnight tonight, will it stay a little closer to the shore for longer and get stronger? if that happens, that will change the forecast again for tomorrow. we may end up gettingore wind and snow out of it. we are looking at the satellite. where you see the purple, that is enhanced cloudiness. farther to the west, the upper level support is back out to the central plains. the surface level feature is down in the gulf of mexico and getting its act together and shifting the energy out to the
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atlantic. when that begins we have heavy snow. snow here. heavier snow to the south then it becomes rain down for southern and central virginia and notice here it's just a very fine line of transition between where the snow goes into a mixture and all rain. we know there is rain coming in at the upper level. it's right in there through western north carolina and up to central and western sections of virginia. we will watch that real closely and see if that actually pushes that transitional line up closer to us. you know if you spent any time in d.c. for the winter, we are talking about that rain-snow line. it looks like overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, it may get fairly close to us. it doesn't look like the rain- snow line will come through the city. our snowfall totals in the city and north and west shouldn't be cut down by that. farther to the south and
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southeast there may be a period tomorrow morning where that is happening. we are getting a lot of reports out of eastern sections of west virginia for pretty good snowfall totals. you notice the high returns here, the yellow and oranges, that's moderate rainfall. but then it crosses over to the cold air and becomes heavy snow. same thing to the south as well. we have yet to get a heavy snow band through d.c. later on this evening and overnight, that is all going to change because this storm will be pretty much in its mature state coming across. that's when we will get heavy snow. they have been saying in west virginia we are not mentioning you. morton gone, we have people in the chat room out in illinois, a couple hundred people in the chat room saying we are getting weather reports from illinois and back out to the west of us. part of it is rain because you are caught up in the warm sector. then you transition to the snow here and all long skyline drive
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and i-81. we are snow back here at home. we had one area of good snow move through. we are in a bit of a lull right now. when we switch over to live radar mode, no, no, no, go back to true view. there you go. here we are here. this is fairly light snow. you travel down i-95 and you pick up the darker green and you pick up the yellow. that's the heavier snow. there may be a little sleet mixed in on the nose of some warmer air coming . i haven't had reports of sleet there. give this another hour or so, hour and a half. it will move through the district, through stafford county with moderate snow and up i-95 into prince william county. this will be good for an inch or two as it passes through the area the next couple of hours. sue, i don't think we necessarily, to be perfectly honest with you can get our hand around how much snow we are expecting. when you talk about 18, 20, 24 inches, you know what kind of storm it takes to do that.
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overnight tonight, we are saying 1 to 2 inches per hour? that is right. >> that is heavy. >> if we get into thunder snow. >> perish the thought. >> you will see clumps of snow around the size of baseballs. >> potato chip snow. >> if that happens, we will get 20, 2 a, 30 inches. >> it's hard to get your head around something like that. when you think about the fact that that has happened one time in the district but there could be a second time for everything. we will be watching those trends carefully. i want to talk about the warnings. those of you under a blizzard warning, an arizona, calvert and over -- anne arundel, calvert and over to the beaches. blizzard warnings kick in after 10:00 tonight until 10:00 tomorrow night. what does that mean? you may be windier than the rest of us. winds blowing 35 to 40.
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gusts could be down to a quarter mile or less. that is not to say that we won't have stronger winds but it may not hit blizzard criteria which is fairly specific. blizzard warnings for you. the rest of us the winter storm warnings. how much snow are we talking about when we get to the end of this thing, easy 18 to 24. we have lesser amounts to the south and east. sleet may mix in at 12 to 18 inches. off to the west where it will be pure snow and cold the whole time, we have 24-inch totals in there. the last stop -- take radar quickly. gary mentioned the heavy snow bands. i switched the radar over to heavy snow mode. in the red band what are we getting, 2 inches per hour. that is heading 0 our -- in our direction when i lapse it. watch out when that crosses. that is a big band of heavy snow. many more from where that progressed from. >> hey, sue, because you forecast this so well a with
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those big numbers, that's part of the reason why people are heading the warnings, got shopping down early. we heard paul wagner saying the people aren't grumpy. they are joking about it. >> not a lot of people grumpy. >> the fact of the matter is i have never seen more people pay attention to a storm. it's like the people that lived through hurricane andrew in florida. they take hurricanes very seriously. they listen to everything. they are ahead of the forecast. now that we have been through the big historic storm, people start paying attention. one foot amount and alpha dog is ready to roll. people were ready for this big snow. they took it seriously because they know it can happen in d.c. much to our shock, it's happening for a second time. we will be ready for this. crews are out there. people are mentally ready, too. >> i guys have been in front of this from the beginning.
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i think mentally everybody is prepared or we have been preparing for some time now. >> i will say, too, a lot of people criticize why are you on the air for so many hours. yeah, there is snow coming, but the point is there is -- this is a dangerous storm. there is a lot happening. we want to keep you informed on what is happening in every different location so you can stay home and stay warm and stay safe. >> the storm on the way or here now has affected air travel. let's check in with tom fitzgerald. he is live at reagan national. you said people were coming in and out. is it a ghost town yet. >> reporter: ghost town would be a good description of the this -- of this place. the amount of people and snow coming down. we have an update for you. this is not going to come as a surprise if you have been watching the last couple of hours. courtney is here from the washington metropolitan airport authority. we have been saying the last
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couple of hours that we are expecting that operations will come to a halt here at dulles at some point wr. are we at? >> here at reagan, all flight operations have ended for the day. the airline canceled all the flights this evening as well as tomorrow. there will be no flights at reagan national. what has been the major advantage in dealing with this storm that we are not seeing any of that today? >> not seeing people here is a good thing. the airlines are proactive about canceling the flights early and letting their passengers know about it so they don't come out to the airport and get stuck here. they know ahead of time and they are prepared to rebook the flights online. >> one thing we should tell them as well f they are expecting to fly on saturday, that is not looking likely either. you and i were talking a momenting a that most of the flights -- moment ago most of the flights are canceled.
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>> we just learned all the flights tomorrow are canceled as well. call your airlines customer service number to rebook after saturday. >> courtney, we appreciate you taking the time and updating us here. that's the latest information. flight operations have halted for the foreseeable future at reagan. we should update you on the above ground metro. we have a good vantage point. the metro above ground is running. you have to be careful if you ride the rails tonight. once they get snow cover to about 8 inches, metro told us last evening they are planning on curtaing that service to underground stations. you don't want to be out on one of those platforms later on this evening if and when metro decides to make the call. that's not the case. the trains are running. it's something you have to have on your radar screen as the storm progresses. back to you. >> just a quick note to pass along. we learned if you live in
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montgomery county, they are injurying you to park in the parking garages for free. they prefer you park there than on the streets so no cars will be in the way. >> good warning. we will continue to stay on top of this storm. we are bringing you live continuing coverage, team coverage on fox 5 of the winter weather alert. 4 
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>> welcome back, everyone. it seems like snow is the only thing going on in the d.c. area, it's not. >> a lot of people are talking about the caps team because they have been on a winning streak. >> lindsay, i'm on twitter and i see the game is on tonight. is that the case? >> reporter: absolutely. mother nature is not going to touch hockey, not in this town, probably not in any town. we know hockey fans and players are the toughest you can get. tonight's game a 7:00 game against the atlanta thrasher is on. coach, thank you for taking the time. i know you have to get back to the team. you have seen the weather, any doubt that it will be a packed house tonight? >> i don't know if it packed bu best fans in the world. they will make every effort to get here, the ones that can. >> i heard airports are
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closing. roads are looking good. metro looking good. how much do you rely on the fans to get the atmosphere in here going so you can just flow? >> it helps. no doubt about that. we understand the situation but when we are not on top of our game and they are ready to cheer us on, it motivates and lifts the team. ey are a big part of this. >> you guys are on a 12 game winning streak. talk about this ride you have been on. i know you haven't been able to enjoy it. what has the journey been like. >> the journey is wonderful. but, you are right. it's one of those things that once we win 12, it's yeah, yeah, yeah then get on to 13 and try not to think of it too much. then when you get a chance to sit back in the summ and think that was a good thing. we are focused on game 13 and five games before the break and we would like to stay strong. >> how much pressure, if any. does it add to have a streak like this.
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>> it's -- the pressure we have been on ourselves. we want to be the best team and we want to do things that no other team has done. so, this is sething that the guys like and i know that it's difficult to stay at a level, you know, for so long. they will go as long as they can. >> anything you would like to stay to the fans. you want them to come tonight, right. >> i want them to come but be careful. drive safe if you are driving and have fun and enjoy. >> 7:00 game against the thrashers. it is on but be safe. >> the metro is underground. hopefully you can get there on metro, too. >> laura is rocking the red tonight. >> i am rocking the red. for the american heart association for remembering women and heart issues. >> that's what the red is for. >> a lot of good reasons tonight. keep it here. our coverage of this potentially historic winter storm will continue aer the
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>> welcome back to our coverage of the winter storm. we have a team of reporters fanned out over the region checking the latest on the road conditions and the weather conditions. let's head to prince george county. >> the snow is falling steadily throughout many areas. bowie town center is where we find wisdom martin. what is the situation there? >> reporter: well, the crowds, like in many other places have constantly been at the grocery store. i have been to about five in this area and all of them are packed. people have been coming trying to get the milk, bread, eggs, anything else that they can find to get ready for the big storm in case they get snowed in. a lot of people are finding that they are having a hard time getting items because they have gone to several stores and they can't find anything. the stores have been raided.
5:24 pm
they can't find the milk. they can't find the eggs. they can't find meat. so they have to go to another store. when they get there, they have lines to deal with. on top of some of these cars, when people go in the stores, the ice is stacking up on top of their cars. so, we have seen a couple of situations where people have come out and had to get the ice off the windshield before they can move further. in this parking t, since this door will be open for as long as they will be open regular hours, there will be people coming here, we want to remind you or show you the roads. the parking lots at the grocery stores. a couple of hours ago, it was clear and you could do your driving with no problems. but within the last couple of hours, you see what it's turned into. we have seen cars coming in here. it's getting slippery and slick. it's getting dangerous out here in the parking lot. the main roads appear to be
5:25 pm
fine. we have seen snow plows out here. anyone coming to the grocery store, be prepared to deal with long lines and have patience and be careful in the parking lot. that is the latest. back to you. >> wisdom, i'm curious. for people that have never been there before, it's -- is everyone just at the grocery store? what about the other stores in that shopping area? >> reporter: the stores are open. there are people in the stores. the main focus is here. this is where we have seen the majority of people coming in and out. if you go inside this store, i'm telling you there are cashiers at every register. there are lines backed up from the front of the store back to the meat department. if you look in some of the sections, there's little there. so, the focus is on getting the food, getting all those items that will be essential in se they get stuck. there are people that are getting ready for the super bowl. you have the super bowl crowd
5:26 pm
then the crowd anticipation this major snow that is starting to happen right now. wisdom, you just touched on what i was going to ask you about, how well stocked are there. earlier today when i was hearing that my grocery store wasn't stocked very well. by the time i got there they restocked because the trucks could still get in. are the trucks able to get in at this point, wisdom and are they pretty well out of stuff. >> reporter: it depends on the location. last night we did this story at a grocery store and every location the main issue was being able to get the supplies they need in for today and tomorrow. now, tomorrow will be the bigger question because it's just starting to snow. they have engh get them through today. the big issue is how much snow they get tomorrow. how bad the roads are going to be tomorrow. that will determine if they can get these deliveries, these shipments in to the different locations. this particular store i have been inside. they have plenty.
5:27 pm
but, again, that is today. the concern is going to be for tomorrow. >> the big point now is to stay off the roads and stay home. hopefully you have what you need. thanks, wisdom martin. our coverage now of this potentially historic storm continues after this break. 
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>> we have three to six accumulating around the area. by 5:00 tomorrow we are at the jackpot of 18 to 2your wind may
5:33 pm
be stronger closer to the deepening coastal low pressure. laura and shawn? >> you talked about the conditions on the eastern shore. is there any concern about coastal flooding? >> for some reason i didn't get to hear that. say it again. >> you talked about conditions on the eastern shore. is there any concern about coastal flooding? >> no, coastal flooding, no. what we are concerned about is very heavy snow bands down there and then blowing and drifting of the snow. i d't think coastal flooding will enter the picture for them but the low deepening out there, they know the drill on the coast. that definitely means that the winds may pick pick up to be sustained at 20 to 25 or maybe higher but winds gusting to 35 and 0 is why they end up being in the blizzard conditions. visibility could be poor for a number of hours overnight. you don't want to risk the driving. i don't think coastal flooding will be an issue unless the
5:34 pm
storm were to stall then we could worry about water piling up in those regions. >> we know you are staying on top of it. we will check in with you in a few minutes. we want to check in live with john henrehan live in tysons conner. conditions have been deteriorating. how is it now. >> reporter: take a look. the snow is mostly horizontal. the winds are picking up compared to the last few hours. i will touch on shopping and roads. there are two big malls at tyson corner. one further away -- let's start with tysons corner center. technically the mall is open. many of the smaller stores have closed. let's see. nordstrom closed at :00. bloomies at 6:00. the other big mall, the galleria decided to close all they will decide in the morning if they open at all. they want to take a look at what conditions are like.
5:35 pm
they have not made a decision. as you can see, there is some traffic on the roadways here at tysons corner. this, however, is much less traffic than a usual rush hour. that is the only reason cars are managing to get around. the snow is -- we have about two inches of snow on the grounds. the roads are mostly dark. they have been treated with salt. the actual main roadways are clear and passible for almost all cars. however, if you take a look at this service roadway, you can see the snow is piling up. this is what it will look like in your neighborhoods. now there is one or two inches of snow on the ground. the main roads are open. traffic is moving here in northern virginia. but the only reason it's moving is most people wisely are
5:36 pm
staying home. that's the latest. we will find out in the morning if the businesses will pen. my guess if we have 1 to 18 inches of snow, they won't. we will see. we will be here in the morning to let you know. >> rough winter for retailers. tough time on a saturday, another saturday yet. let's check in with julie wright monitoring things throughout the region on the roads. how is it looking. >> reporter: not as bad as you would think. we have a couple of problems out there. as you can see from john henrehan's shot and wisdom martin not too long ago, we see the slush accumulating, the secondary roads it's making it difficult and slippery on the on and off ramps. this is the live shot of 270 at 109. within the last hour we are starting to see where the road is becoming snow-covered. we have the slush between the lanes and snow the off ramp. i'll back out of the shot. that off ramp is snow-covered at this point. that is what will send you into a tail spin if you are
5:37 pm
traveling too fast. we heard about people traveling too fast in the four-wheel drive vehicles. all they can do is give you more umpph. make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid this is out of dale city. normally we would have three good lanes to travel in, now we are narrowed to two. the service road is covered. just following the tracks of the person in front of you. if you have to be out, make sure you have batteries for the flashlight, plenty of wiper fluid, gas and blankets. >> good advise as always my friend. thanks, julie. as julie said it's not that bad outhere. take caution when you are out there. we are getting rd from virginia state police since :30 this afternoon, state police responded to 550
5:38 pm
statewide traffic crashes. that's statewide not st northern virginia. and about 1 disabled vehicles. if you are out there on the roads tax it easy. >> we don't want to see the numbers doubling and tripling over the next 2 to 8 hours. all right. let's send it to a break and we will be right back.  host: could switching to geico really save you
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>> welcome back to the continuing coverage of the winter weather alert. it's getting ugly out there. the streets are slick at this point as the snow has been sticking for some time and you can see clearly that this snow is all over the walkways, too, the walks. be careful. >> if you are out there or at
5:42 pm
home, you can be a part of the weather team by sharing some of your pictures and video. let's head to melanie alnwick who has the latest on the technology and cool gang gets. >> reporter: hi shawn and laura. i know you have been sweating with folks. i am monitoring the photos people are sending. if you can't go to work and the store why not get out in the snow and take pictures. here we have lexi and meghan
5:43 pm
they built an 8-foot tall snowman. the last snow we had actually you couldn't even build a snowball. here we have lindsay and maddie shoveling and -- don't they look cute in the matching pink coats. i love the photo. this was sent in by sonny. this is a love note to his wife nancy. after he shoveled for the first time, he wrote i love nan on the sidewalk. i love this. get the kids out there in the snow and put them to work. i like this picture. this is st. mary's county. about 3: 5 in the afternoon, this is sharon and dave on the potomac river. we are looking at the still photos and live videos. on if you stroll over here to the right underneath the max hd radar. we have web cams. the live videos that we have been talking about, wobs an -- once an hour the web team will be updating this. it may not be live on the air but live on the internet. you can contact us throughout
5:44 pm
the day. you may have your featured web cam on there as well. we will pull the best out and share the experience together. >> indeed. we are getting in more pictures. a lot of folks are sending us pictures via twitter, the road conditions. it's interesting. we appreciate you sending this in. >> it give us a perspective that we can't get with our crews. keep sending outside the tweets, pictures, live video and we will put it on the air. let's head to karen gray houston. she is following amtrak and the situation with the trains. what is the latest? >> reporter: activity in general is slowing down. shops and stores have been shutting down closing early. if you are a trained traveler heading up north to new york or
5:45 pm
boston, trains are moving in that direction along the northeast corridor. the problem is if you want to go south. i thought we had have to go to, a package. i'm not sure if it's on. >> reporter: charlottely after noon, some stragglers rushed to get on a train that was leaving for the big apple. are you nervous about making it on the train in the snow. >> no, they only canceled the trains to the south. >> reporter: you aring to new york. >> the snow is three hours late. i'm doing well. >> reporter: for now, most amtrak service south of washington has been canceled. officials are tracking the storm to decide what to do about changes to service to the north. what kind of crews -- shovel
5:46 pm
the platform for a clear pathway for the passengers. we have to keep the ice off the wires overhead, they feed electricity to the train. >> reporter: amtrak advises to call before heading to union station. call 1-800-u.s.a.-rail or go online to the amtrak officials are having constant calls with their operations people -- the amtrak people are having constant conference calls with the operations people to see if they need to make changes to the schedule. there was a problem in the middle of the day for a lot of people trying to get up north. they ran out of -- >> we want to apologize. if you notice a delay, we were talking to karen via skype with
5:47 pm
the new technology we can do so many things. we were talking to here via skype. she has talking about the amtrak situation saying they are meeting to decide if they need to make more cancellations or delays. >> right now we will take a break and be back with much more of this continuing coverage on fox 5, special coverage of the winter storm now hitting us. if you have high blood pressure, like me,
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we are constanting staying up to date on the storm. the blizzard warning has been expanded. >> let's check in with sue palka. >> prince george and d.c. will go under the blizzard warning
5:51 pm
at 10:00. previously anne arundel, calvert and st. mary's. those counties are filled in in white. what does a blizzard warning me and different from the winter storm warning. when a blizzard warning is issued, that means the snow will be falling and blowing to the point of whe out conditions. if you don't know what that is, it's almost when you are driving and there is a quarter visibility because of the snow. it's a great hazard. the winds in the areas because you are going to be closer to the area of low pressure that will be off the coat at that point, it could blow sustained out of the northeast 15 to 25. but it could gust to 35. it will be visibility that is your problem, not greater amounts of snow in the area. that has been creeping westward. we will watch and see if it continues to move more in our direction. but the blizzard warning is from 10:00 tonight until 10:00 saturday for d.c., prince george's county, charles, anne
5:52 pm
arundel, calvert and sane mary's county. we are getting a lot of reports of the snow picking up in intensity. i know gwen is monitoring the chat room. let's go quickly to radar then we will check in with gwen. the colors and -- callers and viewers and folks in the ot room are saying it's getting strong down -- heavy around the fredricksburg area. so, we are going to get into our heavy snow band and see what we are watching and indeed we see some of the heaviest snow rates in the region. we get to the frederickburg area and snow is falling about 2 inches per hour. wethink this is how it will go for much of the area tonight. south at st. mary one inch per hour. in montgomery in the lighter pink area, that is 1/2 inch per hour. in northern maryland, we had a lot of snow reports there of one inch per hour. a quick look at true view and you casee that our storm is huge. we have many hours to go. as our area of low pressure
5:53 pm
deepens off the coast, we expect things to go downhill rapidly. honestly i want to read what the weather service put at the bulletin about the blizzard going into effect. they say, quote, this extremely dangerous storm is expected to produce record snowfall for the baltimore and washington, d.c. areas. we know that already. one to two feet. please help your local and state government first responders and transportation agencies by staying off the road and we second that here at fox 5gwen, quickly, any big reports we need to know about. >> in reston 3 inches, hyattsville 3 inches and rawlings, maryland, up to 9 inches. northern berkeley four and a quarter inches. people are saying here, good advise, make sure if you have driveways to keep the cars in the driveways so the professionals can do their jobs and keep the roads clean. we had a great chat here with somebody called d.c. fireman who says your fire hydrants,
5:54 pm
clear the area around them at least three feet in all directions. >> thank you very much. that is important. get those fire hydrants cleared out. one said what is the best way to shosm the snow. you need -- snowfall the snow. attack it a at a time as opposed to it all at once. >> update in a few minutes. we want to get to beth parker live in cleveland park in the district. what is the situation there. >> beth? beth parker? i don't think she can hear us. we will check in with her in a few minutes. >> maybe we can take her sho i don't know if that shot is available to show what the conditions are like out in cleveland park. and this is tysons corner. we have been watching this situation deteriorate. boy, very rapidly throughout the last hour. we saw wet roa when we were
5:55 pm
speak wearing john henrehan. you can see the roads are fully covered. >> and the snow is definitely beginning to stick. i thought this was an interesting thing i found. do you remember last year when we had the really big -- it wasn't a big snow, a little ice and schools were closed and president obama joked that, just a little bit of ice, the d.c. region has gone crazy. apparently he's not laughing at this snow. he warned a group of business leader that he was speaking to earlier today to actually stay off the roads and go home. so, we understand he is home at the white house tonight heading the warning that everyone else is. >> exactly. i'm sure officials are happy about that. these are live pictures of old georgetown, i believe, in bethesda as the roads are continuing to become more covered there. most people here again staying off the roads at this point which i know officials do appreciate because, as the road crews are trying to do their work, they need those roads to be cleared so they can get the
5:56 pm
salt and sand out there and plow the snow off the roads. >> in montgomery county, maryland, they were telling people you can park in those parking garages for free. they would rather you park there than on the street so they can do their jobs and get the roads cleared. >> back to cleveland park. beth parker who is live there with a couple of people walking throughout the snow. >> what are you finding out about the conditions there. >> will, the conditions are definitely getting worse. it's sticking on connecticut avenue in a way it wasn't when we visited with you earlier. you can see the cars are moving along at a good clip but things are tting worse. if you can stay home, you probably should unless you can walk to something like these guys. rob and jackie, where are you heading. >> cleveland park bar and grill. >> what is going on there. >> meet friends, watch the caps game, watch the snow and have fun. >> jackie, do you feel like you are braving this or is this fun or -- >> it's fun. i'm from california. the snow is fun.
5:57 pm
>> southern california. >> northern california. >> it gets cold. >> what do you think about this. you are able to walk so that makes a big difference. what advise would you give to people, somebody out here. would you want to be driving in this? >> stay home. go to the local liquor store and pick up a few beers but stay home and relax and take it easy. >> very good. we will let you get on the way to your dinner. take care. back to you guys in the studio. >> apparently not everyone is afraid to be out and brave the storm. be cave if you have to be out there. >> we have to take a quick break. 
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