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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  February 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:20pm EST

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>> welcome back to fox 5 news and our live team coverage of
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this winter storm across the washington, d.c. region. live pictures of cleveland park. you can see the snow is coming down. it's sticking on the roads and on the sidewalks. >> hello. brian bolter alongside with shawn yancy. i got out and ran across the street. not a lot of traffic. metro buses are running. down to sue palka. we saw in the last hour and a half it was sticking to the roads. >> this is the beginning of the more intense period of the storm. we could pick up 1 to 2 inches per hour. it has been a picnic. it wi get down right dangerous as we go through the rest of the night. you need to now take it seriously and hunker down in place and let us guide you
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through the 0 storm. we are getting great feedback from you and with the pictures and videos. we had breaking news in the weather center a few minutes ago. that was expansion of the blizzard warning. let's go to the maps. now d.c., prince george county and charles county are included in the blizzard warning that previously included anne arundel, calvert and st. mary's. that begins at 10:00 when the wind should pick up until 10:00 tom neat. our friend at the beaches, ocean city, rehoboth, bethany you have a blizzard warning. not because of more snow than the rest of us bus the -- but the winds will be stronger. visibility will be life- threatening. white outs, a big gust of wind can blow the snow. this is a huge storm and most likely historic. one of the record books. it looks like it will be close to topping what we had in
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december and challenging the blizzard of 1996 which was 17 inches in the district and 25 to 28 in the suburbs. what happens from this point forward, snow rates will increase. we are projecting one to two inches per hour tonight and through the overnight. wind -- while we are not in a blizzard warning in the northern suburbs, there will be wind and reduced visibility. we are describing the conditions overnight as dangerous as is the national weather service. the heaviest accumulations between now and dawn. that is not to say it stops tomorrow. it continues off and on. the real nuts and bolts of this thing may be approaching us in the next few hours. temperatures drop 33 degrees. i can't believe we are hanging on to that in d.c. it will change in the next hour or two. we are talking a drop of a few
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degrees. this will be a wet heavy snow, the kind of thing that can damage trees, pull down power lines and potentially cause those problems. we are projecting big totals out of there. 18 to 2 inches. we have consistently said this will be lighter south and east, on the order of 12 to 18 inches if you can describe that is a light. gary mcgrady, we are starting to see the mixing that we thought would happen down there in the south and east. it will cut down on the totals. >> that's right. we said last hour when we were going through this, there was warm air coming up. it's not warm air at the surface but at the midlevels of the atmosphere. that kind of punches into the storms in advance and what is happening right now, we are seeing it. we are still very much in the snow here in washington, d.c. but look in the last few frames here, the rain line is add vasing up from the south. our modeling has been showing it consistently coming up to d.c. and then sitting here for
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the next several hours and then backing off toward the early morning hours as the storm begins to shift off to the east. so, this is the first sign of that mixture coming up. it will be critical the next couple of hours to see how far that warm air intrusion is able to come up into the midlevels of the atmosphere. a slightly better way to look at it, you can see the rain down to the south. the last couple of hours it's progressing to the north. we always talk about this in d.c. whether or not we will get the rain or snow or we will get a combination of both. i think for a time this warm air will just touch the district. it may come over for a little bit. so, probably 8:00, 9:00 we may have mixing taking place through the district. but as that begins to shift to the east of us, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 tonight, that's when we will get the very heavy snowfall amounts, 1, 2, maybe more than that snow inches per hour. that is very heavy snow.
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but, again, that is what we are watching now. that's the latest. this is why we hve been projecting such a fall off in the snowfall accumulations down as sue mentioned to the south and east. we will watch the trend for a couple hours. if you are a snow lover rooting for a foot or two, don't worry. ultimately i think the cold air wis for d.c. we will end up where mostly snow from this event. back over to you. >> gary, thank you very much. we are staying tuned to your every word. >> you know, i was at a local snow board ski shop two days ago picking up my board and the guy says it is you know what is flying out the door, this was two days ago, yesterday, cross country skis. >> people have to figure out how to get around. >> the mode of transportation is exercise. when all is idand down, maybe tomorrow eveningish, maybe sunday, get out there an
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your cross country skis and take pretty pictures. >> i saw a how to kit. >> how to cross country ski. >> yeah. >> i like to go down hills. that's a different story. bob barnard is live in bethesda. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: i'll step out of the shot. we missed a couple of highway plows that went by. this is right to left old georgetown road heading into the district then democracy boulevard across the way, you see metro buses are riding. we saw a couple of state highway plows go by. there is a lot of slush here. you can see the sned di -- steady snowfall. we were in gaithersburg the last couple of hours. we hope to show you what we saw there in a couple of minutes. the ride down was fine except there is a lot of ccumulation on the road. the slushy stuff that can be tricky if you are going too
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fast. we didn't have any problems down 270 from gaithersburg. you see people are taking it easy. even though there are plows out here and they are trying to keep up, it's basically next to impossible because the snow is just falling so steadily. going up and down 270 going north and as we were going south, we saw a lot of big heavy snow plows out there. they are doing their thing. fewer and fewer people are venturing out. that will be the case throughout overnight. now up to gaithersburg to the shady grove metro station. trains are servicing above ground stations but metro says it will pull the plug when 8 inches of snow has fallen. metro train and bus riders know the clock is ticking. >> it's not too bad downtown. we were afraid that it would build up so we left early. >> reporter: now what? >> make sure we have the provisions. >> reporter: you do already.
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>> we have done that. >> liking forward to watching sports on tv this weekend watch the weher. nowhere close to 8 inches but let me get out of here now. >> we are taking my -year-old to his first caps game and we didn't want to let the weather stop us. we will meet my husband downtown and hopefully have another victory. >> reporter: and get home safely. >> we will drive very slow. >> reporter: here it is 8 minutes after k-67 and a number of businesses in the shopping center that we are in now are starting to close. the cvs is open. starbucks is closed. across the street there is a hamburger restaurant. that is open. as i step out of the shot, you will see metro buses are still on the road. here is a plow going mast us you will see in a second. this is state highway going left to right. they are spreading stand. he isn't plowing. the snow is coming down brian and shawn. it won't stop. we will tell thank you for a while. like i said earlier, fewer and
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fewer people are out on the road. some are here. if you look to the right, you see there is someone about to cross the street. some people are out navigating the snow. it's getting tricky and angerous. if you are going out, be careful, brian, shawn? >> for those of us in warm confines, scoop up snow there and tell us how the texture is? we hear it's a wet snow. >> i will put this down. that's a good snowball throwing snow. almost. you know what, it's going back and forth. early on, real early this afternoon, 1:00, 2:00 it was a wet almost like a rainy snow then bigger flakes and all. it's kind of going back to the wetter stuff but it's accumulating and the temperatures are playing into that. the texture of the snow has been changing. so, e will see.
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someone is about to throw a snowball at me. good packing sno. >> that's good news. i have not been able to make a good snowman with my kids yet. >> same thing. made one a couple of days ago and it melted a couple of hours later. >> all right. bob barnard reporting live. we can get into the snowball fight -- we will tell but that, that whole situation. we have a lot of time tonight. there are scheduled snowball fights for tomorrow. we will get into that later. let's give you a live look. 3 95 -- 395 at the 1 th street bridge. our coverage of this winter storm continues after the break. 
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>> welcome back to the live coverage of the winter storm that is hitting the washington,
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d.c. region. if you look in the background there really hard, you might be able to plaque out the washington monument. the snow is coming down and it is beginning to stick. i think it's on the right there. >> barely through there the snow is coming down starting to stick in some places. take it easy if you are on the roads. by the way, we should pass this along. they are stressing the snow looks beautiful. it can be dangerous. they are anticipating this to be a dangerous situation as the snow starts to accumulate. we have talked to you the last couple of days about you stream and quick which is the ability to use a smart phone or web camera to become a weather watcher and show us live what is going on aund you, at your house. we will go to melanie alnwick. the great thing about this is that folks cannot only share is what going on with them, we can talk to them. turn the camera on yourself and get a sense of what is going on. a true citizen journalist. >> it's amazing. >> on the web site white house
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featured roby chavez live video here from 12th and you street. a -- u street. a lot of people are sending us in the live video, a lot of people are doing their own measurements, measuring sticks in the snow. i want to show you here, this is a live web cam here. this is kevin delaney. he is making sure that his measuring stick is not going to go anywhere in the storm. do we have you on the phone. >> yes, you do. how are you doing. >> reporter: tell me what you did here. >> i was inside earlier in the day. i saw you guys talking about the you stream and i have been doing this for a while. like when we have a storm, i set up a yardstick. this is the first time i have a camera on it. since you were talking about i had, i set it up. >> reporter: did you wade it down. >> there is no wind around here. we live in like a ditch.
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no wind. >> i saw you walking around earlier, are you outside. >> i'm here. i don't know if you can see me. maybe there is lag. >> get us closer to the cooler. why is the mario guy here. >> this is luigi. >> sorry. >> i figured i would put him in here to be funny. i can't wait until he is covered in snow. that will be cool. how far has the stick got in there before. >> it was a while. it ways at least 24 in -- it was at least 24 inches. i made it so i put a sharpie marker and marked each nch. the yellow strings one is at 7 and 11. >> you put a light. some of the other live cameras will go dark as it gets dark out there. you have a light up.
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you are planning on sitting here and watching it all night. >> yeah. it's funny. i have my laptop in my room and then i use my x-box live vision camera and i have it running through the win do. it's outside actually and it's covered by the roof of my house and by i took a piece of tinfoil. it hasn't got wet yet. the light is on thoutside. >> reporter: you are taking a risk with the technology. i got to tell you, gary mcgrady was intrigued by what you have done. he walked over to the net center and he wanted to talk to you. >> oh, yeah. >> is my mic on. >> kevin. this is awesome. i have never been to an interactive snowstorm before. do you have any background in meteorology. that looks like the instrumentation i used in college. >> no, not really. i hooked up my stuff here. i'm good with technology. i'm not really that much of a computer guy, more in business. but, i don't know.
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i use the lab top. i have a duel screen monitor in there. one is the left side and one is the right side. i have on the right side this video to make sure that the camera doesn't fall. >> not only are you monitoring the weather and snowfall but we can play hallow later -- halo. >> actually i'm into call of duty. my xbox is broken. i can't play now. >> we will see what we can do. i can't make any promises. >> he's not only a junior meteorologist but a good guy with the yo-yo. >> i don't know who told you that. >> i do my homework. i don't come in blindly. >> you can't get anything by us. >> i'm sponsored y a company called grund lettered -- gruntled. >> maybe in the wee hours of the morning we will get tricks. >> i would love to do that for you. >> reporter: we will keep checking back with you.
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thk you for taking time with us. we love the web cam. we will get it up on your web site as well. we will give you a chance to log ton to -- log on to i know we said it over anover it's a dangerous snowstorm, serious snowstorm but, look, if you are safe and cooped up inside, have fun with it. >> you got to love the beauty of technology. we appreciate him sharing like that. >> that whole interview took a turn and i don't know where it went. it went into a dark corner of gaming. then the yo-yo. >> brian is not a gamer. >> his xbox is the red wing of death. >> okay. he has this under control. we will put it on our web site and you can check back and see where the totals are at his
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house. that's how eat works. >> let's go to the verizon center. you know the caps, the best team in hockey and they will have a game no mat


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