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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  February 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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area to really form along the carolinas overnight tonight and new up the east coast buff this really becomes a major storm system. you see the green south of washington, that's the rain moving up, we expect to get into a little bit of rain and a little bit of a mixture and wii tomorrow morning it should be ce all snow. but it looks like it is going to stay all light snow, we're not expecting much accumulation out of this tonight and the morning hours tomorrow see the snow out to the west, that's reflective of the upper storm system, when all this comes together we're really going to see this big intense area of low pressure forming offshore. here is what was yesterday a winter storm watch but it has been downgraded to a winter advisory. at least the winter service now expecting less in the way of snowfall. we have not made any changes in our snowfall forecast from what we're expecting, going to go 1 to 3 here, higher totals back
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the north and northeast, you could get nothing back down to the southwest. you might see a little bit of snow but probably won't get any, or much, in the way of accumulation. we'll go through the accumulations in just a little bit. another east coast major snow storm but it looks like most of this is getting to be to the north and to the northeast of us. what we foe tonight, a little snow/rain mix, a little bit of accumulation out there, nothing too heavy, maybe an inch, maybe some places north and east of us will pick up as much as two overnight tonight. the greatest snow totals for this entire storm, this entire event, will be to the north and northeast up the i-95 corridor, it's looking now like a major piece of this puzzle will be the wind that really be will begin picking up tomorrow night into friday. 50 miles per hour winds, a lot more detail on this storm and what it's going to do for us coming up. maureen. >> we'll see you then. thank you gary. the virginia department of
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transportation are asking drivers to be extra cautious, more than 600 trucks will be out monitoring and treating roads tonight, by 8:00 a.m. 1,000 trucks will be out on the road. they will work to treat the highway, and it started yesterday. join fox news, we'll be on air at 5:30 bringing you the latest forecast, and any cancellations and delays. breaking news out of florida tonight, a killer whale at sea world attacked a trainer and killed her. it happened at the park. we're following this from the newsroom. what are you hearing. >> a lot of the details now just coming into the newsroom. the attack happened in front of an audience of parents and children. now the trainer is a veteran of sea world and had just finished explaining to the crowd there including young children what they would see during the performance. that's when she slipped and fell into the tank and the whale then came up and grabbed
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her. sirens went off inside that stadium and everyone was forced to leave. this is file video of a performance inside sea world. it gives you a lay out of them. it's unclear in any of the trainers in ts video or what else were involved. but there is reports the what i'll has been involved in at least one other incident in sea world. that whale is also blamed for the drowning of one of its trainers back in 1991 while the whale was performing in british columbia. that is the information we have right thousand. we'll continue to develop it and we'll have more details as we come to it. >> iúve imagine it's some very traumatized audience members. robbie, thank you. two men are behind bars accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. it happened on carol avenue in silver spring. cladia coffey joins us live with details of a new development in the case. claudia. >> reporter: we're learning
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there could be a good strong gang connection in this case. they are investigating the possibility that these two men behind bars could be involved with ns13. 31-year-old mechanic le seedy sore toe and marcus torresen ricci afirst approached the 11- year-old gir. >> these two hispanic gentlemen began speaking spanish to them. she walked away and went home. >> reporter: later tuesday night the police say the girl was approached by the two men playing near this playground near quebec terrace. they grabbed the girl and took her to their apt about 5 blocks away and sexually assauted her. police say the girl was then pushed out of the apartment. >> she promptly went home and told mom, she lives in th area, we responded and she did a fantastic job of getting a description of the gentlemen,
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the location it happened, handmade note of some specific things inside the apartment. >> reporter: police say there is a strong ns13 presence in this neighborhood. neighbors say there's constant trouble from gang members. >> there's too much going on around here, this is very problem. >> reporter: now ins is also involved in this case because, at this point, they are investigating the possibility the two men are here in this country illegally. they are expected to have their first court appearance tomorrow and they'll likely face additional charges as well. reporting live in silver spring, maryland, cladia coffey, back to you. meanwhile police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a 49-year-old man in tyson's corner this morning. it happened on route 7 near the beltway around #:30 a.m. the man was found dead in the road with vehicle debris. they believe it may be a silver late model toyota cam rewith
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extensive front-end damage. major new revelations in the ntsb earings into the circumstances surrounding june's deadly metro crash. the metro flat out ignored warnings, there is evidence it did, and it might have cost 9 people their lives. we're live at ntsb headquarters. the evidence is not looking good for metro. >> reporter: you know, oddly enough, since the summertime crash of the two red line trains killed two people the manufacturer of the automatic train control key vices, has been very quiet, those are supposed to keep the trains apart. today that silence was broken. although a definitive cause of the june crash of two metro trains have not been established it is based on intermittent failure of clearance devices supposed to keep trains separated at all times. the manufacturer of the original equipment during questioning of metro managers
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revealed his company had externally warned customers in 2004 not to mix equipment from different manufacturers. >> and they believe that the juice of third party components and the absence of rigorous design and safety standards presents not only a customer quality issue but, also, constitutes a serious and increasing risk to signaling safety. >> reporter: the now retired chief engineer at metro did not recall getting such a letter from alston signaling but he said he heard from maintenance cruise about mixing parts from different manufacturers. >> i was aware of concerns. >> and what were those concerns? >> about compatibility issues stated. >> reporter: many family members of those who died in the crash aree attending the hearings. they are upset they did not respond after the alston letter. >> when they sent the letter out they should have immediately done something. these are lives, peoples' lives
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that were lost, because of this. >> you know, i don't really know nothing, anything about this type of thing but the stuff that i heard today, i don't want to get on metro any more. my family will not get on the metro any more. >> reporter: there's one more day of hearings into metro safety. don't expect any conclusions tomorrow though. the nssb is a very slow and meticulous agency. we probably won't hear what their official cause and further recommendations until about june. >> all right. in another shift boost the economy ben bernanke told congress that record low interest rates are stillness. they said they will keep their key interest rate to near zero for what he called an extended period. it has been between zero and 2.5%. at some point the fed will have to tighten credit but he did not give a timeline. another move on the hill to
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help the financial recovery. the jobs bill that will give tax money to employers to hire unemployed workers, they green lighted a more expensive measure, but the bill was some businesses who hired the unemployed from paying payroll tax for the rest of the year and gives them a $1,000 credit. there are some good numbers to pass along. the federal government projects a number of industries will lose jobs in 2018 even after the economy picks up. department stores expected to lose the most, 10% of the 1.5 million positions compared to 2008. semi conductor manufacturing will lose 34% of the 432,000 positions and motor vehicle manufacturing could see an 18% trop from it's 535,000 positions. martinez will begin recognizing same-sex marriages starting immediately according to the attorney general.
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it doesn't make it legal but it acknowledges couples married elsewhere. ey said they will begin giving couples the rights they are entitled to in other states. it is not legally binding but does steer state agencies. new full body standards are finally ready to roll out. we'll help you navigate the changes. prosecute we're learning more about the changes at a colorado school. how one teacher's quick thinking may have saved lives. karen? >> we're also staying on top of that developing sitation at sea world. tragedy at the park where a killer whale killed one of its trainers. new information as we get it. we're just getting started with news at 5. 
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still ahead on fox 5 news at 5:00. more winter weather headed here but what about the damage already done. who fools that bill. fox 5 takes a look. launched after the murder of two virginia tech students, 19-year-old david melts letter and his 19-year-old girlfriend heidi child were shot to death at a camp site in the national forest. they pursued more than 1,000 leads and just need a few more to identify a suspect. we hoped we would never see this again a shooting at a colorado school where teacher's actions helped stop the gunman from doing any more damage.
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not any school. it all unfolded in littleton, and as fox's david lee miller reports they had a short window to take action. >> teacher david bernie said he didn't have time to think and take action, when he jumped a man, he said he saw the opportunity when the alleged gunman, 22-year-old eagle eastwood stopped to reload his weapon. >> then i realized that it was a bolt-action rival and that he wasn't going to be able to load quickly enough for it, and i grabbed him. >> police say eastwood shot two students before being wellsled to the ground by banky. two other staff members rushed over to help keep him down before police arrived. he doesn't consider himself a he rove. ironically he told his students during school drills about what to do in an emergency just like this one. >> if there is a gunman in our school i hoped that i could go
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after him. not -- i just hold that i would have the courage. >> reporter: the two students who were shot were rushed to a local hospital. both were expected to survive. many in the community says his action saved lives. >> my wife said she wasn't surprised. my daughter keeps telling me that she loves me. >> reporter: please are still trying to figure out the mo tv for the shook. it is just 3 miles from the infamous columbine high school where two teens shot and killed 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves in 1999. in new york, david lee miller, fox 9news. >> eastwood is charged with two counts of attempted murder. he is free on $1 million cash. he is not going anywhere. dick cheney is out on bail after suffering a mild heart attack. the former ve president says he is feeling well and should be back to his normal schedule very soon. he checked into gw hospital
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monday because of chest pains. this was his fifth heart attack. his first happened when he was just 37 years old. cheney also has had certainly heart surgeries. tractor at our nation's airport. more than 100 body scanning machines are being rolled ott at new r new airports across the country. some say they are an invasion of privacy. we have the details. >> reporter: these scanners come with their share of controversy. are they an invasion of privacy? are they effective. despite how passengers feel they are on their way to airports across the country. boston is first. like it or not. they are coming. >> doesn't bother me. anything that we can do to keep us safe they should do. >> i guess i think there should be different levels of how invasive authorities get with people when they are traveling. >> as long as it makes us safer, you and i and thousands of people who died before us. >> reporter: the first of 150
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full-body scanners are on their way low to logan airport. three of them are expected to arrive next week. these have the ability to show objects hidden on the body and their arrival comes with controversy. with acau saying they are an invasion oprivacy. a virtual strip search. >> they are not going seeing your face, so who you are is not a problem. >> if there is a reason to do a full-body scan, it would make sense. otherwise i see it as an invasion. >> reporter: i would rather have that than a pat search. >> reporter: 125 machines were purchased with $25 million from president barack obama's stimulus plan as part of an effort to improve airport security. the decision came after a nigerian man's alleged attempt to blow up a detroit-bound aircraft last christmas. >> these planes are like bombs when you get filled up with fuel so you got to keep people
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like that off 'em. >> the main thing is so i don't get up there and a terrorist is going to below me to pieces and i never see my children again. >> reporter: again, logan airport in bostonst first, o'hare international will be next. by june all 150 scanners are expected to be installed in airports across the country. reporting at logan airport i'm keith arnold, fox 2 news. >> trio is a bomb sniffing dog who helped uncover a series of taliban bombs during his service in afghanistan in 2008. he received a dicken medal which is for animals showing gal an tree and devotion during times of war. he is the 63rd animal to get the award since 1963. more than half were messen gear pigeons. >> as if snow wasn't enough to deal with we're talking about major wind gusts as well. >> i was going to refrain from saying it but batten down those hasps.
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okay. that's a bomb. >> i refuse to say that line although that's what people are going to be doing. >> we think about the wind with this storm coming up late tomorrow and through friday morning so you still have some time to, as maureen said, batten town the hasps. it's going to be a big part of this storm. more so with the wind and the snow here. let me go to true view and show you what is going on right now. looks like a lot of rain and even some snow mentioned in down to the south. if you start poking around down there with thes there's not really any of this touching the ground. we still have a fairly dry atmosphere, like a few more hours, a couple more hours before we begin to see a bit more of this in the form of light rain. it will quickly change over to light snow. the indications are we'll have some snow out of this this evening later on. even the temperatures will be above freezing. 44, now 42 for dulles, hasn't been bad. a lot of sunshine. cloudy for everybody at 7:00. then as we get into 9:00 a light mix but by 11 it
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certainly goes over to all light snow. notice the temperatures. still above freezing. we'll get some snow overnight tonight but temperatures will barely touch freezing if they do at all. and that will limit accumulations. we'll talk more about that. the complete details of this big storm coming up maureen. >> i don't want to make light of that wind because it can be some serious business. a rough winter has the intercounty connector months behind schedule. an itt spokesperson says in his heart to say how far behind the work is. they hope there will be a search-mile section, the icc will ice nearly 20 miles of st. george's county. legislation to educate people on energy has rolled into hire. it rolled in. it wrapped up with a rally on capitol hill. b.j. bismarcky, and remember her from er, actress gloria ruben traveled all over the country
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mosting with people in urban areas. they are urging people to build the economy and buld the community and restore our planet. >> for toyota. now another car manufacturer is issuing another major recall. controversial full-body scanners are ready to roll out, what you can expect the next time you fly. coming up. 
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benke  the big dig continues in frederick county. where they are finally starting to get out from under the mess just in time to get more snow apparently. the snow emergency will be lifted tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. but crews will continue working because some emergency routes are still blocked by snow. by the way the city is also reminding residents tickets will be issued to anyone who has not shoveled the sidewalk. snow will cause all kinds of damage but so do plows. the question is who foots that bill. >> if you have some property damage from the storms we have got what you need to know to
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take action and get it fixed. mel is on deck with tips. >> reporter: winter storms cause about a billion dollars worth of insurance claims each year according to the insurance information institute. homeowner's insurance should cover most of the damage but, then, there is the damage caused by the snow removal it. after the relentless scraping of streets the snow mounds are beginning to melt revealing sometimes an ugly mess underneath. lawns covered with chunks of curves. more than a few mailboxes knocked as skew. they told us if their plows did it they'll pay for it. this pile of asphalt used to be this drive way. now documenting damage like this is easy but proving who is responsible may not be. first you'll need to document with photos, dates, times, cause of damage, and estimates of repair costs. in some ces, though, without an eyewitness, it may be hard to prove fault.
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contractors are working in may neighborhoods to clean up the mess the storm left behind. broken trees and vents or hanging gutters are c'mon. homeowners are making repairs while they wait for insurance claims. montgomery conti investigator jonquil says the shady operators are combing the streets looking for a quick buck. >> what i want people to do is take their time. if the tree is not laying on the house, it's just ugly, not dangerous, let things cool off a little bit. the prices will settle down and you'll end up getting your issue repaired and resolved much safer and cheaper and much cheaper. >> you always want to check before you hire someone. plus, how to file a snowplow damage claim on our web site, >> toyota as you know is in the hot seat. were signs of trouble missed? was enough done to procure your
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safety? breaking down today's hearing on capitol hill, what do you have? >> reporter: you can still see the roar of this high school basketball game right u there on the boards. it wasn't particularly close but there was a whole lot of drama and it's all about heart. 
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. this is fox 5 news at 5:00. >> the hear and current head of toyota was on capitol hill on take one into investigational hearings. the company's top man arrived from japan wi apolls and promises to do bett. it wasn't only toyota that was grilled. the department of transportation also took some tough questions. we have been following the hearings in two of the hearings and joins us with the latest. tom. >> reporter: the president traveled from japan to washington to personally apologize to congress for these safety problems that led to
5:31 pm
within of their 1.8 million cars being recalled. >> my name is on every car. like if the recalls we face today. and i'm deeply sorry for any accidents that toyota drivers have experienced. the government committee for giving me money, quality control ... [ no audio - stand by please ] >> clearly we're having some audio problems so let's sum this up. basically a key oh yesterday is the grandson of the founder of toyota. he appeared with questions about why so many problems are plaguing toyota's cars, under tough questioning toyoda assisted he was apologetic but that he was going to oversee tough new changes on how they
5:32 pm
handled these operation its. he also insisted toyota engineers have pinpointed the problem and continued to look at the accelerator metal being stuck and floor mats being the cause of this, not the throttle computers that were identified yesterday during testimony. testimony is still going on tonight in another panel of victims of toyota incidents with sudden acceleration are expected for later this evening on capitol hill. >> thank you for that. it is the end of the line for hmmers. general mothers now says it will have to stop making its signature suv. a chinese company that had been interested in buying the brand refused the deal. they have discontinued their pontiac and saturn brands. they are taking a close look at an 18-year-old special needs student who was impregnated by a d.c. teacher. that teacher was laid off during the budget cuts. we are taking a closer will look at whether that accused
5:33 pm
teacher should have saved tougher sanctions. >> it's a touchy issue with no seemingly clear answers. almost everyone seems to agree that it is wrong for a teacher to have sex with a student of any age. what becomes murky is whether an 18-year-old who may be emotionally disturbed or developmentay chat elected can consent to sex especially to someone in a custodial capacity. a recent letter from michelle read county chairman vincent gray resaid the teacher who fathered a child with an 18- year-old special needs student was one of the teachers let go. >> when you are 18 you can vote, you can get married, you can join the military. if you commit a capital offense you can even be executed. so 18-year-olds are adocuments. >> reporter: paul butler is a professor and a former federal prosecutor. he says this isn't one of those cases that is black and white.
5:34 pm
there is a lot of gray area. >> under the law, if someone is not freely capable of giving consent to sex and you have sex with them, that's rape. so i would take a close look at the sexual assault laws in the district of columbia. >> chance lower resays when the case came to her attention she sent it to mpd which did not prosecute saying the act did not warrant criminal investigation. >> there is nothing wrong with a teacher having sex with a student regardless of the age? >> yes there is. >> reporter: so are you making a request for some legislation? >> we are working on it, yes. the request has been made before. it was omnibus back in 2006. >> reporter: are you making this request for legislation? >> i'll be working with the administration to get the statute updated and i think it's important for everybody. >> reporter: but the man who chairs the judiciary committee says not too fast. maybe there is a law that covers this. >> we do have a law that says
5:35 pm
certain kind 0 of relationships that involve trust are prosecutable. >> and the washington teacher's union is weighing in. >> this is a vulnerable young individual who needs to be protected and the way to address this issue is potentially a change in dc law, not in the union contract. >> reporter: there seem to be more questions than answers. the teacher in question is gone but could be trying to find another job in another school jurisdiction. maureen? >> thank you container for that. we want to go back to the breaking news story. the killer whale at sea world attacked a trainer killing her. it happened at sham you stadium which is at sea world. shannon butler is live from sea
5:36 pm
world in orlando with more. we're now hearing the accident happened in a holding tank? >> reporter: well there is a lot of different stories about exactly how it happened. sea world is saying that the trainer actually slipped inside that tank and that's when she died. but the witnesses tell us a whole different story. now what happened was there was kind of an area where people were having lunch, there is a program here where you can pay like $40 or so to have lunch while the what else do their kind of a show, and at that time is when witnesses tell us that the trainer was actually inside the tank with that killer whale, she has brown hair and a long pony tail in the video we have seen from witnesses and that her hair actually got caught inside the whale's mouth and somehow that whale dragged her underneath the water and basically she
5:37 pm
drown. sea world is not saying much. she is 40 years old and she was a very experienced trainer. now sea world is having a difficult time here because this is the first time it has happened. listen to what the general manager had to say today. >> it is with great sadness that one of our most experienced animal trainers drown in an incident with one of our killer what else this afternoon. we have initiated an investigation to determine to the tent possible what occur occurred. there are no other details to share at this point but we'll make our findings known in due course. >> reporter: now investigators from the homocide unit here with the sheriff's department are out here tag taking a look at that tank and also trying to get accounts from witnesses as to what exactly had happened here. forensic folks here are now taking a look at that tank. people also taking a close look at this killer whale to see if there may have been something wrong. but, right now, so far everybody agreed that in was just an accident. maureen? >> all right. shannon butler, live from orlando, thank you for that. whether is still making headlines. are you sick of it yet? more snow is on the way. along with winds. gary is poring over the models right now. another check of weather coming up for you. plus if you find yourself tossing and turning night after
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night. listen to this. some say this is the sikh resident for a good night's sleep but it's going to cost you. we have more coming up. 
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fox 5 prime time snapshot is brought to you by long john silvers. preponderance 
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a lot of excitement at georgetown hospital today. some kids got to see their favorite superheroes, the hope for henry foundation made this a real celebration for about 100 kids at the hospital. wonder woman and superman came into visit. they came into have their faces painted and even created their costumes. he had a simple answer when asked what he was looking forwa to. >> one of the people here gave me a cape and i got this at home. >> could he be any cuter? they sent the kids home with drawings with future heroes. they claim they can make even the biggest insomniacs. they unveiled the bed named
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thesstein oh. it is equipped with an alarm, special lighting and vibration devices to create sleep. there is also music while you catch your z's. i'm convinced there are three people inside that mattress who are massage going you. >> you can hire someone's mom. >> do you sleep well. >> not at all. sometimes up at night. >> i don't either. >> allergies. >> ready or not wicked winter weather is back. >> snow is headed here right now, but how much will we get? gary has your full forecast on the other side.    >> the power of fox 5 news in your hands, trust in your tell. 
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still ahead on fox 5, paula may be gone but her replacement is fueling the fan frenzy. how ellen is putting her stamp on the show. an unforgettable night.
5:46 pm
a basketball game turned into a memory the kids the parents and everyone in the gym will hold onto. best parker has more on the lesson of a lifetime. >> reporter: it's one thing to win. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it's another to win the tie devries way. you see it has been quite a journey. tyler has cerebral palsy. each year he tried out for basketball and never made the h but never gave up. >> i always wanted to come and, like you know, storm the court. that was like one of my dreams. >> reporter: tuesday night was senior night, the final game of his career. tom craft gave the school's one left over uniform and near the end of the first quarter put him in the game. >> it was like the best day of my game. >> reporter: but tyler missed both of the shots.
5:47 pm
with the playoffs on the line the coach never planned to put him back in. >> repor in. >> you could see the look on his face. he felt he failed. i was like "fi,♪1 th 0 ty, we're going to get you back in." >> rebounding a defense is what you got in your heart and how hard you want to work. and there was no question huh they were working hard for ty. >> reporter: the crowd was chanting his name. >> they were saying like we want you. >> reporter: and tyler did go back in and, with just a few seconds left. >> i was pretty wide open, he hassed it to me. >> when the coach saw the pass he thought only one thing. >> shoot, shoot. >> reporter: he did and scored at the buzzer. >> i can't believe it happened. i felt like michael jordan. >> reporter: his family and friends tackled him. >> i just want to thank my coach and all my players for making this dream come true because this is like all i've ever wanted. >> reporter: what did the coach feel at that oment?
5:48 pm
>> like i was one of the luckiest people in the world at that moment because i knew what that meant to tyler. >> i got a little teary-eyed when i saw him make the shot because he lives down the street and when i walk out to house i could hear the ball bouncing. that's tyler. >> reporter: this is gym class next day. the score of the game still up there on the board. eventually those numbers will disappear but there is no reset button that you could hit that will erase what people have learned here. >> i just want to go out there and represent all those people who didn't, who have a disability, and all the people who tried out for a basketball team and never made it. >> reporter: link nor high heads to the playoffs now. they may win but they will never score bigger that in in frederick county maryland, beth parker fox 5 news. >> every player on that team made honor roll this year. >> they don't realize it but
5:49 pm
tyler has a lot of young people looking up to him. an inspirational story. >> a great guy. >> how you doin' gary. >> good, good. >> how is the snow shovel doing. >> looks like we're in for it again. >> this might be something you might sweep away. >> yeah, you know. nothing really has changed much from last night. they are thinking we had 24 hours ago was pretty much the thinking we have right now. i'll start with this by saying that as we look down the street no snow, very little snow out there, a lot has melted in the mild, very mild day. temperatures today mid-to upper 40s, some spots around 50. back to what i was saying. i'll tell you this, there is still unanswered questions about what is going to hap the next 24 to 36 hours. probably more so unanswered questions with this storm than we have had with any storm all season. but i tell you this too. most of the storms this year have cooperated. we have gotten them nailed down 24 hours out. this doesn't seem to be
5:50 pm
changing a lot so that's good news. so if there are any surprises hopefully they are not going to be major surprises. okay? winter weather advisory issued now. this is downgraded from the winter weather watch we had yesterday. also now the thinking of the national weather service, for us this is not going to be such a big deal, as far as snow totals go. we're still going to have a lot of wind out of this particular storm. and again, this stretches down to fredericksburg all the way up 95 to baltimore. across the bay. winter storm warnings are in effect and then along the shore and up to the north because it looks like that's where they are going to pick up more in the way of snow and it really is going to be blowing around out there as well. this is a big key to our situation. # 4 degrees. the temperature here fairly mild today. 39 for gaithersburg, 40 for quantico, 42 for fredericksburg. temperatures there upper 30s to lower 40s too. as we expand this view and look farther to the north and west, there's some cold air back
5:51 pm
here, detroit is 28, chicago is 25. we'll tap into some of that tomorrow because all the wind will be coming right into this developing area of low pressure. and that's just gonna pull the colder air into this but it's not extremely cold. we're not talking about teens up there. but then again we're getting toward the latter part of february. here is what we know. 11:00 tonight light snow. temperatures of 36, we're not worried about accumulation, okay. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. the question is will we even be at freezing at the surface here in town? i i think if you're north and west you'll be freezing and below but we'll also have some light snow at 7:00 a.m. if we get some accumulation maybe an inch. farther to the north 2". spotty light snow at noon tomorrow. 37 degrees, it basically will just be cloudy out there and the wind will start picking up. right now there is a lot of moisture down to the south but it is still fairly dry. so a lot of this that you're seeing is not even touching the
5:52 pm
ground and you look at observations down here and there is a little bit of drizzle and light snow in southern sections 0 of virginia and down into central carolina. the heaviest amount of this moisture is going to pass on by to the east of us. it just doesn't look like we're oing to get a lot of snow overnight tonight. this is the second piece of the puzzle. the upper level storm system back in the cold air. there is a lot of snow here but that has the phase to create the big superstorm along the coast tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. the futurecast tonight at 11:00. we'll have snow but very, very light. keep in mind we think temperatures at 11:00 tonight will be above freezing so not much in the way of accumulation. light snow again tomorrow morning. here we go with the area of low pressure. rapidly strengthening offshore by tomorrow evening. most of the day tomorrow the snow is to the north of us but as this particular area of low pressure gets really wound up it will be very, very impressive with the winds and the snow totals by friday up to the north of us.
5:53 pm
doesn't look like we're going to get a lot out of this. maybe a little bit of snow accumulating on friday. here is the snow totals. haven't changed this much, 1 to 3 for dc to the north of us, 3 to 4, the totals ramp up to the north and the east. if you are along i-81 you may not get anything. it may be less than an inch. forecast for tomorrow, light snow at 8:00 a.m., snow flurries at noon, and then the winds, the second part of this storm, the winds will be picking up. we'll have wind gusts tomorrow night into friday of 35 to 40 miles per hour. some approaching 45. and we get through this and then saturday, sunday, monday, breezy and temperatures back up into the 40s. so this storm is not ur storm, this storm goes to the north. >> all right. thanks gary. >> all the snow and ice may have played a part in this problem. at the basin near the jefferson memorial a huge tree uprooted and hanging partially in the water is blocking some of the sidewalks. we're all over the latest winter storm, fox 5 morning
5:54 pm
news is going on 30 minutes earlier tomorrow to give you the latest forecasts and potential delays in the region. it all starts bright and early at 4:30 a.m. firefighting tractor at our nation's airport. we told you about this one. more than 100 new body scanning machines being rolled out at airports across the country. starting at logan airport they can detect objects under clothes and show a detailed view of the body. the push to use the machine was increased after the christmas day bottoming attempt by a man who had explosives under his clothes. we're staying on top of that developing story out of florida. a whale show at sea world gone terribly wrong. plus, when we get a townhouse or not a townhouse. these capitol hill digs at the center of a controversy and it involves some players. and an unbelievable tragedy in virginia. a woman under arrest for dragging a man's body with a
5:55 pm
car for two miles. we're coming right back.    >> why some accident victims aren't getting their claims to cash. fox news tonight at 10:00. dreams are amazing things. and in hard times, sometimes, a belief in a dream, a belief in what is possible - can transform everything. at at&t, we've never forgotten that our company began in a small laboratory, with a dream and a belief, in the future. today, our wired and wireless high speed internet networks are connecting small businesses across america - in cities and small towns -
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it appears ellen degeneres is a hit with i toll fans even though they can't get her day. 55% of voters gave overwhelmingly positive feedback for ellen degeneres. she did a terrible job in her new role many fans are missing paula abdul and many said the sipping competition just not the same without her. he quit "american idol" in a dispute over her contract. tonight on "american idol" the boys get a chance to shine. they are following the top 12 girls who performed last night. it was a mixed bag with the girls loving a couple of the girls and saying they have to make some tougher choices.
5:59 pm
[ singing ] . >> well that last performance seems to be one of the judges' favorite of the night. but simon said be more origina the male finalists take the stage tonight at 8:00. we put you over to news at 6:00 right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. we begin with the disturbing death in virginia a man hit by a car not once, but twice, then dragged for two miles. we want to warn you some of the details of this one are very graphic. paul wagner live in the county with the news edge on virginia. paul? >> reporter: well henry hmm freeze was well known in this area as a handy man who


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