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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  February 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> reporter: while we know that all vegetables are nutritious, frances picked broccoli as super food number five. in addition to having calcium and fiber, studies have shown that broccoli may help fight cancer. >> broccoli has the ability to remove extra estrogen from the body and so in that way, it can also help you fight breast cancer. the news keeps coming. here's will now for brian on the news enat 11:00. off the top, winter weather is pounding the northeast. a slow moving storm is dumping snow and heavy rain from pennsylvania to maine. and it is having a nationwide domino effect. hundreds of flights have been canceled, including several in our region. and that's not all. we are dealing with whipping winds. if you've been outside tonight, you know how strong those gusts can be. fox 5's roby chavez is live tonight with the wind warning. roby? >> reporter: indeed, will. we've been outside for the last couple of hours and we've felt the wind pick up. in fact, some gusts up to 40 miles per hour just within the last hour or so.
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it's really picked up making it feel a whole lot colder outside with wind chills in the teens. all night long as the wind picked up, the problem started to develop. the wind roared through the national mall creating a wind tunnel of sorts for tourists the washington monument was shut down early and the flags brought down due to sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. by nightfall everyone was feeling the wind. >> where i came from it wasn't very windy. when i got to the parking lot, i opened the door. it was super cold. >> reporter: the winter storm in the northeast wreaked havoc on travel, too. flights to dulles, new york, philadelphia and other areas were canceled or delayed. >> it's kind of irritable. you get here on tile and -- on time and you don't want to wait in an airport because it's uncomfortable and there's not much seating in this area. but it is what it is. >> reporter: others were keeping a close eye on the cancellations board, too. as the night went on the winds
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got stronger and concern grew about delays, especially for this large group taking an overseas flight. >> well, we're just checking because we weren't aware of cancellations which you alerted us to. at the moment there are no signs of delay but we're flying out in four hours time so things could change. >> reporter: if was not much better on the road. cars rocked in the gusting wind. this trailer had to be parked as it wobbled in the wind. the problem was so bad, the bay bridge suspended twoway traffic and drivers were white numberling it. >> you pull a trailer this size down a road and the wind can flip it over during travel. >> reporter: so far power problems are limited. earlier pepco crews were securing lines preparing for a windy blast of winter. now, a couple other notes about the washington monument. one of the reasons they have to shut it down because folks standing at the base of it have been known to blow over as the wind whips up down there. the washington monument known to sway in wins over 25 miles per hour -- winds over 25 miles
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per hour. you saw me shift there. the wind gusts continuing to pick up. >> we can hear the winds howling through your moik fiend. it's not -- microphone. it's not letting up any time soon. let's send it to gary mcgrady with an update. roby having a hard time standing up it's so strong. >> it's going to be overnight tonight and during the morning hours tomorrow morning that i think the worst of this is going to be moving through the area. we'll have wind gusts 50 miles per hour and greater could be some up to 55 miles per hour sustained winds should be right around 30, maybe even as high as 35 miles per hour. here's max hd trueview. what you're looking at there, the little trueviewers as we call them, that's sustained wind out closer toward the center of the storm we're getting reports of sustained winds of 30, 40, 45 miles per hour. here along the shore line from the new jersey shore around 30 miles per hour and up towards the cape about 34 miles per
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hour. i just saw a gust at dulles 47 miles per hour. that's the highest i've seen so far. and again they're going to be really ramping up overnight tonight. so, will, i'll have that plus a looat the forecast. there's some snow on the radar. we'll take a look at that as well. >> your forecast always on track the wind gusts any time by clicking on the weather tab on the home page. a silver spring comiewn you it is fighting back -- community is fighting back after the brute a.m. rape of an 11-year-old child. the girl says three men forced her interest an apartment near the intersection of carol avenue and piney branch road on tuesday and attacked her. tonight neighbors held a candlelight vigil to call for safety. two men have been arrested in the rape but a third suspect is still on the run. the young woman who was raped while attending the university of maryland is speaking out tonight hoping her story will help other college students stay just a little safer. the 22-year-old was attacked last year after a night out with her friends. she got into a car that they shot was a taxicab but the
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driver didn't take her home. he drove to a wooded area and raped her. here's her message for other students. >> you just have to know that anybody from the outside including criminals can easily come on campus and jeopardize your safety. >> 24-year-old derek morales pleaded guilty to rape and assault charges in the case. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. the case has officially been closed but is there more to those deadly anthrax attacks back in 2001? shawn yancy on deck at 11:00. >> house of representatives wants more information even though the f.b.i. closed its case. the fbi says dr. bruce ivans is responsible for the attack but representatives want the government to check into the responsibility that others may have been involved. the anthrax atax killed five people -- anthrax killed five people and made 17 people sick. there is still no official cause of last summer's metro crash that killed nine people.
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it's believed a faulty signal is to blame. the n.t.s.b. will take a few more months before issue inning its final report. trainers at sea world orlando will continue working with the whale that killed their colleague. but the theme park has decided to suspend all shows involving killer whales. the whale named tilikum grabbed a veteran trainer by her hair and dragged her under water. the health care summit turned into somewhat of a spectacle today. president obama hosted the summit at blair house. it didn't take long for sparks to fly. listen to this exchange over premiums between the president and republican senator lamar alexander. >> premiums will go up and they will also go up because of the government mandates. >> it's not factually accurate. costs for families for the same type of coverage as they're
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currently receiving would go down 14 to 20%. >> i believe with respect you're wrong. >> president obama is asking republicans to do some soul searching. republicans want to start over. the president said there is no time for another year of debate. everyone has been complaining and vdot is listening. next on the news edge, their plans to pack your -- patch your potholes. plus, a serious bank blunder. find out wat citigroup did that could put your identity at risk. you have seen this one? cap star alexander ovechkin shoving a photographer at the olympics. the story behind this video coming up. first, a quick check of our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 coming right back. 
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personal information for thousands of citigroup customers may have been exposed. the bank printed the social security numbers of 600,000 people on the outside of mailing envelopes. the i.d.s were printed at the lower edge ever the envelope along with some other digits. the bank began notifying customers about the mistake last week. citigroup released a statement saying there is little or no risk to customers and the error has now been fixed. if you are a homeowner you probably heard about refunsing could save you money -- refinancing could save you money but there are serious roadblocks. the fox 5 money team found one of the most common reasons it's happening. as melanie alnwick reports, three little words could make all the difference. despite the low interest rates, mortgage planner jennifer says many of her clients are hitting a refinancing roadblock. >> ironically it's not a lot of bad credit. it's not job loss or things like that. >> reporter: it's ltv or loan to value ratio good we're not
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able to refinance as many people as we'd like to. >> reporter: let's say you owe the bank $80,000. if your home is worth $100,000, then your ltv is 80%. but if your home value drops to $90,000, now your ltv is 89%, higher than most lenders will accept. >> 80%. and in some areas with some of the lenders that we sell our loans to, 75%. >> reporter: what about those government programs? e home affordable refinance program or harp is designed to help homeowners refi. the treasury department reports more than four million borrowers have taking advantage of harp but it doesn't work for everyone. >> you have to fit a certain criteria in order to be plugged into any one of those types of programs. >> reporter: borrowers with second loans who are self- employed or can't afford to pay mortgage insurance are having the most trouble. what's more, the program is only for borrowers whose loans are owned or guaranteed by
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fannie mae or freddie mac. outside of that lenders can set their own refinancing criteria. >>it's very frustrating because i've done everything right. >> reporter: gail has been trying to lower her mortgage payments for six months. >> everything that could go fooy has gone poohy. i tried to refinance and couldn't do that. not enough equity. >> reporter: she doesn't want to sell her house until her high schooler goes to college but cash flow is getting tight. >> i don't want to not pay. i don't want to lose the house. and yet where do we stand? >> reporter: for clients like her, they try to work through worst-case scenarios. >> we say wait a main minute. let's see what we have so we know what to deal with. >> reporter: helping figure out how to hold on until home values rise enough to get a refi. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. up next gary has your weekend forecast. wind a big factor again. plus, call it a question of facebook etiquette. who should you friend and who
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you stay away from. wait till you see this. a boxing match turns into an ugly brawl. what sparks the flying fists. as we head to break, 10 billion and counting. itunes has passed the mile marker. a man from woodock, west virginia wh bought a johnny cash song. he got a phone call from steve jobs and $10,000 worth of i tunes music. by the way the most downloaded song of the 10 billion, "i've got a feeling" by black eyed peas. ,
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we need to give businesses all the tools they need to succeed. it's the only way to grow our economy. broadband investment and innovation provide companies new ways to start, grow and create new jobs. even in these tough times, broadband companies are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to connect businesses with each other and their customers. so as washington crafts a national broadband plan, policymakers need to get it right, and build on what's working. broadband for america.
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did you see it? left winger alexander ovechkin has had enough of the camerons. check out the video taken on his cell phone and feeling not friendly toward the photographer after the russian olympic team lost to canada. he shoved the photographer right to the ground. turns out that photographer was a fan tying to get some home video, a female fan by the way. she was banged up but okay. how about this? a brawl brakes out after a boxing match in chile and a spectator ends up knocked out cold. it all started when a brother of one of the boxers jumped into the ring after the match. he ended up laying the man out on the mat. the spectator was sent to the hospital and recovered consciousness without any ill effects. to the roads and the poll hole problem we all face. shawn is back with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, a question for all you facebook users out
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there. should you friend your boss? number five, only if you want them to know all of your business. according to a new survey, 56% of respondents think it is wrong to friend a boss and 62% said bosses shouldn't be trending their employees but trending your coworkers is socially acceptable. number four, your wii game console can do more than just entertain the kids. a new study from the university of toronto shows wii video games can help stroke patients improve their motor function. researchers found the wii games were also a safe and feasible way to improve motor skills. number three, don't cut out all the carbs just yet. the diets low in carbohydrates may not be as healthy as you think. they found people on low carb but high in fat diets lost the same amount of weight as people on high carb diets. number two, airlines are waiving fees for passengers who need to rebook flights thanks to all the bad weather up and down the east coast. the air tran waiver applies to reagan national, dulles and bwi
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marshall airport, continental, jet blue and u.s. airways are also waiving their fees. virginia roads should be a lot smoother to drive o. during the month of march, vdot is making filling potholes the priority. by the way, you can tell vdot exactly where the worst offenders are located. we've put a special link on by the way, fox 5 also on pothole patrol. take pictures of some of the worst craters out there and scwup load them on -- upload them on i know a lot of you wondering about the next potential storm heading our way. i have a lot of questions about that. it's probably too soon to really foe. >> there's another one out there for next week. the good news here, the silver lining to this i know it's like no more. we don't want anymore of it but the good news is after next week, we should break pattern and try to go into a little summer like pattern. summer, that seems like years away. let me show you. it's blowing out there.
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as i've been saying the strongest of the winds have yet to come. it's really going to be overnight and during the early, early morning hours that the strongest of the winds really settle n. the washington monument by the way has been closed due the high winds. some gusts expected over 50 miles per hour tonight. wind warning in effect for just about everybody. stafford county, spotsylvania county. now you're in a wind advisory down there. 33 mile per hour wind gust for d.c. look at this. dulles 47 mile per hour wind gust. again the strongest of the wind not even here yet. here's the storm system to the north of us. it's going to create blizzard conditions in places. as a matter of fact, to the west of us tonight out in the mountains, there are blizzard warnings in effect. they could pick up as much as 16 to 20 inches of snow out there. higher elevations of western maryland and west virginia. this is a powerful storm and as it gets closer to us overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning and it's at its peak,
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that's when our winds are really going to be dangerously strong. 31 tonight is the temperature here in washington. 28 for gaithersburg. 30 degrees for ulles. the wind chill values as you might expect into the teens tonight. some places may even get down into the single digits. temperatures to the north binghamton 19 degrees. they're going to get a lot of snow. central park in new york city 28 degrees. they're gog to get a lot of snow. maybe approaching 10 to 12 inches in the city before it's all said and done. snowfall accumulations, here's the bull's eye. up to the north of us eastern sections of new york, that's where they're going to pick up as much as 24 inches of snow possible but a lot of it will be blowing around. so the drifts will be 4 to 6 feet high in places up there. it really does shut off right as it gets down to the metro but there's some indication tonight that maybe we could get a little bit of snow. let's go to max hd radar just to show you. we're finding a little bit of snow coming down i-95.
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it's blowing around baltimore right now and northern sections here could get as much as 3 inches of snow. and that's extreme northern sections up into northern maryland and baltimore -- pennsylvania too. i don't expect anything like that here in d.c. but we could perhaps get a dusting, at least that's what we're calling for we go back to the graphics here to show you. potentially a dusting of snow blowing around here. one to three well to the north of baltimore and then snow showers down to the south. the gusts tomorrow morning 50 miles per hour plus could be a little bit of light snow flying around in the air tomorrow. gusts 45 miles per hour at noon. and the gusts calm down a little bit by 5:00 tomorrow. down to about 35 milesper hour. so windy tomorrow. breezy for the weekend. but the sun comes back out and the temperatures will find their way back up into the mid- to upper 40s. there is another storm next week. don't worry about that now. let's get through this first and enjoy the weekend. feldy is back with your sports as the edge continues.
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stay with us. 
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sphwhrz good evening. i'm dave feldman. host canada beat the u.s. tonight to win gold in women's hockey. the u.s. takes silver. the american men will play in the semifinals on friday versus finland. all five capitals olympians are done, heading home the olympic five expected to rejoin them over the weekend. as for the caps that did not go to vancouver, the majority of them, yesterday they hit the ice for the first time in ten
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days. >> everybody seemed to be really ready to go, even though it's not like training camp where guys come into camp in great shape because they've been skating. a lot of these guys didn't do nothing for ten days. they were dragging their butts a little bit out there. >> amen, bruce. we can all relate to that caps returned to action wednesday at buffalo. to hoops now. a team that flies well below the radar, the udc firebirds division to, a team that did receive some notoriety this year for two reasons. one, they've had only five players for the majority of the season. and two, they have a famous first-year head coach. >> what do we -- what did we do yesterday in the first half that we didn't do in the second half? >> reporter: it's jeff, the former nba all-star and washington bullet. the big man is in charge of resurrecting a program that won a national title in the '80s but this year has only one win. they've lost players to
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injuries, academic ineligibility. one guy just quit. today's practice had seven guys, including a varsity soccer player and a 28-year-old junior who spent ten years in the army. >> very tough. we don't get time to, you know, actually play five on five and get to see, you know, the tempo of the game. it's not the same as, you know, when we go out there and we're playing against other teams. we don't have backups. i went from not playing at all to playing like 40 minutes, the whole 40 minutes. live is full of adversity. it's how you respond. it's been a tough year but there's some positives. we're dsm going to be a lot better. a huge improvement next year. >> he will turn that team around. they leave tomorrow morning or an eight-hour drive to ohio. saturday night they will play central state in the final game of the season. saturday afternoon the georgetown hoyas will host notre dame, the fighting irish. g-town is coming off a huge win
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against louisville. the hoyas know just how important the win on the road really was. >> it was a big win for us, especially coming off a two- game losing skid. i don't think anybody was down emotionally. we just needed to win. it was a big game and louisville was playing pretty well. >> even though we were down by -- i think it was 5 in the first half and come back and do what we did in the second half, it was -- i mean, it was a real big win r us. >> final game tonight at morgan wooten gymnasium. 60 years of tradition coming to an end at dematha hosted good council. a great pass to victor for the hoop. a scary moment no dematha in the second half. david nate, barely 6 feet tall but he got up only this one he miscalculated. ouch. he was okay later laughing on the bench. stags win 79-65.
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dematha's 60-year record in that gym 711 win, 71 losses. austin freeman went to dematha. will is back after this. 
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taking the edge off with a jet pack for sale. the spacege flight here is now for sale by the martinair craft


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