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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  March 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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right now. who would attack the church, what members of a baptist congregation want to know. their church van vandalized and they worry that gans are to blame and a council member is backing him up. here's more on the crime alert. >> reporter: it's a small baptist church that does as much as it can for a local community, from putting bread and clothing out front to funding an hiv home nearby. >> what do they gain by to doing that to the church? >> reporter: the leader of the new commandment baptist church, pastor steven tucker, can't understand why someone would vandalize the church van used to carry which were on field trips and seniors to clinics. tucker found one of the van's windows open and vulgar marks written inside. >> and a lot of graffiti on the inside and very negative, nasty graffiti on the inside. we had to try to keep the young
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which were away from it. >> reporter: the pastor said the markings look like gang markings for him and has been on the lookout since getting a memo from council member jim graham telling him gang activity is on the rise. >> i'm not sure and i heard there is increased gang activity in the area and we just left a drug summit where we were talking about how to extricate the young people. >> reporter: council member jim graham said most of the violence is happening closer to columbia heights and adams morgan. he points to a shooting along sham plain street on tuesday and graham said it may have been a retaliatory hit for another shooting two weeks ago -- two weeks ago. >> they're related in the sense that they're both members and who are angry with each other. >> reporter: he's not sure if the graffiti found at the church is connected to gang violence but the pastor is taking no chances and he tells us in the last 10 years that
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gang violence near his church dropped off and he's not about to allow it to come back. >> we had a bit of peace for awhile and we always have to stay vitamin last. rallying against the health care law. 9,000 protestors showed up in searchlight, nevada, the hometown of democatic senator harry reid. they want the senate majority leader to explain his vote. the crowd heard from the former alaska governor sarah palin who rallied the protestors to vote democrats out of office. >> and in those upcoming elects, we're sayi the big -- elections, we're saying the big government, big debt, obama- pelosi-reid spending pre-is -- spree is over. >> the senator said he was happy many people came to his town to spend their mean. it's the first of a 42-city bus tour ending in washington on
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april 15th. now. >> a heckler tackled by three men after disrupting a campaign rally in arizona. senator john mccain is stumping to keep his seat on capitol hill and sarah palin is campaigning for him. when she got to the stage, the hecklers got loud. it's not clear if they will be charged with everything. >> everywhere at 11, starting in prince georges county, two paramedics are under review after seeing a man who was later found to be alive was dead. officials say the paramedics responded to a call for a possible dead person on friday. a hour and a half hour later, they were called again because the man was showing signs of life. a different unit arrived and his identity and condition are not known. the paramedics are now on limited public contact status while the case is being investigated. and a mennonite community is preparing to bury 9 members of one family killed in a fiery highway crash on friday and that happened in south-central
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kentucky. in all, 11 people died. the only survivors are a 3- and 5-year-o. the family is driving to iowa for a wedding. the virginia governor wants to figure out a way to get more students from graduating from college, creating a special panel to increase attendants and graduation rates. the panel has until november 30th to submit the suggestions. and interface marriage ending in divorce and a father could go to jail for taking his daughter to -- daughter to church. fox's lauren green explain yes there is so much feuding. >> reporter: it's a bitter blow for joseph reyes, days before the most holy day of the christian calendar. >> i could have allowed the judge to -- and that didn't happen. >> reporter: instead, a restraining order barring joseph stands at least for now and whole the chicago judge decides where to throw yet out.
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his soon to be wife asked for the restraining order when joseph secretly baptized their daughter after they separated. joseph is simply not following the law said rebecca's attorney. >> this is not a question of being exposed to the religion but an indoctrination that we're saying that joseph is trying to do and is not respecting the fact that his little girl is being raised jewish. >> reporter: during happier times, rebecca said the couple agreed to raise their daughter jewish and he claims he baptized the daughter behind her back to hurt her. >> i had my daughter baptized because it's an insurance policy on the soul and the concerned father, god forbidding any happen to her. >> reporter: interfaith marriage experts say it's important to develop negotiating skills before aing -- saying i do. >> interfaith marriage is a norm and can be healthy, requiring education and respect. >> reporter: joseph reyes took his daughter to church
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following the court order. he's slapped with a contempt charge and could facing time for that. a final decision on the couple's divorce and the religious upbringing is expected in a couple of weeks. lauren green, fox news. >> and a drunk driver called cops on herself. it happened in michigan. listen to the tape. >> 9117, i think. >> are you intoxicated? are you driving in. >> reporter: would not have called you. i was concerned with myself. >> and was concerned about you and tried to get to you pull over. >> that call lasted 20 minutes. the woman is facing up to three months in jail. coming up at 11, tucker's full forecast and rain on the
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way. there is a warm-up on the way. he's got the good and bad and ugly coming up next. 
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>> welcome back. getting chilly and the temperatures in the low 40s, 42 in rigsan national; 49, bwi marshal and temperatures are going to bottom out again in the mid-30s and we have low 30s in a couple of spots and take a look. i found a 32 and wouldn't have it on the map. chilly temperatures outhere, 40 currently in annapolis; 37, leonardtown and a cold one tonight and wool warm things up. most of us, i think, will love it and a little bit of cloudiness this afternoon and woleft right now with clearing. and so we'll be in and out of
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the clouds, i think, the next 12 hours and into the sunday, the clouds are going to increase and morning services are fine. at times, sunday night into monday, the rain could be heavy and heading to the morning commute. looks like a good, steady rain and won't get out of here until tuesday and this is going to be a slow mover and to the races, as we get into the middle and end of next week and forecast tonight, going to be a cold one, partly cloudy and an leave night low of 36 degrees, the winds nice and light out of the south and east and on sunday, a mix of sun and clouds and watching the showers develop by mid- to late afternoon. the high temperature, 55 and that is where it should be with winds out of the south and east. rain sunday night and into the day on monday and starting to
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see the forecast tuesday afternoon, 57;ed with, 62 and thursday, 71. friday and saturday look like mid-70s, 80s around here and we'll have a good looking spring forecast into the end of the next week. and the forecast, over to you. >> i was going to say don't forget. you called that 80 degrees temperature. and we'll be looking at a fancy look of you in the morning team. we wanted to remind everyone about the new fox 5 morning news. get all of your news, weather and traffic before you head out the door with the gang and all smiling, happy, ready to inform you so you can be armed for the day. >> we get to borrow tucker for a bit. and love having him. right? >> yeah. that is a great show. >> reporter: encourage everyone to tune in. >> and tuning in at 4:25, monday through friday and you
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will join us every weekend, too, 6, 10, and news 11. want information, news, we're always on, and have a great night. geico sports extra is two minutes away. lindsey murphy is standing by now. bye, you all. >> and doing a little dance.  it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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