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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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your forecast for washington for today. mostly sunny and a pleasant afternoon. high once again right around 90 degrees. do enjoy it, folks. going to be a good one. >> 90 starting to feel okay. >> it sure does. >> let's say good morning to julie wright and welcome her back on this tuesday morning. hi, julie. >> hey! welcome back to the mess that is our morning commute. at least that is what it was yesterday from what i hear and again this morning, a lot of you waking up in the dark unfortunately and heading out the front door. going to find a number of the traffic lights are not working. for those that are watching us this morning, if you think yesterday was bad it won't be a lot better this morning. you need to leave early. i know this myself. a lot of the traffic lights that have been reported out that are not working, they are not in sync, not in rush hour mode. so pack your patience. allow extra time out there on the highways. again, 29, for example, here at four corner, as you travel north of this intersection leaving university boulevard
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headed up towards tech road, we are told from a number of callers that the lights are not working. you need to treat that as a four-way stop. a portion of 270 out to air park road, signal lights not working there. a number of lights out on river road. a lot of the signals still not working this morning. so you get the idea it is pretty much a repeat of yesterday so allow extra time out there on the roads. no problems here along georgia avenue as you travel from the beltway headed down towards 16th street. we mentioned this earlier that there were some problems with the signal lights. in virginia, you will find lanes are open along 66. no problems to report on the interstate. 95 looks good leaving 34 headed out towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. power crews continue to work around the clock to restore electricity to the thousands who lost it sunday during the storm. here are the latest outages. pepco still reporting more than
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150,000 people without power. dominion has just under 600 customers out and bge has a little more than 2800 customers still in the dark. that means several traffic lights are still oust service and you can expect another slow go on the commute today. >> let's check in with care is simmons in silver spring with all the details right now. good morning. >> good morning to you. -- let's check in with sarah simmons. >> the traffic untils will be the big issue today. we are on 29 at tech road. as we headed north of new hampshire avenue, this is what we found. the ma wroart of the traffic signals were out in this area -- the majority of the traffic signals were out in this area. we have officers stationed at many of these major intersections. now, at times, like yesterday, officers were directing traffic and you are probably going to see a lot of that today. crews are still trying to
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remove trees around the area, power lines that are still down in some spots and pepco is having to get in there and get the power back to to thousands of people this morning. many people though have resorted to using generators. but we also have to pass along emergency officials say those also pose a problem if her not far enough away from your home. take a listen. >> hook up the frin and freezer to the generator but it only has a 5-foot cord. so the further we could get it was out on the pour. i want out to get some oil and stuff for the generator and when -- while i was out, i was feeling nauseous and stuff like that. >> reporter: emergency officials say that was an issue with carbon monoxide. generators should not be inside a home or very close to a home. that isen issue now for a lot of folks using their generators to keep in that in mind. his family was okay. if you have one, just make sure
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it is not in the house. make sure it is far enough away from the house to not do any damage to your folks and to your family there. back to you. >> thank you. the damage in prince george's county was so bad that it left dozens of people homeless. sixteen apartment buildings lawsuit their roofs in the storm in college park and greenbelt. there are downed trees and power lines dangling throughout the district. huge trees wound up completely blocking other roads. police chief kathy lanier is reminding people to check on their neighbors if they k its. the storm is being blamed for several deaths in the region including that of a 6- year-old boy from sterling, virginia. eric lawson was killed when a tree fell on him on sunday. eric and his family were walking from the community pool when the storms hit. a large tree fell and hit the little beaut. >> his father grabbed him from
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underneath the tree and brought him back to the facility where cpr was administered by staff. >> people who were at the pool when the lawsons brought eric back for help say the storm hit just too quickly for them to get to safer ground. another victim claimed by the storms is michelle humanek. he was killed when a tree struck her van. she worked at the university of maryland for many years before leeing to stay at home with her kids. neighbors remember her telling them that she was adopted and they were looking forward to adopting two of their own. they did adopt two daughters. >> she was very excited and she treat the children so well. >> we would talk about our kids and that is what i remember about her is how kind she was and how generous and how active she was in her community. >> she worked on the college park recreation board and she also created a neighborhood watch site. can you log on to our web
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site if everything you need to know about the storms from information on power outages to pictures of the damage. also, we have tips there on how to keep your food fresh. check out other headlines, we'll find out more about last june's deadly metro accident later today when the ntsb releases its official report on the red line crash that killed nine people. metro is putting aside $30 million over three years to meet the ntsb recommendation. officials admit making changes could involve much higher costs over a longer period of time. the white house an pentagon are scrambling to control damage from the leaked las identified documents. more than 90,000 documents were leaked on wikileaks. the military says they are secrets about battle field reports. wikileaks says she show evidence of war crimes committed by american troops. the white house says there is
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nothing in the reports. >> it is not the content as much as there are names, operations, logistics. there is sources. all of that information out in a public way has the potential to do harm. >> the pentagon says it will take days, maybe even weeks to figure out exactly how much damage has been done by the leaks. new this morning, a scare on the roads for one family. the family says its air bag went off for no reason and caused injuries. we have details when fox 5 morning news returns.
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air bags are meant to save lives but for one family, they became the risk on the road twosm women and a 6-year-old boy were in minnesota. they were hurt when out of nowhere. the minivan air bags exploded. they say there was no reason for the air bag to deploy. carmaker is investigating but says it is too early to release a statement. british petroleum is sending tony hayward to siberia. bob dudley is going to take
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over the company on october 1st. hayward is expected to be named of director of bp's joint venture in rush -- venture in russia. coming up in just a few moments, the latest on today's weather forecast. it will be another nice one today. we'll tell you all about it. julie wright is here. she will have a look at this morning's road conditions. do stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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welcome back. there ia live look at # 70 in maryland. 118 traffic starting to pick up just a little bit. a little bit nice outside in terms of the weather. however, our clean-up continues because of the storm that rolled through over the weekend. they left thousands of people
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without power. most of them are in montgomery county. wssc's water restricts have been lifted. crews around the area are chopping up scattered debris, fallen trees an limbs also being blamed on two deaths and several injuries. and a third person died after being stuck in the storm while jet skiing at the chesapeake bay. an alert about some canceled school programs. fifty-nine schools in montgomery county still without power today. all of the summer school programs, the camps, meals, all canceled today. if you would like the entire list go to our web site at >> hopefully a much nicer day today although we had a pretty decent day yesterday afternoon. >> i thought yesterday was grated great and we are going to do the same thing today. gentleman we'll see another day with our highs in the upper 80s and 90s and plenty of sunshine. reagan national made it up to 89 degrees yesterday. the highs in the upper 80s. it was the first time in 14
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days that we have not seen a high temperature at or above 90 degrees, believe it or not. our current temperatures quite comfortable. currently in washington, it is 74 degrees. 68 up in baltimore. 68 town at quantico. dulles is 646789 look at all these temperatures in the 60s. a quite comfortable start to the day with humidity levels at a comfortable level as well. a very nice start to the day, even nicer than it was yesterday. let's take a look at the satellite-radar. we'll show what you we've got on tap for today. not much. a couple of clouds straggling through the area. there are some clouds off to the south and west. have there has been some precipitation across the southeastern united states but none here. we'll have quiet conditions today. as far as our temperatures go for the next few days, let's use our futurecast and we can show hua we expect to see. for today, again, a high in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees. i think moan many folks will
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top out in the upper 80s again today. then be as we move this through, can you see cooler nights, things warm up beginning tomorrow. 93degrees tomorrow afternoon and then maybe some showers and thunderstorms as well and as we head towards thursday, 80 degrees early in the morning thursday so that sets the stage for another warm day. here is your forecast for today though. lots of sunshine, seasonal temperatures, high about 90 degrees. many folks topping out in the upper 80s. then for your five-day forecast, we'll show you things not too bad. tomorrow, chance of a -- oh, we took tow. we removed the chance of a shower or thunderstorm, is that right, tucker? took it out. okay. it is on there for thursday. cooler on friday. look at this as we head towards the weekend, highs in the mid- 80s. could it be? we'll cross our fingers. we think it will be. now, let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. welcome back. >> thank you. this more than, not an easy start to the commute with a lot
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of folks waking up in the dark. again today, a number of signals that are dark as well along river road as you travel between the beltway, wilson lane, a number of those lanes are dark. a portion of western avenue leaving jennifer street, all of that in the dark as well. we do have portions of connecticut avenue that is dark if you are torrentialing from the beltway headed southbound towards 410. the same for those along # 55, wisconsin avenue, rock rhode island pike i'm number of lights there dark, 29 as well as you travel between dale drive and tech road. if you come up to an intersection where the lights are not working properly, you want to treat it as a four-way stop. this is a live shot of 66 and continuing eastbound towards the beltway as you can clearly see the beltway mark here, we do have roadwork. according to v-d.o.t., this construction crew is scheduled to be in place until about 5:45 this morning. already the damage is done. delays out of vienna as you travel east of nutley street
5:19 am
headed in towards the capital beltway. hoping to have this wrapped up by 5:45. the power has been restored to some lights but they may not be in rush hour sync. you may have to spend some extra time on the roads getting through the lights even though they do have power. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. good news no the airline industry also means bad news for travelers. the six biggest airlines raked in more than a billion dollars in the second quarter and they expect the profits to continued for the rest of the year. but they used air fare sales when they were struggling to fill seats an now the demand is up, sales are less frequent. experts predict more fees will pop up in the months to come. they say the airlines will be watching closely to see how travelers react to the $45 carry-on fee that spirit airlines is putting into place in august. a big jump new single family hopes last month. they rose #% across the country and in d.c., maryland and virginia, new home sales were
5:20 am
up 33% from may to june. those numbers sound good but new home sales were still down 16% from a year ago and june was the second lowest on record. the washington interfaith network is calling on candidates for d.c. mayor and council chair to put jobs and neighborhood investment first. hundreds of members of the group known as win packed the asbur. where united methodist hatch in northwest pressing the candidates to make jobs their number one issue if elected. adrian fenty and vincent gray both spoke at the meeting. >> the need for jobs and the need to support our people so they have the skill to be able to qualify for jobs in the district of columbia and most of all to be able to get those jobs. and you have my commitment to ensure that will happen. >> last four years are a demeanor station of several things. this a demonstration of this city's priorities and working towards education, jobs and housing and community development. they are a commitment that we believe that the future of this
5:21 am
city has got to include all of those things. >> council chair candidates kwame brown and vincent orange were also there and all agreed to support win's agenda. a mix-up at a hospital an an arizona family is grieving for somebody who is actually alive. 19-year-old any guerra was believed to have been alive. >> in the same, you feel angry. because we've mourned all week and it is like a bad dream. it is a bad dream and hopefully t will have a great happy ending. that is what we're praying for. >> froms say abby remains in extremely critical condition. we are looking at a man would underwent the first successful face transplant. the man held a news conference to show everybody the from's work and thank his medical team. oscar ways farmer who
5:22 am
accidentally shot himself in the face five years ago. he is expected to regain about 90% of his facial functions. ahead, continuing coverage of our big story. massive power outages in the aftermath of the big storm on sunday. we'll get an update on when the lights will be back on. if you have any storm damage, tips for filing insurance claims. we'll tell what you you need to know. up next, operation insincible spirit in the korean peninsula. we have a full report. we'll be right back.
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great news no iphone lovers who want to swim to another provider. you can switch switch to someone not approved by apple. that all also works for apps. the north koreans are making threats against the united states and south korea. we have a report from on board the u.s.s. george washington. >> reporter: war games ain the waters off south korea dubbed operation international spirit are wrapping up their second day. more than a dozen ships are in the maneuvers including the u.s.s. george washington. there are flyovers an continuous flight operations prosecute the carrier day and
5:26 am
night. their goal, getting u.s. and south korea to operate better together. >> this alliance is very strong. it is always a great opportunity to work with them. >> reporter: the two countries hope to send a signal to north korea. the suspected singing by a north korean submarine of a south korean shipset off a round of tensions. the latest round of maneuvers has brought a lot everett rick. north korea calls the exercise hostile threaten ago i nuclear sack red war where by our mere presence here, it brings peace and stability to the region. >> but think there is a chance that they might try something stupid? >> sure. and you always have to be prepared. >> reporter: north korea has brand the u.s.-south korean naval exercises as gunboat diplomacy. the folk running the maneuvers call it something else being diplomacy way little bit more
5:27 am
of a muscular tone. also critical of the exercises, an increasingly assertive china. some claim the maneuvers were moved away from china as a concession to beijing. >> we reserve the right to anywhere in international waters anywhere in the world in the future. >> reporter: exercises are expected to run two more days. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, sarah? >> it will be deja vu on your drive in to work once again today as people will notice traffic signals out around the montgomery county area as crews strug toll restore power around the region. we'll have the latest on the power outages coming up when fox 5 morning news returns.
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ies shh c
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welcome back on tuesday morning. we had the storms roll through on sunday but the impact still being felt this morning for your morning commute. >> you see the vehicle just blowing through the intersections. you would get a couple of people to stop and wait and you get some people would don't even think about it and drive right through. >> take a look at the sky. how pretty that is this morning. >> it looks good. >> i was telling tucker it was 63 degrees at home which was nice and cool. >> we have a lot of temperatures in the 60s.
5:31 am
in town, it is a little bit warmer than that, in the 70s, but still very pleasant. let's jump right in and show you the current conditions being reported at reagan national airport where it is 74 degrees at this hour. but much of the area is indeed in the 60s. so relative humidity, 6 #%, not bad at all. here is a look at the satellite- radar but nothing really to see. skies are by far mostly clear. we are cloud-free and we will be precipitation-free again today. your forecast simply put, sunny, pleasant, seasonal temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees. look if a high of 88 in leonardtown, 8 # in winchester, 90 in the district. an comfortable humidity levels again today. so there you go. enjoy the day. >> sounds lovely. >> let's check in with julie and say good morning to her once again. >> we one of the spoke with montgomery county. they are telling us about 150
5:32 am
signal lights still dark. still without power this morning. so as you guys just mentioned, it will be a doozy of a commute headed into work again this morning. some of the lights still dark. some may have power but they won't be configured into rush hour mode so you will be sitting through the light a little bit longer than what you are used to because they are not in sync. if you come up to an intersection where the traffic lights are dark, you need to treat that as a four-way stop. if you are traveling in on 66, we showed you this camera just a few moments ago. we mentioned the construction was in place. only within lane to the right getting through. now, the lane are open. coming eastbound on 66, the lane are open as you travel between 1 and nutley street headed for the beltway. southbound # 70 here at falls road. lanes are open as you continue southbound towards the beltway. a number of lights along 355, rockville pike between nicholson lane and the exit there at the beltway, you will find those lights are dark.
5:33 am
-- southbound 270 here at falls road. there seems to be no help on the scandal to help direct you through. proceed with caution. treat the lights as a four-way stop. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. power crews are continuing to try to work around the clock to restore electricity to the thousands who lost if it sunday appear severe storms. here are the latest numbers from the different agencies and our area. pepco is reporting more than 148,000 customers without power. dominion virginia has just under 400. commuters coping with the slow going trip because of the out of service traffic lights that julie just talked about and downed power lines. >> sarah simmons has the latest from montgomery county. >> reporter: there are still a couple of hundred traffic lights still out here. you can see where officers have set up here. it looks to be what they have
5:34 am
done is at least prevented people from being able to make left hand turns. they have tried to make this a way to travel straight on through hopefully making it more free flowing for traffic during the rush hour this morning. now, crews are still working to clean up the damage in and around the area. of course, montgomery county hit the hardest with this. pepco is still trying to restore power to thousands of people even this morning. now, there are many people that have resorted to using generators to keep their house up and operating but fire and ems crews have been responding to calls after people have not been using those generators properly. >> any time you have a engine, a combustion type eng unworking you have carbon monoxide production. if it does get into your house, you are most vulnerable when you are sleeping at night. you can't smell it, can't see it. >> reporter: keep that in mind
5:35 am
if you are using a generator. keep in mind as you are traveling in on your commute, you will see a lot of traffic untils out again. about 60 intersections they are saying they will have some sort of traffic control at these intersexes. if you don't see that, we have note id as well stop signs at some of the intersections but again, if none of that is there, please treat it as a four-way stop. back to you. >> thank you. in prince george's counties, dozen of people still homele as high winds ripped roofs off of apartment buildings. one man says he is sleeping in his car with his 2-year-old and his pregnant wife. he says he can't get inside of his apartment to collect his belongings until the building inspectors give the okay. emergency response crews still working to remove a number of downed trees an get traffic lights back on. one tree fell through a home in northeast d.c. other huge trees completely blocked some streets. police are asking people to check on their neighbors.
5:36 am
>> i a sterling virginia family struggling to cope with the loss of their 6-year-old boy. eric lawson was killed when a tree fell on him during sunday's storms. the tree missed everybody except eric. >> his father grabbed him from underneath the tree, brought him back to the facility where cpr was administered by staff. emergency personnel arrived on the scene and continued to do cpr. >> people would were at the pool say the storm hit too fast if them to get to safer ground. you can log onto our web site for the things you need to know about the storms from information on power outages to pictures of the damage and also other tips that you might need to know. check out these are tough economic times. so why is the district of columbia saying no, thanks to thousands of dollars owed to the police department. coming up later, we'll hear from the mayor. as we go to the break being we'll take -- as we go to the break, we'll take a look at the stocks for you. the dow up about 100.
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making headlines now, national transportation safety board investigators will release their report on last june's deadly metro accident. red line crash killed nine people. ntsb will vote on the probable cause of the accident and release new safety recommendations. although it is not required by law, metro is putting $0 million aside over the next three years to try to meet the
5:40 am
recommendations. the pentagon is now assessing damage from those leaked classified war documents but it is warning it may take several weeks to completely go through the 90,000 pages of those documents. the military is trying to find out who leaked the anti-war files. the wikileaks web site posted the duments on its web site. they claim the documents show evidence of war crimes committed by american soldiers and the group reviews the development document for sensitive information. the pentagon questions that. >> they claim to be going these documents to render judgment about whether or not anything inside could harm u.s. forces but what is their expertise when it comes to making those judgements? >> wikileaks says another 15,000 canada is identified documents will be released soon septa coming up , a coyote caught any tough situation. we'll tell you how he got untangled.
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welcome back. there is a live look at traffic
5:44 am
moving across # 70 in maryland, 118. some some areas, traffic lights still out. thousands of people still tealing with no electricity this morning. there are some canceled school programs. fifty-nine schools in montgomery county still don't have power today owe saul upper school programs, camps, meals canceled for today. if you wanted the entire list, you can go to >> continuing to get a break from the weather. a little cooler out there. >> it is. comfortable conditions, a lot of folks in the 60s this morning. we'll see another nice day. today will be very similar to yesterday. lots of sunshine. warm, you know, definitely warm and if those without power, there is no beating around the bush, it will be warm in your home today if you are without power. but at least our temperatures are not in the upper 90s and low 100s. let's take a look at what is going on wore on current temperatures around the region.
5:45 am
you will see a lot of folk are in the 60s. 71 in annapolis, 74 in the district. culpeper at # 6 degrees at this hour. a very pleasant start to the day, culpeper at 66 degrees at this hour. you saw the live shot we just showed you. for thrt, skies are clear. there are some clouds here and there particularly off to the south and west but for the most part, skies are clear. we'll see lots of sunshine for the day today. all right. here is what is going on. i want to he show you the surface map, show you how things are developing today and what we expect to see tomorrow. high pressure, that is it. that is keeping things quiet in the northeast and in the mid- atlantic. sunny conditions, warm but temperatures really where they should be for this time of year. then we get that high pressure sliding off. a little frontal system comes through, warm front and we'll see the temperatures start to pick up tomorrow. it will be a bit more huge you had and by the time we get to thursday, we could see some
5:46 am
showers and thunderstorms pop up in the latter part of the day. forecast for today looks one of the like yesterday. antibiotics of sunshine, seasonal temperatures. highs in the upper 80s to about 90 degrees. inmany of you will top out in the upper 80s as you did jed. for tonight, a pleasant night again. we'll see a few clouds here and there. more humidity building in overnight so there may be a little bit of haze tomorrow morning. 72degrees for your low in town. we begin to warm up but it won't be bad like it was last week. 9 # tomorrow and 9 # on thursday with a chance of the scattered showers and thunderstorms in the late are part of the day. friday and saturday both look good, highs minister mid-80s. that is below normal. so we'll take that. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> we were talking about construction that was it place and that has cleared if you are traveling along 66 headed inbound but untd fortunately, early start to the commute finds you on the brake as you
5:47 am
travel east of nutley street headed in towards the capital beltway. all of the lanes here are open. the big story this morning is going to be a number of traffic lights that remain dark. according to montgomery county, there are at least 150 signals that are still without power. some of those intersections, you may find list to guide you through. southbound 27 0rbg the interstate itself starting to slow as you make your way down towards the truck scales. the lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- southbound 270. take a look at what police say they found in the back of two men's 18-wheeler, 115 pounds of marijuana. officers stopped the truck for a violation and they found the drugs. they arrested the two men in the truck and charged them with possessing the drugs. and take a look at. this caught on camera, a coyote caught in a soccer net. the animal was wandering around
5:48 am
a cincinnati park when it got stuck and just gave up and is the there. whether it became clear the animal couldn't get free, witnesses called animal control an officers untangled it and he wasn't hurt. tough economic times. so why is the district saying no thanks to hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to the police department? coming up next, we'll hear from mayor fenty. it is a story you will only hear on fox 5. stay with us.
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welcome back. fox 5 has learned that hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to d.c. for police services are regularly forgiven. >> the bills just wiped off the books. and the mayor's office apparently approved them. in the last two years, more than $600000 has gone uncollected. our paul wagner has the story you will only see here on fox 5. . >> reporter: washington, d.c. is a growing melting pot of diverse cultures in neighborhoods throughout the city. people celebrate their heritage with dans and parades. a simple google search for road races in the washington area shows there are at least a dozen every weekend and not just 5 k always. there are triathlons as well. in order to hold one of these events, you need the help of the police and that is not
5:52 am
free. in 2005, the greater washington sports alliance created the national marathon, a 26-mile run through some of the district's more scenic neighborhoods. mayor adrian fenty has run the race. in 2009, it took him three hours, 5 minutes and 46 seconds to cross the finish line. the cost for security? the mayor cut them a break. an internal police document shows the organizes paid $5,895 with the remainder, $200,000 waive by eom or the executive office of the mayor. the bill for this year's race, waived as well. $285,263. we recently asked the mayor if this was a business decision made if the city. >> let me actually get some facts and then i'll be able to respond to you unless you have them radio this is a letter that i did get a copy of. this was just 10 days ago isn't by your city ad mirror to the chief asking her to waive the
5:53 am
fee for the capital criterion but i have some other internal documents showing that your office waived the fees for the national marathon which was well over $200,000 for police seven sees. >> why don't i get the numbers and see how it compares to what we've done in the past and then i'll be able to respond to you. a little hard to respond without having the facts in front of me. >> you don't know anything about this? >> i don't know anything about the specifics or the macro. don't know anything about what we do to run these events. i just know that i support them. >> reporter: following our interview, fox 5 obtained this letter sent by city administrator neil albert to an officer at the police demeanor's special operations division. it reads in part, the eom or executive office of the mayor, has an annual agreement in place with the greater washington sports alliance regarding this event and as such, the city will be absorbing the mpd invoice. an invoice that lists more than 5,000 man-hours.
5:54 am
>> given the next times, given the fact that we just cut # hundred police officers from our police force, what are we doing spending $285,000 in overtime to put police officers out to subsidize a sponsored event? those are officers we could put on the streets. we had three people murdered this monday. why aren't we using that money to deal with issues like that? >> this year, the national marathon attracted more than 12,000 runners. each paid anywhere from $60 to $100 to take part in the race. all of it was collected by the greater washington sports aline, a nonprofit formed seven years ago to attract sporting events to the city. by our kal layings the national marathon generated well over $700,000 in entry fees alone. certainly enough to cover the cost of security. did the organizers ask that the fee be waived? we wanted to know more from the president of the greater washington sports alliance, bob swoony but he didn't respond to numerous requests for comments over several days. the national marathon isn't the
5:55 am
only event that benefited from the city's generosity. the organizers of the cherry blossom parade didn't have to pay for security and neither did the annual high heel race. some organizers like the people would put on the caribbean parade and festival were able to tap a fund controlled by the homeland security emergency management agency. >> we have a lot of special events that are very expensive to operate. i mean i look at ward one, we have the caribbean carnival. we have adams morgan day. we have fee test ad.c. these are very, very low cost events but -- low budget and it is very hard for them to generate the fees. so i know in past we've looked to this fund. >> reporter: en internal police doesn't shows the cost for security for lastier's caribbean parade was $217,418. with the only hand security fund paying # hundred thousand of it. the rest was waived by the executive office of the mayor.
5:56 am
according to former d.c. police chief charles ramsey, all events held in the city were billed for security from at least 1999 or 2000 until he left office in 2006. ramsey says mayor tony williams never asked him to waive any fees. >> this appears to be outside of those rules. >> reporter: waiving fees as a practice that doesn't sit well aat-large count sill man phil mendelsohn at a time when he is trying to find money to assist drug abusers. >> i had a conversation about funding a local match for $3.5 mull onfor drug treatment at the d.c. jail and the city administrator's answer was that the funds aren't there. >> the mayor is very well aware of the national marathon in the district of columbia and he is the guy at the top who is responsible for these decisions
5:57 am
about how to fund the agencies that are under his direction. >> reporter: mendelsohn says arbitrarily choosing would pays for security and would doesn't is wrong and the mayor should be held accountable. sources familiar with the billing for special events say fees were not waived for june's susan g. komen race for the cure. memorial day parade and sunday's boy scouts of america parade down constitution avenue. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> this story started with a tip. if you have something for fox 5 to investigate, log onto and send a note. cluft jibing just click on the news tab. checking your commute this morning and your forecast. off day real nice start this morning. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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