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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 14, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> a bitter battle in the district still unfolding at this hour.
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results in a d.c. mayor's race just starting to come in. good evening everyone on this primary night. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. fox5 bringing you complete coverage. lets get to the numbers we have so far. >> the heated battle for d.c. mayor. as we understand it, the d.c. board of elections is going over final results right now. the final numbers right now just to double check everything. once we get the numbers we'll pass them to you. >> let's get to maryland to the prince georges race. jackson versus baker, you can see baker has 46% of the votes to michael jackson's 37%, dean coming in at 13%. only 24% of the precincts reporting there. to the race for governor in the state of maryland, we are talking about the democratic primary, o'maly won the nomination with 89% of the votes. >> no surprise there with
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o'maley bringing in the democratic ticket. it is a rematch from four years ago, urich has won the nomination for governor of maryland with 78% of the vote. we're following the race for us senate in maryland. barbara mccolski incumbant handily winning that one with 84% of the votes. the fox5 news team covering every angle of this primary tonight. we're going to start with wisdom martin, live at vincent gray's headquarters tonight. wisdom, i know we have no numbers, but how's it going. >> reporter: vincent gray has been doing campaigning. he's been out campaigning all day long, continuing to get his message out there, that he's the man this city has to change, he's the man bringing people together being a more inclusive leader. that's his message, all about education and financial reform. that's what he's continuing to get out to voters throughout the day as he continues to campaign.
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joining us live right now is a man -- actually, he's a senior advisor for vincent gray. thanks for joining us. how are things going right now. i know you don't have any numbers right now but how are you feeling right now. >> this is the worst moment in a campaign because you're sitting there waiting to hear something. we feel good and cautiously optimistic. it's been a long campaign, but i think every measure that we've set for ourselves we've hit along the way, and vincent's out there today hustling for every last vote he could get. we feel good about our turnout operation so we're just waiting to see. >> reporter: what do you think about m gray's message that resonated so strongly with the people behind him. >> it was the promise of the collaborative government, the opportunity to bring more people into the process as opposed to the last four years where so many felt compartmentalize and did disenfranchised.
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we can do it collaboratively. we can create jobs and help small businesses and do it collaboratively. we can make our communities safer, but do it collaboratively, and i think that's something people responded to, as well as the message of cleaning up government and an end to playing politics. >> reporter: the polls so far say vincent gray has been leading. how much of an encouragement is that for you guys or do you ignore the polls and do your business. >> you've got to ignore them. besides my own candidate, the one guy saying don't pay attention to those polls, because the only polls that really matter system what happens tonight. we've had a long early go period, a frinatic day today, and that's all that matters. what i feel that those polls do show is more and more people were responding to his message the closer we got to election day. >> reporter: thank you very much. we appreciate it. we'll check with you later on. the party's still going on right
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here. it's just a matter of whether it will be a victory party. the numbers are still coming in, they're still tallying them up and we'll keep you updated with what's going on with the vincent gray campaign. >> wisdom martin reporting. thank you. mayor fenty fighting to keep his job. karen gray houston continues her team coverage from fenty's headquarters. karen. >> reporter: hey, brian, we are waiting here. they're playing the waiting game. there's music and a lot of optimism. take a look around. let me show you who's here. these are very young campaign workers. the folks that did the nitty-gritty work on the campaign. they're the guys who put the signs in people's yards, the people who were waving signs on street corners. they were the people who were trying to register people to vote and took vans taking people to the polls today. joining me now is the main person who was the architect of getting a lot of these young people out to vote.
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ron moten, he's the guy working with young people in the community. why is it important to get young people out. >> we have to teach our young people citizenship, and in this race where we have to cover a lot of ground, it's important to get people out who don't vote. >> you're right about that, the political scientists will tell you, people that don't vote, can this make a difference whether fenty wins or loses. >> i think it can make a big difference. it's a tight race. if everybody will just work hard and we hope we're on the winning side. >> reporter: how do some of them feel about working so hard for someone who's been dogged by allegations for cronyism, firing teachers, for being called arrogant and aloof? >> this has been a very negative campaign. i've seen people, those young people, it's a learning experience. if you can take this, you can take anything. either way this goes, the young
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people have learned a lot. just like the children in the segigration with the children's march, these young people have a life experience and it will help them the rest of their lives. >> reporter: i saw the mayor out at the polling places, and he was really trying to convince people to come over to his side at the last minute. how do you feel about that. >> i think one thing happening in the campaign, is people saying mayor fenty didn't do anything to saying you did a lot but we still don't like your style. once you get them by the fence you can pull them over. i think it's a great thing to get them to understand what he did and ihope we can convince them to get the victory. >> reporter: we're waiting for adrian fenty to show up. he's probably not going to say anything until we get more word on the numbers. back to you. >> we'll check back in with karen gray houston as soon as we get more numbers. >> in the race to succeed
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vincent gray, brown faced off against former d.c. council member vincent orange. again, no results out of d.c., so zeros across the board. let's go to prince georges county where sharon baker is leading the race for the county executive office. >> let's look at the results as they come in. right now, we believe sharon baker is in the lead. roz plater is at baker headquarters. roz. >> reporter: shawn, we're at the crazy horse saloon here at six flags where they're preparing and hoping for a victory party. take a look, the room is packed, several hundred people here. this has been a hard fought campaign. many months many of them have worked and there were five candidates in this field, all of them wanting to be the next county executive. but the polls have always called this a two-person race between sharon baker and also between the current sheriff michael jackson. at this time, the early numbers look good and folks are very excited by all this.
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they believe their hard work and their message paid off, their message on bringing news ideas on education, fighting crime, economic development for prince georges county, and they see that has resonated with voters and they're hoping the third time now, his third time running for this office will be the charm. we expect here sometime between 10 and 11:00 once the numbers are a little more solid, we are told there will be a 15 minutes of film or video of his life, once we get that, we'll get the clue that he'll be headed this way, and you can see this crowd is pumped up, ready to go and so much waiting and ready to hear from the man they believe will be the next county executive. shawn. >> all right, roz plater. here's a look at the numbers right now, with 46% of the vote, bake ser leading jackson who has 30% of the vote. we'll keep you updated. turning to the prince georges state's attorney, five democratic counties, ivy,
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brooks, da nova, mcghee, spencer and joseph wright. we don't have any numbers from there, but those are the people right now running for that space. as we get the numbers we'll pass them along. our election coverage is far from over tonight. tom. >> reporter: well, shawn, the former republican governor of maryland took a big step towards removing the former for his title tonight. coming up we'll speak live with maryland's former governor, robert earl. brian. >> all eyes on key national races as well, the tea party making a run at big seats. a live update just ahead. >> a very busy primary night on fox5, and we are just getting started. we'll be right back. ֖
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kulski >> welcome back to >> roby chavez is live at the
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d.c. board of elections with the latest of what's going on. >> reporter: shawn, there is a flurry of activity going on in the d.c. board of elections office. let me step aside and you can see. some of the numbers -- this is some of the absentee ballots they're still trying to count. part of the problem what we understand today is that there's a new system in place and there's a number of new procedures, and so that has considerably slowed the process down. they replaced the system that they used in 2008 with new systems and new machines and new software, and so all of that has slowed the system down considerably. now one thing officials have stressed today is that they are making sure these numbers are accurate. you might remember in 2008, some of the numbers that came out were a bit premature. they're trying to avoid that same problem that they had from last year, now, officials told us the cartridges, that's those things that are inside the machines that come back here to make the official count of the votes were expected to start to be put into those machines at
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10:00 tonight and we still have not seen that. we've been sitting here watching the board and the board of elections work upstairs. we've not seen any of those numbers just yet. again, this is early voting numbers in this room where we're at right now. there are a number of -- there are a number of officials from different campaigns who are here monitoring these elections, and joining me now very quickly, allison -- say your name for me. >> allison mclaughlin. >> reporter: she's with the d.c. board of elections. tell me a little bit about -- we've not seen any numbers yet. what's going on. >> our priority is accuracy over speed. we've implemented new voting equipment, new procedures for early voting and a new procedure for releasing the information over our website. >> reporter: you were hoping to have numbers by 10:00. what's slowing you down so the voters can understand the process. >> the process here is that we're doing the process the first time so we're working through the procedures very carefully, making sure we give
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accurate information when released. we've received the cartridges back from the voting location and is we're going through the process right now of taking all those cartridges and uploading into the system, which is the first time we're using it tonight and analyzing the information before we release it on the website. >> reporter: i'll let you get back to work. i know you're busy trying to get it done. again, the numbers still have not come in here, we'll keep monitoring it and bring you an update as soon as w get something here. >> roby chavez reporting live tonight. all eyes are on you. as soon as you get those numbers, let us know and we'll tell the world. let's check in the with the maryland governor's race. no surprise to anybody who's been watching this game, even with the passing interest, governor martin o'malley easily wins the democratic nomination and sets up a rematch with former governor robert ehrlich who was the former governor four years ago. both o'malley and ehrlich faced each other in 2006 and we know how that turned out and it looks like it will happen one more time.
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>> that's right. as you alluded to, it will have a familiar face in november. martin o'malley easily winning tonight and setting up a rematch, as you said. let's check in with bob barnard. bob is live at the o'malley headquarters in baltimore. bob. >> reporter: shawn and brian, there was really no suspense in this election. maryland governor martin o'malley expect tog easily defeat his two democratic challengers in this primary. >> thank you for your work today, great to see you. >> reporter: greeting his campaign staff and a handful of supporters, martin o'malley is off and running toward november's general election, a montgomery county native, seeking his second consecutive term as the chief state executive. >> the concern is whether we're able to move out of this recession and be able to transform our economy and move to an era where there's greater job opportunity and is people are able to go back to work. i mean, that's first and foremost
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the number 1 priority is getting people back to work. >> reporter: your campaign is spending more than $5 billion this year on public education, and yet you look at schools, they're cutting support staff. some schools are hoarding their post it notes. what do you say to families who have kids in public education where times are really tough. >> student achievement has never been higher than it is right now. we've made record investments on the state side in public education, but there's not a state in the country that isn't tightening its belt, as moms and dads and businesses are doing all over the country, but the fact of the matter remains, our schools are by experts declared the best when it comes to the number of our kids in high school that are taking ap courses and passing them, the degree to which we've actually narrowed the achievement gap in recent years. we're the only state in america to go four years in a row without a penny's increase in college tuition.
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>> reporter: now, governor o'malley who is still here tonight says in this season when democratic incumbents across the country for the most part are running scared, he is not, though he says he has a lot of work to do if he is going to beat bob ehrlich come november. covering the former governor's campaign is my colleague, tom fitzgerald, he is live in federal hill across town, tom. >> reporter: that's right, bob, not far from you. joining us republican governor, and now republican nominee, robert ehrlich. you've been able to keep this race tight in the polls against martin o'malley. you were voted out of office four years ago but you find yourself in a statistical tie right now. is that more to say about your qualifications and how the voters felt about you or something you've changed in yourself since you've left office. >> it certainly hasn't been anything we've changed. clearly we left off with high approval ratings and that's been the foundation of our campaign, and people have not responded to the leadership style, nor the
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major policy decisions of martin o'malley, and as a result we've been able to sustain those poll ratings, have a lot of volunteers and have a lot of momentum going into this general election. >> reporter: 5,000 republicans went to the polls tonight and did not vote for you. how confident of you with republican unity when sarah palin endorsed your candidate and ryan martin did have support. >> we've been the target of negative ads for six months. that's a pretty good showing nevertheless. we're pleased. brian murphy is here and sarah palin is a wing of our party, there's no doubt about it, and i represent another more libertarian wing of the party, and our wing obviously has demonstrated the ability to attract democrats, and in maryland, you better attract those democrats in general election if you want to win. >> reporter: so many people call this a rematch, but do you see this as a rematch, or is this a completely different race
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than what we saw four years ago. >> well, it's a rematch but it's not a grudge match. i really thought we were retired from politics. i thought the state had gone too far the other direction, and it's the people, through the radio shows and my appearances, the people said, keep an open mind, you can win this race. we'd rather have your leadership style, your ideas, your platform and your views, and so far so good on that account. >> reporter: we heard governor o'malley say he's with better understanding of your time in his time serving the job. do you have a different opinion of martin o'malley knowing what he's been through. >> no, i've had the same opinion of martin o'malley for a long time. it's a tough job. it's not a flippant answer, it's just a tough job. not a lot of people can be governor. you have to make decisions, you have to make decisions, profound decisions and i think i can do
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it better than governor o'malley. >> reporter: we thank you very much for your time tonight. brian, we will send it back to you. >> tom fitzgerald reporting live from federal hill. i'm willing to bet rope walk bar and grill at federal hill which is a well known republican establishment in the neighborhood. thank you. in maryland, the state has a familiar democratic nominee for the senate. barbara mikulski won the nomination for a fifth term, and they won 83% of the votes there. meantime, 11 republicans duked it out for the nomination. at this point, there is still no declared winner but as you can see right there, queen ann's county commissioner eric wargoats in the lead with 35%, followed closely by jim rutlig with 32%. of course we'll stay on top of this one and we'll bring you updates all night long. primary results around the country can be giving us a hint of results in november. coming up we'll give you how things are going nation wide coming up next.
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>> along with the district in maryland, six other states are holding primaries today and it is turning into a big night for the tea party. one of the most heated battles is in della wear. o'donle has beaten mike castle for the republican senate nomination. in new york, veteran congressman charles wrangle is fighting for his political life. several democratic candidates, wrangle, facing health ethics charges right now, and powell the 4th. wrangle defeated powell's father for the primary in 1970. in new hampshire, it appears tea party candidate la von tain will win. he's leading former attorney general kelly ayacht, who is endorsed by sarah palin. let's delve deeper into the numbers. shepherd smith joins us live in new york with a closer look at tonight's races. it's been a rough night for establishing candidates and i want to start in delaware where
10:27 pm
o'donnell just beat out a well established republican candidate. is this an example of beating the battle and losing the war? is she expected to do well in the general election. >> as far as the battle goes, she won it in a big way. she defeated an establishment candidate whose been in politics for over a generation. that candidate had the backing of the whole state. she came in after being absolutely unknown with a month ago with a lot of out of state money and tea party backing. tonight, she's won and get this, the state republican party says we will not back her. just a short time ago the senatorial committee out of washington sent a notice, we will not back her. she's on her own and the state party chairman said in november she couldn't get elected dog catcher. they won the bat the tea party, whether they can win the war, the republican establishment says they can't. >> reporter:e bigger
10:28 pm
question, are tea party candidates making it harder in general for republicans to take over congress, specifically the senate. >> the analysts would suggest that especially they are. in fact, many analysts have said tonight that this win in delaware is a door closer for any possibilities of taking back the senate. that said, the tea party says it is well organized enough and can get itself together enough so that though the polls look bad for november, they can move some voters over, but traditional wisdom is, they can't. this is a far right candidate, both socially and physically, and getting moderates to vote for her is going to be a very tall order, a hurdle she will most likely not be able to buy. >> reporter: joe biden's old seat. tell me about new hampshire. >> new hampshire, another place where the establishment candidate just can't get it done. this establishment candidate, kelly ayot had the backing of sarah palin, had the backing of the establishment, former attorney general there, widely believed to have been able to
10:29 pm
win, but in the end, lamontain is about 44%, i think, yeah, 44%, lamontain is expected to win again, a tea party candidate, and they are making waves all across the country. >> we'll be watching closely. shepherd smith. thank you for your time. our coverage of primary night is just getting started. >> a wrap up of the d.c. council races fwe get any numbers, we're trying desperately to do so. they're uploading the cartridges right now, and when they come out, we'll pass them along. plus we'll have an analysis of all the local coverages. hang tight, we're here until 11:30.
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>> fox5 is all over primary results tonight. of course all eyes on the hottest race in our area, the race for d.c. mayor, as you can see zeros across the board right now. that is because no results have come in as of yet. in fact this is a developing story tonight. our crews are staying on top of this election in the district. the polls closed roughly two and-a-half hours ago, and we still have no result. as you saw, fox5's roby chavez live at the board of elections in northwest. roby, what's the latest here? >> reporter: shawn, indeed, we've been watching the election all night. as you mentioned, the polls closed at 8:00. it's about 2 1/2 hours and we still haven't seen a single number from the d.c. board of elections. i can assure you, there's a flurry of work going on. in fact this is the room where they're starting to bring in the ballots from the different
10:34 pm
precincts. all these boxes are coming in from the different precincts. the problem we understand is that it's a new system in place and it's taking a little bit before they get all the information into the new computer system. they have new procedures in place, new machines and new software, so all of that has delayed the process. all along tonight, officials have stressed that they want accuracy. back in 2008, there were some results that were put out early, and those results were inaccurate. they do not want to duplicate that. as a result, tonight, there are a lot of people waiting for results, and we want to zoom in very closely here to these laptops that you see here on these tables here, and as you can see very closely on the laptops, it says exporting election, export election, please wait, and that is something that we all are doing here tonight, waiting for some of those numbers to come in. i just checked on what's going on upstairs in a separate room. they're taking the cartridges that come out of these machines and putting them into a main frame to start the numbers rolling out to show some of
10:35 pm
those results. i just checked the big board just a second ago, still not a single result to report tonight from the d.c. board of elections. again, they're claiming they have a new system in place, they're taking it slow tonight, but this has been some 2 1/2 hours and still no results. shawn, brian, back to you. >> roby chavez, thank you. >> i tell you what, i'm no expert but i think we've all seen that status update bar on your computer and that's about the time you walk away from the computer and get a cup of coffee. we have wisdom martin, karen gray houston, all on the d.c. mayoral race. let me start with you. we talked with you earlier this evening when election results were coming in, we were told that the turnout was light and i asked you, who does that benefit, gray or fenty and you had an interesting response. >> well, i think it really depends on where the turnout is light or whether the turnout is heavier. if the turnout is heavier in pro-fenty areas, he'll have a chance to overcome the polling numbers where he was behind and
10:36 pm
turn it into a tighter race. there are also reports of long lines at 8:00 in which people wanted to vote in ward 8 and other parts of the city, and if that's the case and gray is getting out his voters, he has to be able to confirm those numbers that were coming out in the polls. so i think this is really a turnout operation, the fact that gray was leading in the polls really doesn't matter because what matters in an election like this one, a primary election in an off year is who goes out to vote. >> quickly before i get to our reporters, you see how long it's taken the d.c. board of elections to get the results out. are we missing a story or is this what you expect with new equipment. are you buying their train of thought here? can you hear me. >> oh, this is for me. you know, i think this is a story in which they want to have all their i's dotted and their t's crossed. i think they're nervous and i think they've got a lot of numbers coming in. they want to get it right. they don't want to have any mini-crisis of wrong numbers,
10:37 pm
because then that becomes the story rather than who wins for mayor, so let's say this is a tight race. they want to be absolutely sure that those numbers coming in are accurate, and let's say that those numbers favor adrian fenty, then they have even more of a reason to show that they are accurate. >> all right. let's get out to karen gray houston. she is live at mayor fenty's headquarters. karen, i'm having a hard time getting a handle on how well run these campaigns are. usually they have vote counters at the polls. they get a sense before any of us get a sense on how the results are coming in. do you get any ideas that they're counting the numbers there? do they have any idea what's going on. >> reporter: let me just say that the folks here are kind of hopeful and optimistic. a short time ago, there was a big scream, and people were shouting that they had won ward 8. well, i asked people where they got that from, and nobody seemed to know. about an hour before that, a campaign worker got on the pa system and he said he had the
10:38 pm
word from a fenty person on the ground at precinct 17 and ward 2 that had fenty ahead of vincent gray by 69% of the vote, and they threw out a number, 731 to 334. none of this is official. the people are nervous. they want to feel that their candidate is winning, and so we're starting to hear that kind of thing. i've covered a lot of these elections, and i have never on a primary night or a general election night been this late into an evening, into what, 10:00, almost 10:40 with no indication of what's going on. it's very unusual, brian. >> all right. let's get the other size of the story with wisdom martin. he's with vincent gray. same question to you. do you have any vote counters there with the campaign. are you getting any sense of what's going on. >> reporter: brian, there's absolutely no sense of what these numbers are going to look like. in fact, a lot of the people here who are optimistic and excited about this entire campaign are at the same time concerned because at this point
10:39 pm
they don't have any numbers. they don't have any idea whether their guy, vincent gray is leading or if he's trailing. they just want some kind of an indication of what's going on, because all these people, they have haven't heard anything. they're coming up to us asking us questions about what's going on, and we don't know. just as karen said, just a short time ago, a screen came up with all the candidates on it but it had no numbers on it. again tonight there's a lot of excitement, but at the same time there's a lot of concern, especially when they start hearing about some of the problems that went on at the polling places, some of the problems with the machines, some of the problems with the polls not opening on time. there's real concern about everything that's happening here, and that's one of the reasons that councilman gray went to the board and said hey, we need you guys to keep those polls open until 10:00 instead of closing them at 8:00 so there's a little bit of concern about the way this whole thing happened. >> wisdom martin, karen gray houston, lenny steinhorn, our
10:40 pm
political analyst. we're treading water along with you and trying to get a sense of what's going on in the district, and it all comes down to that status bar, where they're exporting results and once those results are exported, we'll know. >> we know you're avrpgs. we have people tweeting right now saying do you have any information so everybody right now is waiting to see how this race plays out. we're going to stay on top of this. we'll bring you more information as we get it. we'll be right back.
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>> all eyes right now at 441 we are told boxes ofst where ballots are being rolled into the d.c. board of elections. that is because we have no results to report tonight from the d.c. mayoral race or any other race for that matter. they're all being counted and if boxes are being rolled in, we assume those are even more that need to be uploaded into the new computers perhaps or counted by hand. to be honest with you, we don't know how their system works down there, but if you look at the district of columbia board of elections, you check the website, it says election results will be available after results are available, which pretty much sums it up. they're not ready yet. they're all working diligently to get out some numbers to us, and as soon as they do, we will give them to you. other news we're following tonight, nearly a week ago an accused drunk driver hit two young women sending them both to the hospital. this afternoon, one of those
10:45 pm
women died. wilthomas is learning more about her life and what may lie ahead for the suspect. >> this is very devastating. >> reporter: devastating doesn't begin to describe the sense of loss on the washington campus of john's hopkins university. six days after a car slammed into elia and her friend, eulia lost her battle to survive. we've learned her parents, twin sister, other family members and boyfriend were all with her when she died. >> i think all of us are just shocked, how could this happened. >> reporter: she spent her first year at john's hopkins studying abroad in italy. d.c.'s semester only began august 30. >> john's hopkins has been great and has counselors in place, so we've been able to hold open forum sessions if students just want to come talk about their situation and feelings. >> reporter: a friend and classmate of hers was also hit
10:46 pm
by the car. melissa bass is still healing both physically and emotionally, but doing well enough that doctors released her from the hospital friday. police arrested the driver of the car, identified as 23-year-old tomika adams of mitchellville. she's charged with aggravated assault and driving while intoxicated. that was then. now that one of the victims has died, the driver will likely face an even more serious charge. in fact, the us attorney's office has said in light of the death, it's likely an amended charge will be filed as early as thursday. >> she died today? that's very sad. >> i just can't imagine if it was my child, how i would feel. >> reporter: fresh flowers placed at the scene of the crash symbolized the life lost here, and eulia's classmates are now developing a proper way to honor her memory at school. in washington, will thomas, fox5 news. the driver of the car was released from jail and ordered into a high intensity
10:47 pm
supervision program. she's not allowed to drink any alcohol, but all of those conditions may change if new charges are filed tomorrow. we're monitoring the district and waiting for new information to come in. we're getting word that a few results are trickling in. we're talking about hundreds of votes so it doesn't give any indication of which way things are swinging. we are working on the information and will pull it together and give you the very latest on the other side of the break. in 2008 i quit venture capital to follow my passion for food.
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>> welcome back to you decide 2010, taking a look at the latest election results. we are getting some numbers from the d.c. board of elections, and i stress some. we're talking hundreds of votes here. we have no idea what precincts they're coming from, we have no idea exactly what they mean. it's not even 1% of the vote out there, but some numbers to take a look at. >> that's right. let's get right to the numbers right now. d.c. board of elections is
10:51 pm
reporting that incumbent adrian fenty 574 votes. that breaks down to 84% of the vote to gray's 15.29% of the vote. >> they are working diligently to get those results out to you. we're told because of a lot of new touch-screen technology that has been reported throughout the day, some problems have cropped up because of those touch screens. there have been issues at various voter precincts, although the board of elections says those are typical election issues that you would see when you roll out new technology during an election year. but there have been some issues, and so the d.c. board of elections on the, you know -- trying to be as conservative as possible in the sense of getting these things right, taking their time to get all the information uploaded, double checking, triple checking their numbers before they release any of the votes that they have, and as you can tell we just told you there's only about 600 votes in
10:52 pm
the mayoral race and mayor fenty has 574 and vincent gray has 174. that's not 100% of the votes. >> let's check in with roz plater. she's with mayoral lieutenant governor anthony brown. roz. >> reporter: the numbers -- we're joined with (indiscernible). >> governor o'malley and i didn't endorse any candidates other than incumbents seeking re-election. we're concerned with all the candidates who ran for prince georges county, and someone who will be a strong governor who can move maryland forward and we do that by moving prince georges county and all our other counties forward. we're looking for someone who's experienced in annapolis, knows all the issues and most importantly understands you need a partner in the governor's mansion to make progress in
10:53 pm
prince georges county on driving down violent crime and improving education. we're making progress in prince georges county. we're going to continue to make a lot of progress on behalf of prince georges county. >> you talk about bringing a lot of new ideas to the office. does that resonate with voters. >> it's certainly resonating with voters. right now, the votes are coming in, he's up, and i know the race hasn't been called but i think it will bring new idea and is inspirational leadership. i think it will attract quality, talent to help him manage and lead prince georges county into the second decade of the 20th century. >> reporter: you've got a lot of work, tough challenges ahead. >> we've got a lot of work, it's not true just in prince georges, but it's true in maryland and our country. we're looking forward to working with ra shirm baker, or whoever it is but it looks like baker today. >> reporter: we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, roz. of course the weather was
10:54 pm
beautiful today and people were hoping it would raise the voter turnout. nothing to blame. let's check in with sue palka. >> that's right, shawn and brian. we had a beautiful day today and we had a few clouds come through as the cool front was coming through. and now a lot of places are into the 50s so it's pretty chilly out there and we'll have a beautiful wednesday too . a little bit of a breeze out there. we have a new tropical storm tonight. it's tropical storm karl and it will make land fall on the yucatan peninsula. hurricane igor and julia are both stronger tonight. we need a lot of rain around here but not necessarily a hurricane. we may have a rumble of thunder thursday or friday and keep your fingers crossed because we do need that rain. check out the wide range of temperatures. 72, 69 in the district and 57 in monases.
10:55 pm
german town, your low will be 51. 61 for the district and 58 for fredricksburg. forecast tonight, a few clouds, low 50s in the suburbs, about 61 degrees for the downtown d.c. area. tomorrow, beautiful day, low humidity, lots of sunshine, a bit of a breeze and temperature only 82. a couple of degrees cooler than it was today. we did get up to 84 degrees today so we will headline tomorrow as a sunny, mild day, 65 degrees at 8:00 in the morning, noon, 78, and 4:00, 82 degrees so a beautiful mid week forecast for us, and high pressure will begin to give ground a little bit tomorrow so still plenty of sunshine and then a little bit of a warm-up on thursday as a push of warmer air comes in. that will leave us maybe just a little bit more humid with temperatures in the mid-80s and as the cool front gets ready to cross late thursday into friday, we are actually going to see some showers and a late-night rumble of thunder. that's not until thursday or friday. very quickly i want to mention as we head over to the 5-day
10:56 pm
forecast, that hurricane igor is a cat 4, very strong with winds of 155 miles an hour. it's going to make a real close call on bermuda later this weekend, if not an almost direct hit. we'll have that on the news edge at 11:00. late showers thursday and friday. saturday and sunday we return to beautiful weather so that will be two nice weekends in a row, minus the a little bit of rain we have sunday, that's good in my book. brian and shawn, back to you. >> thank you very much . we are getting new numbers. everybody's been watching this all night long. the polls closed roughly three hours ago. right now, we've got about 3170 votes in right now. >> mayor adrian fenty has 1841 to vincent gray's 1286, so that would put percentage-wise fenty at 58%, vincent gray at 40%. we want to stress these are only 3,000 votes. we have no idea what wards they're coming in from, what precincts and it's less than 1%
10:57 pm
of the vote. we have all these technological gadgets that can explain things but these numbers are so minuscule that we're sort of giving them to you manually, the old-fashioned way. just to keep you up to date, there are a lot of other concerns as you take a look at the live picture of the d.c. board of elections. this is the watch room where they're inputting the data and trying to get it out to us so we can get it out to you. the update on the chairman of the council race, there is 2800 votes in that. brown right now has 52% of the vote, orange has 40% of the vote. we're talking quami brown, 1489 and orange 1166 votes. we're going to stay on top of it as these results continue to trickle in. keep it here on fox5 as you decide 2010 coverage continues right after this. >> today's 5-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers. -9
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion dependently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.


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