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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> this is fox5's news edge at 11:00. we're staying on top of you decide 2010. thank you for joining us. alongside shawn yancy, i'm brian bolter. we have few numbers to pass along but we want to give you what we have when it comes to the mayoral race. 3170 votes in, that's it, from across the city, we have -- just lost my place here. >> let me pick it up for you there. you were going to say -- >> there it is. it refreshed. adrian fenty has 1,841 votes, vincent gray has 1, 286 votes. i apologize, the computer keeps refreshing. we mentioned we don't know what parts of the city these are coming in but if we delve deeper we get a sense if you're going to pull apart these 3,000 votes where they're coming from.
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they're coming from wards 1, 2, 3 and 5, and right now no reporting from wards 4, 6, 7 or 8, that's just those 3,000 votes so a long way to go. but if you're going to pull it apart and micromanage it, a little metadata there, you can start doing it with that information. >> as you know, the polls closed roughly three hours ago soderint taking so long for results to come in. roby chavez is live with the d.c. board of elections to explain what the hold-up has been. roby. >> reporter: shawn, a big problem tonight, as you just mentioned, voting results have been very, very slow to come in. folks, as you can see here, have gathered at the d.c. board of elections waiting for elections, waiting for elections, and the problem tonight has been the new technology. they have new software, new machines, and for some reason, those results did not come in until the last 10 minutes or so. i want to show you, this is where some of the members of the different elected officials have
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gathered to try to watch some of the results. and what we're watching tonight is off of a laptop here, and we're seeing the same thing that you're seeing. at this point, what we're looking at is the city-wide votes here for the mayoral race. let's take a look at this, and i'm going to do it the old fashioned way, with 40% of the votes, vincent gray's got 12 86 votes, adrian fenty's got 1841, and that's a total of only 3,171 votes, and as you mentioned earlier and i just checked with the person who's monitoring this, and keep in mind, these are unofficial results at this point, but we do understand these are coming from wards 1, 2, 3 and 5. but again, take a look at that number, only 3,000 votes coming in so far. we tried to talk with some of the d.c. board of elections officials to try to figure out exactly what the problem is. what happened is, when those boxes come in, they take small cartridges out of those boxes and they go upstairs and from there, they kind of put them into the electronic reader.
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for some reason, that has not been happening as fast as they would like it to happen, but again, officials stressed back in 2008, they put out results that were not accurate. they did not want that to happen again. they want the results to be accurate and you'll have to wait for the results to come in and they're positive that they're accurate results. but i can tell you, the frustration down here from all the campaigns, adrian fenty, vincent gray, all the council candidates, the frustration here is growing. they're wondering why with this new technology, why is there so many problems with the data tonight, and why is it taking almost three hours before we get any results. live at the d.c. board of elections, roby chavez, fox5 news. >> roby, thank you very much. we want to take you now to our numbers and give you the latest numbers we actually have manage in. we just got a slight change from what you were seeing on your screen right now. the d.c. board of elections right now reporting 6,999 votes in the mayor's race now counted, and right now, we have mayor adrian fenty with 38% of the
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vote, vincent gray 59% of the vote right now. again, approximately 7,000 votes are in right now. vincent gray in the lead with 4,145 of those votes. mayor adrian fenty trailing right now with 2,721 of those votes. we're going to stay on top of this one. it's going to be changing all throughout the night but keep it right here on fox5. obviously, this is a topsy turvy situation. again, less than 1% of the precincts reporting and we've had huge swings. crews are waiting with both the fenty and gray cams. we want to start with wisdom martin. it's asomer assault, a roller coaster. we had fenty way up and now vincent gray way up and we still have a way to go. >> reporter: you're right, and the general mood here is people just don't know how to react to all of this, because these numbers are just starting to come in. in fact, the way they're getting their information is by watching what you're talking about on the screen, and coming up to us
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asking us about every 2 or 3 minutes if we've had any new information about those numbers. now, again, it was really -- they were really excited about this campaign initially, as you can tell. now they're just getting the updated numbers, and you can hear the reaction behind me. now, again, they are really concerned about this entire thing because these numbers are late coming in, and the concern was basically because of they started hearing about some of these voting irregularity problems, and that created some of the concern and angst here, so right now, some of the numbers are starting to come in. people are excited, as you can tell, brian, so what i'm going to do right now is toss it right back to you and try get this thing back under control. >> all right. wisdom martin live on the scene. if you're trying to pull apart why exactly there was a huge swing in numbers, we had told you that wards 1, 2, 3 and 5 had been reported. at least some numbers coming out of them. 4, 6, 7 and 8 hadn't come in.
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that, believe it or not, was ward 4 that had that huge swing for vincent gray. he had -- just these votes that are coming in, 71% of the votes compared to 25% of the votes for adrian fenty, that in ward 4. that's what made this swing all the way from fenty back over to gray, but again, long way to go. a lot of numbers still to pile through, and we're only talking 7,000 total votes in so far so we're staying on top of it. >> we should let you know, ward 7 and 8, no results have come in from those wards but we'll keep you posted. meantime, mayor fenty is -- karen gray houston continues our coverage from fenty headquarters northwest. karen, what is the mood there as the early numbers are coming in. it means much more subdued than what we saw in gray's camp. >> reporter: hey shawn, these folks here are eager for a win, and they're just hoping that the candidates can eek one out. they feel that the fenty campaign has more money, that it
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was more energized. they're crossing their fingers right now and they're hoping for the best. what i've noticed that's interesting about these campaign headquarters, there are not any tv screens in here, so people are getting their information online. they are looking at their smart phones. some of them have laptops, and that is the way they're getting their information. there are no signs yet of the candidate. we've been asking about him. people won't tell us where he is, and that's a smart candidate, why show up and say anything right now, when we have absolutely no real good indications of what the outcome are going to be. there are people who came here from voting right down the street at a church recreation center where they were complainthat some of the machines weren't working earlier, the new electronic machines and the paper balloting machines, but they're here now, and they're hoping that those snafoos with the election
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equipment won't get in the way, and that's about what we've got from here. hopeful young campaign workers waiting to see if adrian fenty can win this election. brian, shawn. >> all right, karen gray houston reporting live for us tonight. it doesn't get any faster than this. i know it sort of feels like mo-lases coming out of a tree, but the numbers, as soon as they come out of the d.c. board of elections, we're passing them on to you and you saw them live right there on tv, they watched on our air, vincent gray's campaign, watched the results coming in. so stick with us, we're getting it. >> we'll be right back.  america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both -
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>> our you decide coverage 2010, all eyes on the mayor's race. the numbers just started trickling in a short time ago. we can tell you right now with 6990 votes counted, vincent gray, city council chairman vincent gray is leading 59% to
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adrian fenty's 38% of the vote. >> we want to get out -- well, we were going to go out to the d.c. board of elections to try to -- and we can do that now. roby chavez to give us an explanation of what's going on, what's taking so long and maybe try to grab or the collar of one of the d.c. board of elections. roby. >> reporter: we've been monitoring the elections. so far only about 6,000 votes have come in. it's been very slow. we've said that all day. let's go right to the d.c. board of elections. talk to us a little bit about some of the frustrations that you've had tonight. >> we're implementing some new processes, and we're making sure to emphasize accuracy over speed, so the information is starting to come up onto our website, and you're welcome to take a look at our website, that's where all of our information is being released first. you'll see every precinct report as it reports. >> reporter: certainly everyone understands the need for accuracy, and we know in 2008,
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we had some issues. talk a little bit about any unforeseen problems with this new equipment you may have stumbled upon just so people out there can understand what's going on upstairs in this big delay. >> we have a lot of procedures that we're implementing for the first time today. we're really proud of our coworkers, they did a wonderful job of implementing new equipment, touch screens, new ballot processes, brand new procedures for processing our special ballots, including using a laptop for that process the first time. we're really proud of the job they did. in fact, we're quite proud. we had some delays in the opening of polls in a few locations this morning, which was -- which was unfortunate, but the reason it happened was because we sent out a checklist to our poll workers that asked them to verify three fields on the equipment as they were opening the polls. we actually only needed two seals on that equipment and there were only two seals on it so when our coworkers saw there were only two seals instead of
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three, they properly paused the process and gave us a call to make sure it was accurate. >> reporter: good explanation. we want to be clear, we understand you have new systems in process. everyone wonders. it's never taken this long to get the numbers out there. you've not had any system failures or problems with the new software that you're aware of timent. >> nope, we've made a point to take note of the reports coming out of the software. that's the problem we had two years ago. we're analyzing the reports for the accuracy before releasing them onto the website. >> we only have about 6,000 votes so we have a long way to go. how many precincts have been count and did how many are left to go. >> we have about a dozen that have been reported onto the website. you'll see the numbers getting up quickly now that we have the processes ironed out and we'll see the numbers going up quickly tonight. >> reporter: thank you very much allison from the d.c. board of elections. we want to show you right now what's going on, who has gathered here at the d.c. board of elections in the office.
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this is the main monitoring office where a number of the different candidates, officials have gathered to watch these returns come in. they have been waiting, they have been a bit frustrated, along with everyone else, but as these numbers have started to roll in, they're keeping a close eye through this small laptop that sits on the table, but as we mentioned, only about a couple dozen precincts are in. several left. and we'll keep watching in the d.c. board of elections. brian, shawn, back to you. >> roby chavez, thank you very much. we want to turn our focus to some of the other races around the area. let's go first to the us house in maryland. here we go with district 4 incumbent donna edwards defeating her opponents by 84%. us house race district 5, we have some result frs that race as well. a lot of these are incumbents who have been in office for a long time, and so not a lot of surprises, and you can see there, hoyer, 85% of the votes, clearly getting the nomination for democrat, us house district 5. and let's go to the
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republican nominations here in maryland house us district 6 -- excuse me, let me see what district this is. this is district 8, i believe, the winner here is philips, 33% of the vote at this point. well, we -- i think it's too close to call a winner at this point. the race is very close. philips with 33% of the vote to stern's 32%. we have one more race, the democratic side of it, maryland house district race 8, with chris van hollen, the incumbent winning the nomination handily. of course we're going to stay on top of the races around the area. again, the d.c.'s mayor race, the race people are watching. the numbers are slow to come in but keep it here. 
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>> welcome back to you decide 2010. these are the latest numbers we have, 6990 votes counted by the d.c. board of elections. right now, vincent gray in the lead, 59% to adrian fenty's 39%. to the maryland governor's race on the republican side right now, you can see former republican governor robert
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ehrlich handily defeating his opponent 76% to 24%. and the democratic side, the incumbent o'malley winning with 86% of the vote setting up a face-off from the two from the last race for maryland. >> that's right. it's set, a rematch of the battle between o'malley and ehrlich. bob barnard has o'malley live with the very latest. bob. >> reporter: brian, no contest for the montgomery county native, former baltimore mayor, democratic governor of maryland. it is governor o'malley, it's going to be you against ehrlich, a rematch of 2006. why should voters give you another four years and not go back to the ehrlich days. >> for one reason only, we need to move forward out of this recession and into new dates of recovery, job creation and economic recovery. if you look at the suburbs, montgomery and prince georges, if you look at life science and
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technology, that's the future of this economy, and we need to make that transition. we won't make it by running away from it. we make it by making investments in education, affordable college and the things that make us a competitive state economically so we can create jobs. >> reporter: money is tight. everybody knows that across the country. if you win in november, any predictions on when the corner can be turned for education and all the kind of funding efforts. >> none of us has a crystal ball, but i can tell you thshgs for the first halff this year, we've been creating jobs at twice the rate of the nation, and we've had our schools, we've been able to protect record investments in our public education, our public schools and they've 99 named now two years in a row in the
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toughest of times. he made no tough choice and is we were slapping backwards in
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easier times. >> reporter: thank you, big winner here for the democratic. back to you. >> head to for up to the minute results throughout the night.
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches,
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and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. >> we're going to get right back to the election coverage in just a moment. i wanted to get you an update on
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what's been happening in the tropics. here is the northwestern caribbean. we had another tropical storm form today. that is karl. igor is huge, a very strong category 4, and we have hurricane julia just a little bit beyond that. hurricane julia has also strengthened tonight into a category 2. we'll start with the track of tropical storm karl because it will make land fall on the yucatan peninsula. we believe it will strengthen to a category 1 hurricane before going to central america this weekend . that's one storm that has to be watched. bermuda will have to watch hurricane igor. it's also strengthened, winds of 155 miles an hour, 1 more mile and it would be category 5 and julia has high winds. check out the paths of both of these. julia has changed just a little bit but they'll both be kuvshg and i'm afraid bermuda will take a big hit with that.
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here's the 5-day forecast, nice for wednesday, maybe showers late thursday and friday. the weekend clears out again, brian and shawn. >> sue palka, thank you very much . going to prince georges county right now, where county executive nominee ra shirm baker is now speaking. let's listen in. >> it's a resounding course of renewal and reform tonight. for every part of prince georges county, from green belt to fort washington. from ashkaghee to capital hits, from gillam to largo and from right here in this room tonight, prince georges, capital heights in the room,.
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[cheers] >> oxton hill is in the house. >> oxton hill is in the house, thank you, you delivered, thank you. bowie is in the house. prince georges is in the house. [cheers and applause] prince georges county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in innovation, first in integrity, and first in public safety. [crowd shouting yeah] [crowd chanting "baker"]
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>> thank you. thank you. now i know that all the results aren't in. but i -- i think the people have spoken. and i think the message is loud and clear. prince georges, it's time to make a good county great. >> you've just been listening to baker right there as he is basically declared himself the winner there for the democratic nomination for county executive in prince georges county. there were only five democrats running in this race. there is no republican challenger so essentially if all the numbers come back correctly, he will be the next executive fo


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