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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 15, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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happen? beth parker has some answers at the d.c. board of elections. >> reporter: as you know, plenty of voters stayed up past midnight and did not know the outcome of d.c.'s mayoral primary. so here, at -- the man who would be d.c.'s next mayor is not impressed. >> was out and i visited many, many precincts yesterday. i saw the problems existing out there and there is a lot of work to be done. >> reporter: former secretary of the army and of veteran's affairs chairs the d.c. board of elections andeth ache -- ethics, speaking directly to critics and getting choked up. >> i have not encouraged anyone. you have not enhanced the
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chances of improvement. you have not meant honest and descent civil service. feel good about the jobs they're asked to take on. >> reporter: the board of elections executive director said that the counting fell behind schedule after the postpone in part because worker his trouble shutting down brand- new polling machines and this is the first election in d.c. with early voting and the first with same-day registration. >> there are three components. there is accuracy, speed and expense. and you can have it fast and accurate, it's not going to be cheap. you can have it fast and cheap and it's not going to be accurate. you can only have two of the three. >> reporter: he said that next time in notify -- november, the upcoming election will be much, much faster, the results come in in part because of the poll workers had an opportunity to use the new equipment. again, this is the first time
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they used it and this is going to speed things up now that they have experience and he told us that 22,000 people voted in that early-voting process in the district. he said the busiest voting location for early voting was chevy chase; how far, they did not count those votes until last night. they wanted to make sure that no totals leaked out in advance of last night's election results. brian? >> beth parker is live tonight. as you heard from his tone, vincent gray is on the way to becoming the district's next mayor and won the nomination defeating fenty by 53 to a 45% margin. gray is filling out his legion of the future. fox 5s karen gray houston is here now. karen? >> reporter: vince gray held a news conference outside of the hotel where he held his victory party last night. he said he would like to see a more uniteed city and wants to hear from residents about what
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they want. >> we're here for you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> reporter: it was a lovefest by supporters and council colleagues. as vincent gray stepped forward to thank the people who made him the nominee. >> i want you to know how humbled i am with the victory last night. and with the trust that has been invested in me by the voters. [ applause ] >> reporter: fresh off of his win, he viewed to be inclusive, promised to hold town hall meetings to find out what citizens want. supporters, including some union leaders, see new hope and like the tone gray is setting. >> what we vex picturation about -- expectations about is we will be included in decisions in this city. >> we were excluded for four
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years. >> gray said he won't be turning back the clock on school reform and refused to say whether he would keep or fire the school's chancellor michelle rhee and is making personnel decisions after the general election. >> my understanding is chancellor rhee made statements already that she could only work for this mayor. i don't know if it matters what we think. clearly there does need to be a transition. >> reporter: vince gray said he got an early-morning phone call from mayor fenty who is pledging his complete support in the transition. he also said that he put in a phone call to michelle rhee that set in a meeting to talk to her and caught a -- got a phone message from the white house and it was not from president obama will. and now mayor fenty is done with politic for now and won't run as an independent or republican in the november general election. fenty thanked his supporters and said he will get behind vincent gray. paul wagner joins us live with more. paul. >> reporter: fenty spoke
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without bitterness saying he lost fair and square to sin vent -- vincent gray. instead of sadness and regrets, the mayor was smiles as he addressed reporters at his campaign headquarters earlier today. there were long faces and no tears as the mayor made his way around campaign headquarters this morning and fresh off of a loss to council chairman gray, fenty told reporters he has a great 10-year run in elected office and that it's time to move on to something else. the mayor declined to -- that cost him the election and speaking about the voter's choice to go in a new direction. >> and we made a lot of political decisions and there are other things that -- and factors in the race. you can go back to some of the things we say and the top decision-making. i think there were real concerns about how recent engagement. i said all of that publicly. >> reporter: mayor fenty
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praised gray for running a great campaign, adding he will throw his support to gray and work closely with his team to ensure a seamless transition. for his future, fenty wouldn't rule out elected office again and declined to reveal his future plans. >> paul wagner in the newsroom. baker is almost a sure thing to be the next prince georges county executive. celebrating his first democratic primary win. baker grabbed 44% of the votes over four other candidates. no republicans ran for their party's nomination and leaving baker the winner in november. he's moving ahead with his plan. [ applause ] >> how's everyone doing? >> reporter: county executive jack johnson could run for re- elect and robert ehrlich will face o'malley in november. he won last night's -- the former governor said he wants
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to cut a 1% increase in the sales tax and o'malley pushed through in 2007. o'malley who easily won his primary has been time outing record investments in education despite tough economic times in his tenure. cemetery scandal. still ahead on the edge, the army reveals shocking information about a mix-up at arlington national. >> take a look at this horse. you can see its bones are protruding. it's one of 53 horses seized from a farm in martinsburg, west virginia. the horse is malnourished and left with no food and water. all from a farm that was supposed to rescue them. and a virginia man accused of sexual assault. how he used the popular website to lure his alleged victim. 
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>> a fox 5 exclusive now. police have made an arrest in a series of armed robberies in college park. this is surveillance video of 19-year-old shanure zha. this shows zha using a victim's credit card and is charged in one of the robberies. this is -- there is this video of other suspects involved in other cases. >> as you can see,y that attempting to purchase items in the store and then they will go to that cash register use the victim's credit card. >> there are three cases together and this isvo from the
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third. obviously, there are many suspects involved here and awful them are considered armed and dangerous. the news edge in virginia, where loudoun county police are concerned there might be more victims of a sexual assault suspect. officers say the 34-year-old john evans met a woman on the dating website e harmony in june and they say the two met at the suspect's house where he sexually assaulted her. the police want anyone who is a victim of that to come forward. the army revealed new information about the scandal at arlington national semtear. still ahead, a shocking discovery as the investigation into burial mix-ups deepens. and find out why a rescue organization that was supposed to be saving horses is now shut down. and twitter, getting a facelift. a redesigned website unveiled today and makes it easier for users to check out photos and videos. they will consistent of two. one side for tweaks, the other for images and video to be imbedded on there. prior on the change, you would
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>> controversy still surrounds arlington national cemetery after an investigation into bookkeeping problems and burial mix-ups. the average confirmed three burial sites opened last month had the wrong remains. the investigation prompted
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another exhumation today. the grave and casket of marine private first class heath warner of ohio was open at the request of his father. >> in my public stay, the desecration stops today and that is what i hope happens. and i know that is melissa's hope. is that the honor and dignity of arlington is restored. the grave remains were correct. a rescue organization that was supposed to save horses, instead accused of starving them. the west virginia operation was shut down and 53 horses seized. late today, one of the horses died and about 20 more were adopted. sherri ly has the latest from martinsburg. >> reporter: when county sheriff's deputies found the horses, they were malnourished and emaciated, many had ribs and bones protruding. >> the horses are standing 24
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hours a day in front of the bails of hey and just eating. >> reporter: 8 horses were already dead or had to be put down. the veterinarian christine bridges is working night and day trying to save the 53 others that survived. >> and you think you can save them? >> i'm trying. we're helpful. >> reporter: investigators seized them from a non-profit that touted itself as a sanctuary for rescued horses. some of the animals here are former racehorses like this one. two months ago, it was brought to the rescue farm. i can't show you the picture because it's evidence but i have seen it. the horse was perfectly healthy and it's skin and bones now. >> i was overwhelmed by the condition of the horses and with no hay available and no water available. >> reporter: the sheriff's department went to the rescue several times but the horse his
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food and water and despite the , there was no abuse. >> she gave me excuses that they came that way and rescued them from kill pens and that she was rescuing them. >> reporter: the sheriff's department put the horses up for adoption. >> i have my heart set on one of the marries that -- the mares that have a baby. >> five of the horses are pregnant. >> makes you want to cry. it's a shame. >> reporter: now those animals strong enough are headed to a good home. in martinsburg, sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> and the owner of the horse rescue has disappeared. she cooperated with the search warrant and has since disappeared. criminal charges are pending. a beautiful day today and september is amazing. >> september is amazing. >> yeah. >> and that delivers around the time of the jewish holidays. it's amazing and we're continuing on that and we have been saying we need rain, brian
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and in the forecast. the bulk of anything we get and it won't be enough will come true in the overnight hours and be out of here by friday morning, we think, and maybe a few clouds around and beautiful out there, a gorgeous evening. we got 10 warm and up to 86 degrees. with the low humidity, it's pleasant and hard-pressed to find a cloud in the sky and most of tomorrow is nice and on the warm side. we'll get to the mid-and upper 80s. tomorrow afternoon, the clouds begin to roll in and late tomorrow, we'll see showers try to develop across the mountains and by this time tomorrow night, they'll show up on radar and we'll start with a hit-or- miss early-morning shower and some cloud cover in the morning and back to sunshine for friday afternoon and the weekend looks fantastic and enjoy. we want to show you what is
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going. we're in the mid-80s in most is spots. 83, d.c. and gaithersburg; 87, fredericksberg and culpeper, 84 and closer to water. it's mostly clear skies for us and where are the showers? they're associated with frontal system. the bulk is with an area of low pressure and going to mess us. we're going to stay fairly dry with interruption and enough to wet the ground in terms of the showers tomorrow night. for this hour, we see clear skies and that is continueing with the leave night and start with showers tomorrow, around late day, 86 degrees and breezy out of a warmer direction, too. notice the south-southwest breeze and you will notice tomorrow's temperatures in the mid-80s, unlike today with the lower humidity and that will
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climb a bit and we'll be 81 by the noon hour and we'll show you this time tomorrow evening and we think that we will see showers to the west with a frontal system pressing toward us in eastern ohio. through the leave night to 11:00, we still haven't seen much in this area and there could be a couple of rumbles of thunder. by friday, seven a.m., though, the front is on top of us and most of the -- are in the mountains and it's back to the perfection and a quick look at the tropics, tropical storm karl made a landfall on the yucatan peninsula and the biggest story is hour cape igor and julia. julia was mentioned as the strongest hurricane we have ever had this far in the eastern atlantic and has been a category 4 and winds were coming down with it about 1,000- miles to the southeast of bermuda and they're going to be
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a big pounding. both of the arms the will miss the east coast. the tropics are active, we have had 11 main storms and look at our own five-day forecast and that is completely settled, we're lucky to be protect today from theing about hurricanes. looks like the upper 70s next week, brian. you're right, september is perfect around here. >> a beautiful weekend. texans are coming to up to. coming up in sports, the skins are not taking that team lightly. first, the teams in the nfl being reminded of the league's immediate relation policy. it was put out after a reporter claimed she was harassed. clinton portis issued in an apology after weighing in on the controversy with controversial comments of his own the nfl deemed inappropriate. ♪
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with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >> greetings, i'm dave feldman. last season, the texans offense topped the nfl in completion. passing yards and touchdowns. the last week, houston took a very different route and in upsetting the coals. texan running back arian foster, rushed 33 times for 231 yards. holds the franchise records. and maxed a team record. foster's 231-yard performance, the second most in the season opener and earned him afc offensive player-of-the-week. the redskins defense is on full
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alert. >> we have our work cut out for us. you rush for over 230 yards is against -- against indy last week. it will be a big challenge for us. >> we want to go out and make a defense. i know you all want the running game. it opens up the passing game. so, if you start one of and, you know -- contain the other one. >> albert hainesworth was limited in practice because of an ankle injury and it was revealed when the team released the injury report. the safety moore remains unable to practice with the sprained right knee. -- and 2-0. bip awhile -- been awhile, though. they will look for the first 3- 0 start. last week, they destroyed morgan state in college park, 22 coo is-3 and saturday, maryland faces a road challenge against west virginia. the mountaineers with a win that would go a long way and proving the terps are for real. >> this week will be another test. a different time of test, you
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know and may be it will -- we can have an indicator of how much we have grown grown, you know, in the last two weeks. you don't have to be confident to win up to morgantown. >> nats and braves in the rubber game of the three-game set. no score, justin maxwell with the bases loaded and one out, drives one to deep left field. there is no doubt about this one. the third career grand-slam. with 9 career home runs. one swing makes it 4-0, nats. bottom of the 6th, 4-2 and striking out alex gonzalez, loses his bat in the process and goes 6 innings and cruises to 6-2 since august. nats, defeat the braves 4-2, 2- 3 from atlanta. last night, the seventh annual sneaker ball was held. benefitting the greater washington sports alliance. the redskins in attendance included alexander, mcintosh,
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hill and brookes light. hockey is around the corner for the caps vet. >> and your season's here now, are you ready? >> yeah, definitely ready. we start fitness testing at camp on friday and you see a lot of the faces around the rink rye now and -- around the ring right now. they're intense and sure over the -- sour over the way it ended and the sooner we get back on the ice, the better. >> the season opens october 8th in atlanta. >> now you have the news edge. back here at 10. the news edge at 11 v. a fantastic night. hope you will be, too. ÷
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