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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 15, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right off the top tonight police take down a man they say has been holding people at university of maryland. tonight we have the surveillance video police hope will help rack down his accomplices. thanks for joining tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter.
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police say these people have been terrorizing people in the neighborhood for weeks even holding one person by gunpoint. wisdom martin has more. >> reporter: this is a big break in this case. police have arrested a 19-year- old silver spring resident in connection with one of these crimes. they say they caught him on his way to work with a loaded gun in his backpack, but this is just the beginning of this investigation because now they're looking for at least four other suspects. this is video of 19-year-old shenor jad using a victim's credit card just after police say he was involved in an armed robbery. august 8th investigators say he was one of three suspects who approached victims in college park with a weapon, took their property and ran away. >> after we searched his home we recovered property belonging to the victims of the robbery. >> reporter: jad is in jail with no bond. >> makes me feel a lot better to know they're not going to let it go and end us a warning. they're actually out there -- send us a warning.
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they're actually out there doing their job. >> reporter: over a month police have been searching for suspects involved in at least six student robberies in college park. one student says someone was robbed near his home at hartmouth and yale about a week ago. >> i was thinking about it. my parents were probably more worried than i was, but it was definitely something i thought about. >> reporter: there are other suspects still on the run. check out these two men on the video who may have helped. these suspects were also involved in armed robberies in college park. in this video the two other suspects are seen at a 7-eleven in silver spring. >> they're attempting to purchase items as you can see in the store and then they will go up to the cash register using the victim's credit card. >> reporter: and hen there's a third case. this is the photo -- then there's a third case. this is the photo of two more suspects july 27th using a robbery victim's credit card in another 7-eleven store in landover. all the suspects are considered
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armed and dangerous investigators say. police believe they are working in groups and they are targeting students in college park. if you recognize anybody in that video, they're urging you to contact police in hopes of helping them solve this case. back to you. >> wisdom martin reporting live tonight. loudon county police charged 34-year-old john evans with sexual assault. he met a woman on the dating website e harmony. in june she came to his house where he assaulted her. police are concerned there may be more victims of evans who have not come forward. officers urge them to do so. tonight police are on the hunt for a gunman who shot a teenager at a popular hangout. it happened near largo high school in maryland. fox 5's roby chavez is live in the newsroom with the details. >> many neighbors feared the violence was escalating and today it did. the neighborhood is just across the street from the high school. it appears students and some of their older friends gathered and got into a brawl. the fighting got out of hand and today someone pulled out a
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gun. a chaotic scene left school books scattered and one boy critically injured, his bloodied clothes in the street. neighbors say the teen collapsed in a driveway after being shot. young children watched it all play out. >> i am very worried because i didn't expect that from this area, you know, because normally it's very quiet around here, but i'm just shocked. >> reporter: residents say the intersection is a gathering spot for young people after school. neighbors say they've complained for years. >> we're used to it. it's an everyday thing. it's every day. it's not like it's today. it's every day. when they come across that street, they gang up and it's one police over there that comes across the street and disperses the crowd. they go from one place to another. >> reporter: this time witnesses say a group of girls was fighting and at the same time a separate dispute between two men broke out. neighbors tried to break the group up shortly before the
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shooting. >> they moved down here. then the sheriff came and told them to move, too but then he left. then they formed again. this time we heard four gunshots. >> reporter: police don't believe the men involved in the shooting went to nearby largo high school, but residents say something has to be done to keep the groups from gathering. on most days fights break out. today gunfire. >> every day these kids come from that school and they form like little groups arguing and fussing because this is not the first time we've toll them to take that from in front of our house. >> reporter: again although police say no one from the school was directly involved, neighbors do believe something needs to be done about students gathering near their home. tonight police are still search for the gunman, the 19-year-old still in serious but stable condition. he's expected to survive. >> that is some good news there. thank you. a montgomery county police officer was involved in this chain reaction crash.
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a police cruiser collided with another car as the officer was responding to it an emergency call in rockville. both cars then hit other vehicles including a postal truck. sky fox shot this video of the police car being towed away. the officer and driver of the postal truck had minor injuries. in the district a fire engine on its way to a call got into an accident with the metrobus. it happened at 14th and madison street northwest this morning. the 12 passengers and four firefighters involved were taken to the hospital. police say no one was seriously hurt. big change coming to the nation's capital, vincent gray now preparing to take the helm as mayor of the district. he won the democratic primary nomination defeating incumbent adrian fenty by a 53-45% margin. there is no challenger in the general election, so it appears it is his post, but before getting down to business there were the thank yous and the concessions. fox 5's laura evans joins us with today's developments. >> reporter: a long night giving way to a very busy day. adrian fenty conceding t, vincent gray looking ahead
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laying out some of his plans for the future. so what does the future hold for the outgoing d.c. mayor? fenty says he's done with politics for now. [ applause ] >> reporter: the morning after his stinging loss mayor adrian fenty who just four years ago won all precincts thanked his supporters and said he will get behind vincent gray. no bitterness, no talk of regret, only positive words for the city's future. >> i really respect the democratic process. to me it would be overstepping my bounds to say as the incumbent mayor that i think the democratic nominee should do this or he should do that. in fact, i'm here almost to say i'm here to support him in what he thinks. >> reporter: mayor fenty says he's had a great 10 year run in elected office and now it's time to do something eliminates, although what that is he -- else, although what that is he wouldn't say. >> i feel like i put everything into it. i was fully prepared and
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excited to serve the city four more years, but it wasn't to be. that wasn't the will of the voters and i support the will of the voters will support chairman gray and as of this time, i think i'm at a point in my life where i could move on to something else. >> reporter: vincent gray thanking voters calling for unity. >> one of the things that's most important to me at this stage is to be able to work to earn the support of those people who did not vote for us. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: fresh off his primary night win, gray vowed to be inclusive, promised to hold weekly press conferences and regular town hall meetings and he says he will be transparent and accountable. supporters including some union leaders say they see new hope. >> what we do have expectations about is that we will be included in decision making in this city. we were excluded for almost four years. >> i want you to know how
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humbled i am with the victory last night and with the trust that has been vested in me by the voters. >> tonight the $64,000 question is whether vincent gray will keep schools chancellor michelle rhee. he said he will not make any personnel changes until after the general election. he did say during his victory speech he wants to move forward with education reform in a holistic way with a strong and empowered chancellor who works with parents and teachers. >> the flip side of that is will michelle rhee want to work for vincent gray. of course, you know by now we went into the next day before finding out who actually won the d.c. mayor's race. in a few minutes the director of the board of elections joins us live to talk about what happened and the lessons learned from last night. >> we are keeping our eyes on a developing weather story tonight. two monster hurricanes are spiraling out at sea tonight.
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if you can see right there, the large e one on the left is igor -- larger one on the left is igor and right behind him is julia. sue palka is tracking both these storms for us tonight. >> we've got a third one out there, not a hurricane, but karl is up there on the big monitor for you and we also have the spaghetti models up, but clearly what we need to be focusing on is the one in the middle. igor is not going to hit the east coast, but bermuda will get pounded we think with category 1 or 2 hurricane conditions on sunday and perhaps 10 to 20-foot waves just off the coast. julia we believe will stay out to sea. it is a category 3 now. igor is still a category 4 and karl is on land on the yucatan peninsula but may, in fact, become a hurricane again as we go down it the road. a couple important things to talk about with hurricane season. it got a slow start but is quite active now. we want you to know it is very rare that earlier today julia was a category 4 and only recently weakened to a 3 and it's very rare to have two
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category 4 storms in the atlantic basin. it has only happened one other time. this is also the fourth category 4 storm we've had in just 20 days that. tells us this atlantic water is super heated and yule ya, by the way, is the strongest storm -- julia, by the way, is the strongest storm we have e seen so far east in the at -- ever seen so far east in the atlantic and there are more waves of pressure coming off the african coast. we've got a long way to go with this hurricane season why. has the east coast not been hit? we are very fortunate to have this weather pattern where these low pressures and eventually tropical storms and then hurricanes are going around the edge of high pressure being steered by that big upper trough you see in the east coast. now there is no guarantee that that is going to continue the rest of the season and we do know in a couple more waves still coming off the coast, we can see here, two more to go off africa, we know that the caribbean will begin heating up. the prediction for this year was 14 to 20 named storms with karl making 11. i think we have a lot more
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hurricane season to go. officially the season goes until november 30th. >> sue pal car, see you in a bit for the full forecast -- palka, see you in a bit for the full forecast. they spent their lives protecting freedom, but don't a disturbing admission, several soldiers discovered buried in the wrong graves at arlington national. it's resistant to antibiotics and it could make your entire family sick. find out what's being done to curb the latest super bug before it spreads. will. a local couple taking their culinary dreams to the next level. we have the sweet secrets to their success coming up. >> looks tasty. keep it right here. you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00 and we are just getting started. >> you know i'm brian, right? >> i wasn't calling you will. t
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you saw it play out only on fox 5, the primary night waiting game for the d.c. mayor's race. >> the race for d.c. mayor as
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you can see zeros across the board right now. >> this is some 2 1/2 hours and we've still want see a single number -- not seen a single number. >> it's taking some time to get us through the process. >> considerable amount of the vote is still out. >> reporter: we signed off at 1 a.m. and still didn't know who won the mayor's race. today primary winner vincent gray slammed the slow outcome. >> as far as the board of elections and ethics was concerned, it was a disappointment. >> reporter: tonight what were the lessons learned. >> hopefully we'll get some answers tonight. joining us now live rogey sulaman, director of the elections board. you were explaining to us this long process. i want to ask do you still stand behind that b grade you gave the process last night? >> yes, i do. what happened last night is typical when jurisdictions implement new voting equipment. they're going to have the
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hiccups i described that occurred last night. could we have done better? yes and we will for november. >> was this a technical problem or a people problem? >> it was a little combination of both. the poll workers weren't familiar with the new equipment when they were closing out the equipment last evening and that took a little time. they also had to print closing reports they weren't used to doing and that took a little bit of time and at night when we were loading up the results into our tabulator we were making our time to make sure we didn't have a repeat of 2008 to ensure we were providing accuracy results. we were looking for accuracy instead of speed last night. >> we understand that was the bullet point message to get across, but ultimately the questions kind of fall on your shoulders. as far as the people problem goes, how much of this does fall on your shoulders when it comes to training those people? >> all of it falls on my shoulders when it comes to training those folks. our precinct captains went through about seven hours in training and a regular poll worker went between three and
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four hours of training. we will be training poll workers again and focusing on opening and closing procedures of the equipment and we feel november will be a much better election atmosphere than last night. >> because we had so much time to talk about this as opposed to talking about actual results coming out, we got a lot of feedback on twitter and facebook and there's sort of this over arching theme from a lot of our viewers that thought oh, here we go again. this is just d.c. doing what d.c. does. do you think that your department's actions last night and the slow results gave d.c. a black eye and maybe took us a step back instead of going forward? >> no, i don't. i would significantly disagree with that statement because if you look at the new york instituted new voting equipment last evening as well and they had a lot of problems with their voting equipment and they did not implement same day registration, electronic poll books or early voting at the same time as the district did. the district is the only jurisdiction that's ever tried
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to implement all of those procedures and technology its at one time and doing so i think we did a pretty good job. >> i know you were expecting 200,000 voters turning out and we got about 100,000. so i shudder to think how long we would have been here into the morning if we had gotten the 200,000, but you're addressing the situation and an upright outstanding man to come in and talk to us about it. we appreciate your time. >> sure. thanks for having me. new tonight this was a summer of discontent for many military families across the country with news of potentially widespread burial blunders at arlington national cemetery. today the family of one fallen marine went to arlington so to see if their son was in the wrong -- arlington to see if their son was in the wrong story. bob barnard here with the story. >> a teenager aves coffin was unearthed at arlington national cemetery this morning to see if he was a disturbing statistics, one of perhaps the hundreds of iraq and afghanistan war dead
10:20 pm
whose gravesites are misidentified in arlington. the army calls what happened today a verification process. the family involved says it was dreadful. coming to arlington from their home in canton, ohio, scott and melissa warner have just identified the remains of their marine son heath. the 19-year-old private was killed by a roadside bomb in iraq four years ago and was buried with full military honors. [ trumpet playing taps ] >> reporter: but was he resting in peace where the army said he was? >> it was honoring heath and making sure that he had the dignity that he was buried where we were told he was buried. >> reporter: turns out this was heath warner's final resting place, positively i'veed by this tattoo on his -- identified by this tattoo on his arm, but arlington recently found three others buried in the wrong grave. >> to have something like this happening is absolutely horrifying and it's really
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inexcusable. >> reporter: the discrepancies coming to it light in this inspector general's report released in june. >> the i.g. report found potentially 211 discrepancies in particularly three sections of the cemetery. >> reporter: a senate subcommittee this summer reported as many as 6,600 graves at arlington may be unmarked, improperly marked or mislabeled. >> arlington represents to the world and our country the value we place on our veterans in life and in death and the army must restore the solemn trust that america's heros deserve. >> reporter: congress wants to know what's happened to more than $5 million spent to modernize the cemetery and computerize its burial records. iraq war veteran tom tarantino says there's a simple solution. >> they have to upgrade their systems and get rid of the paper-based system and go to these modern 21st century systems that the va has been using for 10, 15 years. >> reporter: after positively identifying the body, the
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warners had heath reburied. >> i have to tell you melissa and i want to say we're sorry to heath. because we had to do this to him. >> reporter: families have asked to have their loved ones remains exhumed at arlington, but the warners don't believe they'll be the last ones to experience a day like this. >> very troubling, thank you. we have a health alert tonight. before you take your last dive into the pool this season we're exposing the cancer connection coming up. plus find out why these horses had to be rescued from the farm that was supposed to rescue them. plus the most infamous of the real housewives makes a stunning confession. find out why she says she's so skinny. 
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the wrecked oil well in the gulf could finally be plugged
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by sunday. the final stage of drilling started this morning. the well will then be pumped full of mud and cement. now the obama administration is ordering oil and gas companies in the gulf to plug nonproducing wells and dismantle platforms not in use. there are almost 3,500 nonproducing wells in the gulf that haven't been use ford five years or more. one of the 33 chilean miners trapped underground say new dad. had he a new baby girl yesterday. her parents named her to peperanza which means hope. the miners aren't expected to be rescued until november or december. it was supposed to be a sanctuary for rescued horses but it was a nightmare. see how the horses are doing now after being rescued from their rescue. it's being called an infectious disease nightmare, a super bug resistant to antibiotics moving across the globe and hitting here in the u.s. and a meter man on the attack, find out what pushed
10:27 pm
this man right over the edge. ♪ i have my thoughts. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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dozens of horses malnourished left with no food and water at a farm that was supposed to rescue them. the west virginia operation was shut down. 53 horses were seized. late today one of those animals died and 20 others were adopted. fox 5's sherri ly has the latest from martinsburg. >> reporter: when berkeley county sheriff's deputies found these horses, they were malnourished, so emaciated many had ribs and bones protruding. >> these horses are standing 24 hours a day in front of the
10:31 pm
bales of hay and just eating. >> reporter: eight horses were already dead or had to be put down. veterinarian christine bridges is working night and day trying to save the 53 others that survived. you think you can save them? >> we're trying. i'm hopeful. >> reporter: investigators seized l the horses from hidden meadows -- the horses from hidden meadows equine rescue, a martinsburg nonprofit that touted itself as a rescue home. some of these animals are former race horses like this one. two months ago it was brought to the farm. i can't show you the picture because it's evidence, but i've seen it. the horse was perfectly healthy. now it's skin and bones. >> i was just overwhelmed by the condition of the horses, by what i saw on the property, absolutely no hay available, no water available. >> reporter: the sheriff's department went to the rescue several times in the past year, but the horses had food and water. despite the poor condition of
10:32 pm
the animals there was no proof of abuse. linda riley had seen the horses, too and complained to animal control. >> she always gave me excuses that they came that way. she rescued them from kill pens and that she was going to -- you know, she was rescuing them. >> reporter: the sheriff's department put the horses up for adoption. >> i have my heart set on one of the mares that has a baby. >> reporter: five of the horses are pregnant. >> it makes you want to cry. it's a shame. >> reporter: now those animals strong enough are headed to a good home. in martinsburg sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> the owner of the horse rescue was nowhere to be found today. investigators say she cooperated with her search warrant but has since disappeared. criminal charges are now pending. taking a dip in the pool could increase your risk of cancer. researchers in spain studied a group of swimmers who used indoor chlorinated pools and found evidence of dna mutations and respiratory problems after swimmers spent just 40 minutes in the pool. the positive impact of swimming could be increased by reducing
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the levels of chemicals in pools. a fox 5 health alert about a worldwide threat. doctors are concerned about a new super bug that's spreading and it makes you really sick and antibiotics won't kill it. the bacteria has already hit three states here in the u.s. fox's diana rocco has the story. >> reporter: the super bug found in massachusetts, an antibiotic resistant bacteria and virtually incurable now sparking fears around the world it has turned up at a hospital in the hub, one of only three reported cases in the united states. >> they can present as urinary tractor respiratory infections in patients who are on ventilators and skin infections in surgical wounds as bloodstream infections, all of those. >> reporter: the patient hospitalized at mass general for a urinary tract infection before the summer has been released. the patient had recently traveled to india where the so- called super bug is rampant. >> people may carry it in the
10:34 pm
gut, the intestinal flora. >> reporter: dr. patrice order in man, professor of microbiology -- nordman, professor of microbiology, says due to poor sanitation in india the actual number of cases could be as high as 2 million while only 200 have been reported which is creating a big concern long term for medical communities worldwide. >> it's a problem mostly for the people hospitalized abroad and transferred to the united states. >> reporter: doctors at mgh say cases aren't transferable just walking down it the street and sanitation in hospitals is enough to contain the spread until new antibiotics are found which may take up to 10 years. >> it's mainly spread if improper hand hygiene wasn't adhered to in the hospital setting. >> reporter: not as reassuring as some would like. >> i think you need to be confined if you're in hospitals. >> i think something with no cure is something we should be afraid of. one of the white house party crashers is making headlines again this, time
10:35 pm
about her health. my kayla salahi revealed she has multiple sclerosis. she got emotional talking about her condition. >> one thing he have kept a secret is for 17 -- >> this is very emotional. >> it is. i'm sorry. >> can i jump in? >> yes. >> for 17 years she has suffered from multiple sclerosis. >> the real housewives of d.c. stars weighed is often the center of speculation -- wade is often the center of speculation among other stars on the show and denies having an eating disorder. take a look at what these firefighters were facing and no, you're not seeing things. that is a camel. the boardroom for the bakery, taking you inside a culinary creation coming up. our first chuck e. cheese
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not laughing about it, a new recall. neil cavuto has the story in his business report. >> more than 1/4 people trying to sell their homes cut the asking price last month. that is up from july. to wall street the dow gaining 46 months, closing at the highest level in more than a month. pepsi is getting back in the game. it will once again buy super bowl ads. last year pepsi skipped the big game for the first time in 23 years. chuck e. cheese is chucking more than a million chinese made toys. it's recalling 1.2 million light-up rings and eyeglasses. the government saying the kids are able to remove the small batteries and possibly swallow them. toys r us is opening 10 f.a.r. schwartz pop-up stores for the holiday on top of 600 temporary toys r us stores. that's business am i'm neil cavuto. business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. ceusme my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt...
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he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back. did you see this? an unusual rescue in oregon. a 1,500-pound camel got stuck in the mud. his owners called for help saying the animal fell into autoing sinkhole. firefighters shoveled several hours -- a sinkhole. firefighters shoveled for hours to free the camel. a florida parking enforcement agent admits he lost his temper. now he lost his job. the driver caught his angry tirade on camera. >> take that and shove it up your [ bleep ]. >> i have it on video. >> i could give a damn less. >> andrea claims he tried to give her a ticket before she could even get money in the meter. then he harassed her. later that evening her husband bill went to confront the
10:41 pm
agent. 68-year-old barry shore. bill explains what he said to shore while he rolled his video camera. >> according to my wife, you were harassing her and i said apparently there were witnesses to this and during the conversation i said i'm going to get your job. >> i lost my temper. i shouldn't have lost my temper. i basically told him he was taunting me. you don't see that part of the video. >> here's the kicker. shore did resign. he was a volunteer parking officer. bill and andrea hired a lawyer. >> guess you can kind of get away with doing stuff like that. a murder suspect trying to get away from police caused all kinds of chaos on the roads in houston. the driver went the wrong way down a highway, got off an exit ramp to get on another road. the chase ended when the driver finally flew through a red light, slammed into a pickup truck. here it comes. it was just a crazy scene there in houston.
10:42 pm
he slammed into the pickup truck, jumped out, took off running. police chased him down. finally they arrested him. one person in the truck was hurt but is expected to recover. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 promises of sex that led to murder. two maryland men accused of using the internet to hunt down their victim. the chilling evidence that helped put them away. also ahead i'm going on my little free honeymoon trip and i'll sort of reflect on everything. >> will she stay or will she go? we catch up with d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee in the wake of mayor fenty's defeat. the redskins are preparing for the houston texans, the second leg of their texas two- step and this will be a role reversal for skins coordinator kyle shanahan trading places when we come back. usme
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she was an advertising and marketing executive. he was an it specialist. >> they met, married and now the maryland couple is making
10:46 pm
cupcakes in love. our will thomas shows us how their story is going national in tonight's fox 5 focus. >> reporter: frosting a cupcakery. chevy chase maryland. this isn't a story about another bake shop selling these sweet treats as fast as they can make them. it's about todd and michelle and their whirlwind journey meeting on, getting married and leaving their traditional careers to create a new life, first the online connection. >> i finally was ready to close down. i was on page 15 and i saw todd and it was simple, but i fell in love. he was tall and good looking and exactly like his photo. >> i think i asked her out pretty much that weekend. i knew i loved her probably four weeks later. >> reporter: within months of dating todd was on board with
10:47 pm
michelle's idea of becoming a cupcake entrepreneur. >> we both work extremely hard at our jobs and we wanted to do something different and together. >> it was her dream, yeah. and if t became mine when i saw how happy you could be at it. >> probably chocolate is divine. >> reporter: within a year todd proposed. they made it official new year's eve starting off 2010 as newlyweds. the cupcake and coffee shop just opened in april and the washington post prominently featured todd and michelle in an article. that led to something else, a publishing deal. their story of love and determination is now featured in a new book called icing on the cake. it's part of the new paper back reality series. so what's it like to be in a book now? >> surreal. >> they have our entire first three years in a book and that we'll be able to look back on.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: champagne and cupcakes, it's a book launch celebration but with a new business and a new marriage. >> i don't think you can hold me. >> reporter: you'll agree todd and michelle have a lifetime of chapters to go. in chevy chase maryland, will thomas, fox 5 news. >> they look like they're having a lot of fun. by the way, if you are jonesing for one of those cupcakes, we have a link to their website so you can find out where to get your sugar and reading fix at the same time. head to and click on web links. >> i don't think we should do cupcake stories before weather anymore. i really struggle with the light night grazing. >> don't we all. hazards of the shift. i know well. >> it certainly is. very nice, though. >> beautiful day today and another. i mean it's like they just keep coming and coming. >> it's like an atmospheric cupcake, absolutely wonderful. we're having such great weather conditions. now i have to tell you we've got sprinkles in the forecast for the cupcakes. you need a few and we actually are going to see a bit of rain
10:49 pm
coming in probably not until late tomorrow. so we will watch a front approaching. i think there could be a couple showers around in the late afternoon and what you'll notice is the clouds beginning to increase tomorrow afternoon ahead of that frontal system. so we'll watch that. you know what? that will have a big impact whether or not we see temperatures getting into the upper 80s or to maybe the lower or mid-80s. we were at 86 degrees today, nice low humidity, though. so it's one of those days where it just doesn't feel like it but then talking about showers, we do need those showers and tomorrow will feel warmer even with a few clouds around. i think the humidity and wind direction will climb a little bit and we'll watch for those showers late in the day. i think there could be a few roaming around say by 4:00 or 5:00, but the bulk of them will hold off till a bit later. we're rooting for decent rain, but it won't last long. by friday afternoon if not late morning the sun will be back and we're looking fantastic heading into the weekend. definitely has been a bit of a dry spell. the rain we get tomorrow will
10:50 pm
only make a very small dent in what we could really use around here. also it's not quite as cool as we've seen other nights, 63 in gaithersburg and manassas, 72 quantico, 73 in d.c. and we have just a few clouds coming across the area tonight. we're calling them debris clouds because it's the blow- off from a big cluster of showers and thunderstorms we've been seeing in the midwest and, in fact, will be moving up to the north during the day tomorrow. it will be cooler tonight in the suburbs, 66 degrees in the district and tomorrow some high thin clouds around, but plenty of sunshine coming through. then we'll watch clouds thicken in the afternoon and evening showers develop, 86 degrees and if the clouds are thin enough, we could get warmer, but we're counting on a bit of a claude deck in the afternoon. certainly, though -- cloud deck in the afternoon, certainly, though, warm, by 4:00 85 degrees. we have also have a frontal system that will be movement and while we'll see it approaching late in the day, maybe a few showers into the overnight hours. we'll have to watch out to our
10:51 pm
west. there may be some thunderstorms which could have gusty winds, a rumble of thunder, not 100% out of the question for us, but not terribly severe. look at friday morning, though. showers are mostly confined through southern pennsylvania or out to our west and we have the front slipping through, clouds across maryland and more sunshine across the rest of the region. spotty showers around the first part of friday, very hit or miss and clear out nicely. here's a look at the weekend forecast, 81 saturday, sunday 83. we think saturday looks pretty perfect and sunday a little warmer but not a big departure from what we have been seeing. new track in for igor. i haven't had julia updated. igor is still a category 4 storm and that's the one we really need to watch because it's going to come so close to bermuda. watch with this new track it begins to take' pretty hard right turn but not -- a pretty hard right turn but not in time
10:52 pm
to spare bermuda, category 1 or 2 hurricane conditions sun. tomorrow will be a warm one with showers around late day and into the overnight hours. the clouds break up quickly on friday and it's full steam ahead for three pretty fantastic days in this five-day forecast followed closely by tomorrow and friday. >> love it. thank you. car buying can be a bit more confusing these days, but now there's a new service to help buyers sort out what the best options are out there. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick explains. >> reporter: before you even step onto a car lot you'll want to do your research and the internet is a great resource. now there's an extra service for car shoppers and you can find it right here on our my fox homepage called auto privileges where you can earn extra benefits while you're learning valuable information. first you'll want to sign up. after you do that you'll notice something different, points that add up in your account. the points are incentives for you to keep learning about different cars, car maintenance and auto safety as you click
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around the site and you can gain more than just knowledge. you can use your points to buy small gifts or tickets to drawings for big give-aways like vacations or electronics. auto privileges says you can earn while you learn. vehicle reviews tell you what's hot and what's not about each model. >> never feels lethargic. >> reporter: there are also thorough video reviews from raters like kelley blue book, c net and the ride show. >> you do have to watch the entire video in order to get your 500 points. articles on timely topics like the best back to school cars or safe driving in the rain are found on the front page. bernie is your navigator. she'll offer clues to find the extra points hidden around the site. you can get a list of prices and dealers near you once you narrow your search and don't forget to take the quiz after you've become super smart about all things auto.
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>> i rock. oh, i'm wrong on that one. you might find you have a little more learning to do the next time you log on. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. parents want to give their kids every advantage out there, but did you know it could come down to what's on their plate? we're breaking down the top brain foods coming up next. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. n
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the experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and as your kids get settled back to school, breakfast isn't the only thing that can give them a boost. fox's brenda flanagan has more on brain fur foods. power foods. >> reporter: well, feed your brain. ♪ don't know much about history, don't know much biology ♪ >> reporter: eat right and get
10:58 pm
smart is what dietician katherine brooking says. >> who can focus on math or science when you're starving. >> reporter: remember when your mom told you carrots are good for your eyes and milk builds strong bones and i bet she also said fish is brain food is. that true? >> absolutely. eating certain foods can help you concentrate and boost your focus while you're in school. >> reporter: feed them the right stuff like omega 3 fatty acids. >> they're basically the heart healthy oils that are found most commonly in fish like hallly but. >> reporter: a fish, mom -- like halibut. >> reporter: a fish, mom was right. can't send fish to school. >> usually doesn't work that way. >> reporter: but what does work is eggs, cheese, even bread containing the omega three's. make your kids an omelet for breakfast. okay, lunchtime. katherine pushes protein like the peanut butter smeared on this whole grain tortilla along
10:59 pm
with strawberries and bananas. humus garnished with veggies is another. >> i mentioned the concentration and focus and the protein helps keep you full for longer and may help your brain health. >> reporter: pack a brainy protein lunch sandwiches and wraps with lean lunch meat like ham or turkey, a piece of broiled chicken, yogurt or milk because mom was right about the milk, too. >> make sure you're getting those vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin d for growing bones. >> reporter: kids need fruit and vegetables. you can pack carrots, fruits and pepper strips with peanut butter and here's something we bet you didn't know about avocados. >> the healthy fats in the avocado actually help absorb the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables. >> reporter: so they make the most out of what you're eating. try an avocado salsa dip with veggies or baked pita chips. here is a


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