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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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does ask for one thing from all of us. when you see people who are homeless remember. >> they're people, too. >> great story. the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian bolter tonight with the news edge at 11:00. >> breaking weather news, severe thunderstorm warnings popping up in the area right now. down to sue palka with the latest. >> we were just looking at that line of storms on our 10:00 news. i want to take you straight to radar because they really are getting their act together and finding energy. this is all out to our west and it does include washington county, frederick and clark and also much of the panhandle of west virginia. the big concern with these is that they're probably going to pack some 60-mile an hour wind gusts with them and they're also moving very quickly to the east at about 40 miles per hour. so you can kind of project where they'll be heading if you live williamsport, martinsburg, hagerstown, inwood and boones borrow you'll be affected by
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that -- boonesborough. we'll keep a close eye on that. horror at one of the nation's most prestigeous hospitals, a man from arlington distraught over the condition of his mother pulled out a gun her doctor. the alleged gunman then ran back into the room, shot his mother and turned the gun on him. fox 5's bob barnard is live in baltimore tonight with what we're learning about the suspect. bob. >> reporter: brian, there's still some confusion tonight over his name. police initially identified him as warren davis because of the bracelet hospital issued bracelet on his wrist, then came back and said his name was paul warren pardus. whatever his name, he touched off some terrifying moments here today. for a little more than two hours thursday one of the nation's most prestigeous hospitals became an uncertain crime scene with shots fired inside baltimore's johns hopkins hospital. >> we're from a small town in tennessee.
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so it's mind boggling. things like this, you know, live on a little farm. >> reporter: baltimore police say just after 11 a.m. a doctor was shot in the hallway on the eighth floor. the alleged gunman, the son of a female patient originally identified as warren davis. >> mr. davis was receiving some news about the care and the condition of his mother just outside the doorway to that room when he became emotionally distraught. >> reporter: police say mr. davis was actually paul warren pardus, age 50 of arlington, virginia. they say he pulled a semiautomatic pistol from his pants and shot the physician in the stomach. >> the doctor collapsed just outside the doorway of the room and mr. davis was last seen running into the room brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother who's confined to the bed. >> reporter: fox news and the baltimore sun are identifying the wounded physician as david
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cohen, an orthopedic surgeon. >> he was talking, everything like that and i mean he appears to be fine to me. >> reporter: meantime nobody knew for certain what was happening inside room 873. >> my boss came running in and he told me exactly what happened, that there was a guy running around with agun and to stay put. >> reporter: around 1:30 police discovered davis and his mother jean dead of gunshot wounds. investigators calling it a murder suicide. william woodson's wife recovering from surgery one floor above. >> she was in her room and there was ruckus on the floor -- and there was no ruckus on the floor or anything. so the hospital handled it very well. >> reporter: tonight we're told the hospital is back operating pretty much to normal, brian. >> new details are emerging about the suspected gunman and his mother. they both lived in arlington. our team coverage continues now with fox 5's roz plater. she spoke with neighbors tonight and joins us with what they had to say. >> reporter: the folks who live
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near the mother and son know them as jean and warren davis, finding it so hard to believe. this is their home on kenmore street in the north division of south arlington. neighbors describe them as friendly and quiet but largely keeping to themselves. they say the son seemed to be the only caretaker for his mother. she described him as devoted, but if he was having difficulty or was overwhelmed taking care of her, he never spoke to them about it. >> it's a terrible asian and him having a mother that was -- situation and him having a mother that was going through whatever she was going through and him, too probably being the only one to tend to her. >> he had a good side and he loved his mother and that clearly showed through. whatever made him do this, we'll never know. i just hope they both rest in peace. >> the alleged shooter grew up in remington virginia and moved to arlington tay take care of her mother. we're told he was a contract
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driver for metro access. fox 5 in the meantime following a developing story now out of prince george's county. police were called to the 2600 block of nicholson street in hyattsville after 7:00, a teenager shot in the park there taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. so far his name has not been released. police have no motive, no witnesses. a candlelight vigil held tonight to remember a dog that was shot and killed by a d.c. police officer. dozens of people turned out to remember parrot, the pitbull shar-pei mix killed last sunday during the adams morgan festival. police say parrot got into a fight with a poodle. an officer tried to intervene and shot and killed parrot when the dog allegedly charged him. the dog's foster owner said parrot didn't deserve to die. a crash with an ambulance, tonight three people dead. laura evans swhere at 11:00. >> the three men were in an suv that hit the ambulance. the emts were on marlboro pike in district heights early this morning when police say the suv came down the road very fast in
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the wrong direction. the suv side swiped the ambulance, then crashed into a brick wall and utility pole killing all three men. one person is reported dead in a brief but violent storm that slammed new york city around 5:30 this afternoon. tornado warnings issued for staten island, brooklyn and queens. the person who died died when a tree fell on top of a car. several people were also injured, rooftops blown off, trees knocked over and power lines down. pope benedict xvi in the uk today warning young people against the temptations of drugs, money, sex and alcohol. he also made his strongest comments yet on the church's sex abuse crisis. it's the first state visit by a pope to the uk and while tens of thousands of people greeted him today, the trip has been marred by controversy. still ahead on the news edge d.c.'s outgoing mayor showing his support for the man set to take his place. >> it's good to show publicly that all that stuff is left on
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the campaign. >> we'll assume that means privately as well. will an adrian fenty defeat equal an exit for school chancellor michelle rhee? we'll tackle that question. plus ad attack, the group slamming mcdonald's in this controversial commercial. we'll be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. jwa
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democratic party in d.c. working to soothe any hard feelings after a hard fought mayoral race and they started with this morning's traditional unity breakfast, the first time we've seen the new democratic candidate with the mayor since the primary. >> reporter: in a heavily democratic town vincent gray is expected to be the neck mayor. he came to the -- next mayor. he came to the democratic state protect fast at israel baptist
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church to highlightish -- breakfast at israel baptist church to highlight issues he says are important to him. >> restoring the public trust to our government. >> reporter: gray was warmly received by all including the defeated incumbent mayor. >> it was a real tough campaign and i think the democratic nominee and i, we fought hard. i think it was all fought in the best spirit, but it's good to show publicly that all that stuff is left on the campaign. >> reporter: after every primary the state committee brings the winners and the losers together. >> it's all about now bringing everybody together to start the healing process and now we got to be one city, one people, one party. one city! one city! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it's gray's vision for the future planning all town hall meetings in 8 wards and possible meetings after election.
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he's still dogged by questions about school chancellor michelle rhee. >> we keep mission each other. it's hectic. we'll continue and sit down and talk. >> reporter: gray insists he won't make personnel decisions until after the election, but some council members are hoping he won't fire rhee. >> i think it would be a great loss for the city to jeopardize the momentum that has been built for change. >> reporter: and while this was mostly about unity, there were reminders of the unpleasantness in the mayoral campaign which early on gray was not expected to win. >> adrian fenty had over $4 million in bank and strictly talking about money, we just had our money come by love. >> reporter: karen gray houston, fox 5 news. it is safe to say mcdonald's isn't loving it. still ahead on the edge the fast food giant responds after a controversial ad hits the airways. plus a former president goes after the lion of the
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senate, why jimmy carter is criticizing the late ted kennedy. and new england quarterback tom brady has a beef with patriots fans. brady wasn't happy when he looked up into the stands sunday and saw half the seats empty in the 4th quarter. the pats play the jets next. brady said he doubts the jets fans leave their home games early. 
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mcdonald's lashing out at a commercial that links the fast food chain to heart disease. the committee for responsible medicine shows a grieving widow weeping over the body of a man with a half eaten hamburger. mcdonald's say it's misleading and it's up to the customers to make smart food choices. president jimmy carter said americans could have had healthcare a lot sooner but he said senator kennedy blocked efforts to get his efforts past. kennedy who championed healthcare reform during his senate career died last year. a coffee chain does an about face. shawn yancy has that and more in your fox 5 top five.
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>> up first tonight starbucks had a change of heart. no. 5, the cough giant is reversing its decision -- the coffee giant is reversing its decision to remove cold drinks -- tall drinks from its drive-thru menu board. it left on the larger more expensive drinks. starbucks claimed the change was based on customer request for a simpler menu. no. 4, google got it right last year predicting the zhu zhu pet would be the season's hottest toy. this year the search engine predicts the nerf strike stampede dark blaster and the mattel's thing a majig plush toys will be a big hit. no. 3, doctors from norway did a study comparing teens with severe acne to those with little or no acne and found both boys and girls with severe acne had more suicidal thought than those with less acne. no. 2, illegal drug use is up in the u.s. to its highest levels
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in nearly a decade due in part to an increase in abuse of pot, ecstasy and meth. the office of national drug control policy blames changing attitudes about the harmful effects of illegal drugs and the approval of medicinal marijuana. no. 1, the foreclosure problem is getting worse. realty trac reports lenders repossessed more homes last month than in any month sin the housing crisis began. bank -- since the housing crisis began. banks seized more than 95,000 properties across the country, up 25% from last year and that's a look at tonight's top five on fox 5. >> let's talk about our weather now and had a lot of severe storm warnings popping up. >> all to our west and the storms are moving quickly east at 40 miles an hour. combine ha forward motion with the strong winds in these storm -- that forward motion with the strong winds in the storms and you could get some gusts to 60. we've got them lit up in yellow. it does include frederick county and washington county.
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so some places like martinsburg, williamsport, hagerstown, you're all in the path of this. cedar grove, through the panhandle of west virginia as well. these warnings go in 11:45. there has been a lot of lightning. i think they are diminishing a little, but again it's the winds that will be gusting we have to watch out for. so those continue. we've also had some severe thunderstorm warnings down through west virginia and, in fact, we've had some rotation with some of the storms out to our west. there were three reports of tornado touchdowns in western portions of west virginia. by the time this gets to d.c. i think it's going to be a batch of showers. over to max hd satellite and radar, we put everything in motion here and it's really been two waves. we had some showers especially across maryland earlier today and, of course, the damage you can see the stronger storms as they go across queens and brooklyn and here comes our last line. we think this will be the last batch. it's all coming out ahead of a frontal system which will cross the region in the early portion of the morning and then i think we'll see clouds and eventually
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all of this moisture breaking up. again it did not amount to much unfortunately in the immediate metro area. we're so terribly dry. most of the region is dry. you're getting better rain out of it out to our west. so some showers for the metro area and gusty thunderstorms north and west, 68 degrees, those warnings going until 11:45. we'll keep an eye on it and let you know if they get extended eastward. there will be a few morning clouds around. i think the showers will be long gone and we'll be headed for a . our friday will get up to 85 degrees. here's a temperature trend. average is 80. we'll be above average tomorrow. saturday 83 degrees, sunday 83 and heading into monday our temperature looks like it will be about 79 degrees. so looking good there. our front will slip down to our south and east taking any showers with it and we'll watch an area of high pressure build in. there will be a second front on the move this weekend. it will come north to south out of pennsylvania and i think there will be some showers with it sunday in pennsylvania, maybe it kind of holds together
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through the weekend to produce a few showers in the mountains, but most everything will get blocked out for us by high pressure. there's that second front sunday. was showing a slight chance of a couple showers in the mountains. got to talk about the tropics because we have and a quick look at our own weekend forecast. it looks just delightful here. in the tropics, though, we have three hurricanes. hurricane karl with the 11:00 update is at category 2 and this is the most important one. it's going to be making landfall again tomorrow on the mexico coast. hurricane igor also a big deal, igor going to slam bermuda sunday. right now it's a category 3 with wind of 125 miles an hour. it hits bermuda in a weakened state, category 1 or 2 on sunday. it's going to be a long weekend for our poor friends on that beautiful island. the five-day forecast here, 85 degrees friday. our weekend looking delightful, mostly sunny on monday and tuesday. our run of beautiful september weather continues even if it is a little on the dry side. hey, we've got the redskins
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playing. they are in town. feldy is talking about what we can expect out of that game, too, when we come back. america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass
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a renewable electricity standard today. ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies.
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♪ good evening. i'm dave feldman, the texans come to town this weekend as the redskins look to go 2-0 for the first time since 1997 when joe gibbs won his first two. clinton portis not saying anything today and taping his mouth shut just to make sure there were no leaks. portis said some controversial remarks tuesday on local radio about female journalists in the
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locker room. a reaction to a mexican reporter ines sainz tweeting the jets players had made her feel uncomfortable. well, albert haynesworth helped portis out with more tape and albert needs some tape of his own on an ankle scenario. >> yesterday he sprained his ankle and he didn't take any team reps today. so it's a little sore today. hopefully it's not too serious and he'll be able to practice tomorrow. did you see devin thomas did not play a single scrimmage but did return two kickoffs for 76 yards giving the team excellent field position. kyle shanahan has not said if he'll be more involved sunday against the texans and devin just wants to play. >> i'm trying my best to get out there, putting my best food forward trying to stay humble and keep my head up, not being down, but it's hard, man,
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especially my third year and i really want to be a major part of this offense. i know i can be a major part. got to keep doing my thing with special teams. major league baseball has upheld national center fielder suspension nyjer morgan's 18th suspension for a series of events that culminated with september's brawl with the marlins. the suspension will begin friday. the previous success specs stemmed from an incident -- suspension stemmed from an incident in phillies. they say golf say game of forgetting. what about hockey? last season a disappointing early exit for your washington capitals. but that's history and we're moving forward now. back on the ice today at the kettler iceplex in arlington, rookie catch concluded with a 4- 3 victory over the flyers rookies. the veterans took the ice this morning. they'll undergo physicals and off ice testing tomorrow. the team gets ready for training camp which begins saturday. alex ovechkin, what do you
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have? >> i have a pretty hard workout in the summer, so feel pretty good and ready to go. >> i think everybody is pretty positive and obviously had to put some things in the past, but guys are excited to be here and i think it was a long summer for us, a little too long. you know, i know as far as myself and a lot of the other guys, we're ready to get going this year. football big east versus acc. cinci visiting new york state. follows the blockers, cuts inside and 31 yards later scores, nc state a winner 30- 19. the seattle stormers champions again completing its undefeated mark through the post season beating the atlanta dream 87- 84. the storm won each of its seven postgames for its second wnba title. they also won the 2004 championship.
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and former terp and acc player of the year greivis vasquez agrees to terms with the memphis tabriz his. i'm dave feldman. brian is back with more of the edge after this. have a good night. úh>h
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