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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  September 19, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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happened to him. >> i would say the quality is better than it was. you sleep less, but the quality is better. >> reporter: bu far from over as other researchers don't necessarily agree the elderly don't need as much sleep. >> not buying that at all. >> don't go to sleep just yet. the news is far from over. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. very good. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. the news edge on former agricultural department executive shirley sherrod, tonight she is speaking out. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm will thomas. you'll recall sherrod was forced to resign after a conservative blogger posted video of a speech that he said proved she was racist. we know that was not the case. fox 5's karen gray houston with sherrod's road to redemption. >> reporter: the metropolitan african methodist episcopal church on m street has hosted
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statesmen and civil rights leaders. it's undergoing a major renovation. that did not stop shirley sherrod from retelling her story. >> this person was e-mailing me saying you should be ashamed of yourself. >> reporter: sherrod is still haunted by this now famous video. >> here i was saying that when they have a white person say they're lazy. >> reporter: it was a speech she gave to the naacp, but a conservative blogger posted excerpts that seemed to show she withheld assistance from a georgia farmer because he was white. >> i just knew the administration would support me. >> reporter: sherrod was talking about her own racial transformation, but the truth did not get out until she was forced to resign. president obama apologized. she declined an offer to go back to agriculture. she said she's suing blogger andrew brightbart. >> do the right thing and got will help you through any situation.
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>> reporter: folks who heard her remarks had this to say. >> gives us a new perspective on how people are being treated. >> she spoke directly to life, pain, the ability to be able to believe beyond what's possible. >> she says if you do things right in the beginning, it will work out in the end. >> we have to reach out, reach back and help. you know, you never know. you could be helping the second black president of the united states of america and next time she might be a woman. >> reporter: in the district karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> sherrod's speech was part of a new features sundays with the met aimed at highlighting achievements of individuals who have made a notable -- notable contribution to the nation and to african american legacy. gunfire in downtown frederick and when the dust settles, a man is dead but questions about how he died. police were called three times to a home to break up a fight
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between a man and woman. on the third visit officers found a woman hurt and olivier co with an holding a rifle and police cowan with a rifle and police say he shot and they shot back. >> the gunfire was heard by officers summoning and at this point everything of that nature is still under investigation by our criminal investigation division and some of those determinations are yet to be made. >> an autopsy will determine whether cowan shot himself. to virginia now where a leesburg man faces murder charges in the death of his wife. police got a call yesterday the wife of steven combs-lafleur had fallen. when they arrived at the 3800 block of lime kiln road they realized she had been beaten and died before she could be taken to the hospital. dr. ron walters passed away
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september 10th. among his many accomplishments shaping presidential campaigns for the reverend jesse jackson and teaching thousands of students like congressman elijah cummings who said dr. walters taught him a life lesson the day he complained about a grade. >> he said don't measure yourself by them. you are better than that. and i'll never forget those words and the respect we had for him was so great i took my little b minus and walked out. >> dr. walters taught at howard for 25 years before becoming director of the african american leadership institute at the university of maryland. >> we had an absolutely nab husband weekend, plenty of sunshine -- fabulous weekend, plenty of sunshine and temperatures were above seasonal by about 7 to 8 degrees. pretty comfortable outside now, 74 degrees at national airport, 70 at manassas, 7 at martinsburg as well and 66
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degrees at gaithersburg. there -- 70 at martinsburg as well and 66 degrees at gaithersburg. we got our 11:00 update on igor. it is now 40 miles west of bermuda, but the island is really feeling the effects with hurricane force winds and lots of waves and swells. we were talking about that affect the east coast in the next 24 to 48 hours. expect to see large swells as well as dangerous rip tides. julia is going to become a remnant low in the next 24 to 48 hours and the remnants will actually be absorbed by igor as it starts to lose its tropical characteristics heading into monday. it's going to move off to the north atlantic, now a category 1 hurricane but it will weaken and die us. for us partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies in the overnight hours, expect morning fog tomorrow, a ridge of high pressure building in after that. we're in for sunshine moving into the next couple days of the week and that's before an upper level system brings us some rain and a chance of
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thunderstorms by the time we hit midweek. tomorrow will be a fairly nice day, sunshine with a few clouds, by midday around 75 degrees. here's a look at your five-day forecast. we do expect to see a real peak in our temperatures heading into the woke as well. by wednesday 90 -- week as well. by wednesday 90 degrees. humidity will sneak back in. be prepared for that. wednesday and thursday are also the days we could see a rumble of thunder and some much needed rainfall across our area and back to a little warmer day at 89 degrees by the time we hit friday. the rumble of a motorcade this morning near the white house. the first family at church today, president obama and the first lady michelle obama took her daughters here to st. johns episcopal church across the street from the white house. this is the fourth time the first family visited st. johns and church history shows every president since james madison has visited. a major announcement from american idol plus the return of fox's break-out musical
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comedy glee. >> tonight fox's marianne rafferty takes a look at what's to come in the week ahead. >> reporter: monday jupiter the fifth planet from the sun will be the second brightest object in the sky. it won't be this close to earth again for another 12 years at 391 million miles. that's because it takes 12 years for jupiter to orbit the sun. tuesday glee will remere its second season on fox. the show was phenomenon -- premier its second season on fox. the show has guest stars britney spears and john samos. wednesday american idol will announce its season 10 judges in los angeles at the forum. ellen did he generous, kara -- did he jeep res, kara did i -- ellen degeneres is out. housing starts and new home sales figures will be released next week and that's a look at the week ahead. >> is that that does it for us. fox 5 news always on
11:08 pm >> keep it right here. sports extra with dave feldman in the studio is just two minute away. something about the redskins. úh>h
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this is fox 5 sports extra. hi, everybody. thanks for watching sports extra on a would have, could have, should have night. file today's redskins/titans game under the category of the one that got away. what if i were to tell you the redskins would lead the texans at home 26-7 at the 3rd quarter. that donovan mcnabb drove for 426 yards, nine different receivers and albert haynesworth would be ruled inactive at the start of the game. is that something that would interest you?
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1st quarter the redskins lead 3- 0 and it's the texans matt schaub who goes back to pass, but carlos rogers does a little tip twirl with himself, his first pick since december 26, 2008, returns it to the texans 31-yard line setting up a second graham gano field goal. skins up 6-0. 2nd quarter mcnabb downfield to joey galloway covered by rookie kareem jackson. galloway makes a catch down to the 11th. he's got a 62-yard gain. four plays later clinton portis from one yard out the first offensive touchdown of the season. sips regain the lead 13-7. late 2nd -- skins regain the lead 13- 7. late 2nd quarter watch clinton portis no. 26 with a little kaboom blowing up the titans for a 62-yard game blowing up the texans. two games later portis powers in from one yard out, career rushing no. 46 for the td. redskins in control 20-7. 3rd
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quarter more mcnabb, chris cooley, 22 yards for the touchdown, redskins cruising 27- 10, mcnabb threw for 426. the texans fought back. matt schaub who passed for 497 steps up on 4th and 10 and lobs it for andre johnson who leaps, 34 yards your equalizer, 27-27, mike shanahan can't believe it. graham gano made a 42-yard field goal but it was nullified by houston's time-out. the second attempt is wide right. oh, no. texans took advance. 41 yards setting up neil rackers from 35 yards out. it's good. houston wins its first overtime game in history and the redskins have a heartbreaking defeat, 30-27 the final count. >> i think everybody could see that, you know. everybody feels that way that's in this room and obviously they felt very good they were able to come back. we missed a couple
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opportunities there. you just mentioned the field goal and obviously at the end we had an opportunity to put it away as well, but bottom line is they got it done and we didn't. so you got to go back and be pretty tough on yourself. the thing i was pleased with is our football team made hard throughout the game, just made a few too many mistakes at crucial times. >> i think it is, man. i think for so long we've been conservative and being up 17, you know, going for the gusto trying to put them away, you in every could have told me that we would be up 17 points and lose the game. i think just the history of our defense alone giving up three's and always holding in the red zone, we just came up short. >> i don't get caught up in the individual aspect of things. it's about winning ballgames and, you know, what you get in a situation like this, offensively we left some points out on the board and obviously mistakes at wrong time, too many miscues and which happens obviously in the 2nd half
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comes back to bite us and i think we need to get that corrected and come on out against the st. louis team next week and be able to roll from there. >> a game you can see on fox. thanks, donovan. when we return, how this happened, why this happened and lindsay murphy with more locker room reaction on how not to let it happen again. 


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