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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 20, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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supposed to be good news for republicans. >> we stopped the bleeding. >> reporter: but tea party victories and republican primaries are testing the g.o.p.'s relationship with its new upstart ally. >> gavel into witchcraft. >> reporter: this clip of a christine o'donnell is prompting sharp barbs from strategists like karl rove. >> serious questions that have been raised about miss o'donnell's background, character, statements and previous actions. >> reporter: o'donnell and tea party candidates have been quick to fire back. >> there has been no witchcraft since. if it was, karl rove would be a supporter now. >> reporter: but tea partyers are finding support. carl paladino took new york's gubernatorial nomination while lease za murkowski of alaska and utah both lost to tea party candidates and in kentucky rand paul won the nomination there. news that have boosted the
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spirits of democratic leaders. >> there are going to be seats that we are going to win in november that six months ago we frankly were pretty sure we were going to lose. >> reporter: but ryan darling of the heritage foundation says the family feud is good for republicans. >> there's been a pretty public fight within the republican party but it's a good fight to have. i mean, this is the one year where you're having record turnout on the part of republicans in so many different states. >> reporter: but others say winning primaries with tea party loyalists is one thing. winning a general election is a much bigger and more difficult test. >> the frustration, the aggravation, the unhappiness is what's fueling this party at this time, things get better so they go away. >> reporter: very few particulars. either the republicans or the tea party have substantial plans if elected? >> early yes today officials with -- earlier today officials
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with the tea party unveiled tomorrow morning they are going to be making a major announcement about the tea party's future and this came only a few minutes after house republican leaders revealed they will take the wrath over what is being referred to as a contract for america two as they will reveal in springfield, virginia on thursday both parties, brian, as you know, need each other to get where they are going but at this point they were increasing signs that they are heading there in different directions. >> tom fitzgerald live in the newsroom. rip, the recession, an academic session confirms the recession ended in june of last year. the national bureau of economic research says the recession began in december 2007, ended 18 months later. that's the longest recession the country has endured since world war ii. most economists agree the recovery is moving slowly. president obama weighed in on the subject today. he says while the recession is technically over, many people in the country of course still hurting. president spoke earlier today on cnbc. >> obviously for the millions of people who are still out of
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work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are struggling to pay the bills day to day, it's still very real for them. >> the president fielded questions during the town hall style meeting. he reiterated that he inherited a mess and says his policies are putting the country on the right path towards economic growth. he says despite some people's perceptions he is not antibusiness or antiwall street is committed to bring -- and committed to bringing down the -- tomorrow, the "don't ask, don't tell" prevents gays and lesbians from openly serving in the military. this afternoon a group of religious leaders held a conference in the district. they say overturning the policy would hurt the military. bob barnard joins us with more. >> president barack obama and defense secretary robert gates have said they want to end "don't ask, don't tell." it's a controversial policy now headed to the u.s. senate to
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settle. >> since passed by congress in 1993, "don't ask, don't tell" has allowed gays and lesbians to serve in the military but not openly. in may, the house of representatives voted to repeal "don't ask, don't tell." now it's the u.s. senate's turns. >> let me be frank. introducing sexual tension and conduct into our barracks will be a distraction from the very business of the military and that is protecting us from our enemies. >> reporter: antigay groups and some military chaplins say they want the law left as is. >> what's at stake here is that chaplins who hold to a traditional view of morality and the teaching of scripture could eventually be precluded from joining as a chaplin because that view is in contrast with the military's stated policy. >> reporter: the pentagon is in the middle of an in-house survey to see whether allowing gays to serve openly would hurt
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military life and operations. >> i am here to be a voice for my generation. >> reporter: musical entertainer lady gaga is trying to sway senators and her fans to support the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." >> as majority leader harry reid says anyone who is willing to fight for this country should have the same civil opportunities to do so as anyone else. >> reporter: others who want the ban overturned say more than 13,000 homosexual service members have been fired since "don't ask, don't tell" became law. air force veteran david hall among them. >> you know, i wanted to serve my country, i'm able to serve my country, i was great at what i did. it makes no sense that you discharged me based on sexual orientation. >> reporter: most republicans in the senate are expected to vote against opening up "don't ask, don't tell" for debate on the floor tomorrow. lady gaga is hoping to sway maine's two republican senators to switch sides. she is heading a repeal it rally in portland later tonight. we are following a
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developing story. a body found in patuxent river state park. now investigators have new leads to the unsolved murder. tannessa taylor's brother said she was bipolar and skit 47 nick schizophrenic. they have two persons of interest in the case, shannon watkins and casey boone. they believe taylor new watkins and boone through prostitution. last week the family of dr. david cohen says he is in good condition and asking for privacy while he recovers. he was shot in the stomach. police say paul pardus shot cohen when the doctor told him about his mother's proceeding nose sis -- prognosis. a man suspected of stabbing three people in leesburg now facing charges in michigan. elias abuelazam is being held on attempted murder charges. prosecutors filed four new attempted murder charges today. abuelazam is a suspect in 18
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attacks in michigan, virginia and ohio, five attacks deadly. still ahead here on the edge, exploring the nation's capitol. two wheels at a time. it's new, the largest of its kind in the united states. coming up, we will tell you what it is and how much it will cost you. plus they eat just about everything. how tiny stink bugs are causing major economic damage for some farmers in our area. and who can forget this video? this -- rather, the legal action being taken against that woman caught on camera, dumping a cat. we are back. 
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the district is expanding its bike sharing program. it makes it the biggest program in the country. karen gray houston has details. >> significant milestone. >> reporter: they came, they saw, they biked. local and federal officials joined a legion of biking enthusiasts in front of the new u.s. department of transportation headquarters in southeast. >> the only thing better than talking about bicycling is bicycling. >> reporter: capitol bike sharing is a regional program with 100 stations in the district and 14 in arlington. you can pick up a bike and ride it all over the area. >> i don't need a cup of coffee after riding a couple of miles on the bike. >> reporter: it's a new concept here in virginia the district has had a smart bike program in place since 2007 and installed
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bike lanes all over town. we found considerable interest at the new capitol bike share station across from the crystal city metro. there are all kinds of benefits to a program like this one. for one thing, the first 30 minutes of each trip are free. and everybody likes a freebie. you have to be a member, you can join online and ride for one day, one month or one year. >> if i wanted to go down on the street or something right now onto 23rd street and get lunch, i could see myself possibly hopping on the bike, biking over there, getting lunch and biking back. >> reporter: you can ride from virginia along the mt. vernon trail past the airport to the national mall or just zip down the street and around the corner. and you don't have to be a cyclist to appreciate the system. >> caring about our community and wanting us to be more healthy and more environmentally friendly. >> reporter: in arlington, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. still ahead here on the edge, they are ready for war.
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>> maryland farmers are going to battle. their enemy is something called the stinkbug and it could be coming to your house too. this is the video that outraged animal lovers. the charges for a woman caught on camera tossing a cat into a trashcan. take a look at this dramatic footage of a man being rescued from a flooded river from croatia. they spent hours trying to get the man and his sinking boat to shore. rescuers zipped down, whisked the man away. a pair airlifted to safety just moments before the vessel sank. a
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erica needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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time and temperature brought to you by my plumber heating and cooling. they are small, maybe the size of your fingernail but they could cause huge economic damage. talking about stink bugs, not the ones that have been in our area all along. there's a new invader eating just about every crop in its sight and in some parts of western maryland they have caused major damage. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> reporter: they may not look like much but they are tough. >> little tanks, you know, little armored tanks. i call them a lot of other names. >> reporter: the brown stinkbug is enemy number 1, not just at bob black's mountain orchard but for the university of maryland. >> the pest of most concern probably ever in my 20 years in
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extension. >> reporter: and the usda. >> we are very concerned. this test in a sense takes precedence over any other problem we have. >> reporter: they have all come together to try to help. you see, at bob black's orchard and thermot maryland the stinkbug has cost him 20% of his apple crop this year. >> big apple crop. 20% out of that, we have 80% to sell of great quality apples so we are in good shape but we don't want that to go to 30% damage next year. >> reporter: native to asia, this insect with the striped antenna appeared in the u.s. in the mid 1990s. tracey electricky made the first -- leske made the first detection in maryland in 2003. they have no natural predators since they are nonnative. >> as they are preproducing nothing attacking them. >> reporter: and they are feasting. >> it feeds on almost everything that we grow, horticulturally. >> reporter: they don't burrow through like a worm. instead they suck the juice like drinking out of a straw. >> it dries up. >> reporter: now the usda is
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developing a proposal to get congress to help. >> growers such as bob black, they need answers next year. it's too late for this year. but they will have to have some kind of a very rational approach to dealing with this test in the coming year. >> reporter: back on bob black's farm he has great looking apples. he hopes the future is this bright too. in maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. fantastic weather keeps coming. >> the stink bugs, i'm seeing them in my house too and they are crazy looking. >> i've never seen them. >> i've been catching them and throwing them outside. >> the old mouse problem, that's about it. i don't have the newfangled stinkbug yet. >> everything on the move, nights are cold and the days are hot so i think even the animals and insects are confused and we have got both of those in our forecast. but before that i look live outside today because it's a beautiful day, is it not? and more reasons to be excited about tonight not only will it be really comfortable, but if you have been noticing a big bright star in the evening sky,
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i've got to tell you tonight is the night to get out and really enjoy the planet jupiter because we are going to be at opposition. we will talk about what that means. it means jupiter will be coming up opposite the sun and extremely bright. it's the closest path it's made in a decade. look to the southeast, it's a lot closer than usual. it will be right overhead at midnight. only the moon is brighter in the nighttime sky so again that's tonight, our closest encounter with jupiter and if you've got a telescope, let me tell you, it is a fantastic view. there's a huge red spot on it which is a cyclone on the planet that that's about three -- that's about three times the size of earth and you can see that and perhaps even see some of the moon. galileo was the first to see the moons and you can check it out tonight too especially if you know somebody with a telescope. that's what that bright planet out there and a great treat tonight. high temperature 81. the september weather with the exception of the fact that yeah the stiffening bugs are busy
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and -- stink bugs are busy and too dry around here. mid-70s everywhere and we will head for the 50s tonight and we can see the cooler temperatures up to our north but we can also see there's still a lot of heat down to the south. so bottom line, after our cool night and another beautiful day tomorrow, we are headed for another summerlike warmup in the middle of the week. has a lot to do with this area of high pressure that's on top of us tonight. so some spots will actually be in the 40s like german town, winchester 45 and chantilly, 49 degrees. you'll be freezing in the morning if you have the windows open in the evening. there's going to be a widespread frost in the interior northeast tonight. first night for that. clear skies up there and we are generally clear as well and i want to show you there's been tremendous rain, also tropical rains in texas. this is from hurricane karl that made landfall in texas but corpus christi got 7 inches out of the deal. we can see the outer bands of the departing igor maybe not on
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this view but igor passed bermuda last night. no major damage, thank heavens. it went past as a category 1 but a lot of power and disruptions and trees down. for us clear and chilly with 40s in the suburbs, 55 degrees downtown, tomorrow sunny and beautiful after our chilly start, we get up to 79 degrees, but i want you to see the summerlike trend that's going to be coming back because tomorrow it's supercomfortable but we are up to 87 degrees and pushing 90 on thursday, a hot and end to the week. there will be thunderstorms in here wednesday night into the first part of thursday and then again on friday night. so just as fall is beginning, we are going to get a taste of some real hot stuff. we definitely need rain. the only rain we have in the forecast will be late on wednesday and you can see there's really not that much to it. we hope we will get something out of it next chance for thunderstorms after that looks like it will be friday and then it's full steam ahead to what we think will be another fantastic weekend. so 79 tomorrow, the hot days in the middle of the week and maybe a couple of thunderstorms around for the first part of saturday, late friday and into saturday and then clearing out
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for the weekend. but brian if anyone wants more information about jupiter we have got it on >> thank you. go ahead and turn your eyes because i know this is going to get you. >> the cat story? >> yeah. a british woman caught on camera dumping a cat into a garbage can now facing charges. the royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals says it will prosecute the woman for allegedly causing unnecessary suffering to the cat. the video was released on youtube, outraged animal lovers, the cat was rescued by her owners 15 hours later. the texans came to town and boy did they beat the skins. comeback, one in ot. >> reporter: deangelo hall speaks out in the locker room about what he would do differently as regards to covering a wide receiver. and graham ga noe the kicker missed one. coming up in the next live report. the national spotlight on
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tiny taj eyreeer island as america's biggest sports town per capita. the town manager says the island consists of 507 residents, one school, no cars.
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equals chili's $20 dinner for two. share one of five appetizers, like our famous texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees
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from 14 chili's favorites, like our chicken crispers with new sweet & smoky sae, r new slow-smoked honey chipotle baby back ribs, or grilled all-white meat chicken fajitas served or a bed of sizzling peppers and onions. grab a friend and t one appetizer plus two entrees with chili's $20 dinner for two. hi, everybody i'm dave feldman live at redskins park where a week ago it was the redskins defense that carried
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them to victory over the dallas cowboys. this week against the texans, it was the offense that carried the team but 426 yards passing by donovan mcnabb was not enough. the team still lost in overtime by three points. just over two minutes left, redskins lead 27-20. texans with a 4th and 10. matt schaub, 6'3" iran day johnson who leaps over reed doughty for a 34-yard touchdown. today deangelo hall says from now on he wants to cover the opponent's top receiver and doesn't the defensive quarterback normally have that job? >> it don't matter what he said. it's my team. it's my defense. so i'm going to follow the receiver around. that's what i'm going to do. if we have got to do that to win games, that's what i'm going to do. he knows me. he knows i like to do that so i don't see there being a problem at all. >> you want guys that believe in themselves and guys that know they can get the job done. anytime you do have a ball
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that's thrown up in the air on 4th and 10 and you don't come down with it, obviously it was a little frustrating for those guys. >> the redskins had a chance to win the game in overtime. kicker graham cano from 52 yards but right before the kick you hear the wisels, ba noe -- the whistles, gano made the kick. time-out. not as good as the first. wide right and today the kirk was asked -- kicker was asked if he was at all surprised that the texans iced him with the last-second time-out. >> i knew they were going to call a time-out, especially being that distance and me being a young kicker, i knew it was going to happen. i don't have no excuses. just got to do better next time. >> you got to go with your gut because they could have been easily missed the first one and then all of a sudden you make the second one, that happens as well too so you've got to have a gut and gary's gut worked out
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well. >> mike shanahan actually invented the icing of the kicker when he was with the broncos. he did it against the raiders pack in '06. trent williams, mri negative on his left knee. shanahan said he won't know until wednesday whether or not williams can play sunday. the injury occurred late in the fourth quarter. williams also suffered an injured toe on the play but evidently that's not that bad. the redskins will play their first road game of the season sunday in st. louis on fox. live from redskins park, dave feldman, brian, back to you. >> thank you for that. that's the news edge. back here tonight at 10:00, the news edge at 11:00. hope you will be too. .
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