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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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in mind, some users tell us that can take a couple of days. i'm lisa murphy, fox news. >> for more information you can log onto the news keeps coming. here's brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. hundreds of people diagnosed with cancer within a few miles of fort ditrick. tonight, community members went on the hunt for answers but walked away without any. our camera wasn't welcome at the public meeting. what gives. roz plater is live with the story, roz. >> reporter: what was billed as a public meeting was held in a private venue so they allowed radio reporters in but not our cameras. the reason, the topic is so hot, the folks on the board didn't want their faces flashed across the tv. this is home video of kicking our photographer off the
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property. they had posted a no video sign outside its meeting. randy white who heads up the foundation, named for his daughter who died, declared it unfair. he said so many frederic residents who couldn't attend the meeting were looking for answers. >> 700 people that have cancer, including my daughter who died two years ago, and their mother who's going to be dying any day, and it doesn't make news, and yet they keep the media out. i can't even believe this is america, that we don't have freedom of speech. they say it's open to the public, but they put it in that little tiny room and they kept people out by the police department when they said the public was invited. there's something wrong with that. >> reporter: his organization just took out two full-page ads in the frederic paper calling for resignations, claiming they knew of the ground water contamination years ago and didn't tell the public.
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but a spokesperson tells us the base has been involved in ground water remediation since 1992 in information it relaid to the newspapers. at the meeting, the restoration board would not talk to newspapers but the base was starting an archievl study designing to review records back to the '40s to see what chemicals and toxins might have been used and where, a study that could take years. virginia alfonno says she's not sure she has that kind of time. >> i have a cancer that has no cure. i can live maybe five years or 20 years. i don't know, depends on how long they keep going and how many studies i get into to hang in there, but i don't know if i've got five years to get an answer, and i would like to see them work a lot faster than this. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: now, meanwhile, the frederic health department has been trying to figure out if there's really a cancer clustener this area. the preliminary results of the study are due out october 4th. brian. >> roz plater reporting live in
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the news room. police have identified a woman killed in a greenville apartment complex but still have not found her killer. jacqueline bass was shot several times on greenbelt road. she lived in that complex. police don't have a suspect or motive in her death. a house fire has claimed the life of a mother and two of her children. it happened in morning in lortin, virginia. we're told in the last minutes of her life, she helped save the lives of three of her other kids. fox5's will thomas has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: the community of neighbors out here consider themselves more like family members, and they are mourning the loss of three of their own. in fact, a memorial is growing right outside the scene of the fire, neighbors stopping by to pay their final respects, and some of those neighbors have provided photos of the memories they all shared together. let's give you a look. 24--year-old ali anderson holding her 2 month old daughter here, was seen handing her children out of a second story window one by one to children
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out of a second story window one by one to an uncle below. her 8-year-old daughter, 6 month old son and baby girl made it out alive. neighbors say she went back for n6 month old son and baby girl made it out alive. neighbors say she went back for the youngest boys, 5-year-old solomon and 3-year-old alfonso, but they were not seen again. >> we went to the front door and couldn't go in because the flame was so high, and the smoke, and we went to the glass door with the painting. >> county official haven't released the names of anyone involved in the fire because it's their policy to wait for the medical examiner to make positive ids, investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the early morning fire out here and we have learned the father of all the children at the hospital with the three children who survived, surrounded by other family members as well. in lortin, virginia, i'm will thomas, fox5 news. a navy seal from our area has died fighting in afghanistan. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> reporter: brian, brendan
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loony grew up in montgomery county, went to the naval academy and off to war. he was one of six americans killed yesterday in a nato helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. no word on what caused it to go down. loony leaves behind a wife, his parents and five brothers and sisters. president obama urging global leaders to renew their commitment to end world poverty. at the un, the president reminded global leaders of antiproperty goals that were set 10 years ago. mr. obama will return to the un tomorrow to deliver a major address on foreign policy before a general assembly. from high paying jobs to the county lock-up. eight current and small officials from the city of bell california appeared today in shackles, arrested as part of a corruption investigation. a state audit released today say city officials mismanaged more than $50 million in bond money, levied illegal taxes and paid exorbitant salaries to its
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leaders. >> laura, you're looking to save a few bucks, who isn't. you could be throwing away money. how to get a good lock at your trash and save money while you're at it. a leader of a megachurch in atlanta facing major allegations tonight. first, a run down. and the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox5's news edge at 11:00. >> tony cracks me up. >> i've watched her for years? everything, the weather, the traffic. >> love you guys. >> fox5's morning news, weekday mornings starting at 4:25 a.m.
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 >> the hunt is on in maryland for the man police are calling the preppy burglar. this is surveillance video of him knocking on the house on the 14th. he went around back, got in, stole electronics and other goods. there's a $500 reward for information leading to that guy's arrest. disturbing new sex claims against the pastor of an atlanta area megachurch. today, a third lawsuit was filed against bishop eddie long,
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accusing him of coercing young men into sexual relationships. the victims claim he seduced him with cars, money and gifts, when they were young members of their congregation in exchange for sex. he denies the allegations. a traffic alert for those heading out of town and the most expensive place to live in the d.c. region. the top 5. >> first, it is almost flu season. should you get a shot? if you're pregnant you should. number 5, doctors are expecting all women who are expecting to get a flu shot. less than a quarter of us women typically get vaccinated. a new drug for people with multiple sclerosis. they developed a pill to prevent relapses of ms. it changes the immune system's response to the disease so they have fewer attacks and slows the progression of ms. number 3, more job cuts in
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the d.c. area. d.c. payrolls dropped by 19,800 jobs, 6700 in maryland and 6500 in virginia. the biggest job losses were in michigan, california and texas. number 2, it will cost you to buy a house in the d.c. region, bethes da ranks 20th on coldwell banker's most expensive houses in the country. average 4 bedroom ranks over 800,000. newport beach, california, is the most expensive in the country. the average four bedroom costs, the average, $1.8 million. and number 1 tonight is a traffic alert if you're heading out. crews are closing all four lanes of southbound i270 south of exit 10 or diamond avenue, at midnight. the lanes will close in 15-minute intervals between midnight and 4:00 a.m. brian, that's a look at tonight's fox5 top 5. thank you, shawn.
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enough stuff to fill 10 houses dumped on the side of the street in northwest d.c.. how a hoarder's stash ended up here and the people who came to her rescue to save her belongings from the dump. >> is there cash in your trash? i'll show you the things that you throw away that are sure signs you're throwing money away. but first, you've seen this guy, the north texas dog is gaining worldwide recognition all because of his tongue. the 10-year-old pekinese named puggy may be dying but his tongue is not. he holds the guinness world record, it was 4 passport 4 inches long which is a huge accomplishment for a dog of that size.
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>> an eviction in d.c. turn out to be a bigger job than expected. the woman was a hoarder. it was dumped on 11th street northwest taking up two city blocks. a virginia moving company volunteered to take it away, store it and filled up three
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trucks. the city has agreed to store the rest. people are looking for ways to scrimp and save but they don't realize how much money they're throwing away. melanie alnwick shows you how to find extra cash by looking in your trash. >> reporter: jeff yager knows a lot of things, but one of his favorite subjects is trash. >> here is the great news if you're a cheap skate like me, which is by producing less trash, you're going to save money, and that's what my trash autopsy is all about. >> a trash autopsy, says yager is a thorough dissection of all your garbage and recycling. >> look at that, see what i'm talking about? look at it. it's incredible, isn't it. >> reporter: what you find will tell you where you're throwing money away. >> when i look at a dumbster like this, it's like i look at a bank account. >> reporter: first he picks on plastic water bottles. >> it would cost $1400 a year to get all your water in bottles like this as opposed to 47 cents
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to get it out of the tap. >> reporter: lots of packaging means you could shop smarter. >> it's probably costing you 50 to 150% more to buy those small containers versus buying a large container or buying in bulk. >> reporter: fast food boxes point to another big leak in your budget. >> you could save about 80% in general by preparing the food at home. >> reporter: yager suggests composting instead of putting food scratches in the trash. >> you can use that to polish furniture. i'm not kidding, it's great for wood. >> reporter: too many phone books. yellow pages.orgwill get you off the distribution list. >> i like to use them as wipes to clean my windows and wrap things like cookies in in the freezer, but then again, i'm a cheap skiet. >> reporter: he also takes issue with dryer lint, a sign you're doing a lot of laundry. >> clothes dried outside last 50% longer. do the math, it's $100,000 sa
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year in savings. he's spreading his message saying the less we consume, the more we'll have for ourselves and future generations. melanie alnwick, fox news. do you got one of these? afternoon storms dumping hail on parts of our region this first day of fall. fox5 viewers sent us a picture of what rolled through their ground in leesburg. it almost looks like a dusting of snow. >> don't say that. >> don't go there, brian. >> we're still scarred from the blizzard. >> definitely for sure. it's hard to believe we're already changing to fall after a winter like that. those storms had a lot of energy with them and the lightning show was impressive too. they're just about out of here. we don't have any lightning showing up in our area but the storms are slow to weak enen on
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the eastern shore. there's not much going on on the d.c. area. to the shore you can see the big line of storms with a lot of lightning. that extends all the way out to the cape may area and there could be one or two more showers still over on the allegheny front later tonight. we have a stalled front to the north and that's where the energy is coming from. max hd satellite and radar puts it into motion. we'll show you what's going on with this on the wider view. our front is stalled right here, just a couple more showers out here in western maryland but i don't think those will make it into d.c.. the heat did make it into d.c. in a big way. it was 95 degrees here, up to our north it was in the 70s. that's where the front is. that's where it's going to stay tomorrow as we look at some of the high temperatures across the nation, you can see it was still very steamy across the ohio and tennessee valley and down through the deep south.
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but we're starting to see signs of cooler temperatures, more fall-like temperatures. minneapolis 64 degrees, bismarck, 65. eventually that gets here, but we have to wait until saturday before this edge of heat goes away. 68 in monases. d.c. close to 80 at this 11:00 hour. it's officially fall, that just happened a couple of minutes ago. meanwhile to the north the stalled frontal system will stay there tomorrow and we are looking at another hot day tomorrow. for tonight, partly cloudy, mild overnight, about 71 degrees. tomorrow back up to 91 degrees. maybe a pop of up storm. 92 tomorrow, friday is another scorcher at 94. then we get a little bit more reasonable on saturday at 85 and really feeling like fall on sunday, 76 degrees. now, i want you to see that the
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frontal boundary is just stalled to the north during the day tomorrow so it keeps us in the hot air. eventually we'll see this front getting another bit of a push, it will move all the way up into upstate new york and eventually a stronger front will come through friday night and saturday. we believe that second front that rolls through friday night and saturday will come through dry just for a couple of clouds here and there. that's where we'll begin to see the temperatures coming on it. there's the low that will drag us closer, and after it comes through friday night, temperatures will get much more reasonable around here. here's the 5-day forecast, where you talk about some hot days, and we also eventually think we'll have a couple of showers on sunday. this is still kind of questionable every time we look at a new run of the model guidance, it changes just a little bit but we think there will be some showers lurking in the mid atlantic. not sure they'll be into d.c.. 76 on monday so at least that cooler air will feel good and we could sure use some rain if we
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are >> good evening, i'm dave feldman, albert haynesworth returned to practice. williams was a spectator wearing the knee brace and limping pretty noticeably, the after-effects of his fourth quarter injury against the texans, he'll be evaluated each day. if he's unable to play, the
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red-redskins could go with hour or brown who's played tackle this season. today he took lefts at both right and left tackle. >> i think we've had a pretty good situation. jamalplayed the left side. he can play the left or right sides. that's a big advantage for us if trent's not able to go, but hopefully he will be. >> back to sunday on the play that possibly decided between the redskins winning or losing. over dowdy, it's the game-tying touchdown. afterwards, hall said he wasn't surprised dowdy failed to make the play and that he, hall, would cover top regardless of jim haslet's scheme. today, haslet and dowdy both responded. >> he said what we already know so i don't think it bothers anybody on the defense. i think it sounds like a shock because it seems like a slight
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to the other guys on the team but it's not. >> i think he's playing high level right now and doing a heck of the job and i think there's times you can do that on formation and other times you can't. >> yesterday, larry johnson for the redskins cited the need to add a special teams player against the rams. running back chad simpson was added to fill johnson's roster spot. >> i really didn't see that coming. i didn't see that coming and i don't think anyone saw that coming, so especially when you're trying to get -- you know, get things going in the running game, with the running back of his caliber and the things hooez he's been able to do and what we want to do here, i think you can work that so that it will work out in our favorite. >> today, mcnabb was asked about the eagles decision to go with michael vick over kevin cobb. mcnabb says he was part of the quarterback controversy for 11
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years in philly. he added, i guess it never stops. nats lead 1-0. roger bernadinna getting a little horizontal with his gloves, great play for the defensive player of the game, bottom 7th. nats out 3-2, espinosa, hits a pitch to right field and clears the game winning 2-run home run. nats win 4-3. oreioles fall to the red sox 6-1. hockey people, making their preseason debut. second period, johansen dropped it to hend rick, who buries the first of three goals on the night. later second period, caps on the power play, alexander stemmon to thomas sliceman who scores the first of his two goals. they defeat the blue jackets 6-2. here we go again. in the net tonight and
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fellow goalee signed a two year extension with the caps $2.3 million. i'm dave feldman. brian's back right after this.  right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row.
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and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, ted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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>> people who get a parking ticket in cambridge,


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