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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 23, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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morning news continues right now. good morning, etch. we take a live look over the washington monument on this thursday september 23rd. a hot and humid one out there. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's say good morning to tucker barnes. >> we want to see all of you, not just half of you. >> did you guys get a thunderstorm last night. >> i did not. >> i saw a lot of lightning but that is as much as i got. >> i laid down to go to bed about 8:00. and sure enough it arrived so i couldn't sleep until 9:30. >> maybe i sliptd through it. >> the shower and thunderstorm activity is out of here after providing some of us fireworks during the evening hours and we are left with warm temperatures. didn't really cool us down a whole lot. 74-degree at reagan national. 67 in baltimore. 67 out at dulles. you get the idea here, these temperatures much warmer than they've been the last couple of
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mornings. 67 in winchester. the shower and thunderstorm activity was kind of spotty in nature, kind of isolated. some of us got some pretty big storms. that has slipped off the coast. the morning fog will burn off and we'll be left with a hot and humid one this afternoon with once again temperatures jumping into the 90s. remember, it is the first full day of fall. our average high temperature is in the upper 70s and we are talking about 90s. mother nature is not willing to give up on summer quite eighty. highs later this afternoon with lots of sunshine in the low 90s. 91 here in town and just hot. not expecting a shower and/or thunderstorm activity later today. so it will be a quiet one. >> let's see if it is quiet out on the roadways as well. julie wright has your look of traffic. >> we already have some problems to discuss. traveling northbound on 395 north of seminary road before king street, we have the latest crash there. it popped up on the left side of the road. i know it is difficult to see
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in the dark and around this curve. the variable message sign is forcing everybody to the right as you work out to the 14th street bridge. thankfully, they tia hour, traffic volume still working in our favor. that is northbound 395 north of seminary road. southbound 270 in great shape. no problems to report leaving gaithersburg headed for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headline this morning, tonight ache virginia woman will be the first female in the commonwealth to be put to death in nearly a century. theresa lewis is scheduled to be put to death by lethal inject at 9:00 p.m. at a correctional facility in jarrett. she is sentenced to death for providing sex and money to two men who killed her husband and stepson in october of 2002. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has turned down two requests for clemency from her attorneys. the d.c. judge in the chandra levy trial will not allow prosecutors to reference certain statements made by the
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suspect. in 2001, he said he sometimes, quote, cannot control himself when he sees someone alone in a secluded area with something of value. he has pleaded not guilty to levy's murder solve the a tragic house fire claim the lives of a young mother and her two kids. but the mother gave her life saving her other children. fairfax county firefighters found the bodies on the second floor of a home on ha ge. l circle in lorton. 24-year-old ally anderson handed the kids out of a window to their uncle down below. three children made it out alive. she went back for her youngest children and neighbors tried to help them. >> i heard her screaming out. we went to the front door. we couldn't go in because the flame was so high and the thick black smoke and we went to the glass door and it was the same thing. >> the mother did not make it out alive. the community set up a memorial outside the home and so far, there is no official cause of
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the fire. a any ofy seal from our area has died in afghanistan. brendan loony was one of nine americans killed in a knit owe helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. no word what caused it to go down. loony grew up in montgomery county, went to the naval academy and then was sent off to war. he leaves behind a wife, his parents and five brothers and sisters. >> another big story we are following this morning, part of a new health care law kicks in today. it has been six months since the president signed the landmark bill but the future of health care reform is still unclear. matt ackland is live on capitol hill with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is a big fight still on the hill. although it was passed six months ago, there are still many republicans out there that would like it repealed and a lot of people are talk bath mid- term elect and what happens after that should the republicans take the senate and the house. the president is out and about touting this new reform that goes into place today benefiting millions of americans out there.
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he was in falls church yesterday telling folks just how this reform works and how it will help many americans. with democrats facing tough mid- term elections, president obama turned to backyard politics, turning back the clock to one of his biggest victories. >> health care was one. those issues that we could no longer ignore. >> reporter: the president touted his landmark law along with a backyard full of supporters in falls church, virginia. >> i expect that it will make a big difference if my life and that of other people word affected. >> i would have been so stressed out and worried about paying for my medical bills. >> reporter: starting thursday, some of the changes include allowing parents to keep dependents on their insurance until the age of 26 coverage for preexisting conditions, no lifetime limits on benefits and free preventive care. but the battle over health care reform isn't over. virginia and more than two dozen states have lawsuits pending against the federal
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government seeking to overturn the law. >> we have not been able to find any precedent based on a commerce clause or anywhere else that the united states constitution authorizes the congress to mandate the purchase of a service. >> reporter: while the economy has dominated the headlines since the president signed his health care law, he says the two are tied together and that saving on health care costs will help consumers keep more money in their pocket. >> we just got to give people some basic peace of mind. >> reporter: now, the president does believe that overall the health care reform will actually save americans money. but on the other side, the republicans many of them, say it will put us more into debt. so that debate continues here on the hill, steve. >> thank you. one suspect in ohio may want to pick a better hiding place next time he is running from police. up next, we'll tell what you happened when he jumped into a
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dumpster. a wild ride that nearly turned deadly. >> a dog deemed to be swishes and sentenced to be put down but not without a fight from his family. >> we've been living here for nine years. they could have come to us for nine years and say your animal has done this, your animal has done that. we have never, ever got anything.
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police identified the woman who was culled at a greenbelt apartment complex. 49-year-old jacqueline pass was shot several times in the apartment building parking lot on greenbelt road. she lived in that complex. so far police have no suspects or motive in the death. another setback in the efforts to rescue 33 miners trapped underground in chile. one of the hammers a drill became detached. officials believe it was probably due to a change in ground conditions since that drill went from harder rock to softer ground. in ohio arks thief with thousands of dollars worth of stuff from a wal-mart dives into a dumpster to escape from police. 40 minutes laterrer, they get an urgent call from a friend that i dump truck had picked him up and he is screaming and complaining that he is dying each time the truck compacts its load. police launch a frantic search
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for the truck but when they find it, they can't find the thief. >> when we first got inside the truck, we had no idea where he was at all. we could hear his voice. eventually, he was able to stick his hand out through some cardboard and that is where we started digging to try to get him free. >> we tried freeing him from where he was and realized we couldn't do it. and he was in a lot of pain and asked if we would just dump the truck. >> i figured he was almost dead because that is packed so tight in there. >> the thief is recovering at a cleveland hospital. this morning, police say he would not have survived that trip to the dump. still ahead, delicious hot meals being served up by local public schools. >> the students say the food tastes pretty good but it is who is serving uple up the meals that is rising a few eyebrows. we are serving up some hot and humid conditions in our forecast. i'll have the details on that
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and julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic. that coming up right after the break.
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start you off with a view from the wilson bridge area. fox 5 teaming up with mix 107.3, our friends over there, to raise money for the children's national medical center this morning. we'll be there. the radio station holding a radiothon all day and tony perkins is down at children's hospital this morning. we'll check in with tony a little bit later on. if you would like to help out, can you donate now. can you go online to mix
5:16 am and the keyword is kids. >> we are expecting highs today in the low to mid-90s. we'll do it one more day tomorrow. right now, we are starting off the day on the mild side, particularly here in town. 7 # degrees. so that is reminiscent of july and august. 71 for you in annapolis. 68 in in leonardtown. winchester, you are down to 66. 64 in manassas. 69 as you start your morning in fredericksburg. this is very unusual as this weather pattern persists for another couple of days. we are going to cool it down by the weekend but we have to get there first. satellite-radar, hay couple of pretty good thunderstorms pop up during the evening hours last night. not all of us saw the rain but some did get some pretty good showers. we got a little localized fog out there. it should be a bright and sunny
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afternoon. our next frontal system doesn't get in here until late friday, early saturday. i think it will come through here try but it will start to cool things down as we get into saturday and sunday. so this particular heat wave won't last too much longer. here is another look at t the heat olds on with high temperatures. i think they will be right in the neighborhood they were yesterday, low to mid-90s. really, up and done the eastern seaboard here. we are talking about unseasonable heat with 80s and 90s in the forecast for the next couple of days. 91degrees your high temperature so stay cool out there. partly cloudy, warm kind of humid overnight as well. five-day forecast, could see some record heat around here tomorrow. 94 the forecast high. that would tie a record. saturday, sunday and monday, you can see the cooler temperatures arrive. maybe some showers by monday afternoon, monday evening. we can see some rain return. that is a look at the forecast. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright. >> first day of fall, who are
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you kidding? 91degrees honey. >> you're loving it. >> you got that right. on the roads right now, you will find you have your hands full along 395. accident activity north of seminary road before you reach king street. that is continuing to block the two left lanes and now we are starting to see the delays form north of duke street as you travel northbound on 395. this occurred in the main line. two left lanes are closed. inner loop of the beltway in maryland as you approach route 5, that is where we had the crash tying up the center lane from the right. outer loop still rolling at speed leaving colesville road headed for 270. an eviction in the district turned out to be a much bigger job than expected. the woman was considered to be a hoarder. she had enough stuff to fill 10 homes. effect was dumped out on 11th street northwest. a virginia moving come volunteered to store it and filled up three trucks. a family's precious pet about be-to-be put down because of a fight with another dog. animal control says the black
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lab is vicious and has to be destroyed. >> roby chavez has more on how the family is pleading for i chance to keep the dog alive. >> you put a peaceful and kind hearted animal to sleep if something is not down. >> reporter: a last-minute plea to save the family pet. april will tie by month's end unless she gets a reprieve. she has been deemed vicious and is now behind bars. >> a family member being locked away looking at the death penalty. how do you teal with a situation like that? you know you are helpless in the situation. nothing can you do but pri. >> reporter: april allegely got into it with a neighbor's smaller dog in late february. however, the dog's owner didn't complain nor did she bring her dog to the vet until a month after the incident. at the hearing, the waddells a there was no hard he have of an attack. >> she brought pieces of paper with ill strags on what she has seen. no actual pictures, no animal
5:20 am
wounds. there was a bill from a veterinarian but it never specified what actually was the findings, why her dog was injured. >> reporter: a been el for the prince george's county animal control found april guilty last week. now, the black lab must be euthanized. the reason? the county claims she often roamed free in their secluded cul-de-sac wooded neighborhood and was a nuisance. april was also deemed vicious based on one complaint by that other pet owner. the family says it is the first complaint ever. >> we have never been told -- we've been living mere for nine years. i'm sure they could have come and said your animal has done this or that. we have never got anything. i think that the way the county went about it was come politely wrong. >> reporter: the after the family spent hundreds of dollars to secure the home, april was returned home. >> some wrrk someone has to be
5:21 am
able top husband had where. but giving her a home where she will not be put to sleep because she doesn't deserve it. >> in prince george's county, roby chavez fox 5 news. >> reporter: roby says the family does have the right to appeal the decision but it will cost $2,500 to get the case to court. >> prince george's county animal control and jack johnson's office both refused to comment on this story. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, delicious hot heels being sebbed up at local public schools. >> the students say the food tastes pretty good but it is who is serving up the meals that is raising a few rye aye browse. that is coming up next. you are watching fox 5 morning news.
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fruit smoothies. ♪ ♪ here is your look from high above wisconsin avenue on thursday morning. very comfortable conditions although another hot one in store. we'll check in with tucker in a little bit. first, want to talk about the schools in d.c. three companies have contracts to provide meals to d.c. public schools. the newest one and the one that a lot of the kids seem to like the most is also raising the most eyebrows, the d.c. central can i have goon it is a nonprofit agency that drives to help the homeless and he can- offenders get back to better lives. that means some of them are working in public schools. >> reporter: the overwhelming majority of kids at burrville elementary school in northeast washington choose to have a hot lunch over a brown bag lunch
5:25 am
from home. the kids are very bigot food they're getting this year in the cafeteria. two fifth graders told us their favorites practice the menu. >> corn bread, string beans, mashed potatoes. >> reporter: the food is cooked fresh daily at i nearby middle school and is distributedded, kept warm and served at a total of seven schools by staff members of the d.c. central kitchen, a nonprofit agency. >> in 12 weeks, we train men and women that wanted to change their life. a lot of them are ex-fonders. some have been in trouble and been in the shelter. they come to us to try to change their lives. that is who we get employed into the program. >> reporter: 53-year-old nathan disasso who now works five days a week at the elementary school found himself homeless two years ago. >> my concept in my mind was always to left a legacy for my children. hi to pick myself up and get
5:26 am
started somewhere. arrived at d.c. central kitchen after hearing about it and it has set me on a path. >> are ex-offenders working in the school. >> they are. they want through a complete background check. >> reporter: before anyone is allowed to work in the buildings with school children they are first evaluated on the frequency and seriousness of past offenses. so far, say school administrators, there have been no problems with the workers from d.c.'s central kitchen. john henrehan fox 5 news. >> thank you very much. we still have a lot more this morning on fox 5 morning news. let's check in with matt ackland. >> reporter: six months after health care reform was passed, finally, americans across the country are seeing the benefits. a live report from capitol hill coming up.
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we'll take a look outside from our tower cam. it is thursday morning, september 23rd. we do have a reminder that we are helping to raise money for children's hospital along with our partners at mix 107.3. they are holding their radiothon for children's national medical center. we'll be checking in with tony perkins who will be down there. you can call now or can you go
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online and the keyword is kids. we'll check in with tony in just a moment. >> he should be happy. he think he will be probably inside but it will be a hot one if he is not and for anybody that is not inside. >> certainly later this afternoon, we'll be checking temperatures in the 90s. >> a year ago during the fall, we had our first blizzard. so this year for the first day of fall, we are having 90s. >> it is hard to think of december as the fall. i know it is officially. >> we'll see what happens. not in the cards today. we have highs expected to be in the 90s. it will feel like summertime. we'll be flirting with record temperatures before all is said and done tomorrow. today, our record high is 98 degrees so i don't think that will be the case. parts of the area got some rain so there is a little localized fog out there. wind are light out of the north at three miles per hour. pressure is up. looking at the satellite-radar
5:31 am
there, there goes your shower and thunderstorm activity out towards annapolis an off the coast. you can see we're left with very quiet conditions out there. partly cloudy skies as you that is right your day and it will be mostly sunny this afternoon. we'll be hot. temperatures well above average. probably 10 to 15-degree above where they should be later this afternoon with highs once again in the low to mid-90s. yesterday, we had 94. today, 916789 lots of sunshine and certainly humid for this time year as well with winds out of the the north and west at five miles per hour. more heat tomorrow and we'll have a cooldown for the weekend. >> thank you. let's not folkous that right now, let's just focus on the now. >> i just wanted to know if sarah is sitting in the hot seat. it is 90-some degrees. >> i can't wait for it to cool down this weekend. >> yeah, yeah. we're some offing on.
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it has been so much fun with you there too. -- we're moving on. we do have a lane still blocked on 395. coming northbound from duke heads up there at king. all lanes are open if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda and coming southbound along 270. no incidents to reported out of rockville leaving 28 for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> making headlines this more than, barring an unexpected last-minute move from the governor, a virginia woman will become the first female executed in the commonwealth in nearly a century. theresa lewis is scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection at 9:00 p.m. at a correctional facility in jarrett. the 41-year-old was sentenced to together for providing sex and money to two men would killed her husband and stepson back in october 2002.
5:33 am
yesterday, the u.s. scream court refused to block the execution. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has turned down two requests for clemency from her lawyers. a mother and two children die in a tragic house fire in virginia. the mother gave her life saving her other children too. she handed the kids out of a window to their uncle below. her 8-year-old daughter, six engineered son and baby girl all made it out alive. she went back for her youngest boys, five-year-old solomon and three-year-old alfonso. neighbors tried desperately to help them. >> i heard her screaming out. >> we went to the front door. we couldn't go in because the flame was so high and the thick black smoke. and we went to the glass door and it was the same thing. >> now, the neighbors gave us the names of family members but the fairfax county fire officials are waiting for the medical examiner to filially identify the victims. our big story the nation's new health care law sorns six
5:34 am
months old awed tornado with that milestone brings big benefits for americans as well as skepticism from some lawmakers. matt ackland live on capitol hill to break it down if us. >> reporter: get yesterdayy to hear a lot about health care reform over the next couple of weeks. two reasons, today, some of those provisions within the legislation actually take effect and also with the mid- term elections, right around the corner, there will be a lot of back and forth on capitol hill and throughout the united states on whether or not health care reform is something that we need or something that we need to get rid of. let's take you to a little bit of video and tells what you goes into effect today. starting today, the changes include allowing parents to keep kids on their insurance until 26. coverage cannot be denied for preexisting conditions. there are no lifetime limits on benefits. and most preventive care visits will not require copayments. but the fight against the reform is still under way this morning. some states including virginia are suing the federal government over the
5:35 am
legislation. >> they at any time really mean it when they said it would bring down costs. in pointed of fact, costs are going up. i don't think it is any surprise democrats aren't running on this bill. >> so all these things are tea signed -- designed not to have government more involved in health care. they are tine stood make sure you have basic protection in your interaction with your insurance company. >> what a lot of people are talking about is how to pay for this health care reform. republicans say it is just too expensive. it is sending the government into more debt. but the obama administration and democrats say it will actually save americans money over the long haul. back to you. >> all right. thank you. a fox 5 camera crew gets kicked out of what was supposed to be a public meeting at fort detrick. the public meeting was called at a private venue near the base to tell people about cancer study. hundreds of people have been
5:36 am
diagnosed with cancer in that area. roz plater has more on the story. >> reporter: this is home video of our photographer getting kicked off the property. there was a no video sign outside the meeting. randy white declared it unfair. he says so many frederick residents would couldn't attend the meeting were looking for answers. >> 700 people that have cancer including my daughter who died two years ago and their mother who is going to be dying any day and it doesn't make news and yet they keep the media out. i can't even believe this is america, that we don't have freedom of speech. they say it is open to the public but they put it in that little tiny room and they kept people out by the police department when they said the public was invited. there is something wrong with that. >> reporter: his organization
5:37 am
just took out two full page ads in the frederick paper calling for resignations, claiming fort detrick knew of groundwater con tam nation years ago and didn't tell the public. but a spokesman for fort detrick told us the base has been involved in groundwater remediation since 1992-rbgs information it relayed to the newspapers. at the meeting, the restoration board would not talk about the cancers but announced the base was starting an archival study designed to review records dating back to the 40s to see what chemicals and toxins might have been used and where. a study that could take years. virginia says she is not sure she has that kind of time. >> i have a cancer that has in cure. can i live maybe five years or 20 years. you don't know. it depends on how good they keep going and how long -- how many studies i get into to hang in there. but i don't know if of a he got five years to get an answer. and i would like to see them work a lot faster than this.
5:38 am
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hecklers shouting at president barack obama during a gay rights fundraiser in new york city last night. some shouted at him for not funding more aids programs. the president answered by telling them to go south at republicans. he will address the nation in morning and then he sits down with leaders from china and japan. a dramatic end to a high- speed car chase down in south florida. four burglary suspects took off from broward county in a white toyota amery that you see there. the driver hit speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour on the highway before weaving on to the side streets and, as always, it seems to end that way. suspects bailed though when the police finally stopped the car but as usual didn't get that far. the officers used the taser to subdue the driver and at least one passenger. the suspects were all eventually arrested. female security officers in houston, texas claim they were warnedded not to wear their hair blond to work.
5:42 am
the 405 african-american employees work at the harris county courthouse. she say a supervisor isn't a warning noting that blond wig or weaves could get them fired. an employment attorney requested whether the the rule was legal. >> we would like to know whether that rule is uniformly applied to all of the employees. is this just for black employees. is it for white employees or males as well? this is all important in making a determination who that is an unlawful policy. >> their complaint paid off too. a manager says the local supervisor misinterpreted the rule and will be retrained. the women can have blond hair when they were at work now. still ahead, another way to find some extra cash. >> reporter: this is cash in your trash? the things that you throw away that are sure signs you are throwing money away.
5:43 am right here in this neighborhood,
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i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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welcome back. we take a live look over the washington monument this morning. things are going to be heating up as head out the door. let's talk about this for a little bit. fox 5 is teaming up with mix 107.3 to raise machiney for
5:46 am
children's national medical center this morning. we'll be be speaking with our tony perkins in just a bit about it. he is at children's hospital this morning as well. we have two ways to you to donate. you can call this number or online mix 107.3. com. keyword is kids. >> they do it every year. we try to help out. it's great event. hopefully can you help out as well. if you've never been down at children's national medical center, you will want to make a difference. it's wonderful place. >> tucker is is making a difference today. in a way. >> you are keeping us informed. >> i am trying to. we'll be experiencing some heat around here. possibility of some record heat tomorrow. temperatures as we get into tomorrow afternoon, mid-90s. so enjoy today. it will only be the low 90s. >> you will be smacking the bugs. it seem like they come back when the heat comes up. >> that's right.
5:47 am
they're relentless. we need a freeze. that will do them in. 94degrees at reagan national. that was the high temperature yesterday. dulles, new record, 94. bwi marshall, just a little cooler, 91. i think we'll be a degree or two cooler today. temperatures expected to be well above where they should be for this time of year as will once again be back into the 90s. you know it is the first day of fall but it won't feel like it out there for the next few days. 7 # degree at reagan national. not cooling off a whole lot at least here in town. a little better off to the north and west. gaithersburg, good morning to you. you are 64. pretty good rains in annapolis last night. 71 for you. 66 to start your morning in leonardtown. highs later today, once again, low 90s. plenty of sunshine. we'll take thunderstorms out of the equation today so it should be a quieter day than yesterday. i know not all of us got the rain showers. some of us got some pretty good thunderstorms. there is your satellite-radar. fairly quiet. we got the system out to the
5:48 am
west. that will come in in the form of a cold front late overnight friday into saturday morning. that will start to cool us down as we get into the weekend. the good news is this particular heat wave not going to last forever. the next couple of days, we are going to be experiencing temperatures well above average with plenty of sunshine. forecast high today 91 degrees. lots of sunshine, hot, humid this affect. humid, late september, humid, winds out of the north and west at about five miles per hour. later tonight, partly loud can i skies and certainly warm. 71 your overnight low with winds shifting out of the south at about five miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast. good chance to see record heat around here tomorrow. 94 forecast high. the cold front cools us down on saturday, 85. we'll be cool by sunday and monday with high temperatures only in the mid-70s. lots of clouds and an increasing chance for rain around here by monday afternoon and monday evening. all right. that is a look at the forecast. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright. >> i can still hear the banana
5:49 am
boat singers in the green room. i'm so happy. >> couple more days. >> the lanes are open with the accident at 395 took street, now cleared. lane are open in the hovs and main line as you travel out of woodbridge and work your way out towards lorton. also at speed, the trip between an an del and merrifield. traveling north of town, the outer loop. beltway, no problems reported between college park and bethesda. southbound 270 behaving nicely now traveling south of 28 out of rockville headed for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> the much-anticipated meeting between the presumptive new mayor of d.c. and the schools chancellor just a few hours away now. vincent gray and his schools chancellor michelle rhee scheduled to talk face to face for the first time since gray won the democratic primary. this will be a closed discussion at city hall. vincent gray said michelle rhee's future would rely heavily on this conversation
5:50 am
today. lots of people are looking for ways to scrimp and save right now. they don't realize how much money they are throwing away. fox 5 reporter melanie alnwick shows you thousand find extra trash by looking in your cash. >> reporter: jess yaeger knows a lot of things but one of his favorite subjects is trash. >> here is the great news if you are a cheapskate like me. which is by producing less trash, you will save money. that is who my trash autopsy is all about. >> reporter: a trash autopsy says yager is a thorough dissection of all your trash. >> it's incredible, isn't it. >> reporter: what you find will tell you where you are throwing money away. >> when i look if a dumb tore like this, it is like i'm looking in a bank accounted. >> first he picks to plastic water bottles. >> it would cost $1,400 to get all of your watter in bottle like this as osceola possessed to 47 cents to get it out of the tap.
5:51 am
>> reporter: lots of packaging means you could shop smarter. >> probably costing you 50 to 150% more to buy those small containers versus buying a large container or buying in bulling. >> reporter: fast food boxes point to another big leak in your budget. >> you could save about 80% in general by preparing the food at home. >> reporter: yaeger suggests composting instead of poot putting food scraps in the trash. >> can you use that to polish furniture with. not kidding you. >> reporter: too many phone books? yellow pages goes will get you off the distribution list. >> i like to use them as wipes to clean my windows with and also to wrap things like cookies in in the freezer. but then again, i'm he aa cheapskate. >> reporter: he also take issue can with dryer linda tripp, a sign you are doing a lot of laundry. >> clothes that are dried outside last 50% longer. do the math, it is about $1,000
5:52 am
a year in savings. you are producing less trash. >> reporter: through humor and spendthrift savvy, yaeger is spreading his message that the less we consume, the more we'll have for ourselves and future generations. melanie alnwick, fox news. >> still have alet more for you including the big american idol makeover. >> after months of speculation, the american idol judges are finally announced. i'm adam housley. we'll have that story coming up from inglewood, california.
5:53 am
oweanyo four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
5:54 am
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welcome back. a reminder for you. we are raising money for children's hospital along with our partners, mix 107.3. this is a live picture down there where our own tony perkins is standing by at children's hospital this morning. >> can you donate now by phone. the number is on the bottom of your screen. or online at mix 1073. com. the key words is kids. let's head to the ice right now. bruce boudreau and the caps making their pre-season debut last night in columbus playing the blue yakettes. second period, drops it to mark hendricks. he buries the first of three goals on the night. later, caps on a power play. fleishman scores the first of
5:56 am
his two goals. caps win 6-2. it is official. after months of speculation, we findly know would will be sitting at the judges table for idol season 10 and as you may have guessed. >> the judges table taking on a pretty much entire new look. adam housley reveals your new american idol judges. >> reporter: speculation the new look american idol with three at the head table takes shape. >> steven tyler! ladies and gentlemen, miss jennifer lopez. rock and roll icon steven tyler and music movie superstar jennifer lopez say they're thrilled to join one of television's top shows. >> you know, it is being a part of something much bigger than yourself. >> i'm so excited to be here. i'm he so excited to work with all of you, to watch you grow
5:57 am
and to watch the journey that we are about to take together. >> reporter: the celebrity judges join original and returning panel member randy jackson at the table. together, they're taking the competition for the next level. >> between the heart and passion and the street cred, this is going to be a richter scale event. >> i'm looking for the next michael jackson. i'm looking for -- we're looking like randy said for the best american idol ever. >> reporter: singers will be encouraged to sing inside their own genre, not having to spread their wings like they have in the past. there will be no celebrity guest judges this year. in inglewood, california, adam housley. >> interest with the no guest judges. >> the others were pretty big. these guys will have some pressure. >> straight ahead, we are checking your top stories, your morning commute and your
5:58 am
forecast. >> we are teaming up with 107.3 this morning to raise upony for the children's national medical center.
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