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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 24, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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happy friday. >> let's enjoy it and find out how hot it will be this morning with tony perkins. >> we can just embrace it, it's going to -- >> all right. i'm looking at what's going on here, the current conditions, 73 degrees at reagan national airport. relative humidity is 90%. winds are out of the south at 6 miles per hour. here's a look at the satellite radar. things look pretty good. we have fog across the region. some of the fog is dense. we have no advisories, at least not at last check. i'm advising you it's foggy and it will take a while for the fog to burn off. we've seen it now across most of the region. it's been thickest to the east. here's your forecast for washington today. mostly sunny skies, hot and humid with a high of 95 degrees. that's a look at what's happening with the weather, now let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. tony, busy ride shaping up
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for those on the east side of town. that's where we've been dealing with a lot of fog. now it's moved through montgomery county and we're dealing with foggy conditions as well here. 270 southbound, if you look at the bottom of your screen, we have a lot of slow traffic in the local lanes. we're told of an incident blocking the left lane of two. that's what's contributing to that delay in rockville. the main line on the brakes leaving germantown, past mta, and montrose road to the split. the outer loop out of down, below speed 95 to georgia. not so foggy to the west. 28 doesn't look too bad. but the accidents reported on the ramp continue inbound on 66. 66 slow in centerville. for 7100 to vienna to the beltway. washington street add franklin and old town alexander. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning, a police chase that start in district heights maryland ended in the district with shots fired. prince george's county police
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were chasing suspects of accused of an armed carjacking on silver hill road. two vehicles were involved a honda and toyota avalon. the honda suspects baled out at 31st and g street southeast when they got in a shoot out with officers. nobody was hurt. two suspects were arrested. police are looking for a burgundy toyota avalon with maryland plates. a virginia neighborhood is charred by a devastating fire yesterday afternoon in manassas. three homes are destroyed and several families are lucky to have made it out alive. >> reporter: this view from sky fox shows you the devastating nature of this fire. three homes side by side up in flames. scores of firefighters virtually powerless to stop it before the damage was done. investigators believe the fire started in the middle house, then quickly spread in both directions. >> it's beyond the expressions and words. >> reporter: two people suffered minor injuries, but no
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firefighters were hurt. one woman was hospitalized from the shock of seeing this, her home basically destroyed. her husband: >> we feel bad, we got outside with everybody. >> reporter: their friends say all the memories and everything inside the house is destroyed. >> they couldn't save anything. >> reporter: the flames and heat spreading quickly. >> with that much fire you need a lot of water, hoses, personnel to control it. >> reporter: manassas assistant fire chief leon buckley said 120 firefighters battled this one including units from fairfax and prince william counties. hal parish and other city officials can't believe what they're seeing. >> obviously we're looking to find out what the impact is going to be and what the cause was. >> reporter: fire investigators say finding the cause will take some work. the impacts already being felt. >> around 14 to 16 residents being displaced. they're being held up at the local community center and then
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rec will also help with arrangements for them. investigators are certain that the homes did have smoke alarms. it's not clear though if they were working. the red cross is helping displaced families find temporary shelter. virginia executed a woman last night, first time that's happened in a century. 41-year-old theresa lewis died by lethal injection at the greenville correctional center in jarrett. the families of the victims watched the execution. lewis pleaded guilty of plotting the murders of her husband and stepson. she entered the death chamber on her own and apologized to the victim's sister. >> the execution of theresa lewis has been carried out in the manner as prescribed by the laws of the commonwealth of virginia. death was pronounced at 9:13 p.m. there were no complications. ms. lewis did make a last statement. she just said i just want kathy to know i love her and i'm very
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sorry. >> when theresa entered the death chamber she looked quite scared. she looked a little nervous. she did look clear headed, clear minded. >> tonight the machinery of death in virginia extinguished the beautiful, child like and loving human spirit of theresa lewis. >> for her last meal, lewis asked for two fried chicken breasts, sweet peas with butter, german chocolate cake or apple pie and dr. pepper. the first congressional hearing on the national transportation safety board's report concerning the 2009 metro rail collision was yesterday. officials testified about the accident and the progress of safety procedures and operations of metro. d.c. delegate norton spoke about the federal interest in safety standards. nine people died, dozens were injured in that crash last year. in an effort to improve safety metro will do track work this weekend. ride letters see delays on the
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orange, blue, yellow and green lines because of it. on the orange line add 30 minutes to your travels if your travels take you between vienna and west falls church. on the blue and yellow lines add 30 minutes between pentagon city and brad dock road. and 20 minutes between branch avenue and nailer road. bob mcdonald wants to fast track big highway improvement projects in northern virginia after an audit uncovered tons of extra money not being used. a four month audit by a team of cpas found hundreds of millions of dollars in accounts that has not been spent. that money is from years offal kateed funds in a carry over account. the governor wants to move ahead with planned projects quickly. >> i want to get the hot lanes on 95 build as soon as possible. we're trying to get that done, it makes no sense to have hot lanes from tysons to the mixing bowl to run into another traffic jam. you have to get them built from
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the 14th street bridge south. that's a top priority. >> vdot spends $3.3 billion a year constructing and maintaining the highways and secondary roads in the commonwealth. stephen colbert appears on capitol hill this morning, testifying about immigration before a house committee. we get more from fox 5's sherri ly on capitol hill. he's there for a serious reason today. >> reporter: he is, but when people say stephen colbert is testifying, it's like insert joke here, but this is a serious issue. he is testifying on capitol hill today. it has drawn a lot of fire from critics who say this is just a joke, but a spokesperson for that house subcommittee holding the hearing said this is a serious issue and this is not a tv stunt. according -- anyone who watches colbert's comedy central show, knows he spent time doing the job of a my grant worker, it's part of the united farms worker take our jobs campaign inviting u.s. citizens to replace
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illegal immigrants working on a farm for a day. colbert picked beans in a field and sorted corn in a packing house in upstate new york. today he'll appear as an expert witness to testify before a house judiciary subcommittee to talk about his experience. the hearing called protecting america's harvest will focus on food security in the u.s. critics call it a waste of money. colbert told his audience he is picking up the tab for his expenses and travel. the only bill taxpayers will foot he says is for the water and for the electricity for the microphone for the five minutes that he will be speaking. colbert has supported the ufw's take our jobs campaign. elgin testifying at that hearing at 9:30 this morning in the raeburn building. no indication of what he will say, but you can bet there will ash lot of people listening. steve and allison? you can count on that,
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thank you so much. eight minutes past the hour on this friday morning. republican leaders have laid out their agenda. we'll take a closer look at that when we come back. the music world is remembering a pop legend, eddie fisher. we'll look at his life when we return. .
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time right now is 7:12. time for a look at some stories making headlines. a break in the murder of a college student, neal godleski. a 16-year-old gang member was arrested yesterday. the victim was gunned down on august 22nd while riding hess bike. the suspect is eric foreman he is now 17. he is charged as an adult.
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the name police vick named the preppy burglary is under arrest, showing the suspect knocking on the door of a house, he went around back and aallegedly broke in. jeremy hall was arrested yesterday in maryland after a tip from someone who recognized him from the video. the entertainment world mourning the loss of performer eddie februaryer. the singer known for his high profile marriages to debbie reynolds and elizabeth taylor died wednesday. fisher sold millions of records with his songs including thinking of you, any time and oh my poppa. the right inflexion that? oh my papa! >> thank you for turning to me for verification. >> you did know. eddie fisher was 82 years old. i know him but i didn't know that song. >> you know he is the father of carrie fisher. >> known as much for his marriages these days at least as the music.
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>> he had a very big -- he was extremely famous for like five, six. someone will write in and say i'm wrong, for a relatively short period of time and then fell under the radar for various reasons. >> there was a tmz back then, he would have been -- >> he would have been on it. >> top of the charts. >> very talented though. let's look at what's going on right now with the current conditions around the region. our temperature has not changed, 73 degrees. we still have fog out there. i think we will for a little while. 73 at reagan national, 90% humidity. there is your fog. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. barometric pressure is steady. temperatures across the nation, remember a few days ago, last week, when we were saying it's going to warm up, get all that warm air. it's all here. it's in the across the mid-atlantic into the northeast. it will remain here for today. we will get changes. the western half of the nation much cooler. you see the dividing line where the colors change, now let's go
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to the sat radar and right along that line that's where the rainfall is, folks. you know the air masses clash and we get storms and there we go. we see them there. behind the storms crystal clear skies from the central plains all the way to the west coast. here's your five day forecast: high today about 95 degrees. if we get to 95, boys and girls, we set a new record for the day. >> all right! >> and it will be hot and humid. tomorrow 86 degrees, a nice day. sunday not a bad day but a lot of clouds around. 75. monday and tuesday highs in the 70s and a chance of rain both of those days. that's the weather more in a little bit. >> a lot in the five day. >> strange days. >> transition period. let's check in with julie wright and see how the transition is going from home to work. >> wait a minute, 95 do we get free ice cream like august? >> that's a good question, because the season is over.
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do you know for a fact tucker we don't? tucker thinks it's over. >> in other words we don't know. we'll find out. >> see who is looking out for all the ice cream fans? >> our sales department call us. >> send some in and we'll debate it. >> we'll discuss while we eat. >> on the roads you will find lanes are open. we are dealing with the fog this morning. it's looking better right here at university boulevard. no incidents to report as you continue to work toward georgia avenue. southbound 95 incident 198 clear to the shoulder. 270 south at falls road dealing with that crash blocking the left lane because it occurred in the local lane. main lines congested out germantown. 395 duke street to seminary road,. downtown, in southeast washington branch avenue shut down between randall circle and pennsylvania avenue. apparently there was a carjacking that took place earlier this morning. there was a police chase as a result of that and now there is
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ongoing investigation. so again branch avenue closed off between randall circle and pennsylvania avenue. this is impacting your ride off massachusetts avenue and minnesota avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. yesterday republican leaders laid out their agenda at a hardware store in sterling, virginia. trying to reach out to workers and businesses in their pledge to america. the gop says they'll be putting people back to work cutting taxes and spending. the party promises to repeal the health care reform law and the stimulus program. the managing editor will talk more about this and the plans. first off why that location? >> virginia is a purple state. it went to obama in 2008, but we saw the virginia mcdonald get elected in 2009. they need to win virginia. they want to go outside the capitol beltway and speak with the real people. they were dressed down, had polo shirts and button downs. does that get through i guess when there is bill references
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or are we with you? >> it's a press event. the one thing that enables them is that the democrats have been attacking them as a party of no. now they have a document that they can point to. there were a lot of things that were not in that document, how they will deal with entitlement spending and ear marks, but now they can at least fend off that party of no. this is the first step away from dealing with president george w. bush, making the party take a step beyond him. >> let's talk about what is is in there they talked about. what points were they trying to make yesterday. the big difference between this contract, this pledge compared to the 1994 contract with america is that there is not a lot -- there is not a lot for social conservatives. they didn't deal with gay marriage. they dealt with fiscal issues. that's why the tea party was created. fiscal issues, cutting down on government spending, repeeling the health care, getting into the economy and job creation. democrats say it's a package of old ideas. >> voters how they might respond, how important is it for republicans to at least put a
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list out there of something? >> it's very important. and conservatives from shawn hannity to rush limbaugh say you need to lend out an agenda. bill clinton said democrats need to counter it. democrats message was hope and change, what's the message right now? hard to say. president clinton said we need to come up with a short list of goals, but we talked to democrats on capitol hill and said we're going to run on our agenda. polls show their agenda has not been popular. what they've done in health care and stimulus a lot of people are skeptical about. >> do you see that changing between now and november? >> no i think its minimizing the damage and can democrats hold off republicans from gaining the house, if not the house and senate. >> these are just initial lists of things that the republicans put out there. do we read that to be we'll see how the polls go, if things don't move enough before november we might see more? >> i don't think they will do more between now and then. now it will be the silly
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season, the campaigns, the debates talking about the tax cuts, talking about a range of stuff. i don't think you'll see anymore as far as policy proposals until maybe after the election. >> bayner says we've learned lessons from the past. are they effective? we need to put something out for people? >> partly. republicans admit that upped the bush administration, government spending got out of control. they got away from their ideals. one of the most important things i do think in this document is something called read the bill, the media, the public could read the bill 72 hours before they're voted on. democrats said that would happen. that didn't happen. republicans a long timing a said that would happen. it didn't happen. they say if they control the house next year, it will be. >> let's check on a couple other things. democrats and tax cuts, any movement there? >> no they're punting this issue until after the lame duck. a lot of liberal base is very upset. they said why not just have a vote on extending middle class tax cuts.
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republicans want all the tax cuts. democrats say you want to, tend tax cuts for the wealthy. democrats are running scared on this issue. stephen colbert, can congress take him seriously? >> i don't think so, this is an issue where they can mock republicans can mock democrats. it's not something that a lot of democrats are happy about, especially six weeks before the election. >> thank you, bob. bob, steve, thank you so much. for sale an under garment that could save your life. we will show you the emergency bra when we come back. then later we'll check in with holly who is checking out what's out there this weekend, designed to show off the city's parks, gardens and public places. a tour of me rid ran hill park. you might know it as malcolm x park too. stay with us. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. the diabetes drug avandia facing tougher restrictions as european regulators will ban
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friend. a female doctor got the idea from studying the russian nuclear disaster. >> will you use it -- >> no problem if it works in other areas. a lot of questions need to be asked about that. i appreciate the pretty color and lays if you're in the middle of a disaster. >> always look good. >> if you thought the weather was bad this summer, we are going to pose this question as to who had the worst summer. those of you nearby may realize you don't have to go too far to find out. we'll have more on the meeting between who is expected to be d.c.'s next mayor and the schools chancellor. we'll be right back. it's 7:26. thkeac
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coming up on 7:30 right now on this friday morning as we check headlines this morning. vincent gray and school's chancellor michelle rhee emerge after the primary election with no big announcement. no decision versus been made about rhee's future. the two chatted about the state of education in the district. there was speculation that rhee could be let go or leave voluntarily since she supported mayor fenty in the primary. michelle rhee and he will meet
7:30 am
again in the next couple weeks. fema giving virginia $6 million to pay up for clean up and emergency expenses stemming from last year's blissard that struck a week before christmas. that will cover 75 per september of the expenses from the storm. d.c. will get $2 million from fema to cover costs from that storm and storms in february. the weather channel says the d.c. metro area had the worst weather conditions this summer compared to other major u.s. cities. experts say it was a combination of factors like record heat, three rounds of severe thunderstorms and a drought that pushed d.c. into the number one spot. the good news is they don't expect the extreme weather to continue into winter. that is good news, thank you steve. maryland representative stan knee hoyer who is the house majority leader will be an exclusive guest on fox news sunday. chris wallace joins us now from capitol hill with a preview. >> good morning, allison. >> i want to start with another guest the gop rolled out the
7:31 am
new pledge to america. you have the author of this document on the show as well. >> that's right. we're going to get both sides of it. this is really what the debate about the midterms and the future of this country is all about. first we'll be talking about john boehner, the house minority leader, if the republicans take back control he'll be the new speaker. and he will lay out the republican agenda and we'll ask him questions about what the pledge says and what it doesn't say and get reaction from the house majority leader, the democrat stan hoyer who will try hard to keep john boehner out of the speaker's office. >> how important was this move that the gop come up with a strong plan into the midterm elections? >> i think the fact of the pledge is more important than anything specific that's in the pledge. the democrats, the president were attacking the republicans as the party of no, the party of obstruction, that they're going to go back to the bush era.
7:32 am
republicans say look we need an 80-20 formula. 80% needs to be opposing what obama and the democrat versus done, because they think that's unpopular with voters, but they say we need 20% which is an affirmative, positive agenda, what we're going to do. this fills in the hole for that 20%. >> and you want to talk about your power player of the week, executive director of the republican governor's association. >> i don't know what to say. i'm speechless. he's a kid, 27, just turned 28 years old, nick e h.r.s. i'm sure you've never heard of him, but i promise you will hear of him. in all my years of interviewing people i've never seen a young kid that i thought was going become such a political player. i don't know if he will be the a politician or the next karl rove. this is an impressive young man. he is a growth stock and i would buy it if he were a stock. >> 27, we must be getting kind of old, chris. >> this tie is 27 years old!
7:33 am
>> you look good to me. thank you so much. we'll be watching the show sunday, chris wallace. >> thank you, allison. >> good stuff on sunday morning. appreciate that, chris. >> interesting stuff too about how bad the summer was. we had such a rough winter and how quickly we forget how rough it's been. >> this has been a year of extremes in the washington area, all the snow to drought conditions and crazy thunderstorms that we had come through here. we're not done yet. we've got more excessive heat for today. and then a cool down and then we have to get into winter. now the old farmer's almanac we had them on a couple weeks ago, they are predicting a snowier than average winter, they think significant snowfall not like last year but a snowy winter. we'll see. >> finally, the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory. it's in effect until 11:00 this morning, tucker and i have been telling you about this since four 4:30.
7:34 am
prince george's, montgomery, baltimore county anne arundel, annapolis, baltimore, columbia, a dense fog advisory until 11:00. and gloom news? >> no, just that. >> okay. >> we'll look at what's going on -- >> it's friday. >> that's good w go back to yesterday. looking at high temperatures, dulles, 93 degrees, tied a record for the day. reagan national 93 degrees, bwi marshall 89 degrees. i think we will break some recordsed to including at reagan national because the record high for this date is 94 degrees. tucker and i both belief we will top that. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region, our temperature has not changed during the last couple hours in washington, 73 degrees, 68 in gaithersburg. frederick is 64 and annapolis 72. off to your west winchester is
7:35 am
74 degrees. >> the satellite radar composite for the region doesn't really capture the fog. we've got plenty of dense fog out there. it does show you low level clouds that will begin to move through portions of viewing area, particularly north and west. we have a frontal boundary out to the west that will gradually make it's way through here tonight into tomorrow morning. we don't expect that precipitation to make it. might just see a sprinkle late overnight or early tomorrow morning maybe. but for the most part we think mist and some clouds as that front comes through late tonight early tomorrow morning. behind the front cooler air. let's look at the forecast for today, mostly sunny, hot, humid, record heat. high of 95 degrees. the record is 94. i just mentioned to will be the 66th day this year that we've had a temperature at or about 90 degrees. for tonight clear skies, mild, 70 in town, 60s outside of town. friday forecast big changes, 95 today. we'll take off about 9 degrees.
7:36 am
we'll have tomorrow's high 86 degrees. and then chop 11 degrees off of that, sunday's high 75 degrees. i do think that finally late sunday we get some rain showers in here and then a chance of showers for the beginning of next week with highs only in the 70s. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's update traffic. for that we go to julie wright. >> it's going to be 86 tomorrow. tomorrow morning around 7:00 me and some other fox 5 friends are running a race in kensington tomorrow morning. >> you're running a race? >> they tell me there is food at the end of the race. >> defeats the purpose of running the race, julie, but okay. tomorrow morning 7:00? >> yes. yes. >> there will be some clouds around. we'll say 68 to 71 degrees, something like that. >> that's cool. >> maybe fog too. >> okay. i was out running yesterday at 2:00 in the afternoon i thought i was going to die. >> you shouldn't do that in the middle of the day in the 90s. >> i'm a beginner tony. >> don't do that. >> when do you run? >> i'm running right now!
7:37 am
>> on the roads, you're going to find delays as you travel through this fog and head towards the lane divide. right now falls road, this is where we had the crash blocking the left lane. believe me there are local lanes in this camera. it's difficult to seam the local lanes are slowly moving past the accident scene. outer loop of the beltway slow 95 to georgia. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. 7:37 right now on this friday morning. coming up next dave ross will join us with his friday football forecast. i will not be paying attention. >> he has some gorgeous special guests with him. >> high, ladies. >> stay with us. we will be right back.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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welcome back. 7:40. big game coming up on sunday. redskins one and one, can they make it two and one? that's the big question, mr. ross. >> we'll get predictions in a minute.
7:41 am
>> we will. see they have weapons the st. louis rams, not a lot of them. the main weapon maybe is. >> steven jackson? >> that's true. i'm going with sam bradford. look at oklahoma, the first overall pick in this year's draft. and tough kid as you see there. has been taking a beating. their offensive line is banged up. the redskins should be able to exploit that well and get a shot at him. the rams have lost the first two games. they led in both of those games. it's never easy to win on the road. i gave you my theory. >> they should be able to get on the road and get a win. >> any prediction? >> the next guy we have to talk about is who? >> steven jackson, that's correct. he is a big kid -- >> they only have two options. >> no one more. this kid, he runs angry. he is a physical runner. he will punish you, big guy oregon state kid. tough kid. i like the way he runs.
7:42 am
he has the dreads coming out of the back. you can tackle him by the dreads, that's legal. >> not insured for $1 million like polamalu. >> the one pe upon. >> he's hurting. >> he is banged up, tough guy, physical guy. he'll play on sunday. >> one other guy on the defensive end before the real treat of this segment. one guy to talk about, chris long from uva. >> come on, local kid. >> big number 72, he can play hard. this guy can play. the rams need this guy. another fir round draft pick by the rams. they have to get productivity out of him. >> quickly, talking about the injuries because obviously we know that the redskins defense gave up 550 yards last week. they need to make sure they can do it, turner williams how is he? >> i don't think he will play. i think stefan will play.
7:43 am
kid gloves with trent williams. he is a rookie. they'll need him long-term. sit him out one week, i don't think he will play. i don't think they'll need him. i'm going on record, redskins win and they win big. we find out that the redskins are a very good team this week. >> i like that. >> i will say and i have to say with mixed emotion that i am 2-0 this year. it pain me to pick texas. i am 2-0. redskins win easily on sunday. >> we don't normally agree, people. steve, what's the best part? >> we have a couple empty chairs to fill right now. hopefully we get cheer and support. >> not tucker and tony get out of the chairs!! >> you want little beauty. >> get these clown out of here. amanda and denise. >> come on in. >> hello. >> thanks. >> thank you for joining us.
7:44 am
>> thanks. the reason why you all are here, october 10th is not just the redskins against the packers, but also. >> explosion. >> tell us about the spirit explosion. >> this is a program that we do for young girls and boys, anyone can participate. we do it every year up to 300 kids get out there with us and perform on the field. we'll do a practice on the ninth with everybody and then we'll do the performance with the greenbay packers. >> live at half time. >> what's that like to have so many people on the field? >> it's exciting. this is my rookie year. i don't know yet. but i'm excited to experience it. >> how exciting was the dallas game though? that had to ab nice way to start your career. >> that was exciting, very, very exciting. >> let me ask you guys, you said girls and boys. let's just say hypothetically that steve wanted to gather a team of tucker, and tony and come out there. he'd have to go online and fill
7:45 am
out the application. >> and he would have to prove to us that he was still in college. >> absolutely no shot. but he would go out there and perform with you guys. >> absolutely. >> i would pay money to see that. >> hypothetically if dave wanted to go do this, is there a minimum talent requirement needed or height requirement? >> there is not a minimum. i would say the minimum you'd have to be able to big you have choreography. >> we have no shot at that. you gal also be there, thank goodness. >> and it's all levels, just to encourage that. we work with everybody individually. they get all 40 cheerleaders will be there. they'll get a lot of one on one attention. >> i think that's great. we're teasing, but you said the oldest you can be it in college, right? >> is there a minimum age. >> say 11, 12, just as long as they're ready to pick up choreography at that level we're happy to have them. >> if you go to we've linked your website to
7:46 am
our website. you can get all the information they need and maybe participate in the spirit explosion. >> the deadline for registration is september 30th. >> this is a one time deal, this is it. >> one time. >> one shot at it. >> one time deal. >> october 10th against the packers. thank you all so much. >> we don't have to ask for your picture this weekend. we know. >> we're all for the same patient. >> thank goodness you're here and not tony and tucker. >> the wrong colors, right? >> we wish you the best of luck for more information on the spirit explosion in the next home game october 10th on >> best of luck the rest of the reason. tony back where he belongs now. >> right back where i belong. >> i was going say allison loved the ladies' boots is that correct? >> i love those boots. i don't know if you can really see them. >> the sparkling heals. >> 40 of them on the boot, the
7:47 am
crystals. >> there was something i noticed about the uniforms as well. one of the ladies turn her back to us. on the back of the shirt there, move your hair, if you didn't know who they were, it says cheerleader. >> in case you were confused. would you have any doubt? tony, that's so somebody like you doesn't wear this outfit out in public. >> drag. >> thank you, ladies. >> thank you ladies for coming in. >> i'm fine, yeah. >> here what's going on -- of course i'm fine. >> okay. >> here's what's going on outside. we have a fog advisory in effect. >> yes, the doom and gloom report. >> not doom and gloom, just fog. it is thick in places. tucker and i have been spotlighting this all morning. we have a fog advisory for the counties in gray. that's appropriate, isn't it? it does include montgomery county and prince george's county fog advisory in effect
7:48 am
now. that's in effect until 11:00. here's the problem with that, here's what we focus on in the weather department, tucker says if that fog hangs around it will mess with our projected high temperature. i hope it doesn't hang around too long. >> you want it to break records. >> we say 95, that's what we're sticking with. if it doesn't get to 95 we're not going to be happy. >> here's what's happening out there as far as cloud cover goes. we're okay. they have a few clouds out there. the frontal boundary should come through late tonight, early tomorrow morning. we don't think it will produce much in the way of rain. behind it you see clear skies, cooler air that will work in for the weekend. >> here's your five day forecast. high today 95 degrees unless it's foggy all day long. we could hit a new record today. tomorrow 86, sunday a chance of showers, late sunday 75 degrees, a chance of rain monday and tuesday. that is not something you've seen on the five day recently. >> that's the latest on the
7:49 am
weather. >> i guess it's not all doom and gloom. >> it is not. >> julie wright is standing by, she has maybe a different outlook on the day because it will be 95. we'll get to her later. that is long tease. you have to stick around for julie. in the meantime, it is 7:49. after 8:00 we'll dish the dirt on the real housewives of d.c., man. the sixth housewife as he is known effectively, paul wharton will join us in studio. >> he is always entertaining and always fun. always beautiful. take a look at wherism. i'm in northwest d.c. meridian hill park is where we are live and where you can be this weekend. it's all part of what's called what's out there d.c. we'll tell you how to take advantage of it fox 5 morning news.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
welcome back everybody. this saturday and sunday the cultural landscape foundation is hosting the what's out there weekend. and fox 5's holly morris is with the foundation's president today to learn more about this exciting event. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is an exciting he exciting event
7:53 am
because it's a way to see the city in a whole new light. some you may know, some you may not, if you go out there you'll learn something new about every spot. the founder and president of the cultural landscape foundation is with me, charles birnbaum live in meridian park. we might as well be in italy, that's what it feels like. >> this score of room with a view playing in the background right now. it's incredible. >> tell me about what's out there d.c. >> what's out there is part of our website called what's out there. we're taking the american landscape and treating it like a huge tapestry and knitting it together. we're showing how all these places are linked. meridian hill park what a lot of people know is the mall. what they don't know is this park was created the same time as the mall by the mcmillan commission. they are directly connected. the only difference is when this place was created they said let's create something in the european tradition. we're standing in the italian portion of the landscape. if we go to the top of the hill
7:54 am
we would be in a french landscape. >> reporter: you're almost transported away. you're in the middle of upper northwest. when you talk about the different locations, there is 25, right, this is a two day event. how does it work? >> you can go to our website it has all the times. download brochures that give you each of the spots. each of the sites will have guides. they are public landscapes that we move through every day. we don't know the stories. the man that laid out this park was working with mrs. taft to get the cherry trees on the tidal basin. they span 200 years of design. >> here we are and we really have this cornucopia of outside landscapes. they take them for granted because they are around us. this is a time to stop and take it in. >> i think when people work through rock creek park, which
7:55 am
is one of our sites they think it was an act of god we put a road through it. but the invisible hand of a landscape architect can be very elusive unlike a sculptor or painter, it's difficult to discern what their pallet is. here the pallet includes this wild aggregate, have you ever seen thinking like that? q. this is from joseph early who did the francis monastery site. >> when you take in the design, there is no way we could build this today. >> no i would say, a landscape like this would be almost impossible. and there is no other american parkland cape in america quite like this one. we are transported to italy, and here we are with 13 different cascades and making the park look deeper than it is. >> we have so so many people enjoying the park, we saw an exercise class, someone
7:56 am
bringing dogs through here. these are spaces that we are using. >> we are living a 21st centsry life in these parks. we talk about how we move through these landscapes to make the stories visible. >> here's what you need to know to take advantage of the two day event going on. charles talked about the downloadable brochure, go to, we have a link to theirs, download the brochure with the different pictures and 25 site locations or this intensive packet that gives you not only the 25 sites but it also gives you some of the stories about the 25 sites, or you can go to the tour at the different sites. you can find out the times. look for someone wearing a hat just like this, a green hat. they'll be the one that will take you through your tour. we'll continue to tour in our next hour. we'll live meridian hill park and head over to tudor place and we'll go somewhere else in our 9:00 hour. >> i love learning more about
7:57 am
what's right here in our backyard. >> the park brings back a lot of memories as a child. malcolm x park on 16th. never has looked so beautiful as it does right now. we love to see that getting better with time. >> not the only thing taking place, a family friendly events through the area. >> and the nasty stink bugs are everywhere. does it seem like it? >> we'll find out how to keep them out of your hope. there are more than typically we see this time of year. stay with us. fox 5 morning news, we'll be right back. building wind farms and
7:58 am
7:59 am
expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
8:00 am
prince george's county police exchange gunfire with several carjacking suspects. this morning two suspects are in custody and one is still on the run. new details ahead this hour. chrysler employees defended after caught on tape. we'll show you what they were doing that got them in so much trouble next. that's an amaizing story. also, the stink bugs, how you might be able to keep them out of your home. take a little more, i hear there
8:01 am
might be some with us in a controlled environment: stink bugs coming up. i'm interested in their real names. >> i'm interested in getting them out of the house. we'll talk about how to do that as well. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. their real name is stinkus, bugasa irs. >> a phenomenal man there. >> it's going to ash hot day today. area is covered by a fog advisory. doesn't include the whole area, but it does include points to our north and to our east including montgomery county an prince george's county and anne arundel county. a fog advisory in effect until 11:00. tucker and i have been telling you how foggy it is. it will take a while to burn off. there is your confirmation. the satellite radar, a few clouds streaming through as
8:02 am
well on top of that. and but for today/ once the fog gets out of here, it will be a mostly sunny day today. a hot run. temperature at reagan national, drum role, see what the latest update -- no update, 73 at reagan national. humidity 90%. and today holt hot and humid. mostly sunny after the fog, hot and humid. 95 will be a record. >> we have to go big. >> might as well. >> julie, you know what, not only that you have the heat, but a friday to deal with today. all things good in the world of julie wright today. >> all i need is a nutty buddy and this day is complete. you guys think i'm about the money, just the nutty buddy. >> and tony, that's a cheap lunch for you. >> i know, you're right. >> i'll get you one if i can find it. >> outer loop of the beltway is there, i promise you. we're waiting for the sunshine
8:03 am
to burn away the clouds and fog so we can what's going on. the beltway at kenilworth, we've been talking about the fog on the east side of town. from andrews, traveling through greenbelt and land over, we have you coming and going with heavy fog. that is causing unusual delays on the beltway and inbound four. 50 the john hanson highway and 214. in virginia not so bad. it is busy 66 slow in manassas. 7100 to 23 and the beltway. >> that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning, a police chase started in district heights maryland ended in the district with shots fired. police were chasing suspects accused of an armed carjacking on silver hill road. a honda and toyota avalon will involved. the suspects in the honda bailed out at g street and southeast. nobody was hurt. two suspects were arrested. police are look for the burgundy toyota avalon with maryland license plates.
8:04 am
as many as 16 people have been forced from their homes because of a massive fire in their virginia subdivision. the blaze broke out around 3:30 yesterday afternoon along tillett loop in manassas. two people suffered minor injuries. three homes were destroyed. it's not clear what started this fire. investigators believe the fire started in the middle house and quickly spread in both directions. >> the heat and the wind drove the fire from one building to the next. >> it's a bad one. it's a bad one and it's going to affect people's lives for a while. >> the red cross is helping displaced families find temporary shelter. for the first time in near a century a virginia woman has been put to death. theresa lewis executed by lethal injection. she was convicted of hiring two men to kill her hugs and stepson, giving them cash in exchange so she could collect a quarter of a million dollars insurance policy. she used her final statement to tell her husband's daughter
8:05 am
that she loved her and she was very sorry. >> the first congressional hearing on the national transportation safety board's report concerning the deadly 2009 metro rail collision was held yesterday. officials testified about the accident and the progress of safety procedures and the operation of metro. holmes norton spoke of the federal interest enation that safety standards. nine people died, dozens more hurt in the crash last year. in an effort to improve safety, metro will do track work. delays on the orange, blue and yellow and green lines. on the orange line add 30 minutes if you travel through vienna and west falls church. on the blue and yellow lines add 30 minutes between pentagon city and brad dock road. and on the green line add 20 minutes between branch avenue and nailer road. comedy central's stephen colbert has a meeting with lawmakers this morning on capitol hill, testifying on
8:06 am
immigration. let's find out more from sherri ly, will they take him seriously? >> reporter: i don't know. you can't put anything past lawmakers, they've had elmo testifying on capitol hill. this is not uncommon. it is ocean easy to make a joke of all this. stephen colbert testifying as an expert illegal immigration? seriously people will ask. in a little over an hour, he will be testifying before a house subcommittee all of this apparently over a day he spent working on a farm as a my grant worker. the comedy central host took the united farm workers up on its offer to take our jobs. it's a campaign inviting u.s. citizens or legal residents to take the place of illegal immigrants on farms for a day. on the colbert report last night, colbert showed himself picking beans and sorting corn in new york. the us-fw is fighting to
8:07 am
legalize undocumented workers in agriculture. stephen colbert will testify before the judiciary subcommittee meeting called protecting america's harvest. critics call it a waste of taxpayer money to which he responded: >> i'm going to surprise you folks, i agree with gretchen. i am a huge waste of fox pair dollars. there is my hotel, my meals, and of course my mobile snow machine so i can country ski the entire way there. all of which i am paying for. but congress is on the hook for my water, as much as i want, plus the electricity powering my microphone for a full five minutes of talk time. god only knows how many hospitals won't be built because of me. >> reporter: it is a serious hearing, but you can probably bet colbert will have a few laughs in there. it is unclear exactly what he
8:08 am
will say, but we won't have long to wait. that hearing starts at 9:30 this morning. one republican who is on that subcommittee is calling this hearing a joke, but a spokesperson for the committee said that this is a serious issue and it is not a tv stunt. steve and allison? thank you very much. scandal at the detroit chrysler plant has some workers upset. >> more than a dozen union members are in hot water after being caught on tape having a party during work hours. fox's marian rafferty with more. >> reporter: chrysler auto workers have been suspended indefinitely from a detroit assembly plant. the detroit fox station caught the employees drinking beer and smoking while on break then returned to work. now their co-workers are reacting. >> to see a picture of a few people and think that that represents what we are about here as a whole hurts.
8:09 am
>> a good job, taking care of that, we don't need fox all up in our business. >> reporter: the plant produces the chrysler jeep grand cherokee. the united auto workers said thursday they quote strongly oppose the use of alcohol or controlled substances on the job and chrysler rules prohibit it. >> nobody condones what they did. to what extent is this going to take it, are we going to start watching people even in their off time coming into work like that? >> reporter: the investigation is a blow to the union, struggling with a damaged reputation stemming from chrysler's bankruptcy. >> all of us took concessions, all of husband to give up something to keep chrysler going, taxpayers too. uncle sam loves us, he's getting fat off auto workers. >> while the company is conducting it's own investigation, some union members have a message of perseverance. >> this is bigger than 12 people. >> reporter: most of the men were kept from entering the
8:10 am
plant thursday morning over concerns for their safety. many plant workers were angry after watching the report the previous night. ten minutes past the hour on friday morning. you may have seen those darn stink bugs popping up everywhere. still ahead we will find out how to keep them out of your home before the infestation gets worse. >> the music world is remembering a pop legend, eddie fisher dead this morning. a look back at his life when we check out some of the stories making headlines on this friday. stay with us. úúúúú@@@@@@@@@@@@@
8:11 am
8:12 am
four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
8:13 am
it is now 8:13. time for a look at some stories making headlines. a break in the murder of college student neil godleski, eric foreman has been charged. this young man was shot while riding his bike through sherman circle in northwest on august 22nd. the man who police nick named the preppy burglar is
8:14 am
under arrest thanks to surveyians video. it shows the suspect knocking on a door at a house and allegedly went around back and broke in. police arrested jeremy hall at his home in silver spring yesterday after receiving a tip from someone who who recognized him. the entertainment world is mourning the loss of eddie fisher died in california this week on wednesday of complications from hip surgery. fisher sold millions of records with hit songs thinking of you and any time and oh my papa. eddie fisher was 82 years old. 14 minutes past the hour. time to check in with tony for a couple reasons. >> namely on this doom and gloom, the cuteness factor. >> it is to the a doom and gloom day. stop saying that. >> it's a fog advisory and we're not sure if we'll make 95. >> we've had worst fog advisories. if we don't hit 95 no big deal. it is a big deal to tucker and
8:15 am
i because we forecast 95. it is time for my first five photo of the day. there she is. >> that's all happy. >> redskins fan. >> cheerleader on the back? >> seven-month-old nakia, cheering on the redskins. we start them young here, don't we? we like that. like her spirit. like that smile. >> that's a sweet age, isn't it? >> all cuddly and smiling. >> she's absolutely adorable. go redskins, thank you. good to see you. thank you for sending the photo in. if you want to send us your child's picture go to and click on morning. right now here are your temperatures at the area airports, 74 degrees now at reagan national airport. dulles is 69 degrees. bwi marshall is at 71 degrees the here's a look at temperatures across the nation, eastern third of the country is warm with temperatures in the 70s. and here's the deal today,
8:16 am
another hot day and after that things cool down, begin to cool down as tomorrow we'll see highs in the 80s. the day after that in the 70s. out to the west cooler air in place with temperatures in the 40s and 50s out there. >> the satellite radar in the middle of the country, east of the central plains and into the midwest we have some rain showers and storms. that frontal system moves through here late tonight early tomorrow morning. we expect it will bring clouds maybe mist. most of you will not see rain. most of you won't see any rain. >> the five-day forecast, hot and humid today, foggy this morning. that fog advisory is in effect until 11:00 a.m. we could see a record high today. the fog could hamper us getting to 95. we'll wait and see. regardless we will not be back until monday. hopefully you will have forgotten by then. 86 saturday. sunday we could see rain late in the day and maybe showers monday and tuesday. highs in the 70s.
8:17 am
that's a look at the weather. here she is the woman who loves 95 degrees, julie wright. i do. and look what a friend of ours, i say ours, because he is a fan, mcneill from bowie, maryland. i don't know if you can see it on television or not. >> it's a baseball cap and says sunny and 85. >> isn't that wonderful. very b-boy style. i like it. >> thank you very much. he goes by the name game helmet on twitter. you should follow him. >> on the roads you will find lanes open, waiting for fog to burn off over prince george's county. in the interchanges here in silver spring is heavy toward georgia avenue, south on 95 on the brakes around laurel. and bw parkway between 198 and powder mill road. 270 clearing nicely toward the split. a slow down across the beltway outer loop toward river road. no incidents just volume. kenilworth southbound checking for a stalled car.
8:18 am
to problems if you are continuing in northeast washington new york avenue smooth between northeast and northwest. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. i like it, julie. what i don't like is what i'm holding right now. you might have noticed these guys in your garden or maybe inside your garage or home. these are stink bugs. and they like to graze in an environment with lots of plants and flowers. when the weather gets cooler in the evenings, that's when they like to come inside. if you ever squished one, you might have seen how foul they are, hence the name stink bug. how do you keep them out of our why you are house? national director of public affairs of pest management. let's talk about what they are. these are not a native species to this area or the u.s. in general. >> right they didn't get into this country until the late 1990s and were not first identified until the early 2000s. little gifts from the asian people to us. >> we would gladly send this
8:19 am
back. we need to learn to deal with them. what do we do if we find these guys in our home. >> first thing we want to look at is ways we can prevent them from coming in to the home. >> perfect time to do a visual inspection outside of our homes, making sure our screens are intact. making sure any weather stripping around doors and windows are firm and intact, not allowing that environment. good time to make sure the kids are closing the door behind them in and out of the house. place the barrier so they're not coming in in the first place. if you find you have them in your home, they're very ugly, small brown bugs. they have a shield shape on their back. in fact, sometimes they're actually called shield bugs, which i they they probably prefer over the name stink bugs. >> we don't care what they think. we want to get rid of them. >> we do. so if you find them in your home, if your tolerance is high and you feel comfortable dealing with a couple you may see, pick them up with a tissue and dispose of them outside or flush them. the other thing you can do is
8:20 am
vacuum them. if you do vacuum them would i caution you'll want to make sure to take that bag from the vacuum, dispose of it immediately. also be prepared because in the hose attachment if you use that, you can hold that stench from the bed bugs -- i'm sorry from the stink bugs for a couple days. >> talk about that. they're called stink bugs for a reason. if you have not smelled them yet, what kind of odor do they leave behind. i guess it's one reason we don't want to crush them. >> if you have not smelled them yet, consider yourself fortunate. the odor is not pleasant. people describe them as rotten egg, stinky socks, bad perfume. you wants to be cautious when getting rid of them. >> one of the things i saw in ways to prevents them, people are stacking up firewood. we want to make sure we keep that away from the house. >> not as much for stink bugs but that helps with other pests coming into the home where we found rodents taking up occupancy this time of year and that can be a harbinger for
8:21 am
termites. not as much for stink bugs. they're looking for us for warmth, they like light. sometimes we're seeing people changing light fixtures outside, putting in yellow light versus the bright light. >> are they dangerous? >> the good news is they're not dangerous. they're a nuisance, there is no danger factor there. where the danger comes into play they can be harmful to crops. we're seeing that more and more. >> in maryland we did a profile on local farmers having a lot of trouble with these guys. i take it it's a little tougher to prevents them at a larger level like that. >> there are some products that can help farmers to protect crops. they like citrus, apples, which are prevalent this time of year, but there is help that can be provided to homeowners that don't want to deal with them and farmers with professionals. >> isn't part of the problem because they're so new the natural enemies is tough to come by. >> that's right because they're not native to this country they don't have a higher order species trying to find them as a meal. they are more difficult to get
8:22 am
rid of. we're making progress. >> we don't want to see this problem continue to get worse. take what you said earlier, keep them out of the house for now. >> plug up entry points. you can provide preventive treatment in august or sometimes early into september through the mid part of september working with a professional you can put down products to minimize entry points. we'll put more information online thank you for joining us. i'll give these back to you. allison does not want them or i would pass them to her. >> thank you. >> keep them over there. great information. thank you steve. it's 8:22. 74 degrees on friday morning. katie perry booted off sesame street. why she was cut from the show. we will check in with holly who is checking out the what's out there this weekend designed to show off the city's parks, gardens and public places. the tour of tudor place when fox 5 morning news comes back.
8:23 am
stay with us. u
8:24 am
right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt...
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he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back. well, katy perry's performance on an upcoming
8:26 am
episode of sesame street will never make air. complaints about the singer's revealing outfit, some say is revealing began to spread after a clip popped up on the internet. her appearance was yanked. perry says she enjoyed her time on sesame street and you can check out the whole outfit for yourself on our website, facebook is back after crashing for a second day in a row. many of the 500 million users couldn't access their site for hours yesterday and wednesday. facebook isn't saying what caused the problem only that it was experiencing some site issues. speaking of online, if you are looking for work go online at check out our job shop at the uso is the job of the day looking for a web graphics designer for the new website. for more information on this job and others, go to and click on-the-job shop on our home page. coming up we'll look at fun and free family events taking
8:27 am
place around town this weekend. >> and then who had the worst weather this summer? well you don't have to go too far to find out. we'll have that story as fox 5 morning news continues. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:28 am
building wind farms and oweanyoin china, they're busy expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost thousands of new jobs.
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so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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8:30 as we check headlines this morning. people in wisconsin and minnesota bracing for more flooding this morning. towns are realing from flash floods yesterday. the wisconsin national guard delivering 30,000 sand bags to several towns. more than 300 homes were evacuated. fema is giving virginia more than $6 million to clean up from last winter's snowstorm that struck a week before christmas. that money covers about 75% of the expenses from that storm. d.c. will get more than $2 million from fema to help cover costs from the storm and also one in february. so that covers the winter, how about this summer? the weather channel says the d.c. metro area had the worst
8:31 am
weather conditions this summer in the country compared to other major u.s. cities. >> we're number one. >> we don't want to be, but we are. it was a combination of factors like record heat, three rounds of severe thunderstorms and a drought that pushed d.c. to the number one spot. the good news is they don't expect the extreme weather to continue into winter which is probably a safe bet when you're talking about extreme heat. you will not see that in the wintertime. >> you will see it today. >> okay. right now we're going to go over to tucker, right, that's what we're doing? for a look at the weather. >> allison they forgot the earthquake. >> the earthquake this summer. >> tucker and allison survived. >> we did. don't make fun steve it was an earthquake. >> we have a fog advisory until 11:00 this morning. visibility is a quarter mile or less all the counties in gray. in virginia no problems. prince george's county, montgomery county howard county, it will be a tough go over the next couple hours. we will burn off fog and left
8:32 am
with a hot one. temperatures will be warmer than yesterday, how about mid-90s for afternoon highs. currently we're 74 at reagan national, 70 in gaithersburg. manassas 66. hagerstown 69. warmer close to the bay. annapolis 75 degrees. our average daytime high is only in the mid-70s. you get the idea we'll run a good 15 in some spots 20 degrees above where we should be later this afternoon. all right. morning fog. once we get rid of the fog we have a few clouds to the north and west. they'll come rolling through. mostly sunny afternoon. off to the west, the cold front will not bring us rain. it will bring us cooler and dryer air for the weekend. our forecast hot. 95 degrees, mostly sunny skies, near record heat. our record for the day 94 degrees. likely to break that. winds nice and light out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. you have weekend plans? let's do it, tomorrow no problems. 86, plenty of sunshine. cloud up on sunday, late day
8:33 am
showers sunday afternoon and evening. and notice the cooler weather is here to stay, sunday, monday and tuesday, highs in the 70s. then the forecast, steve and allison back to you guys. >> it is one of our favorite times of the week. paul did not write that line. >> it's time to look at fun family events. paul is with us however. >> whoever wrote that was brilliant. >> steve i think you might have written it. i'm always looking out for you guys, trying to find free events. >> so true. >> let me key the song ♪[ music ] >> i'm free because all of my events this week are free. >> whoa, look at you, i said there is no way you will know. steve, that's amazing. the first event, the fall festival going on in capitol hill. most of the activities will be on or around h street southeast. there you can check out
8:34 am
military chef competitions and antique car coral. if you get a little thirsty grab a cold one at the ugly mugs octoberfest. tomorrow 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. it's free. my second event is a nature fair going on in clinton, maryland tomorrow. happening at the clearwater nature center. they will have animal shows, educational presentations and performances by billy b, the natural science song and dance man, steve's favorite 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. free. allison did you know arlington's biggest party is this saturday? >> i did not, paul. it's claritin day, going back for the 13th year around the claritin metro station. they will have music and dancing, food from 15 local restaurants. plenty to do for the kids. 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the price is free. my last he rent is an opening going on all weekend long.
8:35 am
stop by this week to learn more about the event. >> we are here at the national museum of american indian where they are opening a brand new exhibit this weekend. i'm with the curator, rebecca. thank you for having me. tell me about this weekend. >> the exhibition is tidalled vantage points. it's new works by contemporary artists. we have a series of programs going on. a couple interactive workshops going on. >> kind of like this one. what is this about? the sticks. >> so truman low will be working with kids to put together a piece put together with sticks. >> very cool. i guess you have to come out to see what they make and they're also having a sewing circle. tell me about this. >> this is an open to the community sewing circle. any age can participate. no sewing experience is necessary. >> where did you get these jeans at? >> they are from farmer pharmacist, he was a rather
8:36 am
stubby short man,. >> i'm sure he'd be happy to be described that way. >> let's start with the symbol. >> i have the symbol. >> kind of go ahead, don't let me poke you. i'm going to try not to poke myself. >> and that's not that good. all right. >> i'll just let you do the sewing, you seem to be the expert. they need to come out. >> come on out, maybe i'll donate jeans instead of sewing. >> for information at all of my events, go to i'm not -- >> nor do you share the shape of the pharmacist, right. so they don't want your jeans. >> i felt like i had to get something. i was embarrassed with the lack of talent i had. >> i like how paul gets into it, if you notice he starred a small
8:37 am
sewing circle at his desk. i hope to be invited too. >> i got the invite on facebook. >> thank you, paul. have a great weekend. it is 8:36. coming up on this friday morning. we will more on the man expected to be the next d.c. mayor and the school chancellor. >> and we have your friday football forecast. where is our sweet boy? kennedy the weather dog is ready for the big game. chilling. >> he's resting so he can be excited for kickoff. >> that's what he is doing. stay with us and kennedy, fox 5 morning news will be right back. a lot of questions about kennedy. believe me. there he is. d
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
the chairman of the republican party says he is tired of all the nitpicking within the ranks. former maryland lieutenant governor michael steele says the gop needs to stay unified to win in november. this is after tough republican primaries in alaska and delaware. chairman steele is repeating his support for the winners in both states even though they were both backed by the tea party and beat well known republicans. vince gray sat down with a much anticipated first meeting
8:41 am
with d.c.'s school chancellor michelle rhee following last week's primary. the two emerged from gray's office to a swarm of media as you can expect. rhee who was a staunch supporter of gray's challenger in the primary mayor fenty kept quiet. no decisions have been made about rhee's future. i'd like to know asap is she going to remain with the school system or if she's going to leave? i think it's important for people to move on with their lives and the children can go on. >> the chancellor made some statements during the campaign that might have made it seem like a foregone conclusion she was not going to stick around. maybe they're finding a way to continue to work together which i think would be great. >> gray plans to meet with rhee again sometime in the next few weeks and says no personnel decision will be announced until after the election. all right. 8:41. coming up we are going to dish the dirt on last night's episode of the real housewives of d.c., which allison and i happened to
8:42 am
watch last night. i'll pay more attention. not that i don't always. >> the panel appreciates that. joining the panel today, he is known affectionately as the sixth housewife on the show all the time, paul wharton will join us in studio too. >> he had a big role, serious last night. holly, good morning. >> reporter: i am now on our second stop of our landscape tour. welcome to tudor place where we are live this morning. it's all part of what is out there d.c. it's a special two day event this weekend. we'll give you a sneak peak at this landscape garden, plus how you can plan your own weekend tour live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
8:43 am
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8:45 right now. our holly morris getting a lesson in cultural landscapes this morning. she is with the cultural landscape foundation to preview the what's out there weekend
8:46 am
going on this saturday and sunday. we say landscapes plural, because you are on the move this morning.
8:47 am
>> reporter: we are on the move. here's the most exciting thing
8:48 am
we are only showing you three of the spots that are on the tour. if you go out this weekend, you can try to take in all 25 gems that are in our city. charles bir nbaum is traveling with me. we should have worn running shoots. >> when we get there it's worth the travel. we have moved now to tudor place, another spot on the tour. let's talk about the cultural landscape here. >> tudor place is one of three sites that we have in the georgetown area that's part of the what's out there weekend with dunbar ton park. this is the change in continuity. this goes back to martha washington's granddaughter who actually planted the box wood that are 200 years old in front of the house. here we are in mr. peters garden, this is arm steadstead peters. he created 23 gardens. this is an apple pie kind of landscape a cutting garden and a sun dial and we have wonderful gardens. what holds this whole place together are the boxwoods. >> it is amazing.
8:49 am
it was in the family for quite some time, this property, right? and it seems like each person that lived here really made the gardens important. >> important. >> absolutely. i don't know of another garden where you can go back to 1805, originally eight and a half acres, today it's five and a half acres. >> five and a half acres in georgetown, amazing to think about when it was eight and a half. >> i think if you came on the eciclyyowod ndf 3thispo mae arn that no ak atte derere⌞3 e etorveon uaneehe re viwath were ame. ãbw% >at she re viwath were ame. ãbw% ⌞ nt saturdnd. >>otorhas t er wea ti he %ll, ú>the aouatac lbe5 nus,heonr 3 end onewo, in ch ->> repor a a also available sunday or some or one or the other? >> in missouri cases they are, but not all. please visit the website. >> reporter: i think this is what charles is telling me get the answers to your questions. you might have more questions as well. go to, we have a link to the cultural landscape foundation's website. there at their website you can download a brochure. this brochure has all the spots on tour for saturday and sunday. this brochure also has all the metro stops good for each spot, which is helpful or you can download this full pamphlet which tells you the spots, has beautiful pictures, but gives you stories that you will learn when you come and take the tours. if you're wondering who the tour guide is, look for the green hat, the what's out there weekend official cap all tour guides will be wearing.
8:50 am
coming in up in our next hour, smell the roses. we're moving on, going to our third spot at the national cathedral, the bishop's garden there and see what we can learn about that place here in d-c. back to you. thank you so much. more drama with the real housewives of d.c. oh boy do we have a great panel joining us. we'll start with christina our regular panelist, christina writes the in the no column for and wkys, and annie yu, a producer at channel five and today's stylist extraordinary, paul wharton may have seen on an episode or two. >> i have a little crush on you. i'm all for gay marriage but i have a crush on you. >> let's talk about the show last night. i want to get to serious moment last night that featured you.
8:51 am
let's talk about the cat and erica blow out. people are asking whose team are you on, team cat or erica? >> let's look at a clip from last night's show. >> she has full access to the wardrobe, four wheel drive, sports car. blah, blah, blah. >> that's the mean girl coming out. >> erica, every fellow has seen you, you call me mean cat, mean cat. you're always negative every time i see you. >> okay. here's my take on all of that. i think this was building. i think this resent. and anger was building from erica. last night she just chose to let her top blow. unfortunately cat's kids were there and it became an emotional scene. what did you think? >> it has been brewing for a long time . i think it started with racial comments that cat made in the first episode. it's moved on and it was one mean girl being mean to a mean girl i thought. really, it was gloves off.
8:52 am
a kind of fighting that one rarely sees. i was disappointed. >> in a weird setting. >> women do that, the question is why if i mean erica, i mean why does she lash out like that at that particular moment? intimate wine, girlfriends having a chill time. i didn't get it. >> annie you saw she was holding mary's hand because cat was basically saying that mary lets her daughter run all over her. she thought she was supporting her in the end erica cast on the outs. what did you think of the timing and when she stormed out? i felt bad. >> i think a lot of viewers thought the same thing. it was inappropriate to do it there with the kids and then it let on to the flare area after the blow out when cat was trying to leave, erica kept egging it on and followed her to the foyer and in front of the girls, you know, kept at it. >> i couldn't imagine that. >> inappropriate to do that. >> actually, can i be honest? i shed a tear for cat because that short of aggression makes
8:53 am
me uncomfortable. and holding the kids. >> and she shed a tear won't she was standing there with her daughters. i think where she's like everybody else. where i'm like okay it's too far, whatever you had to say didn't certainly shouldn't have been said in front of the children. for that i'm on team cat. >> do you think area regretted it? i felt like she was trying to get back in but it didn't go right. >> i don't think so. i don't think she regretted it: i don't think so. >> that was sort of an emotional moment. >> what's happening in erica's world? >> there was a moment too where paul you invited the housewives to come and talk with councilmember david katania, the marriage he quality bill. let's look at what happened. >> there should be equal rights when you start talking about marriage, i think that's one
8:54 am
man one woman. >> jason and i understand that people have different lifestyles, but its way more black and white than that. marriage is between a man and a woman. >> so paul, their face sort of told the story there how you were feeling. talk to us a bit. what was that moment like for you? >> well, it's a very hard place to be. you have friends, people that you really like, i really like stacy and i really like jason, but, you know, 45 -- 47 years ago my grandfather marched on washington, 45 years to the day later i was in denver at a democratic national convention with now president obama and, you know, i still have more to go, you know. like it's not over. the struggle is not over for some of my people you know. and i need to -- i can't just say that it's okay for my friends to just say oh well, civil union is fine but marriage is not. well, i'm at least going to give you a hard time about it and i
8:55 am
at least want -- just resting on religion is very -- it's hard for me to swallow that. >> paul, i will tell you that, after that i bet you got a lot of people thinking and talking about how they feel. >> a lot of people. >> i feel like mission accomplished if the agenda was to get people educate glad yeah. i was really happy with some of the things that linda said. and i feel like it's a very hard place to be, if i could just encourage people to log on to, and get the conversation started. it's not easy for the people in your lives, your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, neighbors, this is an issue that affects all of us. we're in the nation's capital, i want people to talk about it. >> ladies, we had a special guest, we wanted to let paul talk. we're out of time but macy's people can see you. >> please come see me saturday at 2:00 at macy's tysons one mall, free makeover, lots of
8:56 am
fun. >> you don't need one! >> we'll link all of that to we never have enough time especially for this fabulous talent. >> we'll be right back. this will continue. we'll be right back. thank you paul. ich ceys
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
welcome back, everybody. coming up on the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news, another look at the stories we are following for the top of the hour. comedy central host stephen colbert is testifying in front of congress. we are live with a preview. plus they can be dangerous if the wrong hands and can be harmful to the environment. so what can you do with leftover prescription medication you want to get rid of? we are going to tell but a program that will help you do just that. and have you seen this style of light before? did you know it's based o


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