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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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unlike our other weather patterns from the northwest and moves to the southeast, this is coming from the deep south and there is a connect to the gulf of mexico. we have had an inch to two inches of rain and that is in effect through tomorrow morning and there is not a lot going in the metro area. if you look to the west where that red line is, all of our heavier downpours are kind of forming up along that warm front and you're getting heavier rain in charles town and to the east of winchester and front royal, that is all moving from south to north and you can see that on our true view as we look to the south and you can see the heavier rain that we're watching through the carolinas and that is getting focused around an area of low pressure coming out of tennessee and moving up and over us tonight. look at where that goes and tapping the gulf of mexico. the flash flood watch pretty expansive, covering most of our area and goes through tomorrow morning and it's likely we're going to get heavy downpours and that is not going to rain all day on tuesday.
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i will let you know when we we understand down and talk about another huge slug of moisture we have to watch later in the week, shawn. the complicated forecast is coming up. >> see you then. remember, you can track the forecast 24/7 on go there and check out the live max hd radar in your neighborhood. the five-day forecast and current conditions and more. >> a jur's verdict sparked a war of words between the police. the verdict claims that the d.c. police chief cathy lanier violated the whistle-blower act by retaliations rains three over -- against three officers. the fop wants her fined and fired but the attorney general said there is no evidence to sent the findings. paul wagner has more. >> reporter: the fop and attorney general are anxiously a waiting a judge's decision on whether the chief should be disciplined and/or fined for what the jury said was a violation of the whistle-blower protection act and each filed
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breves with the court arguing for and against and it's all up to a superior court judge. the jury's august verdict began with a lawsuit filed more than five years ago. when charles ramsey was the chief of police and cathy lanier was a commander. several officers, including martin freeman, seen here in the redskins hat, stepped forward to say the d.c. police department was illegally brokering security work for its officers at gallery place in chinatown. according to the lawsuit, the department retaliated claiming the officers engaged in offduty employment and free inwas visually fired -- freeman was eventually fired and 24ths suspended without pay. the -- and two others suspended without pay. they violated the whistle- blower protection act and faulted only kathy lanier. >> her asking the judge to make the decision about what the appropriate decision is for the chief and this is the first time in the history of d.c. you had an agency head thought to be guilty of retaliation and
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that law is not equipped to handle that situation. i think the law sees our agency heads would behave better. >> and the attorney general is fighting hard for lanier, claiming in essence the, the jury made a mistake and in a statement,ic inels said, although we sent the jury process and the hard case, the finding that chief lanier retaliated against one of the plaintiffs was not supported by any evidence of the law. we intend to demonstrate to the court that the jury's finding is in error. what hasn't been explain side an e-mail that chief lanier sent to the rank and file after the verdict. in which she said the jur he dismissed the whistle-blower claims. a spokesman said the chief was unavailable for comment. in a twist, the jur earthquake warded damages to one of the three officers who brought the suit saying that martin freeman and dwayne fouler would have been disciplined despite the
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whistle-blower claims. sean mcglocken was awarded $20,000 for lost wages and other damages and it's unclear when the judge will rule. >> do you know why they specifically named chief lanier when she was not chief at the time? >> because these officers were under her command at the time, and so, that is why she was listed as that list of officials and that is why they singled her out. >> thank you. and a d.c. judge delayed the trial of the man accused of killing chandra levy. the trial was supposed to start next week. the judge postponed that trial until october 18th and saying the prosecution needs the extra time to resolve an issue with the defense witness levy disappeared in 2001, her remains found a year later. guandique pleaded not guilty. >> he's the most powerful dad in washington and today, president obama focused briefly on the d.c. public school system. the remarks of blunt are
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causing controversy. beth parker is live with more on what the president had to say. beth? >> reporter: well, shawn, the president might be washington's most famous parent, but his children don't attend d.c. public schools o. "the today show," a woman from florida asked obama a question getting to the point. she wanted to know if he thought his girls could get as good an education in the d.c. public schools as they get in private school. >> i'll be blunt with you, the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. now, they have made important strides over the last several years to move in the direction of reform. >> right. >> and there are terrific individual schools in the d.c. system, and that is true, by the way n every city across the country. >> reporter: now, test scores have jumped significantly since 2007, when major reforms began in d.c., even so, less than half of the students in d.c. public schools are reading and doing math at grade level.
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dcps released a statement saying they're proud of their progress and promise it will continue. the obama girls attend sidwell friends, one of the lower schools in bethesda and the other at the upper school in northwest. the tuition is a little more than $30,000 per student. >> beth parker live in the newsroom. thank you. a protest across from the white house today demanding an end to a certain type of coal mining. take a look, these are protestors from a group. they want to put a stop to mountain top coal meaning that they say can cause water pollution other and environmental damage. the mountain top mining is the most sufficient way to get to supplies. about 100 protestors were arrested. southwest airlines could soon be flying out of reagan national airport. the discount carrier agreed to buy airtran airlines in a $1.4 billion deal. if this is approved, southwest will take over airtran flights, including 9 gates at reagan national. the deal is expected to take a year to 18 months before southwest starts flying in and out of reagan. still ahead tonight on the
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news edge, controversial claims. >> are alien visitors paying visits to our nuclear missile sites? you may want to withhold judgement until you hear from a group of retired air force personnel. and a jury reaches a verdict in the trial of a man accused of killing a major league baseball pitcher from maryland. and a murder mystery, police search for clues after a man is gunned down in prince georges county. we'll be right back. 
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>> tracking a killer. police in prince georges county want to know who shot a man to death. gun shots were fired around midnight in the 3400 block of dodge park road in landover. when police arrived, they found pierre medley suffering from a gun shot wound. the medics --ics rushed him to the hospital where he died. police are asking anyone with information to call him. police arrested a second team connected to a knife attack last week. the victim was taking pictures of the canterbury shopping center when two types approached him. when the man refused, they kicked and stabbed him. one teen was arrested hours later and the other was caught up to on thursday. the drunk driver who killed a major league baseball pitcher is guilty of second- degree murder. andrew gallow was driving last april when he slammed into a car carrying nick adenhart and other people. he was a graduate of williams port high school in washington county, maryland and gallow
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faces more than 50 years in prison. still ahead on fox 5 news, ex-military commanders making controversial claims. they reveal -- reveal their first-hand accounts. and chrysler takesak after several workers were caught on camera engaging in questionable behavior. sue. and we have really needed this rain. we're getting a supersoaker out of it and today, there is more rain on the way. wait until you see the forecast the rest of the week coming up. and sad news to pass along. gloria stewart, the actress who played rose in the movie titanic died at the age of 100. her grandson said she passed away in her sleep sunday night in her los angeles home. she starred in dozens of films in the 1930s and earned an oscar nomination at the age of 87 for her role in "titanic." we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing?
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means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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>> are aliens from outer space visiting u.s. nuclear missile sites? it's no laughing matter. the former vets are revealing what has been here for years and they may have the evident to back it up. >> reporter: at first glance, they could be any retired
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group. >> i was a missile launch officer. >> communication officer. >> combat teams commander. >> reporter: besides their service in the air force, these men share something else. >> a white pulsating light in the sky. >> dark metallic in appearance with strange markings. >> reporter: stories, stories that sound out of this world. >> they fully illuminated round object was hovering silently over the missile silo and shining a light. >> from the dead stop, it shoots off to the east and just like now you see it, now you don't. >> reporter: flying saucers, aliens, visitors? whatever they're called, what -- they claim to have seen ufos over the 1960s missile site that briefly shut the facilities down when the ufos were there. this planet is being visited by beings from another world. >> reporter: sound far-fetchd? the group produced old air force documents were counting
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reports of flying disks, flying saucers and balls of fire. the same type that robert said he saw while stationed at montmont's malstrom air force base in 1967. >> an object, a red glowing object hovering above our front gate. >> reporter: and while interest in aliens from other plants visiting earth is nothing new, critics say government efforts to look into reported alien sightings are very old and have never found concrete proof. >> at this point in time, a debunker. >> reporter: roger laney is the senior curator and said he questioned ufo conspiracy theorists for years and has come away a nan believer. >> i always probe pretty hard, what keeps of evidence do you have to support these? i have yet to see any. >> reporter: these veterans incest they have seen the proof with their own eyes and can't say for sure who or what may be
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out there. >> your guess is as good as mine. >> reporter: in washington, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> we contacted the u.s. air force office of special investigation headquarters at andrews air force base. a spokesperson told us they received many questions about the claims and they're not aware any of open cases of ufo or alien sightings. several chrysler employees fired after caught on camera drinking during a lunch break. fox 5 showed workers from a detroit assembly plant drinking beer and smoking what appears to be marijuana. this video went viral and chrysler announceed that 13 of the 15 people were fired and the other two remember laid off without pay for one month. time to talk about the rain out there. >> a difference between a watch and warning, the watch is saying stand by. a warning means that flooding
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is occurring. >> okay. >> and earlier, whee warnings from montgomery and howard and that is down now and for an hour or two at a time. the watch is overnight and not raining. we expect that it's going to redevelop in through the leave night hours and on that tuesday morning commute, it may not be fun either and we had thunderstorms spinning and tornado warnings were issued. nothing touched down out of that tornado warning this morning. over to radar, we start here to show you what is going and there is not much in the region and we have a weak warm front to the west and that is focussing on heavy rain and this is moving from south to north and charlestown, another big batch is coming your way is&this is not an area that got hit heavily earlier and montgomery count he a lot of rain and howard county.
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that is going to shift to the east and up on the coast. giving you a bigger view here and that is in motion. watching the heavier rain to the west and slide to the south and there is more rain out of north carolina. east of 95, that is where you're going to get the heaviest rain and there could be thunderstorms in there and as that area of low pressure is in tennessee and this is loaded. there is a tropical connection as well and not only to this one but what we will see later this week and a flash flood watch, most of the rain is going to be tomorrow morning and billion line, more showers and storms overnight, especially east of 95 and mostly rain on tuesday morning and may be a hit or miss shower in the afternoon and that is going to clear out.
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could there be another tropical storm rainstorm? it's starting to look like that and that has been predicted awhile and looks like the heaviest of that rain is on thursday and it's going to effect temperatures, mostly in the 70s this week and that is not going to be that cold tonight, dropping to 70 because of the rain that it's about around and the flash flood watch up overnight, the thunderstorms likely for us and we'll be busy watching that and hope you will join us at 10:00 tonight to see what is going. tomorrow, the rain shuts off early and could be an afternoon shower and that should be the warmest day. by noon, sun is trying to come out and could make it unstable and lead to late afternoon showers and so far, the atlantic is most active. the action is shifting to the caribbean and we might be tapping that. that is the kind of moisture
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that is to be tapped on thursday and hope we don't get a named tropical storm out of it. the five-day forecast will paint in the heaviest rain tonight and into tomorrow morning and a badly needed break and wednesday, the rain doesn't get in here until late at night and rains hard on thursday and that could shift. could be more east of d.c. and we get lighter showers out of it and either way, looks like it's gone for the weekend and that coolest air so far, saturday, 68 degrees. >> thank you, sue. >> sure. coming up in sports, the readskins are looking to rebound after the awful loss to the rams. and gilbert arenas makes his first public comments since being sentenced on felony gun charges. we'll be right back. a
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>> good afternoon, the carpenters used to sing "rainy days and thunder get me down." the redskins were expecting big things from their new 3-4 defense this year and so far, expectations have not been met. the skins are last in the league and total defense. last. giving up almost 424 yards a game and can is -- conceded 30 points for the second straight week in the loss to the rams. only the second time they have
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done that since 2001 and what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on, coach? >> when you're, you know, told defense is your last, there is a big question mark on, you know, exactly what we're going end up. so, you know, we need improvement in a lot of different areas. >> if you look at it in hindsight, we're better team. and right now, we have to learn the system. we have to learn the system and make it work and coach shanahan put steps on the board and that does work. you have to believe in it and you believe in it, he can make it work for you. >> clinton portis carried the ball a total of seven times and once in the second half. finished the 44-yards and including the season high 27 yards on the second-quarter rush. meanwhile, signed off the practice squad on saturday and carried the ball seven times. he rushed for 46 yards. the 36-yarder, the it longest of the season and -- raining on
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1st and 2nd and portis on 3rd down. >> they're preparing me like that and told me to stay in the playbook. >> and i think i will go out and prepare. >> and the wizards hill the annual media day and everyone is excited about john wall, everyone is curious about the return of gilbert arenas with a new look and a new number. big beard, bigger number. 9 instead of the zero and the media may want to look and hear from him, but it's not mutual. last year's suspension, not to be discussed and gil's famous smile, at least today, nowhere to be seen.
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>> the only place i want to smile is on the court and that is where my job and love is. >> i'm very happy. the past -- assuring the happiness on the outside and there is no need to do that anymore. you know, i can just, you know, play the game the right way and i play with my passion and that is what we need to focus on. >> commissioner david stern saying that he's not to discuss last year's suspension for bringing guns into the locker room. back to you. >> thank you. and now, of course, you have the news edge. the news is always on keep it here at tmz on tv, it's coming up next. ring ring. progresso.
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