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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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improving my ability to remember. >> reporter: jack says the program is working for him. >> houseman's epilogue would do for starts. >> reporter: he's now able to remember some of the poetry he loves best. >> more likely to remember who it was that said it and what they said it in and yes. >> reporter: fox news. the news keeps coming. laura is in for brian now on the news edge at 11:00. starting off in maryland tonight a woman left for dead on a silver spring street, the drive who hit her and dragged her down the -- driver who hit her and dragged her down the road is still out there and tonight police are working a few clues that could lead them to the driver. for the first time we are hearing from the victim's driver. fox 5's will thomas spoke with her brother. >> that family member tells me the medical outlook is not good. she's not conscious and as it turns out, because she is unable to speak and most of her family is in guatemala, police
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are having difficulty getting much information about her. detectives do know there is a car driving around with a broken mirror responsible for that hit and run. police swarm this section of carroll avenue saturday night. >> i heard a thump. it sounded like a car had hit another car. >> reporter: what she heard was a car hitting a young woman sending her under this black pickup truck. 22-year-old daniellela elizabeth elaine mateo is her full name. she arrived with her brother from guatemala two years ago and he spoke with us about the family's pain. >> i am very sad. my mother is so sad. i am angry, but i am very, very sad and the family is, too. >> reporter: oscar ole said his sister was heading to her boyfriend's house right where the car struck her. daniellela worked as a checker for three years at this nearby latino market.
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walking is how she gets around. >> she can't talk. she's in a coma. >> reporter: oscar describes her condition as grave and as she struggles to survive, the person responsible for hitting her is still on the run. neighbors living along this stretch of carroll avenue in silver spring describe an ongoing problem with speed. >> usually if get out, you got to wait for a whole line coming because they won't stop. >> i'm very concerned, especially with the school, too. i've seen the crossing guard almost get hit. >> reporter: new hampshire estates elementary school is the school right across the street from the accident scene. there is one crosswalk but no lights. as for the investigation, police recovered a passenger's side view mirror at the scene of the collision. they think the car may be a dark honda sedan. i'm will thomas. laura, back up to you. also in montgomery county tonight investigators are looking for a rapist. a woman said she was attacked while walking on frederick road near high point road in germantown early yesterday morning. the man grabbed her from
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behind, forced her into nearby woods and assaulted her. it is a crime that has people in the area very concerned. >> kind of scary to hear because i'm here in this area almost every day because my son is at the academy of martial arts. so we come here for his class. so when i heard this, i was really like shocked. >> police are asking people to be extra careful, be alert in your surroundings, especially at night. a d.c. judge has delayed the trial of a man accused of killing federal intern shawn ra levee. the trial was supposed to start -- chandra levy. the trial was supposed to start next week but it's now been postponed until the 18th. levee disappeared in 2001. her remains were found a year later in rock creek park. the fox 5's storm force tracking heavy rain headed our way, a live look outside right
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now. some of you saw a lot of rain earlier today, others not so much. fox 5's sue pal can is keeping an eye on things -- palka is keeping an eye on things. i understand there's a flash flood watch now. >> there is until 8:00 in the morning. some of us will continue to see heavy rain overnight and others won't get nearly enough. straight to radar we go and tonight that heavy rain band is setting up on the delmarva. look around salisbury and ocean city, that's all moving from south to north and is many some of those batches you'll pick up 1/-- in some of those batches you'll pick up 1/2-inch to an inch. you can see another band coming up through north carolina and even another one down through georgia. i'll show you there's an area of low pressure down there. that's going to move kind of up the appalachians into the great lakes and it will produce a few more bands of heavy rain and maybe a thunderstorm, but all of this looks like it will be out of here close to tuesday morning. in fact, the flood watch does go until tuesday morning at 8 a.m. that means the possibility of
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flooding is out there, but it does not mean flooding is occurring. earlier today we had enough rounds of heavy rain that in some spots we picked up an inch to 2 inches of rain. that's the way it will be tonight south north streamer bands coming in. it's not the only chance of rain this week. there's another big chance coming up. we'll talk about that with the five day coming up. >> thanks. the news edge following a developing story tonight, white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is expected to leave his post perhaps as early as friday. fox news reports that's when emanuel will announce whether he will run for chicago mayor. a person close to him said no final decision has been made yet and that he is still assessing his chances. a commission investigating the gulf oil spill says the white house made some big mistakes. the panel said the government took eight tries before it got the spill estimates right. the panel says those mistakes undermined the public confidence in the clean-up effort, but retired coastguard admiral thad allen says the low estimates didn't change the way
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the government was trying to deal with the spill. republicans have been criticizing president obama's economic plan asking where are the jobs? today the president signed a bill intended to create them. the bill helps small businesses expand and hire new employees. legislation creates a $30 billion government fund to expand credit access for small businesses and it includes $12 billion in tax cuts. >> going to cut taxes, going to make more loans available for small business. it's a great victory for america's entrepreneurs. >> meanwhile the senate takes up legislation democrats say will create u.s. jobs and discourage companies from shipping jobs overseas, but republicans say the measure will do just the opposite pushing more jobs out of the country and increasing taxes on u.s. businesses. a murder conviction for the drunk drive who killed a major league baseball -- driver who killed a major league baseball pitcher from maryland. >> a california jury convicted
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andrew gallo of second degree murder in the death of los angeles angels pitcher nick adenhart and two others. gallo was driving drunk last april when he slammed into a car. gallo now faces more than 50 years in prison. adenhart was a graduate of williamsport high school in washington county maryland. police arrested 100 people during a protest near the white house today. the protesters are from appalachia rising, a group that wants to end mountain top coal mining. they say it causes environmental damage, but coal companies say the mining practice is the most efficient way to mine. maryland's first casino is now open for business. hollywood casino employs about 350 people located in perryville about 40 miles north of baltimore. the state hopes it will compete with casinos in neighboring states that have been attracting maryland gamblers for years. d.c.'s top cop under fire tonight. coming up next the court decision that sparked a war of words and what it could mean for chief cathy lanier's job.
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plus the u.s. in air cyber war with iran? the computer virus that's wreaking havoc at nuclear power plants and the accusations aimed at the pentagon. but first a quick check of our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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a news edge investigation tonight on a war of words between the d.c. fraternal order of police and attorney general peter nickles. a jury recently found d.c. police chief cathy lanier guilty of violating the whistleblower protection act by retaliate against three officers. -- retaliating against three officers. now the fop wants chief lanier fined and fired but the attorney general says there's no evidence to support the
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jury's finding. >> reporter: the jury's august verdict began with a lawsuit filed more than five years ago when charles ramsay was the chief of police and cathy lanier was a commander. several officers including martin freeman seen here in the redskins hat stepped forward to say the d.c. police department was illegally brokering security work for its officers at gallery place in chinatown. according to the lawsuit, the department retaliated by claiming the officers engaged in unauthorized off duty employment. freeman was eventually fired. two others were suspended without pay. according to the verdict form, the jury found the police department violated the whistleblower protection act and faulted only cathy lanier. >> we're asking judge to make the decision about what the appropriate discipline would be for chief lanier. this is the first time in the history of d.c. you had an agency head found to be guilty of retaliation and the law is not equipped to handle that situation. i think the law assumes that
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our agency heads would behave better. >> reporter: but attorney general peter nickles is fighting hard for lanier claiming in essence the jury made a mistake. in a statement nickles said, "although we appreciate the hard work of the jury in this case and fully support the jury process, the finding that chief lanier retaliated against one of the plaintiffs was not supported by any evidence of the law. we intend to demonstrate to the court that the jury's finding is in error." what hasn't been explained is an e-mail chief lanier sent to the rank and file after the verdict in which she said the jury had dismissed whistleblower claims. a spokesman said the chief was unavailable for comment. >> that was fox 5's paul wagner reporting. now a superior court judge will decide whether the chief should be disciplined and/or fined and we'll let you know what happens. coming up next a maryland state trooper pulling his gun during a traffic stop. tonight some charges dropped in
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the case stemming from this viral video. we'll plano. and the redskins have a case of -- explain why. and the redskins have a case of the monday blues after one of the worst games in the nfl and now donovan mcnabb has to prepare for a game with his old team. dave feldman coming up with the sports edge.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout.
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ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. get off the motorcycle. get off the motorcycle. state police. >> a maryland judge has dropped charges stemming from this viral video. it shows a state trooper pulling his gun during a traffic stop on i-95 in
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hartford county last march. the motorcyclist was later arrested under the state's wiretapping laws after he posted this helmet cam video on youtube. maryland requires two-party consent to record a conversation. today a judge ruled the trooper had no expectation of privacy during a traffic stop. the motorcyclist still faces traffic charges. did the u.s. conduct industrial sabotage on one of its allies? that is what some are claiming following a cyber attack on iran's nuclear power station. that attack happened weeks before the nuclear station was set to open. iran says the power plant's computer software was hit by a viral worm capable of seizing control of the plant and exposing top secret information. iran is trying to downplay the problem, but one expert says the virus is infecting roughly 60% of the country's computers including those at the nuclear power plant. >> if they say it was only the nuclear plant, no, that is not 100% the case.
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any industrial system which is currently active and especially digital systems can be affected by this virus. >> experts say the worm's sophistication indicates that it came from a western country, perhaps the german company siemens. the pentagon is not commenting on this, but the u.s. does have a no first strike policy when it comes to cyber warfare. a different type of computer virus is targeting job seeker online. shawn yancy back now with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight a warning for linked in members. no. 5 linking up with the wrong person on the career oriented social networking site could cost you. experts are warning users to watch out for phoney contact requests. clicking on it will download a virus affecting your computer and then al however thieves to get personal information. no. 4 -- allow thieves to get personal information. no. 4, scientists think they found the gene that controls migraines. they say when the gene doesn't work right the pain's threshold
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is low leading to migraines. no. 3, southwest could soon be flying out of reagan national airport. it's buying airtran. sounds good, right? well, industry watchdog groups say it's bad news for low fares since both airlines were low fare leaders. less competition means southwest will have less pressure to keep its fares low. no. 2, government may be able to follow you on twitter and facebook. the new york times reports the white house plans to submit a bill that would require some online services to be subject to wiretap laws affecting your internet and e-mail communications. and no. 1 tonight, you can get energy efficient appliances for a discount. virginia sales tax holiday for energy star and water sense products runs from october 8th through the 11th and to get this discount they have to cost $2,500 or less. they include refrigerators, washing machines and that's not all. you can see the list of all eligible appliances on just click on web links.
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rainy day out there, rainy night for some people. >> yeah. not everyone will get the heavy rain, but boy did we need this rain and it's quite the beginning of a pattern change, too, where we've had high pressure dominating giving us our real hot summer. this changes things up a bit, a great looking live picture out at d.c. you can see the low clouds hanging, although we are not getting much rain, if any, out of the low clouds tonight, but it's been an interesting sky. most of the rain at this hour is on the eastern shore in the delmarva in particular. let's start with radar so you can see where some of that heavier stuff is now moving up from south to north. this will continue throughout the night but again that's about the only spot. another new batch of rain will come up from north carolina. you can see that easier when we switch over to max hd. that will also be heading in our direction. it can get the close-up view here. here comes our next batch and some of these will ride more to the east and looks like later tonight according to some of our model guidance we'll start to pick up more rain moving up
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through the appalachians. so it kind of leaves us a little bit in the middle here in d.c., but we did have some recent don't rain earlier today. we also have to watch this spinning low right here. you can see it developing some thunderstorms moving up to the north. that's the upper l low we have to watch go by. -- level low we have to watch go by. bottom line, potential for heavy rain overnight and a flash flood watch has been issued until 8:00 in the morning by the national weather service. our prediction for how much rain we may get, really took the numbers down a bit but still in a few spots there could be 1 to 2, most places more like 1/2-inch to an inch in the overnight hours. so that heavy band is really beginning to shrink up, but it's a start and there is more pain potentially later this week. also want -- rain potentially later this week. also want to mention we are still have a strong outlook for thunderstorms. there may be gusty winds. earlier today we did have a couple of these spinning and a tornado warning was issued for howard county.
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that was about the noon hour, but nothing touched down there. flash flood watch overnight. i'm going to describe this as bands of rain moving south north, maybe a thunderstorm, 70 degrees. it sort of reminds me of the reverse of the lake effect snow showers coming up from the south, but they're rather narrow. heavy rain should shut off early. there could be some lingering showers, up to 81 degrees. planner for tomorrow, showers at 8:00 in the morning, 77 by noon, maybe sunshine but showers can't be ruled out even in the afternoon because we'll still be a bit unstable in the wake of that upper level low passing by.know this hurricane the atlantic has been the most active, but now it looks like the action will shift to the caribbean. that will have an impact on us because with the pattern change the moisture fetch will pull off to the north. next batch comes up thursday. will it be far to the east or over d.c.? we need to get the track down on that and the timing but we have a chance for another round of heavy rain in the forecast on thursday. could be off to our east, though. either way it looks like temperatures stay in the mid-
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70s and the trend is for us to see more of these tropical loaded low pressures coming in as the month goes on. saturday is looks nice, cooler, 68 degrees, maybe that cooler weather will inspire our skins. we know they could use a little help. feldy is looking back at our sunday game that ultimately was a bit of a disappointment. we'll be right back. n
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[ electronic humming ] [ announcer ] complete opposites... in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] the combination only honda could engineer. the all-new cr-z sport hybrid. ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] good evening. i'm dave feldman. i know what redskins fans are thinking. what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on with their
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team losing to a rams team that hadn't won a game at home for almost two years. the redskins expected big things from their new 3-4 defense this year, but so far those expectations have not been met. the redskins of last in the league in total defense giving up almost 424 yards a game and they conceded 30 points for the second straight week in their loss to the rams, only the second time they've done that since 2001. so what's the problem? >> when you're, you know, in total defense, you're last, there's always a big question mark on exactly where we're going to end up. so we need improvement in a lot of different areas. >> if you look at it in hindsight, yeah, we are a better 4-3 team, but right now we're a 3-4 team. we got to learn the system, make it work and, you know, coach shanahan put stats on the board. it does work. you just got to believe in it. you believe in it, you can make it work for you. the wizards held their
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annual media day this afternoon. the team opens training camp at midnight tonight at george mason university and while everyone is excited about top pick john wall, the bigger question might be what kind of year will gilbert arenas have? a new look and new attitude for the guy who is no longer agent zero wearing no. 9, played only 42 games the last three seasons, two years wrecked by a knee injury and the third by legal problems. last year's suspension for guns not to be discussed and gilbert's trademark smile is not to be seen. >> the only place i want to mile is on the court, you know. -- smile is on the court, you know. that's what my job is. that's where my love is. so that's the only time i need to smile now. i'm very happy. you know, the past me used to show happiness on the outside. there's no need to do that anymore. now i can just play the game the right way and i'll play with my passion and that's 0 we need to focus on.
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>> -- what we need to focus on. >> gilbert's backcourt buddy john wall enjoying his first media day. wall was named the most outstanding player of the summer league after averaging over 23 point and eight assists her game, the top overall pick in this year's nba draft is north 2 but really he could be the no. 1 face of the fran -- no. 42, but really he could be the no. 1 face of the franchise. >> it's not me. it's us as a team. i don't want to get treated no differently. i might get extra photo shoots, but i want to be treated like the other teammates. we try and get our chemistry down and prepare for the season and hope we have a great run this season. nationals third baseman ryan zimmerman did not play against against the phillies missing his fifth consecutive start with a right rib strain likely done for the season. the season is likely done in six days. it is done in six days, but it's just beginning for the
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phils. tonight the terror continued. 2nd inning a monster home run off john lannan, phils up 1-0. the phils get a 3-0 lead and roy halladay strikes out danny espinoza in the 7th. halladay throws a two-hit complete game shutout and the phils clinch their fourth straight nl east title. they win 8-0. orioles beat the rays 4-0 preventing tampa from clinching the al east crown. so there's that. laura is back right after this. have a good night. 
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