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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 29, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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see changes. it is wednesday morning, september 29th. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we are happy you are with us. tucker barnes is in for tony with the latest on this day. and you're scaring me with word of a deluge tomorrow. >> we're comfortable now. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. we'll start with the satellite and look at that. our motion from south to north, waking up with cloud cover. might be a few rays of sunshine as you head out of the door and the clouds will increase and it looks like we have heavy rain in store. not so much today. i think the evening commute is okay, but into the nighttime and during the daytime tomorrow, a lot of heavy rain around as we have prop cal moisture to the south which is being pulled to the north. at this point we have a flash flood watch for later tonight
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and into the daytime on thursday. we're talking about the potential for several inches of rain. so the entire viewing area under a flash flood watch. it's not just the washington area. most of the mid-atlantic, right into southern new england under the flood watch. right now nice start. 61 at reagan national. 62 in frederick. 60 in fredericksberg. and 67 in ocean city. cooler than yesterday. clouds increasing, high temperature about 73 degrees. could be a few late-day showers for the evening commute but generally a dry one today. the rain gets in here later tonight. more details on the forecast. i'll let you know about tropical depression number 16 and how it will effect us. let's get to julie wright with the on-time traffic. let's start off in virginia with the inner loop slowing, braddock up to gallows where on the ramp at the exit is a stalled car. latest crash in the main line of 395 approaching glebe. the right side blocked off on
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the main line. it is heavy, slow and steady up to the accident scene. it's causing a tight squeeze out of shirlington past glebe and toward the 14th street bridge. 95 in separate stretchs will be slow, from dale city to lorton and newington toward the beltway. in maryland, between 205 and cedarville, accident pulled to the shoulder but the 301 is slow toward brandywine. 270 gridlocks to falls road before the pace improves. no change at the scene in northwest. 16th street is blocked off between park and columbia for investigation of an early morning fire. again a lot of bailout traffic on georgia avenue, 13th and 14th streets and north cap. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we are following the news out of northwest d.c. with several people injured in a fire. many residents forced from their home. this happened at 4:00 in the
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3100 block of 16th street. that's where sarah simmons is with the latest this morning. it is still an active scene, sarah. >> reporter: it certainly is. but the good news is the fire is out. investigators are on the scene to figure out what started this fire. the folks that were evacuated and not taken to the hospital have been moved to a shelter which is across the street from the apartment building. but as know, this is a very devastating fire. it started at just about 4:00 a.m. this morning. eight people were taken to the hospital. five of them were taken to the burn center. one child was taken to children's hospital and three people are in critical condition at this point. now the fire started on the 5th floor of a building here near 16th and lo mont of an -- lamont of an eight story build considering. this started in a common area. firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke and saw people hanging from the windows.
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one person even tried to jump to safety. >> just put yourself in their condition, heavy black smoke, not knowing the uncertainty of where the fire is located in the building and being this time of the morning, you could think about it, most of us are asleep and we get awoke from a dead sleep and you find heavy smoke conditions, your coughing and choking, you are going to do whatever you can to get out. >> reporter: now again at this point, to recap, eight people taken to the hospital and five to the burn center and one in critical condition and one i was just told in very critical condition not doing well. everybody else was able to get out and they have been moved to a temporary shelter while investigators continue to look into what caused this fire. live in north west, sarah simmons, steve, back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. allison. our other big story this wednesday morning, the search is on for more suspects after a drive-by shooting following a funeral in the district. it left one man dead and two
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others hurt. the gunfire erupted in the middle of u. street shutting down the area for hours. it may have been an act of gang retaliation. >> reporter: mourners scattered as four to 12 gunshots rang out in broad daylight in the u. street coreidor. friends of ashley mccray gathered for her funeral. witnesses describe a drive-by shooting after the two slides clashed. >> we were walking down trying to get in our car and realize it had been shot up. >> reporter: when the gunfire stopped, cars were crashed and people were hurt. jamal coates was killed. he was in the suv that flipped. many couldn't believe it. >> i heard the gun shots. >> reporter: what do you make of what happened today? >> senseless. something needs to be done about the violence here in the city. >> reporter: late tuesday three people were taken away in handcuffs and questioned been investigators.
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they also towed away this car. now detectives will try to determine if they know more about the shooting. >> this resulted from a taunting. this was a taunting at a funeral. and we have this kind of serious consequences as a result. >> a large section of heavily populated u street was shut down for nearly 7 hours while police investigating traffic. it meant no business for ben's chili bowl. many were surprised this would happen in a busy area in the middle of the day. >> it makes me more sad than angry. the situation has gotten better and this is just another step back which shows we still have more work to do. >> u street did reopen last night around 7:30 and we are expecting an update on the case from mayor fenty and cathy lanier in our next hour. and we'll bring that to you, the latest developments, as soon as they happen. you can follow the latest
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updates on the u. street shooting by going to our website, click on the link under hot topics. steve. more details about a silver spring hit-and-run leaving a young woman fighting for her life. somebody hit 22-year-old daniellea elizabeth mattieo. police have released this video of the vehicle they are looking for. this is believed to be a chevy. there will most likely be damage to the right headline and cracks in the windshield. it appears governor o'malley is sitting -- hitting high votes with voters. a new poll has o'malley with a 52% over 41% lead. there was a dead heat back in may. in the meantime the president is throwing his support behind o'malley. a radio ad is airing in
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baltimore and will hit here in d.c. next week. this comes as the president continues the campaign sweep. and it involves tough talk. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: the president continues his battleground tour today with stops in iowa and virginia, trying to fire up the troops. but this is -- not just a pep talk. this must have seen like a flashback. the cheering crowd and enthusiasm. >> if everybody that showed up in 2008 shows up to vote in 2010, we will win. >> reporter: but the president is growing concerned that may not happen. that young people in particular may sit 2010 out and mid-term elections are notorious for low turnout across the board. and speaking to rolling stone magazine, the president did not mince words. the idea that people are sitting on their hands
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complaining are irresponsible. people need to buck up. but that tough love strategy carries risks and some question it. the voice behind one website called it idiotic. joe biden told people to stop whining and he got an earful. >> i did say i was tired from whining coming from the supports and i got criticized today. >> reporter: but beyond the scolding, white house strategists hope if they invoke the same music and themes and excitement of '08, it will carry them through another election and prevent a full-on republican sweep. but by many measures that will be an up hill battle. there is a new poll out showing the tea party movement may be getting stronger. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. former president jimmy carter getting ready to leave a
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cleveland hospital. he was on a flight when he felt sick. he is shown shaking hands with passengers. passengers shot video using a cell phone. he turned out to have an upset stomach. he was on a book tour and was supposed to have events in washington. we have heard those are still on. we'll try to get that clarified for you as soon as we can. coming up, a terror plot was thwarted in europe after a major landmark is shut down. what are the targets and how credible is the information? that's coming up next. and plus the latest on the frantic search for survivors after heavy rain triggered a massive landslide in mexico that has left possibly hundreds missing. one trade-off for the military realignment is expected to cause major traffic problems across the region but there is one solution to possible traffic problems. it's getting put to the test this morning in northern virginia and we are live there
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with a live report coming up. it's 7:10. and let's take a look outside. we'll let the latest weather from tucker and traffic from julie. it's all coming up. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools...
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and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. ol for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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making headlines, u.s. missile strikes in pakistan disrupt terror threats in europe. the missile strikes by american drones were in the tribal region. the latest prevented a terror attack that had been in the works in europe. britain and france are on alert this morning after credible threats of an attack including another one at the eifel tower. latest missile strike yesterday killed four militants, including an al-qaeda leader. and in southern mexico, workers are still clearing debris from the massive
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mudslide yesterday. police aren't confirming deaths after reporting hundreds may have been buried. but they do say 11 people are missing. the mudslides blocked roads. that made it difficult for rescue crews to get to the remote area. we'll check in with tucker barnes and look at what is happening here. and i take it this is the better part of the day today? >> absolutely. just a couple of clouds out there. later today mostly cloudy and maybe a couple of light showers for the evening commute but the main event is later tonight and into the daytime tomorrow. and it's not just washington. it's from southern florida, up to the mid-atlantic and new york and new england. >> so when it starts raining tonight, it will be through tomorrow morning. >> through tomorrow afternoon or evening. and let's get to it. and we'll show you our tropical trail. and it's down into florida. our motion is from south to north and we've got the makings
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of a new tropical storm just south of miami at this hour. kind of see it there emerging north of cuba and bringing extremely heavy rain to portions of southeast florida. let's go to the hd radar and take a closer look and look at how much rain is falling. several inches of rain in miami. they have tropical storm warnings across southern florida and forecasts for up to a foot -- that's right a foot -- of rain in floor later today. so you get the idea here. once you get the tropical train going, we're going to have a deluge. pushing on to the map, you can see the motion is from south to north and it's not just flo florida -- florida, but up to carolinas and then on to the washington area. and again the timing on to this -- later after 9:00 or 10:00, the main event arrives and it's heavy rain around here and perhaps thunderstorm activity during the day tomorrow. when all is said and done we
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too could see up to 2-3, maybe 4-5 inches of rain by late tomorrow night. so a lot of rain tomorrow. friday, saturday and sunday much quieter. cool around here. we're starting october on a cool note with high temperatures only in the 60s on sunday. so a chance to dry out, but flash flood watch later tonight. >> oh, boy. okay. julie has a lot to deal with. it's been busy. >> absolutely. and no change on 16th street, closed off between columbia, and people taking work around. the inner loop stacking up, braddock toward 66 and gallows road stalled car in the left lane. 395 much improved. accident now at the very end on the right shoulder squeezing the very end of the transition lane out of shirlington circle but the main line is open. delays stacking up out of newington into shirlington, and
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even in the h.o.v. we are feeling the heat. delays from duke street up to the pentagon. traveling in on 66, traffic slow in manassas, 7100 to 123 and nutley to the beltway. and 301 north on the brakes. 95 slowing from georgia avenue where all of your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. speaking of traffic, back in may jim moran warned of a five-hour long commute through the alexandria area. complements of the military base reassignment plan. today one of the proposals is putting put to the test. you hear a one hour commute in this area and it brings a headache to you, let alone a two, three, four or five hour commute. >> five hours may be a bit much but it's an election season and so some exaggeration is expected.
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>> reporter: let me give you the basics, right over my shoulder this is a 17 story d.o.d. office building. and to my left there is another 15-story building here at this huge site in alexandria. over here we have yet another d.o.d. secure building and a parking garage in front of it, more than one garage. and to the left of that will be a transit center for buses and shuttles to the various metro stops in the area. we are basically in the west end of alexandria. we'll show you on a map. this is the marc center, a mixed use park. and the reason the feds are building here is because they had to get out of crystal city because the facilities werein secure. so they werein -- were insecure. and they're going to move 1600 employees here and 20% of them
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will take a shuttle to the new site with 6400 jobs. jim moran is dubious about the shuttle. so during the peak of rush hour, around 8:00 this morning, he's going to take a faux shuttle bus from that to the h.o.v. lanes on the shirley highway, and he's going to measure how long he takes. he thinks it will be a -- a onerous commute. they are thinking about putting a solution here. but moran thinks there is going to be terrible gridlock when this facility opens and thus his test of the shuttle system this morning and we'll have results later on this broadcast or during our dinnertime news tonight. and this facility, by the way, should open in a year.
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steve. >> thank you, john. coming up next -- >> remember this mess on river road. nearly two years ago now. drivers forced to be air rescued after a 66-inch water main broke. after the break we'll check out the new technology being used to prevent this from ever happening again. plus how d.c.'s mayor elect is already making good on one campaign promise. and chile celebrating the bicentennial and the party is stretching to the district. holly has more on the celebration 200 years in the making. it's 7:21. stay with us. 
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making headlines now, wssc workers finished putting in fiberoptic cables under river road and now half of all of the pipes owned by the sanitary commission have the special commission. the 66-inch pipe has more than five miles of the cables. they are meant to prevent
7:25 am
another disaster like this one we had back in december of 2008 when firefighters had to use helicopters to rescue drivers stuck in cars as a river of water flowed down river road. the senate wants every single grave at arlington to be accounted for. the new bill introduced last night requires the army to account for all of the 320,000 graves at the cemetery. this comes after this summer's scandal of mislabeled stones. they are also required to computerize all records. vincent gray is making good on a campaign promise. he's scheduled eight town hall meetings, one in each city ward and all will take place next month ahead of the november election. he will host the two-hour meeting as long side the council members. the first town hall meeting will take place october 5th in ward five. we have posted details on the other meetings at check out web links for the
7:26 am
information. coming up next, president obama throwing his support behind governor o'malley. we'll hear the new radio ad and see what kind of impact it will have on the race for governor. and let's check out the commute. we'll get the latest weather from the tucker and julie has you covered with traffic. it's all coming up next. 7:25 now.
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words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering--
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now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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we do see breaks in the clouds this morning. it's our tower camphor you at 7:30 this morning. let's check in with tucker and look outside. i see a few changes today. >> more and more cloudiness. temperatures cooler. highs in the low to mid-70s, so maybe a lot jacket because not much in the way of sunshine. and then we've been talking about the last 24 hours, a lot of rain in the forecast. the timing on this later tonight and into the daytime hours and several inches potentially here when all is said and done and so we have to be concerned for the potential of flooding during the daytime tomorrow. >> we're forewarned but it's a lot of rain. >> but that's the good news. let's get to temperatures and we're talking a lot of 50s out there. a comfortable start. 40s well off to the north and
7:30 am
west overnight. 51 now your current temperatures in martinberg. 52 in winchester. here in washington, and quantico is 60. 62 in annapolis. so a nice chance to cool off overnight with temperatures falling back for a change. our highs later today, yesterday we were in the 80s. today only in the low to mid- 70s. so cooler than yesterday. and with a lot of cloud cover. let's talk about our maybe event here. one-two combination. first the clouds moving in. you notice the motion here out of the south. so clouds spilling across the region. maybe a few rays of sunshine to start your day but i think generally cloudy this afternoon. most of the rain, and we've been talking about rain for the past 24 hours. most rain will hold off until tonight. maybe a few showers for your commute. but an area of low pressure developing here in carolinas tapping into atlantic moisture. and we have tropical depression number 16. it looks like it will become tropical storm nicole.
7:31 am
and in florida, they could have up to a foot of rain forecast across southeast miami. so unfortunately this area this will draw north and toward the washington area and it looks like it moves through during the daytime hours tomorrow and during periods in the afternoon tomorrow we could have some embedded thunderstorm activity as well. so the potential is out there for two, three, maybe four inches of rain as the system moves north during the daytime tomorrow. because of that we have a flash flood watch. that's in effect overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. that will be in effect until tomorrow evening when we get the storm out of here and we could see some flooding on the roadways, certainly streams and potentially rivers by thursday night and early friday. our forecast today, not bad. increasing clouds, chance for late-day rain. 73 for the daytime high with winds out of north at 5 miles per hour. flash flood watch tonight, rain likely, heavy at times overnight and again could see some embedded thunderstorm activity. 65 the overnight low. here is your five-day forecast.
7:32 am
a lot of rain tomorrow, heavy rain at times. 76 is the daytime high. we get a chance to dry out on the have weekend plans it should be fine. a lot of sunshine and cool. highs by sunday and monday only in the 60s. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright who has been very busy. it's still a busy ride out there. westbound 50, 704, stalled car and busy on 50 out of riverdale and cheverly into northeast. and past bladen thesberg -- bladensberg road toward the tunnel. no incidents south on the parkway. and then more slow traffic traveling from the pepsi plant to the split. 32 congested and the exit for nsa. jammed up at clarksburg before the pace improves. no change along 16th street, closed off due to the apartment fire this morning between park and columbia road. a lot of bailout traffic on
7:33 am
georgia, 13th and 14th streets as well. and the inner loop jammed up braddock to 66, off of the greenway at route 7 there is a cash. and the crash at glebe road has cleared. that's a mouthful. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. making headlines this morning, president barack obama getting involved in maryland politics. listen. >> i know this governor has made the tough decisions to put education, safety and job creation first. so stand with me, barack obama, in moving maryland forward with alley. >> that's a radio ad supporting alley's bid for governor in maryland. and the governor's ad featured the president. it's already airing in baltimore and it will hit airways near d.c. next week. o'malley hopes to beat been to beat bob ehrlich.
7:34 am
and joining us this morning, peter fenn and jim innocenzi. so is this uncommon for a sitting president to go out there and make radio adds -- ads for a governor's race? >> no. i think it is uncommon that barack obama's numbers are so alley let him do this thing. and as peter and i were talking about, maryland is the only state that obama can go in and do this and help the guy. but it's not uncommon. especially when the president's popular, they want them to come in and cut commercials for them. but this time it's kind of odd. >> reporter: peter, does it hurt o'malley? >> no. a column came out in the washington post today saying o'malley opening up a lead against ehrlich.
7:35 am
and now the democrats have figured it out. and in the poll which is interesting, the republicans are getting the republican vote. and republicans in maryland, ehrlich is winning the independent vote by a bit. so this is an effort to excite democrats, get them going. that's the kind of campaign that president will run around the country. now as he went to wisconsin, trying to get young folks back in and voting again, get them excited. also the stakes are high. this is -- and we talked about this, this isn't your mother's republican party any more. it's been hijacked by the right wing. >> i'm gone a week and your just trashing the republicans. for a guy whose party is going to take a nap in november, you're awful bold. but peter does bring up an interesting point. if you saw what the president did yesterday, he was in
7:36 am
madison, wisconsin, one of the most liberal towns other than in berkeley, california. once you see a party going back to their base this late in the election cycle, it tells you one thing -- they are in trouble. from now -- from labor day on, the campaign out to be about swing voters, those who vote for the person and not the party. and you don't see that. and that's their base and they are pretty appage etic. >> and the turnout in 2008 was extraordinary for obama. just beat all records. so you are trying to play on that. but the second point, jim, which you make is really important. but i think that a lot of independents are still up for grabs because they are getting the number of the christine o'donnells and the kind of candidates that are out there. >> you don't believe that?
7:37 am
>> i do. i think this party has been hijacked by the extreme right. >> and you sort of stopped when that word hijacked was used. do you think there are some factions within the republican party that might seven as decisive characters? >> no, i don't. i think it's always nice when you can point to one or two people and say that's the reflection of everybody. and it really isn't the reflection of everybody. if you go to some of the rallies, if you see some of the people, most of them are fairly normal. >> but jim, eight senate races that your party endorsed they lost and they are having to get out there and support the. [ overlapping speakers ] >> in kentucky it isn't just one or two. that's my point. >> and that's right. and it shows you how of touch washington, d.c. is. washington is out of touch peter. you went to california this weekend, i go to the fly -- you go -- i go to the fly over
7:38 am
states. >> california is not real america? >> it's not real america. >> are you going to defend that on this show? >> no, that's not going to happen. >> okay, fine. >> i would love to talk about this because i think this is what people are talking about. but let's talk about other things in the news. rahm emanual. he said he wasn't going to leave. now daily is stepping down, is this going to happen? >> i think he has two feet out of the door, if not one foot. i think they've taken a poll. it's not a slam dunk. it's a tricky deal. but it's very interesting. if nobody debts over 50% then you have the top two runoff and the notion is rahm would end up being one of the top two so i think he will run for mayor. >> it is interesting. it may be the beginning of the rats jumping ship. this guy is in trouble so he's
7:39 am
getting the heck out of dodge. it's a convenient excuse any way. >> this isn't a big topic to talk about but we saw the president weigh in on the d.c. school system and for a popular president, popular with the people he made a comment that his daughters go to public -- go to private schools because they can't get the same education in public school. what is going on here? >> there is the state of education in the district and i happen to be a supporter of michelle rhee. i think she's done a heck of a good job. i think we need to shake up this system. but i think you also have a security concern that the president's kids have and that's one of the reasons they sent their kids to schools that can handle the security. you by think -- but it's a tough one for the president to get involved in because the tendency to say is why don't you send your kids to public
7:40 am
school too. >> i'm not going to have you weigh in on that because i want you to talk about the race in west virginia and what is happening there. senator byrd for so long, and his seat is up for grabs and what is happening? >> joe mansion is head of the dga, he has favorable ratings from 65-75% of the people in the state think he's done a good job as their governor. he decided to run for the u.s. senate. he's losing now 46% to 45% to successful businessman john racy who is an outsider. and what happens is it's all about barack obama. you're seeing that all over america. it's like this race is a microcosm of what is happening in america. if you watch this thing, the issue is joe mansion is going to washington and he's going to be a runner -- a rubber stamp for barack obama and voters in west virginia don't want that and so i think that's interesting and i think, frankly, john will win it. i have to tell you -- >> here is my -- jim is doing a
7:41 am
good job for him. he's made this race close. my sense -- let me make my point. my sense of this, jim, is that the democrats have caught on and realized they had a race. i think initially mansion thought his numbers were so good it looked like an easy one. now they have five weeks. my sense is that mansion will pull this out, despite jim's brilliance. >> we have to end it there. i'm going to suggest that we have a talk show on the web because i have more questions. >> well we should do that. >> we could pull a jon stewart here. >> jim and peter, thank you so much. coming up, the district of column is still owed nearly $170 million in taxes from residents and businesses but a tax amnesty program is giving them a chance to pay back what they owe without penalty. time is running out. we have much more on this topic in the next hour. and also he is back with
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steve, listen up. in this morning's buzz bin, calling all-star wars fanatics. the jedi are returning to movie theaters in 3-d. lucas film has announced that all six star wars films will be rereleased in 2012. the phantom men as will be the first to hit theaters. george lucas said he was inspired by the success of avatar. not his movie, right? >> but the money that it brought in. now tucker, bon jovi is hoping go down in mystery -- history. they are among the 15 acts nominated for the induction
7:46 am
into the hall of fame. and other first-timers include neal independent, alice cooper, tom waits, donna summer and the beastie boys. >> i think you should have to be retired to be in the hall of fame. >> so on that list, who can we say? the beastie boys? >> neal diamond is still going strong. >> okay. who else? >> they could do a comeback tour next year. who knows. green day will be in it next year. and you've probably seen more star wars movies than i have. >> i do. i do like star wars. >> yoda in 3-did. >> yoda is very wise. and his ears and hair in 3-d would be wonderful. and we're setting the stage for a lot of rain around here. >> i don't like that. >> 62 in washington.
7:47 am
cooler off to the forth and west, 52 degrees in pittsburgh. 72 down in norfolk, virginia. and 73 in cape hatteras. we'll ring out this tropical storm headed our way with the cool temperatures. it's like a sponge and it will squeeze moisture across the mid- atlantic over the next couple of days. today, no problems. clouds increase. could be a few late-day showers. the main event overnight and into tomorrow. this is a one-two combination. the first part is across the carolinas moving north and it will draw with it the tropical storm. look at florida right now. a lot of tropical storm and they are expecting up to a foot of rain across southeast sections of florida later today and that's moving in our direction. so we have a flood watch for later tonight. that's right, a flash flood watch tonight and into tomorrow. where we are expecting heavy rain and temperatures in the mid-70s and then friday, saturday and sunday much quieter. and then cool by saturday and sunday with highs only around
7:48 am
70. >> that rain. i heard on the radio show that coach thompson was saying that alligator or crocodile was cuddly yesterday. we talked about that. i stand beside my opinion. >> i think i agree with the coach. but that's a good idea. let's look at traffic with julie wright now. it's 7:48. >> outer loop of the beltway slowing at 450. accident on the shoulder. delays from 95 to georgia avenue. inbound on new york avenue, traffic jammed up from the times building past bladensberg. more delays toward the 3rd street tunnel. and slow at the split, incident on the inner loop of the beltway working across the wilson bridge, tieing up the left lane in the local lanes. that's cleared, delays improved out of oxon hill. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well holly is learning
7:49 am
about chilean culture this morning. >> the country celebrating a major anniversary. holly, good morning. >> reporter: well if you consider 200 years major, yes. it is the bicentennial of the country chile and they are celebrating in the nation's capitol where parties are going on all week long. and they are by invite this morning and we've been invited and we're going to talk to the ambassador next on fox 5 morning news. u
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
this year chile celebrates it's bicentennial. >> holly is celebrating all morning long. >> reporter: and they have been celebrating here all week long with special parties in the evening with diplomats and v.i.p.s and now you. and the ambassador joins us this morning. thank you for having us here. >> my pleasure. >> reporter: and what a milestone, 200 years for your country. i would say a lot has changed in 200 years. >> many changes. particularly the last few days,
7:53 am
changing quickly. >> reporter: what do you think people don't know about chile they should know. >> first thing is that it is a safe country, has a lot of attractions. we have the driest desert in the north. we have the pacific ocean on one side and the indian mountains on the other. so it's a very particularly unique country. it brings you a lot of attractions and good food and wine and grapes and adventure, many, many things. >> reporter: i was traveling this summer and i ran into a couple who was from the states but they had moved to chile. they raised their family there and couldn't say enough about the country, but about the people. >> yes, because we are the easter island, the pollie news and island. we have warm and educated people and hard workers and
7:54 am
friendly people. and so we are very proud of our people, the land we have, the amount of time we are in the nation, the democracy, we have an open market and we have our respect for human rights. it's an interesting product i would say. >> it's been a difficult year for your country. you were caught in the spotlight with the chilean miners with good news coming there, they are ahead of schedule. >> absolutely. ahead of schedule. the miners, the whole country is behind this. and when we found them alive, there was an explosion of joy and happiness and hope. all of the countries working to rescue them. and probably early november they will be rescued and that's good news because we thought the rescue would take four months, until christmas. so first the earthquake and then the miners, so it's taken
7:55 am
some adversity, but the courage that the people have there is impressive. >> and the latest news is they might get the miners out as early as the second week in october. they are keeping their fingers crossed. you brought up the earthquake, that was in february. how does the recovery stand on that? >> well if you compare it with the amount of energy that this earthquake took, it was the fifth earthquake in the known history of my kind in terms of violence. if you compare that figure, the recovery is extremely good. the private sector, the public sector behind that, we build about 8,000 emergency homes immediately and we took all students back to school very quickly, in about a month. so the recovering infrastructure, we have the tax reform for that and after six
7:56 am
months, of course it could take more, but we are very satisfied on the way chile has faced the diversity. >> reporter: so we're here celebrating the past 200 years. where is chilly going in the next 200 years? >> we want to become a developed country and we are working hard, becoming the first latin american developed countries with better education, with people going abroad and studying out there, getting more english and we believe that in less than a decade we can achieve that goal. >> reporter: thank you again for letting us be here. the pleasure has been ours. and we've only just begun. we had the wonderful dancers here. we're going to show case some other types of chilean dance in the next hour and you can't talk about chile and not talk about the food, which is also on the menu for the 8:00 hour. back to you guys. >> love that. holly, thank you. very interesting. 7:56 on this wednesday
7:57 am
morning. one of the young men accusing a georgia pastor of sexual misconduct is speaking out. we'll hear from him coming up. and the fda is warning consumers about the misleading marketing of mouth wash. that story when we come back. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
at 8:00, mayor fenty and cathy lanier are about 30 minutes away from giving us an update on yesterday's shooting during a funeral along u. street corridor. firefighters were busy this morning after a two-alarm fire broke out. eight people were hospitalized and more are homeless. and allison is excited. about 45 minutes out from talking with eric bennett about his new album about to go on sale. he's been with us before and we'll chat with him again later this hour. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. tucker barnes is here today. tony is out. and we're waiting for some big- time weather this evening into tomorrow. >> you have a lot of rain into the forecast. several inches across the washington area during the
8:01 am
daytime hours tomorrow. we have a flash flood watch. we'll show you that in a sec. starting with a look in miami beach, they are getting flooding rains. already several inches of rain in miami and this is associated with a tropical depression that is pushing toward the washington area. so guess what? that weather right now will be in the washington area tomorrow. let's go to hd radar wanting to show you what is going on. tropical depression number 16 likely to become tropical storm nicole. and as the forecast is calling for up to a foot of rain in miami, so you get an idea there is a lot of tropical moisture, and that is heading to our area. and because of that we have a flash flood watch. today's forecast is fine. maybe just clouding up and afternoon showers for your commute. but the real event gets in here tomorrow. we have a flash flood watch because we have the potential for several inches of rain in the d.c. area during the overnight hours tonight and into tomorrow. currently just fine.
8:02 am
comfortable. 52 in frederick, 62 in washington. 67 in ocean city. most of the rain holding off until tonight. increasing clouds with showers around this afternoon. 73 degrees your afternoon high. i'll have more details on the forecast and let you know when it gets out of here coming up. >> we look forward to that, tucker. and let's check in with julie wright. >> did i hear eric bennett is in the house. >> yes. >> hello. what am i doing stuck over here? >> come on over. >> a backup from 95 to 202. and more slow traffic 95 around to georgia. 95 on the brakes from the acc south. delays inbound new york avenue from the times building to bladensberg. 395 not bad across the 14th
8:03 am
street bridge. a lot of traffic jammed up from the beltway to glebe road. inner loop slowing from braddock to 66 and no change in northwest. park road is closed -- 16th street is closed off between park road and columbia and that's due to the structure hour in the past hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we continue to follow breaking news. an early morning fire and we've just learned one person has died from the fire. many were forced from their units. this broke out at 4:00 this morning at the 3100 block of 16th street and sarah simmons has more on the top story. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: the fire has been out for several hours now but investigators right now are on the scene trying to figure out exactly what caused the fire. those people who were evacuated and not taken to the hospital have been moved to a temporary shelter across the street. but the fire has been very
8:04 am
devastating this morning. this all started before 4:00 this morning. eight people were taken to the hospital, five were taken to the burn center. one child was taken to children's hospital. three people from what we understand is in critical condition. one in very critical condition. the fire started on the 5th floor of an eight story building in a common area in the 16th and lamont area northwest. when firefighters arrived they saw heavy smoke and flames coming from the building. some witnesses said they even saw people hanging from windows, one even tried to jump to safety. >> and i saw a guy who jumped out of the 5th floor and he was asking for some help. >> but then i heard screaming and i opened up the door and saw black smoke around the ceiling and flames coming out of furniture in the area of the hallway. >> reporter: and those who were
8:05 am
evacuated were taken to a temporary shelter as investigators are still here on the scene trying to figure out what caused this fire. in northwest, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. violence immediately following a funeral in the district yesterday. 21-year-old jamal coates was killed and two others injured in a drive by after the funeral for ashley mccray. ours later three people were taken away from a home on nearby gerard street and questioned. investigators towed away a tan buick vehicle. meanwhile they continue the search for more suspects. >> we were walking down to try to get in our car and realize our car had been shot up. they say it's the people that were around -- saying that the guy was standing near our car. >> you couldn't get up 11th street and he spun back out and hit the verizon truck and then flipped. >> reporter: a large section of u. street was shut down for
8:06 am
nearly 7 hours while police investigated. the street reopened around 11:30 last night. mayor fenty and cathy lanier are expected to update the investigation in an hour. we'll pass on any new developments from that. jimmy carter is hospitalized after a flight on cleveland where he was set to promote his new book. he is supposed to come here too, but we're not sure if he'll make it. we have exclusive video of the former president greeting passengers on board the delta flight to cleveland. he developed stomach problems after shaking hands with passengers. the associated press is reporting he canceled two events in the district because it shows he will be at politics and pros just after noon and he is still due at a soldout book signing at the george washington university tonight. to the race for maryland governor, a new poll gives alley a huge lead over governor bob ehrlich.
8:07 am
o'malley is beating ehrlich 52% to 41%. the president did an ad for o'malley. >> i know the country will put safety and education first. so move america forward with my friend martin o'malley. >> reporter: that ad is airing in baltimore and it will hit the airwaves next week. it is hoped to help him. and mitt romney is sending cash to four republican candidates, including bob ehrlich. the political action committee sent $2,500 each to roscoe bartlett and andy harris and charles lawler. a possible solution to the traffic concerns related to the
8:08 am
military base realignment. they plan to run an express shuttle from metro to the marc center. and here is why. more people are forced to dry instead of taking public transportation. the biggest area is fort belvoir and 395 at seminary road. jim moran warned of a possible five hour commute back in may. moran and others are going to ride the shuttle to see what is coming up in the next half hour. rand -- and a terror plot has been spoiled and we'll detail that when we come back. and then a tenant suing a landlord over bed bugs. and then we're in a flash flood watch. tucker will change our temperature later in the day on
8:09 am
that. fox 5 morning news tips. 
8:10 am
8:11 am
11 minutes past the hour.
8:12 am
intelligence officials have intercepted a credible terror plot against britain and france. the eifel tower was evacuated yesterday after receiving a bomb threat called in from a telephone booth. the second threat in two weeks made against the tower. a dozen people are missing after two landslides in mexico. it is a result of days of heavy rain, which caused a hillside to collapse on unsuspecting residents. a tenant is suing a landlord after bed bugs were found. they said the landlord merely inspected their -- inspected their apartment. they ended up moving out after their 3-year-old daughter was bitten repeatedly. >> it's 8:12 right now. bed bugs are nasty. tucker barnes joins us with the forecast and the cuteness factor of the day. >> and let's get to it. time now for the my first photo of the day.
8:13 am
this is sarah, everybody. on her first birthday. and i guess -- i don't need to say it. it looks like she had a fun time eating that cake. >> yummy. she makes it looks more delicious and sweet. >> you know what makes me uncomfortable, when my friends turn 30 and 40 and they eat like that. >> it's no longer cute. >> that's right, allison. and sarah, have a good birth dale. september always a good month for a birthday. for more go to and click on the morning tab. we have a lot to talk about and we're going to start with our vipir system showing the cloud cover moving toward the washington area. today no problem with a mostly cloudy day. but look at the fetch of moisture, the white extending down into florida and that is a
8:14 am
tropical storm and that will bring us copious amounts of rain to the washington area during the nighttime hours tonight and to the day on thursday. let's push on to the radar and you'll see a lot of rain in southern florida. the forecasters down there are calling for up to a foot of rain across southeast florida. they have tropical storm warnings in miami and the keys. winds gusting up to 40-45 miles per hour as a tropical depression pushes to the north. and some of the moisture is headed in our direction. let's push on to our flash flood watch which goes into effect later tonight and into the daytime tomorrow. most of today should be dry. just a couple of showers around with cool temperatures. but into the nighttime and tomorrow, a lot of rain in the forecast and the possibility of thunderstorms. quieting down friday, saturday and sunday, they look just fine. and it will feel like october around here with highs only in the mid-60s on sunday.
8:15 am
that's a look at traffic with julie wright. columbia was shut down due a structure fire and it is still a complicated commute for those heading into northwest. the better bet is to use georgia. on the beltway, the crash at 450 on shoulder, working north of 202 and around toward what was the accident scene. inbound 50, should now be cleared. 395 across the 14th street bridge, it's heavy and steady. gw parkway slows approaching the memorial bridge with an incident on the shoulder. northbound 95 out of newington leaving springfield to glebe. 66 tied up leaving centerville toward the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well all five republican members of the house ethics
8:16 am
committee are asking the chair to act now to schedule ethics trials for representative charlie wrangle and maxine waters and not wait until after the november election. roll call reporter jennifer yakman tells us about what this means and what might happen. good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> they released this letter and the question is, is this grandstanding that they came out to the public, to the media? what can we make of this request now to have the trials before the election? >> well it's sort of unusual. the five republican members of the ethics committee which is eventually divided, five republicans and five democrats, issued a statement which they all signed criticisming general lostman for not having scheduled the trial before the elections. >> and they are saying this is fully up to her.
8:17 am
there was talk by democratic leaders over the weekend that there were problems scheduling the hearings. >> the republicans came out and denied that yesterday and said we're willing to do this in october when the house is out of session, we just need democrats to set the time for the trials. >> in the interest of transparency and fairness, this panel is saying the american public should know this before the november elections. does that carry any weight? >> it's an interesting question. certainly they could do these in october, even with the house out, the committee will meet in session. and some folks are familiar with the ethics process and suggested that would make more sense. there wouldn't be voted to interrupt these things. and there is debate whether they could do both of the things at the same time. many of the members will serve on these panels and judge this, wrongleman and waters on the
8:18 am
various subjects. there was never an expectation to finish both of them before the election. but that's not to be said they couldn't do it. >> long standing politicians from their districts and take us through the process, jennifer, and let's talk about congressman wrangle and he won the primary there, beating out adam clayton powell so what might happen? might he be removed? what would there to gain to have this trial before the november election. >> they've gone through an investigation phase and we saw charges brought separately in august. and the next is an ethics trial in the house. and what will happen is that will go through and this will be evidence brought by the house ethics committee. the offense can bring in witnesses to testify and then the community which is eight
8:19 am
members, four democrats and four republicans, will decide whether they are guilty of any charges brought against them. if that happens, any of the determinations of guilt will go back to the ethics committee. they will decide any punishment. it could range from a slap on the wrist, a letter of reprimands, a public tsking or censure from the house. i don't think either members will be kicked out of the house. the house itself will have to vote on what the punishment will be. >> jennifer yakman with role call. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. and one of the young member accuse -- a young man accusing a pastor of sexual misconduct and we'll have the latest when we come back. more celebration as we come up. this is fox 5 morning news.
8:20 am
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8:22 am
until now he's just been a name on a lawsuit against a well-known georgia pastor. >> but a young man who said he
8:23 am
is vulnerable and fell victim to bishop eddie long is speaking out. >> why you can sit in front of the church and tell them that you kata goricly deny it, you can't say that to our face. and you know this. you are not a man, you are a monster. >> reporter: one of four men suing eddie long talk about his shame. paris said the pastor give him cash, clothes and trucks to lure him during teen years and in exchange told him to call him daddy, this man turned his back on us when he had no more need for us. that's not a father, that's a predator. >> reporter: the bishop equated the lawsuit to a fight of biblical proportions. >> i feel like david against goliath. but i got five rocks and i haven't thrown one yet. >> reporter: there was no denial in his sunday sermon.
8:24 am
the city of atlanta is reacting to the scandal. >> he was very convincing. i find it hard to believe that a young man would stand in front of the camera and everyone and put themself on the line. >> god is going to take care of bishop eddie long. we need to make sure these boys are okay. >> it's an emotional struggle for the plaintiff. >> i cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head and i cannot forget the smell of his cologne and the way he made me cry many nights when i drove in his car on his home, not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off my body. >> reporter: he encourages homosexuals to go straight. long was paid over $3 million in salary over one year. ainsley earhart, fox news. and if you are behind on your taxes, it's time to pay up. and in d.c. you can do so
8:25 am
without penalty for a short amount of time. we'll have details coming up next. and then we've been talking about it. today jim moran is checking out a possible solution to the traffic troubles related to the military base realignment in the alexandria area. we are checking out his progress. but guess what, he is stuck in traffic right now. the same thing he is talking about. we'll have more when we come back. stay with us. h ceys
8:26 am
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8:28 am
to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. 8:28 right now. we were talking about the changes coming. tucker throwing around words like "deluge" and things like that. >> here is tucker. >> not much i can do about it. it will be wet tonight and into the daytime tomorrow. 62 in washington. a lot of 50s off to the north and west.
8:29 am
52 in game, 54 in manassas, 61 in fredericksburg and annapolis 63. cooler than yesterday. we have a lot of clouds moving in, streaming in from the south and with cloud covers around our temperatures top out in the low to mid-70s. might want to bring along a jacket for later on today. let's talk about the main event. it will be a one-two combination. first area of development here in the carolinas. the moisture starting to get wrapped up with that. but we're concerned about the tropical moisture. this is tropical depression an 16, perhaps becoming tropical storm nicole later today. that energy from florida will get pulled to the north during the mid-atlantic during the daytime tomorrow. so be prepared for heavy rain starting later tonight. the afternoon commute should be fine but later today heavy rain that will linger into the next day.
8:30 am
and i think most of the rain will hold off until overnight when we have heavy rain in the forecast and a flash flood watch that goes into effect at 9:00 tonight. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. here is your forecast for tomorrow. rainfall potential, how about three or four inches in some spots. so you get the idea a lot of rain. friday, saturday and sunday much quieter and cooler too. highs by sunday only in the mid- 60s. maybe some 40s by sunday night and monday morning. that's it for weather, allison. back to you. not all doom and gloom. >> it never is with you, tucker. well welcome back to news. more on the traffic concerns related to the military base realignment plan. the new express shuttle from metro to the marc center is being tested today in hopes of easing congestion caused by brac. we heard there could be a commute up to five hours. we hope it's not that long. >> you would be commuting from norfolk by the time you get to
8:31 am
d.c. on that one. >> reporter: congressman has been concerned ever since d.o.d. decided after 9/11 to move a lot of defense employees out of crystal city because the buildings were built in the 1960s and they are not secure in case of a bomb attack. this enormous construction project behind me, this is a 17- story building and on this side there is a 15-story building. 6400 people are going to work here starting in about a year from now. and the plan, according to d.o.d., is to get about 20% of their workers here via a shuttle bus. there is some parking. there is a big parking garage under construction and there will be a transit center to the left of the garage. the transit center will run buses between here and nearby metro stations. but jim moran is afraid that this shuttle will take too long. he jumped aboard a bus this morning around 8:00 at the
8:32 am
franconia springfield metro station to see how long it will take and he is still not here. the white van you see is not congressman moran. so his point is, that we need some traffic improvements on the shirley highway 395, right on the other side of the big buildings. and the long, slow haul here he hopes will get money for traffic improvements when this opens in a year. back to you guys. >> john, thank you very much. we wish him good luck down there. we'll talk about what is happening in the district right now when it comes to taxes and the district being stiffed for up to $170 million by people in businesses who owe back taxes and penalties. there is a tax amnesty program to allow you to pay what you owe without any penalties or fees but that program expires tomorrow. so get on it now. joining us with more details,
8:33 am
the district office of tax and revenue. thank you for being with us today. >> thanks, steve. >> and we know the deadline is looming tomorrow, can we still take advantage of this? >> you certainly can. the deadline is midnight tomorrow night. we are accepting payments post marked through tomorrow. our offices at 1101 will accept payments and you can pay online at >> and you need to pay in full. >> that's correct. this is not a payment plan. you must pay tax and interest in full. first of all who is eligible for this? >> anybody who owes taxes for periods before december 31, 2009. so not the current year's income tax return but all previous ones. >> and is it justin come taxes?
8:34 am
>> the amnesty covers every tax administered by the financial officer except for real property statements. cooperate fran chis -- franchise business taxes is eligible. >> and we started talking about $170 million and you said that includes some penalties in that as well. >> that's correct. if everybody were to take advantage of it, $35 million of that of penalties will not be collected. >> but how much do you hope to be able to select? >> reporter: well we are still hopeful to collect our $20 million estimate what is what the city councils had agreed to. the money comes in at the end. the biggest days are after the
8:35 am
amnesty. and pennsylvania did this and they got quite a rush the past couple of days. >> pennsylvania took in 71% of its money in the last four days that's typical of maryland's tax amiesties. >> and you said midnight tomorrow. of the money, if you have a 20 million-dollar goal and your able to get that, that's great. that's still leaving $100 million plus not collected. is there a way to recoup that? >> there is a permission to recoup a piece of that. after the amnesty, the cfo can instruct employers to withhold additional money for anybody that does not take advantage of the amnesty. and so we are vairly concern we're going to get to our target either through the atmosphere or right afterwards. >> we'll put some information on our website.
8:36 am
but just to make sure we are clear on this, make you're you get your payment in by tomorrow night at midnight. and i'm guessing you will see quite a few people taking advantage of that. you can get more information on 62 degrees on this wednesday morning. the fda warning consumers about the misleading marketing of mouth wash. and this is kennedy the weather dog. take a listen? [ barking ] >> and when he's home alone he's terrible. the obama's pet therapist is stopping by. he's here with us. stay with us.
8:37 am
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you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪ we are awaiting a news conference from the d.c. police chief cathy lanier and mayor fenty regarding yesterday's shooting outside of a funeral on u. street in northwest d.c. you'll be able to see it in its entirety, you can see folks getting ready to go and we'll stream it online at
8:40 am
so you can watch the whole thing there online. and we'll update you with any new developments that come out of that here on fox 5. today a free job fair being held for military, former and retired service members and spouses. it's being held from 10:00 to 3:00 at the convention center. 100 employers are expected to be there, including ibm, lockheed martin and bpsa. for more information you can go to and click on web links. and while you're on the web, check out our job shop. our job of the day is at the american diabetes association, looking for a manager. 3-5 years experience on hill or federal government is required. for more information on this job and others go to the and find the job shop tab. the fda has warned three
8:41 am
companies about claims on mouth wash. they include johnson&johnson and others. they are the latest to stop false advertising since the president took office. allison has had a little trouble sitting still. >> i'm not the only one. julie wanted to be over here as well. eric benette is with us in studio and we're going to talk to him about a show can't. i think it's soldout, but the album you can get. holly. >> reporter: here we are celebrating the fact that it is the bicentennial of the country of chile. coming up we'll talk more about the chilean concert including dance, and yes, chilean food. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
8:42 am
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[ singing ] who could do that but eric bennett. who could have the powerful voice but eric benette. he is back with the soulful sound we love. grammy nominated singer eric bennett is releasing his next single and this song is called next time i try and it is number five on the urban adult contemporary chart and he joins us in studio. it's so good to see you. what is up allison. >> what is going on. >> how are you doing? >> well, thank you. and eric said i have to shave and not because i want to be cool and this is not the image we know of you. >> this is the pretentious thing. i probably, as most musicians out there will understand, i probably get to sleep around 4:00, 4:00 a.m. >> and we're getting up on a show where you are going to
8:46 am
bed. >> and i show up here because i love you so much but i don't want the viewers out there to see my bloodshot looking eyes. >> he is wonderful. keep them on. let's talk about lost in time. >> lost in time. >> and you said you went back to the roots, to the 70s for that sound. >> i did. i think the mid-70s was there era in r&b where the creativity -- r&b matured into this beautiful american artform i think in the 70s. and it kind of peaked in the 70s in my opinion. there are a lot of talented artists but there are no comparisons to the oj and al green. so i wanted to, instead of making an al bum that was influenced by that era, i wanted to make an al bum
8:47 am
immersed in that area, from the production style to the type of microphones they used and live instrumentation, either song has a string arrangement or horns on it and everything is live and real and raw. >> you went back to your home town to do it. does it make you feel grounded when you are doing that? >> absolutely. i still have a lot -- my mom and a lot of my families still live in milwaukee, so it felt good to be back home, going to the studio, lay something down and then go to my mom's house and hang out and take the garbage out for her. >> and just be eric. >> exactly. >> and now the cd itself, lost in time, had a lot of great duets on there, including faith evans. and when this comes on the radio, you know it's georgie orgy? what can top that. and you've gone back. and we're excited about that.
8:48 am
but you and faith were back together. >> she's such a sweet heart. and recording back in the day was an incredible experience for me so this is the perfect opportunity, a perfect song. it's called "feel good" and we apropos. and i got to work with eddy la vert. and we wrote a song that feels like it could have been on an oj record. and there are some of the newer artists as well. >> and i was joking with someone and i said i'm going to ask eric. are you mad that every love song that comes out do you think is about you and halle berry. >> if i write a sop about i miss you, oh, he's talking
8:49 am
about halle. >> some may say holly. i'm just giving you grief. >> as long as they are listening to the music. >> and they are playing it here locally as well. and when it came on, we instandly knew that was you, but that's an amazing record. >> some songs, it feels like when you are writing them it feels like it's writing itself. i remember we were -- i got my engineer over there, kevin, but my cousin george and i auditioned a bunch of accounts because the concept of this record is we wanted to do it like they did it back in the day so the musicians would count off and play and the singer would sing and that's the song as opposed to editing and pull-throughs and this, that and the other. and when we were coming up with sometimes i cried, the next thing i knew i had sang the
8:50 am
whole melody down. where did that come from? >> because it's a classic in the making. he's at the birchmere tonight but it's sold out. >> but you can still get to eric bennett records. which i highly recommend. fant asia are going on tour in november. >> it will be the battle of the experts. >> i won't try to compete. >> she kicks her shoes off and start to -- >> look out. >> and you know the voice is coming out. you are so wonderful. >> well, thank you. >> and you're one of the artists that we know, like 20 years from now, here is another bennett song when we turned on the radio. >> allison has an impeccable taste. >> thank you very much. >> steve over to you. >> i think allison has a school
8:51 am
girl crush. it's true and you know it. >> it's too late. let's get to holly. she's taking a trip to south america without leaving the -- district. >> reporter: and without a change in time. you can hit the ground running and enjoy all the country has to offer. that's what we're doing as we're live at embassy of chile and we've seen several different dance styles. we continue to do that, but here is what is exciting right now. it is not an understatement when i say she's the most famous jeff. this is pillar rodriguez who came here for us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: and she really is a rock star when it comes to
8:52 am
culinary talent in chile. >> we're going to do a cured ham but this is from yu and we're going to rub it with beef, saute in olive oil and garlic and then another recipe from the south, from the music we are listening to right now. it's muscles gafich. so here we have banana chili peppers, we have parsley and cilantro and add a new product. and it's some -- it's close to heart of fawn. >> it's a little bit different, but the same. >> reporter: if you were to describe chilean food, is there any one way to spot it. >> we have a lot of different flavors throughout the entire
8:53 am
country. we don't do -- usually latin food is related to heat like with spicy food. we don't really have anything spicy and we use that type of chill yes -- chile, and it's dry to spice it up. >> reporter: and we only have a minute left so i want to make sure we have the dishes done. >> and these are steamed muscles. >> those are hearty muscles. >> those are big. >> i like muscles: and when it's saveich, you are essentially trying to cook them. >> yes, exactly. and usually the kids of the month -- and there you are.
8:54 am
your ready to go. >> reporter: so it's like a salad dressing? >> exactly. yes, you can add some snapper, black pepper,. >> reporter: whatever to spice it up. we want to get the other dish done in 30 seconds and that's about it. this you do with the figures. >> and the other thing is garlic. and that's it. >> that is fabulous. thank you for sharing your time and talent. our celebration is not done. we still have even more dancing. coming up in the next hour it's the chick ep dance. and we'll talk chilean wine too. it's all coming up later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
8:55 am
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland.
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le 57:00 and another case of live tv gone wrong. watch what happened right after the host of australian's next top model announced the winner of the competition. >> oh, my god, i don't know what to say right now. i'm feeling a bit [ inaudible ] >> she's sick about it because she announced the wrong winner. the woman who thought she won was jumping around the stage thanking her friends and family. she was the runner-up. this was broadcast by news corp, part of fox 5. >> and coming up is sarah -- >> oh, did i say a wrong name.
8:59 am
>> thanks, steve. here is a look at stories we're working on for the 9:00 hour. new developments in a deadly shooting on u. street yesterday. just moments ago a major announcement from the mayor and police chief. our sarah simmons is there and she's going to have a live update in just a few minutes. >> and we're following another developing story. it was a fire that forced the evacuation of an apartment building in the northwest. it has claimed a life. the latest information from the fire chief. and she's trained first dog bo obama, we talk about her book and how she'll try to help kennedy the weather dog with his anxiety issues. he's quite vocal and agitated when he's in a crate alone without his mom. >> that happens to me too. hey, tucker barnes, we're having a nice day today but this is the c


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