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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 29, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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storm. >> yes. i want to show you some video out of miami where it's been pouring cats and dogs all morning. >> speaking of dogs. >> and we'll take a look at that. a lot of rain down there. they are expecting up to a foot of rain across southern florida. tropical storm warnings. and i show you that because it's headed in our direction and we have a flash flood watch here in the washington area that we'll have later tonight and into the daytime tomorrow. let's get to the satellite radar and you can see the cloud cover increasing. rain not far away. you will see showers and sprinkles later on today but the main event holds off tonight and into the daytime hours tomorrow. that's when we get the heaviest rain and the potential for embedded thunderstorms. when all is said and done, our rainfall potential is several inches. so we could be talking about two, three, four inches of rain and because of that we have a flash flood watch tonight and into the daytime hours tomorrow. it's not just washington.
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it extends into delaware, new jersey and right up into new england. expecting a lot of heavy rain. so if you have travel plans tomorrow, call ahead if you are flying or driving, give yourself extra time. it's going to be a slow go of it. 54 in winchester. 52 in frederick. gaithersburg, i'm going to guess your 55. our highs today in the low 70s and increasing clouds and showers in the last part of the day. >> thank you, tucker. our top story in the news. the u. street funeral shooting. there is breaking news to report. this was the drive-by shooting yesterday following the funeral in the district that left one man dead and two others hurt. >> it happened in the middle of the u. street corridor and that's where sarah simmons is live having listened to a briefing from the police chief. >> reporter: good morning. we did just hear from the police chief and mayor fenty. they are confirming this morning they have made an
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arrest in this case. they said they made an arrest about 9:30 last night in the 1100 black of gerrard street. they say they have in custody 21-year-old brandon miller for the shooting that occurred yesterday outside of a funeral that had just taken place at 13th and u. street. at this point they are still on the lookout for one other suspect in this case. they're also in a lookout for another vehicle as well. they believe that they have that in their position right now that was used during the shooting, but they are still on the lookout for a 2001 is white buick with d.c. tags. they want anybody in the community to come forward if they saw that vehicle around 13th and u. street or in the 1100 block of gerard street. they're telling us they believe this stems from an argument that happened outside of the funeral yesterday at about
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1:00. the chief said they believe there are gang members involved with this. at this point they don't know if the argument stemmed from the funeral as they were mourning young ashley mckay here yesterday afternoon. so at thisit appears as though they are still looking for an additional suspect, possibly two more in this case. they said it was the community that came forward and helped them find this 21-year-old brandon miller that they arrested last night. they still want people to be on the lookout for the 2001 buick from d.c. tags and we'll have the latest on the story as it continues to develop. let's listen real quick to what the police chief and mayor fenty had to say moments ago. >> what happened here on u. street yesterday was without question one of the most brazen shootings that happened in d.c. >> we are going to ask for help
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from anybody that may have seen the 2001 white buick. with d.c. tags in and around this neighborhood on u. street or leaving the neighborhood on u. street or anywhere in and around the 1200 block of gerard yesterday, either just before the shooting that occurred here around 12:30 or just after the shooting that occurred here. >> reporter: so you heard right. they have one arrest in this case. but the case is still far from being over as they continue to look for additional suspects and vehicle. back to you sarah and allison. >> thank you. and now to a developing story elsewhere in the district. investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire at an eighth store apartment building. one person was killed, six others were hurt. some critically when the complex wept up in flames
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around 4:00 this morning. >> investigators say it appears some trash was set on fire or caught fire. evacuateing the building. really sad that one person was killed. we need to be brought up to date on what the situation is there right now. >> at 3:45 a.m. this morning the medical services department responded to 3132 at the 8 story building and they found heavy fire involvement on the 5th floor. i think the community has to be proud of the men and women made down the hallway and made rescues and did make rescues off a higher floor. one person has died in the fire. that is the fourth fatality of fire and including one person
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being a child, is in hit cal hit -- critical condition. our task force includes a metropolitan police department, alcohol, tobacco and firearms and led by the district of columbia fire and emergency matt cal services park members. so i'm hoping we can put the pieces together to make a determination what happened at this fire this morning. >> has that entire building been evacuated or just some of the residents? >> yes, ma'am, the entire building in that the 5th floor has heavy damage. the 6th, 7th, and 8th has damage. and the waters below has damage and that's caused us to disconnect buildings. we have folks conducting fire investigations and also we're working throughout the day to restore the system such as the fire alarm and the sand pipe system and then begin
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reoccupying some of the building in the future. the 5th floor and above will probably remain out of service for a period of time until repairs can be made. >> chief, you had asked the public for help in trying to track down the vehicle fires, some of them in that area. fire of them in columbia heights. and are you making that leak and are you having any progress in finding out who is setting these on fire? >> we have taken just a blush look at that and it does not seem to be connected. however, as you mentioned, someone is aware of what happens with the car fires. there's been half a dozen in the 16th street area over the past two or three weeks. we're asking people to come through through the crime solvers line, there is a reward available or call our arson line. and both can be done atom nuss.
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and we we will finish the investigation in the next couple of days at the apartment house but it does not look like they will be connected. >> dennis rubin, we appreciate your time, chief. >> thank you so much. and again, if anybody has any information, please get in touch with our fire investigative team. >> thanks, chief. we'll put that information on our website, d.c.'s mayor elect vincent gray is making good on a campaign promise. he's scheduled a town hall meeting, one in each ward. he will host the two hour meetings alongside of the council members and amc representative. the first take place will -- the first will take place on october 5th and we've posted the rest on under
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web links. there has been a warning of traffic trouble. thousands of jobs are relocating from crystal city. today a skeptical lawmaker is testing one possible solution and john henrehan is live with the latest on that. >> reporter: i'm in the west end of alexandria. 6400 jobs are coming here to the marc center. two big d.o.d. buildings, one 17 stories and one 15 stories and there is no metro here. and they are here and almost done. they are opening in a year. this morning you decided to test the shuttle run to this location. how long did it take? >> it took 50 minutes. >> 5-0? >> yes. it's now 9:00 and if we left an
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hour earlier, we would probably be an hour. so add to that the commuters getting to the metro station itself. if they live nearby it's only half an hour. most likely another hour. so i think that's just too much time to commute. hopefully it would be less time in the evening but not necessarily. so that's a substantial part of everybody's day that's going into commuting and it's not just the people working here. when we add another 4,000 vehicles to 395, it's going to effect tens of thousands of people that reply upon 395 to get into work inside the beltway. this is just inside the belt would everyone working in washington, arlington, alexandria, they are going to be affected by this and that's what we're trying to stop. >> they won't stop this project. it will open in a year with the 6400 offices. is there any other solution?
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>> i have language in the defense authorization bill that said they can fill all of the office space they want but they can't use the parking spaces. they can only use 1,000 out of the 4,000 in the building. if that's the case, that would alleviate some of what we know will be a hor endous impact on everyone's commute. >> if you fail, could you do something else? you couldn't drive on the h.o.v. lanes? >> i'll tell you, leave the people working in roslyn, crystal city, alexandria, they are working in office buildings that are accessible to metro. 91% of these people have access to public transit right now and we're going to take them out of those office buildings and put them in one that doesn't have security and that's stupid. >> reporter: and the reason the brac commission said no, they
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want d.o.d. workersn with fortifications so i dommer can't drive up and explode it. there is no h.o.v. exit to shirley road. you can at least get that? >> that's what we're suggesting. if we had access to h.o.v. this bus would have gotten here 20 minutes earlier. but we need a ramp h.o.v. into the site and the local doesn't have the problem and the federal government should pay to it and that will help alleviate itself. >> reporter: there is no such plan right now. that is the latest on the traffic mess. it is not promising in the next year. >> thank you both. virginia governor bob mcdowell is just one of several virginia lawmakers who is demanding answers from the pentagon about closing the joint forces command in north
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virginia. gates announced the closure last month. they have met with pentagon officials but have not gotten the answers they wanted. randy forbes will be on capitol hill to discuss the forums of the can't. there are doubts about a man's story. the details coming up a little lit. we'll be back in a moment. 
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one of the big stories we're following this morning, u.s. missile strikes in pakistan disrupting terror plot in european cities. the missile strikes were in the taliban region. the c.i.a. is following leads that al- qaeda was planning attacks. and nato is confirming that an al-qaeda leader was killed. drone campaign in pakistan has intensified. there have been 20 this month. the attacks across europe has put police on alert.
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police evacuated the eifel tower after somebody phoned in a bomb threat. the second in a number of weeks. an execution is on hold this morning in a dispute over legal standards and a short supply of the drug used in lethal injection. a judge delayed the deathle alvin leeward. and one key ingredient is that it may expire. an appeals court ordered the judge to investigate. some good news as the flu season approaches, a study by the national institute of health has found over half of the country is thought to be immune to the swine flu. and the nih estimated roughly 59% of the population is not susceptible to h1n1. doctors say the numbers will go
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up as more people get their seasonal flu shot. carter is in a cleveland hospital this morning after getting sick on board of a plane. he had an upset stomach. doctors recommending a stay overnight as a precaution. he is on a tour promoting his new book. and the one for today here in d.c. is still up in the air. >> we have good news as we head into the fall. virginia is expecting a good pumpkin crop. some growers have reported smaller pumpkins or yields but virginia agriculture and consumer services said the crop shouldn't be effected too much so we can get them for the great pictures. >> it's a right of passage for fall. it's 9:17 and there may be a shift for the race of maryland governor. we're going to look at a new poll with surprising results to show a different trend than what we think. >> and holly is immersing
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herself in chiyan culture. >> reporter: this is part of the celebration going on at the embassy. and coming up we'll talk about how to get in on the dining and we'll tell you about the rooster and chicken dance live later. and first here is a look at today's trivia question. what was william wrigley selling when he started handing out free packs of chewing gum to his customers as an incentive to carry his productions? well he had a winner with wrigley's gum. the answer is coming up later. but you can take a guess now by heading to our facebook page. we're back after the break. it's 9:18.
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there appears to to be a shift in the race for maryland. a new poll shows martin alley with an 11 point lead 52 to 41% over bob ehrlich. the poll in may had the race in a dead heat. the governor is hoping the leader of the free world can boost those numbers higher. >> i know this governor has made the tough decisions to put education, safety and job creation first. so stand with me, barack obama, in moving maryland forward with alley. >> you heard it right there. that ad with the president's voice on it, supporting governor o'malley's campaign, will hit the d.c. area next week. it's already airing in baltimore. o'malley is hoping to once again hope this helps to beat ehrlich. this is a remax of the 2006 election. and the president is continuing his campaign sweep across the country today. and he's trying to fire up
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voters and get them enthusiastic about voting this coming november. the president has two stops today. he's going to begin at a family home in iowa and then coming to virginia for a backyard event in richmond and in both events he'll talk about the economy. a faster trip, just one of the many promises amtrak is making to passengers. it unveiled a plan so far reaching it is expected to make air travel less congested. the 30 year vision calls for a new set of tracks from boston to the district. there would be hubs in new york, baltimore, d.c. and new york. and the times would be much shorter with trains rocketing at 220 miles per hour. washington to new york in 96 minutes instead of 2 hours and 42 minutes and a projected increase in ridership would mean fewer people flying between the cities. and here is the catch. this project could cast 1 -- or would cast $117 billion and not a penny of it is funded yet. >> it sounds like a great plan
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but you knew there was a catch. >> and that's a big one. >> $117 billion. okay. massive flooding in mexico with deadly results. the latest on a massive landslide that buried dozens of people. and new allegations by a former bodyguard of michael jackson and what he's claiming about one of jackson's children. we're back in a minute.
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wild weather hits parts of mexico hard. nearly a dozen people are missing after landslides. >> they are a result of days of heavy rain which caused a hillside to collapse on unsuspected people. at first officials thought hundreds of people were buried or dead but that number has decreased throughout the investigation. tucker joins us now with a look at our little deluge compared to that. >> well you got it. and most of the month was dry so we needed the rain.
9:29 am
and then mother nature is even steven. so we're making up for the lack of rain. but unfortunately we'll get too much too fast and because of that we have a flood watch later today. but today, just cloudy and cool with highs in the 70s. >> i like that. it's nice. >> it's fall-like. let's get to it. 65 at reagan national. we're starting slow. yesterday we were in the 80s and today highs only in the low to mid-70s. 61 right now in gaithersburg. quantico is 63. fredericksberg is 65. annapolis is 64. and in leonardtown we are 63 degrees. let's get to it. this is going to be a major event for the washington area. right from the carolinas -- right from florida to the carolinas, eventually up into new england as this will be a one-two combination. right now this cloud cover moving in, the clouds are lower and thicker to the south and
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moving in. i know you see the rain showers not too far away. and it will be rainy around here and showerier. and we'll have an area of low pressure develop off the carolina coast and that will draw a lot of moisture from the south. so not only dealing with atlantic moisture but as we focus further to the south, this is tropical depression number 16, bringing copious amounts of very heavy rain to miami and their rainfall totals -- gets go on to hd radar, the rainfall totals expected to be nearly a foot in places down here over the next 24 hours. so you get the idea. we have a lot of tropical moisture. the energy will get drawn to the north and when all is said and done we're looking at the potential of maybe 2, 3, 4 inches of rain over the next day. and to the flash flood watch. it goods -- it go news effect
9:31 am
later this evening and the concern is flooded roadways, creeks and rivers could flood as we'll have a long duration event and a lot of rain over the next couple of days. our forecast, it gets better from here. highs in the low 70s. increasing clouds. and a chance of late day rain. winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. flash flood watch tonight. rain likely. heavy at times overnight. we could see some embedded thunderstorms as well. that will only enhance the rain totals. and tomorrow a lot of rain around. showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. some of those will be heavy and some of the stowells could be -- the storms could be strong so tomorrow will not be a day of beauty, but by friday, saturday and sunday, a lot of sunshine back in the forecast and cool. -- sunday's daytime high will be in the 60s. >> i'll be like julie with the coat on. >> we will be.
9:32 am
is it extortion or a negotiation? that's the question surrounding mel gibson. and this is the whole thing going on. >> and it continues. and a former bodyguard for michael jackson, get this, he makes a surprise announcement regarding one of jackson's children. >> dax holt joins us live from l.a. with more on the stories and what lee lo is doing now. >> how are you doing? >> what are investigators looking into with the mel saga? >> well here is the thing. this is getting kind of confusing because they are going, was this an extortion plot because mel goes i'll pay you $15 million if you get rid of the evidence, destroy the tapes and all of that, or was this just simply negotiations between two people saying -- well because nondisclosure agreements or we won't talk about this in the future, that's common.
9:33 am
but it comes down to the destroying of the evidence where people are going did you want to have him pay you off so you wouldn't release it or put it out there? so once i get to the bottom of that, this will go on for much longer. a know a couple of more weeks they'll continue to investigate this before they bring up any charges against her, possibly. so it's a tough call. honestly it's a fine line between negotiations and extortion in this case alone. >> it's funny how the tide has changed. like now we're all looking at oksana when we heard the tapes of mel going crazy. but it doesn't appear she's squeaky clean. >> no. a lot of the attention has shifted. it was first on her, and then on him and now back on her. and i think people just -- i think people are getting burnt out on the whole thing personally. but they want to know what the conclusion is. >> speaking of confused, tell us what is up with -- you can't go more than two weeks without emergency news. what is going on with the
9:34 am
bodyguard? >> this bodyguard that used to work for michael jackson has come forward and say michael asked me back in 2001 to donate my sperm and in 2002 blanket popped out and he said i'm possibly the father. he said i'm not looking for money. and now he's coming out to speak about it. he said no matter what, emergency is the father. i'm saying i might have been the biological father and that's it. i don't want any custody, i don't want any drama, but i'm letting you guys know that may be the case. >> and what we're seeing is like a split screen, a double box, of the bodyguard when he was a younger boy and blanket, and looking at the resemblance, which i might say is uncanny. >> you think so? >> look at the face shape. >> i don't see. but a lot of people are saying they do. >> it looks like a little michael jackson to me.
9:35 am
>> oh, tucker. >> let's talk about le lo? >> she is back in rehab. this is on our own accord. and that is what we are hearing, that she wants to go back to rehab and she wants to get healthy and there are possibilities she could miss because of this, like her next film. and her next hearing on october 22nd at that time i think we'll be seeing her again. >> well may she emerge clean. >> that's what i'm hoping for. >> thank you, dax. >> thank you. >> you can see dax and the whole crew here at the news edge at 6:00. we are following a breaking story from largo, maryland. sky fox is over the prince
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george's community campus where a gas leak has caused a closing of the campus. a contractor hit a 4-inch gas line. this is this is in the area of 202 and campus avenue south. so try to avoid that area if you can. he's accusing a georgia pastor of sexual misconduct. you've heard from the pastor but then the alleged story of the man. and a man killed in arizona, saying he was attacked by a group of mexicans trying to smuggle drugs into the country and now there are questions surrounding his story. we'll explain that. but first looking at the fivey -- trivia question. what was william wringly selling when he started handing out free packs of chewing gum to his customers as an
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incentive to carry his product? q health matters to all of us.
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police say the gunman who opened fire at a university of texas -- the school of university of texas was a student at the school. 19-year-old colton tuley used an ak-47 to fire shots before running into the library and taking his own life. no one else was hurt. witnesses say he was wearing a dark suit and a ski mask. he fired shots in several directions but wasn't aiming for anyone or anything in particular. police are looking for a motive. back in 1966, a gunman killed 14 people from the clock tower at the university of texas campus. one of the four men suing eddie long is talking publicly. jamal paris is now in his 20s and says bishop long gave him cash and cars to lure them in.
9:41 am
paris told our fox station in atlanta that he considered long a predator who posed as a father figure in exchange for sexual behaviors. >> i cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head and i cannot forget the smell of his cologne and the way he made me drive many nights on the way home, not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off of my body. >> long said that he will fight the allegations against him. in arizona the controversy over the shooting of a deputy is growing this morning. deputy claimed that he was shot by a group of mexicans trying to smuggle marijuana across the border, but no drugs or evidence were ever found and now suspicion is growing that the deputy shot himself. the gun shot may have been self- inflicted. at first the arizona department of public safety was asked to investigate but for some reason the sheriff's office took over. i cannot remember a time when we have originally been asked to conduct a criminal
9:42 am
investigation involving a shooting and then relegated to only doing the shooting scene itself or crime scene itself. we did not draw any conclusions. we collected agency and that's what the agency was asked to do. >> the sheriff's office asked the crime lab to rush the results of the shirt but d.p.s. arefusing to do that. she's a trainer to pooches like first dog bo obama. dawn silvia sassowich is joining us to talk about her book and going to try to help kennedy the weather dog. and holly is getting a taste of chile this morning. how can you get in on this fun? we'll tell you about it. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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communication but it can be difficult and tough unless you have some guidance. and joining us now with great tips is dawn silvia staffo witz author and first trainer to the first dog bo obama. >> absolutely. >> welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> we are a lot of dog lovers around here. >> it seems so. >> and everybody loves a well- behaved dog. you want to take them out in public and not jump on people, but all of that takes building a relationship, doesn't it? >> building a relationship. and anybody can have that with their dog if they are committed. and make the time to create that type of relationship with your dog. >> and do you have to start when the dog is a puppy or is it true that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
9:47 am
>> you can teach a new dog old tricks. >> or an old dog new tricks. >> either one. i find it easier when they are younger because they are a clean slate. they don't have any baggage. older dogs have baggage. >> they've learned bad behaviors. >> issues. >> absolutely. >> and so in that situation you have to figure out what the issues are and try to undo them and do some behavior modification. >> well we're going to talk about tips that people can use at home with their own dogs. but we wanted to talk about kennedy because kennedy is our weather dog here. and he -- sarah, hi human mom, has been bringing him to work with her, which has made him a lot less anxious because he had separation anxiety issues. and if we can roll the videotape, we can show kennedy at home and what he goes through when -- when sarah
9:48 am
crates him and leaves. [ barking ] >> we had a conversation about that. >> you hear he's not happy? >> no. >> so what causes a dog this sort of anxiety? >> it can come from many -- there are many roots, but it could be improper training, not trained to the crate. using it as punishment, allowing the dog to shadow the owner everywhere. and we need to get dogs to learn how to do this because their pack animals. >> right. >> and we're going against their genetic plan. so we want them to be dependent on us but not to the point we can't go anywhere. >> is there hope for kennedy? >> i believe there is. i believe that there is. >> okay. >> i'm a believer. >> we showed her in the crate
9:49 am
and you're a firm believer in crate training. and all of the dogs i've had have been crate trained. it is their home. >> i treat it as i would a play pen for a baby. >> and crate training is at top of the list. >> it should be used like a crib or play pen for a baby. put them in there for naps, make it fun and feed them in there, put their favorite troy in there -- their favorite toy in there. it should be a wonderful place to go. >> you say hand signals. >> because those are nonverbal. so that's very easy to do. and real-life rewards. >> what does that mean? >> that is taking your dog off welfare and giving him a job. he's not out hunting, ratting, bringing back birds.
9:50 am
so his job is to please us. you want to come up on my lap. sit. good dog. you want dinner? sit. there you go. and so these are dogs that -- these are just things that your dog can't live without. and you just say i'm going to make this a training program and it takes you in the back door. >> and it's interesting because like most people i have a tendency to want to love on my dogs and somebody said to me one time, don't go around petting your dog all day long, have them sit and then give them a pat and that is their reward and that pleases them to please you. >> which is great. you're putting in praise and it's proper perspective and the dog will understand. he's just not being praised for no reason. >> exactly. >> and you say socialize your
9:51 am
dog before -- >> it is very important. the younger the better. >> and before we let you go, we have to talk about bo obama. how is he doing, does he have any bad behaviors that you can tell us about? >> charlie, as he was known when he came to me, has always been a great dog. and whatever you see on television specials with oprah, he is that dog. he's a keeper. if they didn't want him, i would have took him. he's a keeper. >> well he is a cutie. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we've put the tips on our website at also pick up a copy of the book. back to you. well she is at the embassy of chile this morning where they are teaching her all about dancing, food and drink and it's all for a very special birthday. holly, good morning.
9:52 am
>> it is indeed a special drink. they are celebrating their bicentennial 200 years. and they've had a series of parties and they are insite only and this morning we have extended the invite to us. and as we watch the rooster and chicken dance which we'll talk more about, i want to introduce you to laurie webb of wind up chile usa. she came in from new york to be part of this. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: we spoke with laurie two years ago and how that's the wine come in the two years since the u.s. >> we offer something for everyone. and because of the incredible value we've been right on the money. >> and it's good wine and at a good price point. that's what people discover. so let's talk about chilean war? >> well we had a great receive
9:53 am
evenay and it comes from the coast to it makes it great with shell fish. >> and how might you compare it with something else. >> the blanc is in between new zealand and california. >> reporter: and our next one. >> it is a car manier. it was lost during the 18 hundreds in france when the grapes were wiped out. >> 98% is from there and our dancers are from where you find good carmenair. and many people know about the
9:54 am
chicken dance, this is not it? >> no. this is called its quaka and it is an according dance and so the gentlemen is a rooster and he's very aggressive with his birds and boots and the woman is playing shy. >> she's playing hard to get and he is just all out there. >> reporter: and you were pointing out to me that was interesting. they don't touch. >> and they use their handkerchief as like the plume of the rooster. >> he's showing off, trying to get the girl. >> but you were telling me that that region is all about the cowboys. >> and they call them wats os. and then there is a rot of horseback riding. so you can do a horse tour and go to the vineyards. it's fun. >> any other wines to talk about or show us.
9:55 am
>> here is a great chardonay. we also, if you go to santiago there is winers all around. >> reporter: you might consider that as wine trip. go down to argentina or chile. >> this might age six months but there is a whole range of chardonay. and we are known for the cabernet. >> reporter: so even though people can't come to the embassy, the best way to celebrate is to go and get a bottle of wine. >> yes. there are a lot of places that have these. >> and why are they so affordable. >> because the cost of land in chile is more advantageous than in california. >> good to see you: and we
9:56 am
toasted the country of chile as they celebrate their bicentennial. and wonderful dancers and thanks to the embassy for having us in this morning. we are back with the answer to today's trivia question right after this. ring ring. progresso.
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i look great in my wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white-meat chicken. oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it. well, good for you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer.
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let's take a look at today's trivia question. what was wrigley selling when he handed out chewing gum? the answer baking powder. he started selling soap and offering baking powder as an incentive but it proved more popular and he sold that and then offered gum as an incentive. >> that's fascinating. i heard chewing gum gives you wrinkles. >> is that what happened to you. >> let's look at the five-day forecast. gurvir, you are a guest on the morning show. a lot of rain tonight and we have a flash flood watch in effect at 9:00 tonight and


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