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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 9, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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to an end today. we are live with the latest on the announcement that could come this morning with one candidate conceding to this close race. plus the guilty plea. one teenager finding out his sentence for the death of principal brian bets. starting today we can get more insight into what led george w. bush to the decisions he made in his new book and we'll look at some of his revelations. fox 5 morning news starts right now. start you off with a view outside. looking at the national cathedral. the sun coming up in the background. it's november 9th, 2010. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. it looks like a nice start to the day. and tony perkins joins us now with the details -- the fine details. i have the broad picture and
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you have the fine details. >> and they are fine details. good morning, everybody. a little breezy but that's about it. temperatures where they should be for this time of year. let's take a look. current temperatures, not as cold as yesterday morning. generally speaking in the 40s. a couple of spots in the 30s. 37 right now in frederick, maryland. in the district it's 44. dulles airport is 43. baltimore is at 45 degrees. so not a bad start to the day. and we'll see our temperatures jump up quite nicely today. here is a look at the satellite radar. our skies are mostly clear and so shall they be through the day today. you might see a one cloud or two coming through. that's about it. no precipitation. there is an area of low pressure off to the north and east and high pressure settling into our region, so the combination of those two will create breezy conditions through the day but that will be it. so your day planner for today, expect our highs to go up to about 61-62 degrees during the
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afternoon hours. like i said, plenty of sunshine but a breezy day. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's get on the rush hour traffic and for that we go to julie wright. no accidents to report right now. top stretch of the beltway below speed leaving 95 toward georgia avenue. you're going to find the lanes are open as you work westbound 495. coming southbound on 29, that's where we have a tech road stalled car. 290 slow through germantown toward mva and at the split. this is a live shot of 66 inbound approaching business 234 in manassas. callers reporting delays eastbound beginning in gainesville toward 28 and center vit where -- centreville. traffic slows again from 50 to 123 and again approaching the beltway. inner loop tied up now leaving 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our top story this tuesday morning, the winner of the race
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in virginia's 11th congressional district may be known today. republican challenger keith fimian is expected to concede to allow connelly to start serving a second term. sarah simmons is live outside of the board of elections now with a closer look. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. connelly leading by 1,000 votes and it is reported that keith fimian is expected to concede. fimian's camp has only released a statement saying he'll make his intentions known mid morning and as soon as we find out we'll bring that to you. but the state election laws do allow him, since the votes were such within a narrow margin, he could ask for a recount, but again this morning he is expected to concede. but the two -- these two ran against each other again two years ago so it's sort of deja
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vu here. but last time fimian lost by 12 points and this race was much closer. connelly was able to hold on to his seat here in virginia. there were three others beat out by republican challengers during last tuesday's election. congressman gerry connelly was hospitalized last week and has since been released from the hospital. his condition was kept pretty quiet until yesterday afternoon. a campaign spokesman said while the congressman was visiting his daughter he was hospitalized for a blood clot in an artery but is resting at home and doing much better today. we do expect to hear from connelly later on. first we're waiting to hear from the fimian camp on what he is expected to do. but the washington post is reporting is that he is expected to concede to connelly later this morning. live in fairfax county, sarah simmons, back to you. the current balance of
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power in congress stands with democrats in control of the senate. republicans have control of the house. there are 239 republicans with seven seats still at stake. you can find the latest at including how president obama fired the opening shot against a republican front runner. to read that story click on politics under the news tab. 7:05 now. president obama speaking overseas in indonesia. he's meeting with the indonesian president now. he's been there a couple of hours. arriving at 4:25 this morning. a series of meetings have already occurred. now speaking with the president and they will attend a state dinner in about an hour and a half from now. we'll find out more about what doug luzader has to say about the president's party though
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facing this big problems here at home while the president is abroad. >> reporter: the president is making some news during this visit to asia but it's competing with real drama here in washington. president obama this morning welcomed to indonesia. indonesians see this as a homecoming for the president who spent a few years here as a boy. it's one more stop on a lengthy tour of asia, coming after a stop in india where the president completed some diplomatic ways. >> i look forward to indonesia becoming a member. >> reporter: a sol caino -- a volcano is erupting and disturbing the air with ash. and nancy pelosi is fighting to hang on as democratic house leader after republicans take
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over next year. some democrats are circulating a letter to pelosi urging her to step aside. many of us want the chance to run again and reclaim the seats that we lost on tuesday, it reads. and we fear that republicans will further demonize you. >> there are people out of work today and members of congress and they are concerned and looking for fresh leadership. i think it's clear that speaker pelosi has the support to get re-elected. >> reporter: for now the president focuses on the next stop on the itinerary but this will be waiting for him when he comes home. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> before his visit to indonesia president obama spent three days in india. his longest visit to a foreign country while in office and we'll look at the importance of u.s.-india relations coming up in about 20 minutes. take a look at local headlines now. prince george's county
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investigators on the scene at an apartment complex in landover looking for clues in an early morning killing. a man was found shot to death at that building on buchanan street around 3:45 this morning. one teenager is dead and another at a local hospital with a bullet in his left leg. both boys were shot in northeast last night in the trinidad neighborhood. police found the two in the middle of holbrook streets. names have not been released but we know the victim who died was between 16 and 18. the survivor is 17. the gunman is still on the loose. a teenager convicted of killing a popular d.c. school principal has learned his fate. brian bet -- betts was murdered in his home. alonte saunders admitted that he chatted with betts online and went to his house and robbed him. he was later seen using bett's credit card. >> the state is confident that
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mr. saunders is the individual who shot brian betts. mr. betts died as a result of a single gunshot wound that caused major damage to his heart and lungs. >> saunders returns to court later this month for his official sentencing. his guilty plea means a 40 year sentence. the three other teens accused have court cases in the next few months. hundreds of people took to the streets of d.c. yesterday demanding justice for a man who died outside of the dc 9 nightclub. ali mohammed was allegedly beaten to death but the charges were dropped against all five suspects. [ chanting ] >> members of the community stood outside of the wilson building. for the first time his parents spoke out about the charges being dropped. >> i need truth. it doesn't have to cover up.
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let it come out. this is america. >> the case will stay open until the coroner can determine a cause of death. the man accused of helping al-qaeda metro transit system is scheduled to be in court today. farouk ham ed was arrested. investigators say he plotted with people he thought were al- qaeda members but turned out to be undercover agents. he is expected to enter a guilty plea. and coming up next on fox 5 morning news, if you ride metro you know that he is calators can be a big problem but does say report recently made public on the web show that metro knew of even bigger issues weeks before dangerous accidents that left people hurt. president bush was filled with controversial decisions but now we're getting a better idea of how he came to the decisions he made. what the country's 43rd president reveals on the war, the country and even kanye
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west. and when we come back we'll get the latest weather and julie has you covered with traffic. it's all next. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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really folks, humans, meet calvin who is a lizard. and his owner up loaded this photo and said the calvin lizard watches every morning. i bet he watches the screen every hour of every day. >> the brightness and the lights and the warmth of the tv. >> he's a good looking lizard. >> i wonder what kind he is? >> he looks like an albino iguana. >> very cute. happy to have calvin along. we don't discriminate. >> no. what do you want to know? >> these days i don't want there to be much rain and a little bit of sun. >> all right. there won't be much rain for the next few days and a lot of sun. >> then i'm fantastic. >> let's look at what is going on out there and we'll start at reagan national. current conditions being reported. we bounced back up. it's 46 degrees now. relative humidity very comfortable out there, 54%. the winds have picked up.
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tucker and i have been talking about this. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. barometric pressure is on the rise. here is a look at temperatures across the country. 46 here, 36 in cincinnati. st. louis is 44 degrees. wichita a mild 55 degrees. dallas, texas, 56 degrees. in the mountain states, colder temperatures in the 20s and 30s. salt lake city 52 and san francisco 49 degrees this morning. and as far as satellite radar goes, not a lot to show you. you still have the area of low pressure off the coast of new england and producing some clouds there. other than that, there is a frontal system across the western states producing some light precipitation in eastern portions of montana and wyoming pushing into the dakotas. that is about it. clouds moving through the plains. your forecast for today and the next five days, a lot of sunshine today, breezy, winds gusting up to 20 miles per
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hour. tomorrow a lot of sunshine and 60. thursday sunny and 59. friday nice. saturday, sunny. >> very consistent. >> it's a very consistent week. high temperatures generally around 60 degrees every day. >> well we necessity -- we know what we're getting into for the next five days. >> let's check on the roads. >> pressure around here. >> only on the nice days. a crash on the outer loop of the beltway after 29 colesville road in the two right lanes. and when tony was doing the weather i was watching this camera and traffic is starting to slow under 29, so we'll keep an eye on this. but the beltway tied up. southbound 29 at tech road cleared. 95 traffic slows 212 out of
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beltway -- beltsville down to the beltway. and gainesville to 28 and centreville, that is stalling traffic from the battlefield off of 234 to 29. and more traffic 50 to 123 to nutley street to the beltway and again as you leave graham toward annandale. inner loop spotty delays leaving annandale to merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. an independent audit of metro's escalators. the details seem to predict the problem that's stopped along the yellow line. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: randomly visiting two metro rail stations today we found both had broken escalators. >> it always seems at least one is not working. they never seem to all be working in perfect condition, which is anying. >> reporter: at the woodley park adams morgan station a
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maintenance crew was trying to fix one of the stalled escalators here. >> as long as i've been riding metro for ten years, it's always been like that. one day they are working, one day they are not. >> reporter: metro said they are now inspecting each of the 588 escalators, a review after several were hurt after an et calator -- after an escalator caused injuries. this draft report was obtained by the website that tracks the agency an audit of the maintenance and repair program. brake pads worn and out of adjustment, allowing adjustment to free wheel to stop. and two weeks before the accident metro told the governing board all safety issues raised by the report had
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been addressed. >> how would you describe their reliability? >> reliability? not good at all. >> reporter: and those on facebook and twitter are also keeping tabs on where the broken tabs and escalators are. patricia writes at southern avenue it seems like the escalator is out every other day. from bria, escalators are out at union station and that station is too busy for not working. and this one is always out and always is not an exaggeration. so the inspections continue. in northwest, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> bob, thank you very much. as president george w. bush often said he would let history decide. his book released today is called decision point. gurvir is joining us to tell us what the former president is
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revealing. >> it's being touted a look deep inside what inspired george w. bush to decide and some is likely to turn heads. the president broke down 14 decisions and that includes waterboarding and other things he talked about during an interview with matt lauer last night. >> because a lawyer said it was legal. i'm not a lawyer. but you have to trust the judgment of people around you and i do. >> decision points discussed hurricane katrina in which he was criticized for a slow response. in his interview, former president bush opens up about the moment when rapper kenye said, quote, george bush didn't
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care about black people. >> i didn't appreciate it then and i don't appreciate it now. it's one thing to say i don't appreciate the he doesn't handle his business, it's another thing to say he's racist. i don't approve of it. >> he considered dropping dick cheney as a running mate in 2004. >> it was a thought but it never came close to happening because cheney had become a lightning rod and better him than bush. >> and we asked customers at a mclean bookstore, when politicians write books, what is more important, the policy or the personal? >> they are looking for the dirt and have to live through that, it's like reality tv. i hate it. >> for a book like that, i think you're more interested in the personal stuff. you've seen the policy that comes out. >> i'm interested in the politics and the policies, but for something like that i would be more interested in personal. >> former president bush
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continues his media blitz today, including his first book signing and that will be in dallas along with appearances on oprah and rush limbaugh later on today. he will make an appearance on fox news channel tonight. back to you. for a lot of us security at the airport is enough of a time- consuming hassle but in the wake of last month's failed cargo bomb plot, new changes are coming. the extra measures explained after the break. plus her kidnapping and reunion with her family captured headlines and now elizabeth smart is opening up about the terrifying moment when she was taken from her home. we're back after this. 
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the elizabeth smart kidnapping trial picks back up this morning. she testified yesterday that brian mitchell put a knife to her throat and told her she was
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taken for ransom. she was held for nine months. he had religious beliefs that made him think he was doing god's biden. get ready for tighter security at airports across the nation. the u.s. will not accept packages from yemen and passengers are prohibited from caring ink cartridges or toners. ban includes carry-on and checked baggage. coming up, the president's trip and a focus on jobs and exports for india but what does it mean for relations moving forward? we'll take a closer look next. and a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic all coming up. 46 degrees out there now. it's 7:27.
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it is 7:30 right now as we take a look at the capitol. it looks great in the sunshine on this tuesday morning. it's november 9th, temperature in the 40s but if it's like yesterday with no clouds in the
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sky, it will be pretty. >> that's perfect fall weather. tony perkins joining us again. you still have the cough, on this gorgeous day? >> much better than i used to be. as far as my health goes. everything else, not so much. current temperatures around the region, 46 degrees here in the district. 43 in gaithersburg. manassas is at 45. it's quite consistent across the area and temperatures not as cold as yesterday. there are some spots in the 30s. frederick is at 39 and martinsberg is at 36. we've been talking about the winds. let me show you the winds in a moment. first it's 41 degrees in new york, cape hatteras 53 and not bad there. winds across the region. we are seeing increased winds but they are not terrible. 10 miles per hour in washington. 5 in baltimore. 9 at dulles, 13 at patuxent naval air station. but in d.c. or at reagan national the winds have been gusting now up to about 18 miles per hour. so there is that breeziness i told you about. a breeze with periodic gusts of
7:32 am
wind today up to about 20, maybe 25 miles per hour. satellite radar composite for the region, things are quiet around here. we have a couple of clouds moving through, that is about it. skies mostly clear and they will be mostly clear today. the active weather is up in new england where we still have that area of low pressure bringing clouds there. and some rain but not as much precipitation as they were getting yesterday. we talk about our windy conditions because we have the low to the north and east. the high off to the west. and the combination of those two forces wind to come down this corridor through the western portions of the northeast and mid-atlantic and we're in the middle of that and that's why we talk about the gustiness later on. forecast for washington for today looks like this, a lot of sunshine, breezy this afternoon and 61 degrees is close to normal. normal for today would be 60 degrees. a few clouds around tonight, 43 degrees for the overnight low in town. i think we'll see more 30s tomorrow morning than this morning.
7:33 am
five-day forecast looks like this: tomorrow mostly sunny and 60, very nice. the rest of the week looks great too with highs generally speaking around 60 degrees and plenty of daytime sunshine. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. tony, no accidents to report right now on the top stretch of the beltway. whatever they were looking for near colesville has cleared and the lanes are open once again. along 270, gridlocked leaving germantown toward mva and more slow traffic approaching the lane divide. 355 slow into gaithersburg. 395 on the brakes, beltway up toward duke street. boundary channel drive over the 14th street bridge, down tain the lanes are open over the anacostia bridges. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the president continues his trip through asia with a stop today in indonesia. yesterday the president was in
7:34 am
india. on the docket, dancing, talking of diplomacy and democrats. wendell goler reports from new delhi. >> reporter: a formal dinner capped the president's longest visit to a foreign country, a trip he was interested in focus on jobs. in mumbai he told college students he'll have to sell a republican controlled house on the change he promised two years ago. >> it requires me to make some mid-course corrections and adjustments and how those play themselves out over the next several months will be a matter of me being in discussions with the republican party. >> reporter: toward that end mr. obama this weekend announced new experts of boeing, military and civilian planes and harley davidson motorcycles and other products totaling billions of dollars and supporting more than 50,000 jobs. the indians 1.2 billion people have a economy growing at 10%
7:35 am
each year but they lack electricity. they want what u.s. is selling. >> america is a home of high technology. we need that technology to upgrade our skills both in the civilian sector and also in the defense sector. >> reporter: in a peach to the parliament, the president endorsed the country's long held desire to stand beside china on the global stage. >> i look forward to a reformed united nations counsel and that includes india. >> reporter: and the president called on pakistan to bring to justice those behind the 2008 terrorist attacks in mumbai. he stayed at one of the hotels attacked and visited a memorial to the victims but he declined to criticize pakistan in his speech that day. wendell goler, fox news. >> and yesterday the president did call for better relations
7:36 am
with the two countries. for more we're joined by sabrina dejuan from the center for american progress. >> thank you. >> first let's talk about the general meetings between the two nations. this is the longest stop on the president's tour of asia and he was making a priority to spend as much time in india as possible. why is that important to continue the relations? >> i think that's a great question, steve. and it's not just the longest trip on this tour but the longest trip that he's spent in a foreign country of his career so far as president. india is a very important country for us, both in terms of national security but also in terms of economics and it's very important that moving forward we deepen this relationship with india as a strategic partner. >> what are some of the things they are trying to improv upon and i know your focus is on economics so let's start there. >> absolutely. i think there is expressing
7:37 am
concern for everybody in america is how to create jobs for average middle class americans. and we need to start thinking in global terms. america is part of the global economy, india is an emerging market that is just bursting on to the global stage and india is a potential market for our products and services going into the future and we need to think about our exports as an engine for job creation and india is the potential country where consumers can buy our exports. >> what is the history been when it comes to imports and exports with india and how might that change is the president accomplishes his goals there? >> india has had very high rates of economic growth. and i think that's crucial because if it can continue to grow at the rate it's been growing at for the last 30 years then it's a potential market for our product and
7:38 am
service and they have a high rate of consumption. we do have a trade deficit with india but there is a chance going forward to change that as the country continues to grow. and president obama really understands that, which is why he's putting so much emphasis on india right now. >> including during his stop there taking part in an entrepreneur round table and what types of ideas are they looking for there. >> that's critical because the entrepreneurs round table is a way of harnessing the model that they have. they have all of these young entrepreneurs doing very interesting things to provide social services through the use of technology and we can look at how their innovation works and we have an opportunity to supply their entrepreneurs with our technology. and it comes back to exports and creating jobs here at home as we supply them with their technology and it's a win-win for both countries. >> now on the flip side there
7:39 am
are those that are critics here in the country that say we're sending outsourcing to india, whether it be jobs or product? how do you counter that and make sure those jobs are not lost from this country to go overseas? >> and that's a critical question. i think that in my view, the jobs -- the idea that we're losing jobs to these countries are a little simplified. we are definitely losing jobs to some -- some jobs to these countries but we're also gaining in terms of exporting to those countries. and the critical point to remember here is that we need to focus on our own competitiveness. americans, we need to -- america and our government needs to focus on building a skilled labor force, on investigating in innovation and r&d here, research and development, so we can enhance our competitiveness and be
7:40 am
competitive with india and china on the social stage. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. coming up on fox 5 morning news, do you see anything familiar here? one company does. coming up in the next hour, why walgreens is suing wegman's? and coming up next, donovan mcnabb said the hamstring that led to his benching is feeling better. what about the other benching rumors? we'll hear from redskins head coach mike shanahan next. 
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last night gary williams tipped off his 22nd season as maryland's head coach and the terps dealing with fresh faces. the team picked to finish sixth on the tough acc. they rolled in the opener over seattle university, 105-76 was the final score. you knew it would happen in front of a national audience on
7:44 am
saturday. jerry jones had seen enough. wade phillips is now fired. the cowboys stand at 1-7 and will be taken over on an interim basis by garret. the skins coming off their bye week and will take on the eagles on monday night. questions still remain about the benching of mcnabb. we do know his hamstring is feeling better. and shanahan discussed the benching. >> any time you make a decision like that, obviously there is controversy in it. i've always been one of what is in the best interest of the team even though it's very controversial, but you have to make those decisions based upon what you see during the week. sometimes it's injury, sometimes it's how somebody practices, but you have a gut feel. >> our redskins coverage continues on air and online.
7:45 am
for the latest headlines click on the sports tab on >> i wonder what happened to his gut when it didn't work and pay off? >> i wonder how much wind got taken out of the cowboys season the first week of the season. that started a downward spiral. >> just remember that. >> all right. what do you want to talk about? >> i got to ask this question last time. what would you like to talk about? >> i'll just let tony talk about. >> we'll listen to you talk. >> i do have good news. current temperatures around the region. >> can't stand the pressure. >> i know, i'm sorry. 46 degrees in washington. check out roanoke, 57 degrees there. that's nice. new york city is 44. and in norfolk it's 50 degrees at this hour. pittsburgh 29. cold there. here is your surface map. it blanked out on us. >> must be foggy. >> real foggy. we'll go to the final graphic
7:46 am
which is the five-day forecast. but essentially what i wanted to tell you is that we have some good conditions that will present us with some breeziness today and that's your only real weather feature today. winds could gust up to around 20 miles per hour or so. now let's go to the five-day forecast. high today about 61, breezy and sunshine. tomorrow a lot of sun and clouds. thursday pretty, and friday and saturday nice days with highs generally around 60 degrees. do enjoy it. it will be a nice one. >> i don't want to jump ahead, but what i see of the weekend is nice. >> right now it looks like the weekend will be nice. >> i know it's only tuesday. >> that's all right. looking to the weekend, julie wright. >> you won't hear me complaining about that. all right. on the outer loop of the beltway, delays leaving 95 to georgia with 95 on the brakes and 212 out of beltsville down to the beltway. and in virginia this is a live camera shot westbound along 66 as you approach sycamore street. had the crash tieing up the
7:47 am
left side of the road so it's underneath this overpass. delays at salt run. 66 congested toward centreville. 50 and at 123 and the beltway. toll road will slow and route 7 delays to williamsberg road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. photo week d.c. is back and holly is at the cork ran gallery of art this morning in northwest. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you like to take pictures or look at pictures then you're in the right city because it is photo week d.c. and photo central is at the cork ran gallery of art where we are live. and coming up we'll talk with the founder of the festival and how you can make the most of this picture-perfect week. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. rule the tweet.
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have you heard? we are on twitter. we have an account, whatever the cool way to say that is. search wttg morning news to get the heads up on traffic, weather and stories coming up. and follow us by searching wttgmorningnews and that's all one word. and you can become our fan on face brook. we are 7,000 strong. so if you have already become a fan, we thank you. but if you're interested, if you're on the fence, why not? it doesn't cost anything. >> and today's fan of the day is edna scott. today her husband and her are celebrating their 21st wedding
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anniversary. so happy anniversary. and good morning. and if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox5 morning news and when you see edna's photo, post a comment and we'll pick somebody's comments and make them tomorrow's facebook fan of the day. one of my favorite weeks of the year, photo week 2010 going on all week long. >> holly is at the corcoran gallery of art. and steve is quite the photographer. >> amateur-ish. >> no, you're with the pros. >> reporter: no, we're all with all people who like photography this morning. you will love this week and make the most of this week and you need to start here at the corcoran gallery of art and this is what they are calling photo central and this is a
7:53 am
weekend that has grown in a short amount of time. theo adam steen knows that. in a few years how you can become one of the most respected photo weeks literally in the world. >> this happened very fast. our first year was 2008 and it started off as a local festival. the idea was to have local photographers to host a a local photography festival in november. and basically the response to what we put on was really amazing. and we decided after the first year that this actually could go international. and so in 2009 was -- we saw even greater growth than in the first year. and this year is just huge. >> reporter: huge as in 6500 applicants from some 35 nations, to put a number on it.
7:54 am
>> yes. people from all over the world are entering this contest and we're very pleased to be at the corcoran gallery of art and our winners are exhibited in the atrium throughout the week. >> reporter: and this speaks as to how photography has changed and continues to evolve. tell us about this one. >> this is a very interesting image. it's actually a cell phone image and what i love about it is that at a glance it could be toy trucks, it could be a model created, but it's a scene of a fire. and it's a very powerful image. and edward hoover won first place with this. >> and i want to know what cell phone he used because that's an amazing picture with a cell phone. and if you had the right eye and composition, you can capture a moment. and i want to make sure that everyone captures the moments you are offering this week.
7:55 am
so let's talk about the different things that are going on as we look at the award winners. >> and we're running an i phone and cell phone this weekend and it's called picture the potomac. and photographers can take pictures and we'll show them at our image week and show them on saturday night. >> reporter: and what else can people take advantage of in terms of wok shops and -- workshops and the galleries. >> there are events going on at the corcoran gallery. there is a lecture tonight by brian storm.
7:56 am
and tim heatherrington, from afghanistan, an important photographer will be speaking. and dorian antrope will be tooking. and at nights we have nights gallery d.c. and we are projecting on buildings. tonight is the holocaust museum and tomorrow night we'll actually be projecting on to the museum and on to the human rights campaign building on 17th street. >> do you find that photography is a passions that growing, that with the new cameras that are out there and even just cell phones that more and more people are not just leaving it to the professionals any more? >> yes. it's a very inclusive medium. everyone is using cameras. and now that we all carry smart phones, everyone is carrying a camera and it's just exploded. the number of images being taken in the world today has literally quad rupeleed from years ago because of the new technology and because of
7:57 am
digital. >> reporter: thank you so much. is our website and we have a link to find out about the events running through the 13ing. steve, i know you're interested in thei phone competition. and we'll talk about kids and cameras in the next hour. >> i what taking pictures of allison during the segment and we'll see if they make the cut. should fast food meals geared towards kids be banned if they don't meet the head lines. and we are joined live in studio by buddy cast rose. keep it live here. three minutes before 8:00.  did you know
7:58 am
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8:00 am
the election was one week ago today. but still no winner in virginia's 11th district congressional race between gerry connelly and keith fimian. that could change today. we're live outside of the board of elections. and then former president bush's book is getting a lot of buzz. it calls decision point. it's featuring 14 decisions he was forced to make.
8:01 am
the book goes on sale today and we have a look inside into and also ahead this hour. buddy castro coming to d.c. is going to live in studio this hour. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. the big show just rolls on. tony perkins here with us now. >> not a bad start to the day outside. temperatures in the 40s. sunrise was good and pretty this morning. so we have a good day on tap. here is a look at what is happening right now with the current temperatures around the region. 46 in the district and at patuxent naval air station. and in fredericksberg. 45 in winchester. ocean city is at 42 degrees. your satellite radar composite looks like this. skies are pretty much clear. for the most part clear skies. weather system off the coast of new england producing some clouds. a little bit of precipitation inest earn portions of new
8:02 am
england. and that's about it. for us it just means wind moving in here later today. so the forecast for today looks like this: we'll see a lot of sunshine and still breezy this afternoon. winds could gust up to 20 miles per hour. look for a high near 61 degrees today, near our normal high of 60. >> i like being above average. >> at least one degree. >> yes. let's check in with julie wright to check on traffic. >> above average? i keep looking up at it. on the roads we're trying to recover. 66 went south early on. the crash at 28 centreville is gone but traffic still jammed up off gainesville. and 295 traffic slowing at the beltway, again at the 11th street bridge. the crash in southeast along
8:03 am
good hope road. stay to the left to get through. meanwhile traveling 395 past duke street and toward shirlington, heavy, slow and steady. traffic slow again over the inbound 14th street bridge. westbound 66 approaching sycamore street, crash in the left lane with delays from south run. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. winner of the race in the virginia's 11th congressional district may be known today. keith fimian is expecting to concede. sarah simmons is following this outside of the fairfax county board of elections with a closer look this morning. sarah? >> reporter: it has been a contentious race and everybody has been wondering since last tuesday what will happen here. but it appears as though keith fimian is expected to concede today to this incumbent. the camp said they will release a statement and saying what
8:04 am
they are intensions are but the post is reporting at this point that he will concede. of course state election will yous also allow fimian, because the margin is so close here, to ask for a recount. this is how close it is. these are the unofficial results. they won't be certified until november 22nd. but you can see connelly winning here in a small margin, is nearly 1,000 votes is the spread here. and it appears connelly has held off fimian once again. the two ran for the same seat two years ago. connelly won by 12 points but this time though this race was much closer. he was one of the key democrats that appears to have been able to hold on to his seat here in three others lost to their republican challengers last week. connelly meanwhile, you probably heard about this, was hospitalized last week and has since been released. his condition was kept quiet
8:05 am
until yesterday. a campaign spokesman said while the congressman was visiting his doctor he was hospitalized for a blood clot in an artery. now connelly had a victory speech last week but we are waiting to hear from the fimian camp since the ball is in their court of their intentions and then after that we expect to hear from gerry connelly. back to you. >> thank you. and president obama is now in indonesia. the second stop on his trip toisha. he arrived at the presidential palace a little while ago and is getting treated to a state dinner. he spent four years in indonesia as a boy but said he hardly recognizes the country. >> much has been made of the fact that this marks my return to where i lived as a young boy. i will tell you, though, that i barely recognize it as i was driving down the street.
8:06 am
the only building that was there when i first moved to chicago was sorena. now it's one of the shorter buildings on the road. >> the president also called the relationship with indonesia a comprehensive partnership, his words there. the white house said the president will probably have to cut short his stop because of the volcano. there are concerns that volcano ash could effect air force one. there was a major eruption last friday. so far the volcano has killed 153. former president george w. bush memoir goes on sale today. in it he's defending some of his most controversial decisions. >> let's get more from jim angle. >> reporter: the president lays out 14 decision points in his own book, many of them forced
8:07 am
on him by events. earliest terrorists launched the worst attack in our history, the day now known as 9/11. .war against terrorists or those who help him defined the rest of the intelligence. and then came with the car in iraq. there was an effort to contain saddam hussein's push for a massive weapons program, including nuclear. and he told sean hannity he was shocked when none was found. >> extremely frustrated. everything thought he had bmd and everybody in the intelligence. >> a lot of democrats said it? >> a lot of democrats in
8:08 am
congress. >> reporter: dick cheney wanted the president to commute the sentence. the jury verdict should be respected vote. i informed dick i would not issue a pardon. the vice president was not happy. he stared at me with an intense look, mr. bush writes. i can't believe you're going to leave a soldier on the battlefield, he said. and one of the biggest responsibilities was the response to hurricane katrina. in mississippi 80 miles of coastline had been obliterated. president bush called kathleen blanco, what is going on in new orleans, he asked. the mayor had not ordered a mandatory evacuationch the mayor has to order people to leave and that's the only way they'll listen. call him and tell him. the mayor finally did. but when the flooding came, the
8:09 am
federal government couldn't help unless asked. he was stalk with an antiquated law and i wanted to overrule them all but at the time i worsed it could be a constitutional crisis. but right or wrong the bush administration got most of the blame. it is said it eroded things in government and cast a cloud over his second term. jim angle, fox news. >> you can see the interview with the former tonight at 9:00 on fox news channel. and 9 minutes past the hour. we'll check on more headlines coming up. >> and that includes the status of the case for elizabeth smart. and all charges have been dropped against a dc nightclub employees. many are being asked how this could happen. we look at this case when we come back.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
8:12 right now. let's look at stories making headlines this tuesday morning. prince george's county investigators are at an apartment complex in landover looking for clues in an early morning killing. a man was found shot to death at the building on buchanan street around 3:45 this morning. one teenager is dead and another hospitalized after a shooting in north east d.c. along holbrook street in the trinidad neighborhood. we do know the teen who died was between 16 and 18 years old. the survivor is 17 years oldch the gunman is still on the loose. elizabeth smart took the stand for the first time in this federal kidnapping trial. she told the jury mitchell snatched her so she could join him in a celestial marriage. they threatened to kill her if she didn't go with him and repeatedly raped her during the
8:14 am
nine-month ordeal. and amanda knox now facing a new charge of. she's convicted of murdering her british roommate and was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder. and last hour we showed you a picture of calvin. we thought he was our one and only lizard viewer. >> check out this photo. war the water dragon is calvin's big brother. so it's all in the family. but he was up early this morning checking out tony's forecast. so maybe the camouflage comes from the tv. >> that is a hilarious photograph. look the at lizard -- excuse me, water dragon -- looking at the forecast. >> perhaps he's disappointed today. >> wouldn't it be funny if he jumped up and attacked the
8:15 am
skin. >> no. that wouldn't be funny. too close for comfort. thanks for sending that in. it's nice. it's photo final. >> with skin and hair? >> yes. my first 5 photo of the day. oh, he's a drummer. look at that. look at that little drum kid. >> isn't that cute. my son had one of those. and this is on his first birthday and his drum kit. you can tell they have a sense of music early. >> clearly because at one that's great. >> he looks like he has it down. brody, you rock out. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. okay, let's go to the stats, right now.
8:16 am
our temperature has gone up to 48 degrees. relative humidity 52%. winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. they are not gusting at this time. barometric pressure is on the rise. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the nation. we have the weather in the northeast and new england, more rain showers and clouds and breezy conditions. out to the west there are clouds and rain in eastern portions of montana and wyoming. but in the pacific northwest even though there is just a little bit of activity there, they are will get some rainfall later on today. high today 61 degrees with a lot of sunshine. breezy. tomorrow not as breezy. mostly sunny and 60. thursday looks great. so does friday. so does saturday. and all of those days highs in the 60s and sunshine each day. now with another look at this morning's rush hour
8:17 am
traffic with julie wright. >> cars are telling me they're dragging a stalled car out of the road on route 50. across the wilson bridge, slowdowns as you continue to work through the local lanes leaving maryland in virginia. out of alexandria, no problems to report on 95. the pace is slow toward shirlington on 395 and then delays crossing over the 14th street bridge. 66, still tied up, 50-123 and after nutley street to the beltway. on the dulles toll road leigh dayize to the beltway. and outer loop slow to 95 avenue and 95 slowing from 198 out of laurel to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well at least 100 people took to the streets of d.c. yesterday demanding justice for a man who died outside of a d.c. nightclub. ali mohammed was alleged by beat to death by five employeize of the dc 9 bar. they were arrested. the charges against them went
8:18 am
from murder to aggravated assault but now they've been dropped. paul wagner is following this case. and we should say you're following the chandra levy case also. >> tomorrow we'll be back with chandra levy. >> and tell us the progression of this. >> this is what is important to know about this case. what happened outside of the dc 9 nightclub happened so quickly that when police arrived the five alleged people who took part in the beating were still there and so there were witnesses there to and they said they were the ones involved. and so police arrested them on the scene. that's called a probable cause arust. and it's not in conjunction with the u.s. attorney's office. and when you do have a murder in the city, the u.s. attorney's office is consulted and they come up with an arrest warrant and they know the
8:19 am
results from the medical escaper's office and they can say, yes, was this person killed or died of a gunshot wound. in this case they arrested the people and charged them with murder without knowing the results from the medical examiner. the medical examiner does an autopsy and said we can't determine how this person died. the case is still pending. so they drop the charges from murder down to aggravated assault and then they are supposed to good to a hearing this -- is supposed to go to a hearing this week and the prosecutors say we don't have the evidence to present to a judge that we have probable cause to continue. and had this gone to court, the judge would likely throw it out. >> if this person was beaten, it would seem that the physical wounds would be to charge them with something.
8:20 am
>> this is unusual. because you have process. this is a charging product. witness one watched defendants kick and stomp the victim on the head and body as defendant preller held the victim down. there is a second witness who said something similar. so you've got these witnesses saying that this happened, but the medical examiner is saying, i don't see it. we don't have that evident. so the medical examiner's office said the case is still pending and they're going to do toxicology tests to determine if there is some other explanation for his death. and this demonstration that we saw yesterday was highly unusual. in all of my years here i've never seen a demonstration like that. they wanted to come out and say they were going to put pressure on the u.s. attorney's office and not see this dropped and wanted to see charges refiled
8:21 am
in this case. >> the deceased man, the ethiopian immigrant, the community seemed to be strong and haunting words from the mom, "this is america. we want justice." might it be picked back up again with this same defense. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney has not stopped looking into their interests. but you have to have the evidence fit as a glove. if it doesn't fit they can't go forward. the medical examiner has to say yes, this is a homicide and this is how the person died. >> public perception not that great i would imagine from the people out there chanting that they want justice in this case. >> they were upset but people don't understand how the system works and what has to all come together. and everybody is angry and
8:22 am
upset but the u.s. attorney's office is saying let us continue to investigate this and we'll figure it out. >> thank you. >> thank you. it looks like metro may have known about the escalator problems weeks before the scary scene at the l'enfant plaza. and ten its photo week here. and so how to get your kids involved in art later on here on fox 5 morning news. so stay with us.  [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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8:25 am
fallout from the problems last week. sitar security for sending packages. no packages are now allowed from somalia. and all passengers are banned from bringing ink cartridges on to plane and that includes carryon and checked backs after the failed mail bomb plot. we are looking at a permanent security check point at the washington monument. the national park serve sis proposing -- service is proposing the old guard shack put in place after 9/11. four plans would create a underground facility and it would not endanger the structural integrity of the
8:26 am
monument. >> there is no danger of the washington monument moving or having its position altered in any way. >> underground would be the best. >> why? >> well it gets it clear out of sight. the glass is still there and you can see it. >> the national park service wants your input and has posted information about the five different options on the website. you can get there by going to and looking under web links. it appears an outside audit of the metro escalateors when an escalator broke down. investigators found worn brake pads and out of adjustment. but still they said all issues raised by the report had been addressed two weeks before this accident. 8:26 now on this tuesday
8:27 am
morning. so should fast food meals geared toward kids be banned if they don't meet the nutritional guidelines. and we'll look at the new poll and what it means. and coming up at 8:45, the cake boss joins us live in studio. stay tuned. it's 8:26. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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8:30 am
it is 8:30 right now as we look at stories making headlines this morning. a local teenager entered a guilty plea to killing a school principal. brian betts was murdered in his silver spring home back in april. 18-year-old alonte sanders admitted that he chatted with betts online and went to the house intending to rob him. to students face problems after pulling a gun after a fistfight. a teen then handed the gun to one of the teens involved in
8:31 am
the fight who decided to chase several other students with it. both students are 17 years old. police are arrested one and are still looking for another one. tina fey being honored for community. many of her old "saturday night live" cast mates will be there. it's the mark twain award. >> is she the first woman to win? >> i don't know. we'll look that up. >> it's got to be no, because there are a plenty of funny women. >> richard pryor was the first? >> funny woman? >> no the first to win the award. in silver streak. it's going to be nice today. it will be sunny with warmer temperatures. >> we knew what you meant. >> i only have a minute so i'll
8:32 am
do my weather forecast. i'm all business now. temperatures in the upper 40s and we'll see highs later today in the low 60s, just like yesterday. so should be a comfortable day. a little less windy than yesterday as well. although even with that wind, it will still be nice out there. 48 at reagan national. 49 in quantico. frederick is 50 degrees. fredericksberg is 50 degrees. and in leonardtown 46. so very comfortable, nice looking start to the day. another beautiful november afternoon for us. if a little on the breezy side. the reason the breezes continue is this storm system continues to crank up there off the coast. not in any hurry to get out of here and we'll deal with breezy conditions. that being said, it would be worse. they're getting rain into southern new england. and high pressure will build in here and give us a nice workweek. we'll be looking at sunshine
8:33 am
here right through the beginning of the weekend. 8 mile-per-hour winds in washington. 10 at dulles, 14 at patuxent naval air station. and we'll watch the winds gust to 20 later today. a lot of sunshine today. bring along a jacket. it will feel cooler than that. bright sunshine throughout the week. highs where they should be, just about 60. and as we get into the weekend, it looks like we'll have plenty of sunshine on saturday. hopefully sunday too. and i want to let you know, both lillie tomlin and whoopi goldberg has won in the last decade. >> fine comedians there. thank you to your crack research. >> thank you. and some americans think there might be a repeal of the new national health care law. pollster scott rasmussen joins us now. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you,
8:34 am
allison. >> let's start with health care. 46% say the law would be repealed and you broke it down into two different areas and do they think it will be repealed. so what they think and what they think is going to happen, tell us about the results here. >> 46% say it's somewhat likely to be repealed. 44% say probably not. those numbers are moving in the direction of favoring repeal over time. but when you really get right down to it, hardly anybody is sure. you have 14% who say it's very likely, 9% who say it's not at all likely. most people are unclear as to what will happen. the reality is 55% of americans would like to see it repealed and less think it's really going to happen. >> ateliers -- let's talk about the mid elections in general. and we've seen in the past
8:35 am
people wake up and say, what, that wasn't supposed to happen. or the hanging chad comes to mind. but in this poll it shows that voters think that the right people got into their right offices. tell us about it. >> 74% say that they think the votes were properly counted, the right candidates won. one out of four had the opposite view. and 17% said people who shouldn't have been allowed to vote, got to vote. 11% said there were people who should have voted that didn't get to. but by enlarge people were satisfied with the results nationally. any suspicious is when we go into states like minnesota or connecticut where they are having close recounts. >> and one thing is do not mess with the happy meals. we're talking about 82% of
8:36 am
americans saying don't touch a thing. were you surprised by this? tell us about the results. >> well i'm not surprised, allison. the american cultural icon happy meal is being challenged in san francisco where a law was passed by the city council to say you can't give away a toy with a meal unless it's nutritionally sound. 80% said it shouldn't be allowed. only 20% think it's any of the government's business and people believe it's the parent's responsibility to worry about what their kids eat and not the government. we're in a bad economy and people are concerned about more fundamental things and people are thinking why on earth is this an issue. >> ronald mcdonald might want to make a run for office, maybe it will translate for him. >> i'm not sure we want to poll on that one, but we'll consider it, allison. >> thank you very much.
8:37 am
have a great day. >> thanks. twinkies, donuts, all of those good things, how to eat some of the junk food but the critical point is still lose weight. >> we're talking about one dorita maybe. half of a doughnut. and if you are looking for work, check out our job shop. it's at skies the limit, looking for drivers. there is a job fair on thursday from 10:00 to 2:00 for interested applicants. go to and click for more on these opportunities and many more as well. we'll be right back. it's 8:36 right now. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
a couple of weeks ago we told you about a kansas state university professor going on a junk food die tote prove it doesn't matter -- food diet that it doesn't matter what you eat, as long as you watch the calories. >> for two months mark cobb ate twinkies, nutty bars, donuts, doritos in the name of science. he limited his junk food intake to 1800 calories a day. before he started he was eating about 2600 calories a day. after two months of eating almost nothing but junk food,
8:41 am
he lost 27 pounds. >> how healthy, do you think he is? >> that's what i said. he has bloody gums. >> but we do know to continue with the weight loss, his bmi dropped ldl levels goes along with losing the weight. the hdl increased and he said it's too early to prove the junk food diet. but the less calories you eat, you will lose weight. >> well that makes sense. if you limit what you are eating. if i wanted to eat just a fish fell et fillet, i could just eat that. up next, we'll joined by buddy blast row here in the studio. plus photo week is not just
8:42 am
for adults, right holly? >> reporter: you're right. and right now i'm with 9 and 10- year-olds played with some of their favorite pictures. did you know you were doing that on tv? because they are previewing one of the many workshops going on as part of a photo week. and we'll tell you how to take advantage of all that photo week has to offer. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. and there's no term contract required. if you don't love fios, you can cancel with no early termination fee.
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8:45 am
the third annual photo week d.c. is going on now through saturday and holly is learning more about the photo festivities at the corcoran gallery of art in northwest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is available for all ages. this is a preview of what is happening this week. there is a lot for all people to take advantage of in terms of this week. so check out the different events, but to get your kids involved, this is a great place to start. sarah is the vice president of
8:46 am
public relations and she joins me. good morning. it shows what you can do with pictures is important too. >> so here we have our 9 and 10 years old working on photo transfer collages and that's telling a story through a picture and how you can communicate that. >> reporter: and so they are learning that a picture is worth a thousand words. >> that's right. >> reporter: so they had to select a picture important in their community and tell me how this is working? >> we are using winter green oils to transfer the image on to a piece of paper and you can see it gives it an antique feel and all of the kids are creating a new work of art around their photo transfer. >> reporter: so they put their picture on top and the paper over it? >> that's correct. and then we've used cotton balls and spoons to make sure
8:47 am
that our photo image transfers to the paper below it. >> reporter: and it comes through. that's pretty cool. >> and families have to come on saturday to find out why that works. >> reporter: there you go. teasing her to get you out here with more information. and at what age is it good to start talking with kids or working with hides -- with kids in terms of photography. >> i think at any age. the more kids can get out and explore their world and look through different lenses is better. >> reporter: because it's from all angles. and who wants to tell me about their collage? i'll start with you. tell me your name? >> eli. >> reporter: and what picture did you choose? >> a picture of my soccer team. >> reporter: and why did you choose that? >> well i like soccer and it represents community also but because in soccer you have to use a lot of team work.
8:48 am
>> reporter: is your team good? >> sort of. >> reporter: but you have fun playing? >> yes. >> reporter: and what are you trying to do? >> i'm trying to transfer this photo on to a sheet of paper and make a collage with it. >> reporter: and why did you pick orange? >> because it's my favorite number. >> reporter: and these are eli's favorite things. and what is your name? >> natalie. >> reporter: and what picture did you choose? >> well i choose a picture from a magazine from africa. and it shows a person teaching kids how to play lacrosse and i thought that was community because it's like working together and teaching kids something they don't know already. >> reporter: good thinking there. and what are you putting around
8:49 am
it here. i'm trying to get a sense of what the african landscape looks like. >> reporter: how old are you? >> 9. >> reporter: i don't believe it. i think you're at least 29. do people need to sign up in advance? >> we encourage that, so that you know you have a spot. and you can log online to the website or call us at corporate. >> reporter: is our website. we have a link to theirs to find out more with all of the different opportunities. photo week d.c. runs through november 13th and there is a lot for all ages to take advantage of. coming up in the next hour we have not one but two competition winners that will join us. we'll get perspective from a professional and amateur photographer. he turn his passion for baking into a show. and now he has a live show tonight here in d.c. but we
8:50 am
have him first. you know him as the cake boss. it's buddy valastro. i love watching the show. you're in your third season. time has to fly when coming to that. >> it's like a whirlwind but great. >> we see so many so-called reality on shows, taking a peek into people's lives. because its all family when it comes to this. and i love that, because i love the way everybody inter -- interacts. >> when we got into talking to discovery and tlc about doing the show, we said, just follow me in my bakery. we're a big italian family from new jersey, we think people would like it. we have a family business and it's been wild. it's been great. >> how does it happen that you could still get everything done. you have a pretty small space to work in with what you do.
8:51 am
i know you put the new ovens in and rearranged stuff and it's a small place and to have the cameras around, how different is that dealing with that aspect of it? >> it is hard. i ain't gonna lie. but the truth be told we're starting to expand and trying to do bigger things so we can facilitate everything. right now we're just dealing with it until we are all set. >> and we're looking at your cake decorations here. what is it like being a boss? is there some stuff you have to leave out because it doesn't play for tv well? are we seeing the real buddy? >> you see 90 hours of footage cut down to 22 minutes. you see a lot of buddy but not the whole buddy. and that's why i wanted to write this book because i wanted people to know my story. i call my book the unexpected because it's a great cook book, well baking book, and it tells story about cakes, but the truth is it's a story of how i
8:52 am
became the cake boss. it's a story of working in my father's legacy. my father lived the american dream like so many other people and it feels like a relatable book. >> and it's called stories and recipes from mi familia. and you lost your dad at a young age but he instilled a lot of values. >> i had 17 years of a father i wouldn't trade for anything. i had such a great father and he planted the seeds in me in just a way of life. when i started doing the show, i thought it would be a funny baking show and people would like it. i didn't think it would inspire people. but i get so many people who tell me that it inspires them. there was a troop over in afghanistan came to the bakery last week and said to me, your show was the only thing that reminded me of home and my
8:53 am
family and it was my escape every week. and i'm saying, this kid is 22, 23 years old fighting in a war zone for our freedom, for our country, which i take so sacred, and my stupid cake show makes him feel good, it meant the world to me. >> did you ever think you would do anything else. i know you started working in the shop as a kid? >> i knew i would be a baker and luckily when i was 14 years old i found it was my dream job because of the fact that i love doing the cakes and stuff. so it was really important for me to continue this tradition after my father and his legacy. >> you're doing a live show tonight. as we look at more cakes. an amazing one there. you're doing a live show tonight at the warner theater and tickets are still available. what do you get when you come to a live show? >> it is kind of the unexpected
8:54 am
too because you can take your 4- year-old or great grandmother. it's fast paced, it's fun. i call people on stage and cake decorate. and i'm a funny guy. >> and a book signing in wegman's today at noon. i keep expecting your mom to pop out and say what the heck are you doing? >> you're great. i appreciate it. thank you. >> again the book signing tonight and head out to warner theater. another 100 years for you at the bake shot. >> thank you. salute. it is now 8:54 and it is 48 degrees on this tuesday morning. tyler perry films are often big hits at the box office but his latest for color girls was not a hit with courtland malloy.
8:55 am
he said it and other perry films depict men in a bad light. is this true? we'll find out in the next hour. as
8:56 am
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89:57 89:57 -- 8:57 now. our facebook fan of the day is edna scott. she and her husband are celebrate operating their 21st -- celebrating their 21st anniversary. to search for us look for fox5 morning news and post a comment under edna and we'll pick one of you to be the facebook fan of the day. one more hour and we'll turn things over to tony and allison for the 9:00 hour. >> good morning to you. here is a look at stories we're
8:59 am
following. police say he was responsible for a horrific home invasion that left a woman and her two daughters all dead. now a jury has decided the fate of steven hayes and a reaction from the family later. and there is no doubt that tyler perry is a good film maker but there is recent discussion about black men in his film. some say they are negatively represented. we have people on both sides of the issue sharing thoughts. and a woman takes a stab at a puzzle with only one letter on the board revealed. and guess what? she got it right. we'll play the clip for you. how is that possible? >> that's crazy. we'll play it for you coming up. >> i haven't seen that. we'll take a look at that. into and it's 9:00 now and tucker barnes is downstairs in