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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 11, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EST

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this day, we honor every man and woman who has ever worn the uniform of the united states of america. we salute fallen heroes and keep in our prayers those who
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are still in harm's way. >> president obama commemmorating veterans day overseas. first, we want to get a check on our weather with tucker barnes. >> another nice start to the day. cool temperatures. you want a jacket here as you run out the door. later today with some sunshine, we'll be back up to about 60. we have some 30s out there to the north and west right now. ocean city, 48. satellite-radar showing you very quiet conditions, washington, virginia beach, even up towards boston, we're clearing out now. high pressure will build in from the west and that will give us a high and dry forecast for our thursday.
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sunny skies, a pleasant afternoon. 61degrees your afternoon high. might be a degree or two cooler than yesterday. i think it will be quite enjoyable. >> thank you. we want to take a look at our top stories. president obama is commemmorating veterans day in south korea speaking to hundreds of troops there. the president saluted the bravery of those who fought in the korean war to remember south korea. >> we remember. we remember your courage. we remember your sacrifice. the legacy of your service lives on in a free and prosperous republic of korea. >> reporter: the president is in seoul to attend the two-day g-20 economic summit. the tiny kansas church known for protesting military funerals is holding a protest
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at the george washington university later this morning. they are bringing the anti-gay protests to gw. the students have planned a peaceful and humorous counter- protest. in & %c1 - - thousands of passengers are making do with what they have on that stranded cruise ship. the ship should arrive in san diego sometime today. we have a report is. more than 4500 passengers
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were expecting a tropical vacation but after a generator fire, they are slowly being towed back to the port of san diego. >> basically, the crankcase split and that is what caused the fire. >> reporter: much like the minute owe of gilligan's island fame, this voyage was not to be. the ship lost power and had to wait for help hundreds of miles south of california. one of the tugboats was too weak to pull the massive vessel so authorities had to replace it. >> there are two pulling and three alongside. >> reporter: the crew of 1,000 plus said to be doing its best to entertain without electricity, no pool, no cold frothy cocktails, no glittering lights inside the casino, games of trivia, scavenger hunts and live music have to suffice. >> anything that has to run off of electricity is going to be a problem. >> reporter: menu wraps are limited too, spam, pop tarts
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and canned crab meat courtesy of the u.s. navy which airlifted supplies to the ship. >> we do have functioning toilets in most cabins and public rest rooms located throughout the ship. >> reporter: the cruise line says no one was injured but saying there will likely be bruceed feelings. initially, can value planned to tow the boat tie mexican port but instead is heading to southern california. the company president says docking without power will be a difficult task. we have plenty straight ahead this morning as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. good morning to you. these are pictures from seoul, south korea where the president is in south korea today for the
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g-20 economic summit. he is also commemmorating veterans day while in south korea. for us here, a really nice start to this thursday. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is in with our forecast. >> good morning. it is cool out there. temperature at your house? wry don't remember. but i know it was a very nice day yesterday so hopefully shaping up to be a nice one today. >> a degree or two cooler than yesterday but i don't think anybody will be complaining. let's get to the numbers. off to the north and west, in the 30s. we are in the 40s in town. baltimore is 47. in hagerstown, up towards the maryland border there, 41 degrees. it is cool in spots, particularly to the north and west of the city. the temperatures will quickly climb into the 50s and we'll
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eventually top out by early afternoon in the low 60s, maybe 60, 61 degrees. here is your satellite-radar. very, very quiet conditions. high pressure out to the west is going to start to push in here and rule our weather right into the weekend. we'll be high and dry, very pleasant conditions, lots of sunshine today, cool tonight and nice again tomorrow right into saturday and sunday. nice, try streak with a warming trend by saturday and sunday. we'll be back into the mid-60s. lots of sunshine, upper 50s by noon and about 60 degrees by mid afternoon. let's check the roads with julie. good morning. >> good morning. we have an incident along northbound i-95 in maryland. two lane are blocked up by 32. the lingering construction is still in place at new hampshire avenue. 395 coming across the 14th street bridge, nice an quiet
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right now. no incidents to report. gw parkway at speed for those leaving national airport headed out towards the bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we want to go back to our top story. the president is in south korea for the g-20 summit. he is there and also commemmorating veterans day. the president called on other veterans to pull their weight when it comes to the world economy and there you see mr. obama and he also paused to honor american troops on this veterans day. >> we recall acts of uncommon bravery and selflessness, and we remember that honoring those who serve is about more than the words we say on memorial day and veterans day. >> the united states and south
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korea failed to reach an agreement on free trade but president obama says efforts will continue in the weeks ahead. we here at home continue to hon our our servicemen and women. vice president joe biden will host a veterans day breakfast this morning at the white house. he will then make his way to the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknown. there will be a lot of activity at george washington university's campus this morning. a controversial kansas church is bringing its anti-gay message to campus. students at gw have planed a counter-protest. sarah simmons joins us now. >> reporter: it is the westboro baptist church. they are expected to be here starting around 8:00 a.m. for this protest here at washington circle. the students here at george washington university are planning a counter-protest.
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this is a tiny church group based in kansas. they are known for going across the country and protesting. they have an anti-gay message and most recently, you may remember, they ended up before the supreme court for protesting at military funerals. the george washington university students planning that counter-protest as well, all of this taking place across the street from university hospital. as for why the westboro group is targeting george washington university, church members say during a stop for lunch at a campus food court last year, a student asked one of them to sign a petition supporting gay marriage. the word of all of this is spreading across the campus about today's protest. here what is one of the students had to say. >> although they do have the first amendment right to say what they are saying, we too have a right to say what we want to say. we oppose hate in all forms. this will unite everyone on this campus against hate.
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>> reporter: student leaders have also started a facebook group about this counter protest. they have 18 members on it so far. this is not the westboro baptist church's first and only stop of the day. it is the first one but they are expected to head over to arlington cemetery to row test as well on -- to protest as well on this veterans day. other stories making local headlines. a shooting in southeast washington. police say it happened near the intersection of 14th place and savannah street about 8:00 last night. the 16-year-old boy was found nearby in the parking lot of a giant grocery store. we are told he is in serious condition to morning. a frightening experience for one mother as she and her baby were separated during the evening rush hour. the woman tried to get the stroller with her baby inside on to a green line train but before she could get in, doter slammed on her. passengers say they alerted the metro operator but metro police never showed up.
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>> there was no one there. we were standing there waiting and the woman with the baby, we're looking around. where is metro transit? finally, she hesitated and took the baby off the train. >> the mother did catch the next train and was reunited with the baby. the woman did not file a complaint. the transit agency says the only way to prevent that from happening is to listen to the warnings and clear the doorway. the chandra levy murder trial is in recess for the weekend. the prosecution abruptly rested its case yesterday and dropped two of the charges against the suspect, ingmar guandique without any explanation. he is still facing several charges including two counts of murder. the real bomb shape came when an fbi witness testified that semen found in levy's underwear
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matched gary condit. the prosecution maintains some dna belongs to someone who handled her tights after they were found. still ahead, a story you will only see on fox 5. a local family accusing the army of a cover-up in their daughter's murder. she was a decorated soldier who died while serving in iraq. we'll hear why the family says it still has questions. we now have an idea what caused this smoke trail over california but does nasa agree? we'll have the details coming up. 
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a virginia family accusing the army of covering up their daughter's murder. morganne mcbeth was following in the footsteps of her father. she died in iraq right before she was supposed to come home
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on leave. the military said she accidentally stabbed herself and then the story changed more than once. >> another story was she and this individual was in a tent and they were throwing a knife at the dart board in the tent and the knife got stuck in the dart board and this other one. the guys went and pull it out and when he pull it, morganne walk up the same time and he accidentally stabbed her. >> i went through it over and over and over and i'm like, no, i work in the medical field. i can't see it. >> the mull trisays it is still investigating the death. the "washington post" reports a study group has concluded the military can lift the ban on gays serving openly with only minimal and isolated incidents to war effort. we have the latest now on that mysterious plume off the coast of los angeles. nasa and the pentagon both now
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say it was probably a plane and the case is closed. they say an airliner likely caused the billowing contrail that looked similar to a missile plume. however, there is another report this morning that a secret navy facility on san nicolas island may have been testing foreign-made missiles. a mail bomb intercepted in england could have exploded over the northeastern united states. british police say the device was timed to detonate about seven hours after the ups flight that it was on left great britain for the united states. that means that explosion could have happened over upstate new york, eastern pennsylvania or southern new jersey. yemen-based al-qaeda has claimed responsibility for the bombs and vowed to send more explosive parcels. a cruise vacation that none of the passengers wanted is finally coming to an end. the ship lost power with more than 4,000 passengers on board four days ago. the ship is doing what it can
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for the passengers. the ship is expected to pull into san diego harbor sometime in the next few hours but with no power, the ship's owner says docking it will be rather tricky. coming up next, the federal government is unveiling a new plan to snuff out smoking but is it too graphic. we'll show what you will be appearing on cigarette labels. the country music on gave o last night. we'll check that out including entertainer of the year. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors
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welcome back. there is a beautiful look at our nation's capital, off to a very nice start. temperatures in the mid-40s. i think that bodes well for the rest of the day. >> going to be absolutely beautiful. maybe a degree or two cooler than yesterday. it will feel pretty good. good leaf raking weather. have you been out yet? >> i used to be a raker but now i'm a blower. >> i decided i'll wait for all the leaves to fall. last year, i waited for the leaves to fall and then the snow fell and i didn't have to do it. >> then you killed your grass. >> yeah. a fantastic weather streak here as we get into the weekend and
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right through the weekend, valentine -- we'll have temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. cool temperatures out there but not cold. a little colder off to the north and west. 46 in washington. 49 in annapolis. 47 in baltimore. having a little trouble this morning. 32 in frederick. much colder off to the north and west. even manassas, 34. some 0s as you get up and out the door. going to need a jacket for the first half of the day as conditions will be cool. we'll have a nice mild afternoon and with less wind than what we've been dealing with, it should be a nice- looking thursday afternoon. a couple of areas of high pressure basically dominating weather east of the mississippi. there you can see it. what is going to happen is fronteddal systems kind of plow into these areas of high pressure and not going to be able to get through. we'll be high and dry around here with this nice streak right through the end of the weekend. it looked like the pattern breaks down early next week and we'll start to cool off a little bit and introduce the possibility of a little rain
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around here by tuesday, wednesday, next week. until then, it will be absolutely fantastic out there. lots of sunshine, a pleasant afternoon. winds out of the north at five to 10 miles per hour. 42 in town. going to beautiful this weekend. sunshine, friday, saturday, sunday, even monday doesn't look bad with high temperatures in the mid-60s both saturday and sunday. i think we can call this indian summer. temperatures will cool by the middle of next week. let's get to some on-time traffic and julie wright is in with the latest. >> has been nice the last couple of days. bailey is look being at me when i take him for a walk and he's like this is how it's supposed to be. >> for a dog, this is perfect. >> traveling south on 270, lanes are open out of germantown working your way out
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to mva. northbound 270, no signs of roadwork leaving falls road headed out to 28. lanes are open each way at the wilson bridge. the work zone northbound on i- 95 as you approach 32, that construction is lifted as we speak. more than 1300 maryland thrivers could be on the road illegally. an audit found more than 10,000 licenses with eight or more violation points. big expectations for long awaited luxury hotel at the d.c. convention center. officials broke ground on the new washington marriott marquee hotel. that is expected to open in 2014. the mayor says the project will create 1600 construction jobs and 1,000 hotel jobs once it opens. the mayor-elect hopes it will bring even more people to the district. >> we are taking the next step and that is the step that will allow us to able to attract the
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level of business, the level of shows, the level of conventions that will put us in the top tier nationally in being able to attract people to come where they should be. that is the nation's capital. >> the project will cost about $50 million. the d.c. government and washington convention and sports authority are covering $206 million of that cost. a plan to cut the nation's deficit could mean cutting annual cost of living increases for people receiving social security. that idea is part of a sweeping plan to get the nation's $1 trillion plus budget deficit under control. new cigarette warnings will soon come with major shock value. the fda rolled out some of the images that will be on the front, back and top of cigarette boxes to help people stop smoking. 67% of those surveyed in brazil said they would want to quit after the pictures were introduced there. 90% of youth in canada said the warnings make smoking less
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attractive. >> they increase awareness of the warning labels and increase knowledge of the health effects of smoking. they also change attitudes. >> as you look through these, do you think this would keep you from smoking? >> definitely so. there are health concerns which may have children in san francisco skipping the fries in their happy meals. the city passed a law banning toys from fast food children's meals for the food doesn't meet minimum nutritional standards. supporters are hoping other cities and states do the same. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: the mouth-watering smell of a burger and fries are enticing but it is the toy with the meal many kids can't resist. >> they're dangling the toy in front of the kid and that is what the kids want and they pester their parents to go back to the restaurant and again and again to get all the different toys. >> reporter: in san francisco, a new law bans toys in kids
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meals unless it has 600 calories or less, con taints a fruit or vegetable and has minimum fat and sodium. a mcdonald's cheeseburger, fries an soda has too many calories, too much sodium and no fruit or vegetables. >> if i were an elected official in san francisco, i would probably vote for it. >> we've taken our on approach here in montgomery county. i'm always open to ideas that other communities have adopted. >> reporter: mcdonald says public opinion continues to be overwhelmingly against this legislation. parents say it is their right and responsibility to make that decision.
4:53 am
burger king's four piece chicken tenders, apple fries makes the cut. the center for science in the public interest which plans to sue mcdonald's if it doesn't stop using toys in happy meals says the law evens the playing field. >> i need to get two kids meals. >> when you have a nagging kid, you don't want to tell the kid no every single time the child asks for something. >> reporter: the law requires half a cup of fruit or 3/4 of a cup of vegetables. so adding lettuce an a tomato to your burger won't help either. sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> thank you. remember the controversy when gilbert arenas faked that injury to help get a teammate in the game. turns out now that wasn't the real motive. we'll tell you what he is now saying about why he did t.
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the nats will have some new uniforms, some slight changes. we'll show that to you. 
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welcome back. country celebrated its biggest night of the year, the 44th annual country music association awards. the night's big winner was miranda lambert. she took home three including female actress of the year. gwyneth paltrow made her highly anticipated singing debut. the night's biggest honor went to brad paisley. he received the award for entertainer of the year with an emotional thank you to his fans. gilbert arenas has apparently changed his story about his fake knee injury. he says the incident wasn't to help teammate nick young to get more minutes but he was afraid of getting booed. he says he was spending every minute on the road with john wall and he is happy to be the rookie's mentor.
4:57 am
wall is living up to the hype. a huge game against the rockets. he gets the rebound here and even magic johnson is impressed. washington wins 98-91. finishes with his first triple double, 19 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds. old friends, gary williams greeting bobby crimmins. the game would go down to the wire. the terps trail by one in the final minutes. howard pulls back, hits the jumper. maryland now up by one. maryland hold on to edge the college of charleston 75-74. to football now and the redskins continue to get ready for the monday night showdown against the eagles. donovan mcnabb took part in
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extra practice. his health has been an injury since he was benched against the lions. >> right now, he has improved from last week but by no means is he full speed yet so as we go later in the week, i'll get a feel for exactly where he is at but right now i can't tell you if he could go full speed. taking a look now at how about some fashion with wh it comes to sports. the nats unveiled their new jerseys. washington is spilled out and a hat featuring a red bill. and that is the alternate jersey that will be worn on special days. finally, ryan zimmerman and drew storen in a simple home jersey way red script w. wow! >> a lot of people pay attention to the curly w and i think that is something we kind of build on. i think that is creating an identity and i think that is --
4:59 am
you know, i go think that might be important than putting the full nationals name on there. >> it is not like wave done great in the last couple of years so it could change it up a little bit. -- it is not like we've done great in the last couple of years so it could change it up a little bit. >> you will see the jerseys for the first time on the field february 28th when the nats take on the mets in a pre- season game. what do you think of the new union forms? head over to our twitter page to let us know. search wttgmorningnews. coming up, tyler clifford and the nationals chief operating officer will join us for another look at the new uniforms. hope they weren't watching what i just said. fox 5 morning news continues now. good morning. there a