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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 11, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a number of demonstrators are expected to gather outside a local university for dueling protests. a proposal to cut more than $1 trillion from the national deficit. what is on the chopping block? we'll find out as fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. on this labor day vshes listen to me. on this veterans day, we'll get you start the at 6:00 with a
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live look at the washington monument. -- on this labor day -- listen to me. on this veterans day, we'll get you started at 6:00 with a live look at the washington monument. >> it will be a great veterans day. very nice weather conditions. a variance of a couple of degrees in temperature. other than that, sunshine, low 60s. not a bad day, folks. take a look. here are your current temperatures. we do have some cold air in place this morning. some parts of the viewing area are in the 30s. dulles airport, 37. here in the district, we are at 44 degrees. here is a look a satellite- radar composite. nothing really to show you. the storm system that brought rain, wind, even some snow to
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new england, that is gone. it is offshore. even new england is clear this morning. we are certainly clear. we will be for the bulk of the day today. another day where we'll see mostly sunny skies. so the forecast looks like this. sunny, pleasant, high 61. that is a couple of degree above normal but a very nice day. not particularly breezy. just a good one p enjoy it. >> talked to friends out in colorado. they got snow for the third day in a row in silt. >> in what? >> silt, colorado. >> i'm thinking one place i don't want to live. >> too early. >> yeah, really. on the roads this morning, you'll find right now lighter than usual traffic volumes around town. with it being the federal
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holiday, kids off of school. inbound 4 at ritchie marlboro road, had an accident there, watch for that clean-up as well. 95 in great shape as you travel northbound from dale city up towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the tiny kansas church known for protesting military funerals an battling over the first amendment before the supreme court is holing a protest this morning at the george washington university. the westboro baptist church bringing its anticipate-gay message to gw after a student there asked one of the church members to sign a petition last year supporting gay marriage. gw students have planed a peaceful and huge rouse counter- protest at washington circle across from university hospital. with the president still in the midst of his 10-day visit to asia, vice president joe biden will be handling some of the veterans day activities here in washington. he will host a breakfast at the
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white house. at 11:00, he will visit arlington national cemetery. also today, thousands of people are expected to attend a ceremony at the vietnam war memorial at 1:00 p.m. president obama is commemmorating veterans day in south korea. speaking to hundreds of american troops from the u.s. army post there, the president saluted the bravery of those who fought in the korean war to defend south korea. the president arrived at the g- 0 in seoul about an hour ago. government and business leaders will be taking a look at international efforts to tighten bank oversight and avid a currency war. during an earlier news conference, the president called on other countries to pull their weight. >> the point that we have consistently made is that in a prudent, stable way we want to make sure we are boosting growth rates at home as well as abroad. >> this more than, the united states and south korea failed to reach an agreement to free trade deals but president obama
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says efforts will continue in the weeks ahead. here at home, bipartisan leaders of president obama's deficit commission are proposing some sweeping cuts to curb the federal deficit by $4 trillion over the next 10 years. the preliminary plan would gradually increase the retirement age for full social security benefits to 69 by 057 and current recipients who receive smaller than anticipated annual increases. the plan would also make cuts to made care and cap a wide range of breaks relied on by the middle class. house republican leader john boehner says he will not compromise with president obama on extending the bush tax cuts. he is expected to be the next house speaker. boehner is supposed to go to the white house next week to meet with the president and democratic leaders. he says there should be a hiring freeze on new federal workers and that federal pay should be frozen. that was a reaction to a study that showed the number of federal workers making $150,000 or more has jumped 10-fold in
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just the last five years. another big story that we are following, a cruise gone terribly wrong. the ship splendor is being pulled to san diego harbor. it is ship has been stranded since monday. more than 4,000 passengers are on board with no hot water, no -- very little food and a phone interview, one passenger vied the moment they all saw the smoke on board. >> well, at first, it was really scary. we saw a whole lot of smoke and smelled a lot of smoke in the ship and we didn't know what was going on. luckily, we have an amazing cruise director, john, who kept us all calm and joking and kept us all informed. >> well, good move by carnival to at least offer all passenger a full refund aped tree trip
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home and a free cruise in the future -- a full refund and a free trip home and a free cruise in the future. then the days of joe camel and the marlboro man well behind us but could these graphic images soon be on every pack of cigarettes? find out who is behind this push as well when we come back.
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mamot mayosm
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a mail bomb intercepted in england could have exploded over the northeastern united states. british place say the bomb was timed to detonate about seven hours after it left britain. al-qaeda has claimed responsibility for the bombs and vowed to send more explosives packed parcels. case closed when it comes to that mysterious plume off the coast of los angeles.
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nasa and the pentagon now say it was probably a plane. they say an airliner likely caused the billowing contrail that looked luke a missile plume. the defense department is satisfied the angle and winds distorted an airplane's contrail. the federal government is unveiling a new plan to snuff out tobacco use that includes new larger graphic warning labels for cigarettes. the jarring images will be place on the front, back and top of cigarette boxes. a book that offers advice to pedophiles is sparking heated controversy. why amazon says it will continue to sell the item. we'll have more on that straight ahead this morning. some terrifying moments on metro. a mother is separated from her baby when a train closes its doors. we'll hear from a witness when we come back.
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it is veterans day today so good morning and thank you for all veterans out there this morning. >> yeah. should be a nice day for all the ceremonies. i think vice president biden will be attending one and one later on this afternoon at the vietnam vet maps memorial. so tony, i guess this nice trend will continue for the next several days, right? >> it absolutely is. it has so far this week and for the next couple of days and for the activities today for veterans day wherever you are going in our area, it will be very nice. we'll see temperatures similar to yesterday's highs. i would shave just a couple of degree off of these temperatures. yesterday, we made it up to 64 degrees at both reagan national and bwi marshall. i think most of us will be around 61, 62 degrees for today. current temperatures, we are getting off to a colder start. 37 in gaithersburg.
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0 in manassas. 4 # in washington. 44 in baltimore. leonardtown is at 45 degrees early this morning. -- 42 in washington. we've got that cloud cover that has pushed offshore and we are not going to be dealing with that. yesterday, i said we would have a few clouds during the day yesterday. that is all gone. we don't have the easterly flow so that won't get pushed in here. we have clear conditions as we have high pressure controlling the weather in the eastern u.s. if you are traveling up to the northeast, fine conditions there. down into the south, conditions will be good there too. here is a look at the surface map for today. high pressure i mentioned. slightly cooler air in place. all the rain precipitation offshore so not going to be dealing with that in new england. as we get into tomorrow, high pressure still dominates t will be another mild day tomorrow. that will set us up for a mild and very pleasant weekend across this region. forecast for today, sunny skies, nice afternoon, 61
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degrees for your high in town. five-day forecast, tomorrow, another great day. more sunshine. look for a high once again into the low 60s. then friday, i'm sorry, saturday and sunday, highs will be in the mid-60s. i think it will be a really, really nice weekend. get outdoors and have some fun. now, let's find out what is happening on the roads. julie wright is standing by with that. >> did you just say have some fun? >> yeah. >> you mean on the weekend. >> but you like to get an early start, i know. >> i do. on the roads, we are talking light traffic volume. that is working in our favor. southbound along 270, no incidents to report as you continue down towards the beltway. keep in mind, in maryland, the hov rules have been lifted with the exception of route 50. so the hov rules still in effect for you guys on 50 in maryland. on the inner loop of the
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maryland, we had the stalled car, pennsylvania avenue, that has been cleared to the shoulder. light volume right now approaching 50 as you guys continue in towards vienna. no problems to reported on 95 leaving dale city up towards the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. there was a frightening experience for one mother as she and her baby were separated during the evening rush hour. it happened at the west hyattsville metro station. the woman apparently tried to get the stroller with her baby inside it on to a green line train. before she could get on, the doors slammed on her. metro police never showed up. >> there was no one there. we were standing there waiting and the woman with the baby, we are looking around, looking around. where is metro transit? where is metro? and then finally, she hesitated and took the baby off the train. >> the mother did catch the next train and was reunited with the baby.
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the woman did not file a complaint. the only way to prevent this from happen is to people to list tonight warnings and clear the doorways when the announcements are made. metro is making a stark announcement about its escalateddors. many need to have their brakes replaced or repaired. that comes out of inspects that followed the accident abouts two weeks ago. in the 405 escalators inspected, 25 have brakes that need to be replaced. some people expressing outrage over what is called a pedophile guide that is for sale on amazon. amazon is defending the book saying it would be censorship to take the book off the internet. the controversial book is call the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. the author says it is not a guide to abusing kids. >> to tell you the truth, i don't think that it is always bad for the child, okay, but i do think it is always confining for the adult. >> amazon is selling the self-
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publish the book as an electric being book for its kindle users. quantitative easing two. it's plan to help revive the economy but is it going to work for your investments in we'll take a look at the early signs. the tucker. no, not our tucker. we are talking the rare tucker. one of them found in its original condition. how much this car is worth when we come back.
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quantitative easing two. it's plan to help boost the economy. so does it show signs of working? we'll talk about a car lover's dream come true. we'll stick with qe 2 the sequel. adam shapirodowns us from new york. what is going on? >> this is that hullabaloo over the fed announcing the detail of what they are doing which is purchasing $105 billion worth
6:24 am
of u.s. debt. it will be $600 billion when they are done. it is designed to bring down the yield on the different kinds of bonds that they buy. when the yield comes down, interest rates follow the yield. so mortgage rates are tied to the 10-year yield. when the yield comes down, the interest rate comes down w fed buying lots of bonds, the yield is supposed to come down. but guess what, not coming down. yields have been going up. so it is raising the question, will it work? >> how about the markets themselves? where are we looking today? >> this morning, it looks as if we'll be in negative territory in opening bell in roughly three hours. financials as well as energy stocks were up yesterday. boeing took a hit down 3% because of the problem with the 787 dreamliner. it is a whole new day.
6:25 am
let's see what happens at 9:30. >> i love the story about this tucker. if you look at the history of this car company, they got in trouble and i guess that led to the demise. i love the way it was found. tell us the story. >> the car was found in a barn in arizona and the man who owned it actually bought it in the early 1950s for $1,500. he allegedly raced it at bonneville for a couple of years an put it in the barn. they found to last year and now it is going to auction january 21st and 22nd. they're selling that in scottsdale, arizona. and it is expected to fetch over $1 million. as you look at a picture of that car, that is the original condition. it has never been restored and it has got fewer than 10,000 miles. so this is a true find. the car was thought to have been destroyed or lost. it is serial number 1010 for tucker fans fusm go on the web site they have a history of each car by its serial number and you can track where the
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cars were. this one was lost. now it is found. >> what a return on the investment, right? >> not bad. you have to hold on it it for over 50 years. talk about long-term investing. >> coming up, you want to find out which party truly has the solution if either does have the st. louis to stop the spiraling deficit. mr. cavuto will be talking about that. we are going to salute our veterans because this is veterans day all on the fox business network. >> thank you. we'll see you again tomorrow. significant developments here in d.c. in the chandra levy murder trial. that is straight ahead here on fox 5. sarah simmons on the gw campus following today's top story. >> reporter: a controversial church group is bringing its anti-gay message to the george
6:27 am
washington university campus. so what do students have to say about it. i'm sarah simmons. i'm tell you what fox 5 morning news returns.
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welcome back. hi, tony. >> hello! we've got cold temperatures in parts of the area this morning. i'm going crazy. it has been the same forecast for seven days. >> don't complain. >> no, it's fine. it is wonderful weather but try saying it 30 times a day. >> i don't think people get tired of hearing it. >> hearing it is fine. saying it. >> you have to entertain yourself. >> that is why i come up with crazy voices. 43 here in washington. 34 at dulles. frederick, maryland, 30 degrees. winchester is 34 degrees. here is a look at what is
6:31 am
happening on your satellite- radar. here it is. nothing is happening. no clouds. no precipitation. no fog, nothing. it is very quiet and calm all across the region. i thought it was unusually calm on that map. there you go. there are some clouds off the coast. here is your forecast for today. you know it as well as i do, folks. sunny skies, a pleasant afternoon. high about 61 degrees. that is a couple of degree above normal. all right. that is the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. it is the question tucker and i have been getting more than any other question during the last few weeks. what is this winter going to be like? >> and you have the answer? >> well, as well as we can answer it. >> you don't have alet of weather to talk about now so you can research your weather questions. >> we've been researching. yep. >> we'll check in with julie
6:32 am
wright as we wait for that. >> maybe tony could start doing the weather in different languages or he could sipping to, rap it. >> that is a great idea. >> spice it up, tony. >> on the roads, you will find the lanes are open if you are traveling in each direction down at the wilson bridge. still an easy commute along the top stretch of the beltway. not a lot happening out there today. we don't expect a lot of volume since a lot of folk have the day off for the federal holiday. because it is veterans day, you will find the hov rules have been lifted in virginia and in maryland along 270. reversible roads open for two- way travel this morning. 95 in great shape leaving woodbridge up to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. there were shots fired at an off-duty police officer in prince george's county t happened midnight in greenbelt. prince george's county police say it was an attempted robbery. the suspect approached the officer, demanded his wallet and the two exchanged gunshots.
6:33 am
the officer wasn't injured. police are still looking for the suspect. our top story this morning, a kansas church known for stirring up controversy over protesting military funerals an gay bashing is bringing its message to george washington university this morning. >> they are calling on students -- rather, they are calling students god-hating heathens. sarah simmons joins us with more on what we can expect. >> reporter: good morning. as you can imagine, george washington university students are none too happy about being called god-hating heathens by the church group the westboro baptist church. is in a small group you may have heard of from cans cap. they go around the country protesting at military funerals and other events. the two plan to face off here at the washington circle at 8:00 a.m. this morning. in the heart of the george
6:34 am
washington university campus in foggy bottom, we found most students well aware of thursday more than ago dueling protests. >> i think the westboro baptist church is a prominent organization that has affected a lot of people and they are equal opportunity haters. >> reporter: calling all gw students god-hating heathens. >> heathen wouldn't be the word to cry me, no. that is a little harsh. >> there are a lot of kids in my school that totally believe in god. >> reporter: they are the tiny family-run church group from kansass that has traveled the country. they wound up before the u.s. supreme court in a battle over the first amendment. >> we have a right to say what we want to say. and we oppose hate in all forms. this will unite everyone on this campus against hate. >> reporter: they are --
6:35 am
they'll square off at washington circle. gw students promising the protest will be huge rouse in nature. >> three students created these shirts that say i'm gay for a day. i think they've sold bomb 300 of them. we'll be distributing those. a lot of people will be wearing them so that should be kind of fun. >> reporter: student leaders have created a facebook group for their protest with 1800 members. >> they know college kids went let them show up and just do nothing about it. >> reporter: you are probably wondering why the westboro baptist church chose the george washington university campus. we spoke to the church leader last night by phone. she was telling us the reason behind it was that they were here last year. they made a stop at a campus food court and while early this here, she says that one of the students asked her to sign a petition supporting gay marriage. >> these students have been taught god is a liar, that his
6:36 am
commandments are on the table for disposal at their will and that there is a discussion available to be had about whether or not we're going to obey him. we have to tell these youngsters they are entitled, they are the last generation of doomed america, they are entitled to have somebody tell them the truth one time before they meet their destruction. >> reporter: and we will be hearing from both sides coming up here at 8:00 a.m. here, wash circle. also, by the way, this is not going to be the church's only stop. they are also heading to arlington national cemetery today to picket there on this veterans day. sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you. a virginia family accusing the army of covering up their daughter's murder. army specialist morganne mcbeth ways medic following in the footsteps of her father who works at george washington university. she died in iraq this summer right before she was supposed to come home on leave. the military changes the story
6:37 am
of her death more than once. >> the other story was she and these two individuals was in a tent and they were throwing a knife at the dart board in the tent and the knife got stuck in the dart board and this other other one of the guys went and pull it out and when he pull it, morganne walk up the same time behind him and he accidentally stabbed her. >> i went through it over and over and over and i'm like no, i got to get that. i work in the medical field. i can't see it. >> according to morganne's death certificate and coroner's report, she had been murdered, stabbed to death. family says investigate overs told them she was killed by the two soldiers from her unit. the military says it is still investigating her death and is not releasing any more details at this point. there is little risk to war from gay soldiers serving openly in combat. that is the result of looking
6:38 am
at the don't ask, don't tell policy. the group has said that the military can lift the ban. the chandra levy murder trial will be in recess until next monday. the case could go to the jury as early as next week. there were some major developments in the courtroom wednesday including charge being dropped against the suspect ingmar guandique and rereeling dna evidence. paul wagner has all the details. >> reporter: when chandra levy first vanished in may of 2001, d.c. police seized several items from her apartment in hopes they who solve the mystery of her disappearance. some of those items including underwear were tested for dna. when the items arrived at the fbi lab in quantico, the canadian was assigned to alian justy. under questioning, he told the court he found semen in a pair of levy's panties, semen that match the dna profile of congressman gary condit.
6:39 am
on the witness stand last week, he refused to answer questions about his relationship with levy telling defense attorneys it was a private matter. he has never publicly acknowledged having an intimate relationship with levy. instead, he said they were friends and would be friends today if she were still alive. condit is not facing charges in connection with levy's disappearance or murder but at one time, he was a prime suspect. alan justy also told the security he found no dna on any of the items belonging to chandra levy recovered from the crime scene in may of 2002. when the same items were tested sick years later by a private lab, dna from an unknown male was discovered on chandra levy's tights. dna that excludes ingmar guandique and gary condit. the prosecution maintains the dna belongs to someone who handled the tights after they were found in the park. but the defense believes the
6:40 am
dna belongs to the real killer. ingmar guandique is accused of attacking chandra levy in rock creek park in may of 2001. he is currently serving a 10- year sentence for attacking two female joggers in the park around the time of levy's disappearance. paul wagner, fox 5 news. can you follow the courtroom action as it happens. paul is blogging from his seat every day. go to to read the developments. the elizabeth smart kid -- kidnapping trial is scheduled in utah. smart testified that she tried to reach out for help once by scratching help on a bathroom stall at a hard rock cafe. if he is convicted, mitchell is facing life in prison for
6:41 am
kidnapping and raping smart back in 2002. in honor of veterans day, some bridal shops are giving back to service women getting ready to tie the knot. the deal is still available. we'll have details on the other side of the break.
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a special treat for some brides to be. they are getting the wedding dress of their dreams. service women and the significant others of men who are serving in iraq, afghanistan or qatar. there are participating stores in d.c. and norfolk, virginia. if you would like more information, go to >> that is an awesome opportunity. >> nice day outside today, tony. >> another good one. we'll see hour highs again
6:45 am
around 60 degrees. more pleasant conditions on the way through the weekend. let's start with the bus stop forecast. sunny skies this morning. some of new the mid-40s. some are in the mid-30s so it's cold start to the day. our temperatures around the region look like this. we are here at 43 degrees in the nation's capital. 36 in gaithersburg. dulles, 34. frederick, maryland, 30. winchester, 35. off to the east, temperatures in the 70s -- in the 70s. in the 40s, even some summer 40s. 45 in leonardtown. 44 in baltimore. talk about wishful speaking, wishful thinking. take a look at the national satellite-radar map. high pressure in control in the
6:46 am
eastern united states. that is going to keep things calm and quiet. there is a frontal boundary in the nation's midsection. there are some rain showers aligned with that front. that is where we see some clouds. it will be a lot of clear skies across the east. mild conditions too. the forecast look like this. sunny skies, a pleasant afternoon. high about 61 degrees. our normal high for this date is 59-degree. five-day forecast, it is more of the same. highs in the low 60s. this weekend looks wonderful. we'll see a good amount of sunshine both days. it will be dry both days and our highs both days in the mid- 60s. so that is not bad at all. enjoy it, folks. it is a good one. >> it macyou forget about winter and snow and all that stuff. >> don't forget about it for too long. that is what we want to talk about. it is time for ask the weather guys. it is a segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise.
6:47 am
today's question comes from becky henderson. she asks if last winter was at snowiest from 1899, what was the winter following 1899 like? was it snowy also. you know what she is got getting at here. tucker barnes is the keeper of all the stats, all winters and everything that you could possibly want to know so we turn to him to tell us what it was like back in 1900. >> thank you. let's get right to it. great question. i am often curious myself about this. in 1899, that was our second snowiest winter ever. our snowiest winter was last year. the following winter, drum roll, please, thank you, tony. we had 35.6 inches. so it was another snowy winter. i remember our average around here is about 16.5. >> at reagan national. >> reagan national wasn't
6:48 am
around then. >> so you get the idea. it was a second snowy winter. i looked at some other seasons where we had active snow in 1957, 1958. and in 1995 and 1996. every indication for the winter from official organizations, the national weather service, is that we will have a more average wasn'ter around here. >> what is average? >> about 16, 17 inches of snow here in washington a little more north and west. i think that will be pretty accurate. we have a three-month outlook here. you can see these are the temperature forecast for the next thee months and we're going to be close to normal here in the washington area and just off to the south an west,
6:49 am
above normal temperatures. this will take us through early january. and if we push on, you can see that is the forecasted precipitation. if anything, we'll be on the light side. right now, indications are that this will be a closer to average winter here in washington. >> when you talk about 16, 17 inches, it is not all at one time. you are talking about over a course of several months. >> over the winter. that average is for reagan national which tends to be lower than every place el in the region particularly north and west. so not out of the question to have a winter of maybe 25 inches across the region spread over the winter, something like that. >> spread it out. >> did you guys make your bet on first snowfall yet. >> we'll do that another time. >> i do have one other incident rhetting point. >> sure. >> researchers-- there is some research into whether or not landfalling hurricanes my influence the winter here. we'll see some something doesn't come out of that. >> i love the snow but i don't want to see a repeat of last
6:50 am
year. >> we're in the going to get that. that would be extraordinary to get that. becky, thank you for the question. if you have a question that you would like to have answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> good one. >> let's check in with julie wright. that just mean more time in florida for you. >> you are reading my mind. i love t i want to know how much snow can i expect right there in gaithersburg. that is the one i need clear at all times. i only have a 13-inch beagle, folk. >> we'll give you your specific forecast shortly. >> get out the shovel, right, honey? bound 270 out of clarksburg looking good. no problems to report out towards the land divide. with it being a federal holiday, lighter than usual traffic volumes around town. that is what we're seeing. reversible roads, rock creek parkway, carrying two-way travel. still a quiet trip on 395 in
6:51 am
the main lines. very little delay passing the scene. no problems out on 95 as you travel between woodbridge and the capital beltway. traveling inbound on route 7 at sterling boulevard, that is where we have a fender bender. two right lanes are blocked. we have delays coming in from the cascades parkway. we check out the ride on the west side of town leaving annandale up towards merrifield. lighter than usual traffic volume there as well. no trouble spots to report at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. some other stories making headlines this morning. the landscape changing near the washington convention center. officials broke ground there on the new washington marriott marquee hotel. the project will key ate 1600 construction jobs and 1,000 hotel jogs. it is expected to open up in the spring of 2014. a new imax film opened up
6:52 am
in d.c. that focuses on how our rivers are doing. there is a problem with rivers out west and here in d.c., specifically the anacostia. >> this goes through the nation's capital through some of the most beautiful landscapes and neighborhoods that really could use a recreational resource in the backyard. but it has been neglected like those neighborhoods. the minorities in our country always shoulder the disproportionate portion of our nation's problems. brad paisley won the top honor last night named entertainer of the year. he has been nominated for the past five years but always walked away empty handed until last night. last 199, he tearfully thanked
6:53 am
his fans. he also served as a host of the evening alongside carrie underwood. that is gwyneth paltrow. she mader highly anticipated country music singing debut on the show last night. she performed a song written for her upcoming movie with country music legend vince gill. she received a standing ovation. next week, fan can catch her on the hit show glee. she will be playing a substitute teacher who takes over the glee club while there schuster is out sick. as we have been reporting, there are a number of events going on around the region today hon ouring our veterans. >> there are a slew of businesses showing their appreciation. holly is out at one of them.
6:54 am
we'll head out to the speedy green car wash after the break.
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this veteran's day, to all of the veterans, i say thank you. we are live at speedy green car wash in manassas where they are also saying thank you to veterans. we have a few arriving as we speak. they are giving veterans a free car wash or motorcycle wash. this is the first motorcycle wash place in the district area -- in the d.c. area, and also the first self-serve detail place in the country. they use 100% recyclable water and biodegradable chemicals. we'll learn more and talk with the owner and find out why he's giving this veteran's day offer. i have a feeling it has to do
6:58 am
with the fact that his dad was a world war ii veteran. and we'll find out what this day means to a veteran washing his bike. and then we have the marines of chantilly standing at attention for us this morning because they will give the veteran's day salute. but they are having a wash and wax fundraiser here on sunday to raise money for their cause. and we'll talk to them and teach us how to put together the right care package to send overseas. they will tell us what we need and how to go about doing that. and so i guess the real moral of the story here is we're trying to find as many possible ways as we can to say thank you to all of the men and women who have served and who are serving. thumbs up right there. happy veteran's day, sir. thank you for your service. and we're going to come out here and get something clean in
6:59 am
the process. how about that. >> thanks, holly. our facebook fan of the day is lollita bobity williams. and she wants to give a shout out to the tiny might team. to be tomorrow's fan of the day, search fox 5 morning news and there is no space between fox and the 5 and post a comment. it's time for me to leave and say hello to allison who is joining steve. >> good morning to you. and good morning, everybody. we're on top of two big stories that could have you working longer for less pay and fewer benefits. >> that will get your attention. drastic measures to cut the national debt. we're talking about raising the retirement age, slashing social security and cutting taxes that many americans take advantage of. the future for all of us live on the capitol hill.