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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 12, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this morning, homicide investigators on the scene where a man was found. social security isn't the only issue on the table for president obama's deficit
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commission. how about entrance fees at smithsonian museums? how much it could end up costing you as fox 5 morning news continues right now. well, it will be a nice day today. we know that. already getting a little bit of light out there. not going to see the sun officially rise for another 45 minutes or so. off to a good start this friday morning. just a little cold out there. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. tony is along to tell us about the forecast and it is cold. >> temperatures are in the 30s across most of the region. we have some temperatures in the 0s as -- in the 20s as well so a cold start. we are at 38 degrees here in washington, d.c. yes, 38. 31 in baltimore.
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winchester at 32 degrees. patuxent naval air station is at 46 degrees. there is a coastal flood advisory today for the chesapeake bay and the potomac river. the flood advisory is in effect because of rising tides due to an onshore flow. that is pushing water up against the coastal areas so that is what we're looking at there. we could see some mild flooding. no precipitation on tap for today. we will be dry. for today, sunny skies, a mild afternoon, high about 64 degrees. more details coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright to get a look at traffic. >> it is slow. we showed you that shot or you guys pulled it up an -- and it was a beautiful shot coming across. you are coming across in the through lanes where they combine with the local lanes at telegraph road. that is where we have the crash and the right side of the road
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is blocked. so traffic is slow across the wilson bridge trying to i seniors -- work your way in to virginia. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police are verving a deadly shooting in the district. just after 3:00, officers arrived at 11th and galloway streets northeast inside fort circle park to find a man lying face down and not breathing. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. investigators have shut down the streets for several blocks between eighth and 12th as they look for evidence in that area. new this morning, the president defending his economic policy at the g-20. >> there was not a lot of discussion about the fed decision in the leaders
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meetings. i think a couple of times there were some veiled references to monetary policy that may have effect on other countries. but it wasn't central to any of the discussions that we had. >> the president in south korea saying the decision by the fed to pump $600 billion into the economy was not meant to weaken the dollar. some foreign government has complained that the stimulus would make the dollar weak and hurt their exports. one other plan to help out may be charging visitors to visit the smithsonian for the president's deficit reduction commission has its way. they are proposing a $7.50 admission fee to help alleviate the national debt. entrance has been free since the 1800s. a tour bus full of veterans
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caught fire. you can see the smoke pouring from that vehicle. it was captured in this photo. this happened just after 10:00 last night near the 14th street bridge in arlington. firefighters quickly put out the flames and virginia state police say nobody was injured. it seems to be a growing problem for metro. all across the area, there are escalator outages at rail stations. yesterday alone, nearly 125 escalators were out of service. even more were taken out of service as part of the emergency maintenance inspection. >> as soon as the staff realized this was, in fact, a safety sensitive item, they went ahead and worked on all 588 escalators. you believe well over 400 of them have already been inspected. there have been repairs made on some of those an at this point, within a day or so, all of them will have been inspected and if
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any repairs are required, they will have been made. >> metro is definitely the safest or one of the safest ways to get to and from work, to get to the store, to get to other things. it is far safer than driving. >> metro says it still has some 200 escalators to inspect. hundreds of nurses at washington hospital center will spend the day before thanksgiving in a picket line. national nurses united is staging a one-day strike in response to what it claims are unfair labor practices. negotiations with the hospital over staffing and other issues have been on hold for several months. the nurses are also being ago the d.c. government to investigate reported problems with pay shouldn't care -- with patient care. thousands of cruise ship passengers now back on dry land after being stuck at sea for several days. a fire in an think inroom cut
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power to the ship on monday leaving passengers without air conditioning, hot water, warm food or working toilets for the entire week. carnival says customer will get a full refund and a free cruise in the future. feline physiology topping headline nationwide. results of a new study into how cats drink and why that is gaining so much attention. a potentially deadly disease transmitted by mosquitos turning up now on the east coast. we'll talk about that straight ahead after the break. 
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another state pulling that drink four loko off the shelf. it is now banned in washington state. nine college students were hospitalized after drinking this last month. here in our area, colleges are warning students about the dangers. apparently one can has about as much alcohol as four beers.
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the ban in washington state similar to those already in effect in michigan, utah and oklahoma. a disease that has not been seen in the united states for some 50 years showing up in south florida. dengue fever showing up in florida. this rear, more than 50 cases have already popped up in key west. a surfer from hawaii died from the disease after getting it in puerto rico. scientists have figured out how cats can drink and not make a mess all over the place like your dog does. researcher analyzed the cat's moments and say they are able to balance gravity and inertia. cats curve their tongues under and slightly back but only slightly touching the liquid with the tip of the can you think. than they snap their mouth shut before gravity kicks in. didn't know that? now you are an expert. share with your friends.
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on the recall list, more than 600,000 vehicles. what prompted the warning and what cars are on the list. we'll talk about how much it should cost you for the turkey and trimmings this year for thanksgiving? 
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thanksgiving dinner should really not cost you all that much more this year. not much at all. the virginia farm bureau says the cost of the turkey and trimmings on average only cost you one penny more than last year. the turkey, the stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, cranberries and peas for 10 a adults would cost you $43.39. >> i don't know if i buy that.
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>> maybe it varies more in your county. >> are you ready for thanksgiving? >> no, not yet. but i will be. >> tony is a wednesday night turkey shopper. >> not that bad because close to it. gentleman i was teasing you because you are not quite ready for christmas. >> i'm looking forward to thanksgiving. >> off to a cold start this morning. some areas, we are seeing temperatures in the 0s early this morning. why don't we start our weather presentation with talk of temperatures -- temperatures in the 20s early this morning. we saw our temperatures yesterday into the low 60s. 63degrees at reagan national. 38 in washington. 42 in annapolis. you do need a coat this
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morning. many places are in the 20s. 28 in gaithersburg. 5 in manassas. 25 up in frederick. baltimore is at 32 degrees. as you pull this out, much of the eastern united states from the northeast into the mid- atlantic and back across the great lakes is cold. chicago, a mild temperature of 50 degrees at this time. so that is very nice. let's take a look at the satellite-radar composite for the area. we've got mostly clear skies, no precipitation. the winds aren't even significant but with an area of low pressure out at sea turning up the seas a little bit and pushing, we get some easterly flow and pushing some of that water up against the coast. . hence a coastal flood advisory. it includes the coastal chesapeake bay and the potomac river as well. out to the west, some rainfall. we went goat any of that into here until i think at the earliest monday night and then into the day on tuesday.
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sunny skies, a mild afternoon. 64degrees for your high. not a bad day at all. tonight, another cold night. your overnight low in town, 40. what that translates to is a lot of you will be in the 30s overnight tonight. a cold one for tonight. five-day forecast looks great. tomorrow and sunday, wonderful days, lots of sunshine tomorrow. 68degrees. that will feel fantastic. sunday, about 66 degrees. the redskins don't play on sunday. they may monday night at fedex field hosting the eagles. we'll have partly cloudy skies. the daytime high 62. temperatures during the game dropping through the 50s and into the 40s. rain on tuesday. now, let's find out what is happening with the traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> no skin on sunday but the caps at 5:00 at the v sunday afternoon. just want to throw that out there. >> there you go. >> on the roads, lanes are open
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if you are traveling the outer loop coming across the wilson bridge. there is an accident tying up the right lane. that is the focal point of the inner loop delay. 66 on the brakes leaving fair oak to 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. here a warning, stop or pay the fine. starting today, the warning phase is over for d.c.'s new red light cameras. violators will start receiving tickets. the cameras are at these locations: a warning today for nissan seasoners. this recalling more than 600,000 vehicles because of steering or battery cable problems. you can find all the specifics on the recall on "newsweek" has reached a merger deal with a popular online news site. more on that coming up after the break. 
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welcome back. coming up on 6:23 now, "newsweek" is merging with the online daily beast. they reached a deal to create the "newsweek" daily beast. the editor says it will allout site to develop stories more suit -- allow the site to develop stories more suited to print. micky mouse smelling a rat? a positive sign from fedex heading into the holiday season. adam shapiro with fox business live in new york with our business beat today. disney smelling awe rat. what's up? >> well, you know, disney was going to report the earnings but oops, either someone leaked
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those or sent the send button a few minutes early. earnings were down. revenue done at abc and espn and abc family. so the report sparked a sell offof disney shares. at one point, they are down 5% before the closing bell. they ended the day down 2.9%. it was not good news for mickey. better news when it comes to shipping for the holidays. >> just in time for the holidays, fedex is predicting they will see an increase in shipping volume of 11%. the busiest week, plan your sending around this, be fedex says december 1th, -- 13th, the week of december 13th will be the busiest. get it in the box and on its way to grandma's house an plan ahead. if it is late, no apple pie for you. >> and i got to have the apple
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pie. maybe pecan for me because i prefer that. >> i love pecan. are you awe pecan pie eater? >> i am. >> i love that. wal-mart too saying that it will provide free shipping had which may give some of its competitors some inisn'tive to do the same. >> we would hope, wouldn't we? they will only do it for a limited period. but hey, free, free and on some of that stuff, you can save quite a bit of money. >> what is coming up later today? >> coming up on the fox business network, the proash picture -- the foreclosure picture does not get any better so you want to understand it. we will ask whether president obama and gop leaders can compromise on key issues. and america's nightly scoreboard. we'll have comedians on to end the day and end the week with a smile. it is all on fox business, giving you the power to
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prosper. >> thank you. signs of of the holiday season now popping up around town. we'll talk about that coming up next. plus, entrance fees at smithsonian museums. why some on capitol hill are pushing for that straight ahead in a live report. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back. a sure sign of christmas. the world famous rockefeller christmas tree will go up today. this is a 74-foot norway spruce donated by a fire department veteran and a 911 first responder there in new york. it was cut down yesterday from his home in new york. the annual tree lighting will take place november 30th. this is for you, tony perkins. after you complainedded about the christmas tree being up in bethesda, the troops rallied and they did a little dance around the tree this morning. they said we don't care what
6:30 am
you think. we've got it here, we'll embrace it and we'll celebrate the holidays early in bethesda. >> good for them. >> this is just a little bit ago. >> i love it. swroot >> the skies already bright out there. >> maybe a little exercise will warm them up a little bit. >> let's take a look at those temperatures across the region. here in d.c., it is even in the 30s. 38-degree here. 0-- 38 degrees here. frederick, maryland, 25. ocean city is at 40 degrees. there are some clouds offshore but for us, we've got clear skies. you saw the clear sky in the
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shot from bethesda just a moment ago. we'll get some clouds moving in here on monday. forecast for today looks like this. sunny skies, a mild afternoon, high about 64 degrees. that would be five degrees above normal. not a bad forecast. >> not bad at all. >> that is the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. are you right-handed or left- handed? >> right, right, me too. we'll talk about how many people are left-handed in the world. >> all right. >> we'll talk about all things left-handed. >> that is coming up. let's check in with julie wright right now. not julie left. julie wright. >> let me ask you. are you left-handed or right handed? >> i'm right-handed. my mom is left-handed and so is my dad. so that's kind of weird. >> gurvir wanted to know if you
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are adopted. >> sorry. do the traffic. >> that is a serious joke in my family. outer loop of the beltway, we've got delays 95 to georgia avenue. we'll say good morning to the crew in sky fox helping us out. they are taking a peek at 66 inside of the beltway. that is where we have the crash at fairfax drive blocking the left lane. look up there at the top right side of that is where we have the accident activity. traffic squeezing by to the right. only the right lane able to get through as you guys travel inside of the beltway on 66 this morning. if you are on the inner loop of the beltway, you are slowing out of oxon hill headed across the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, a murder investigation into the district. calls came in to 911 about 3:00
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this morning about shots being fired near fort circle park. officers found a man lying face down and not breathing. no word on his identity. police are looking if a grayish colored vehicle, probably a chevy tahoe. after two days of meeting in south korea, president obama says he is confident countries can work together to create growth. >> we committed ourselves to growth that is balanced and sustained including financial reform and fiscal responsibility. >> the president is now in japan. this is the fourth and final stop on the 10-day trip to asia. he will spend the weekend in meetings. millions of visitors to the common museum and national could would have to pony up some cash under a proposal to cut the deficit -- millions of visitors to the smithsonian museum and national would have
6:34 am
to popey up some cash under a proposal to cut the deficit. >> sherry ly has more. >> reporter: the great thing about the smithsonian and the national zoo is that it has always been free. comparable museums across the country charge $10 to $20 in admission and president's deficit commission says with the ballooning debt, we can no longer afford the free ride. the smithsonian's budget is expected to reach $1 bill wrong by 2015 and the commission is recommending cutting $225 million in funding. to make up for that, the smithsonian would charge and average $7.50 fee to the 30 30 million visitors eachyear. around 290 million people visit national parks each year.
6:35 am
the proposal to cut deficits by almost $4 trail wrong in the next years has raised protest on the left and caution on the right. they are talking about raising the age of social security to 69. and without the mortgage tax deduction, home owners could suffer too. while people may object, congress may be the biggest obstacle. the fee issue for the smithsonian has been raised before. one person said he would fight tooth and nail against any fees. that is the latest here in southwest. back to you. we asked our facebook fans to share their thoughts on the idea of paying to go to the smithsonian museums and the national zoo. liz posted this. no. one of the best things about
6:36 am
visiting d.c. for families is the opportunity to engage in the culture and history. fewer children of both middle and low-income families will be able it visit these wonderful places. we'll share more comments coming up in the next half hour. new information in that long-running case of the 2002 mass arrest in pershing park. a federal judge has permission now to expand the scope of the the investigation into missing d.c. police evidence. he is turning his attention to the city's attorneys who have been litigating the case. the judge says conflicting statements after awed yes and video evidence went missing convinced him he needed to take a closer look at the investigation. it was december 27, 2002 when d.c. police arrested as many as 400 people while they were protesting the policies of the world bank. the cruise ship stranded love the coast the mexico finally back stateside this morning. >> it is docked at port in san diego after being stuck out at
6:37 am
sea with no power. claudia cowan has the latest. >> reporter: passengers describing the challenging conditions on board the crippled cruise liner. >> the cold showers and no toilets for 14 hours. that was not fun. >> the toilets and the smell of the rotting food was just all of. it was just god all of. we had no lights for four days. no power at all. >> reporter: a fire in the engine room killed power on the entire boat. no one was hurt but pages had to live without air conditioning, hot water, telephone service or even lights in that you are cabins. >> luckily, my husband and i camp. my husband is a boy scout of true for portions and he brought a flashlight and little head lamp. we could see. >> reporter: cruise line executives say the ship's auxiliary power eventually provided most passengers with working toilets and cold water. carnival officials offered everyone on board friday drinks and the option of sleeping on the deck. many passengers say the crew
6:38 am
made all the difference. >> with the living conditions that we had, they made the best of it for us. >> that is what we're hearing, as bad as it was, the crew -- radio the crew made it the best wra. you had happy people. people that you had happy people. you had to make the best of t. >> reporter: carnival says it will refund everyone's money for this trip and offer them a free cruise in the future. >> the pages and crew did fine some interesting ways to pass all that time. children played mini golf and board games while the sun was up. according to carnival, the initial reports that passengers were served swam was false. >> apparently, it was there in case of emergency.
6:39 am
an update on traffic, weather and today's ask the weather guy question coming up after the break. are you left-handed, right- handed? we'll talk about it. and kevin mccarthy is here to weigh in on the movies opening up at the box office. xn i thought i parked on level 2.
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if you are a deer hunter, virginia's deer season starts tomorrow. the state's demeanor of game and unland fisheries are sending postcards to people would used to have a license to encourage them to get back in the game. >> i know that is true. i know. i know. but-- >> you hunt with your car and you've been successful. >> stop! stop! okay. >> just because some people use guns and you use your car -- >> i would rather use a camera. >> that is a very good point.
6:43 am
>> now, would that be allowed from sky fox? >> what are you talking about? >> i'm just wondering. >> it is not a safari in virginia. >> very funny. >> i can't laugh because i've got issues. pardon me. what do you want to know? >> it is cold right now. i want to know what it is going to warm up. >> it is going to warm up today, thankfully. we are in the 30s this morning. plenty of spots in the 20s. we'll be in the 60s later on. to we have the graphics? there we go. 38-degree -- 38 degrees in washington. 4 # in annapolis. northern gaithersburg, 27 degrees. frederick, maryland, 25 degrees. manassas, 25. lots of spots in the 20s this morning. stevensville is at 43 degrees.
6:44 am
more temperatures, mid-atlantic into the northeast. temperatures are pretty consistent throughout the mid- atlantic and the northeast and the 30s and 40s for the most part across the region. we have got clear skies this morning. the weather we've seen for the last few days will continue today and tomorrow and sunday. if anything, it gets better for set and sunday. take a look at the temperature trend. our average high for today, 59 degrees. we'll be above that for the next several days. 64 today. 68 tomorrow and sundy. 66 on sunday and sunny. clouds start to build in and by late monday night, we could start to see some rain showers move into our region. a sunny day, mild afternoon. winds aren't bad today. there is a coastal flood advisory in effect for some onshore flow. for your five-day forecast, we already showed you the temperatures. sky conditions beautiful. we talked about monday some
6:45 am
clouds begin to move in. tuesday, we do expect some rain in here. cloudy skies on tuesday. according to the weather service, about a 70% chance of rain for tuesday. all right. that is a look at the weather. >> thank you, tony. our facebook fan of the day is kadijah james. she says her favorite part of fox 5 morning news is ask the weather guys. so if you want to be monday's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news and then post a comment under her photo. there you go. >> it is time for ask the weather guys. it is a segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question come from helen in gaithersburg, maryland. she, her husband and her daughter are all left-handed. her son is not. helen says she has also noticed a good deal of people in the
6:46 am
media are left-handed. she wants to know if there are any statistics on this and whether there are any good web sites with left-handed prod jiewcts it takes me -- products. >> it takes me back to the simpson's show. >> there aren't any hard statistics on people in the media being left-handed. we took an informal poll here and only one is left handed. that would be tucker barnes. >> i am very left handed. >> as opposed to slightly left- handed. >> everything with the left hand. i mean everything. >> that is all we really want to know. we took an unofficial poll of people in the newsroom. there are 10 people down there. two of them were left hand. one is ambidexterous. generally speaking, throughout most of human history, about 10% of the population has been
6:47 am
left-handed. >> isn't president obama left handed? >> i don't know. i think he is. >> i think four out of the last five presidents have been left handed. >> that is very interesting. i'll tell you why in just a moment. during the last century, though, it seems to have gone up. they are now saying about 15% of the population is left- handed and tuck are has a very interesting theory on that. we don't necessarily -- well, explain your theory. >> they really tried to hold people down that were left- handed back in the day. even when i was a kid, i was evidently left-handed and they suggest maybe i should try to write with my right hand. my dad and my mom both tried to make them right-handed even though they were both left- handed. i think they just were trying to keep people from being left- handed. there are some superstitions around t i think it is more acceptable now. >> we are now more into letting things be. so there you go. this has all happened just through evolution.
6:48 am
it turns out that more people are the right handed side of the brain, it controls what goes on with your left hand. and so more people -- i have ahe got so much information. resulted in you population of humans that is biased genetically towards individuals with left hemisphere speech, language and right hand preference. these theories also tried to explain the brains of left handed people develop more freely in utero allowing the organization to stay more from the standard design. that means that left-handed people often tend to be more creative, sometimes smarter. so four of the last five presidents are left handed. sometimes you fine more musicians that are left-handed -- you find more musicians that are left-handed. artists, architects and scientists and there is a
6:49 am
serious note here. there does seem to be a correlation between left- handedness and some diseases including schizophrenia, autism and dyslexia. >> really? >> so they don't completely understand that. anyway, within sites. there are many web sites. we've got them. we'll put them up for you for left-handed products. if you want more information, all of this will be on our web site, just wait a little bit and we'll have the whole weather guy there. >> tucker backs me on this. as big baseball fans, the left- handed baseball player often say they have the advantage. a lot of people encourage their kids to throw left-handed. >> our girls, gracie is right- handed but it appears lena will be a lefty. >> great question. thank you for sending it in.
6:50 am
>> go to and click on the weather tab. >> let's find out what is happening on the roads with julie wright. >> we'll start off with eastbound 66 traffic inside the beltway. that is where we had the crash at fairfax drive. that was tying up the left lane of two. delays for this accident activity were beginning back at the beltway. no incidents to report on the top side of the the beltway. delays 95 to georgia. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a runaway train and a runaway morning newscast are the subjects of two films. kevin mccarthy is here. >> love the belt today. >> thank you.
6:51 am
>> this is morning glory. this is relatable to morning show tv. rachel adams is an aspiring young producer who joins a failing morning show called daybreak and the ratings are terrible. they are competing with other morning shows. she hired a very sophisticated newscaster played by harrison ford who does not want it deal with morning tv. does not want to deal with that. and diane keeton is all into it. she loves it and there is a romantic side of the film as well. here is the cool thing. it is tied up in a nice little bow. it is the the characters and performances. rachel mcadams, i want to be around her all the time. i really enjoy her charisma. and her and harrison ford have such great chemistry on screen. he is so mean to her the whole movie. >> those of us who are in the
6:52 am
business will look at this and go come on, it will be another cliche about our industry and haven't we seen this before. >> i will say this. i watched it with a bunch of people who are in television and they enjoyed it. >> really? >> i think a lot of the inside jokes will make everyone laugh. it is for people in the tv business and it is for the people would want to see a good romantic comedy. i laughed really hard at times. it is funny. it is a good flick. i gave it a 3 1/2 out of five. >> not anchorman. >> unstoppable, i saw the previews for this. i thought, i don't know. >> denzel, another train movie. >> i love denzel but i don't know if i want it sit through this movie about this runwith a train. >> when i first saw the trailer, i thought another train movie with denzel and directed by tony scott. this is actually good.
6:53 am
this is denzel's fifth movie with tony scott. he directed true romance. he and chris pine play two railroad works are who have to stop this train from crashing into the sound. the train has toxic chemicals on it. it is one those movies that it is and edge of your seat thriller. it is fun. it is mindless at times. but denzel and chris pine play so great off of each other. i could watch denzel do anything for two hours. >> i could too. >> i could watch him write a letter for two hours. we have our own special handshake if you saw that. >> i saw that. >> you connect with these stars. >> denzel and i are best friends now. we hang out like every day. he is great. the movie is fun. there are some cheesy scenes i didn't care for but it is a fun matinee edge of your seat thriller. 3 3
6:54 am
3 1/2 out of five. >> you and russell crowe apparently connected too. >> he treated that he was freaking out that harrison ford was in the same hotel he was. >> this is for a junket for interviews. >> he was going to be on the same press day as harrison ford. >> i tweeted back to russell crow as you see on the screen i'm interviewing harrison ford but i couldn't book you because your dead all was too full. sad face he responds back with this. tell the studio i told you to ask again. russell crowe tells me this. so i call the studio and they're like we'll see what we can do. a day goes by. they call me. kevin, russell crowe calledly ons gate and he wants you added to his interview schedule today. >> you are my hero. >> i pass him in the hallway. i go hi, russell. i tweeted you. didn't say my name.
6:55 am
>> he said are you kevin. good for meet you mate. i walk in the room and we do this massive interview and that is the picture of russell crowe and the director. >> we'll have that interview and all of that, the review of that movie next week. >> and the full harrison ford interview will be online on myfoxdc. >> you are my hero. we'll be right back. everybody has somebody to go heart healthy for. who's your somebody?
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good morning. i'm holly morris. i have the event for you as we are live at the convention center. they are gearing up for the metro cooking and entertainment show. 300 exhibits that has everything to do with consumption. we will tell you everything about coming out and taking part in the show and we are in
6:59 am
the prep kitchen. this is where paula deen and others go out on the floor and do their thing. we are going to get a little behind the scenes action. we will have a cooking demonstration and talk about operation home cooking. itshouldd be a wonderful morning. thank you. time to turn things over to allison. >> thank you. coming up on fox 5 morning news, it appears the white house is ready to give in on the bush-era tax cuts. >> we will look at the first show of power since the republican victory in