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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 12, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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marley. rita marley joins us to talk about her work and her late husband. it is an interview you don't want to miss. >> we are honored to have all of our guests today. tucker barnes, i just left him hard at work refining the forecast as we speak. what is going? >> beautiful conditions. back into the sunshine and warm temperatures. setting us up for a fantastic weekend. let's get to the numbers. still cold. 40 at ronald reagan. lots of 30s. you can see we are at 33 in winchester. 33 in hagerstown. betterr to the south. we got into this weather pattern. lots of sunshine in the forecast. the satellite/radar is showing almost nothing. a little cloud cover off the coast. chicago has a cold front that
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will not get in here until late monday and tuesday. until then, more fine weather with a warming trend this afternoon and as we get into saturday and little miss -- saturday and sunday. lots of sunshine and beautiful afternoon. 64 degrees. winds nice and light at 5 miles an hour. more details on the weekend forecast coming up in a minute. allison. thank you. our top story this friday morning, a great weekend to spend time on the national mall. the weather will have many heading out to the museums and monuments in our area. >> along with the weather is the free admission into the smithsonian museum. sherri ly has the details. >> reporter: when you have $4 trillion to cut from the national debt over the next 10 years, everything is on the table.
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the president's debt commission is going after the smithsonian and the national zoo. under the proposal, it is time to end the free ride. cutting $225 million in government funding in 2015. the system's 30 million visit -- visitors would pay $7.50 to visit. fees would be raised by about 25 cents at parks that already charge admission like shenandoah. opposition is building to the committee's recommendations from the right and left. one of the controversial is raising the social security age
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to 69. >> that would affect a lot of people. a lot of people have that built into their homeowner experience and how important that is. that would significantly impact that. >> reporter: remember, this is just a recommendation of the president's bipartisan commission. none of this is set in stone. the hardest part is getting all of this past congress. in fact, when this issue was brought up, one california congress member who sits on the smithsonian's board said i will fight tooth and nail against admission fees. that is the latest here in the southwest, back to you. >> thank you. our facebook fans are sounding off about the admissions. many worry about how that impacts school field trips. one writes:
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thanks to all of our fans for the feedback. allison, it looks like the white house is giving in. the president is laying the ground work to extend the bush- era tax cuts. as doug luzader reports from capitol hill, it would be a major reversal for the administration. >> reporter: this may be the first real evidence of the republican mid term election victories. >> i will not negotiate here in seoul. >> reporter: maybe not, but in south korea, it was clear the president would have to give in to republicans on taxes. >> my number one priority is making sure that we make the middle class tax cuts permanent. that we give certainty to the 98% of americans who are affected by those tax breaks. >> reporter: but to do that, to extend some of the tax cuts that president bush signed
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into law during the first term, the president will have to give in to republicans and all of the tax cuts should stay at the current levels. it was david axelrod that tipped his hat to what amounts to a tax retreat. leaving some to wonder why they did not hold out for something in return for the republicans and john boehner. >> my own take is axelrod let go of a negotiating position that they wanted to hold over john boehner and the gop. it is possible he was just signaling to the community this would happen. >> reporter: it will be a tough pill to swallow for the most ardent supporters. they may get a temporary extension of the rates. not the permanent ones the republicans want. there is an urgency to get this done soon before the higher tax rates go into effect next year. in washington d.c., doug luzader, fox 5. president
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barack obama has wrapped up the g-20 summit saying he and world leaders have put the global economy back on track. he disputed reports that the final statement showed that the summit had failed. >> it is puzzling to me that the reporting is all talking about conflict when the communication reflects a hard- won consensus. >> the president is now in japan. it is the 4th and final stop on his 10-day trip to asia. he arrived early this morning and is getting ready for another economic summit. a fox 5 follow-up. an exclusive now. we learned a former georgetown
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university basketball star faces serious drug charges. charles smith was wounded on landsdale way in bowie. smith was charged yesterday with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. he was released after posting a $250,000 bond. police are investigating a deadly shooting in the district. the victim was found after 3:00 this morning in port circle park. police are looking for a gray colored vehicle, possibly a chevy tahoe. police have shutdown several streets in the area. police in harford county, maryland, are sharing this video in hopes of catching robbers. they held up a gamestop store last saturday getting away with more than 100 copies of "call of duty black ops."
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the investigators believe they robbed a gamestop in aberdeen last month. hundreds of nurses at washington hospital will spend their thanksgiving morning in a picket line. national nurses united announced a one-day strike from november 24th through the 25th in response to unfair labor practices. union members have tried to negotiate a new contract to address address staffing and other issues. drivers be aware. the red light cameras are ready for action. the 30-day warning phase is over. you will get speeding tickets. they at connecticut and port after and 14th and k street and 3rd street and new york
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avenue. sky fox flew over louden county, virginia. louden is the nation's richest county. the counties in the washington d.c. area account for the top 10 based on household incomes. arlington and montgomery counties were 4th and 5th. they expected a first-class vacation, but got a less than an ideal cruise. they had to eat cold food and take cold showers all because of an engine room fire. they were rewarded in the end. we have more. >> reporter: the ordeal of the" splendor "is over. no telephones and no toilets or
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laundry or ac. >> a lot of the toilets were not working. the whole food area smelled. it got to the point where it was really bad. >> reporter: the food choices were far from five star. >> conditions were horrible. the food was gross. >> we are looking forward to having warm food. everything was cold. having a good meal. >> reporter: the ship left sunday night and by monday morning, passengers knew something was wrong. an engine fire knocked out power. >> it was all right. we were bored. a few days of doing nothing. >> we were calm. we tried to make the best of it. >> reporter: it took hours for the nearly 4500 passengers and crew to disembark thursday in san diego. >> the crew was great. they worked their butts off for 15 hours straight sometimes. it was good. >> reporter: carnival has
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offered a free trip to anyone aboard. some say they could not face another cruise, but others would not get dealt the same hand again. >> we will be back. they gave us a free one. what are the chances? i'm a math person. what are the chances this would happen twice to the same person? i'm going with the odds. we are coming back. >> reporter: despite reports to the contrary, the cruise was never a spam-cation. spam was never served to passengers or crew aboard the ship. >> what are the chances? i heard on the radio that one guy sent his parents on the cruise. he previously sent his parents on a hot air balloon trip and the balloon crashed in a corn field. coming up, wives of football players helping female fans embrace football. and staying true to their style and enjoying a healthy
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lifestyle. tonya snyder joins us in studio next to talk about how this is being done. more ahead.
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coming up 9:15. ladies, are you ready for some fashion? the nfl and redskins have teamed up for a 5k walk/run. >> steve has a very special guest with us this morning. >> for the first time, wives of football players and coaches are getting involved. joining us now with more information is tonya snyder. good to have you with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> it is great when we can talk about fitness and style at the same time. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about the event that is coming up this weekend. this is a 5k walk/run.
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are you targeting the ladies? >> absolutely. we want to say tomorrow is a beautiful day. it is at the national harbor. that is a gorgeous location if you have not been there. we want to celebrate a monday night football game. love of football. to get out to we will have cheerleaders and the band and a children's activity center. >> before we talk about who this benefits, let's talk about the wardrobe. you expect everybody to come out in burgandy and gold? >> we would love that. we have super bowl tickets that people can win. tomorrow, everybody walks up and registers the day of the event at this point. we would love to see a sea of
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burgandy and gold and have everybody there with the kids. >> the great thing is that it will be one of those days like today. chilly in the morning and great later on. they can layer up. you can get a couple of outfits. >> we need our coats. we have the coats where the sleeves come off. it will be a beautiful day. in the morning, you want to make sure you have a scarf and things to keep you warm. we are very excited. a great day. >> let's talk about it. you said it is a small donation for people to come out and take part in it. you and your husband have been instrumental in charity work. it is exciting to have so many come out to help you with this effort. >> the fit for you program event benefits the american heart association. it is $5. all the money will go for the
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american heart association. >> this being washington, there are so many powerful voices in the city. you and your husband are at the top of the list when it comes to the powerful voices. it has to help because there are so many redskins fans and it is a huge part of washington culture. when you have an event like this where you get support or this or the efforts that you made through breast cancer or the nfl when you see pink on sundays, it has to help. >> well, this particular event this weekend is about the kids. we truly have a passion for. we will do anything for the kids. if we can make a difference, that is why i'm out here. otherwise, i am a mother of three children. i prefer to stay behind the scenes. if we can make a difference, i'll do whatever i can for the cause. >> does it make you feel good to help out when you know everything that you are doing is benefitting so many? >> absolutely.
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very much so. i think it is good for my kids to see and they know my comfort zone. for the right cause and when you can do something to make a difference, i'm all for it. >> all right. i did not want to focus on football, but it is a big game on monday night. so far this season, despite what has been in the news for the last two weeks, the redskins have four wins which is equal to all of last year. has it taken pressure off of things in the snyder household? can you breathe easier? >> with the right people, anything it happen. we are so excited about this year and the future. it is in very good hands. i feel terrific. i think everybody does. >> the right people are there? >> very much so. >> we wish you the best of luck. we wish the redskins the best of luck on monday night. we hope a lot of people come out. it will be at national harbor. we will have all of the information including the route you can walk or run.
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we will put that on our web site at we hope you come out and join in. >> thank you. please join us. >> good luck on monday night. see you soon. >> thank you. thank you for having me. we thank you for coming in. coming up, at 19, he is a freshman at american university majoring in political science. that is not all. he is juggling more than books. he is one of the youngest elected officials in america. we will introduce you to deon jones next. and let's see what holly has cooking this morning. it looks yummy. >> reporter: i will have to cook up a bigger pants size. i'm trying to decide between cupcakes or really good barbecue. this is just part of the deliciousness that is available this weekend going at the convention center where we are live. i'll tell you how you can come
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investigators are combing a creek in rural north carolina. they found possible human remains. officials say this could be valuable evidence in the case of 10-year-old zahra baker. she has been missing since october. she say bone cancer survivor. all the evidence has been given to the state bureau of investigation. her stepmother has been charged obstruction of justice. gary condit is writing a book. he has been romantically linked to chandra levy. last week, condit testified at the murder trial of ingmar guandique. con -- condit was initially arrested a suspect, but was
9:25 am
cleared of wrongdoing. chandra levy's murder continues to weigh on his family. speaking of books, president bush's book is flying off the shelves. about 20% of the sales were e- book purchases. the former president's memoirs has the highest sales since bill clinton's book in 2004. the clinton's memoir sold 400,000 copies when it debuted. one of the youngest elected officials is here in washington d.c. he is deon jones. he put together a fierce write in campaign. jones was born in mississippi and raised in atlanta and moved to washington d.c. just six months ago where he is now a political science major. he spoke to fox 5. >> i ran
9:26 am
for the office. >> you are barely a resident. >> i get that a lot. i feel like i can do this job justice. i will make the university and community proud. >> jones serves as a member of the mayor elect vince gray's transition policy team. that is amazing. >> i think we will hear his name again. she is the no nonsense tell it like it is mediator work through their issues. nancy grace joins us live to talk about her show "swift justice." she will have the latest in the chandra levy trial. and it is good news when it comes to shopping for your thanksgiving meal. how much you should budget for the meal. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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all right. good news as you get ready to shop for your thanksgiving
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dinner. the virginia farm bureau says the turkey and trimmings will not cost more than it did last year. it should cost $43.39 to serve turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and rolls and cranberries for 10 adults. >> wait a minute. >> that includes a tray of carrots and celery and pumpkin pie. that is 1 cent more than last year. >> that is not true. >> they made an error. >> this is the number that comes out. i remember last year. 10 people? no way. >> no. 1910. not 2010. >> that is what they say. try it. >> read off that food again. >> i cannot go through all of it. i'm sure it is on our web site.
9:31 am
>> take a trip to the grocery store. >> no matter what the receipt says, it should be $43.39. >> let me say this, if you are able to do it for that amount, facebook us or tweet us. >> i like that. write us on facebook. beautiful weather. nice start to the day. temperatures are cold overnight. we have a live shot and lots of sunshine splashing the region with warmer temperatures. a quiet weekend. this will be our nicest weekend left this year. >> i bet you are right. >> it is downhill from here. 46 at on ronald reagan. indianapolis -- annapolis is now at 50. fredericksburg is 50. temperatures off in the north and west below freezing. we had a good freeze off to the
9:32 am
north and west. the temperatures later this afternoon back in the low to mid-60s. it should be great out there. light winds from the north at 5- 10. here is the temperature friend for the next several days. high temperatures tomorrow approaching 70 degrees for parts of the area. 68 here in town. sunday looks fantastic. temperatures on monday will remain above average. good-looking satellite/radar if you like clear skies and sunshine. high pressure anchored out to the west. that will ease to the east for the next couple of days. the storm in chicago will not get in here until next week. we will have a good rain here on tuesday. cooler temperatures by the middle of next week. here is the forecast. we mentioned the nice looking weather. it is all because of the jet stream lifting to the north. that is allowing the area of high pressure to wedge in here. it will be mild this afternoon.
9:33 am
warmth for many of us. our average daytime high is in the 50s. 68 tomorrow and 66 on sunday. the nice streak continues into monday. 64 this afternoon. get out and enjoy it. winds nice and light at 5-10 miles an hour. here is your weekend forecast. it is a good one. 68 tomorrow. 66 on sunday. we cloud up on monday. we have a redskins game on monday night. rain arrives late monday. it looks like clouds and rain by tuesday. that is the forecast. i will throw it back to the desk. thank you. car crashes and bus deals gone bad. ex-boyfriends looking for revenge. it is all in a day's work for nancy grace in her "swift justice" show. we have her joining us live from atlanta. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> here is my main question
9:34 am
about your show and some of the others. yours is different from the others. why do people agree to come on your show and air their dirty laundry? some of them have had rather questionable behavior. why do they agree to talk about this on tv? >> you know when it comes to questionable behavior, i'm not the church lady. anybody can do whatever they want to do. when it comes down to taking advantage of another person, that is when they will end up with "swift justice." they have been taken out of sys to air their dirty laundry. they want results. they want money. they don't always get it here at "swift justice." they are plucked out of a court system. we give them justice and we make it swift. >> that is one of the things i wonder. how they get to you. they are taken out of the court system and they come to you.
9:35 am
have you been surprised with the cases you have dealt with so far? >> i'm surprised every day. every week of shooting, i get large binders of all of the evidence that we receive. i review and read every word of it and write up my rulings and decisions ahead of time. between 35-40% of the time after i hear the witnesses, i change my ruling because it is never the same in person as it is in black and white. >> interesting. you have some interesting cases coming up during the next couple of weeks. can you preview that for us? >> yes. one i heard that was a disturbing case. it took me a long time to hear it. it was a guy who ran a
9:36 am
christian radio station called cronk for christ. crazy drunk for christ. he was paying or not paying his employees at the church out of the church collection plate. not okay. that was a big one. many of his employees showed up. one girl who had gone to broadcasting school and got a job and never got paid from him. had the guts to bring the lawsuit. >> we look forward to that. >> there is a lot of praying and singing going on. >> listen, speaking of big cases. >> there is a little damnation at the end. >> you know one of the cases we have been following in the washington d.c. area is the chandra levy case. what are your thoughts on the case as it winds down? >> i will be blunt. you have a problem when the state, the prosecution, has to drop counts in the middle of a
9:37 am
case. the state did drop the sex attack counts. they dropped them after putting up the case. i try carefully to only give to a jury what i thought i could prove. if i could not prove a count, forget it. you lose credibility when you start out and say you will prove one and two and three and four. i did not do well on three and four. it did not happen. that is a concern. they also, and i'm not saying ingmar guandique didn't do it, that is not what i'm saying. i'm saying the state has to worry about it. not the underwear or the clothes she was wearing at the type of the attack. that is the issue the state has to deal with. somebody on the jury may think i think con condit -- condit did it. did he hire somebody to do it?
9:38 am
the main piece of evidence they have is the confession they claim happened behind jailhouse rules that was overheard by a cell mate. another cell mate that was set to testify to that did not come to trial. there are a lot of issues they deal with. not even mentioning that dna was on her tights. it did not match condit or ingmar guandique. nobody. they do have some problems. the strength is this guy pled guilty to two fingerprint crimes on two other women in the same park and the same time span. he pled guilty. he said he did it. they are fingerprint crimes. >> nancy grace, always a straight shooter. continued success with the show. thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
9:39 am
>> there you have it. she is being recognized for her work for others and this morning, rita marley joins us live in studio to talk about the latest honor and her late husband. this week's ask allison question has to do with charities. they may not be exactly what you think they are. more coming up. 
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it is time for this week's ask allison. a viewer writes" i have been told that some charity organizations receive donations and they sell them. i did not get into value village." i want to answer the broader question. thank you for your e-mail. i have been confused about this in the past.
9:43 am
i'm happy to answer it. you are asking can a store call itself a thrift store if it makes money instead of raises money for a charity. in some cases, yes. just because it says thrift store, it can be looked at as a consignment store. some stores are for profit. there is nothing illegal about that. they have to tell you they cannot say not-for-profit and go ahead and make money off it. they are for a charitable mission store like salvation army. when you shop at the other stores, compare them to a consignment shop. some stores affiliate themselves. you don't know the percentage that goes to the needy. when you spend your money at goodwill or salvation army, you are supporting a charitable mission. it helps the poor and homeless
9:44 am
and other programs. if you want to make sure your money is helping others, stick to goodwill or salvation army. make your own informed decision. fox 5 has done a report, tony, in the past, where you dumped your clothes and things likes that. those do go for profit. you have to make the decision. you don't get a receipt. if you go to salvation army or goodwill, you know where your money is going to it. is confusing. that is the broader answer. viewer, if you need more on that, let me know and i'll do digging off camera. that is the big answer. >> thank you. >> if you have a question you would like me to take on, go to and click on the morning tab and follow the link to ask allison. this is exciting. she is the wife of bob marley and artist in her own right.
9:45 am
rita marley is being honored for her work. she is joining us live in studio to talk about that honor and talk about bob marley. and holly is cooking up a good time at the convention center. details are next.  it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night its something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky.
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she is the wife of bob marley. she is being honored with the marcus garvey award. joiningg us this morning is rita marley. the widow of bob marley. >> good morning. >> you look wonderful. >> thank you. >> you really do. >> thank you. >> you are receiving this award that, as we said, exemplifies
9:49 am
those who work unselfishly for people around the -- unselfishly for people around the world. >> i'm proud and honored and excited. like we would say, i live to see the day. it is a blessing. >> the day is here, but it has been here. you are a musician in your own right. founder of the bob marley and rita marley foundation. why is it important to continue the legacy? >> it started from where we came from in terms of coming from where we came from and giving back to the people who are experiencing the same thing we experienced. not being able to have it because you don't know what will happen tomorrow. you don't know if you can give back to the less privileged. >> you made it your mission to uplift the image of the people
9:50 am
in the eyes of the world. is that something that is still needed and you are still working toward? >> yes. it is still needed and we are asking for others to come forward and do what you can. give back. it is all over the world. especially in africa where the need is more than wanting. it is needing. it is a privilege that we are able to do that from our past experience. it is a blessing. >> you have done a lot to solidify your husband's legacy. the museum is there now and the recording company. you manage that as well. when you say the name bob marley and rita marley, they are synonymous with everything that the music and lifestyle stands for now. how have you been able to keep that legacy to strong do you think? i know that is a big question. >> it is easy for us.
9:51 am
itiss a family affair. the instinct is in you. it is an in-born gift from god. we did not go through training or college or university for that. it becomes easy and natural for us to do it. all of the kids and grand kids and everyone is musically inclined. >> that is a big thing. there is no way this will ever end? >> no. 81 grandchildren. >> that is a blessing. >> let me ask you. was there a moment you realized the marley name had eached a point that was almost iconic in standing? was there a moment when that happened? >> during the career time. usually you never have a black marley. marley is usually a white name. it was strange, but it was
9:52 am
something that we grabbed not by name, but by nature. we had something in us to give. we were being a model. >> there are so many songs, you know, i'm talking about little kids. my daughter had a bob marley shirt on for halloween. there are so many songs that live on. "could you be loved?" what is your favorite? >> all of them. all of them. i love all of bob's songs. i'm part of it, naturally. there is not one that i'm not on. i love all of them. >> you were there from scratch. you are there now. congratulations to you and your award. the awards areare available. it is at the marriott in northwest washington d.c. we will have the information on
9:53 am
rita marley, thank you. >> thank you. god bless. >> thank you. tony. >> we thank rita marley for all of the great music that family has produced. foodies, get ready. more than 300 exhibitors will be at the washington convention center this weekend. holly morris is there to tell you what you can see this weekend. holly, tough gig this morning. >> reporter: i know. i complained about getting this gig today. somebody had to come cover it. listen, it is a busy spot here this morning at the convention center. they are setting up. some areas have been set up for us. i'll give you an idea of what it is like on the floor. tell me your name. >> mia. >> reporter: you are with tyson? >> yes. >> reporter: tell me. >> they are edible peel and press stickers you apply to cupcakes.
9:54 am
they melt with soft frosting. >> reporter: at what point did you feel the food world needed this? >> i think the cake world was due for something easier to use. we also have the all natural sprinkles which i have not seen much of in the market. >> reporter: you are making cupcakes fancy. i'll move over here to hello cupcakes. tell me your name. >> penny. >> reporter: you are the brains behind hello cupcakes. let's talk about the cupcakes craze. >> it is crazy. everybody loves them. we offer 50 flavors. including a gluten free and vegan. we are here to show it all off this weekend. >> reporter: what is the favorite? >> the best seller is peanut butter blossom. >> reporter: you have one here? >> we have. >> reporter: set one aside for me. thank you very much. moving on.
9:55 am
since we had dessert, we should talk about an entree. that is where these guys come in. >> i'm heath. >> i'm brett. >> reporter: you have a cool story. >> we were former united states staffers. we came up with the pork grilled barbecue. we opened our first restaurant. our second food show here. we will give samples away. >> reporter: how did you get into 1,000 stores? >> hard work and not a lot of sleep. >> reporter: and things like this. the barbecue named 125 best foods for men. >> that is what you look like if you eat the sauce. that is heath. >> reporter: stick to the barbecue, not the comedy. you are great. i want to make sure i get this in. denice is the founder. we will walk and talk. we will talk about operation
9:56 am
home cooking. >> it is a wonderful program this year. we will have 300 military spouses coming to the show for a day all under written by major corporations like lockheed martin and cisco. it is a special day for spouses of people who are at walter reed army medical center. it will be an amazing day just for them. >> reporter: macing you are giving back. thank you. -- amazing you are giving back. thank you. we have ron taylor. he is with the specialty food trade. we don't have much time, ron. take me through specialty foods. >> we have 60 members here who here. we will have the fancy food show here in washington. we want to give the people of washington a preview of what we have. we have ginger beer from england. we have dipping sauce from texas. we have indian cuisine. indian food is a huge trend.
9:57 am
a lot is being made by american companies. this san francisco company is taking indian sauces and put them together. >> reporter: the best thing about the show? >> all of the wonderful people that come and all the food they can enjoy. >> reporter: so come and indulge. the show is this saturday and sunday at the convention center. more fox 5 morning news when we come back.
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