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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  November 14, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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shock and anger in prince george's county. the arrest of county executive jack johnson and his wife now making national headlines. and the maryland homeowner who shoots someone overnight. the would-be robber in the hospital. donovan mcnabb gets another chance to stick it to his old team. the eagles and redskins face off on monday night football. we'll hear from the players.
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good morning. and welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. i'm sarah simmons. >> and i'm melanie alnwick. a new boxing title for manny pacquiao. a showdown in the democrat party. a man shot after breaking into a house. it happened just after 1:00 this morning. a robber tried to get into the house in gaithersburg. the man inside the home shot the robber with a shotgun. he was rushed to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. and we're following breaking news from springfield, virginia, where a newborn baby was found this morning outside of a church. fairfax county police say the baby was found inside a duffle bag around 6:30 this morning. it had been placed outside st. raymond church. the baby is alive and has been taken to the hospital. we also have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll bring you more information as we get
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it. also new this morning, a mans had died in a crash in montgomery county in bethesda around 1:45 this morning. investigators say the victim lost control of his car while going east on jones bridge road. he skidded and hit another car. the driver of the other car was taken to the hospital. and now to the corruption scandal making headlines today. >> the fbi said when agents knocked on their door, leslie johnson flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet. john henrehan went to the to f think. >> things were quiet in the mitchellville home of the johnsons, both from alleged bribed from developers in still fast-growing prince george's
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county. one unidentified visitor left in the early morning hours. the outgoing arrest are still traveling through maryland's second most populous county. >> i thought he did a good job as county executive and i'm just in shock and i think most people are. >> being a life long prince georgian, i'm shocked and i can't believe it happened and i'm mad. i'm mad. because when you put your trust in people, it's just -- i'm speechless, let's put it that way. >> reporter: jack johnson's second term as county executive is scheduled in end in just over three weeks. some county residents believe he should resign now. >> he embarrassed himself, his family, his wife and he even got his wife involved. >> so should he stay in office for the next few weeks? >> i don't think so. >> he should just leave. >> reporter: leslie johnson has
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just been elected to a first term on the county council to begin in early december. many residents, based on charges alone, are reluctant to turn either of them out of office. >> he knows whether he did right or wrong. the judgment should be his whether to remove himself or stay. >> innocent until proven guilty. so if he should take her office, suspicious is not proof. >> that was john henrehan reporting. incoming county executive takes off on the 6th. we do expect to him from him when he gets back to maryland this week. and in a statement, the maryland republican party chairman said another day and another democrat lawmaker arrests. democrat lawmakers need to come to the realization that the
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service is to help maryland not use it for personal gain. and now democrats and republicans are facing leadership battles. nancy pelosi wants to remain head of the democrats, pushing aside steny hoyer as minority leader. and on the republican side they are fighting the new leader. >> nancy pelosi may have arranged a cease fire. battling over leadership positions in the next congress. right now she's speaker and steny hoyer is number two. but when republicans take over, democrats will lose the speaker position and pelosi will run for minority leader and that pits hour versus clyburn. pelosi stepped in to settle the
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matter to ask hoyer to step in. i will be tom ated to nominate jim clyburn of south carolina to serve in the number three house democratic position. i will also ask the caucus to designate that position as assistant leader. he will report to pelosi but not hoyer. and republicans are battling over dueling welcoming events for incoming law enforcements. there is an event on sunday op capitol hill organized by the think tank the clairmont institute and some incoming g.o.p. lawmakers saying it is important for them to get to know each other and to discuss how to work together in a group in general. but the tea party group has an event the same day and say the other event is competition. quote, trying to push the tea party aside and co op the incoming congressman. tea party patriots offered to merge the two events but the
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clairmont institute was not interested. in washington, molly henenberg, fox news. and rahm emanual making it official in chicago. >> i love this city, the place my family came to, the place where i was born. i want to fight for a better future for all of the people of chicago and that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for mayor. >> the former chief of staff of president obama has been campaigning unofficially since he left the white house two weeks ago. well now to the skins. they are coming off a week of resting and they are now gearing up for a big game tomorrow night. >> dave ross is here with a preview. plus a big win for a little boxer from the philippines. >> as a little guy, i root for the little guy. but this guy has been fighting his whole life. and it's amazing what he's done. and we'll start with that. and it ended early this morning and i stayed up to watch it
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because manny packyo won a world title in eight different weight classes. he put on another dominating performance beating margueriteo in almost every round. it took place at 150-pound catch weight. but pacquiao had a reach advantage. there was a constant berrage of power shots. margueriteo was taken to a hospital after the fight. pacquiao said he eased off to avoid causing permanent damage, saying, quote, that's not what boxing is you will about. and the skins have an extra day to get ready against the eagles. the last time these two teams met back in week four in philly, the skins knocked out vick on that play and then the
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skins held off a late philadelphia rally when deangelo hall intercepted kevin kolb on the final day of the play. but to quote sc hinton, that was then and this is now. and now the redskins are at 4-4 and at a cross road and so monday night's game is a big one. and you can watch it on my 20, monday night at 8:30 and immediately following stay tuned for the nissan post game show. coming up later, much more on this matchup and how the skins play to stop michael vick. and it is safe to say there are no pensioned in boxing. and margueriteo took a beating last night and i hope he has good insurance today because he's going to need it. >> just taking a look at that eye. >> i wouldn't do it. >> thanks, dave. we were talking about skins. what kind of weather can we expect tomorrow night at fedex field? >> as dave said the burgundy
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and gold take on the eagles in monday night football. well here is a nice day outside. it was a little chilly to the start this morning so we want to go down to gwen tolbert to check on the weather. >> yesterday was unbelievable temperature wise. take a look at these numbers. you would not think it was november. 68 degrees at national airport. that is some 10 degrees warmer than it should have been. 65 at dulles and baltimore. 8 degrees warmer than it should have been. a look outside. a few high clouds. but other than that, things are shaping up nicely. no shortage of sunshine in the forecast as far as today's is concerned. and here is a look at the early morning temperatures. a chilly start to the day. 42 at national, 36 at gaithersburg, 31 at martinsburg. manassas at 30 degrees, baltimore at 33 degrees. so as we put it together, here is a look at your day planner.
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i love those triple suns. 66 degrees is your daytime high. more details coming up later. well the president due back at the white house after a ten- day trip to asia. >> with america's economic reputation and future on the line, what did he accomplish? we'll look at that next. and this half hour a new documentary followed eliott spitzer. eric is going to talk to the director. ♪
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free at last in burma. the prodemocratsy leader is released by the government. the noble peace prize winner has not met followers in more than ten years. the president called it a sham. she won the last free elections in burma in 1988 but the military arrested her and did not allow her to take office. israel is considering a new
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offer by the u.s. as a step toward achieving peace with the palestinians. a package of security and diplomatic protections put forth by the u.s. calls for a halt of settlement construction for 30 days. benjamin netanyahu said the offer is not final and both sides are still working on details. president obama is now on his way back from his 10-day trip to asia. >> before he left japan last night, mr. obama sat down with the russian president. linda goaler has a closer look at what they taughted about and what he hoped to accomplish on the trip. >> reporter: president obama focusing on nuclear diplomacy promise to ratify the new start treating this month. >> i reiterated my commitment to suggest the start treaty
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done during the lame duck session and i've communicated to congress that it is a top priority. but they are not sure they have the 67 votes necessary to ratify the training set in april. and they know democrat senate numbers will go down next year. and this final stop was the asian pacific economic coarse district. and the focus here was raise. president obama hoping to roll back some of the games in the asia-pacific market. >> in this district the united states sees a huge opportunity to increase exports in the fastest growing markets in the world. for america this is a job strategy. and because with every 1 $1 billion in shipping and that means jobs at home. >> and dancing dating from the
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16 hundreds, this is famous for the hosting of the coast, who will be the president next year. he went to indonesia, south korea and japan. the president's aim is to rebalance the shift with asia and to boost the economic and jobs. wendell goler, fox news. and the week kicks off on a green note on monday. it is america recycles day. this year's theme is i recycle, do you? and the week kicks off -- let's talk about tuesday. former president george w. bush heads to dallas, texas, to break ground on his new book. there will be a future from his two terms in office. when people magazine celebrates it's 20th year of sexiest man alive when the issue and the
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cover boy hits stands. previous honorees include george clooney, done -- johnny depp and mel gibson. and there is a meeting on both sides of the aisle for a lame duck meeting. at the top of the agenda, a discussion about the tax cuts. and after that the president will head to the nato talks. and millions will flock to see harry potter. it's the final book in the beloved harry potter seares. well we've come to know the famous students of hog worts but what about the icons who went through the famous military school. >> still ahead of what you can learn online about the biggest names ever to attend west point. >> and his fall from grace unfolded her in d.c. and so how
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welcome back, everyone. eliott spitzer made a name for himself as the no-nonsense attorney general of new york and then governor. some predicted the white house would be his next stop. >> but then it crumbled around him. now alex gibe wrote about the scandal. he recently spoke about why he decided to tackle the story. >> i think the scandal just provoked basic questions about how did this sheriff of wall street suddenly mist earally, he's involved in the prostitution scandal and then raised all sorts of questions, about marriage, in fidelity and sex. and here is the sheriff of wall street, the guy warning us about something going wrong inside the financial community and he goes down just as the
8:23 am
financial markets are about to go down. so it all seemed very suspicious. >> in the movie you say you saw his reform start to roll back and now everybody was affected by it. i won't ask you to forecast what could have happened but had this not happened would we have seen a difference in the world market? >> it's hard to know. look, there was a fundamental flaw. and i think what is different is that eliott spitzer was a powerful voice and he understood how the economy worked and what was wrong with it and it could have been a strong voice as we were in the middle of that crisis. >> nicknamed the sheriff of wall street when he resigned. cheers on the floor of wall street there.
8:24 am
but he had his vices. and one of them seemd it -- seemed to be his temper and the in your face approach and tell us what the ceo's saw. >> sometimes he would just blow up. i think he thought he would use it as a technique. would map at people and bully them and that got things done but over time it become a problem and some of the staffers talked about the appearance of his evil twin and there were times when people took it personally. >> now the enemies that he made, they say they had nothing to do with it and then he said i don't blame anybody. but what is the role, as limb -- limited or as much as you found out? so there is a wire tap investigation and money transferring. who is watching in his spare time when he's trying to bring
8:25 am
down these companies. >> well there is a mystery at the heart of it. there is a tale to be told f. its with a political hit, you have to admit that he provided the gun and the ammunition. on the other hand, how he was outed is very interesting and there was a role that we played by his most powful alleys and this was a liberal. and the manner of the federal investigation into eliott spitzer raises a lot of very disturbing and important questions. >> in the end though, the question is also asked, why has he been so vilified in the public opinion? you mentioned bill clinton going on for this whole second life and meantime eliott spitzer, although he is coming back now, but why do you think it didn't work in his favor?
8:26 am
>> that's a good question. after all, we have senator david vitter from louisiana who also ordered prostitutes. in fact during roll call votes in the congress he's been re- elected, whyle eliott spitzer cast into this disagree? the controversy was the degree of hypocrisy. this was a guy who prosecuted escort services and lo and behold he was using them. so hypocrisy is something we have a hard time with in this country. >> so great. and i love that end shot when he's walking just like a regular new yorker through the massive and -- you know how new york is, they are not paying attention to him. is that eliott spitzer? what are you saying to the viewer in the moment at the end? >> i think it's a moment of great sadness and it's that
8:27 am
moment where you can see the public figure out of power, out of the public like light and all of these public figures need that sense of the audience watching them and there he's just the average everyday show. but it also said here is a guy who is fighting for the economic rights of a hart of us middle class and now he's just an ordinary guy like the rest of it. >> right. >> that was fox 5's allison seymour speaking with alex gibe. client 9 opens this weekend and is also available on itunes and i demand. and we are familiar with this woman, ashley dupree. it was revealed that spitzer only used her services once. and we were told there was another girl that was regular
8:28 am
date. we're hold it was in the movie. we're going to talk with chris wallace coming up. and winter comes early in some parts of the country. and where this was a tough season opener. certainly a cold one we are waking up with. stay tuned everyone. you're watching fox 5 morning news. 
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a massive snowstorm in the upper midwest. it caused more than 400 car accidents in minnesota and at least two people died in wisconsin. minneapolis got 11 inches of snow and could get another 5 inches today. now of course they are used to getting snow maybe this time of year but that much -- >> that's a lot. >> and my kids were asking me yesterday, when is it going to snow? i said last year it snows on december 19th, so it might not
8:32 am
be that far away. >> let's hope we have more than a reprieve of that. i don't think we have any snowflakes in the forecast. >> i remember that december 19th because it was my birthday and it was supposed to be a spa day but i had a snow day outside reporting. but it is not on our doorstep just yet. just a few clouds. eye ice ridge of high pressure building in and we are dealing with sunshine today and no shortage of it across our region. we do have a coastal flood advisory in effect for the maryland portion of the potomac. minor coastle flooding there. 1-2 feet above normal for the tides today. humidity at 85%. a light northeasterly wind. a chilly start to the morning. 41 degrees in gaithersburg and 40 degrees in annapolis. and today a high of about 66 degrees. that football forecast is coming up. back to you. and we aren't want to go
8:33 am
back to breaking news that we talked about at the top of the hour. a newborn baby found in springfield, virginia. our crew is live at the church. investigators tell us the baby was discovered around 6:30 this morning. newborn is alive at now at inova fairfax hospital. we don't know whether it was a boreoy girl or the condition at this point. police don't believe the baby, though, was outside for very long. we'll keep you updated. and when we come back, we'll get a glimpse into the famous military men. our civil war heroes. and applications to get into west point posted on the internet for all to read. we'll be right back. a two year contract. i've got commitment issues. no one likes to be tied down. [ man ] so if they didn't lock you into a term contract,
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i want to make sure that taxes don't go up for middle class families starting on
8:37 am
january 1st. i also believe that it would be fiscally irresponsible for us to permanently extend the high income tax cuts. >> president barack obama at the g-20 summit, clarifying his position on extending the bush tax cuts to the richest taxpayers. last week his top advisor david axelrod suggested the white house was set to compromise. it sounded like a tactical retreat and axelrod will be a guest on fox news sunday. chris wallace joins us with a preview. >> good morning, melanie. >> so why is the compromise getting a push-back? >> because liberals don't like it. even if they except the idea that there will be an extension given the republican rally and the mid terms, they feel that axelrod showed their whole card and made the final negotiating evident before they got anything for it. and i think it was interesting
8:38 am
that the president in the clip you had said he thought it would be irresponsible to permanently cut the taxes for the wealthy. i think the deal a lot of liberals would like to see is a temporary extension of the tax cuts but in return they get something like the extension of unemployment benefits. if axelrod has shown what their whole card is then they don't get anything for it. and i think the democrats have to decide what hill are we going to die on here? it's not just the tax cuts but quite a few things that congress needs to take care of. what do you think will get done? >> for all of the talk, what gets done in a lame duck session is something that has to get done. if they do nothing, then the way the bush tax cuts work they run out at the end of the year
8:39 am
and everybody gets a break, and they will not all happen. they have to pass spending bills because either wide the government runs out of man on december 31. and there is don't ask, don't tell and the dream act that would allow some children of illegal immigrants to get legal status. i doubt very much those things will happen. >> and one of the either situations with senator jim dimment here is to trim the details but nobody likes the details. >> i think that's what the cochairman did, and i'll talk tob both axelrod and joe demin about that. and because everybody talks about the national debt and we don't want to have the debt the
8:40 am
size of our gross economy. but if you caught it, it will cause bleeding. they are only taking a small part, about half of what the inquiries in the deficit would be, $4 trillion total over the course of the next few years and there is blood all over the floor. it has tax increases, dramatic cuts, effects social security. you can agree or disagree in some parts but if you're going to take $4 trillion out of our national treasury, you'll have to break some eggs and cause pain on all sides. >> and it certainly isn't easy. and i don't envoy them. >> but all we have to do is talk about it. >> and that's the easy part. we could tack all day. thanks, chris. >> you bet. >> and catch fox news 9 coming
8:41 am
up next right after our show. modern technology has provided us with a rare glimpse into the past. >> thousands of applications for west point are available online. peter ducey explains. >> we know what guys like picket and custer and stonewall jackson did on the battle. but very few knew how they got into the military academy. but now anyone with an internet connection can scope 150,000 of cadet applications thanks to the folks of and the national ax ives. if you can understand the cursive handwriting. it is interesting. george picket would lead the pickets charge at the battle of gettysberg, wrote, quote, i'm a young man, 19 years old, and
8:42 am
moderately good looking, as i'm told. and you would see cust ergo to finish last in his class and being described as the ohio congressman who nominated him, able to perform with accuracy on the ground rules of arithmetic. and also look at thomas j. jackson years before he became known as stonewall jackson and a letter to welcome william sherman. but we couldn't see any of this if it wasn't for the hard work of the national archives. >> we have 80 million items in our holdings. back to the spanish-american war and our mission is to preserve them for posterity. >> and they have collections from the revolutionary war so go on the site today. the free access for veteran's day weekend ends tonight. >> and i did that this morning.
8:43 am
it wasn't hard so i would recommend going. you never know what you'll find. and let's talk to dave ross. >> well we have a lot to go through, including a taunting task for tomorrow night. and how do you solve the problem of mcnabb. and i'm going golfing today, how will it be? >> no shortage of sunshine today. and that football weather forecast isn't looking too bad either. i'll haveal of the details. stay with us. i'll be back right after the break. i've got commitment issues. no one likes to be tied down. [ man ] so if they didn't lock you into a term contract, you'd consider switching? -oh, absolutely. -definitely. it's a no-brainer. [ man ] because now, with verizon fios, you don't have to sign a term contract. -really? -that's terrific! -did not know that. -i'm in. [ male announcer ] america spoke, verizon listened. switch to fios today, now with no term contract required.
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it sfalling in love with the most personalized most customized piece of furniture you will ever own get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall in to place it starts with you introducing yourself to the world of ethan allen see your ethan allen design center today for two beautiful ways to save we have the whole gang here on the set right now. everybody is ready for today. >> yes. >> gwen, i couldn't believe yesterday was such a nice day. >> gorgeous. >> and flowers were still blooming. >> what is going on? >> we were 10-degree warmer
8:47 am
than we should have been. it was 68 yesterday. so unbelievable. and prepare yourself because the week ahead will bring us back to a reality check as well. what a beautiful day. it's a great day to check out the fall foliage. we have plenty of sunshine. what a great shot that is. we can see the trees with the beautiful shot. the weekend does continue, sunny i'm happy to tell you. and another day where temperatures are above seasonal. it will be fairly comfortable out there. we do have rain on the forecast and cool nights will continue as well. and i spoke about the temperatures being at least 10 degrees warmer than they should be yesterday and that was at national airport at 68 degrees. 65 at dulles and baltimore and that's about some # degrees warmer than we should have been temperature-wise. is it really november? but we have sunshine for you today. a ridge of high pressure
8:48 am
rolling through. and clouds running out of the picture that we've been betting for. and our temperatures not coming up, i can't read them. but across the area we're in the low 40s or a few 30s as well. and there is a big difference on the temperatures of the east coast versus the rest of the country. and behind it you see the temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. so our computer doesn't want to give me those right now. but here is what we are expecting? some low 60s, but no shortage of sunshine which is good fuse. our ridge of high pressure sliding off and this is the frontal system that will start to move its way toward us. along the spine of the appalachians it will settle and later tonight they could see precipitation moving in. we're not looking at seeing that until we head through into monday night. tuesday is a soaker day. and a low pressure system
8:49 am
riding its way up here and that will end up leaving us with plenty of wet weather. by midday around 62 degrees. not at all bad. and tonight a cool night but nod bat. clouds starting to move in. and plenty of sunshine. and winds from the southeast at 5 miles per hour. there is a big game tomorrow that we know about so let's talk about that. we'll see mainly some cloudy skies as the day progresses. temperatures into the 50s. kickoff time is 8:30 p.m. make sure you are ready for it. and you'll need to keep the umbrella handy as i mentioned on tuesday. we could see an inch or more of rainfall as far as that is concerned. so be prepared. >> so you're telling me i can't get out of raking leaves today? and then yesterday i was hoping a little bit of rain. >> didn't it hurt your wrist,
8:50 am
though? >> some excuse there. come on. let's hope he's not watching. >> right. excuses will not cut it in football on sunday. >> they are preparing one more day for the rematch with the eagles. and the team has had plenty of time to get back on track with the debacle against detroit. >> it was a debacle in detroit. and they have a lot of problems, mel. but the biggest problem is how in the world do they stop michael vick. and this mike vick character has been one for the ages and so far michael vick has taken control. and we'll look at the highlights. he wasn't the starting quarterback when the season started, kevin kolb was starter for the eagles at the beginning of the year. he got hurt in week one. and vick came in and the rest is history. but trust me it won't be easy for the redskins but mcnabb is
8:51 am
happy for his buddy. take a listen. >> i'm excited for him and the team because a guy that was given the opportunity to get back on his feet and now he's in the moment. >> he's playing way better than he was in the past with the way his game progressed. he's running the ball and still looking down field and getting balls to his receiver very accurately and minimizing open space. college football now. a border war between maryland and uva. and again, the terps this year, we didn't expect them to be this good after last year's ralph friedgen. but yesterday in charlottesville other good day. and on the keeper, 12 years for the score and terps led by 1 at the break. maryland down two but the freshman adams put the terps up
8:52 am
by 5 and they roll from there. they might go bowling. they down u. and then watch backstrom tie that. we are tied at two, and then watch these moves right here. john carlson, where did he go? the sabres give brady hopey his first nhl loss. the caps fall 3-2. and the bulls bead the wizards last night in chicago 103-96. this week in off the wall it's trickery time with our help from melanie alnwick. check it out. >> welcome to off the wall. dave ross, wisdom martin.
8:53 am
what do you think? >> is that a model? >> i am a model. and this is the new jersey of the washington nationals. i want to know, do you like it? >> no. >> what don't you like about it? the fact i'm modeling it? >> well that's a clear fact. but i don't like it. >> there is no more nationals, now we have the -- >> that's the new thing. is that walworths? >> but you don't like me podelling it. why don't we bring out a real model. how about melanie alnwick making a cameo appearance. >> nice. >> now do you like that better. >> you know what, i change my mind. now i like it. >> because melanie is rocking it. well it is nice. >> how is your cardiovascular? >> it's not so good. >> you may need to sit in. he may not be able to fit in it. >> want a small side?
8:54 am
>> melanie alnwick is rocking the nationals jersey. again, the curly w. no more nationals and no more d.c. anywhere. >> we know where they are. >> on off the wall, thank you very much. thank you, mel. and mcnabb has taken criticism in the last two weeks, can his head coach criticize his quarterback? >> he can criticize and do whatever i wants, except for lie and felt story -- and tell stories to the public and changing the story every other day and then cleaning up the mess you made by telling thetories in the first place. you can play wherever you want to play but the actual act of telling the story after the fact and the fact that you benched mcnabb for the last two minutes for grossman who is not on the same level, that's ridiculous. >> and agree with that. but do you think donovan's play has been good so far this year?
8:55 am
>> considering the circumstances and all of these people coming out criticizing him, considering the past and the redskins and who the quarterback was, he's playing fine. he lodged every -- bullets. the redskins are not even in the game against detroit unless you throw away the passer rating garbage. >> and donovan wanted to talk to you. let's take a listen. >> you got me. >> by the way, there is wisdom martin, big shout out. >> who is that? >> wisdom martin. >> keep is going, wisdom martin. stay alive. >> he didn't know who you were. >> he's staying alive. did you notice how he was
8:56 am
rocking. >> i love that he said who? >> he's my favorite quarterback. >> and now he knows who you are. if you agree with mcnabb and you don't know who wisdom martin is either, go to and tell us about that and these new uniforms. wisdom doesn't have a problem. we'll see you next week. thank you melanie alnwick. bye-bye. it wasn't funny how when i was wearing it, he didn't like it. but then when melanie alnwick is wearing it, it's fine. >> we should make wisdom wear it. >> that would have been even better. >> it was fun, dave. chile was in the use for the -- was in the news for the recovery of miners. >> and now they have a new fete. how children there set a new
8:57 am
world record. 
8:58 am
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check it out, legos reaching a new hight. the kids in chile beat a lego