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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  November 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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three days with a little help from a crane and some adults. the tower beat a record set in germany last year for a similar structure towering 101 feet tall. >> this is a whole lot of legos trying to get a close-up look, 10, 11 stories. >> pretty good, nice adding there. willysan. >> i had help. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. a baby girl just hours old found inside a duffel bag in a fairfax county church parking lot. thanks for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maureen umeh. a parishioner made the discovery early this morning and called 911. the baby is said to be in good condition at a fairfax hospital. tonight police are looking for her mother. >> our main priority now is we need to find this mother. it's obvious that the baby was not delivered in a hospital.
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therefore, she possibly delivered this baby on her own and we're very concerned for her safety and her well being. i would say divine intervention, the holy spirit told that parishioner to stop and look in that bag and the parishioner found a crying baby. >> the newborn is expected to be hospitalized for the next week or so and then she'll be placed in foster care. the news edge on maryland now where prince george's county executive jack johnson is expected to head back to work tomorrow, just 48 hours after his arrest by federal agents. right now he's charged with felony witness and evidence tampering in an ongoing federal corruption investigation. tonight incoming executive rushern baker is not commenting on his predecessor, but baker's team says they're not concerned about the transition. >> here in prince george's county we do still have a government. there are over 5,000 employees here that will continue to do the people's here in prince george's county. so life will go on. >> the judge's home detention order says jack johnson is
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allowed to go to work and is approved for doctors' visits. he and his wife surrendered their passports. one person dead, another in serious condition after a crash in bethesda just before 2:00 this morning on jones bridge road near the naval medical center. the driver lost control and hit another car head on. officers are asking for your help if you witnessed the crash. president obama back in washington tonight after the longest trip of his presidency. mr. obama spent 10 days in asia visiting four countries. he had diplomatic success in india and indonesia, but failed to seal a free trade deal with korea. the president was also unsuccessful in persuading world leaders to back a u.s. push to make china boost the value of its currency. as the gop gets set to take over congress and freshmen lawmakers learn the ropes, there's a long to do list as the lame duck session begins tomorrow in d.c. at the top of that list is tax cuts. fox 5's sarah simmons has more.
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>> reporter: as congress gets ready to reconvene, there is a big task hanging over its head, the bush era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year unless lawmakers act now. and after the election took away democratic majority in congress, there appears to be some negotiating room with the president. >> i want to make sure that taxes don't go up for middle class families starting on january 1st. i also believe that it would be fiscally irresponsible for us to permanently extend the high income tax cuts. >> reporter: not permanently, but what about temporarily? the white house senior advisor seems to indicate the door may be open for negotiation. >> we can't afford to go the additional step and permanently cut taxes primarily for millionaires and billionaires at a cost of $700 billion for the next 10 years alone. >> reporter: one option some republicans seem open to is extending the tax cuts for everyone including the wealthy for at least one to two years.
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>> well, if that's all we could get out of the president, then he is the president. so we'll work with him on that, but i hope he doesn't come back with the idea that oh, we're going to raise taxes on 750,000 small businesses, as he's been talking about. i think if he can work on our side of the ledger, i think we might can work together. >> reporter: but there's a long list of items the democrats would like to get to during the lame duck session, social security issues, extending unemployment benefits and repealing don't ask, don't tell so gays can serve openly in the military. the congress has just a few precious weeks in the year to get some of those issues, if any, resolved. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. montgomery county is going green all weekend celebrating day two of america recycles day. today's event kicked off this afternoon at montgomery blair high school in silver spring. it's aimed at renewing recycling efforts and increasing awareness in communities all across the
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country. >> this event is a paper and shredding event and a household good clothing collections event. basically we're providing convenient dropoff for residents in the county to bring their recyclables for shredding and recycling. it also provides residents an opportunity to donate used clothing still in usable companies. >> america recycles day is annual each november 15th. >> great day to be outside, right, gwen? >> absolutely. >> you might be questioning are we really in november? for a second day temperatures above sevennal. we hit 65 degrees today at national airport, some 7 degrees warmer than we should be. the same for dulles and baltimore 64 degrees. we hit 10 degrees warmer yesterday. so talk about a great weekend that we have experienced. 46 degrees right now at gaithersburg, 46 at dulles, 41 in manassas, 53 degrees in
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hagerstown and 43 at baltimore, 51 degrees in washington. temperatures a bit on the cooler side in the overnight hours as well and take a look. we've got some clouds streaming in and on the horizon we've got some rain showers and that's what we'll keep an eye on. we've got a system that will end up bringing us some rain as we move into the workweek. the day will start off with mainly some sun and cloud, a mixture of both moving through the early hours of monday and then by monday night we'll start to see some of that rain move its way through. tonight could see some of those showers hitting parts of the allegheny front. this frontal system will glide its way across and there's a low pressure system developing in the gulf. that's going to slide its way up there. moisture being drown drawn in from the gulf and atlantic and we'll have a full rain day by the time we hit tuesday. be prepared for that. we'll dry out behind it, though, wednesday with high pressure in control. we'll also see winds and cooler conditions behind that frontal system as well. futurecast showing you by tuesday once we're right in the
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middle of rush hour it's going to be quite a messy commute. that will stick around through until the late evening hours with tuesday before we see drier conditions. in the meantime for your tomorrow by midday 60 degrees. we'll see the clouds gradually increasing as we move through the later part of the day for monday and we'll see pretty nice conditions for that football game tomorrow night, cloudy skies, cool. grab a jacket. we'll be into the 50s as the eagles and the redskins hit the field. here's a look at your five-day forecast for you. temperatures getting closer to seasonal, a wet day for tuesday. sunshine returns on wednesday and by the end of the week we get a little cooler but we've still got sun sticking around. we'ring a rare look back into america -- getting a rare look back into america's past. thousands of letters from the west point military icon from the 19th century all online. >> you all know what guys like
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pickett and custer and stonewall jackson did on the battlefield after their graduations from west point, but until this weekend very few of us actually knew how they got into the military academy, but now anyone with an internet connection can scope out over 115,000 pages of cadet applications thanks to and at the national archives. the stuff released is from 1805 until 1866 and if you can decipher the handwriting it is fascinating. george pickett who would go on to lead the famous charge at the battle of gettysburg wrote i am a young man, 19 years old, 6 feet tall and moderately good looking as i am told. you can also see -- george a. custer to finish last in his class who was noted as being able to perform on accuracy under the ground rules of arithmetic.
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we can look at thomas j. jackson before he became known as stonewall jackson, but we wouldn't be seeing any of this if it wasn't for the hard work of the national archives. >> there's a lot of boxes. we have 80 million items in our holdings back to the spanish american war, all permanent records never to be destroyed. so our mission is to preserve them for posterity but also to make them available for people who need them now. >> anyone wanting to check out these famous figures or their relatives online can do so until tomorrow, sunday, at in new york peter ducey accident fox news. a shopper in up-- ducie, fox news. a shopper in upstate new york didn't find what they were looking and apparently trashed the store. >> but it turns out this customer was a deer. the animal crashed into the window of the wiegmann store in niagra county this morning. shattered glass came crashing down all around them. the injured deer found its way out of the store as officers
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arrived. >> did you see that clerk making a run for it? >> i wonder if it's okay, though, you know? >> looks like, it's running. >> does that does it for us. fox 5 news on is always on. >> keep it right here. sports sunday with dave feldman is next. 
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welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. >> good evening. i'm dave feldman. welcome to the show. the bye week is now bye bye. tomorrow night on national television the redskins begin the second half of their season taking on philly here. it's a game that will go a long way in determining how the coach, the quarterback and let's face it, the entire team is perceived by the fan base. here's lindsay murphy. >> it seems like forever since the redskins have played in a game. october 31st against the lions was their final memory before a two week break for the bye. the team has had plenty of time
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to heal up, get over the lions drama and prepare for the big time. don't be fooled by that famous line in sports it's just the next game. monday night is possibly the biggest game the redskins have played all season, a game that may determine how long the donovan mcnabb benching story lingers. >> for me at this point it's an opportunity for me to move on. we're playing against a tough team that's playing pretty well right now coming off a great win. so we got to be able to match that intensity going out on monday night, a great day to play. >> reporter: with philly all eyes on no. 5 as he returned to a city he called home for 11 seasons. now in week 10 all eyes will be on mcnabb to see how he responds after his benching against the lions. one thing is for sure. his teammates have his back. >> when we step on the field monday night, donovan will be leading us out of the tunnel and that's who we got to rally around. we know donovan is the leader of this team and he got to carry us. we're only going to go as far
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as he does. >> reporter: the nfl will play on the biggest stage of monday night football against a team they barely beat in week four, plus michael vick is back healed up after the skins defense knocked him out of the game for a month. there is plenty on the line when the whistle blows monday night. >> monday night is what we live for and it's a night game under the lights, kind of brings you back to your hey day in high school under the lights on friday. i know the crowd will be pumping. >> monday night football, the only game in town. fans will be great. it's going to be nfc east game. we know how those are. it's going to be fun to play in. >> the skins and eagles played on monday night football last year as well. week seven the eagles won by 10 points. feldy, back to you. >> a reminder to watch the eagles and skins on my 20 tomorrow. kickoff at 8:30. immediately following the game lindsay and i will host the postgame show, doc walker there, too. so obv