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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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prince george's county executive jack johnson is scheduled to be back at work after his shocking arrest over the weekend. a busy day up on the hill as the largest freshman class of congressmen heads to d.c. for orientation. what is topping the agenda for the lame duck session? fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. this is what you are dealing with at 6:00 on this monday morning, november 15th. foggy out there, especially to
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the east of the district. but a left -- a lot of moisture up in the air. we'll find out about that in just a second. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's talk about what is happening out there. >> fog is the main story p. there is a dense fog advisory in effect for some counties east of the washington area particularly east of the chesapeake bay depending on what county you are in. that advisory lasted until 7:00 or 8:00 this morning depending on what count you you are in. we do have fog across much of the region. it is rather muggy out with our humidity levels over 90%. the temperatures aren't bad this morning. 48-degree is your current temperature in washington. -- 48 degrees is your current temperature in washington. 48 in baltimore. a look at the satellite-radar. we'll show you a couple of things. it won't really show you the
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fog. it is hard to pick that up. we do have some clouds up there moving by. it will be a mixed bag during the course of the morning and for the bulk of the day, a mix of clouds and sun with the clouds beginning to win out later in the day and through the nighttime hours. your forecast for today though look like this. as i said, a mix of sun and clouds. a little bit cooler but still above normal. high, 61 degrees downtown. that is a few degree above normal. we'll get the cool are air in here towards the end of the week. we'll tell you about the rain we expect to see moving in here late tonight as well. stick with us. that is all the weather. >> thank you. let's check in with julie and get all the traffic. >> some folks are hitting us up in the outer loop of the beltway which they are telling me is starting at the springfield interchange headed westbound towards the wilson bridge. accident activity involving a couple of tractor-trailers right now. you want to stay it the right in order to get through.
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a good option would be to go northbound on 395, ride the ramps up at 295 and that will take you back into maryland. southbound 270, delays from 109 to the scales and again in germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the big story that we are following this morning, prince george's county executive jack johnson expected to head back to worth today, just three days after being arrested by federal agents. he is charged with felony witness tampering, part of an ongoing federal corruption investigation. his wife was also arrested and charged. incoming county exec rushern baker's team says they are not concerned about the transition. johnson vows he will be exonerated. >> i'm innocent of these charges and i just can't wait for the facts to come out. >> here in prince george's county, we do still have a
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government. there are over 5,000 employees here that will continue to do the people's business here in prince george's county. so life will go on. >> rushern baker is expected to join other county officials to talk about the recent developments in the county government. police are trying to locate the mother of a newborn girl found outside a church in spring field. somebody left that baby in a duffel bag outside a church early yesterday morning. the baby is said to be hospitalized in good condition this morning. anybody who has information is being asked to call fairfax county police. three people have been charged after a fight at arundel mills mall in hanover, maryland. and 18-year-old man was stabbed. investigators aren't sure what led to the fight. an anne arundel county teenagers facing murder charges of a held-up at a pizza shop
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turned deadly. police say four young men walked in in an attempt to rob the place. a 20-year-old man told them to leave and that is when he was shot. authorities charged a 17-year- old as and adult in that murder. -- as an adult in that murder. three more witnesses for the defense in the chandra levy trial could take the stand. last wreak, two charges against ingmar guandique were dropped and the prosecution dropped its case. and fbi expert testified that former congressman gary condit's dna was found on levy's underwear. president obama back at the white house this morning resting after the longest overseas trip of his presidency. the president spent 10 days visiting india, indonesia, south korea and japan but he failed to get final approval for a free trade deal with south korea and he did not get world leaders to push china into revaluing the value of its currency. now the president turning
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his attention to the lame duck session of congress. for the next month or so, democrats still do hold a majority in the house and the focus is expected to be on three main areas, tax cuts for the well new, the military's don't ask, don't tell policy and a nuclear weapons treaty with russia. congress returns to work today. it is freshman orientation on the hill. the larger than usual class of 2010 will get a crash course on how to navigate through the next two years. a deadly explosion at a mexican resort but investigators say it is not linked to the drug war. we'll find out what caused it straight ahead after the break. a british couple held for more than a year by pirates and this morning, they are finally free. we will hear from them on another side of the break. so stay with us.
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a deadly explosion in
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mexico. the blast at a resort on mexico's caribbean coast killed five canadian tourists and two mexican hotel workers but apparently didn't have anything to do with the drug violent in mexico. police say agas leak or build- up of until gas from a nearby swamp caused this explosion. a british couple held for more than a year by pirates off after somalia are speaking out about their captivity. rachel and paul chandler say at one point they were severely beaten by the pirates when they refused to be separated. they were captured in october of 2009 when they were sailing in their yacht. >> happy to be alive. happy to be here and see our family and friends. >> the couple apparently put their life saving into his buying that yacht so they didn't have the money to pay the $7 million ransom demanded by the pirates. there are reports that a $507,000 ransom was paid to release the chandlers. a tennessee man charged with killing a soldier at a recruiting station is detailing
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his terrorist plans. he wrote to a news peeper explaining why he was planning more attacks. he claims after coming back from yemen, he started plotting several attacks in tennessee, arkansas and here in the district. the targets included rabbis in memphis and recruiting center as cross the south to our area. you know rush hour can be a nightmare on the roads here in the case area and today, things will be even worse as thousands of fans head today redskins game tonight. how early do you need to head out to avoid the delays? we'll find out straight ahead on fox 5. some confusing makes for players and their fans at the new meadowlands stadium. lights out in the middle of the game. fox 5 morning news comes right back. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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and increase ago awareness in communities across the country. -- just a reminder that today is america recycles day. it is muggy outside. we've got fog, humidity. we are dealing with that across the region this morning. before we talk about today's weather, let's jump ahead to tonight, turn our attention to the redskins game. redskins play at fedex field and temperatures not going to be too bad. our temperatures will be falling during the course of the evening, of course. we'll be in the 50s, i think, during the entire game. so not too bad. it will be cloudy. it will be cool. kickoff is at # 30. towards the end of the game, i think we'll start getting a little bit of light rain beginning to move in. kickoff is at 8:30. it is possible the rain could hold off until after the game but also possible to see a few sprinkles moving in. i think for tailgating, you will be fine. there you go. we remain at 48 degrees this
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hour. 45degrees now up in gaithersburg. leonardtown is at 41 degrees. annapolis, 51 and fog out there. in fact, national weather service is talking about how dense that fog has become in anne arundel and prince george's counties now. you want to be aware of that. we do have have a few -- we do have a few clouds moving through. that brings us the precipitation that begins late tonight and/or during the overnight hours into the day tomorrow. tomorrow will be a wet day, rainy day for the entire region with, we believe, the heaviest rainfall amounts being out to the west. here is a look at why this is all happening. you got a front that is really going to become a stationary front for all intents and purposes hanging around here that. allows that area of low pressure to move up and along the front and that is what brings the rainfall in here late tonight through the day tomorrow and then it should
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scoot out for wednesday. forecast for today, mix of sun and clouds. a little bit cooler. 61 for your high. five-day forecast, a wet one and cooler still. highs only in the mid- to upper 50s. wednesday, a brief warm-up, 62 with sunshine developing. then thursday and friday, we cool off into the weekend. temperature only that the 50s. coming up in about a half hour is ask the weather guys. you remember several weeks ago, we talked about super tramp. someone wrote in and said why are they still popular? we kind of had some fun with that. then a super central p fan called in and said hey, they are like one of the best bands ever. this guy and his wife have quite an amazing experience particularly this past weekend. they are going to be here. we'll talk about it coming up in just a little bit. >> we'll look forward to that. >> julie wright, what is going on in your world? >> a lot on the beltway if you
6:18 am
are traveling in from springfield to the wilson bridge. we had an accident out there tying up the road. a lot of activity now confined to the shoulder so lanes are open now. traffic slows at 118. we are dealing with a the bit of fog so allow yourself some extra time out the front door. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. you can expect a packed ride on metro and traffic gridlock on the roads as the skins take on the eagles tonight. more than 90,000 people will be headed to fedex field, many coming from philly as well in the middle of rush hour. aaa suggesting that you try to avoid the beltway starting as early as 3:00 in the afternoon. metro gearing up releasing this statement saying they are planning to put more trains into service at the end of the game to get people home. also, metro employees will be on hand and metro service will
6:19 am
be extended an extra hour. you can catch the eagles and skins on my 20 tonight. kickoff is at 8:30. now to new meadowlands stadium. >> some frightening moments at the giants-dallas game. the lights went out within an 11-minute period at the new meadowlands stadium in new jersey. during the third quarter of the game, there was a flash and several banks of lights went dark. just as the team started to play again, the entire stadium lost power. officials say a transformer near the stadium blew. the lights did come become on several minutes later and they finished the game. >> the cowboys actually won one. >> they did. g mail could be facing some tough competition. facebook plans a brand-new e- mail feature coming up next in today's business beat. wal-mart's black friday bargains. how low can they go? fox 5 morning news will be right back after this.
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g mail, a very popular e- mail service but now facebook has big plans for electronic communication. and just how big witle bargains be this year? we are talking black friday. ashley webster joins us from fox business network in new york. let's start with wal-mart. >> you know what? it already feels like it is the holiday shopping season even though we haven't got to thanksgiving yet. wal-mart will certainly already be throwing down the gawptlet if you like and being very aggressive with its price slashing. we understand that many wal- mart stores will be open at midnight between thursday and friday of thanksgiving. so they say. we don't want shoppers to wait outside until 5:00 a.m. to come flying in the store. you can shop atwal mart from midnight onwards although the big sales will still begin at
6:24 am
5:00 a.m. they will be offering some of the lkd tvs and cameras and electronics and toys. they are slashing the prys. part of the reason, wal-mart has been losing market share five quarters in a row. they say this is the season that is absolutely critical to them and they will be very aggressive. what happens is that other stores are forced to follow suit and then that eats away at the bottom line. but you know, the economy is still struggling, steve, so the battle for those dollars is most definitely on. >> battle continues online as well. what is the deal with facebook now getting into the e-mail business? >> yes, it seems that they will definitely be -- we believe today the announcement will come facebook will be offering an e-mail service. half a billion uses on facebook. this will enable them to communicate outside of facebook but we understand there will be
6:25 am
features added. can you integrate the photos and events features of facebook and all be able to really prioritize who is sending you e- mails. so it will be interesting to see it is going up against g mail because those two countries are duking it out as they say. by the way, each side won't allow integration of the contacts into each other's sites so it will be interesting. but facebook finally getting into the e-mail business. >> interesting to see how that works out. what else do you have coming up? >> wal-mart we were talking about and there will be a big feature on retail stores and the big effort to attract people into the stores and how low can they go before they start to hurt their business. this season, when the dollars are, well, rare, it will be an interesting season to see who can survive. i think wal-mart with its distribution and resources is really going to put the squeeze on some of the smaller stores. >> look for word to that coming up later today. have a great monday. we are going to check
6:26 am
weather and traffic coming up next. we'll also check in with sarah simmons. she is following our top stories from prince george's county. that is all coming up as fox 5 morning news continues this monday morning. "reveille" throughout]
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welcome back. coming up on 6:30 now on a monday morning. it will be a fun monday morning. >> yes, it is. we'll have some really good none coming up in -- fun coming up in a little bit. we have fog across the area so allow a little extra time as visibility has been reduced. there is a dense fog advisory in effect not for the whole area but for points out to the east where some of the thickest fog has been. let's take a look at the current stats. right now, reagan national airport, before a femme of 48 degrees. we've been stuck there for a couple of hours now. -- right now, reagan national airport, we have a temperature
6:30 am
of 48 degrees. satellite-radar composite for this hour, we do have some clouds coming through. nothing in the way of precipitation although i did encount are a brief sprifng olympic my way in. but that is about it. the real -- a brief sprinkle on my way in. but that is about it. the real rain hold off until tomorrow. high today about 61 degrees. no rain today but late tonight we start to get that rain in here. coming up in about 15 minutes this morning, special edition of ask the weather guys. you remember the super tramp talk from a few weeks ago. we've got an amazing follow-up. all i can tell you is rock and roll dreams do come true. >> wow! >> stick with us. >> sounds good. >> all right. let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic on this monday morning. >> outer loop of the beltway, the accident cleared as you approach eisenhower avenue. the lane are open once again
6:31 am
but the pace still congested from the springfield interchange. northbound 395 north of duke street, it is heavy and steady as you work your way out towards d. no problems reported on 95. outer loop. beltway, now jammed leaving 95 trying to get past university boulevard and around towards georgia avenue. along this stretch, all lanes are open. no incidents to report south on 270 leaving germantown headed for the lane divide. inbound new york avenue, traffic will slow at the times building to bladensburg road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. president obama back home now in washington after the longest trip of his presidency. the commander in chief arrived at andrews air force base yesterday and is now resting at the white house. he spent 10 days in asia visiting four countries but failed to seal a free a trade teal with south crease a. we've report on the congress now. >> reporter: the top item on
6:32 am
the agenda, the bush era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. deems democrats are arguing they should be extended only to families earning less than $250,000 while republicans want all the cuts made permanent. >> we can't afford to bother another $700 bill wrong it pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billion aires. another hot topic, a possible repeal of don't ask, don't tell but that is not likely to be decided until after december 1st when the pentagon is scheduled to release its report on how a repeal would affect the military. >> i want a thorough and complete study of the effect on morale and battle effectiveness of the united states military. >> reporter: while in japan, president obama urgeed a senate to ratify the start nuclear arms treaty. it could be a cliffhanger with the fate of the treaty dependent on only a handful of senators. >> we need to modernize our nuclear force, the weapons that are left to make sure they
6:33 am
continue to be a deterrent. >> the relationship with the russians is very important. they've been very helpful for iran. >> congress will back in session for one week and then they take another week off for their thanksgiving break and they come back again and continue until they finish their their work or decide to stop. it is freshman orientation on capitol hill. more than 100 members of congress arrived in washington for the first time since winning their elections. another big story, prince george's county executive jack johnson expected to go back to work today just three days after being arrested by federal agents. he is charged with felony witness and evidence tampering in an ongoing federal corruption investigation. his wife, leslie johnson, was also arrested and charged.
6:34 am
rushern baker's team says they are not concerned about the transition. in the meantime, johnson vows to be exonerated. >> i am innocent of these charges. i just can't wait to for the facts to come out. >> here in prince george's county, we do still have a government. there are over 5,000 employees that will continue to do the people's business here in prince george's county. life will go on. >> the incoming county exec rushern baker is expected to join others tonight to talk about the recent developments in prince george's county government. here are some quick facts about jack johnson. he served as deputy state's attorney for prince george's county from 1987 until 1994 and then he became the state's attorney and served until his elect as county executive in 2002. he was re-e elected to that position in 2006. our coverage continues on
6:35 am
you will find everything about the story in one place. also be on the lookout in prince george's county where police say two people are drying around shooting up windshields with a bb gun. the pair are traveling in a black honda del sol convertible. they have abeen tied to herely 100 vandalism cases since mid- september -- nearly 100 vandalism case since mid- september. one member of a missing family has been found alive in ohio and her accused kidnapper is now in custody. police found sarah maynard. investigators are hoping the man will lead them to her mother, brother and family friend. when 22-year-old mario hernandez was rejected in his marriage proposal, he was so upset, police say he tried to
6:36 am
run down his girlfriend blowing out two cars on the very car he used to propose. she is the mother of his two children. >> she looked like she just was very -- i mean frantically scared for her life. >> i could see from the window a car coming down this street at full speed. >> the car just came flying from the walk over here all the why into the property. >> hernandez was arrested carry a bouquet of flowers while walking down the street. the girlfriend is in a women's shelter with an order against him. as we head to break, do you want to help those lets les frantd than -- those less fortunate than you over the holidays. one of our facebook fans is giving you a chance to do that. you can drop off food items and
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prosecutors could be nearing the end of their case against former u.s. house ma jeert leader tom delay. they are expected to rested their case in the money laundering trial. delay is accused of using his political action commit where he to illegally funnel $190,000 in corporate funds into texas legislative races back in 2002. he denied any wrongdoing. he is facing life in prison if he is convicted. the military hearing for the accused fort hood shooter is expected to wrap up today. it has been on hold for three weeks now. the lawyer says he doesn't plan to present any evidence. the hearing is expected to determine if major nidal hassan should stand trial for the deadly shooting rampage at fort road hood. phone gianter missed his
6:41 am
flight escorted out of the airport for refusing to get through the scanner or get a patdown. he believes the search method is too invasive. >> we are spending inordinate amounts of money on security that isn't necessary and arguably doesn't work. i didn't intend to go through the machine or be groped. >> he was told if he left the security area without being screened, he could face a $10,000 fine and possibly a civil suit. he was eventually refunded his ticket fries price for the flight he missed. nearly a foot of snow fell in parts of the twin cities over the weekend. the heavy snow made travel treacherous. jody ambrose as more. >> it surprise immediate. >> reporter: the wintry blast roared in full steam ahead. can you actually hear it pelting our camera. the storm left behind a heavy blanket of snow coating roads with a slippery mess. crashes started piling up as
6:42 am
quickly as the flakes. what was your drive like? >> a little scary. so i was going to an area i wasn't that terribly familiar with. so not being able to see the street signs was kind of fun. >> this woman needed a shovel to brush off her car. she is in no hurry to head home after her last trip. >> i was driving probably 20 miles per hour. it was really slow. >> reporter: no matter where you drove in the metro today, chances are the snow slowed you down. the slush is making it difficult to navigate. >> it is a little tough. i have four-wheel drive and even with that, i still slide around a little so it kind of sucks. >> reporter: ashley drove in from iowa not quite prepared for the season's first snow. >> it kind of melts as it hits but at the same time it doesn't. >> reporter: a lot of drivers may have been caught off guard by all of this heavy, wet snow. but they also wonder for min- dot was fully prepared gentleman we have been prepared. the storm came in with a blast that you never know until it halfly hits how the winds are
6:43 am
going to shift and how it will come. >> reporter: he tell us crews have been on duty since midnight prepping for the storm. 250 plows are out across the metro now. they still can't clear the roads fast enough for everyone. >> we planned on going home tomorrow but we'll see. >> even after a hot summer, i'm still not ready for that. >> they are used to that snow out there. look at what a tough time they're having. >> about eight inches in minneapolis. and in part of that area up to a foot of snow. that is a lot for this early in the year. >> it sure is. >> nothing like that headed our way dwoa. have some precipitation headed our way. we'll get some rain late tonight into the day tomorrow. -- nothing like that headed our way. we do have some precipitation head our way. 65 was your high at reagan national yesterday.
6:44 am
dulles, 64 degrees. bwi marshall, 64 degrees. we won't quite get there today. we've got cooler air working its way in for the latter part of the week. current temperatures around the region, 48-degree in washington and in baltimore -- 48 degrees in washington and in baltimore. dulles is at 43. frederick, maryland, 41 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for the region. now, we have fog. that has been the main story this morning. there is a dense fog advisory in effect out to our east. we have some dense fog in anne arundel county, prince george's county. our next weather maker down in the south, it is a rainfall that will be working it's way along a frontal boundary coming in late tonight. you could see some light showers towards the end of the game. the forecast for today looks like this. mix of sun and clouds. the clouds increase as the day
6:45 am
progresses. a bit cooler today, 61 degrees for your high. tomorrow, we do expect rain showers across the region tomorrow. could see a half inch or so of rain during the day and more tomorrow night. wednesday, we have a brief warm- up. 62degrees for wednesday. the temperatures drop off a bit for the weekend as our temperatures will be in the 50s so it will definitely be a cool end of the week. all right. it is time now for ask the weather guys. the suggestment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today, we hear from our super tramp fans. this has become an ongoing store ihere. it started weeks ago with a question about super tramp and why the band's music has maintained such a following. jim and his wife toni wrote in
6:46 am
asking how anyone could not love super tramp. they are huge fans. turnss out the story got back to the super tramp founder roger hobson. jim and toni have come into the studio. thank you for coming in. we are thrilled that you are here. i have to say that this started as kind of a lark as someone wrote in. >> a little tongue in cheek. >> can you please explain why super tramp is still all over the radio. we had some fun with it. you wrote in and stated they are great and they meant so much to me and my wife. >> this goes back -- of a been a huge super tramp fan since 1975 is the first time i heard them. i was in the military in 1977 and i found myself over in england. that is what i really got into them. i just loved the music. it has been going on since
6:47 am
then. >> were you a fan before you met jim or did this develop as the relationship developed? >> i had heard their music. i wasn't a music person. that is how he courted me. i fell in love with super tramp because it represented our relationship. >> so being a fan, you never got a chance to see a concert until juste recently. >> yes, april, on her birthday. she had arranged something here and i didn't even know it. and said i know what i want to do no my birthday. i said what's that. she said i want to go to niagara falls. i want to go to a concert. whatever you want to do. she says i want to go see roger hobson. i said are you kidding me? yeah, of course, we're going. >> now, he is the founding member of super tramp. he and the band parted company and can you actually see both super tramp in company and roger. he wrote most of the big hits. his is the voice that you know. so you saw him in concert.
6:48 am
here is where things get interesting. after we did the story, there is a big super tramp fan base and word of your -- you defending the group on our show got back to roger's management team, his publicist. they wrote to us and said, look, we understand they are coming to see roger in ontario on such and such a date, happened to be this past weekend. we would love to set up a meet so we were going to price with you that. turns out you went to see them in concert a couple of weeks ago. >> at epcot. >> and ran into one of management people there. >> we had no idea that you all were screaming this. they picked out you of the crowd and said you're jim and toni. >> and from the weather guys and we're like how do you know? >> she recognized your -- so you got to meet roger at that time. this past week, you went to ontario. this is what we had set up. there you are meeting roger for
6:49 am
the second time now after all these years. so tell us what this was like. jim, let me start with you to meet one of your idols. >> i couldn't believe it. he is such a good person. and we -- he made so much time for us and it was almost -- he was impressed to meet us. he was excited to meet us. and he made a lot of time for us. we spent a lot of time together down we were in his suite for two hours yesterday just a few of us. >> we watched dress rehearsals. >> i think we got a little video from the concert in ontario. >> i don't think we got -- >> yes, this is from the concert. >> listen to this. take the long way home. >> we all necessity that music. >> i grew up in the '70s and i knee some of the hits that have
6:50 am
become part of -- >> yeah. >> they really did have extraordinary success. so tell us about what you have here. we have a print here. it is album covers signed by roger. >> what shows -- >> those are the first concerts we've begun to which was in niagara falls in april of this year. we managed to go to both of the concerts. it was sold out like all of his concerts do and just memorabilia i picked up before we met him because we didn't meet him until the accidental -- >> right. so you got this stuff. i'm going to get up for one second. i want to get the t-shirt. >> that is amazing. >> quick question. are you truly the biggest fans or did you meal meeta bigger fans? >> i think we met bigger fans. >> i was shocked. >> this following is an amazing following. the way he touches the crowd. people just love him. going in, they are excited. coming out, they are talking about to the next day. >> and they come from all over the world. >> there were two fellows who travel all over.
6:51 am
they are from portugal and he announced it. he knows these people. he knows them by name. he says wasn't to thank you. he will name them. >> this is the t-shirt that item was wearing this weekend and roger actually autographed it while you were wearing it, right? >> yes, he did. >> it is great when they autograph it for you and while you are wear it is even better. you guys have been great through this whole thing. you met roger. you met some of his people and they reached out to us right away, which not effect would do. they were very excited that you guys came to their defense on our air although we were just having some fun and we're glad that you got to meet them and now have seen them in concert several times and thank you for sharing the story with us. >> i got a quick question. for those who are new to super tramp, what album do you mean? >> definitely, crime of the century. they are so underrated. it is the most phenomenal album i've ever heard. >> roger has continued to
6:52 am
create good music after that and so he has several thing us want to listen to afterwards before we go, in the video that he sent that isn't being shown. he extends an invitation to the two of you, that when he is in the area, he wants to you be the special guest at his concert. >> i do want to mention. you guys were kind enough to shoot the meeting on video. due to a technical problem, we have not been able to show that video this morning. we are getting it upset. it will be online. we'll try to show it later on in the show if not today then tomorrow morning. we'll have it online so can you see that. >> thank you. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> we're thrilled. we're glad it turned out this way. dreams do come true. if you've got a question that you want answered or you want to meet your idol, go to and click on the weather tab and we will try to answer it for you.
6:53 am
there you go. steve and gurvir, back to you. >> never underestimate the staying power of carrie underwood. >> or cindy lauper. >> make our dreams come true, weather guys. >> here is julie wright. what is going on out there. >> better chance of meeting carrie underwood any time the senators are in town playing. stop it that. ruins it. >> the outer loop of the beltway still tied up approaching eisenhower avenue. that is where we had an earlier problem. that has been cleared. stlask is -- traffic is still delayed leaving springfield. still dealing with some patchy fog out there. allow yourself some extra time out the front door. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a huge donation just in time for thanksgiving. >> holly this morning is live from d.c.'s central kitchen to
6:54 am
tell us all about it. we'll check in with her on another side of the break. d fp
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. >> reporter: i'm holly morris. were only a week away from thanksgiving. and there are a lot of people that live in this city that don't know where the next meal is coming from. and that's why today we are live at d.c. central kitchen. the soul of the city is their mantra and each day they took in 3,000 pounds of leftover food and turn it into meals to help our area. and do you remember last month when we were doing the loudoun
6:58 am
county farm tour and we had the heritage breed turkeys. they are delivering 5,000 pounds of turkey. this is part of the drive they have here at d.c. central kitchen and how they gear up to help serve thanksgiving dinner for those in need. and some don't realize there is a catering business that runs out of d.c. central kitchen. and we'll talk about the healthy meals they'll come up with and we'll talk with a graduate of the culinary school and now works in the d.c. central kitchen catering business and we'll talk to him about the difference this has made in his life. so i think this will be a perfect morning for us to gear up and find out how we can help
6:59 am
because d.c. central kitchen always needs help. we'll find out how to help those in our area and count our blessings early before thanksgiving arrives. gurvir. >> thank you, holly. and now we want to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. happy birthday kelly. she is turning the big 3-0. to be the fan search us in facebook and comment under kelly's photo. it's time to say good morning to allison and steve for the next couple of hours. good morning. >> thank you so much, gurvir. coming up, it's the stories that carried the headlines since the news broke on friday. jack johnson arrested on criminal charges, the result of an fbi-- sting. johnson is on a court-ordered