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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 15, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the scandal locking prince george's county expands tonight. first county executive jack
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johnson and his wife, now police officers and big time business owners all under arrest and facing corruption charges and the feds say this isn't over yet. good evening, everyone. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. one massive corruption session of four years in the making. >> here's what we know right now. nine people arrested today including three police officers and a well known business owner. the charges involve smuggling across state lines and protection for drug dealers. >> and the fbi confirms those arrests are connected to a sting that took down county executive jack johnson and his wife friday. they're facing corruption charges. >> tonight county leadership is reeling and the feds say more arrests are coming. we have a network of reporters on this story. fox 5's wisdom martin starts us off in the newsroom. >> according to the u.s. attorney, today's arrest is connected to a series of investigations stemming from the jack johnson case. the police chief made it clear having officers arrested is
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disgraceful and unacceptable. >> these are just bad people that need to go away. >> reporter: strong words from police chief roberto hylton after federal investigators arrested three of his police officers. investigators say today's moves are part of the ongoing corruption probe that led to the arrest of prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife last week. >> there are a series of related investigations, this case and the case announced on friday, among that series of related investings. >> reporter: two of the officers arrested sergeant richard delab error and sergeant chun chen. it started with otters searching 11 locations in prince george's county including tick tock business in langley park with seven charged in the first indictment. according to that indictment amrik and the others would pay police in exchange for the use of their authority to ensure
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safe transport and distribution of untaxed cigarettes and alcohol in maryland and virginia. in the second indictment a third officer is charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and the use of firearms for drug trafficking. >> these two cases have one important feature in common. they allege that police officers violated the trust of the people of prince george's county, sold their authority and joined with criminals to commit serious criminal violations. >> it's a dow tiff every employee in this police department to report -- duty of every employee in this police department to report everyone who is doing misconduct. you can't turn your back to anyone doing wrong things. >> reporter: hylton says his internal investigation continues and so does the federal investigation. >> our interest in corruption in this county has been long standing and long reaching. this investigation has utilized multiple investigative techniques over the course of several years including wiretaps and cooping
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individuals. >> reporter: now the officers involved in this are suspended without pay and could face a maximum of 20 years in prison. these cases are part of a corruption probe that the fbi says goes back to more than four years. shawn. >> so is the chief doing anything else about the corruption within this department? >> >> reporter: well, the chief said he is revamping the internal affairs department. also he says part-time work at questionable locations is causing some of the problems, so he's in the process of reviewing the part-time policy because there are some places he says officers should not be working. >> what about the impact this has on the department's reputation? what is the chief saying? >> reporter: chief hylton says it's clearly not good and he wants to focus on cleaning up the department and reassuring the public that people in the department, especially the officers, are here to protect and serve. it's just a few bad apples and that's why he's doing all this revamping trying to clean things up so the department will overcome this and have a better reputation. now jack johnson did want to talk today, not about the arrest of his police officers,
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not about the charges against him and his wife. the county's first couple was cuffed friday charged with tampering in a federal bribery investigation involving a developer and a federal housing program. called the tip of a corruption iceberg, today the county executive went back to work. fox 5's laura evans has that part of the story now. >> it was definitely not business as usual at the county administration building today. elevator access was denied to anyone without a county employee pass. now jack johnson's home detention order allows him to go to work and it seems he wants to give the appearance that he is not running and hiding. although neither of the johnsons would say anything as they left their mitchellville home this morning. leslie, the newly elected county councilwoman left first. then came the county executive, but jack johnson did face cameras at work. he wanted to address county residents and thank well wishers. >> i just wanted to say, come out and say that, you know, my
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family and i are doing really well. we are strong, probably more than a telephone calls we've received and and messages from -- more than a thousand telephone calls we've received and message from all the churches. >> he refused to answer questions about his arrest or the arrest of the police officers. he said his work would be spent on a county spending affordability report told. >> i take it johnson wasn't talking -- report today. >> i take it johnson wasn't talking about stepping down. >> reporter: he said he will finish out the rest of his three weeks in office. we did look closely today and could not see that electronic monitoring bracelet that he's said to be wearing. >> all right, laura. the man who will replace jack johnson is speaking out tonight. today at a news conference county executive elect rushern baker tried to lay to rest any fears his administration might be distracted by the
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investigation or derailed by the scandal. >> we're standing together to say to the men and women out there, not only who live in prince george's county, but who are thinking about coming to prince george's county, that our focus is going to be on those issues we ran on, improving our education system, expanding our tax base by getting businesses to move out here and that we're going to work together. that's why we're coming out here right now to say we're moving straight ahead. our eyes are clearly focused on 20 -- on december the 6th making sure we have a government that's ready to lead. >> nearly two dozen elected officials from prince george's county stood behind baker today at that news conference, but not one would address the corruption scandal directly. fox 5's bob barnard is here now with that part of the story. >> we asked for a one on one interview with the newly elected county executive and were told mr. baker would not be available to talk directly with us. so we and other reporters waited for him to leave the building and even then he
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wouldn't stop to talk to us. >> i'm very pleased to be the incoming county executive of prince george's county. there's tremendous opportunities here. we're looking forward and what you saw in there today were men and women who are going to be part and take over the government on december 6th coming together and saying there are great opportunities here and we're very pleased with this. >> at another time we will. >> reporter: but after the news conference those other elected officials, council members, state delegates and senators from prince george's county balked at answering our questions. where is everybody running from the camera? >> i think they just want to hold true to letting the new county executive handle this issue. >> reporter: we kept asking baker about the scandal. are you at all embarrassed by this, sir? for the county, for your county? are you at all embarrassed by this? he was repeatedly questioned about corruption in the county. why are you walking away from that question? >> what we're focused on are the needs of the people of
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prince george's county. what they want to make sure is that there is a first rate government in place, that we're addressing job opportunities and we're addressing our school systems. what i can say is that what you saw today is we're going to put together a government that addresses the needs of prince george's county, that throughout that government the things that we said during the campaign, the type of campaign we ran, the reason we ran, we're going to do that as county executive and i'm looking forward on december 6th talking about the type of government we're having. so i hope all of you will come out on december 6th. >> reporter: were you embarrassed? it was quite a scene in upper marlboro tonight. we asked two savvy political analysts who were in the mix with us what they thought. >> well, i think he wants to establish some calm and he wants to perpetuate at least the concept of presumption of innocence and it was a very abbreviated press conference and if the attempt was to
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reassure, i don't think it did that very well. i don't think it was very complete product -- a very complete product. >> reporter: when you're running away from the cameras, it makes you look guilty and rushern baker in particular ran on a platform of ending corruption and he's an opponent of jack johnson. it seems to me he should be standing there saying we're for good government and, of course, the guy is innocent until he's proven guilty, but we want to get to the bottom of this and restore the good image of prince george's county and when he's filmed and then other people also are filmed running away from the cameras, it makes them look like they're the guilty parties when he ran on an anti-corruption platform. so the whole thing is kind of bewildering to me frankly. >> and a bit surprising to the reporters who were there as well tonight. >> it's interesting to watch this. could this simply have been media inexperience or the newness of holding this particular office? >> i don't think. so i don't know mr. baker that well, but he's a pretty smooth character and as the analyst
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said, he ran on an anti- corruption platform and here was a perfect opportunity to say hey, folks, none of that starting december and moving forward and he -- december 6th and moving forward and he wouldn't put it out there directly. >> mr. baker, you're watching, we invite you to come on fox 5 and answer some of those questions tonight. thank you. in the meantime let's get some insight on this unbelievable corruption investigation from former justice department assistant u.s. attorney and current trial lawyer ken robinson, you specialize in white collar crimes. is there ever a smoking gun in these cases or are they built on mountains of paperwork? >> well, most of the smoking guns are what the prosecutors have put together in their years of investigation and there's a lot of mountains of paperwork as well. the problem with this case from what i see from the outside looking in is mr. johnson got questioned a few days before they came and executed the search warrant. so he knew and had heard rumors for quite a period of time that
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he was under investigation and if those phone calls were reported accurately, which they probably are because they're in the search warrant affidavit, pretty reckless communications by a former prosecutor and i'm sure his lawyer, billy martin, was a little upset with him about the initial statement he made and he's not addressing that now, which is wise. you never know. there could be a love the unfair things done by the fbi and the -- a lot of unfair things done by the fbi and the agents in the case to target mr. johnson. i'm sure he has a story to tell, but he's shouldn't be out there in the media talking about it. >> are these wiretaps a powerful tool for prosecutors to play for a jury? they'd be pretty impressive it sound like. >> generally they're deadly and -- sounds like. >> generally they're deadly and especially if you lose. first place you almost never get them suppressed as an improper issuance on the affidavit for the wiretap. then if you lose the trial, the appeals courts almost never,
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99%, do not reverse it and give you a new trial so, you have to win at trial. so you better have some explanation about what you're talking about and a lot of times the best explanation is a lot of incoherent mumbling which you can't really understand. >> we know that the u.s. attorney's office has said they did so on friday and again today that this is an ongoing investigation. there will be more arrests. behind the scenes are the attorneys trying to get the smaller fish to roll over on the bigger fish? >> yeah. that's probably working. i don't know if you know from looking at these indictments today whether some of these people had unsealed indictments and they were arrested today, maybe some of these people were cooperating already. the fbi agent did something unusual on the news i saw last week. he called out on his interview for people, you better come call us first because we're coming to see you and it would be in your best interest. they didn't wait too long to go get these nine. so they're probably going to scoop up the whole bunch more tomorrow and the neck day and it looks like a lot -- next day
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and it looks like a lot of prince george's travelers will be going on for a while. >> we appreciate your time tonight. thanks for coming in. this latest news is a one- two punch for prince george's county. now county police officers and local businesses are arrested. will thomas is live in the fox 5 web center tonight. how is the community reacting to this one? >> we asked people to sound off on and you at home are doing just that. our web producer created a link on our homepage next to all of our coverage for the corruption investigation. click on that. that takes you to the comments. duane, why don't you come in here. we'll read a couple. donna says in part regardless of guilt or innocence this is just one more embarrassment for the county. i wish there could be a charge for setting the county back x years of progress. you knew it was coming. i'm sure there are plenty more arrests to come and p.g. resident told us jack johnson needs to step down and save the county from further embarrassment. his wife should also think about not taking office on the
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county council. tonight we went out to prince george's county, fort washington, to get more reaction. take a look. >> reporter: the game room and grill sports bar, we found a cross-section of residents, a tractor trailer operator, the bar owner, even transportation logistics. she's a government worker, a retired army sergeant major and an executive assistant. they're watching the headlines and they're ready to weigh in. >> i think jack johnson should never have put his wife in this situation. >> he's innocent until proven guilty. >> that's true, but i don't think he'll be innocent. >> business in that community has supported jack johnson since his inception into political office and so we actually are shocked, the main thing we're actually hurt. >> basically been working about 30 years strong. i don't see why they couldn't
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have $80,000 in the home. >> i feel like if you're legit why would you need to hide the money? just open the door and if everything you can account for all of your money, then why hide it? >> yeah, well, i feel like if she put it in her purse and it's not really hiding it because she could have just left it in the safe, put it under a rug or anywhere. so putting it on her person makes it more or less seems like she just was nervous at the time. >> it's a real disappointment given the fact the allegation -- if, in fact, the allegations are true. no one wants a corrupt politician. >> you were elected in office to represent us and we put you in office to represent us and unfortunately you're not doing that. >> reporter: mr. johnson may be innocent, though. >> this is true, he may be innocent, but if he's not innocent, like we said before, i think it sends a big message that everybody needs to start cleaning their nose. >> reporter: strong opinions on both sides. let's go back to the big board and read a couple more
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comments. jones says very disturbing. was it 20 years ago the marion barry scandal rocked d.c. i feel like here we go again and lynn says this is probably only the tip of the iceberg. wonder how much union corruption is also tied in with all of this. so you can see opinions all over the place. again log onto our website the link is right there on the homepage. >> many people are talking. will thomas, thank you. the massive corruption investigation in prince george's county is growing and federal investigators say it's just the beginning. here's what we know tonight. jack johnson and his wife now face witness and evidence tampering charges as part of a probe into a pay for play scheme that investigators say is connected to nine more arrests today including three prince george's county police officers facing two separate indictments. we posted all of the additional indictments on it's all right there on our homepage. now to the airport security showdown that's burning up the net. one passenger's protest over
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those full body scanners goes viral. tonight could the alternative be even worse? he thinks. so we'll break down what it could mean for your privacy the next time you fly right after the break. and this video brought hundreds of thousands to, strange blue lights over northern virginia. tonight the truth is out there and we have it. fox 5 solves the mystery of the ufo next. >> you are watching fox 5 news at 10:00, those stories and more just minutes away. s ♪
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we're down in the fox 5 newsroom talking to beth parker. you had a really interesting story today where people are starting to get upset with security screenings at the airport, in particular those full body scans. >> reporter: that's right. they've been in place in the washington area. people are familiar with them around here, but they're starting to implement this program throughout the country. so a lot more folks around the country are running into these and people are starting to push back a little bit. there was one gentleman in particular named john tyner flying out of san diego showed up at the airport. he refused to step into that full body scanning machine, didn't want to do that. they said okay. well, here's the backup plan. we've got this search and it's
10:22 pm
a pretty intense search that they've implemented recently. he didn't like that either and recorded the whole thing on his smartphone. >> first we'll be doing a groin check, i'm going to place one hand on your inner thigh, slowly go up and slide down. >> you can do that out here, but if you touch my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> i'm going to have a supervisor here because of your statement. >> john tyner left the san diego airport, never got on the plane and he said the tsa threatened him with legal action. >> reporter: i'm just curious what is homeland security secretary janet napolitano saying about all this? >> reporter: she talked about this today and whether this new patdown system is a little too much. she says she has a listening ear and is willing to take a closer look and hear people's thoughts and see if maybe there are some adjustments that need to be made but at the moment heading into the busy holiday travel season it is in place. >> reporter: a lot of people will be traveling. thank you. as you just saw, that san diego passenger touched off a
10:23 pm
national debate over security screening. he refused the full body scan, took issue with the patdown warning tsa officers not to get too personal. joining me now someone else who is against the full body scans, ginger mccall, privacy centers open government project. have we gone now from general security patdowns to legalized groping here? >> it certainly seems that way. that does, in fact, appear to be the tsa's intention. >> where does it stop, breast cancer surgery survivors, churn as young as 13? -- children as young as 13? it seems like forced humiliation now is part of the deal with the tsa. >> it certainly does. that's why we filed a lawsuit to try to suspend this program. >> what are you contending in the lawsuit? how successful do you think you'll be here changing minds? >> in our lawsuit we argue that this program violates several federal statutes as well as the fourth amendment of the united states constitution. one of the statutes that we
10:24 pm
cited was the religious freedom restoration act because this are a lot of travelers who have a very legitimate religious objection to this practice on tsa's part and we're seeing a real ground swell of support for the suspension of this program. we've seen it across the board. it's really a bipartisan issue. >> do you have any legal standing, any precedent? >> we do. we have viable claims under the privacy acts of fourth a., the religious freedom restoration act, the video voyeurism act. >> what do you say to those who don't have any problems with the enhanced patdowns, much less the radiation secure scans? >> they are trading away their privacy for the illusion of security, for something that is national security theater. these machines are not effective against the very type of powdered explosives that were used in the christmas day attack. >> what about congress? i know they're looking in two days to have a hearing on this matter. will it take congress in the meantime to step in or
10:25 pm
ultimately if your lawsuit is not successful? >> congress does need to step in here. even if our lawsuit is successful, it will take a while for that to happen. congress could act faster. >> ginger mccall, assistant director of electronic privacy information centers open government project. before i let you go we placed several calls today to the other side and nobody wanted to come in and talk to us. thank you for your time. >> thank you and i'll remind people that there's a national opt out day the wednesday before thanksgiving, november 24th. if you're going through the security line, opt out. >> so you don't want to get groped on the way to grandma's house, you can say no. >> if you don't want to have someone in a back room staring at your naked image, you can opt out. >> is there legal standing for that or will people go through this whole mess the san diego passenger a went through? >> this is a grassroots initiative to let the tta know that people are not pleased with -- the tsa that know people are not pleased with these machines. >> traveler beware. thank you. now to a story you'll only
10:26 pm
see on fox 5, they're back, those blue lights shining in the sky. the ufo sighting captured many people's attention 10 days ago. it attracted a half million hits on our website from wondering people. tonight we have the answer. here's fox 5's roby chavez. >> reporter: the mysterious unidentified flying object with the blue lights was back flying overlea highway in centreville, virginia monday night. -- over lee highway in centreville, virginia monday night. this time our cameras caught it all. it looked a lot like it did 10 days ago on the right side of the screen. tell me why. >> it's the same color that i saw. >> reporter: since the first sighting brian says he's been overwhelmed. >> it blew up. i got messages from all over the world. i got phone calls from tv shows. >> reporter: after our first report fox 5 got e-mails, too, from across the country but one
10:27 pm
stood out. it said, "i have information on the blue ufo lights." this is the field that i fly from. >> i guess from a distance in the blue lights it's hearted to tell what it is. >> if it's -- hard to tell what it is. >> fits a light breeze, it will hover and stop. >> reporter: we agreed to meet the pilot of the ufo in a dark field in centreville three blocks from original sighting. >> this is a foreign ufo. -- a farm ufo. it's a glider. gliders are nice for night flying because it's slow and it's real stable. >> reporter: yes, the ufo appears to be this remote controlled glider plane. it flies up to 400 feet high. tony claireige flies it with a local flying club and was indeed flying it in this same field two tweaks ago. >> when it's from a little get -- weeks ago. >> when it's from a little bit of a distance, i can understand how it might be misunderstood
10:28 pm
as a ufo. >> reporter: the glider is decorated with blue l.e.d. lights causing more than a few ufo sightings. people he says have actually followed the lights to the field. >> i've actually had people approach me from grocery stores almost a mile away and they follow the lights and come see me in the field and it's kind of fun because i show them what it really is. >> reporter: he was even contacted by the sci-fi network and he says it all makes sense. >> for him to have been flying that night and the way it looks from a distance, i mean i'm almost surprised. seriously i'd rather it be that than what i thought it was. >> reporter: roby chavez, fox 5 news. metro promised just days ago that it was taking care of all those escalator problems, now this. one stops working right in the middle of rush hour with riders aboard, details next. 
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i'm down here in the newsroom with a look at some of the other stories people are talking about today. an escalator at dupont circle's metro station was shut down tonight. metro confirms the escalator suddenly stopped about 7:45 this morning, the latest in a string of these kind of incidents. late last week metro released an independent study showing for years met has not stuck to its own -- metro has not stuck to its may not standards. it's not yet clear what -- maintenance standards. it's not yet clear what caused today's problem. tonight police are trying to track down a mother of a baby girl hours old left outside a fairfax church. thankfully she's in good condition. a parishioner found the baby inside a duffel bag in the parking lot of a catholic church in springfield yesterday morning. you have any information about the mother, police would like to hear from now. now there's a reward in the mystery of those shots fired at several military buildings and offices here in the d.c. area. the justice department is offering as much as $20,000 if
10:33 pm
you can lead them to whoever has fired those shots. investigators have linked the bullets to a particular type of weapon. they won't say what kind of firearm it is. investigators have speculated the shooter has some sort of connection to the marine corps. and a major step toward protecting southeast and southwest d.c. from flooding. plans for a new levy were unveiled -- levee were unveiled today in the northwest which would also protect the national mall in the 100 year flood zone. it will be paid for with federal stimulus funds. fema recently updated its flood hazard map and indicated these areas are at risk. the project budgeted for $5.8 million. a quarterback controversy no more, donovan mcnabb will wear the burgundy and gold for the next five years. inking a contract extension just hours before the skins took the field against the eagles tonight, the deal worth 78 million bucks, 40 million guaranteed money.
10:34 pm
mcnabb is a six time pro bowler and the skins believe he's got a lot left obviously in the tank. he'll turn 34 in a couple weeks and will be 39 when his corrupt expires. shawn. >> thank you. well, he went from facing nine charges in the murder of chandra levy to just two charges and tonight the case against ingmar guandique is nearly wrapped up. we're breaking down today's dramatic developments next. but first two big guests tomorrow ray lahood and alexander ovechkin talking about his new dvd about his life outside the rink, an ovie exclusivity check it out on fox 5 morning news starting at 5 a.m. ecic
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upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil. with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. the latest on the chandra levy murder trial. tomorrow morning lawyers will present their closing arguments. the defense rested today as expected without calling murder
10:38 pm
suspect ingmar guandique to testify. the defense did question one of guandique's former cellmates. jose alanes told the court he never heard guandique admit to killing levy. two more charges of attempted kidnapping and robbery were dropped today. two other charges were dropped last week. guandique is still facing two murder charges. defense attorney bernie grimm joins us with analysis of today. thanks for joining us. you hear the prosecution dropped two more charges. they started off with nine charges in the case. did they drop the ball somewhere along the road or is this strategy? >> i think the plan just really fell apart for them, shawn. i think the story really tells well if he stalked her, kidnapped her, raped her, robbed her and then murdered her, but i think the bottom fell out on a couple informants that were probably going to testify for them and for a lot of reasons didn't want to come to the stand. >> a lot of people have asked why charge him initially with so many charges to just keep pulling them out one by one
10:39 pm
here? >> yeah. the reason the government does it in sort of dump truck fashion is they want to intimidate the defense lawyer and defendant into pleading guilty. when he sees all these charges, he's like i better plead guilty before i get charged guilty for some of them but this guy, whether he did it or not is a tough character. he's weathered the storm, not the biggest problem, which is felony murder. >> as we prepare tomorrow for closing arguments, what does the prosecution have to do to seal up the case? >> the prosecution essentially says you can't argue that the defendant didn't present any evidence that he didn't do it, but essentially you're saying look, it's in the park. he committed two other assaults right there. those other a saws were virtually identical. we probably -- assaults were virtually identical. we probably know she was killed and didn't trip falling breaking her neck. so sort of the coincidence is just too grand that it's not him. >> if you're on the other side, what do you do to prove yourself in this case? >> you argue the facts like there's no tomorrow. there's no witnesses. there's no dna. there's no connection to
10:40 pm
guandique and this woman. there's more connection of gary condit than to any other person in this case and you argue reasonable doubt until the judge asks you to sit down. >> for people following this case we've seen missteps it seems like for the prosecution and little missteps for the defense. if we're keeping score, who is leading this one? >> i think that the facts are probably might be in the government's case because they had more witnesses, but the law is prohibitively in the defendant's favor. >> thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you. it's being called the g mail killer, talking about facebook's answer to e-mail. some tech president is say it will make your e-mail account a thing of the past. we'll show you how it works coming up next. but first think those 4 a.m. black friday openings were early? one giant retailer says why wait that long? plus shipping is about to get more expensive. fox's neil cavuto has that and more in tonight's business report. >> some early holiday cheer, retail sales rising by more than 1% in october, much better
10:41 pm
than expected. that is the largest monthly increase since march. car sales are strong, furniture and electronic sales kind of weak. wal-mart is kicking off black friday the second the clock strikes 12:00. it's opening most stores midnight thanksgiving. toils r us oping at 10 p.m. on -- toys r us opening at 10 p.m. on thursday. caterpillar snapping up mining company bucyrus. more people paying their bills on time, delinquency rates falling to their lowest level this year. to wall street the dow gaping about nine points. dhl express delivering a rate hike, the company raises its prices nearly 6% starting next year. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. plset/g
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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welcome back, everyone. we're in the fox 5 web center following a major announcement from facebook tonight. it's a whole new system that's more like text messaging and a lot less like e-mail. we'll hear about the whole new way to reach out to your friends. >> reporter: facebook is pushing limits again, this time with a way to funnel all your messaging across multiple platforms and that includes a new feature called messenging giving users the option for an e-mail address at >> we spent a whole lot of time trying out a lot of new products. >> reporter: intertwined with the new e-mail offering will be what ceo mark zuckerburg refers
10:46 pm
to as the wave of the future, seamless messaging meaning users can communicate across their platform of choice through instant message, text or e-mail in realtime. >> whether it works effectively is up in the air. however, facebook did take 15 employees and 15 months to do this. they said it was their largest development platform ever. so it's a lot of effort invested in something. i think it looks pretty darn good. >> reporter: other new features include conversation history allowing users to follow what they say to each friend in the form of a single conversation and a social inbox for filtering exactly the messages the user wants to see. zuckerberg says e-mail is slow and sees chat-based communications as the next step in the evolution of the industry. >> five years from now you'll just have this full rich history of all of the communication that you have with each of your friends and the people around you. >> reporter: and facebook will roll out the new product in the coming months. eventually everyone on facebook
10:47 pm
will be offered an at e-mail address but also have the option to opt out of it. coming up tonight at 11:00 had enough about the alleged corruption in prince george's county? how about this one? a police chief is facing tough questions about the questionable sale of city property. we're confronting him tonight in a news edge exclusive investigation. and the new plans to prevent a disaster on the national mall. the news edge is 14 minutes away. ♪
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how would you like to find an office in that building? it's one of those things you don't think of when you look at the capitol, but the incoming congress has spent the day trying to figure that out. more than 100 new representatives are in the middle of freshmen orientation. they came by the busloads to the hill this morning and the newly elected weren't the only ones there. plenty of tea party supporters showed up, too much the message, we got you here.
10:51 pm
now do what you said you were going to do, a message one maryland republican said is not lost on him. >> i think the american people expect us to follow through and come in and make sure taxes don't go up and make sure our spending goes down. >> andy harris isn't aligned with the tea party. he and his fellow freshmen will give way to the previous congress so they can get some work done before the thanksgiving holiday. major courtroom drama on day one of congressman charlie rangel's ethics trial. the long time new york representative walked out of his hearing today after a house ethics panel denied his request to delay the trial. rangel asked for a delay to find a new lawyer saying he ran out of money and his former legal team quit. rangel left the hearing and it went on without him. the new york congressman is accused in 13 counts of financial and fundraising misconduct. well, you called it a cooldown and we understand folks are getting a little bit of rain out there at the skins rain. >> yes. that's probably some of the
10:52 pm
better news that's come from there. >> combination of that and the score. they're all home watching us right now. >> yeah, the rain is very light. in the last hour we've had about .02. here it comes, big change in fortune from last week and a rainy tuesday to greet us. hey, it will not rain every hour of tuesday, but it will be around enough and may cause some travel problems including delays and now be mindful that the leaves are down now. you can see in this live shot here as we look down through northwest washington that there is just a little fog in the air as well. so that's how we'll go through the night. there will be intermittent light rain and we will continue to see the rain getting perhaps steadier and heavier tomorrow afternoon. first stop tonight will be radar. this has been moving up from the south. it's now just pushing across the beltway into maryland. some moderate spots of rain here that you can see around front royal and not too far from manassas, everything moving south to north.
10:53 pm
satellite and radar and in motion. this area of low pressure will be riding up the appalachian mountain chain bringing the heaviest rain off to the west of d.c., but it is going to be around most of the day tomorrow. so that light rain continues to develop and is moving to the north. periods of rain tomorrow, would you believe we could even have a thunderstorm late tomorrow night any time after 10:00 or 11:00 as warmer air tries to punch on through. temperatures mostly in the 50s this week, although wednesday may be our warmest day with temperatures getting up into the low 60s. so that's how it's going, big change from last week, 59 degrees the high temperature today. tomorrow could even be a degree or two cooler than that with the rain we're going to vander and that means tonight temperatures aren't -- have around and that means tonight temperatures aren't falling quickly. the humidity has gone up, showers developing and the clouds. mostly 40s across the region. don't look for temperatures to get too terribly cold, but there is colder air at columbus
10:54 pm
39, pittsburgh 44 degrees, but fairly moderate in terms of temperatures tonight. your forecast, light rain moving southwest to northeast. we'll drop to 48 degrees, winds light tonight. during the day tomorrow they'll be out of the east it. loads up the moisture. we'll have periods of rain with the heaviest coming during the afternoon and 58 degrees, a thunderstorm in there. 58 will be our high, but we'll start out in the early mornings hours with a little rain, 51 degrees at 8:00 in the morning. east of d.c. you may not get rain early in the morning. by noon, though, 55 and more moderate rain possible at about 4:00, 55 degrees. so here is your forecast. now that low will be coming up the appalachians and as it does that it's going to move this warm front around. we may, in fact get into more of a warm sector for a few hours tomorrow night. that's why we don't expect severe thunderstorms but there could be a rumble of thunder east of d.c. tomorrow evening and into the overnight hours.
10:55 pm
this low will start to get intense and on wednesday it wraps some pretty decent winds in here. check out the futurecast at 10:00 tonight nicely doing a great job showing what's going on now. in the morning how the suburbs to the east are dry, but the western suburbs, you'll have that wet commute in the morning. we run this to 6:00. we're starting to see heavier downpours, still a few areas not getting the rain. the bulk of it again is off to the west and by noon on wednesday we're chasing the last of the showers out of here in the southern suburbs, might pop a quick shower on thursday as the second frontal system comes through. i think we are talking about 1/2 to 3/4-inch of rain. a few of you may get more heaviest to the north of us, lighter amounts to the east of d.c. here's your five-day forecast. we'll keep things in the 50s this week, wednesday blustery. we've got spotty showers thursday and so we're talking about some liquid rain showers, we're glad about that. in a few weeks that could
10:56 pm
change. i've got another type of shower to talk about coming up on the news edge at 11:00. don't worry, it's not frozen. well, yes, in a way it is. >> thank you, sue. well, it is a discovery that is out of this world, a black hole swallowing up enough debris to rival the size of earth. we'll show you what scientists are watching coming up next. in minutes at 11:00 one of the biggest musical groups of the 20th century could finally be coming to an ipod near you. details on a new deal on the news edge. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers from. 
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10:59 pm
nasa is hailing the discovery of a brand-new black hole. it forms when a star burns up and then explodes. scientists discovered this new black hole near earth and they may even know when it was formed. >> it