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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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fan support he received in washington. can you watch the full interview on stay with us. we have a lot more straight ahead. we'll take a look at your weather, your traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 5:00 begins now. good morning to you, wednesday morning, november 17, 2010 as we take a live look outside. the storms are out of here but left the wind behind and a lot of damage. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's say good morning to tucker barnes. i am typically a heavy sleeper but it woke me up. >> not me. but other people. it will be very windy out there today. we have a wind advisory that goes into effect at 9:00. serious stuff. you look serious. >> i was listening to our producer in my ear as i was listening to you.
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>> let's get right to the satellite-radar. you will see the storms go right by steve's house if you look carefully. they are out of here. wear in the expecting any more thunderstorm activity even maybe a sprinkle if you are well off to the north and east but that will be about it. we should have a nice clearing trend. here is the good news in the forecast. warmer today with high temperatures in the low to mid- 60s and a lot more sunshine than yesterday. we just got to deal with these winds and ai very gusty around here. we have a wind advisory that goes into effect at 9:00 this morning. temperatures are mild to say the least to start your morning. 60 in ocean city. our highs later today, back into the low to mid-60s becoming sunny, windy but warm for this time of year. look out for the wind gusting to about 45 miles per hour during the day. again being wind advisory goes into effect at 9:00 this morning. so much. the weather actually is our top story this morning. those overnight storms dumped a ton of rain across the area and
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scattered debris across the road t left high-standing water so you want to proceed with caution. sarah simmons joins us live in arlington where there is a tree down and it is down not just across the road but apparently power lines, right, sarah? >> reporter: that is right. it is on the power lines so we are seeing power outages in this area where we are. take a look behind me. this is a massive tree that we are talking about. this is 16th street and george mason drive. it is actually closed between 15th and 16th, george mason is. we are right next to the virginia hospital center. this happened at about quarter to 1:00 this morning. the wind and rain really tore through this area. we are seeing that. there are some reports of trees down. dominion power is here at this point. they just arrived within the past 20 or so minutes. also a tree crew as well. we are hoping that they can get in here and remove the tree. you can see how dangerous of a situation we are dealing with back here. this is also a problem as well for folks with their power, a
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left power outages in the area f we could take a look at those numbers, this is what we have, the late numbers right now. pepco is reporting over 2200 customers without power. northern virginia alone for virginia, just under 11,000 bge reporting about 20,000 customers without power this morning. so again, this is definitely going to be a messy morning commute. some trees down in some areas. also the leaves as you mentioned, we see that throughout the area, even small branches that are down in some roadways. it will be messy this morning. just take note of that as you head out to work this morning. we're live here in arlington, sarah simmons, back to you. we know of damage reports in parts of northwest and northeast washington. we are also following the situation up in baltimore where the national weather service will survey to see whether a tornado came through early this morning. fire officials say winds around 08 miles per hour ripped off roofs and blew down trees. this happened about 1:30 this morning in the area of flood
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wood avenue in northeast baltimore. let's find out how it is impaming your commute or it will be soon. let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her. >> yes, we are dealing with downed trees and wires and we do have problems out on the dulles toll road as well. sarah simmons reporting live from arlington. we have tree debris george mason drive at 16th treat. rhode island avenue shut down between 4th and 12th streets in northeast. just to name a couple of areas where we are finding some problems. now, as far as your interstates go, nothing but wet pavement right now and a lot of road spray. proceed with caution. allow yourself extra time out the front door. we are talking about the dulles toll road. there was a backhoe that struck
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the overpass at beulah. inbound dulles toll road approaching the beulah road overpass, right side of the road remains closed and will most likely be shut down until lunchtime today. 66 coming in from fair oaks, all of your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the latest in the chandra levy murder trial. the fate of the man charged in her murder now rests in the hands of a jury. jurors will begin deliberating to decide if ingmar guandique killed chandra levy in rock creek park nine years ago. attorneys made their closing arguments yesterday and now the jury must make a decision with little evidence to go on. there is no dna connecting guandique and no eyewitnesses. our paul wagner has been blogging about the case from inside the courtroom throughout the trial. can you follow his updates on just click on the chandra levy tab. paul will join us later this morning. new details in the prince george's county corruption scandal that so far has resulted in the arrests of
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county executive jack johnson, his wife and nine other people. during a hearing yesterday, prosecutors told the courts that two of the suspects a prominent businessman and his wife were heard on wiretaps talking about millions ever dollars in laundered money, bribes to public officials and an immigrant smuggling operation. johnson and his wife are charged with witness tampering and destroying evidence for allegedly taking payments from developers so they could get federal money from a federal housing program. the incoming county executive underern baker joined us in studio last night to talk about the controversy. >> the justice system will play out. whatever will happen to the johnsons are going to happen. but people want to know that their government is ready to work on december 6th and that is what i want to reassure them. we are talking about scandals right now. but if you remember, when he with started my campaign in january, we talked about ethics reform, about. coming in and dealing with the perception of prince george's county. i want people to be very clear
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that we are prepared to move this government forward. maryland state police awaiting autopsy results on a body found in a cardboard box along i-706789 a highway maintenance crew stumbled upon that body just before 10:00 yesterday morning. so far, police are not saying for the victim is a male or female, only that it is an adult. maryland state police checking to see if the victim is on a missing person list. anyone with information should give the frederick county law enforcement center a call. more finger pointing in the bp oil spill. details of who apparently missed some warning signs leading up to the largest offshore oil spill in u.s. history. back after this. ♪
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it appears that president obama may not get his rich for seeing a nuclear arms streety with russia ratified this year.
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john kyle of arizona says it is too complex. hollywood is in shock of a popular publicist was shut and killed after appearing at a star-studded movie premiere. ronnie chasen was shot several times in the chest and her car crashed into a light pole. investigators don't have any motive and don't have any suspects. they don't know of any specific threats against her or her company. there is another report out on the bp oil spill. it says the oil giant ignored warning signed on the well. they say that bp and its contractors missed and ignored a series of warning before that oil well blowout. investigators looking for missing parts of the qantas a- 308 super jumbo jet have called off their search. an engine exploded on one of the planes earlier this month. big pieces of the plane fell into jungles but they say it is too thick thnd -- and they
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can't find any of those pieces now. when the phone rings while you're driving, what do you do? >> the hon of the answer is i answer it. >> distracted driving. it is not just cell phones we're talking about. we'll get details of a new campaign by the federal government. we are left with a lot of wind. we have a wind advisory. i'll have all the details on your forecast and julie wright is in with a look at your on- time traffic. that in just a couple of minutes. 8888888
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we take a look from tower cam. still shaking out there. the winds rolled through overnight. >> the rain and thunderstorms are out of here. that is good news. now, we are just left with wind, not so much at this moment but as the day progresses here, the winds will pick up and it will be gusting to 45 to 50 miles per hour
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later today. that puts us in a wind advisory category. got to live with it. let's talk about current conditions and let's get started with a look at our current temperatures and this is the bright spot in the forecast. mild out there right now. nothing more than a light jacket as you head out the door. later this afternoon, our high temperatures will be right back into the low to mid-60s and with more sunshine in the forecast today, it will feel fantastic if you get out of the way of the wind. 56 in washington. 55 in qunt i -- in quantico. hagerstown, 54. martinsburg is currently 55 degrees. let's talk winds and let's get started with wind gusts. baltimore, last look, 20 for a wind gust. ocean city, 17. wilmington, 17. these winds will pick up today. we had a frontal system come through along with the thunderstorms during the overnight hours and behind it, a lot of wind as we watch this
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area of low pressure off it our north and west really start to deepen. because of that, before a wind advisory that goes into effect at 9:00 this morning right through the middle of the afternoon. gusts expected to be up to 45 miles per hour even here in the city and out to the west along the ridge tops being up to 50 miles per hour. so very gusty, very breezy conditions expected throughout the day today. we'll watch the winds continued right through the evening the line of thunderstorms and you can see those racing off to the north and east. they are out of here. no more rain in the forecast today. we should have a nice clearing trend. i think by mid-morning, we should be mostly sunny. area of low pressure right here will race off to the north an east and -- north and east and the winds will continued to pick up. becoming sunny, windy and warm out there. 63degrees your afternoon high.
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winds out of the west. here is your five-day forecast. we cool off tonight. 43 your overnight low. noticeably cooler weather for friday. saturday and sunday right now, the weekend looks fantastic, another nice one with sunshine, not quite as warm as last weekend but we'll take the sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s. that is a look at the weather forecast. let's do some on-time traffic. julie wright has the latest. >> we are talking about tree debris and that is what has the roads blocked. we are know ising we have problems with trees down, utility poles, that sort of thing -- we are noticing we have problems with trees down, utility poles, that sort of thing. we've got leaves and tree debris that we're dealing with.
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we are dealing with a power failure in a lot of areas. if you come up to the traffic light and they are not working, you want to treat it as a four- way stop. out on the dulles toll road, a large backhoe apparently struck the beulah road overpass. they are in the process of repairing it. you will find the right side of the road is blocked and you will lose that right lane through at least lunchtime today and that is on the inbound stretch of the dulles toll road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the federal government has launched launched a new distracted driving campaign. the u.s. department of transportation has produceed a series of internet videos that demonstrate the dangers of talking, reading or texting while driving through real-life tragedies. >> we're going to stay with this distracted driving program until we get people to put
5:20 am
their cell phones and their blackberries in their glove come part right after they buckle up. >> ray l. hood also joined us on fox 5 morning news yesterday. the government says more than 5,000 people died last year in accidents attributed to distracted driving. secretary la hood hopes all states will ban cell phone use or texting while driving. straight ahead, a fox 5 investigation. is a local high-ranking official taking taxpayers for a ride? why some people are upset about his long daily commute to and from work. that is coming up next. is it appropriate for him to have a city-issued car? >> yes, absolutely. >> gas and mileage and he lives 80 miles away? >> yes. ♪
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switch now and if you're not 100% satisfied, we'll give you a full refund. we are back now coming up on 23 minutes after 5:00. there is a live look at the wilson bridge. can you see the camera shaking a bit because of a wind advisory in our area. we'll talk to talker about that in just a couple of minutes. before a follow-up to a story we first reported on from new carrollton. suspicious sales of city property by the police chief and now there are new questioned about the man in charge of running the day to day government. >> we are talking about the city administrator, mike downs. some residents are upset about the daily commute on a taxpayer dime. fox 5's maureen umeh tried to talk to him. >> reporter: quitting time on a monday and michael downs is on his way home. fox 5 going the speed limit
5:24 am
can't keep up with his city- issued 2010 chevy impala as had teds up route 50 towards the eastern shore. more than and hour later, we find the car parked in downs' driveway, 08 miles away from wherer works as city administrator for new carrollton. is this okay? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: cynthia is a long- time new carrollton resident. she has questioned his take- home car and his 160 round trip commute. why do you care about this? >> i pay taxes in the city and it matters to me. >> reporter: department guidelines say any employee with a take-home must live within a 0-mile aired aious of the city. downs wouldn't go on camera to talk about his daily commute but told us in an e-mail, an exception has been made in my case. i reside 36 miles from new carrollton as the crow flies. >> if his personal car wasn't adequate enough to drive that
5:25 am
distance, it shouldn'ting our responsibility to pay that fee. >> reporter: while city guidelines stress employees must obey all vehicle laws, fox 5 found downs has been stopped at least three times since last summer in city vehicles for reckless driving, failure to display registration card and going 80 in a 55 zone. all when he pled guilty to. >> i'm uncomfortable with the situation. >> reporter: cat even ais a new carrollton city councilmember. she says council never signed off on any of downs' take home cars. it has all been done at the discretion of the mayor. >> it is not illegal to do this in any way but it just does not seem right. >> reporter: the mayor did not return our calls. he and downs were in a meeting when we stopped by city hall. but assistant city administrator graham waters did talk. is it appropriate for him to have a city-issued car? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: gas and mileage
5:26 am
and lives 80 miles away? >> yes, because that is a personal matter. it is between how the mayor wishes to allocate resources. it is part of his compensation. >> reporter: in these tough economic times? as for the traffic vile i gos? discussed it it was put to >> the mayor and mr. downs rest. the council was informed of the issues. and that was it. >> reporter: but councilmember dodro says she did not know about all of the citations until we told her. she says it is that lack of transparency and fiscal responsibility which led her to recently run for mayor. >> the policy need to be reviewed. it needs to be redone. >> reporter: she lost but says she will continue for fight to make sure citizens in new carrollton aren't being taken for a ride. we're told downs did pay for the tickets and only gets gas reimbursement for city-related travel. can you read the entire e-mail response downs sent us at
5:27 am click on special reports under the news tab. can you also watch the first part of our new carrollton investigation and send us any tips. maureen umeh, fox 5 news. >> thank you. still plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news this morning. let's check in with sarah simmons. >> reporter: if you heard the wind and rain overnight, you will wake up to a pretty big mess this morning. this is part of the problem you will see. storm damage throughout the area. it will be quite a mess. we'll tell you where it was the hardest hit when fox 5 morning news returns. stay with us. 
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let's take a look at what is happening in bethesda. here is video into the newsroom of standing water in the wake of the overnight storms. this will be the same pretty much everywhere across the region. this particular shot at arlington boulevard and bradley boulevard in bethesda but you will find it in many places today. >> i actually had to avoid some limbs out on the road. >> i believe it. a lot of wet leaves all over the roadway. be ready for that. very impressive line of thunderstorms came through. we thought we might see some thunderstorms but these were particularly strong. severe thunderstorm warnings were issued across much the area. that is all out of here. quiet now and we have a big windstorm later today as our come continues to crank up to our north. we are not quite done with it
5:31 am
yet. good news is more sunshine and warmer temperatures in the forecast later today. we'll talk about latest conditions and we'll show you the showers and thunderstorms come roaring through here and they were very impressive. look at that line, the dark yellows and reds, the line of thunderstorm activity. can you see it well off to the north and east up toward new york city. here in washington, a couple of light sprinkles and light showers it looks like up towards howard county there and pushing into northern montgomery county. that is the worst of it. you can see the trend will be to quiet things down. the good news is a lot of sunshine in today's forecast and milder temperatures too with highs back in the 60s. bad news is we still have to deal with the wind that will be arriving shortly. because of that, wind advisory goes into effect at 9:00 this morning. expect gusts in the washington area 40, 45 miles per hour and on the ridge tops up to 50 miles per hour out to the west. so a wind advisory issued for
5:32 am
later today. currently, we are 56 degrees. forecast, not a bad one at least as far as receiving sunshine. we are expecting a lot of that today. it will be windy this afternoon and highs in the low to mid- 60s. generally better than yesterday. up and down we'll go the next couple of days. we'll get a good weekend forecast for you. >> the aftermath of the storms continues to be our top story this morning. we want to check in with sarah simmons in arlington where a downed tree is affecting the commute in that area. >> reporter: it is quite a mess out here even driving to this area in arlington. leaves on the roadway as you mentioned, tree debris around the area. then take a look at. this this will be quite a mess this morning for the commute. this is 16th street right next to virginia hospital center. this is george mason drive. a heavily used artery throughout the morning rush hour. so they have it closed right now due to the trees across the power lines between 15th street and 16th street. that is just north of washington boulevard. you can seat damage here if you
5:33 am
take a look. you can see where the power poles have even snapped here by the weight of this tree. it will take them quite some time to clean this up. the morning commute is going to be jammed through here. as you remember, the high winds came through and the rain about quarter till 1:00 this morning. there are a lost leaves in the roadway. it will be messy and there are power outages as well this morning if we could take a look at the latest numbers that we are getting right now. pepco is reporting over 2400 customers without power. dominion virginia is reporting about 5300 bge just over 1500. these numbers have actually gone down somewhat. hopefully, crews are able to get to these areas. it will be quite a mess. george mason drive between 15th and 16th, it is closed. this is right next to the virginia hospital center and it will have an impact on your morning commute. we are live here in arlington, sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you.
5:34 am
let's get the latest now on traffic. let's check in with julie wright and find out what is happening out there. >> sarah is telling the story rate now because that is what we're dealing with depending on where you are traveling in from this morning. we've got trees and wires down. we also have in the district rhode island avenue, a position of that blocked off between 4th and 12th streets because of trees and wires down across the highway. 50 eastbound, we've got an issue there dealing with wires down. it could just be tree debris. it could be wires down. it could be the fact that you are waking up in the dark this morning because we are also deal within power failures around the area. allow extra time out the front door. for the most part, the beltway just dealing with a lot of road spray from the fellow in front of you. no problems to report leaving college park headed around towards 270.
5:35 am
dulles toll road, this will impact your drive this morning. keep in mind, there was structural damage that occurred to the beulah road overpass. coming inbound towards the capital beltway after hunter mill road, you will find there are crews working on the overpass. right now, traffic volume is working in your favor. there is very little delay at this point but that will change as our volume continues to grow. northbound i-59 with everything open, no robs to report in the main line or the hovs headed back out to the beltway. if the latest on the chandra levy murder trial, the fate of the man her murder now rests in the hands of a jury. they will start deliberating to decide if ingmar guandique killed levy in rock creek park nine years ago. attorneys made the closing arguments yesterday. now, the jury must make the decision with little evidence. there is no dna and no eyewitnesses. our paul wagner is blogging about the case from inside the
5:36 am
courtroom. can you follow his updates on just click on the chandra levy tab. maryland state police are veg august body that was found inside a box along a wooded area of interstate 70. -- are investigating a body that was found inside a box along a wood area of interstate 70. no word on whether the victim also man or woman and no cause of death. autopsy results should be back soon. police are checking other agencies to see fay victim might -- for a if a victim might be on a missing persons list. during hearings yesterday, prosecutors said wiretaps caught a prominent liquor store
5:37 am
owner and his wife discussing bribes to public officials. rushern baker join you had us in the studio to talk about the controversy. here is some of what he had to say. >> the justice system will play out. whatever is going to happen to the johnsons are going to happen. but people want to know that their government is ready to work on december 6th and that is what i want to reassure them. we are talking about scandals now but if you remember, when we started my campaign in january, we talked about ethics reform, coming in and deal with the perception of prince george's county. i want people to be very clear that we are prepared for move this government forward. >> news of the prince george's county corruption scandal going international. up next, a whole new look at how it all went down through a cartoon animation and we'll share that with you. stay with us. fox 5 morning news continues. tu
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wedding bells at buckle ham palace. the world buzzing about the big news from the royal family as prince william and kate middleton tying the knot. the prince made the proposal while they were on safari in africa last month. >> it was about three weeks ago on holiday in kenya. we had a little private time away together with some friends and i just decided that it was the right time really. we've been talking about marriage for a while so it wasn't a mass where you havely big surprise but i took her out somewhere nice in kenya and
5:41 am
proposed. >> we were out there with friends and things. i really didn't think that at all. i thought he might have maybe thought about it. it was a total alcoholic set to -- it was a total shock when it came and i'm very excited. >> we don't know when the wedding will be exactly. tiger woods, bret favre, charlie sheen have all gotten the news animation treatment. now, jackson son are the latest animation targets. this video gets all the highlights in, the alleged bribes, the check worth $100,000 flushed down the toilet even the $80,000 allegedly stuffed in leslie johnson's bra. if you want it see this for yourself, we've posted the entire video on you will found it under the hot topic section.
5:42 am
early holiday gift for some music fans. a free concert by a big star. we'll tell you who and where. also, another painful look back at that monday night mauling. where do the redskins go from here? we'll talk live with the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. arundel mills school in anne arundel county, maryland is closed today because they don't have any power. stay with us. more coming up after the break.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
we get a live look outside now. want to mention that there is one school closing that you need to know about. that is arundel middle school in anne arundel county. it is closed today because they don't have any power. we'll have more on that coming up. a lot of places don't have any power this morning because of those storms that came through yesterday evening in the overnight hours. >> just a couple of hours ago. weather gone wild. >> hopefully, it will calm down today. >> it won't get a chance to calm done as far as winds are concerned. our wind will only increase throughout the day. they will be gusting to about 50 miles per hour in some spots
5:46 am
to the west. we'll have mild temperatures today so improving from yesterday. we're in the word wrid about any more severe thunderstorm activity. let's get to it. -- we're not worried about any more severe thunderstorm activity. let's get to it. bus stop forecast, if you are headed out to the bus stop, be heady for some winds. other than that, it shouldn't be a bad morning for you. partly cloudy and mild, generally temperatures in the upper 50s. sunrise this morning, 6:53 a.m. so should be some sunshine out there. no more showers or thunderstorms in the forecast. a few sprinkles up near the border with pennsylvania but that is about it. other than that, we are seeing a general drying trend out there. 56degrees at reagan national. check out these very mild temperatures for 5:45 in the morning. 57 in annapolis. off to the north and west we go, mountains not bad either, martinsburg, 55. here come the wind and they
5:47 am
will be out of the west here gusting at times later today i mentioned 40, 45, maybe 50 miles per hour out to the west so they are getting going now. 14 at last look at reagan national. 10 in baltimore. 15 at patuxent naval air station. 17 in winchester. expect the winds to really increase. the reason why, an area of low pressure off to the north and west. it is really starting to crank up. there go the showers and thunderstorms. i'll show you again. watch them develop and race off to the north and east up towards new york city now north and east of new york city, really moving along. this is our area of low pressure right here. it continues to deepen. as it does so, the wind will wrap around that and be thrown back into the washington area. we are expecting gusty wind during the course of the day today. be ready for breezy conditions throughout the day and windy at times with winds gusting up to about 45 miles per hour. there is your forecast. lots of sunshine. that is your good news.
5:48 am
just have to deal with the wind during the course of the afternoon. the wind advisory expires at 4:00 this afternoon. cold tonight. 43 your overnight low. we'll have highs only in the 50s and that sets us up for a try but school tart to the weekend with temperatures in the mid-50s on friday. another nice-looking weekend. sunshine, low 60s saturday and sunday. that is a look at your forecast this morning. let's do some on-time traffic. julie wright has the latest for you. >> massachusetts avenue and observatory circle, 50 at goshen out in virginia, rhode island avenue over near 4th street, just to name a few places where you are likely to find trees, wires and other debris in the highway blocking your trip into work. allow extra time out there on the roads. for the main roads, you are dealing with wet pavement and a lot of road spray. you are also going to find if you are traveling in virginia, 395 north of took street in the main line headed up towards seminary road, the lanes are
5:49 am
open. dulles toll road, repairs for the beulah road overpass ongoing as we speak. right side of the road remains closed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. & you better start living right now &&. country music star keith urban gave fans a special performance at the 30th street amtrak station in philadelphia. this show is part of a series that the sing are is doing to help his fans get closer to him. following the concert, 50 keith urban lovers got to board a private train to new york with the star. >> sound like a nice trip. soy the talk of the town still about the monday night massacre. skins lost to the eagles and then there is that new $78 million contract signed by ton van mcnabb before the game. let's talk about -- by donovan mcnabb before the game. let's talk about that with the
5:50 am
sports junkies. >> that was brutal. i picked the redskins to win 23- 20. so it was right there. >> wait a minute. somebody said donovan mcnabb was in identify letdown because somebody said that when we talked before the game. >> maybe i did. by the time the game came around though, i actually thought he was going to perform pretty well because i thought the contract was going to identify him up -- fire him up and rest of the guys around him. >> i thought he would be in for a bounce as well. it takes that stress away. michael vick just came in and he stuck a dagger in the redskins heart 18 second into the game. >> just ridiculous to watch. the good news is, if you did have to get up at 3:00 in the morning, you could turn it off five minute in the game because you knew it wasn't going to change. >> where do we go from here? >> it is one of those games
5:51 am
where i think you can't get carried away with it. my colleague on the afternoon chad dukes just almost exploded and gave up on the team. i don't think you can. we've been around long enough to know that sometimes games just get way from you. we had coach jim larinegga. at the end. fans care about the point differential. it doesn't matter. it is one game. you look at it realistically, they won one, we won one. >> a couple years ago, they got pounded by the new england patriots and they still managed to make the playoffs. >> i would be worried they are facing the tennessee titan this is weekend. you got a mobile quarter back in vince young and you got chris johnson in the game and you got randy moss who is just starting to feel his way in that offense in his second week in tennessee. they have a tough game on the road this week. >> let's hope they can learn
5:52 am
something from it. we'll talk with you again coming up in the 7:00 hour and we can talk more about where they go from here. >> thank you, steve. we have much more straight ahead including some help making a tough choice this holiday shopping season. plasma, lcd, need or even new internet connected tvs. thrill within some tough choices out there when you are shopping this holiday season and we have expert buying advice. >> thank you. first, we want to introduce to you today's facebook fan of the day. eric childs from alexandria and he is standing bit redskins showing his love in this profile pick as you can see and they need a little bit of it right now. thank you, eric and everybody el who is still standing by the team this morning -- and everybody else who is still standing by the team this morning. if you want to be the facebook fan of the day, post a comment under eric's photo and we may pick you as the fan of the day. 
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if you are not watching fox 5 in high definition just yet, this year may be the area to upgrade your television set. the choices can be confusing. our money reporter melanie alnwick has advice to help you sort it all out. >> shoppers are spending a lot less money and more time trying to choose the screen that is
5:56 am
best for them. the first question on the list, plasma or lcd. >> you have a very bright room, a house with a lot of windows and you can't control the prideness with curtains, lcd may be a better choice. what we like about plasma is they have virtually unlimited viewing angles. >> if you are not in the market identify tv, i would say hold off. one of the great things about the consumerlikics industry is it tends to reward procrastinators with lower prices. >> reporter: features are to consider refresh rate, mainly 60 or 120 hz. 120 is fast which russed image blur. hdmi inputs are important to connect hd content like video, blu-ray players or other components. >> make sure there are enough
5:57 am
of them to connect the sources you want. >> reporter: shoppers should add 1080 p, 120 hz refresh rate and hdmi ports. a handful of tvs now offer wi- fi so you can connect to the internet seamlessly. >> these are tvs that connect directly to the internet that allow you to get extra content from online services including streaming movies from services such as amazon, netflix and hudu. >> reporter: look for the fully integrated feature to become pretty standard by next year. straight head at 6:00, we've got all your stopper toies for you plus we are checking your morning commute and your forecast as fox 5 morning news continues. 
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