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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 18, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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counseling with married couples and he says has seen firsthand how corruption can occur. >> it starts out hi, how are you doing? i really used to like you in college and high school and hey, why did we break up and what are you doing and before you know it connections are being made and sooner or later the other spouse finds out and it ends up in my office. >> reverend miller admits he used to have a facebook page, but he deleted it determined to lead by example. the news keeps coming. here's brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. >> you drive the beltway, you know what you're dealing with, speeders, stop and go traffic, frustrating h.o.t. zone construction and a new survey has found the number of people reading text messages while driving 495 has shot up by 47% despite all the warnings about how danger truss is and that's not the only -- dangerous it is and that's not the only surprising find by this study. fox 5's roz plater has the news
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edge on this one. >> here's another one, texting and driving isn't just a teen thing anymore. everybody is doing it. >> it's the largest highway construction zone area in the country now. >> reporter: aaa's john townsend is talking about the massive construction projectunder way along the beltway near tysons corner making driving hazardous at best, but here's the stunner. in september his agency surveyed 1,000 drivers who travel the northern virginia beltway regularly and 55% admit to being on their cell phones not just talking, but texting, too. >> you're playing with fire. you really are putting yourself in harm's way and because the lanes are so narrow and much of that construction -- in much of that construction area, you are jeopardizing the lives of other drivers and there are 2,000 construction workers in that area. >> reporter: what's more, half of them said they were responding to their jobs. all of us because the state of the economy and also because
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the pressures on the job feel obligated to answer a text or a phone call from a supervisor or from the job site. so we're calling on employers in the area to sign a pledge and to swear they won't jeopardize the lives of their employees. >> reporter: jennifer smith heads up focus driven, a group calling for tougher laws on talking, texting and driving. she lost her mother two years ago because of a 20-year-old on his cell phone. >> we're going need strict laws with heavy penalties. the only thing that's going to get people to change their behaviors. >> it is if you are the next wave of mothers against drunk drivers, but instead of alcohol it's distracted, you know, by cell phone use or texting or something. >> unfortunately endangering the lives of everyone around you when you're on your phone when you're driving. you're not just endangering your own life and so it really is the same battle. >> reporter: aaa has gotten four major employers in that
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tysons area to pledge not to phone or text their workers while they're driving and hope to get promises from 100 employers. our other big story tonight, a major admission from officials at fort detrick today. the military base now admits it sprayed agent orange in an area where people say they're dying of cancer. fox 5's roby chavez has those details. what do you know? >> it was an abrupt about face today. fort detrick after initially denying they sprayed agent orange outside the base has suddenly admitted they sprayed from 1944 to 1968 in the areas around the base, what's known as area b and area a. that's all along rosemont avenue. now officials say they sprayed only 17 pounds during that time. some of it was toxic chemicals, tactical grade agent orange, which is sometimes used for killing. today the fort tried to downplay the report saying, "there is no public health risk at fort detrick." a spokesperson issued a
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statement saying in part, "during that same period the average farmer used nearly 50 pounds per year compared to fort detrick's scientific usage of only about 17 pounds during the entire 30 year period including indoor laboratory testing." activists have said all along this is the reason there's an unusually high rate of cancer in frederick and are now calling for a congressional investigation. fort detrick now concedes it indeed sprayed agent orange outside the army base. the information was quietly released wednesday after being pressured by activists. >> emphatically unquivocally at christian ra may foundation and i brought it to -- renee foundation and i brought it -- foundation not brought it to their community, frederick would not have known this whole area had been covered with agent orange. the area sprayed includes a large neighborhood along
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rosemont avenue and stretches north of the base into clover hill and areas near frederick community college. agent orange was also sprayed in the 1950s south of area b. army officials now say this was a more toxic tactical grade of the herbicide near lake coventry drive and shookstown road. >> we need to get detrick out of the way and to be honest we need to get the epa out of the way and there needs to be a congressional investigation to where it is nonbiased. >> reporter: residents have been fighting with fort detrick officials to declare a cancer cluster. for the first time the group fighting for frederick has mapped more than 700 cancer cases, all as you can see here on this map, plotted around the areas sprayed with agent orange. still officials maintain there is no cancer cluster. >> i just find it absolutely amazing how foolish they look. they look foolish.
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and they take the frederick community people for idiots. we're much smarter than what they think we are. >> reporter: now the testing was very long ago, but residents maintain it's the reason for all the cancer cases in frederick. agent orange now contains dioxin which is also known to cause cancer and nerve disorders. it was experimented at detrick for use in the vietnam war. the army will conduct additional testing. we've asked the fort to come on and talk about this issue and they continue to refuse. >> roby, i know you'll stay on top of this. we're continuing to follow a developing story as well. d.c. police identified the man whose body was found in a box left off i-70 near frederick last tuesday. 36-year-old jacobo vasquez was shot by marvin valens ya at an office building on constitution avenue.
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vasquez was having an affair with valencio's wife it's said who was last seen driving a light green or gray honda odyssey minivan with vanity plates. if you see it, call someone. in court today to support a prince george's county police officer charged in the corruption probe linked to county exec jack johnson. sergeant richard delabrer, one of two officers who appeared in court today, a federal prosecutor dries delabrer as providing protection for the -- describes delabrer as providing protection for the owner of tick tock liquors in a cigarette smuggling operation. the man's brother, a retired prince george's county officer says he's getting a bad rap. >> i wished the chief had convicted him on the first press conference. throw the officer under the bus and not support him. >> also in court corporal chong chin kim, a 16 year veteran, his hearing also postponed. three officers in all are charged in connection with this
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probe. a serious threat at a local university from a man carrying a knife. laura evans tonight has those details everywhere at 11:00. >> a man arrested after police say he told them he was on his way to kill a cop. police at university of maryland got a tip about a man with a knife walking along route one. they say macolo embalm of green belt was just released from yale and told police he was on his way to kill -- jail and told police he was on his way to kill the officer who arrested him. the d.c. shooting death of a principal postponed until next leaf. shareef lancaster will plead guilt -- next week. shareef lancaster will plead guilty to robbery. on capitol hill republicans have blocked a bill that would have extended jobless benefits for people out of work. the benefits are set to expire december 1st affecting about 2 million people. the democrats proposed extending jobless benefits through the end of february.
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whether it is that scan or the enhanced patdown, the government's taken a lot of heat over those new airport security measures and now a u.s. senator is chiming in as well. what he wants to hear from the tsa as we inch toward that holiday travel season, but first quick check of our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. from
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the backlash continues to grow tonight over those controversial airport security measures, talking about the new enhanced patdowns and the full body scans. now a u.s. senator is calling on the transportation security administration to come clean about how they're conducting invasive new body searches. with less than a week before the thanksgiving travel rush, some passengers are calling for a boycott. here's fox 5's tom fitzgerald. >> reporter: when a tsa agent performs an intense hands on
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patdown of mike johan's body, the kind of a feeling he won't soon forget. >> the patdown is intrusive. there's no getting around. it. >> reporter: but while mike johan is a frequent flyer, he is also a united states senator from nebraska who just happens to sit on the very committee that oversees the tsa. >> does that worry you where maybe we're at a point here that this is not a vocal minority that, people just think you've overstepped? >> reporter: the senator says the problem is since tsa rolled out its new body scanners that see through clothes, it's told passengers that either get scanned or patted down -- they'd either get scanned or patted down. he got both. >> it was not explained why myself as a senator or why any citizen would have to go through both and interestingly enough, i got some phone calls yesterday from people saying i had to do both. >> reporter: in the meantime
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passenger protests have now sprung up calling the searches too intrusive. it's a situation of tsa's own making says the of the agency's lack of explanation. >> it's not going to be sufficient for them to say this is the way we're doing it now. i think they have to explain this. this is intrusive. >> reporter: it's a debate over privacy versus security. while some flyers told us tsa should find another way to screen people -- >> i don't think they should be touching us. >> you're looking at your human rights, too. >> reporter: others say they'd rather feel uncomfortable on the ground than risk a security threat in the air. >> i'd rather be patted down. >> at my age i really don't care. >> reporter: senator johan says he does care that tsa seems to have a pr problem on its hands. he says they need to start getting the public on board. >> we need to tell them why that's necessary. >> reporter: fox 5 news asked the tsa to come on air with us
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and demonstrate both its new patdown procedures and these screening machines. tsa declined, though, saying it would breach security to show these elements on air, this despite the fact senator johan told us his tsa search was conducted in plain public view right in the middle of the security line. at dulles international airport, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. sue's forecast is coming up next, plus the phenomenon that is call of duty black ops. this video fame is enjoying success the enter -- game is enjoying success the entertainment industry has never before seen ever. we'll explain when we take edge off. 
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there could be a major break in the natalee holloway disappearance case. a jaw bone with a tooth belonging to a young woman was found last week. they have now requested the teenager's dental records. holloway disappeared in 2005 during a high school trip. the main suspect joran van der sloot is jailed in peru on a separate murder case. over to shawn yancy with your fox 5 top five. >> we begin with a disturbing healthcare trend in the u.s. no. 5, 1/3 of americans say they've gone without medical care or prescription because of cost. a recent study found 20% of u.s. adults had major problems paying medical bills compared to only 2% of people in britain and 9 percent of people in france. no. 4, america's high school seniors are struggling when it comes to reading but improving in math. a national assessment test reveals high school seniors reading test scores have dropped since 1992 but their
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math scores have gone up three points since 2005. no. 3, if you're driving to grandma's house for thanksgiving, you will have plenty of company on the road. aaa pricks 42 million americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home. 94% will travel by car and filling up your car will cost you this year. gas prices are up about 8%. no. 2, children's tylenol is back on store shelves following a long safety recall. johnson & johnson pulled several over the counter children's medicines because of manufacturing problems including the potential for excessive concentrations of an active ingredient. all of the medicine should be back on shelves by next summer. and no. 1, before you sign up for facebook's brand-new messaging service experts warn it makes you more vulnerable to identity theft because it links you with even more people in your social circle. experts advise using hard to crack passwords and updating your computer security system and, brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five.
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>> thank you, shawn. radar looks clear cruising into the weekend here. >> smooth sailing, another great weekend, not as warm as we have been but still very comfortable and with full sunshine, i think it's going to be a great within and tomorrow is real nice, too although tomorrow will be a bit on the chilly side and we are well on our way now with temperatures down to 48th degrees in a lot of spots -- and a lot of spots already in the 40s. here's a look at the weather headlines and our true view because we do have some cloud cover to our north and west, could still be a sprinkle. you can see some of the brighter clouds moving across the mason dixon line but as we go through the overnight hours, it should be full sunshine by morning. the trend is for clouds to break up and especially down through virginia it's pretty clear. the weather headlines, a stretch of sunny days should begin tomorrow. we were kind of in and out of the clouds and sun today. weekend looking pretty nice, saturday a little warmer than sunday, but we begin a warming trend going into the first part
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of next week. monday, tuesday and wednesday should be real comfortable maybe well into the 60s by wednesday, but we'll introduce a chance of showers that will come in tuesday and last wednesday and maybe even into thursday. so right now thanksgiving around here looking wet and then a big push of cold air for thanksgiving weekend coming in behind it. here's where temperatures are now, down to 34 in manassas, martinsburg 45, winchester 46, annapolis 46 and stevensville coming in at 46 degrees. most places will fall into the 30s tonight and probably even the district as well. plenty of cold air up to our north, chicago coming in at 29 degrees, detroit 36 and binghamton 34 degrees. here's the forecast map for tomorrow. high pressure is setting up shop. we'll have a cool day. there is another weak front that we'll probably have to contend with over the weekend, should not be bringing any precipitation in here. going through the weekend a good amount of sunshine, again, this little front will pretty much stay to our north saturday. we'll probably get to 60 degrees on saturday, ought to
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feel really nice, and just a little cooler for sunday, but still a good amount of sunshine. wanted to show you max hd futurecast. it's been getting some snow in the mountains. cool conditions as well. we head into saturday, still lots of sunshine, but i'm kind of giving you a wider picture to see there's going to be a little storm running through the midwest, the first of maybe a series and they'll get some good snow across northern minnesota and showers in chicago. this is the part of the country we'll be watching next wednesday, the big travel day, because we have think they also might be dealing with quite a bit of snow and a pretty significant storm may be setting up for next wednesday for the midwest. some clouds will linger tonight. for us we clear out late, 39 degrees and tomorrow you know it's going to be beautiful, but it will be cooler at 53 degrees. we wrap it up with your five- day forecast, 60 for saturday. that's a nice jump up from friday. on sunday a little cooler at 56, monday 63 and even though we have showers in the forecast that 66 ought to feel great
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next tuesday. don't go anywhere. dave feldman is talking maryland basketball when we return. mol ..caca
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good evening. tonight maryland's basketball team had its first real test taking on fourth ranked pittsburgh at madison square garden. in the first round of the 2k sports classic and the terps showed us something tonight. they're fiesty just like their coach, 7-1 all time in this tournament but a tough task, 1st half terps up two. here comes cliff tucker
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finished with a team high 17. maryland takes a 25-21 lead but trail by four at the break. pitt would start the 2nd half on fire. ashton gibbs nails the three topping off an 11-2 panther run and pittsburgh led 42-39. terps respond now down by three. tucker finds the 6' 10 200- pound dutchman who gets the end one. he hit the free-throw and tied at it 46, but pitt was too much down the stretch. gilbert brown puts the panthers up eight. terps didn't help their own cause converting just 14 of 30 free-throws. maryland drops its first game of the season 79-70 the final. george mason patriots playing against charlotte in the charleston classic. luke hancock, the alley-oop to mike morrison, patriots leading 30-24 at the half. early 2nd half mason leading by 9, great ball movement by the patriots and the result, a
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jonathan arlidge slam and up 11 and wouldn't look back. brian hancock finished with the dunk and a career high 18. mason rolls 78-56. john thompson and georgetown in the charleston classic facing south carolina. 1st half georgetown drilled eight three pointers and finished with 14 for the game. jason clark hit five and had a team high 23. austin freeman had four three's. georgetown led 32-26 at the half. 2nd half hoyas pull away. georgetown defeats coastal carolina 80-61 and improve to 3- 0. here's a good nugget for you glasses halfful redskins fans. a year ago the tennessee titans lost 59-0 to new england, this week's opponent. then they went on to win five straight. i'm just saying. ryan torain unable to play monday night due to a setback
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with a strained hammy, today unable to practice for the second straight day. clinton portis has been practicing this week but limited. portis hasn't played since week four after tearing his groin. he says he'll be able to come back soon but is taking a cautious approach. >> i wanted to be out there monday night, but it just isn't smart. you know, i think for main night game just to play on the monday night -- a monday night game just to play on monday night and miss the rest of the season is not worth it. so when i get back out i want to make sure i can help the team and stay in the whole game. ralph friedgen will return as terrapins head coach in 2011. they have an atlantic division game saturday night against florida state. terps women's basketball winners tonight and the bears beat the dolphins 16-0. brian will be back with the edge
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after this. 
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taking the edge off, call of duty black ops. heard of it? it's smashing records worldwide. activision, the game's maker, says the game has had the biggest five-day launch