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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 19, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a major commuter route was shut down overnight. there is a police investigation under way. half a dozen dorm rooms at one local university now infested with bed bugs. the latest on all these stories as fox 5 morning news continues right now. >> good morning to you. it is 6:00 on this friday morning, november 19th. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. tony perkins with us as always. we need to warm up a little bit this morning. >> not thinking that is going to happen too much during the morning hours. we've got temperatures in the 30s across the region.
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eventually, we'll see the temperatures start to move into the low 40s but it will be a cool day today. fine view of the moon early this morning. we saw that on our way in. don't know if it is still out there or not. a very fine view during the overnight hours. what we are seeing is a mix of clouds and clear skies so it will be a pretty sunrise later on this morning. you will see it and we'll see plenty of sunshine for the day. our current temperatures, it is cold. 38-degree here in washington. it is also 38 in bald. fredericksburg, virginia is at 5 degrees. -- 38 degrees here in washington. it is also 38 in baltimore. look for a high today of only about 52 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. we want to get to the breaking news we've been following on the baltimore- washington parkway. a man who got out of his car hit and killed around 1:00 this
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morning. take a live look at the accident scene. the southbound lanes had just reopened. man's car had broken down and he got out to take a look at it. that is what he was struck by another vehicle. >> let's take another look at the roads with julie wright. >> i believe sky fox is live over the scene of this crash. we can take that shot and it will give us an idea of what is going on at this time. we are told from park police they have reopened the southbound lanes of the bw parkway so for those traveling southbound leaving 198 headed down to the accident scene before 197, a lot of that activity already pulled over to the shoulder. southbound lanes of the baltimore-washington parkway reopened. there is a lot of bailout traffic over onto 198. there were diverting the traffic there. the pace is improving there. they've focused back in on the parkway which is what we're seeing here. heavier than usual volume out of laurel headed down towards the powder mill exit. northbound be there was a lot of rubbernecking due to all of
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the equipment on the scene. lanes open in each direction bw parkway between 198 and the exit for the beltway. we'll take it back inside and update your ride elsewhere. if you are traveling southbound along 270 leaving 28 out of rockville, lanes are open, no incidents to report headed for the beltway. eastbound 66 slowing close in now leaving 50 to 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top stories, fort detrick in frederick, maryland is now admitting it sprayed a toxic chemical called agent orange. in october, the health department release a report that didn't find any evidence of higher rates of cancer. and now, accord tying report, the toxin was specialed at detrick decades ago for use during the vietnam war. for years, activists and members of the community sickened with cancer have claimed that this is a reason that there is an unusually high rate of cancer. they think there has been some or the of cover-up. >> we need to get detrick out
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of the way and to be honest, we need to get the epa out of the way and there needs to be a congressional investigation to where it is nonbiased. >> fort detrick is downplaying the report saying there no danger to the public. a spokesperson issued a statement saying, quote: police arrested a 4-year- old man who told him of his on his way to kill and officer. they got a tip about a man walking with a knife along route one yesterday afternoon and caught up with him after a brief chase. they say he had just been released from jail and told campus police he was on his way to kill the officer would previously arrested him. a bed bug outbreak at george washington university. officials say the pests have turned up in at least six dorm
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rooms. 2004 of the rooms have been completely treated. here is how some students have been reacting to the news. >> we're like going home for thanksgiving so what if we take the bed bugs home with you in that is really gross. >> i don't like to panic or anything like that. if it was my bed, i would be concerned. so for now, it is not my bed so i'm not going to panic too much about it. >> she have this about two dozen cases of bed bugs over the past couple of years. president obama is in portugal for a nato summit this weekend. the president just arrived in lisbon a short while ago. topping the agenda is a time line for pulling troops out of afghanistan. what you are looking at are live pictures of the president appear -- the president's plane there in portugal. the motorcade is now under way. he will be talking about pulling troops out of afghanistan and meet with officials from the european union.
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he is scheduled to sit down with rush russia's president as well on the sidelines of the nato summit. he said the senate should ratify a new treaty with russia. >> if we don't, than we don't have a verification regime, no inspectors, no insights into russia's strategic arsenal. >> ahead of that summit, dozens of protesters hit the streets of lisbon. the afghan war very unpopular in europe. demonstrators simulated a nato air strike. police expect a much bigger air strike of about 0,000 people tomorrow. it has happened again. another mining accident. this time in new zealand. the big question there, fate of the two dozen plus workers who were inside at the time. it has been topping headline nationwide. the frantic search for a missing family in ohio comes it a tragic end. the latest from police when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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making headlines, a mine
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explosion in new deal and. in new zealand. the blast trapped about 30 people. about two does unminers are trapped about a mile underground. authorities have found the bodies of a mother, her son and a family friend in a wooded area. police been 30-year-old matthew hoffman is responsible for the murders. three victims as well as the woman's 13-year-old daughter were first reported missing on november 10. earlier this week, the young girl was rescued from hoffman's basement. he is an ex-convict. he has been charged with kidnapping. d.c. police have identified a man whose body was found in a box that was left off of interstate 70 near frederick last tuesday. they say 36-year-old jacobo vasquez was shot by marvin palencia at an office building.
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according to sources, palencia was angry that vasquez was having an affair with his wife. a crumbling ceiling and dangerous escalator accidents. mmute is a safe doing to one. let's take a look at that straight ahead after the break. plus, muggle mania outside theaters here in our area and theaters nationwide. we'll have more on the harry potter craze when fox 5 morning news comes back. it is now 11 minutes after 6:00. 
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excitement at fever pitch now for the new harry potter movie. it is called harry potter and the deathly hallows, part one. these are some of the people
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that lined up for the midnight showing last. >> i've been reading the books and watching the movies since i guess i was 14. even though i'm 23 now, you can't help but come out. >> later this hour, kevin mccarthy will join us in the studio. he saw the film and will tell us what he thought about it. >> i know you went to the midnight show. what did you think? >> i will wait until my interview with kevin to talk about my review. >> for those people who were outside, midnight showing, there was a 3:30 in the morning showing and a cold night to be out there. temperatures in the 30s across most of the region. our temperatures just bounced back up here a little bit in washington to 41 degrees. let's start with the bus stop forecast as you get the kids ready for school later on this morning. here what is we're looking at.
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you will see a good amount of sunshine this morning but it will be cold. temperatures primarily in the upper 30s. yes, there are some spots where temperatures are in the mid- 30s. and now here in the district, we're in the low 40s. so there you go. sunrise at 6:55. take a look. here are the temperatures across the region. 41degrees in washington. it is also 41 in annapolis. 41 in gaithersburg. in winchester, they've dropped off to 36 degrees. dulles airport at 32 degrees. a cold start to the day. dress the kids in coats this morning. satellite-radar picture for the region, going for see a good amount of sunshine. we've got a few clouds out there here and there. that is about it though. skies are going to clear up quite nicely for the bulk of the day today. we'll see mostly sunny skies. little bits of precipitation in pennsylvania are dissipating and we don't expect to see any precipitation in here today. we did get a few scattered
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showers yesterday, very light showers as expected in the afternoon. so take a look at the surface map. we'll show you what is going to be happening for the next couple of days. our weather is somewhat active. it will be quiet in term of not much happening in terms of precipitation or anything like that. but changes in temperature, breezy conditions and the like. high pressure in control for today but a cool day. our highs today will be only in the low 50s. then, as this frontal boundary gets closer, it warms us up for tomorrow. takes us up to 60 degrees or so tomorrow. so a very pleasant saturday. but then eventually, the frontal boundy sinks through here and gives us cooler temperatures for sunday. so the forecast for today looks like this. mostly sunny skies. cool this afternoon. 52degrees for your high. a little bit breezy. winds out of the west. five-day forecast, check it out. it is hard to keep track of all of this because we are up and down. today we are down. 52degrees. tomorrow, very nice, 60 degrees. sunday, mid-50s. i think some of you lower 50s on sunday. then we're up for monday and
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tuesday. temperatures in the 60s well into the 60s on tuesday. but tuesday will bring with it the chance of some rain showers. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> tony, i want to extend an invite to you. we are running a 5 k through seneca park on saturday evening. >> i would be happy to come out and watch. thank you. >> we'll see you at the finish line with water. >> i'll have all of that. >> all right. on the roads right now, we're talking southbound 270. for those leaving germantown, gridlocked traffic. southbound before you reach montgomery village avenue, car fire tying up at least two right lanes. sky fox is enroute. we'll bring you live pictures from the scene shortly. southbound 270 on the brakes
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headed down towards gaithersburg. northbound i-95 here in woodbridge being leaving the occoquan. southbound bw parkway, fatal crash. the investigation cleared from the roadway so lanes are open traveling southbound out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. today, metro and d-d.o.t. engineers are going to meet to try to figure out ho a road construct crew dug far enough down to cause a piece of the ceiling at the farragut north station to crash on to the platform. that station is only about 15 feet below street level. the engineers will look at whether the final construction drawings were inaccurate or if d-d.o.t. simply misread them. nobody was hurt in that ceiling crash wednesday afternoon. metro says workers have now unspecked the brake on all of metro's 586 escalators after passengers were injured last month. a recent report criticized metro's routine maintenance procedures for those escalators. instead of replacing them, the general manager wants to focus on repairs. the new dollar coin will be unvade today by the u.s. mint. this one features president
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abraham lincoln. the lincoln presidential coin the 16th released in the program. later this morning, an introduction ceremony will take place at lincoln's cottage on the grounds of the armed force is retirement home. we just heard from some harry potter fans. turns out some of them got an unintended preview. will it harm the box office performance? >> our business beat is straight ahead at 6:20. eegoma
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we want to show you what is happening out on 270. this is the remains of a car fire causing some backups on 270. at least traffic is moving now there for the most part but because it is down to a couple
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of lanes, that does have quite the backup going on on 270 at 124. thank you, sky fox forkts pictures. we'll check back in and find out how it is progressing. our business beat this morning, a rally yesterday on wall street in part because of the news on gm. question is will we see another stock spike today. lauren simonetti joins us this morning. let's talk first about general motors and the ipo yesterday and the impact that had on the market. >> reporter: gm had a huge ipo yesterday. the volume was tremendous. it acted for 10% of all shares trade on the new york stock exchange. at the end of of the day, it traded up 3.6%. that was quite a debut. so very positive news there. the major averages were all up yesterday, the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p 500 up by 1.5% by the close yesterday and essentially, that erased all of our gains so far this week. the bad news this morning is
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that futures are looking a little bit weak on news out of china that they are requiring their banks to increase their reserves once again. a method to cool inflation. that is a big problem in china. let's talk about harry potter. what is the deal with the sneak preview? >> talk about a leak. the first 36 minutes of the movie were leaked online. warner brothers, the film studio behind the popular franchise is investigating the leak but some analysts are saying this could be great for the movie. people might get a little tease and go see it if they haven't been a harry potter fan before but other people are saying it could kind of decrease our appetite for the movie. are you planning on seeing it? >> well, at this point, no, now that you put me on the spot. maybe i'll take a little prehave you and see if i can get there for the rest of the film. it look like that is the lead story for the box office this weekend. that should drive all the business this weekend.
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>> yeah, we're expecting 120 million in box office sales this weekend. that will put it right in lean with dark night in 2008 which hold the all-time record. this is the penultimate installment in the harry potter series. that will come out over the summer. i have to confess i haven't read or soon a single harry potter book or movie. >> i won't be seeing you at the box office this weekend. no theater or harry potter for either of us. what is coming on the fox business network. >> america's nightly scoreboard will be playing baseball and singing some country music. on freedom watch, we have texas governor rick perry. and on follow the money, we are talking about wasteful spending in congress. we have an update on the situation on 270. we do have some problems out there on the road. ate house ethics committee hands down mendation
6:27 am
for congressman charlie rangel. what sort of punishment is he facing? that and much more as fox 5 morning news continues. n i thought i parked on level 2.
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we are back at 6:30 on this friday morning, looking forward to the weekend although we got to get through today. >> get through today but the weekend looks good as far as our weather goes. it looks fine. we'll go with view and i want to show you the satellite-radar picture for this morning. it is fine. there are a couple of clouds out there but there will be plenty of sunshine today through the day. a few clouds here and there. high pressure really is settling in and it will give us calm conditions. it will be a little bit breezy but other than that, calm conditions today. current temperatures around the region look like this. 41degrees in washington. 3 # at dulles. 38 in baltimore. ocean city, 40 degrees.
6:31 am
winchester, 36. here is your forecast. mostly sunny, school this afternoon. high only about 5 # degrees. that is four degree below normal. enjoy the day, folks. -- high only about 52 degrees. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. tucker barnes and i are excited about it. we will answer two questions. i'll tell you what one of them is. we are going to give you our thoughts on when we will see our first snow. we did it last year. we do it every year. last year, we were rate on target. tucker and i will share our thoughts with you about that in 15 minutes. >> you picked this particular day to do that. >> yes, we did. >> let's check in with julie wright to find out what is happening on the roads. >> trouble on 270. big district attorney lays out of germantown headed southbound towards mva with the crew in sky fox helping us out. here is the scene of what remains a car fire. southbound 270 before the exit for 124. the car was fully engulfed according to the callers and
6:32 am
the tweets we have coming in. the car is still smoking a bit on the front side. they are still working to clean this mess up for you southbound out of 270. we do have some traffic able to get by to the left now. southbound 270 before you reach montgomery village avenue. traffic is already jammed up badly out of germantown. 355 will work well for you as the alternate route. still trying to extinguish what the remains of this car fire is. if you are traveling southbound, the delay is forming here in germantown. that is gridlocked headed down towards mva. if you are in virginia traveling northbound on i-95, traffic slowing out woodbridge leaving the prince william parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we want to get the latest on that deadly accident on the bw parkway. the accident happened about 1:00 this morning on the
6:33 am
southbound side of the bw parkway between routes 198 and 197. u.s. park police say a car broke down in the right lane. the man apparently got out of his car when another car coming down the highway struck him and killed him. several other cars swerved to miss that crash including a bus full of passengers which ended up in the median. everybody on the bus is okay. the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. it is unclear exactly how fast the driver that struck the man was going at the time of the accident or if this could have been avoided. >> right now, our crash reconstructionisted and detectives are putting the scene back to you together. it is early in the investigation but hopefully, we'll be able to determine the causative factor as this investigation wraps up. traffic had been diverted all morning long but we are told police are wrapping up the investigation. deliberation will continue today in the chandra levy murder trial. jurors have now had the case for more than 11 hours over the past two days after getting a late start because of courthouse security lines. jurors worked without sending out a note or asking a question
6:34 am
yesterday. they are deciding the fate of abu ayab al-masri who is facing murder charges in the 2001 disappearance and death of chandra levy. now to the elizabeth smart kidnapping trial. wanda barzee described her 5- year marriage as hellish and controlling. he said mitchell would regularly argue with her as well as act possessive and controlling. mitchell's brother told the court he believes his older brother is insane. defense attorneys have been trying to improve that since the trial began. congressman charlie rangel is being sent assured as a punishment for breaking ethics rules. the committee recommended he be censured for violating financial and fundraising rules in the house. the 20-term congressman apologized and says he didn't do anything wrong. he insisted he had not been
6:35 am
given time it rehire lawyers for the hearing. while most of the panel criticized his actions, he did find some support. >> censure is extreme t should be reserved for intensional conduct where the member has derived a personal financial benefit. >> this day is the saddest day in the life of charlie rangel. >> it is now up to the full house to vote on the censure recommendation by the committee. it is an exciting day on capitol hill for incoming freshman members of congress. today, congress members will find out what offices they will be in for the upcoming session. they will draw numbers and whom every is called first gets the first pick. meantime, senate majority leader harry reid says the senate has to act quickly to create jobs, deal with tax cuts and other pressing legislation. that comes in the middle of the senate's lame duck session. earlier this week, reid vowed to call for a vote on the military don't ask, don't tell policy when the senate returns from its thanksgiving break. president obama arrived in portugal within last hour for a nato summit this weekend.
6:36 am
here he is deplaning. he is meeting with nato allies and other european union officials for the next two days. they will discuss among other things a time line for withdrawing troops from afghanistan. russia is not a member of nato but is participating in this weekend's summit. after that tough loss to the eagles monday night, the redskins take on tennessee. coming up next, we'll go live to dave ross at 106.7 the fan with the sports junkies this morning. harry potter mania fans lined up at theaters nation nationwide for the first showing of this film. we'll find out what movie reviewer kevin mccarthy thought about it, when we come back. moa
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ryan are to rain was unable to play monday night. he couldn't get loss before the
6:40 am
game because of a hamstring injury. clinton portis hasn't played since week four. he says we -- he will be back in action soon. what does that mean for the scun as -- what does that mean for the skins as they take on tennessee. dave ross is at 106.7 the fan. gentleman we've been talking about the redskins here. before we get to the game with tennessee, i want to know your thoughts on albert haynesworth. you saw the play where he falls down, decides not to get up. michael vic scrambles for like another 50 seconds and throws a such down. are your listeners a little bit peeved about that or is it whatever. >> i think it is status quo for albert haynesworth at this point. he doesn't love football but he was born into a body where he grew to be 6'6", 350 found and he knows he can make millions by playing football.
6:41 am
hence, he plays football. no matter how much he spins it, he is a low character guy. can you never rely on him. he is not a hard worker. to me, it was the norm. we've seen him quit. we've seen him on the sidelines. we have aseen him on a stretcher. we've seen him taking oxygen. >> i think the listeners are done with albert. i think we're done with him. i think we expect for him to dog it on plays. i don't think he will be here next year. shanahan probably doesn't want him. i think the listeners are kind of over albert i can't the good news, dave, is i think he is an exception to the rule. i think there are a ton of quality guys. you can go on and on. quality people, not necessarily great players. we have of the worst defense in the league right now. >> i don't think this team quit on monday night. they just got beat. it was one of those things where it snowballed. 15 minutes in, you are down 35- 0 and from there on out, they
6:42 am
were trying to hang on. >> they were up against a buzz saw monday night. i don't think any team in the league would have been able to with stand what the eagles brought to fedex field on monday night. >> but haines worth going back to tennessee now. can we seen something that we haven't seen. he talked about his brother would had passed away. the first time he is going back. i talked to him on wednesday. he seemed genuine to me. i still think he cares but you guess you guys don't think he does anymore. >> when he talk to the media, that is the persona he gives off. i don't know if that is the way he is when he gets on the field. i know he snarls like a lion before the game. maybe he is giving what he considers 100% effort. you don't expect him to have a huge game. >> it doesn't burn inside him. remember how much he charmed us when he came into town. we were like wow, look at this guy.
6:43 am
he wants to be the next reggie white. >> he is charismatic when he wants to be. >> what he wants to be. >> he hasn't made many plays. how many plays as he made? >> not enough. >> he hasn't been on the field. >> we'll tick can around -- we'll kick it around. we'll talk about mike shanahan. art fans and are the junkies still in. let's go back to the station for now. >> thank you, dave. we'll see you next hour. time to talk a little business here. good news is temperatures up a couple of degree since we went on the air this morning. >> here in d.c., temperatures in the low 40s. elsewhere, we are in the 30s. still a cold start to the day. it is cold out. >> it will wake you up. pretty clear skies. we'll start with the current temperatures around region. show you what is going on outside. first of all, as steve said here in d.c., 41 degrees. we were at 38 not that long ago. 41 now.
6:44 am
41 in annapolis, quantico is at 36 degrees. gaithersburg, 34. dulles airport, 32 degrees. you will see what is going on across the region. 35 in pittsburgh. new york city, 41 degrees. the cold air is here in place. it will be hanging with us for today at least and then we'll have a little bit of a warm-up. take a look at the satellite- radar composite. and what we are seeing across the region is mostly clear skies. we've got clear skies just outside of our studios here. one of the planets up there, i don't know which one it was. mostly clear skies for the day today. nothing in the way of precipitation. things look good. the forecast for today looks like this. mostly sunny skies. cool this afternoon. 52 for your high. a cold night across the region. temperatures in the 30s. clear skies and then for your five-day forecast, pardon me,
6:45 am
cool today, we bounce up tomorrow, 60 degrees for saturday. and nice and sunny. sunday, 56-degree for your high and then we warm up monday and tuesday. temperatures will be in the 60s. >> okay. >> upper 60s for tuesday. >> very nice. >> not bad at all. all right. pardon me, i'm having trouble catching my breath here. that is what is happening with the weather. time now for ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from willie and elizabeth. actually being they have two questions. this is why i'm having trouble breathing because i'm nervous about this. they were impressed with our prediction from last year. they want to know tucker and i's thoughts on this season's first snowfall. they want to talk about naming storms, tropical storms and hurricanes. how far down the alphabet we've
6:46 am
ever gotten when naming hurricanes. what is the farthest we've gotten. we'll answer the second one first. this season, a very busy season. it doesn't seem like it because i think the u.s. was only impacted by one hurricane this year. most of them avoided us but it was a busy season. tucker has some of the stats on that. >> 19 named storms makes for the third busiest season in the last 20 years or so. so it's been very busy out there. we have not exhausted the alphabet. we are still in hurricane season. there is nothing going on. there is a little piece of energy there to the east of belize and guatemala and that will continue. it looks like tomas will probably be our last storm of the year. >> nineteen named storms. it ties us for third place with 1995 and 1887. will yes and elizabeth, the
6:47 am
most named storms we had were in 2005 when we had 28 named storms. that is the year of katrina, a very busy year. now, you are wondering, 28 think that is more than the alphabet. you may remember once we get through the list of 21 planned names and it is only 21 because there is no q, u, x, y or z then we go to the greek alphabet. this year we did have storms and hurricanes named alpha and beta and gamma and the like because of how busy it was. 28 is the record in 2005. >> let's get to the tough question. >> when we believe we will see our first snowfall. last year, i think we said dece >> yeah. >> we were right. absolutely right. so who wants to go first? here is what we're going to do. we'll tell you our guesses. we have not consulted with each other. i'll tell you when i think we'll see our first snow flurries and then the more
6:48 am
surable snow. the first snow flurry, i'll say december 19th. >> flurries on december 19th. >> yes. >> what do you say? >> i'll say next friday. >> what? >> that's right. november the 26th, next friday. i think out to the west, some of our viewers will see the first flakes of the season. >> i could say that too. >> how far are we going. >> i'm talking gurvir territory. >> that is not -- >> i'm atalking about washington. >> how about we talk about reagan national. >> what did you go with for reagan national, first snowflake. i'm going next friday anyway. >> first measurable snow, an inch or more, i'll go with january 6th. >> late in the season. >> it is a little bit late. >> i've consulted with the crystal ball, you've looked at weather patterns, the nao, if you are into that kind of thing. going negative in a big way the end of november and that tells
6:49 am
me the first more -- measurable snow will be december 15th. >> you say flurries right around that time. he is saying the first measurable snow. >> i think we'll get a good amount of snow this year but i think it will start late. >> he is going with smile models. >> i am guessing. i'm going with my gut which has usually served me well. we'll keep track of these. >> my gut would tell me to go with tucker over you at this point. >> if you want to go with science, go ahead. thank you, will yes and elizabeth. if you have a question that you want answered go to and click on the weather tap. >> julie wright may join me but as soon as we get done, i'm putting in a vacation request for january #th -- january 6th just in case you are a right -- you're right. >> i love the snow but i am really hoping if a mild winter. >> i think we'll have an average winter or a little bit above. we'll see. >> let's check in with julie.
6:50 am
she has her hands full. >> i have a got january 6th, november 19th, vacation request forms here. >> she's got them filled out already. >> there is like a hundred of them here. oh, my gosh. steve is right. before alet -- a lot going on right now. we have the remains of the car fire. if you are coming southbound, it was the two right lanes that were tied up at the scene and right now, we've got some traffic that is able to get by. a little bit of it is still poking out there in the far right lane as you continue southbound. for the most part, the interstate has been reopened. big delays as you continue southbound out of germantown. so again, car fire still in the process of being cleared off of the the of 270. look for delays leaving father hurley boulevard. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a long day for a lot of people who stood in line for harry potter and the deathly
6:51 am
hallows. >> you know there was a 3:15 screening. i was driving here. there were tons of cars leaving the theater as i was driving into the fox -- >> that just tells you how popular the movies have been. >> it is us thursday. who does that? >> was it worth the wait? >> i've seen every one of the harry potters, i have not red the book. this was the best movie since the prisoner of azkaban. this film is taking place right after snape killed dumbledore in the sixth movie and now harry potter, ron weasley and hermione are on the search for the hoare crux so they can destroy lord voled meech voldemort. best casting ever. his nose freaks me out beyond belief. for some reason, i think they are tricking us here.
6:52 am
i think peter jackson stepped in and directed the middle version of this movie. it is exact likely lord of the ridges. look at these shots. they are traveling throughout the world trying for find -- trying to find the horcrux. dobby the bevel is my favorite character. it is two hours and 15 minutes. it whizzes by and it is a perfect set-up for the second one which we'll see in july which is the peck -- second part of the story. thank you for not releasing this in 3-d. it was supposed to be converted to 3-d. they will probably re-release it in 3-d. right now, check it out in 2-d.
6:53 am
from what i read, already $0 million in presale tick jetes from what i'm looking at, it looks like it is pretty fantastic just in 2-d. >> i give harry potter four out of five, best since azkaban. >> you interviewed russell crowe. you tweeted and everything. >> he tweeted me thursday night and said hope you're doing well. he booked me for an interview and the full investigate aired this morning. i love these types of movies because they make you question your morals. >> this is called the next three days. >> russell crowe's character is happily married to elizabeth banks. she goes to jail for a murder she may or may not have exited
6:54 am
-- committed for the rest her life. there are some unablable moments. it's entertaining, intriguing and interesting disaster if that makes sense. the movie is overall a mess but it is still fun and intriguing to watch. i think that people will be on the edge of their seats i gave day three out of five. it is a good matinee. i thought it was decent. >> now, you and russell crowe are like pals. >> i'll be his costar in his next movie. we're best friends now. >> i wouldn't put it past. >> you next werdz, i will have my interview for jake -- next wednesday, i will have my interview with jake gyllenhaal and ann hathaway. >> we'll be right back. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this friday i can officially say it's beginning
6:58 am
to look a lot like christmas. at least at the marriott hotel park where we are live this morning and where all of the junior league elfs are getting ready for their capital collection of holiday shops. they're been doing this for 52 years. it is the oldest and longest fundraiser they have and this year they are expecting about 5,000 shoppers to come out and this morning we're going to not only tell you how to come out and shop yourself but take a look at the special things they have going on. eve plum is having some art work here. yes, jan brady will be here. and neiman marcus is having a girl's night out to show us what is hot when it's cold outside. and then there is someone who competed on the design show and he's decorating a christmas tree that will be auctioned
6:59 am
off. and this supports the literacy programs and we'll tell you how to come and get your general shopping pass to start checking those lists -- or those gifts off your christmas list, gurvir. >> thanks, holly. we want to say good morning to our fan of the day, rachel savoy. so to be our fan of the day, go to facebook and search fox 5. time for me to say good morning to sal son who -- good morning to allison and steve. >> good morning. coming up on fox 5 morning news, a major admission from officials at ft. detrick. the military base now admits that it sprayed agent orange in an area where people say there is an usual